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3 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

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3.5. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Dean: Prof. Mieczysław Wysiecki

al. Piastów 19

70-310 Szczecin

Tel.: (+48 91) 484-57-17

Fax: (+48 91) 449-43-46



The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was founded in 1946. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is the largest teaching and research centre of the Szczecin University of Technology. By the end of 1999 about 4,700 of engineers have been educated here. Currently, there are about 3,000 students studying at the Faculty: 600 in Master of Science degree courses, 1800 in Bachelors Science degree courses and 600 in extramural Bachelor of Science degree courses. The Faculty has the authority to award both doctors’ degrees: DSc and PhD in the field of Construction and Operation of Machinery. Educational and research activities of the Faculty are focused on mechanics and mechanical engineering, computer aided manufacturing, computer aided machine design, automation, materials engineering, heat engineering, environmental engineering, transport, automotive engineering, management and marketing. Education at the Faculty takes place at four different levels: Master of Science, Engineer diploma, Bachelor of Science diploma, doctoral studies and is offered both on an intramural and extramural basis.


- Institute of Materials Engineering

- Institute of Manufacturing Engineering

- Chair of Mechanics and Machine Elements

- Chair of Heat Engineering


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – courses

Name of the course

^ Steam and Gas Turbine

Financial Accounting

Measurements: theory and techniques (II)

^ Unconventional methods of cutting

Control of Production Systems


^ Heat Transfer in Materials Engineering

Heat Transfer

Materials Science I

Materials Science II

^ Process Control and Automation

Chemistry I


Thermodynamics for Materials Engineering


Chemistry II

Composites I

Composites II

Computer Science I

^ Corrosion Prevention

Design of Injection Moulds I

Design of Injection Moulds II



^ Electroplating Coatings

Engineering Graphics I

Engineering Graphics II

^ Engineering Graphics III – CAD


Functional Materials

^ Environmental Protection

Fundamentals of Management

Fundamentals of Materials Science I

^ Fundamentals of Materials Science II

Fundamentals of Materials Science III

Fundamentals of Materials Science IV

^ Fundamentals of Electrotechnics and Electronics

Intellectual Property Protection

Machines for Polymer Processing

^ Introduction to Polymer Processing

Mathematics I

Mathematics II

^ Mathematics III

Mathematics IV

Mechanics I

Mechanics II

^ Metal and Ceramic Composites

Metallic Materials I

Metallic Materials II

^ Methods and Technics of Material Testing III

Methods and Technics of Material Testing I

Packaging I

^ Methods and Techniques of Material Testing II

Methods and Techniques of Material Testing IV

Packaging II

Physics I

^ Packaging III

Planning and Financing of Investments

Polymer Coating Materials

Polymer Materials I

Polymer Materials II

^ Polymer Materials III

Polymer Processing I

Polymer Processing II


^ Quantum Mechanics

Recycling I

Superconductivity and Superconductors

^ Surface Engineering

Systems of Quality Management

Technology of Production I

^ Technology of Production III

Technology of Production II

Technology of Production IV

^ Fundamentals of Electrotechnics and Electronics

Electric Drives

Reliability, Life and Diagnostics of Machines

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