Rapid and Decisive Solution of the World Energy Crisis and Global Warming icon

Rapid and Decisive Solution of the World Energy Crisis and Global Warming

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Rapid and Decisive Solution of the World Energy Crisis
and Global Warming

 T. E. Bearden Dec. 2007
Slightly updated Feb. 2008


The Problem:

The present energy paradigm—that one must almost always consume fuel {1} and dirtily provide EM energy and power—has failed.
Applying it has caused—and thus cannot solve—(a) the escalating world fuel crisis (b) hence the escalating energy crisis, and (c) its accompanying and escalating global warming, climate change, and biospheric pollution crises.
Catastrophic national economic collapses and more intensive global changes {2} are looming—with additional severe drought and water shortages, and increasing changes and violence in climate and weather. Yet the worldwide demand for energy rapidly escalates while the world’s fuel shortage is also rapidly increasing.
Worldwide there is a century of investment in the present totally inadequate electric power structures, grids, and systems. These must somehow be “altered” so as to be clean, but then can still be used, since their financial replacement costs are just not possible.
Most energy is presently obtained by “dirty” methods {3}. Hence as energy production increases, so do harmful combustion byproducts, nuclear wastes, and biospheric contamination—as well as global warming. This is totally because of (a) the present obsolete energy paradigm and (b) the abject failure of our scientific community to change it.
Climate changes are already starting {4} {5} {6}, and moving much swifter than expected {7}. By 2030, the combination of these factors will increasingly spell worldwide economic and biospheric chaos if the present “dirty energy” paradigm continues to be followed. Eventually the collapse of Western Civilization itself may loom as a possibility.

Summary of the Problem

  1. Most of our EM energy production also produces lots of “dirt” in the process of obtaining the energy.

  2. The solution has to be to produce our EM energy without producing dirt at all.

  3. Other than small contributions by wind, hydro, geothermal, and solar power, presently there is no really “clean energy” process in widespread usage {8}.

  4. Science has no truly effective way to “clean” the dirt (or dispose of it) that is produced to get the energy, even if we “catch” the dirt and hold it. Catching carbon byproducts from the combustion of coal, e.g., and then calling for “sequestration” does not get rid of the dirt. Putting the carbon dirt in the ocean merely acidifies the ocean (its acidity is already beginning to harm and kill ocean life forms) and eventually puts it right back into the atmosphere again {9}.

  5. The central problem is: We presently produce most of our EM energy by simultaneously producing harmful dirt that we simply cannot render harmless.

  6. The only real solution is: We must produce all the EM energy we need, cheaply and cleanly, essentially without the production of any dirt at all.

  7. Ironically, all EM energy is already produced cleanly from the vacuum via the source dipolarity of the generating system itself. It is not produced by consuming fuel to crank the shaft of the generator, although a hundred years of electrical engineers and professors have taught and been falsely taught that it is {10}. So burning the hydrocarbon fuel or consuming nuclear fuel rods has nothing to do with the direct production of EM energy {11}.

  8. Hence the specific problem is to catch and use the free EM energy flowing from its universal vacuum source, without consuming fuel and without cranking the shaft of the generator—and without depending on the wind, sun, or water. Any dipole already does exactly this, because of its proven broken symmetry known since 1957 and the award of the Nobel Prize to Lee and Yang {12}.

  9. This now surfaces the real problem: Our electrical engineering process has to be doing something “diabolical” that deliberately forces each and every EM energy system to destroy its source dipolarity faster than it powers its load. Otherwise, no further physical input of mechanical shaft energy to the generator would be necessary, once we had initially forced the generator to form its own internal source dipole {13}. Instead, the EM energy would flow freely and forever from the sustained dipole, without ever another “cranking” of the generator shaft.

Facts Bearing on the Problem:

  1. One does not have to consume fuel in order to obtain energy! Spacetime/vacuum itself is the greatest energetic source in the universe, with more energy in a cubic centimeter of space than the Earth consumes in a million years {14} {15}.

  2. Modern physics proves that the energetic vacuum indeed has this high energy activity, and that it (the active vacuum) continuously interacts with every charge {16} (magnetic or electric) in the universe, freely and continuously providing the normal EM fields and all their EM energy.

  3. Yet our energy models—such as the more than a century-old and crippled electrical engineering (EE) model—still falsely assume an inert spacetime/vacuum environment.

  4. The archaic, seriously flawed 1880s/1890s electrical engineering model {17} is thus a—and perhaps the—major cause of the escalating world energy problem, although this fact is completely ignored.

  5. Every observable joule of observable EM energy in the universe—including in every EM system and circuit—is (and has always been) directly extracted from the seething virtual state vacuum via the broken symmetry of the system’s internal source dipolarity {18}.

  6. Every simple piece (few inches) of copper wire, lying on the shelf alone, with no “circuit current” running in it, involves enormous ongoing energy and power sufficient to power a major nation if it were tapped {19}.

  7. Since the archaic old EE model was formed in the 1880s and 1890s, modern physics—including special and general relativity, quantum mechanics, quantum electrodynamics, gauge field theory, quantum field theory, and particle physics—has been born and developed. Physics has made a century of progress since the old EE model was “frozen” in 1892. Modern physics assures us that the vacuum/spacetime has enormous energy, and that it continually interacts with every charge in a circuit, system, and the universe, continually exchanging enormous—even mind-boggling—energy with it. Indeed, all forces in all our systems are produced by the interaction and exchange of virtual particles of the vacuum {20}.

  8. The EE’s term for “potentialization” (as, to “potentialize” a circuit), actually means to form a potential gradient in the local vacuum dynamics {21} in which that circuit is embedded {22}. In turn, that alters the ongoing interaction of that vacuum with the circuit charges {23}, thereby freely “collecting” in the circuit (on the free charges q) the potential energy W given by W = Vq. All that is needed to collect the necessary potential energy on the charges in a given circuit is to independently supply the voltage. This can be done absolutely work-free while current is deliberately pinned and kept zero during the brief potentializing process.

  9. To correct the horribly flawed EE problem, the escalating world energy problem, and the escalating global warming and climate-changing problem, physicists in several disciplines—not just EEs and environmental scientists—must be directly involved. Trying to use electrical engineers to solve the problem—that their own discipline and model create in the first place—is utterly useless.

  10. Eminent scientists—including Nobelists such as Feynman—have pointed out the major EE falsities {24}, but to no avail. The scientific leadership has no intention of correcting that terrible 1880s EE model {Error: Reference source not found}.

  11. So a major “Manhattan Project” with maximum effort is required to quickly and forcibly give us a dramatic new replacement of the old paradigm {25} {26}.

  12. Since the present scientific establishment adamantly refuses to correct the sadly flawed old 1880s/1890s classical electrodynamics model {27}, the new project must be powerfully ordered and controlled from above the scientific orthodoxy {28}, as was the Manhattan Project in WW II. We shall have to force our scientists to do science! A highly concentrated project is required.

  13. Such a concentrated project is doable in a very few years (about five or six), just as the Manhattan Project demonstrated historically. There we went from almost a zero start to a fully operational atomic bomb, in about 5 years {29}. We can do the same thing now for the energy crisis if we implement such a crash program.

  14. We also advance a proven but novel mechanism—negative resonance absorption of the medium or NRAM—which can be rapidly adapted to produce self-powering heat amplifiers {30}, to be applied to electrical power plant steam boilers worldwide to make the boilers “self-heating”. This will dramatically reduce combustion byproducts and nuclear wastes world-wide almost immediately, while capitalizing on the huge sunk costs in almost all our present major electrical power systems {31} {32} {33} {34}.

  15. We advance another novel mechanism, whereby one deliberately uses negative EM energy (obtained by using sharp gradients to provoke Dirac holes in the local interacting vacuum) in one’s circuits {35}. If a flow of negative EM energy passes down a conductor into an impedance in series, then the active vacuum medium freely inserts additional negative energy into that impedance, so that along the conductive path leaving the impedance there is a greater flow of negative energy out of the impedance and along the flow path, than the negative energy the operator inputs into it from the input side.

  16. A set of such “amplifying impedances” in series along a negative energy flow path can provide as much negative energy flow from the active vacuum as one wishes (or is able to control by the state of the technology at the time)—starting from a single flashlight battery powering a very small negative energy source {36}.

  17. Bedini has been using this effect in his battery chargers for 20 years, with excellent results and—in bench models—proof that COP>1.0 is achievable. With positive energy flow, an impedance produces a “scattering” of energy from the flow into the external environment—hence is a system loss and the energy is “dissipated” (from the circuit path out into the environment) from the system. With negative energy flow, an impedance produces/receives a “free gathering” of additional input negative energy from the active vacuum, and so negative energy flow is freely “gained” by the circuit and system due to the free input from the active environment. In short, the “dissipation” is then from the external vacuum environment into the impedance and therefore into the system as a system gain, whereas with normal positive energy the “dissipation” is out of the system and back into the external environment as a system loss.

  18. Indeed, working, experimentally tested, independently replicated, and proven Bedini battery charging systems that involve negative energy are available now and are already in very limited production and marketing {37} {38}. At least a dozen other Bedini systems such as self-powering permanent magnet motors are also in successful but early bench prototype form, requiring only the funding for the further development engineering work and then dramatic production and marketing.

  19. From other researchers and research groups worldwide, other systems still in the “bench demonstrator” category are also available for their extensive but final R&D completion and then for production and deployment {39}.

Solution Required:
(1) We need a prompt and massive shift to a new energy paradigm that provides the necessary energy without consumption of fuel, taking the energy freely from the energetic vacuum/spacetime and thus producing no “dirt”.
(2) We must have it and implement it as rapidly as is humanly possible.

(3) Electrical engineering already deliberately excludes the new paradigm {40}.
(4) It is not an “electrical engineering” problem, but a physics problem {41} {42}.

(5) The new paradigm shift must also be economically frugal, and it can be {43}.

(6) Bits and pieces of the suitable new paradigm are available in the various
compartments of physics, primarily needing “combining and finishing” {44}.

(7) We urgently need a Manhattan-type “energy from the vacuum” project to produce
and implement the new “asymmetric systems” energy paradigm area. We need it massively and we need it now.

Advantages That Accrue:

  1. There are known but ignored legitimate prototype COP>1.0 solutions already available worldwide, but rather rigorously suppressed {45} {46}. These can be substantially funded for their more rapid completion.

  2. With the proper crash program we will quickly get clean, cheap, economical solutions to the world energy crisis at all levels {47}.

  3. We will get prompt, dramatic reduction in (a) global warming emissions etc., (b) nuclear wastes production and storage, and (c) present harmful pollution and despoiling of the biosphere {48}.

  4. We will get prompt, dramatic reduction in (a) burning of fossil fuels, (b) consumption of nuclear fuel rods, and (c) production of harmful wastes (nuclear and other contaminants) by specially adapting most power plants already on site, including nuclear power plants {Error: Reference source not found}.

  5. We will also get dramatic solutions for curing and reversing most present medical diseases as well, including those now considered incurable—and also including the major debilitation effects of aging. This will follow from the development of precursor engineering and production of the proven Fogal semiconductor, in the latter program of the Manhattan-type Project.

  6. Practical antigravity systems and space propulsion systems will be made possible very quickly {49}. This follows from developing systems—as Bedini has done—that use negative energy (which Tesla discovered and called “radiant energy”).

  7. Instant noise-free communications will be available almost immediately {50} using the Fogal chip {51} and the beginning of the very novel precursor engineering that it accomplishes. A description of the functioning of the Fogal chip is given in the seventh program of this Solutions paper.

  8. With the final program (precursor engineering) we also get the ability to engineer mind and life {52}, and indeed we engineer spacetime/vacuum and its structuring and dynamics {53} {54}.

  9. With precursor engineering, we gain the ability to directly engineer reality itself, dramatically extending the present standard scientific method which uses models fitted to experimental observation only and is thus limited {55}.

  10. Under rigorous independent laboratory tests, when “idled” at light loading, the Fogal semiconductor {Error: Reference source not found} has already demonstrated its ability to settle into precursor engineering and engineer the interacting energetic vacuum/spacetime directly {56}. Nonetheless, Fogal and his chip have been resoundingly suppressed for nearly two decades.

Requirements for Deploying a Solution to the Energy Crisis:

  1. The source of energy in the new paradigm must be from a new and clean aspect of the active environment—from spacetime itself.

  2. The source must be ubiquitous, inexhaustible, and clean. It must be applicable and available to homes, factories, cities, automobiles, airplanes, ships, electric power systems, propulsion systems, etc.

  3. Extracting and using the energy must also be cheap, simple, and clean.

  4. The new power systems should be “self-powered” by the energetic environment, analogous to a windmill-driven generator or a solar cell array, taking their EM energy “input wind” freely from this new environmental energy source.

  5. Once the system is built and deployed, self-powering should be automatic and free, by adding use of clamped positive feedback. As with any other technical system, minimal normal maintenance and upkeep is expected and permissible.

  6. Ideally there should be no harmful emission byproducts—such as CO2 and nuclear wastes {57}—at all.

  7. Carbon sequestration (a special form of environmental pollution) must not be required, so CO2 emissions must not occur.

  8. Altering and adapting the dirty-powering of the established centralized electrical power systems and grids—of the U.S. and other nations—to clean-powering is the first and highest priority requirement.

  9. Altering and adapting the powering of automobiles, trucks, trains, ships, aircraft, etc. is the second highest requirement.

  10. Instead of initial total replacement, the present centralized electrical power systems must be quickly adapted, dramatically cleaned up, and their sunk costs capitalized upon, while the other new, clean power systems are being developed and phased in over time.

An Example Indicator:

  1. It is ridiculously easy and cheap to evoke a steady, free flow of real EM energy, anywhere, anytime. This “free EM energy wind” flow will last forever if its simple source is left undisturbed.

  2. One way is to simply lay an electret on a permanent magnet, so that the electret’s E-field is orthogonal to the H-field of the magnet. Then just leave it alone.

  3. By every present EE textbook’s Poynting energy flow theory, that silly gadget will sit there and freely and steadily pour out a real Poynting energy flow S, given by the simple equation S = E H. If the gadget remains unmolested, it will freely and unceasingly pour out real, usable Poynting EM energy until the end of time.

  4. So getting a cheap, absolutely clean, unending EM energy “wind” is easy.

  5. But to use some of it freely (as a windmill freely uses the wind), one must build an asymmetric system a priori.

  6. The problem is that our electrical engineers since 1892 have used a deliberately-crippled, “symmetrized” model. It does not allow an asymmetrical EM system to be built, but requires that only symmetrical EM systems be built {58} {59}.

  7. Hence the electrical power engineer does not even understand how to build a “proper electrical windmill” to catch and utilize the free EM energy of that wind from the vacuum/spacetime—because such a system is asymmetrical a priori, and is totally excluded from the EE’s theoretical model and from his thinking.

  8. The free flow of real EM energy “wind” from the gadget is being extracted directly from the virtual state vacuum by the broken symmetry of each of the two dipoles {60}.

  9. If the arbitrary symmetrization of the Heaviside equations—done by Lorentz in 1892 at the bidding of J. P. Morgan—is eliminated, there is already rigorous proof in the hard physics literature that such free energy currents from the vacuum become available and are now usable by the proper asymmetric system {Error: Reference source not found}. Hence COP>1.0 EM systems are made feasible and practicable.

  10. By removing the artificial Lorentz “symmetrization” and again including the asymmetrical systems contained in Maxwell’s original model {Error: Reference source not found}, one is then free to design and build “proper EM windmill systems”. Such a system can collect some of the free EM wind energy from our “silly gadget” and then separately dissipate the collected free EM potential energy to power loads “for free”.

  11. It is also possible to input a certain amount of energy to a subsystem of a bigger system of multiple such subsystems, and have that energy do more work in joules than the energy input by the operator. Electrical power engineers do not seem to understand this at all, and even many thermodynamicists do not understand it. But it is true. There is a conservation of energy law, but there is not a conservation of work law {61}.

  12. It is not necessary to burn a single gallon of oil, a liter of coal, or consume any nuclear fuel rods in order to obtain all the usable EM energy one wishes—cheaply, cleanly, anytime, anywhere {62}. The result is a dramatic reversal of the present contaminating and global-warming electrical power technology to self-powering, clean, economical systems that are fuel-free or almost entirely fuel-free.

  13. Seven typical programs are listed which should be part of the intense Manhattan project to be launched. Others such as solid state self-powering “batteries” {Error: Reference source not found} may be added readily, but the seven listed will suffice to do the job—quickly, cleanly, and inexpensively.



We note that others such as Nobelist Gore {Error: Reference source not found} are calling for a Manhattan Project to solve the global climate warming, pollution, and escalating energy problem. However, most of our political leaders—fed by our scientific community which has its head firmly buried in the sand in the ostrich position—still are thinking only in terms of the “standard paradigm”—

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