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Diploma in Disaster Management 


Diploma in Disaster Management 

This course helps in strengthening of the capacity of individuals to reduce the impact of disasters through enhancing their knowledge and skills to promote and adopt disaster reduction practices as an integral part of the development process at community, national, sub-regional and regional levels. It provides a range of learning opportunities to disaster managers who wish to include knowledge of disaster management in their on-going professional development.

This course has been developed in cooperation with national and international disaster organizations. Support has been received from a range of emergency/disaster management agencies and organizations;

The course provides participants with a regional, national and international perspective on disaster management. Special emphasis is placed on the specific disaster profile of each region/country and issues relating to vulnerability and risk assessment, prevention, mitigation, preparedness, rehabilitation and reconstruction and relevant legislation.

For those planning a career in disaster management, there is no better capacity building programme than the Diploma in Disaster Management at INTER-CEPT.

The major objectives of the program are to:

  • Provide comprehensive knowledge to the learners on disaster preparedness, mitigation and rehabilitation.

  • Enable the learners to carry out risk assessment and vulnerability analysis.

  • Generate community awareness, and strengthen institutional mechanism for community mobilization and participation in disaster management.

  • Develop communication skills for disaster preparedness.

  • Create greater awareness about effective disaster response in various emergency situations.


Course structure


CEP 501: Fundamentals of disaster management

CEP 502: Disasters and development

CEP 503: Disaster preparedness and Response

2nd and 3rd SEMESTER

Choose any two electives plus the last module 516 CEP516 which is mandatory.: 

Elective 1

CEP 504: Vulnerability and risk Assessment

CEP 505: Disaster Assessment

CEP 506: Disaster mitigation

Elective 2

CEP 507: Displaced persons in civil conflict

CEP 508: Drought and famine

CEP 509: Rehabilitation and reconstruction

Elective 3

CEP 510: Disasters and the environment

CEP 511: Disaster economics

CEP 512: Disaster Logistics

Elective 4

CEP 513: International law of disasters and armed conflict

CEP 114: Emergency information management and telecommunications

CEP 515: Disaster management ethics (Mandatory) This module to run in parallel is mandatory.

CEP 516: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)/Critical Incident Stress (CIS)

The different options can be tailor-made for persons working in the filed of disaster, risk and emergency management in either the public or the private sector such as: Disaster managers, Risk managers ,Development officers ,Fire Department Personnel Police officers ,Health officers ,Traffic and municipal security personnel ,Town planners ,NGO staff ,Private security and rescue companies

^ Important information

Please note that option 1 is compulsory for all first time students, and no certificate will be awarded until the successful completion of this option.

Target Group

  • Civil servants, NGO functionaries and volunteers, home guards, police, and civil defense personnel

  • Engineers, administrators and other government and public sector undertakings officials.

  • Rural development functionaries, primary health centers workers, relief workers, social workers, environmentalists etc

  • All those who may fulfill the basic eligibility requirement

Mode of Assessment

Students will be assessed by use of:

  • Written essays

  • assignments

  • Project work

Award of Certificate

A candidate who satisfy the Board of examiners in all the examinations and other course requirement shall, on the recommendation of the Board of Examiners be awarded the Diploma in Disaster Management.


Graduate in any discipline

Course Fee: $ 1650 (for the entire course)
Course Duration: Minimum Duration: 1 Years Maximum Duration: 2Years .

Course Intakes: January, May and September

Contact Details:

For more information, please call-over at the INTER-CEPT, (Allimex Plaza next to St. James Hospital off Mombasa Road), Monday through Saturdays between 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Kindly note that the INTER-CEPT offices are closed on Sundays)


Head of Department

Email: registrar@inter-cept.org 

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