2002 2004 Director, Opera Company, Universidad del Norte, Asunción Paraguay. Operas directed include icon

2002 2004 Director, Opera Company, Universidad del Norte, Asunción Paraguay. Operas directed include

Francesca Bellucci

Nationality: Italian

Birthdate: March 18th, 1976

Phone: +39 349 2175730

Email: franbellucci@gmail.com

Residence: Rome

Working Experience

2002 - 2004 Director, Opera Company, Universidad del Norte, Asunción - Paraguay. Operas directed include La Traviata (Verdi), Tosca (Puccini), Luisa Fernanda (Moreno Torroba), and Carmen (Bizet).

2001 - 2005 Tutor, all academic areas for elementary, middle and high school students, English and Spanish.

Paulina Zavala Institute, Asunción - Paraguay.

2001 Teacher 6th and 7th Grade; English Program, American College,

Asunción - Paraguay.

2000 Instructor, IGCSE English Language Exams, Cambridge University - England.

Kinder 4 Teacher, Greenwood College, Buenos Aires - Argentina.

Director, Author/Composer, Music and Drama Area, Greenwood College, Buenos Aires - Argentina. Musical composed, written, arranged, performed, and directed: ^ Gabriel’s Secret

1998-currently Simultaneous Interpreter and translator in various congresses, seminars, conventions, and festivals (including interpreter and P.R. for the 5th International Jazz Festival in Punta del Este - Uruguay, and interpreter for the Congress of Spouses and Representatives of Heads of State of the Americas 2005 held in Asuncion, Paraguay)

1999 Kinder 5 Teacher, Saint Catherine´s School, Punta del Este - Uruguay.

1999 Director and Author/Composer, Children´s Plays and Christmas Show, Saint Catherine´s School, Punta del Este - Uruguay. (Musicals composed, adapted, arranged, performed and directed include ^ Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and The Little Red Hen)

1998 - 2005 Official translator for the Italian Embassy and Consulate in Asunción, covering legal, technical, business and literary areas.

1998 Pianist and repétiteur for Puccini´s ^ Madame Butterfly, Tom Jobim Auditorium, Asunción - Paraguay

1997 Assistant Director, Atsushi Nishijima´s Opera Company, Asunción - Paraguay. Opera presented: Il Tabarro (Puccini)

1996 Musical Director, Fingers and Thumbs Theatre Group, Asunción - Paraguay. (Arrangement, performance, recording, and choir direction in ^ Fame, Choir Arrangements and music recordings in Evita and Return to the Forbidden Planet)

1995 - currently Music tutor and piano teacher to private students of all levels and ages.

1995 Teacher´s Aide, Pan American International School, Asunción - Paraguay.


2000 Music Composition Major, Fifth Year, ¨Carlos López Buchardo¨ National Conservatory, Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires - Argentina

1998 BA in English, Instituto Superior de Lenguas, Universidad Nacional de Asunción - Paraguay.

1998 Certified Public Translator: Spanish - English - Italian; Supreme Court of Justice, Asunción - Paraguay.

1997 Grade Six in Speech and Drama, ¨Trinity College of London¨ - Overseas Program.

1994 High School Diploma, American School of Asunción; Salutatorian for both English and Spanish Curricular Areas.

1994 Music Composition Major: First Year, Universidad Nacional de La Plata - Argentina.

1992 Piano Professor, Ministry of Education, Asunción - Paraguay.

Other Areas of Experience

  • Staff management in technical and educational areas.

  • Direction of Artistic Projects / Musical Sets / Plays / Classical Operas

  • Management of MS Office Utilities in Windows as well as professional musical software : Finale, Soundforge, Encore, Cakewalk ProAudio, Cool Edit Pro.

  • Piano concerts in Asunción, Buenos Aires and Montevideo (solo & ensemble)

Excellent people skills and leadership attributes, problem-solving capacity.

Rome, December 2005

To whom it may concern:

I'm an Italian citizen, fluently trilingual in Italian, English, and Spanish. I am a graduate of the American School in Asuncion, Paraguay, and hold a Bachelor's Degree in English from the National University of Asuncion, Paraguay, a Certificate of Sixth Level in Speech and Drama from Cambridge University (Overseas Program), a Diploma as public Translator in English-Spanish-Italian from the Paraguayan Supreme Court of Justice, and a Diploma in Piano and Music Theory . I have taught business English, English to students of all ages and diverse levels, including preparation for SAT and Cambridge e examinations. I have also taught Music and Drama to all Elementary levels, Piano to beginner-advanced students, Kindergarten 4 and 5, as well as afterschool tutoring in Literature, History, Geography, Physics, Biology, Science, and Chemistry I.

I have worked for 8 years as a public translator for English-Italian and English-Spanish documents at the Italian, British, and American Consulates and Embassies in Paraguay, and as a simultaneous interpreter in various international congresses, seminars, festivals and courses, including the Annual Congress of Spouses and Representatives of Heads of State of the Americas, held in late September 2005 in Asuncion-Paraguay.

I have also created and directed the first University Opera Company in Paraguay, taking charge of singers' preparation and lessons, stage direction, piano accompaniment, and all artistic and management decision-making regarding props, costumes, and even publicity for the shows, which include Puccini's Tosca, Il Tabarro, and Madame Butterfly, Bizet's Carmen, Moreno Torroba's Luisa Fernanda, and Verdi's La Traviata. I have university music composition studies and skills, and have composed and directed musicals for schools and theaters in Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina.

Parallel to my work as a director, arranger, teacher, translator and interpreter, I am pursuing my career as a songwriter, which is a lifelong project beginning to bear fruit at the international level.

I have recently moved to Rome, and hope to continue broadening my experience in an exciting and challenging environment, in order to help provide my three-year-old son with all the necessary conditions for a beautiful and happy childhood, and to continue my growth as a human soul in this small wide world.

Best regards,

Francesca Bellucci

Autorizzo la gestione dei miei dati personali ai sensi del Dlgs. 196/2003

Francesca Bellucci

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