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This musician’s best-known group featured A. J. Parks on bass, Matt Landers on drums...
Just for the record Hate the group photo I'm in, I did't agree to that one Dave...
Newsletter of the Insomnia and Other Sleep Disorders Special Interest Group, abct may 2009...
Pre-Conference Event (pce) of iatefl’s English for Specific Purposes (esp) sig (Special Interest...
The following is a retyping without change of an article I wrote for an April 17...
Good writing is important...
Submitted to Kar disability Programme, Overseas Development Group, University of East Anglia...
A workshop hosted by the Economic Psychology and Decision Research Group at the School of Health...
Only Solitaire: G. Starostin's Record Reviews, Reloaded...


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Faculty Publications; Record Group #64

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^ Container List

Series I: Articles, Essays & Newsletters

Box 1 Articles, Essays & Newsletters

1 Lists of publications

2 Ben-Zvi, Paul

Art in the Computer Age

3 Bernat, Robert

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra 40th Season 1966-67

In Memoriam: John F. Kennedy

Passacaglia for Orchestra (Program)

4 Bowker, Lee

Police Services to Battered Women: Bad or Not So Bad?

Marital Rape: A Distinct Syndrome?

An Essay on Prison Violence

The Role of the Official Representative

Battered Women and the Clergy: An Evaluation

Sociologists in Schools of Social Work: Marginality or Integration

5 Braman, Wallis

The Poetry of Henry W. Longfellow as Text –

Source for American Composers

Monday Music Club of Indiana, PA February 28, 1983

6 Brightwell, D. Shelby

Organizational Structure: An Academic Focus

An Individualized Learning Package for Evaluation in

Health & Physical Education

7 Burwell, Sandra

Greek Myths: A Lesson in Narrative Drawing

8 Cessna, Mary Ann

What the Computer Doesn't Know Can Hurt You

9 Chaszar, Edward

Human Rights Report from Geneva

The Ethic Principle and National Boundaries: A Case Study of the

Czechoslovak/Hungarian Border Dispute of 1938

Christian Marxism: The Political Philosophy of the Brazilian

Popular Action

Toward an Assessment of Jimmy Carter's Policy on Human Rights

The Problem of National Minorities - Before and After the


Paris Peace Treaties of 1947

Human Rights Report from Geneva

  1. Chemistry Department

Transport of Octanoate by Pseudonomas oleovorons

Catabolism of Pipecolate to Glutamate in Pseudonmas putida

Quaternary Ammonium Salts

Fused Organic Salts. The System Tetra-n-pentylammonium Nitrate-Silver Nitrate.

Melt Stability. The Silver Nitrate-Carbon Tetrachloride Reaction

Piagetian Theory and Abstract Preferences of Secondary Science Students

Butanediols: Selection, Open Field Activity, and NAD Reduction by Liver

Abstracts in Inbred Mouse Strains

Changes in Helping Behavior: Self-versus Situational Perception as Mediators of

the Foot-in-the-Door Effect

Preparation and Identification of the Solid Photohydrolysis Products of Potassium

Octacyanomolyhdate (IV)

Polarographic Determination of Cobalt and Nickel in Iron Meteorites

Simultaneous Polarographic Determination of Iron (II) and Iron (III) in Coal Mine


Waste Water

Comparison of Endpoint Methods: A coulometric titration experiment

Oxidation of Alcohol in Free-Moving Mice from High and Low Preference Strains

Potentiostatic Study of Iron Meteorite Corrosion

Electrolytic Corrosion of Iron Meteorites

Transport of Succinate by Pseudomonas putida
A Study of the Fluorescence Analysis of Primary Amines in Nonaqueous Solutions

X-Ray Fluorescence Determination of iron in Polluted Streams

A Synthesis of DL-a-Aminoadipic Acid and its N-Chloroacetyl Derivative

Physiological basis for Preferential Uptake of D-x-Aminoadipate over the L-Isomer by Alcaligenes Denitrificans

Induction Specificity and Catabolite Repression of the Early Enzymes in Camhor Degradation by Pseudomonas putida

Determination of Lead in Dinnerware by an Ion Exchange Filter Paper- X-Ray Fluorescence Method

X-Ray Fluorescence Determination of lead in Gasoline

The cyclic voltammetry of Vitamin B 12
Potentiometric Determination of Solubility Product Constants

An Easily Constructed Aerosol Sprayer

Isolation and Properties of Acetyl Hypobromite

Isolation of Radioactive D- and L- Aminoadipate of High Specific Activity by Selective Bacterial Metabolism

Metabolism of Pipecolic Acid in a Pseudonomas Species

Book Reviews by Ronald C. Green

Some Cognitive Style Variables and their Relationships to Chemistry Achievement

Piagetian Theory and Abstract Preferences of College Science Students

Value Preferences of College Students with Reference to Environmental Chemistry
Automatic Titration of Calcium with EDTA using a Calcium-Selective Electrode

Ion Exchange Filter Paper Holder for X-Ray Spectrometry

Coulometric titration- new emphasis on an old technique

The Nature of Solvent Participation in the restriction of Rotation about Single bonds
  1. ^

    Ching, Tao Te

The New Growth Arts Revue

  1. Christodouleas, Nicholas

Particles, Waves, and the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

Physical and Philosophical Aspects of Quantum Theory

The Case of Cessability(?) in Quantum Theory
  1. ^

    Chu, Don-Chean

Morals and Economic System: Honesty and Profit motive

Comparative Philosophies and the American School

  1. Chu, Show-chih Rai

The Particle

  1. Clinton, Helen

Local Origination: A Community Affair

  1. Cogswell, Hamlin E.

The Spirit of Indiana

  1. Cook, Robert B.

Man and Biogeochemical Cycles: Interacting with the Elements

  1. Cord, Steven B.

Henry George: Dreamer or Realist?

Twelve Formulas For converting a One-Rate to a Two-rate Property Tax

Local Gradualism: Eleven Additional Formulas

Ethical Continuity in a Postmodern World

Urban Renewal at no Extra Tax Cost

The Evidence For land Value Taxation

Tax Reform and Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal: Boon or Boondoggle?

Why a Tax on Land Values will not Raise land Rent

New Look at Henry George

Tax-Sharing Plan Geared toward Urban Renewal

Role of the Graded Tax in Urban Redevelopment

The Eloquent Economic Philosopher (Review)

The Origins of the Cold War: Who's to Blame?

In My Opinion: Urban Renewal Boon or Boondoggle?

In My Opinion: Taxing land Values

A New Approach to Urban Renewal

Legal Suggestions for Enacting Land Value Taxation

  1. Cordier, Ralph W.

Perspectives in the Social Studies

  1. Eiss, Albert F.

Problems in Semantics of Importance in Science Teaching

  1. Eterovich, Francis H.

Croatia: Land, People, Culture

  1. Faculty Wives

Faculty Wives Club International Dining Cook Book, 1972

  1. Fisher, Gladys and Olive Nickol

Homemakers We!

  1. Fricke, Ernest B.

The new Deal and the Modernization of Small Business:

The McCreary Tire and Rubber Company, 1930-1940

  1. Gates, Conrad

In the Matter of Arbitration Between Synthane-Taylor Corp., Haysite Division and

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers

District 116, Local 101

Glen-Gery Corporation and United Steelworkers of America,

AFL-CIO, Local Union 8192

25 Gault, Thomas G.

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Milksheds-1962

The Preparation of Secondary School Geography Teachers

Rural land Use in Franklin County, Tennessee

  1. Goodrich, Thomas D.

[foreign language publication]

Ottoman Portolans

Some Unpublished Sixteenth Century Ottoman Maps

Atlas-I Humayun: A Sixteenth Century Ottoman Maritime Atlas

Discovered in 1984

Ottoman Americana: The Search for the Sources of the Sixteenth-century

Tarih-I hind-I garbi

Turkish Sea Charts

Strolling Through Istanbul Libraries

  1. Green, Ronald C.

Mentrex: An Experiment in Teaching American Government

  1. Hartwell, Patrick

Suggestions for Surface Detail

  1. Harwick, John C.

A Study of the Effect Varsity Football and Extra-Curricular Activities Have on Academic Achievement for Players & Student Leaders at Sate College, Indiana, PA

  1. Henry, Anita

The Vision and the Reality: Internships in Paris

  1. Hoffmaster, Donald E.

Famine or Fortune: A Study in Conservation

  1. Hull, Raymona E.

Una Hawthorne: A Biographical Sketch

Bennoch and Hawthorne

Hawthorne and the Magic Elixir of Life: The Failure of the Gothic Theme

British Periodical Printings of Hawthorne's Works, 1835-1900:

A Partial Bibliography

33 Hulse, Arthur C.

Ecology and Reproduction of the Parthenogenetic Lizard

Cnemidophorus Uniparens (Teiide)

  1. Jalongo, Mary Renck

Writings of Mary Renck Jalongo

35 Johnson, John R.

Spin-Offs of Microcomputer use in the School

  1. Judge, Larry A.

John P. Elkin: Indiana Ploughboy

  1. Katzbeck, Mary C.

The Development of the School of Health Services and the

Department of Nursing of IUP

  1. Knowles, Ruth

A Boon Book of Poems

  1. Kulkarni, Gopal S.

Provision of Basic Needs in Rural Areas of India

  1. Lamberski, Richard J.

The Instructional Effect of Color in Intermediate and Delayed Reaction

  1. Lee, Raymond

Johnstown (Encyclopedia entry)

Franklin (Encyclopedia entry)

Altoona (Encyclopedia entry)

Guide to American Government

Cochineal Production and trade in New Spain to 1600

Building Better Citizens

Social Science in Education

General Education Courses in Social Science-State Teachers College Indiana, PA

American Cochineal in European Commerce, 1626-1625

Grain Legislation in Colonial Mexico

The Exchange media of Colonial Mexico (Book Review)

The Viceregal Instructions of Martin Enriquez De Almanza

Prosperity Without Inflation

Social Science for All Teachers

Department of Social Science

  1. Levinson, Edward M.

A Vocationally Oriented Secondary School Program for the Emotionally Disturbed

  1. Library

It's Your Library: How to use it

  1. Madden, Richard

Inventory of the Pupil-Teacher Relationship

  1. Mattox, Daniel V.

Preliminary Sketches: The Social Scientists

  1. McCavitt, William

Basic television Production Techniques

Television Graphics

TV and the 3 R's

A Comparison of First and Fifth Year Teachers in the Use of Instructional Media

Microphones- Patterns and Types

Educational Radio: Star on the Rise

Am I Teacher's Image?

  1. McFerron, J. Richard

IUP Graphics System Software

  1. McGuire, Victor D.

The Polygraph-Searching for the Truth

  1. Merryman, John D.

Stimulating Chapter Growth

  1. Miars, Russell.

Variation in Supervision Process Across Trainee Experience Levels: A Beginning

Test of the "Counselor Complexity Model"

  1. Miller, Vincent P.

The Future at the Bicentennial

Quantification and the Science of Geography

  1. Morand, Martin J.

Collective Bargaining and Collegiality: A Pennsylvania View

  1. Munro, Muriel A.

Auditory Training: The Neglected Component in Teaching Communication

Skills to the Hearing Impaired

Series I: Articles, Essays & Newsletters

Box 2 Articles, Essays & Newsletters

  1. Nastase, Anthony J.

Orientation and Homing Ability of the Barn Swallow

  1. Nelson, Russel C.

Visual Solfeg

  1. Nicholson, Arthur F.

The Story of a Man: Dr. Willis E. Pratt

Academic Trouble Shot Number One: The First Course in College English

A Report on a Study of Communication Patterns at Indiana State College

Reasons Given or Ascribed For Withdrawal by Students Dropping Out at the

State Teaching College, Indiana, Pennsylvania

A Study of Student Mortality in a State Teachers College

  1. Nowak, Thomas C.

Political Change in the Philippines

The Philippines Before Martial law: A Study in Politics and Administration

Clientelist Politics in the Philippines: Integration or Instability?

Political Regime and Public Policy in the Philippines (Book Review)

Urbanization and Clientelist Systems in the Philippines
  1. ^

    O'Geran, Graeme

An Introduction to the Social Science
  1. Olmstead, Gary

An Interview with Francois Dupin
  1. Patsiga, Robert

Initiation of Emulsion Polymerization by the Redox System:

Titanium (III)-Hydroxlamine

Preparation of Poly (dimethysiloxane)-Polypeptide Block Copolymers
  1. ^

    Perkins, Reba

Study Guide for High School Composition
  1. Polanski, Virginia

Environment for Communication

  1. Pratt, Willis

Unique Functions of a Teachers College

A Guide to Curriculum Improvement in Elementary and Secondary Schools

Character Education in Public Institutions of Higher Learning

A College President Looks at Art Education

An Evaluation of Bulletin 243: Curriculum Improvement by a

Secondary School Faculty

Should Alumni Support a State Teachers College?

A College Looks at its Student Personnel Program

Remedial Services for Prospective Teachers

The Critical Problem of Science Preparation in the Public Schools

A College and a Community Work Together

The New Teacher-Education Curricula in Pennsylvania

Teachers in the 50's for Children Born in the 40's

How Can the Teacher and Administrator Cooperatively Build an

Effective Reading Program?

What Can the School Administrator Do About the Reading Program

Administration of the Reading Program: Can College teachers

Improve Instructional Practices?

How Can We Select, Recruit and Maintain Good Teachers?

The Fascists can Teach Us a Thing or Two

A Study of the Differences in the Prediction of Reading Success of Kindergarten

and Non-Kindergarten Children

Religious Instruction in the Public Schools

A Report to Alumni on the Growth of the College

"Going Places" in Reading

  1. Reid, John W.

A Four-year Study of the Characteristics of Engineering Students

  1. Rich, Alexander R.

Social Support and Depression among College Students
  1. Ricketts, Elizabeth

The Struggle for Civil liberties and Unionization in the Coal Fields:

The Free Speech case of Vintondale, Pennsylvania, 1922

  1. Ridenour, Florerence G.

Selected Bibliography of Books Relating to Communication in I.S.T.C.

  1. Rider, Maurice L.

Testing Attitudes in Methods Courses

Specters in Liberal Education

Some Current Practices in Teaching Advanced Compostion for Engineers

Courses in Technical Writing

The First Page of the Beowulf Manuscript

Advanced Composition for Students in Engineering at the Ohio State university:

Evaluation and Proposals

Of the Titles of Many Books

In Glorious Titles He Excels

  1. Riley, Robert K.

The Effect of Carbohydrate Sources and Sterilization Method of a White's Medium

on the Growth and Development of Excised Root Tips of Pisum sativum L.
  1. ^

    Robinson, Louise

A Communications Model for Shared Decision Making
  1. Robinson, W. Ann

Experimental Taxonomy in the Genus Amelanchier. I: A New Look at the

Chromosome Numbers of The Alamanchier Species Growing in the

Northeastern United States

Experimental Taxonomy in the Genus Amelanchier. II: Do the Taxa in the genus

Amelanchier form an Agamic Complex

  1. Saylor, Robert H.

Placement of the Supervisor in Management Organization for Basic Education

Managing Competency- Based Preparation of School Counselors
  1. ^

    Schaub, R. Thomas

Preliminary Report of the 1981 Expedition to the Dead Sea Plain, Jordan

The origins of the Early Bronze Age walled town culture of Jordan

An Early Bronze IV Tomb from Bab edh-Dhra

Prophets: Past and Present

A Preliminary Report of the Excavations at Bab edh-Dhra, 1975

The 1977 Expedition to the Southeastern Dead Sea Plain, Jordan

Patterns of Burial at Bab edh-Dhra

Ceramic Sequences in the Tomb Groups at Bab edh-Dhra

Survey of the Southeastern Plain of the Dead Sea, 1977
  1. ^

    Secomdi, Olindo

A Little of Italian

Conjugation Italian Regular Verbs

Fourth Lesson


Translation #1

Translation #3

Translation #5

Italian Literature

  1. Shafer, Ronald G.

The Rising Sun: Forging destiny's Dream

  1. Shubra, Charles J.

Use of Annotated Schemes for Developing Prototype Programs

  1. Smith, John W.

First Amendment Freedoms and the Politics of Mass Participation:

Perspective on the 1967 Detroit Riot

Domestic Mass Violence in the History of Western Thought
  1. ^

    Smith, W. Wayne

Pennsylvania and the American Civil War: Recent Trends and Interpretations

An Experiment in Counterinsurgency: The Assessment of Confederate

Sympathizers in Missouri

  1. Stabley, Rhodes R.

Character Training: liberal Arts vs. Science
  1. ^

    Stapleton, Martin

Flower Key and Checklist

  1. Steiner, Joanne B.

Food and Equipment Experts Combine Talents for Microwave Cooking Class

  1. Stouffer, George A.W.

Student Guide for Studies in Child Adjustment and Guidance

  1. Stright, Virginia M.

A Study in the Attitudes Towards Arithmetic of Students and Teachers in the Third,

Fourth and Sixth Grades

  1. Sullivan, Peter M.

References to Occupation and Classes in the Writings of David Augsburg
  1. ^

    Thibadeau, Eugene

Wittgenstein as Educator: A Case Study

On the Relationship Between Existentialism and education: A Case Study

  1. Truby, J. David

A Reader and Non-Reader Opinion Survey of the New Bethlehem (PA.)

  1. ^

    Vandecreek, Leon

Undergraduate Practicum in a Liberal Education

  1. Volm, M.H.

The Hessian Prisoners in the American War of Independence and

Their Life in Captivity

  1. Walker, Donald A.

New Light on Velben's Work and Influence

Science and Ceremony (Book Review)

Supply and Demand in the Short Run When Output and

Input Prices are Endogenous Variables

Remaking American Values (Book Review)

The Economic Policy Proposals of Clarence Ayres

Thorstein Veblen's Economic System

Leon Walras in the Light of His Correspondence and related Papers

The institutionalist Economic Theories of Clarence Ayres

The Determinateness of Equilibrium in Isolated Competitive Markets

Marshall's Theory of Competitive Exchange

Competitive Tatonnement Exchange Markets

The Static Analysis of Disequilibrium Transactions Markets

The 1973-1975 Recession in the U.S.A.

  1. Walker, Thomas J.

Assessing the Cognitive Base for Teacher Behavior: Formative Applications for Criterion-Referenced Testing

  1. Wegener, William F.

Student Activism and the Recruitment Process
  1. ^

    Weeks, James


  1. Welty, John D.

Minorities in Housing Administration in Higher Education

  1. Wert, Ned O.

Painting Exhibition

  1. Wohlgamuth, William L.

Evaluation of structured Interpersonal Communication in the Achievement of principles of Business Communication

  1. Wolf, Edward G.

Local History in American Libraries

  1. Yarup, Robert L.

Solzhenitsyn's One day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
  1. ^

    York, Wynn

Dialects and English Pronunciation in Singing

  1. Young, Davaid L.

Photographs: A Personal View
  1. Zalazar, Daniel

Las Ideas De D.F. Sarmiento sobre la Influencia de la Religion en la

Democracia Americana

Las posiciones de Sarmiento frente al indio

^ Series II: Books

Box 3

Anderson, Ruth Metrics: A Resource Guide for Home Economics

Anderzhon, Marie Louise Steps in Map Reading

Betts, William W. Invitation to 20th Century Poetry

A Docketful of Wry: The Freshman expresses Himself

Lincoln and the Poets

Blair, Calvin History of the United States and Pennsylvania

Bordas, Carl W. Dr. Experimental Techniques in Chemistry and Physics for

Secondary Science Teachers

Bowker, Lee H. Demolishing Myths About Wife Beating

Cahalan, James M. The Irish Novel/ Twayne's Critical History of the Novel

Liam O'Flaherty - A Study of the Short Fiction

Carranza, J.M. Foreign Language Methodology Conference

Chaszar, Edward Decision in Vienna - The Czechoslovak/Hungarian Border

Dispute of 1938

Chaszar, Edward The Attitudes of Young Elites Toward Strategies of Political

Development in Brazil

The Road From Hungary

Science and Technology in the Theories of Social and

Political Alienation

International Protection of Minorities in the Middle East:

A Status Report

Christodouleas, Nicholas L. Dr. Lectures on Chemical Equilibrium and Inorganix

Qualitative Analysis

Chew, Tobias O. Practical High School Speller

Chu, Show-Chih Rai Chines for the English-speaking Student An Approach

Through English Grammar

Chu, Don-Chean [Chinese language]

^ Series II: Books
Box 4

Chu, Don-Chean The Story of China

Cochran, Mel Football Conditioning Program

Cohen, Stanley Police Law Problems and Solutions

Cook, David M. A Compilation of Essays Read at the Conference on

Christianity and Literature

The Small Town in American Literature

Cord, Steven Tax Free New Towns and Incentive Taxation

Incentive Taxation Winter 1977-April 1980

Incentive Taxation Spring 1980-May 1984

Cordier, Ralph W. History of Our United States

Teacher's Manual and Resource Guide for Use with

Exploring Pennsylvania

Exploring Pennsylvania

DeCesare, Ruth A Guide to Intermediate Mainstreamed Music Experiences (2 Copies)

Dunn, Daniel Telephonic Institute on Arrest, Search and Seizure, Institute Booklet

Freeman, Otis W. World Geographer

Force, William M. Orestes and Electra - Myth and Dramatic Form

Gault, Thomas G. Final Technical Report on NDEA Summer Institute in

Geography for Secondary Teachers of Geography

Gillespie, Judith The Consortium For International Studies in Education

Goodrich, Thomas Turks, Hungarians, and Kipchaks

Haldeman, Linda The Lastborn of Elvinwood

Hassler, William W. The General to His Lady (Civil War Letters of William

Dorsey Pender to Fanny Pender)

Series II: Books
Box 5

Hassler, William W. Colonel John Pelham - Lee's "Boy Artillerist"

Hayward, Malcolm Proceedings of the Second Annual Conference of EAPSCU

^ The Wings of the Rainbow - Collection of Poems

Proceedings of the Third Annual Conference of EAPSCU

The Study Book

Hull, Robert E. Nathaniel Hawthorne - The English Experience 1853-1864

Johnson, George B. Saltsburg and the Pennsylvania Canal

Keith, John A. Elementary Education: It's Problems and Processes

The Nation and the Schools

Lee, Raymond L. Contemporary Social Issues

Study Guide for American Government I and II

The Clash of Issues

The Clash of Issues (Second Edition)

Guide to American Government

Guide to American Government (Second Edition)

Internships at Indiana (25 Year Report)

Liegey, Francis W. Preliminary Ecological Investigations in the Vicinity of the

Keystone Generating Station

MacDonald, Louise Difficulties in Speech and Writing Volume II - Control

McCavitt, William Television Studio Operations Manual

Series II: Books
Box 6


Mendizabal, J. Cruz Congreso de Literaturas Hispanicas

Basque Artistic Expression 1980

Hispanic Literatures (3rd Annual Conference)

Hispanic Literatures (4th Annual Conference)

Hispanic Literatures (5th Annual Conference)

Hispanic Literatures (7th Annual Conference)

Journal of Basque Studies I

Journal of Basque Studies II-2

Journal of Basque Studies III-1

Journal of Basque Studies III-2

Merryman, John Edward Sr. Indiana University of Pennsylvania: From Private Normal

School to Public University

Mestenhauser, Josef A. Learning Informally with Foreign Students

Miller, Vincent P. The Central Place Hierarchy and Accessibility to Services in

^ Butler Armstrong and Indiana Counties

Newhill, Esko E. An Introduction to World Cultures

Exploring World Cultures

Pratt, Willis E. Course of Study for Elementary and Secondary Schools

Series II: Books
Box 7

Prince, Paul A. Plate Tectonics: A Theory of Ocean Basin Origin

Oceanography (Lecture and Lab Manual)

Climatology (Lecture and Lab Manual)

Glacial Geology (Diagrams)

Field Methods in Oceanography


Pupo-Walker, Enrique Congreso De Literaturas Hispanicas

Reiber, D. Indiana County Highway Needs in Relation to the

Appalachia Program

Richard, Willis An Introduction to Economics, Economists and Economies

Rider, Maurice A Saddle for Pegasus

This Blessed Plot, This England

Risheberger, P.A. A Survey of Student Teaching Facilities and Practices in

Accredited Teacher Education Institutions of Pennsylvania

Roumm, Phyllis English Department Survival Kit for Student Teachers

Schmidt, EliSabeth History of the Department of Institutional Food Services

Schmidt, Elsie F. ^ A Laboratory Course in Liberal Science

Series II: Books
Box 8

Secondini, Dr. Olindo Candidaro Alia Libera Docenza in Chimica Industriale E Botanica I

Candidato Alia Libera Docenza in Chimica

Industriale E Botanica II

Candidato Alia Libera Docenza in III Chimica

Industriale E Botanica III

Curtiduria Y Curtientes En Guatemala

Raccotta Delle Pubblicazioni Letterarie

Petar E Il Movimento Illirico In Croazia

Shively, Daniel Against Fear

Settle, Thomas, A. A follow-up Study of Business Education Graduates From

Indiana State College From 1958-1963

Seinfelt, Frederick George Moore Ireland's Unconventional Realist

Shafer, Ronald Shakespeare and English History: Interdisciplinary Perspectives: Lecture Series

Milton Quarterly

Shank, Meldred Noble The First 30 Days

Silvey, Clel T. Symphonic Music 1788-1899

Smith, W. Wayne The Newberry Papers in Family and Community History

Spinelli, George L. Final Technical Report on the Institute for

Counseling and Guidance

Series II: Books
Box 9

Stabley, Rhodes R. Newspaper Articles on American Education

Stoner, J. K. The Nature and Extent of Credit Programs in Work

^ Experience For Undergraduate Students in Business


Stuart, Alvin J. Phi Delta Kappa Handbook, 1974

Sutton, Louis R. A Brief History of Cross Country at IUP 1968-1978

Track and Field Results 1969-1980

Series II: Books
Box 10

Thorpe, Gerald Robert A. Taft Institute of Government Seminar July 9-27, 1973

The Consortium For International Studies Education

A Demographic Survey of Substandard Housing in Ten

Former Coal Company Towns in Indiana County, PA

Volm, Matthew IndoEuropaisches Ergut in den Germanischen und Slavischen Sprachen

Ist der Fluszname "Rhun" Keltischen Ursprungs

Wolf, Edward G. A Report on a Program for Library Education at IUP

Series II: Books
Box 11

Wiley, George T. The 1948 Clevland Indians Remembered

An Illustrated History of Indiana County During World War

II. November 1941-December 1943. 8 vols.

Indiana County World War II Diary

Items listed in original inventory, but not in the boxes

1956 Model United Nation's General Assembly

Snyder Amendment Reports June 1, 1981 - May 31, 1982

Faculty Handbook

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