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2005 – 2006 Computer Training Center, Nairobi


Curriculum Vitae

Barry L. Mungatana

Bio Data

Date of Birth : May 23rd 1975

Place of Birth : Mombasa District, Kenya

National Identity Card No. : 12770389

Nationality : Kenyan

Sex : Male

Marital Status : Single

Languages : English, Kiswahili, Pokomo


Rk my way up to the level of an Information Technology Manager

Educational Background

    2005 – 2006 Computer Training Center, Nairobi

  • A. C. P. (UK) Advanced Diploma in Computer Science

    1996 – 1997 Computer Training Center, Nairobi

  • A. C. P. (UK) Diploma in Computer Systems Design

1995 – 1996 Associated Computer Services, Nairobi

  • A. C. P. (UK) Certificate In Computer Programming.

    1990 – 1993 Kenyatta High School, Mwatate

  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education

    1982 – 1989 Aga Khan Primary School, Mombasa

  • Kenya Certificate of Primary Education

Professional Courses

    2010 G4S Security

    Fire Awareness and Prevention

    2009 to Date Institute of Advanced Technology

  • Software Development and Web-design

    2008 Outward Bound

  • Team Building Course

    2005 Coast Data, Nairobi

  • CISCO certified Network Associate.

    2002 Computer Pride

  • Network + Certification Course

    1999 Computer Point

  • In – House Training on Fortune V, Hotel Information System.

    1999 Kenya Micro Computers

  • In – House Training of Hogia Accounting System

1998 Amarco, Kenya

  • In – House Training of Windows NT Administration



1997– To date Kenya Utalii College, Nairobi Thika Road

Information Systems Support Officer

  • Web Master

  • End User Support (Navision 5.0) ERP

  • Administering and support of Hotel Information System

(Utalii Hotel and Training Reception) – Fidelio Front Office,

Fidelio Materials Control, Micros POS 9700 and SunSystem.

  • Local Area Network Support and Administration

  • Hardware Diagnosis.

  • Installation of Programs.

  • Data Management and Processing.

  • Designing Database Programs for different Departments.

  • Maintenance and Control of in-house designed software.

  • Delivering and Receiving Machines for repair.

  • Performing preventive Maintenance on all Computer hardware.

  • Carrying out Computer Inventory.

  • In-Charge of the Students Computer Laboratories.

Immediate Supervisor

    Head of Information Technology Department

    1999, Designed a Database System for KUC Industrial Training Department for Application processing , Maintenance of data and production of Certificates for Refresher Course and Management Development Programmes Participants.

    2005, Developed Fleet Management Programme for Kenya Utalii


    2005, Developed software program for Electrical Bills for Kenya Utalii College Domestic Quarters for processing monthly bills.

1996–1997 National Registration Bureau

Data Entry Clerk (Image Capture)

  • Data Entry.

  • Scanning of Persons Passport size Photographs in preparation for the production of new generation Identity cards.


Playing Basket ball, Gardening, Travelling, Computers.

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