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NAME : Patrick Matthias Oyukah Echessah

CONTACT ADDRESS : P.O. Box 43408, Mombasa – Kenya.

TELEPHONE : +254 (0) 724 16 32 64 / +254 (0) 734 16 32 64


SKYPE : Poyukah

CAREER ASPIRATION : Challenging and Motivating IT Position, with some technical hands on requirements, career diversity and growth potential; that would best utilise my acquired expertise, creative talents and commitment to excellence


DATE OF BIRTH : August/12th/1978




PLACE OF BIRTH : Western Region, Busia County (Kenya)

MARITAL STATUS : Married & blessed with two (2) Children

LANGUAGES : Kiswahili and English – both fluently spoken and written

Currently learning the French Language



COLLEGE : The Mombasa Polytechnic University College

COURSE : Higher National Diploma in Computers and Network Engineering

DURATION : September 2006

COLLEGE : The Mombasa Polytechnic University College

COURSE : Diploma in Computer Studies

DURATION : January 1998 – November 2000

COLLEGE : The Mombasa Polytechnic University College

COURSE : Certificate in Computer Maintenance and Networking

DURATION : April 2000 – May 2000

HIGH SCHOOL : Butula Boys’ High School

DURATION : January 1993-November 1996, KCSE Certificate

PRIMARY SCHOOL : Bulwani Primary School

DURATION : January 1985 – November 1992, KCPE Certificate


  • Computer Programming

  • Computer Applications

  • Management Information Systems

  • Computer Maintenance and Networking

  • Database Management and Administration

  • Data Communication

  • Applied Sciences

  • Digital Electronics

  • Electronics

  • Microprocessor Systems

  • Entrepreneurial Education

  • Project Management

  • Entrepreneurship Project

  • Technical Engineering Drawing

  • Engineering Mathematics

  • Quantitative Techniques

  • Systems Analysis and Design

  • Commerce & Economics

  • Social studies and Communication Skills

  • Industrial Organization and Management


November 2009 - ICT Entrepreneurship Training - By Kenya ICT Board & JKUAT

February 2005 - Competence Based Education & Training - By Vocational Education

Training Authority (VETA) - Tanzania


  • Hardware: - Troubleshooting, repair, upgrading and assembling of computers.

  • Software: - Installation, upgrading, application of (word-processing, spreadsheets, databases, desktop publishing and accounting) application software.

  • Sound technical knowledge on windows XP/Vista, Microsoft Office.

  • Knowledge on Networking and internet technologies

  • Sound troubleshooting skills of end users computer related problems

  • Experience in user support/ Network support.

  • Sound customer care/ Helpdesk support.

  • Networking: - Able to perform a structured cabling for all types of networks.

  • Network Administration: - Able to administer a Novel, Windows NT and Windows Server 2003/8 Networks.

  • Programming - Able to program using Turbo Pascal, MS COBOL and Dbase.

  • Database Management: - Able to create, manipulate and maintain.

  • Systems Analysis and Design: - Able to carry out: Problem Identification and Recognition, Feasibility study, Facts collection, Analysis, Designing, Coding, Testing, System Implementation - Creation of specifications, installation, staff training and system documentation - System Maintenance and Review.


  • Good Public Relation

  • Sound Problem solving skills

  • Staff training and Motivation ability

  • Excellent Team Player and Builder

  • Apt Organiser / Setting up projects.

  • Ability to effectively manage ICT facilities

  • Excellent I.T Training Skills

  • Good operational and administration skills

  • Apt in dealing and working with people of all kind, culture and religion

  • Self-motivated, creative, result oriented, flexible and responsible person



Institution : Bellerive Computer Consultants Kenya Limited

Position : Computer Hardware Support Specialist

Duration : July 2010 – Up-to-Present

Institution : Kensetsu Kaihatsu International, Civil Engineering Consultants & Contractors

Position : Assistant IT Manager

Duration : November 2008 – June 2010

  • Desktop / support

Installing and maintaining PCs, notebooks, printers, operating systems, applications, email, remote access, desktop and notebook connectivity.

Providing analytical and technical expertise to solve hardware and software problems for employees.

  • Hardware support

Installing and configuring hardware, and performing hardware repair and upgrades. Acting as liaison to hardware vendors when required for purchase of parts, additional equipment, or repair of existing equipment.

  • Software support

Installing, configuring and troubleshooting software, and performing software patches and upgrades.

Overseeing administration and updates of virus / spam / and spyware protection on PCs.

  • Preventive Maintenance

Responsible for performing scheduled preventive maintenance on workstation operating systems, hardware, software, and peripherals.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Reporting

Responsible for providing a weekly report to management describing status of current tasks (active and completed) and upcoming tasks

  • Inventory Control

Submitting purchase requests (PRs) for continuance of supplies / services in advance of outages, maintaining stock, tracking parts inventories as assigned, and control of inventories in secured areas.

  • Backups

Performing back-ups and file restorations of critical systems on users’ PCs to ensure protection of data from loss during PC repairs.

Testing and documentation of Documents hardware and software configurations, maintains system configuration information matrices, and follows all computer system policies.

  • Training

Maintaining proficiency in technology, applications, or business sector through continued Training of Staff

  • Performing other duties as assigned

Willingness to work off shift to complete team projects as needed.


Person-to-person, phone and email communication with internal and external employees at all levels.

Institution : Technosoft Limited - Mombasa

Position : Customer Support Technician

Duration : January 2008 – November 2008

  • Managing and maintaining customer relationships.

  • Handle the Helpdesk and ensure that customers' support is offered to clients.

  • Resolve customer faults.

  • Ensuring that all support calls are answered, responded to, acted upon and logged in the Client Relationship Management (CRM) System.

  • Working out the nature of Clients' problems and prescribing the correct solution.

  • Providing pre-sales technical support to the sales team.

Institution : Shanzu Teachers’ Training College - Mombasa

Position : ICT Lecturer – cum I.T Support Technician

Duration : February 2006 – November 2007

  • Imparting ICT skills to the Trainees, Certificate & Diploma in Information Technology students.

  • Preparing the training elements, progressive exercises and Examination Papers as per the K.I.E ICT Syllabus

  • Scheduling and allocation of Computer learning resources to the College’s students

  • Installing, configuring and maintenance of computers and the 3 Computer laboratories of (150 Computers)

  • Upgrading the College’s Computer Hardware & Software

  • Computer Hardware, Software and Peripherals Inventory Management

  • Give technical assistance to the users in terms of troubleshooting Computer Hardware, Software and Peripherals.

  • Training Users on the use of Helpdesk tools.

  • Assisting users on the use of new Application Systems.

  • Installing and maintaining ICT facilities in user desks.

  • Helping users to connect to the Local Area Network and accessing its resources.

  • Carrying out Hardware and Software repairs and maintenance on ICT equipment.

  • Enforcing all ICT securities.

  • Setting up ICT facilities in the meeting rooms.

  • Supervising the day to day running of the helpdesk in the company.

  • Managing and maintaining the inventory of ICT equipment.

Institution : Relief to Development Society – REDESO – Ngara (Tanzania)

Position : Systems Administrator

Duration : September 2004 to October 2005

  • Providing expert technical support, regarding the use of personal computer software and hardware.

  • Maintaining current knowledge regarding new features and functions within the hardware and software packages.

  • Supporting other staff within PC Helps in their function of providing expert technical support, regarding the use of personal computer software and hardware.

  • Achieving certification, on an ongoing basis as defined by the testing programs and schedules, in the various software programs.

  • Contributing to the Knowledge Base as maintained by organization in order to share solutions and product knowledge.

  • Providing technical support to organizations' clients in a professional, courteous and respectable manner.

  • Helpdesk support to computers & Telecom users at company’s Field, company’s office

  • Trouble shoot and solve PC Hardware, Software, Printers, Network, Telecom, Fax and Photocopier problems.

  • Provide consumables to Computers, Printers, Fax Machines and Photocopiers.

  • Install and configure computer Hardware, Network Devices and Telecom equipments.

  • Install Configure and Maintain Computer Software (Desktop Operating Systems and all office automation applications).

  • Maintain Consumables for PC’s, Printers, and Fax and Photo copiers.

  • Maintain Hardware, Software and Peripherals Inventory.

  • Training staff in specific Applications and availing User Support

  • Maintenance of the REDESO Local Area Network (LAN)

Institution : Ahlubayt Islamic Seminary – Kigoma (Tanzania)

Position : Head of Department – Computer Science Department

Duration : May 2003 – September 2004

  • Installing, configuring and maintenance of computers

  • Software and Hardware maintenance

  • Scheduling and allocation of Computer learning resources to the Secondary students

  • Scheduling and allocation of Computer learning resources to the Production Course students

  • Preparing the training manuals, progressive exercises and Examination Papers

Institution : Aries Data System - Mombasa

Position : Computer Training Supervisor

Duration : March 2001 – May 2003

Institution : The Municipal Council of Mombasa

Position : Attaché - cum Computer System Support Technician

Duration : November 1998 - May 1999



  • Installing, configuring and maintenance of Computers and Network equipment

  • Software and Hardware maintenance and troubleshooting

  • Implementing the upgrading of the PCs

  • Training of staff in IT

  • Setting up, installing and configuring Operating Systems and Application Software

  • Providing PC and Network support to the staff

  • Monitoring the performance and utilization of Hardware and the Network equipment system.


  • Successfully worked on a research program and subsequently designed a Software Program to Computerize Students Registration System for the Butula Boys High School; During my final year at the Mombasa National Polytechnic

  • Managed to establish a computerized Database management System for the Municipal Council of Mombasa.

  • Successfully managed to track down Rent defaulters in the Mombasa Municipal Council’s Housing Department hence saving the Council from a massive financial loss.

  • Established the Database Management System for the Jitegemee Sacco members of the Mombasa Municipal Council

  • Successfully trained the Barclays and Commercial Bank Banks Staff members (Diani Branch, Changamwe Branch and the Mombasa Island’s Nkrumah road Branch) while at Technosoft Limited

  • Pioneered the establishment of Computer Department at the Ahlulbayt Islamic Centre, Designed the training programs, training manuals, progressive exercises and the examination papers

  • Designed Database system for the REDESO’s Human Resources, Accounts and Purchases & Transport Departments.

  • Successfully pioneered the establishment of the Computer Training Centre at REDESO, a DANIDA funded project.

  • Successfully Computerized the Radio Kwizera Broadcasting station – Ngara - Tanzania.



  • Departmental Coordinator: Computing and Information Technology Department at the Mombasa Polytechnic

  • Secretary General: Computing and Information Technology Students Association - CITSA - at the Mombasa Polytechnic

  • Class Representative: DCS98J at the Mombasa Polytechnic

  • Advisory Panel member to the Mikindani Catholic Youths Executive Committee

  • Liturgical Leader: Young Christian Students - Y.C.S at the Butula Boys' High School.




  • To pursue higher level of education in Computing field, that is, a University Degree in Computer Science/Engineering.

  • To pursue the CISCO and Microsoft Certified Software Engineer, M.C.S.E, and or the Software Solution Developers Certifications.

  • To administer an Information System that integrates: Voice, Data E-commerce, Client Server, Internet, Intranet, Database Applications and Software Development.

  • To set up a successful Charitable Organization that will work towards Community Empowerment and Poverty Eradication.


  1. Wycliffe K. Songwa - Senior Programme Officer

UNHCR – United Nations High Commission for Refugees,

UNHCR Representation in Somalia,

Lion Place, 1st Floor, Waiyaki, Westlands,

P.O. Box 43801 - 00100, Nairobi

Tel: +254 (0)725 405 010 / +254 (0)734 628 052


  1. Engineer Stephen Muyera – Chief Operations Manager

Kensetsu Kaihatsu Limited,

P.O. Box 35246, 00200, Nairobi

Tel: +254 (0)722 323 088

Email: ;

  1. Michael Khayanje

Information Technology Manager

Tour Africa Safaris Limited,

P.O. Box 43187, Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: +254-20-272933/ 272826 – Mobile 0722-35-653


  1. Pastor Evans Opige Munyenye – Church Pastor,

Messiah Ministry - Mombasa,

P.O. Box 43425, Mombasa.

el: +254 (0)721 304 496


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