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Embedded Systems Engineering / Biomedical engineering /Automated testing ate/Business development ~

Vimal Kumar.P

Mobile: +91-98495 55520 ~ Phone (R): +91-40 -400 55 297 ~ http://in.linkedin.com/in/vimalkumarp

E-Mail: perec.vimal@gmail.com; pvimalkumar@rediffmail.com

~ / Embedded Systems Engineering / Biomedical engineering /Automated testing ATE/Business development ~

  • With 19 years of experience in Project Management, Design Engineering and businesses development in Biomedical and automated testing.

  • Presently designated as Project Manager with Infotech Enterprises Ltd.

  • Having an overall experience in Product Lifecycle Development of Embedded systems for requirement capturing, analysis, design, development, testing, debugging, implementation and maintenance of hardware and firmware applications, reliability analysis, performance enhancements, release for production and field support with Mechatronics expertise.

  • Experience in new business development with expertise in techno commercial aspects ( business intelligence, market research, team building, customer interactions)

  • Excellent knowledge of embedded systems using microcontrollers/processors for Intel, Atmel, Dallas. Firmware development within SDLC framework using C and Assembly Programming.

  • Excellent knowledge & experience of devices interfacing, serial communication protocols, analog & digital system design & debugging and automated functional test development

  • Worked with global teams from Europe and USA for product specification generation, product development, validation and testing. Has excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Exposure to QMS processes for ISO 13485, ISO 9001-2000, Six Sigma (green belt certified) and medical safety and risk management standards, regulations and certifications like IEC 60601, ISO 14971 and CE etc.

  • Using field investigation/ documentation of existing systems, writing reports & making recommendations.

Awards /recognitions/Certifications/special skills

  • Indian Patent pending for world’s first USB powered 3 lead ECG monitor No: 3035/CHE/2010

  • Award winner - the Best electronic product 2010 – Healthcare by India Semiconductor Association

  • Award winner - the Best electronic product 2010 – eINDIA 2010 for eHEALTH Private Sector Initiative of the Year

  • GE certified Six sigma GREEN BELT.

  • Certified ISO 13485 internal auditor

  • Knowledge of TRIZ methodologies

  • Undergone thorough training in PCB manufacturing process -lay out, artwork and fabrication

Academic Credentials

  • MS in Digital design and Embedded Systems.

  • Four-year course in Electronics (Mechatronics) Equivalent to US Bachelors Degree with Electronics Major

  • Post Graduate Diploma in International Business

  • Diploma in French from Alliance Francaise

  • Basic certificate in Spanish

  • Basic certificate in German

Areas of Expertise

Technical Skills

Graphical programming languages: LabVIEW

Assembly languages : 8085, 8086, 8051

Hardware description languages : VHDL, Verilog

Software languages : BASIC, C, C++, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Perl, LabWindows CVI, Haskell

Hardware design : 8085, 8086, 8088, 8051, 80320, MSP430, PSoC

Operating Systems : ^ DOS, UNIX, Windows

Tools : ICE for Zilog devices, Hardware Emulator for Microcontrollers, Logic

Analyzer, Kiel Compiler, Turbo C, X86 Assembler, X51 Assembler, ’C’ Cross Compilers


Design Engineering

  • Analysing and creating the technical requirements.

  • Recommending design concepts/modifications based on client requirements.

  • Coordinating with client or on site coordinator to resolve engineering problems.

  • Evaluating and developing applications of new processes and methods into products.

  • Working within a development team using change control and source code management systems.

  • Conducting test engineering and test validation groups to create test plans and procedures.

Project Management/ Quality Assurance

  • Monitoring, controlling and coordinating the project for design process.

  • Managing overall operations for the improvement in the design based on market trends and requirements.

  • Conducting the Project Detail engineering.

  • Supervising the project execution activities.

  • Coordinating with other departments for conducting the quality checks.

Product Development

  • Managing the technical interface with the customer.

  • Coaching and supporting the team of engineers in delivering the technical objectives.

  • Quantifying the critical parameters within the product design / specification.

  • Developing & maintaining the critical parameter tree for the product.

  • Designing and freezing the sign off in line with customer expectations.

  • Handling the project technical risk management, identify risk levels and conduct appropriate activity to mitigating and eliminating risks.

Professional Experience

Infotech Enterprises Ltd., Hyderabad since Sep’07

Project Manager

Role: Program Manager- Medical Electronics division of Infotech HCM


  • Program manager for medical electronics division of Infotech, responsible for business development, design, development and execution of medical electronics projects for all Infotech customers.

  • Responsible for creating business strategy, market analysis and business intelligence

  • Responsible for annual business target of 35 crores.


  • Started the medical division ( new business initiative) by building the teams( technical ,marketing and sales )

  • Architect of the award winning Proof of Concept design “world’s first USB powered ECG monitor”

  • ISO 13485 certification for the medical design facility.

  • Developed a multi parameter patient monitor as a competency building project

  • Developed a client base in USA, Hong Kong, Austria and Italy


Technical paper award winner

GE Energy (India), Hyderabad July’ 02-Sep ’07

Lead Engineer

Role: Lead Engineer- GE energy test development team


  1. Team lead - GE Global test development team responsible for developing automated functional tests for the complete range of hardware used for controlling exciters in turbine controls manufactured by GE Industrial Systems.

  2. Deciding test specifications

  3. Developing software test vectors using LabVIEW, LabWindowsCVI, Encompass (GenRad/ Teradyne )

  4. Design of ATE fixtures

Projects Undertaken:

  1. Developed automated functional test for GE turbine control electronics.

  2. Developed functional test for wind energy hardware

  3. Developed a simulator for testing I/O devices used in turbine control systems.

  4. Developed an automated test station for evaluating inductors used in GE industrial systems.


  • Initiated the drive to automate the repetitive processes which were manual in nature. Test automation processes reduced the cycle time by 50% and also pioneered in introducing DFT, DFM methodology.

  • Introduced the process to bring the complete design , development and testing team under one umbrella to ensure maximum interaction “to do it right at the first time” which resulted in 96% of fault coverage in all the automated test designs executed under my leadership.

  • Introduced new development platform for automated testing from text based test development ( C ,C++) to graphical programming (Lab VIEW)

  • Introduced simulated testing for the test development done offshore so that software and hardware developed was fault free which resulted in saving more than 100 man hours per project   resulting in 3200 man hours annually.

  • Worked in GE USA for a period of 4 months ( two assignments each of two months’ duration)


Technical paper award winner

Pat on the Back Award winner for automation

Larsen & Toubro – MEDICAL, Mysore Sept’ 91 July’ 02

Team Lead (Production)

Role: Team Lead of manufacturing and production engineering of Patient Monitoring Systems


  • Manufacturing multiparameter Patient Monitoring Systems and Central Monitoring Station.

  • Servicing of all field returned items

  • Production Engineering activities

  • Debugging hardware

  • Managing shop floor within ISO framework.

  • Training of the service personnel

  • Co-coordinating the distribution of spares and accessories of the medical equipments from the factory stock to all the Service Centers in India and abroad.

  • Analyzing component failure and suggesting corrective action

  • Minimizing warranty and plug and play failures


  • Designed an 8031 based system for interfacing multiparameter bedside patient monitor to Central monitoring station on RS485 protocol.

  • Developed an automatic test bench consisting of a PC and oscilloscope that can guide user to troubleshoot hardware used in Central Monitoring Station.

  • Designed an add-on card for Central Monitoring station based on 80C320.

  • Designed hardware for USB interface to Central Monitoring station based on 80C320.

  • Developed a utility for high-speed file transfer through PC parallel port for transferring image files from ultrasound scanner to PC. This can also be used for file transfer between two PCs through parallel port.

  • Designed an ECG simulator for the functional testing of the ECG monitor to evaluate its performance when monitoring patients with cardiac pacemaker. User can program the vital parameters using a PC, which is interfaced to the hardware through parallel port.

  • Developed test software for checking RS232 communication for the OEM modules used in L&T products mainly for pulse oximetry and blood pressure measurement applications.

  • Developed a utility to monitor RS 232 communication in which the user can program all the parameters for RS232 protocol to establish and debug serial communication systems.

  • Modified the ECG monitor to conform to the standards of IEC 601 and GMED (French Regulatory standards) as a first step towards CE and EN46001 approval.

  • Evaluated the software for ECG monitor based on the test procedures released by Kontron Instruments, England, L&T's prime technical collaborator for ECG monitors.

  • Team Lead for Risk Analysis of ECG monitors for CE certification, which L&T Medical was certified in November 1998.

  • Prepared the operating and service manuals of ECG and Oxygen saturation monitor in French, the former being exported to the European market.

Short Term Courses/ Trainings Undergone

  1. FPGA development

  2. PSoC development

  3. VxWorks (RTOS)-TORNADO certified by Wind River Systems


  5. DSP- Code Composer Studio

  6. Robotics

  7. EMI and EMC

  8. STQC (Standardization, Testing and Quality control)

  9. PLC programming

  10. CNC programming

  11. Enhancing product reliability and failure analysis

Personal Details

Date of Birth : 30/05/1970

Sex : Male

Marital status : Single

Nationality : Indian

Passport No : E 430 9354

Languages : English, French (advanced)

Spanish, German (Basic)

US VISA : B1 valid till 2013



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