Vca, Postgraduate Diploma in Animateuring, 2005 icon

Vca, Postgraduate Diploma in Animateuring, 2005



VCA, Postgraduate Diploma in Animateuring, 2005

Diploma in Multimedia, Australian Academy of Design, Docklands, 2000

BA in Theatre and Literature, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland


Production: Role: Director: Company:

2009 Eliminated Kret Dee MacLachlan Picture Tank

Frank and Jerry Tomek Nick McGee Pure Pictures

2008 Motel Jules David Carlin RMIT

2008 Spicks and Specks Vulgargrad ABC TV

2007 Rush Tomas Geoff Bennett Southern Star Prodns.

2006 Chainsaw, Lewis (cowboy) & Luis Dominguin, bullfighter Jungle Pictures/SBS

Past History Ladislaw Andrew Healey Mighty Films

2003 Stingers, Ep. 163 Anton Petrenko Steve Mann Beyond Simpson Le Mesurier

MDA II, Ep. 30 Dr. Tryzinski Brendan Maher ScreenTime/ABC

Blue Heelers, Ep. 392 Mikey Zapolski Chris Langman West Street Productions

1996-’97 Television Poznan & Television Krakow, Devilish Narrator ”Not of Us” TV version


2010 Fatboy tenant, prosecutor/slave Marcelle Schmitz Red Stitch Theatre

2009 Snuff Club Various/cabaret/puppetry Andy Freer Snuff Puppets

The Suicide Show Various roles/cabaret Martin White A Bit of Argy Bargy

^ 2008 The Lower Depths Alyoshka Ariette Taylor Ariette taylor Productions

Three Oaks Janek La Mama /VCE playlist

The Inhabited Man Man Richard Murphett Full Tilt Program @ The Arts Centre

2007 Testosterone Titus Kimberly Grigg Melbourne Fringe Festival & Rah Rah

Snuff Club Various/cabaret/puppetry Snuff Puppets

2006 Three Oaks Janek Kimberly Grigg La Mama ( Green room nom)

2005 Flypaper Performer & co-creator Rah Rah Productions & Gasworks

Moontalk Ilion Tichy, self-devised solo Rah Rah Productions & VCA

^ The Things you Cannot Know Vanessa Pigrum Vanessa Pigrum

2004 Auntie Klava’s Kiss Vienia Kimberly Grigg Theatreworks .

*Most Outstanding Male Performer Award.

2002 The Flag. Angry Man & musician Tomek Koman Melbourne Int Festival/Tour OS

2001-02 Victorian Arts Centre – Encore Program, Workshops

LEM Solitary Astronaut Kimberly Grigg

2000 Monash & Deakin University, Workshops

1992-’99 Teatr Biuro Podorozy (Travel Agency Theatre Co.) Full time actor Dir: Pawel Szkotak

Major International Productions, travel world-wide: awards – Hamada ( London) & Scotsmans Fringe First


Carmen FunebreLead: Soldier

Not Of UsLead: Devilish Narrator

Drink Vinegar GentlemenLead: Koka Brianski

1997 Teatr Polski (The Polish Theatre Co.) – Pieszo (On Foot)

Roles: Blind fiddler – Death.

1996-’98 Teatr Osmego Dnia (Eighth Day Th. Co.Poznan, Poland) - Sabbath Lead: Mad Refugee

^ Adam Pierzchalski pg. 2/2


2006/07 GE Money TVC, “Genie” 100%

Worksafe, MLF Beef, Don Smallgoods

Various voiceovers


2009 Lecturer, performing arts – 3rd yr level at National Theatre St Kilda(Jan – June 09)

2008 ArtStable – disabilities workshop leader

2005 Death, Mortality and Religious Diversity, designer, interactive/mulimedia (touring)

2004-6 Acting Workshop leader – various institutions

1998 – 99 Program Bell Language School –Assistant directorof dramatic studies. Teaching English through drama to youths.

1997 – 99 JDJ Service – Developing promotional programs using acting skills, acrobatics, stilts, clowning & mime.

1993 – 97 Ikea, ABB, Radio S, Gazeta Prawna, Adidas, Shell, Adam Mickiewicz University – employed by these companies for special projects as an actor developing entertainment, promotional programs for the public.

Skills: Acrobatics, clowning, mime, movement, physical theatre, improvisation, accents and character voices

Trumpet , accordion, percussion, basic piano, singing.

Performs regularly with Vulgargrad

JM Agency

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