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Name: Shlomo Marcel Monnickendam

Adress: Kfar Haro'e, Israel 38955

Tel- 972-4-6365281

Fax- 972-4-6344880

e-mail address: monnicke@post.au.ac.il

MD University of Leiden, Netherland , 1973

Specialist in Family Medicine, Israel 1979

Present position:

Chairman Department of Family Medicine B

Maccabi Healthcare Services, Israel

Family Physician, Hadera, Israel

Academic Status:

Clinical Lecturer, Department of Family Medicine, Sackler School of Medicine

Tel Aviv University, Israel


1962 Graduation Jewish High School Amsterdam

1963-67 B.A. Studies Psychology (major) zoology (minor)

Bar-llan University, Ramath Gan, Israel

1967 Medical studies, Amsterdam Municipal University

1969-74 continuation, M.D. Leyden University


1974-79 Specialization studies for family medicine

Sackler School of Medicine, University of Tel Aviv

dep.of Family Medicine (head: Prof.M.Polliack):

1978 Diploma in Community Medicine, Sackler School of


1979 Certification as Specialist Family Physician

with Honors.

1991 Fellowship; Department of Family Medicine,

University of Toronto Canada

Clinical Experience

1974-79 Specialization: Internal Medicine, Beilinson Hospital

(14 months) ;Pediatrics, Hillel Yaffe Memorial hospital

(8 months);Psychiatry, Shalvata Clinic (3 months).

Ob&Gyn, Meir Hospital. Kfar Saba ( 3 months )

Family Medicine Yavetz training Clinic (9 months ),

Kfar Haro'e Training clinic, (12 months)

1977-91 Director of Kfar Haro'e clinic complex,

Kupath Holim sick fund.

1991-92 Staff Physician: Department of Family Medicine

Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, Canada

1993-96 Independent physician for Clalit Sick Fund

1993 Family Physician and Medical Director ,

Maccabi Health Services, Hadera area

Army Experience

1979 Israeli Defense Forces, Medical Corps.

Ambulatory and field medicine.

1980-81 Compulsory army service: as consultant in internal

medicine Rambam Hospital Haifa- army outpatient clinic

1981-89 Battalion Medical Officer.- rank: Captain

1988 Teacher in Primary Care of medical officers

Academic Experience

1977 Tutor of students and residents department of Family medicine

Sackler School of Medicine, University of Tel Aviv.

1981 Staff member Department of Fam. Med. Tel-Aviv

1982 Recognition by Scientific Council of Israel

Medical Association- of clinic- for teaching

specialization in family medicine

1981-83 Curriculum Committee, clinical clerkship in Fam.Med.

1985 Recognition By Scientific Council as Examinator in

Specialization exams for Certification in Family Medicine


1985-90 Coordinator of clinical clerkship in Fam.Med.

Sackler School of Medicine .

1985-90 Coordinator of postgraduate training of Teachers

in Fam.Med. University of Tel Aviv.

1985 Member Israel Sentinel Practice Network

1985 Member Research Group of Dep Fam Med TAU

1988 (Founding) member. Section of Primary Care of

Israeli Defense Forces. Member of first group of

teachers in primary care medicine of medical officers.

1991-92 Visiting Professor; Department of Family Medicine

University of Toronto, Canada

1993 Teacher on the Postgraduate course on "The family in

Family Medicine" - University of Tel-Aviv

1995 Workshop on Teaching Methods in Family Medicine

Department of Family Medicine (Dr Yuan Go),

The Capital University of Medical Sciences, You Au Men,

Beijing, China

1994 Staff member of the Department of Family Medicine

of Maccabi Health Services. (established 1994)


Dep Fam Med University of Tel Aviv

  1. Special Project: Evaluation of the Diploma Course for

trainees through a Focus Group technique



  1. Director of the Department of Family Medicine B

Maccabi Healthcare Services.

Other Activities

1971-73 President Zionist Student Organization, Leyden, Holland

1976 Founder and first President Israeli Organization of

Residents in Family Medicine

Israeli Association of Family Physicians ( IAFP )

1981-84 Treasurer

1981 Member of committee on professional issues

1981 Member of committee on drugs

1981- Treasurer Research Fund

1989- Vice-President

1990- President-elect

1993-95 Member at large; chairman foreign relations committee

1993-95 Member Working Party on Quality

Israel Medical Association (IMA)

1985 Advisory committee on the election of the Scientific


1990 Member advisory board on Family Medicine

1990 Member Examination Committee

WONCA (World Organization of Family Doctors)

1984-89 Treasurer and member of preparatory committee

12th WONCA Conference Jerusalem 1989

1989-95 Representative of Israel on WONCA council.

1992-95 Member of Nomination Committee

Kupath Holim Sick Fund

1974-93 Employee

1981 Member of working party on "coding in family medicine"

1985-91 Permanent Member of Drug Committee

1985-91 Member of advisory committee on drugs in rural clinics

1989-91 Regional Head of Department of Fam.Med. Kupath Holim

Hefer/Shomron district

Maccabi Health Fund

1993 Employee - District Physician Hadera Area

1994 Teaching staff- Department of Fam Med of Maccabi Health Fund

  1. Committee on computerization of primary health care

^ 2002 Director Department of Family Medicine B


1974 Israeli Medical Association

1979 Israeli Association of Family Physicians

1983 "Manof" working party on the reorganization of health

services in Israel

1989-95 WONCA Council member

1989 WONCA Direct member

1994 Israel Society for Teachers in Family Medicine

1994 Israel Society for Research in Family Medicine

Scholarships & Awards

1977 Update Foundation Traveling scholarship.

Guest Dep.of Fam. Med. Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

1983 Foundation for rural medicine in the state of Israel

(FORMS-1) .traveling fellowship.

Guest of the departments of family medicine of Overlook Hospital, Summit ,N.J., Charleston ,N.C.& Stony Brook, N.Y.

1991 Schiff Family Foundation Grant - Toronto, Canada

^ Department of Family Medicine, Toronto General Hospital

1998 Israel Association of Family Medicine

Award for Outstanding Services rendered and Contribution to Family Medicine in Israel

Conferences & Workshops

  1. Expomedical: "The influence of the system of payment on the content of work of the family

physician -consequences of the strike: ( presentation)

w. M.Weingarten

1984 DIPAC workshop on the involvement of the family physician in cancer education, (group leader)

  1. ^ Regional IAFP conference: "The content of the work of the the family physician - characteristics

of frequent attenders" (presentation).

  1. 2nd International Symposium on Hypertension in the Community.

"The results of a step-down program of antihypertensive treatment in general practice".

(presentation) w. D.Silverberg

1986 11th WONCA Conference, London 1986.

"The natural history of symptoms in general practice"

(poster) w. M.Herz.

1989 MEDAX 15th International conference of the IMA.

"Hospital admissions in a rural practice - a survey of ten years", (presentation)

w. M.Weingarten

1989 12th International WONCA WORLD Conference- Jerusalem

(Treasurer )


"Research and teaching of General practice/family medicine

Two complementary Functions: How to fulfill them ?”

(chairman of session)

1991 Foundations of Primary Care Research - London, Ontario

februari 5-7; Doing Qualitative Research

1992 13th International WONCA Conference- Vancouver, Canada

may 9-14 . Family Medicine in the 21st Century


The Netherlands, June 13-19

Quality of Care in Family Medicine/General Practice

1994 Israel Research Network Group (RAMBAM)

Workshop on:” How to give a presentation”

presented at Bitan Aharon, October 28-29

1994 Israel Society of Teachers in Family medicine (CHEMAR)

Workshop: Teaching strategies in Ambulatory Care

presented at Bitan Aharon, September 28th

  1. Annual Shabtai ben Meir Memorial Scientific Conference of the Israel Association of Family


Ashkelon, march 8, 1995

How to be a Kibbutz/Moshav Doctor and survive

(Workshop w. J Borkan, A Matalon and S Zalewski)

Short paper: Evaluation of Candidates for Specialization

in Family Medicine - questionnaire validity

(S Zvielli- presentator, M Biton and A Rimon)

1995 14th WONCA World Conference, Hong-Kong, June 10-15

"The Family in Family Medicine, a Course for First-

Year Residents." (poster w. Sive P and Nahmani T)

"Trials and Tribulations of Israeli Country Doctors:

a Qualitative Study of the Doctor-Patient Relationship

in Rural Villages" (poster w. Matalon A, Borkan J and

Zalewski S)

1995 WONCA Beijing Satellite Conference, Beijing, China,

June 15-39.

"Guidelines for a good Doctor-Patient Relationship:

The Israeli experience" (Plenary session presentation)

1996 The 3rd WONCA/SIMG European Congress on Family Medicine/

General Practice. - Stockholm, Sweden, June 30- July 4

1996 The first Israeli Congress of General Practice/Family Medicine

Jerusalem , November 13-14.

(Organizing Committee)


Prague june 30- july 4

Chairman of Plenary Sessions


Patients’ Consent to Teaching

(free standing paper)

1999 The Department of Family Medicine Annual Teachers Meeting, Tel Aviv

The Diploma Course Evaluation Project - A Qualitative Study

(round table discussion)

2000 International Conference on Health & Communication

Barcelona sept 20-22

2000 Department of Family Medicine Tel Aviv University, october 4th

Principles of Focus Groups

workshop (presentation)

2001 Research Fair; Sackler School of Medicine, april 4th

Monnickendam MS, Herz M, Granek-Catarivas M, Polliack M

A Modified Focus Group Technique in the Evaluation of the “Diploma Course” for residents

in Family Medicine

  1. 16th World Congress on Psychosomatic Medicine

Goteborg, Sweden, august 24-29

  1. MEDAX 14th Israel Medical Week

Tel Aviv September 5th ,(with Dr Turezki)

Workshop : “Techniques for making a Workshop


Avignon – France , may 9-12th

Research Proposal Presentation:

How do consultations of Patients from Different Cultures Differ?

An International study?”

(w. Zalewski Simon, Sive Philip)


London June 9-13


2002 Maccabi Health Care Services- Annual Conference in Family Medicine

10 Year Anniversary Conference , Tel Aviv , september 11th

Conference Organizer


2002 Department of Family Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Annual Scientific Meeting:

Workshop on “How to teach transcultural Medicine”

(With Dr G.Lun and Dr J.Stern)

2002 Trauma in the Community

Conference of “Lev Hasharon” community psychiatric Hospital, October 10th,

Lecture on “The Management of Trauma and PTSD by the family physician”

2002 Research Fair – Tel Aviv University, Sackler School of Medicine, april 14

Issues facing immigrant doctors in their relationship with new immigrant patients

From the former Soviet Union, A qualitative study (Poster)

Dr Gail Loon-Lustig, Dr Shlomo Monnickendam



Teaching and working in a multicultural environment (workshop)

w. Dr Gail Loon-Lustig

The use of Internet by patients (poster)

W Dr Yossi Kushnir, Dr Simon Zalevski and members of the northern research group of

The department of medicine Maccabi Healthcare Services

  1. ^

9th European Society of General Practice/Family Medicine Regional Conference

WONCA European region and Slovene Family Medicine Society

The future Challenges of General Practice/Family Medicine”

Ljubljana, Slovenia , June 18-21


2003 Maccabi Spring Conference

Evidence Based Management and Production”

july 1st

Issues facing Immigrant Doctors in their relationship with new immigrant

Patients from the former Soviet Union. A Qualitative study

with Gail-Loon-Lustig and Shirly Eini-Cordova

Oral Presentation (Hebrew)


  1. S.Monnickendam. D.Meiraz and M.Ben Bassat.

Tubular cell carcinoma associated with glomerulonefritis.

Urologia XLIV,IV, 1977 (Original article)

  1. M.Weingarten and S.Monnickendam.

The effect of direct charges on consultations in family practice;

A study of a doctors strike.

Fam Pract. Vol 2,1,35-41,1985 (Original Article)

  1. D.S.Silverberg, M.Greenberg, S.Monnickendam, etal

Reducing the dose of antihypertensive medication in. controlled

hypertensives In family practice.

Bibliotheca cardiol.vol 42, 168-173 Karger, Basel, 1987

(Original Article)

  1. S.Rumelt, S.M.Monnickendam and M.Pelz.

A Family presention

Isr Fam Phys. Vol 17.3, 202-205, 1989

(Original Article)

  1. M.S.Monnickendam and M.Weingarten.

A study of hospital admissions in family practice

Harefuah, Vol 120,5,251-254, 1991

(Original Article)

6. Shlomo M Monnickendam, Jeffrey M Borkan, Andre Matalon and

Simon Zalewski.

Trials and Tribulations of Country Doctors.

A Qualitative Study of Doctor-Patient Relationships

In Rural Israel

Isr J Med Sci 1996;32;29-245 (Original Article)

  1. Shlomo Monnickendam

Sore Throat” - issues in management.

Isr J Fam Pract [Hebr] 45,7,12-19, 1997

(Special Review)

  1. Simon Zalewski, Shlomo Vinker, Shlomo Monnickendam, Orli Cohen

Miriam Disegni and Eliezer Kitai,

Israel Under Threat of Biological Warfare- The Reactions

of Our Patients During The 1998 Persian Gulf Crises.

Fam Med 32,(5); 342-345, 2000 (Original Article)

9., Shlomo Vinker, Shlomo Monnickendam, Orly Cohen, Simon Zalewski

and Eliezer Kitai

The Influence of the Presence of Students on the Consultation -

Attitudes of Tutors in Family Medicine Clinics.

[Hebrew, English Abstract]

Harefuah; Vol 140, 32-34, 2001

(Original Article)

10., Shlomo M Monnickendam, Shlomo Vinker, Simon Zalewski Orli Cohen etal

Patients’ Attitudes Towards the Presence of Medical Students in Family

Family Practice Consultations

IMAJ 2001;3:903-906

(Original Article)

  1. Miri Mizrahi, Shlomo M Monnickendam.

A memorable patient: A crucial statement

BMJ 2002, 325,900

12. Shlomo Monnickendam

Focus Group Techniques in the Evaluation of Residency Programs

(in preparation)

13. Antony Heymann, Josef Azuri, Ehus Kokia, Shlomo Monnickendam, Mervyn Shapiro, Guzu


Systematic Inventive Thinking: A new tool for the analysis of Complex Problems in

Medical Management

IMAJ, 2004;6;67-69

Other Publications:

Froom J. Culpepper L. etal.

Diagnosis and Antibiotic Treatment of Acute Otitis Media:

Report from International Primary Care Network.

BMJ; 300, 582-586, 1990 (Recording Physician)

S.Nakar.S.Vinker. M.Weingarten and members of the Israeli

General Practice Research Network: The Place of home visiting

Br J Gen Pract, 49,621-625; 1999 (Recording Physician)

M. Monnickendam, Gail-Loon-Lustig and Shirly Eini-Cordova

Issues facing Immigrant Doctors in their relationship with new immigrant

Patients from the former Soviet Union. A Qualitative study

A monograph, Maccabi Healthcare Services, summer 2003


S.Monnickendam. Education in Family medicine .Report on a

study tour to England. Dep. Fam.Med. Tel Aviv University. 1978


Shlomo Monnickendam. Reflexions on a fellowship.

Department of Family and Community Medicine .

University of Toronto. Canada. June 1992 (Report)


M Granek-Catarivas, S Monnickendam, L Dolev

Teaching Family Medicine”

based on a seminar by Prof Helen Batty

Department of Family Medicine, Sackler School of Medicine

Tel Aviv, 1997 (133pp)

TAPP: The TelAviv Physician Performance Assessment Package

Weingarten and members of the department.

Department of Family Medicine, Sackler School of Medicine

Tel Aviv 1997


Continuing Medical Education - quiz

The Isr J Fam Pract


Editorial Board:

Israel Journal of Family Practice


International Studies:

Otitis Media in General Practice (1989)

Sentinel Practice Network

National Coordinator: J Yodvat

International coordinators: J.Froom, L Culpepper


Durham University Severity of Illness Index - Study

Head investigator: Dr G Parkerson; Department of Family and Community

Medicine, Duke University Durham NC USA

Research in Progress:


The Perception of “poverty” by medical and para-medical staff

A qualitative research project,

(with M Monnickendam, department of social work, Bar Ilan University and Y.Katan, department of Social work, University of Tel Aviv)

Grant from the the Rafi Roter Foundation


The Influence of a Sports physiologist as a team member of a Diabetes Clinic in the Community on the Diabetes status and the physical and mental wellbeing of the patients.

(with B.Levitt MD and Y Azgad Msc,.)


The Use of the Internet for medical purposes, Differences between Jewish and Arab patients

(with Y Kishnir )

submitted for publication


The attittude of physicians towards patient’s use of the Internet

(w Y Kushnir )


Teaching Transcultural Medicine in Family Medicine

(with G Lun and Y.Yaphe)

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