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August 19, 2011

Linda Casey

State Forester

Alabama Forestry Commission

P.O Box 302550

Montgomery, AL 36130

Dear Linda:

Enclosed is the request for abstracts and proposals for the State and Private Forestry (S&PF), Southern Region and International Institute of Tropical Forestry (IITF) FY 2012 Competitive Resource Allocation. The enclosed guidelines provide an overview of the requirements and instructions for completing the abstract and proposal forms.

For FY 2012, there will not be a pre-proposal stage. This will be replaced by submitting a brief abstract that can be shared between States. The abstract should provide a brief summary of the project that describes its scope, expected accomplishments and benefits. They should be submitted and received no later than close of business, Friday, September 16, 2011 by Tiffany Williams (

States will now submit their proposals in the format that follows in a Microsoft Word document. Please be sure to respond to all the criteria in each section of the new format. The overall proposal narrative should be in 12pt font and not exceed 4 pages (the budget pages are not counted in this total). Proposals that are fundamentally research-oriented or that do not meet the legislative authority of the respective S&PF programs will not be accepted.

As in previous years, funding will be for the full 15% of the “net available” S&PF allocation for the Southern Region and IITF. Historically, we have received $6.9 million for distribution. At this point in time we have no indication of our FY 2012 budget. Consequently, we will provide more details on available funds at a later date.

For FY 2012, Competitive Projects are funded in either single state or multi-state categories. A minimum of 60 percent of the available funds will be awarded to regional or multi-state projects. States are limited to submitting no more than 4 single state proposals, but may be involved in any number of multi-state proposals. No state shall receive more than 15% of the total funds available to the Region for distribution.

In accordance with national guidelines, projects will be funded in their entirety during the first year of the award. Projects may be for multiple years, not to exceed three, therefore, a three-year project that requests $100,000 per year would receive $300,000 in the first year. The entire funding request of $300,000 would count towards the per-state cap for that year. The proposals will be reviewed by an Interagency Competitive Allocation Team.

Linda Casey 2.

The FY 2012 team will consists of:

Fred Allen, SGSF – SRS Liaison

Connie Carpenter, US Forest Service – Program Manager, IITF

Mike Countess, SGSF – Policy Analyst

John Dondero, US Forest Service – Director, Cooperative Forestry;

Dave Frederick, SGSF – Fire Representative

John Greis, US Forest Service - State and Private Specialist

Wes Nettleton, US Forest Service – Director Forest Health Protection

Dan Olsen, US Forest Service – Director, Fire and Aviation Management

Mike Zupko, SGSF – Executive Director

^ Timeline for Competitive Grants

Abstracts due-----------------------------------------September 16, 2011

Full Proposals due-----------------------------------November 15, 2011

Committee Reviews proposals--------------------Mid December, 2011

Notification of Grant Awards----------------------Mid January, 2012

For clarification or questions concerning the proposal process, please contact Tiffany Williams at (404) 347-3052, or Wes Nettleton at (404) 347-2719.



Regional Forester


cc: Owedia Gray, Wesley Nettleton, Dan Olsen, Connie Carpenter, John D Dondero, David Frederick, John Greis, Tiffany P Williams, Fred Allen, Mike Countess, Mike Zupko

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