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OAKLAND AVIATION HIGH SCHOOL CHARTER“Table of Contents of Legal Requirements”:

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Table of Contents of Legal Requirements”:

This charter (which was amended February 28, 2006 per revisions designated by OUSD) has been created in the format encouraged by the California State Board of Education in its adopted “Model Application for Charter Schools” and goes beyond the legal requirements of Education Code Section 47605. According to the State Board of Education, the Model Application format ensures that charter petitioners cover all of the minimum elements required by law in a systematic way. However, as the Model Application format requires that statutory provisions in the Charter Schools Act be addressed out of the order presented in the Education Code, this “Table of Contents of Legal Requirements” is presented to assist the Reviewer in establishing that all requirements of law have been met.

  • Sample Board Resolution for Charter Approval page 3

  • Affirmations/Assurances page 4

  • Introduction page 7

    1. Background

    2. Founding Group

  • Educational Philosophy and Program page 12

    1. Mission

    2. Vision and Intellectual Goals

    3. Whom the School is Attempting to Educate

    4. What is Means to Be an Educated Person in the 21st Century

    5. How Learning Best Occurs

    6. Transfer of Courses/College Entrance Requirements

    7. Implementation of Educational Program

    8. Structures and Practices Ensuring Student Success

    9. Summary of Educational Program

    10. Vocational Curriculum and Instruction

    11. Professional Development

    12. Plan for Students Who are Academically Low Achieving

    13. Plan for Students Who are Academically High Achieving

    14. Plan for English Learners

    15. Plan for Special Education

    16. Section 504/ADA

  • Measurable Student Outcomes and Other Uses of Data page 31

    1. Pupil Outcomes

    2. School-Wide Outcomes

    3. Use and Reporting of Data

  • Governance Structure page 40

    1. Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation

    2. Non-Profit Board of Directors

    3. Executive Director/Principal

    4. Parent Participation

    5. Staff Participation

  • Human Resources page 46

    1. Qualifications of School Employees

    2. Health and Safety

    3. Dispute Resolution

  • Student Admissions, Attendance and Suspension/Expulsion Policies page 51

    1. Student Admissions Policies and Procedures

    2. Non-Discrimination

    3. Pupil Public School Attendance Alternatives

    4. Suspension and Expulsion Procedures

  • Reporting and Accountability page 61

    1. Budgets and Cash Flow

    2. Financial Reporting

    3. Administrative Services

    4. Facilities

    5. Independent Fiscal Audit

    6. Closure Protocol

  • Impact On the District page 65

    1. Potential Civil Liability Effects

  • Conclusion page 66

  • Letters of Support Appendix A

  • Resumes of Founding Staff Appendix B

  • First Year Startup Budget including Startup Coasts, Cash Flow

And Financial Projections for First Three Years of Operations Appendix C

  • Articles of Incorporation Appendix D

  • Bylaws Appendix E

Charter for the Establishment of the Oakland Aviation High School:

A California Public Charter School

Whereas the Oakland Unified School District received a valid charter petition on ___________, duly signed by parents and submitted pursuant to Education Code Section 47605, and

Whereas the Oakland Unified School District, after holding a public hearing on [date] and considering the level of parent and staff support, has determined that the applicants have assembled and presented a valid and meritorious charter petition;

Resolved that the Oakland Unified School District hereby approves and grants this charter petition for a term of 5 years by a vote of ___ to ___ on [date].

Be it further resolved that this charter constitutes a binding contract upon the Oakland Unified School District Board of Education and the Oakland Aviation High School.


_________________________________ (name)

Oakland Unified School District Board of Education

School Location

This charter authorizes the operation of the Oakland Aviation High School, a charter, which shall operate at one site within the geographic boundaries of Oakland Unified School District, as authorized pursuant to Education Code Section 47605.


As the authorized representatives of the applicant, I, Leah Casey, hereby certify that the information submitted in this application for a charter for the Oakland Aviation High School (“Charter School” or “OAHS”) to be located within the boundaries of the Oakland Unified School District is true to the best of my knowledge and belief; I also certify that this application does not constitute the conversion of a private school to the status of a public charter school; and further, I understand that if awarded a charter, the Charter School:

  • Will meet all statewide standards and conduct the student assessments required, pursuant to Education Code Section 60605 and 60851, and any other statewide standards authorized in statute, or student assessments applicable to students in non-charter public schools. The Charter School shall certify that its students have participated in the state testing programs specified in Education Code Section 60600-60652 in the same manner as other students attending public schools. [Ref. Education Code Sections 47605(c), 47612.5(a)(3)]

  • Will notify the superintendent of the school district of the pupil’s last known address within 30 days in the event that a pupil is expelled or leaves the Charter School without graduating or completing the school year for any reason, and shall, upon request, provide that school district with a copy of the cumulative record of the pupil, including a transcript of grades or report card, and health information. This requirement only applies to pupils subject to compulsory full-time education pursuant to Education Code Section 48200. [Ref. Education Code Section 47605(d)(3)]

  • Will be deemed the exclusive public school employer of the employees of the Charter School for purposes of the Educational Employment Relations Act and will comply with Government Code Sections 3540-3549.3. [Ref. Education Code Section 47605(b)(5)(O)]

  • Will be non sectarian in its programs, admissions policies, employment practices, and all other operations. [Ref. Education Code Section 47605(d)(1)]

  • Will not charge tuition. [Ref. Education Code Section 47605(d)(1)]

  • Will admit all students who wish to attend the School according to the following criteria and procedures and as further outlined herein:

  1. Admission to the Charter School shall not be determined according to the student’s place of residence, or that of his/her guardians, within this state, except as allowed or required by the Charter Schools Act.

  2. If the number of students who wish to attend the Charter School exceeds the Charter School’s capacity, attendance, except for existing students of the Charter School, shall be determined by a public random drawing. Preferences shall be extended to students currently attending the Charter School, students who reside in the District, and other preferences specified herein. In the event of a drawing, the District Board shall make reasonable efforts to accommodate the growth of the Charter School and shall not take any action to impede the Charter School from expanding enrollment to meet student demand.

  3. Other admissions preferences permitted by the Board in this petition that are consistent with law. [Ref. Education Code Section 47605(d)(2)(B)]

  • Will not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, perceived sexual orientation, home language, or disability. [Ref. Education Code Section 47605(d)(1)]

  • Will adhere to all provisions of federal law related to students with disabilities including, but not limited to, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1974, Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act.

  • Will meet all requirements for employment set forth in applicable provisions of law, including, but not limited to credentials, as necessary. [Ref. Title 5 California Code of Regulations Section 11967.5.1(f)(5)]

  • Will ensure that teachers in the School hold a Commission on Teacher Credentialing certificate, permit, or other document equivalent to that which a teacher in other public schools are required to hold. As allowed by statute, flexibility will be given to non-core, non-college preparatory teachers. [Ref. California Education Code Section 47605(l)]

  • Will ensure that no person who has been convicted of a violent or serious felony is employed in either a certificated or classified position. [Ref. California Education Code Section 44830.1, 45122.1]

  • Will at all times maintain all necessary and appropriate insurance coverage.

  • Will promptly respond to all reasonable inquiries from the District, county office of education, or the Superintendent of Public Instruction, including but not limited to inquiries regarding its financial records. [Ref. California Education Code 47604.3]

  • Will follow any and all other applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations that apply to the Charter School including but not limited to:

    • The Charter School shall maintain accurate and current written records that document all pupil attendance and make these records available for audit and inspection.

    • The Charter School shall on a regular basis consult with its parents and teachers regarding the Charter School's education programs.

    • The Charter School shall comply with any jurisdictional limitations to locations of its facilities.

    • The Charter School will comply with Education Code Sections 51745-51749.3.

    • The Charter School shall offer, at a minimum, the same number of instructional minutes set forth in Education Code Section 46201 for the appropriate grade levels.

    • The Charter School shall comply with all laws establishing the minimum and maximum age for public school enrollment.

    • The Charter School shall comply with all applicable portions of the No Child Left Behind Act.

    • The Charter School shall comply with the Brown Act and Public Records Act.

    • The Charter School shall comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

_____________________________ _______________

Leah Casey Date


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