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In his autobiography, the painter of this canvas says that it was named by poet Georg Trakl, who sat on a barrel in the artist’s empty studio and wrote the poem “Die Nacht” in front of this work. An all-white man lies naked across the canvas, his eyes fixed open as a tortured insomniac, with the background dominated by blues and purples, as a woman sleeps peacefully on his shoulder unconcerned with the shipwreck they are in. Depicting the artist’s ►relationship with Alma Mahler, FTP, name this work also known as The Tempest, the best known piece of Oskar Kokoschka.

ANSWER: Bride of the Wind (accept The Tempest before read)

This author includes an appendix on paper folding in his novel Love and Pedagogy. In another work by him, a local girl Angela Carballino and her rich brother Lazarus returned from America discover the inner conflicts of a priest in their mountain village who has lost his faith. He includes a preface by alter-ego Victor Gotí in a work in which a dog named Orfeo gives a funeral oration on the death of its master Augusto Perez; that novel is ►subtitled as “a tragicomic novel.” FTP, name this author of “San Manuel Bueno, martír,” a member of Generación del ‘98 who also wrote Niebla.

ANSWER: Miguel de Unamuno

After the capture of Denver Battery in this battle, artillery commander George Moore hunkered down at Fort Mills, sometimes an alternate name for this clash. General Jonathan “Skinny” Wainwright met with opposing commander Masaharu Homma to discuss his forced surrender, and was eventually dispatched to Manchuria. Fought in early May of 1942 in the midst of the ►Bataan Death March, FTP, name this World War II battle by which the Japanese acquired control of Manila Bay, taking the namesake island in the Philippines.

ANSWER: Battle of Corregidor

These are formed from the division of the truncus ridges above the conus ridges, and their stenosis results in hypertrophy of the corresponding ventricles. Unlike their counterparts, they do not contain chordae tendinae and thus have no apparatus, and they each consist of three leaflets. The function of them is responsible for the second heart sound. They prevent backflow of blood from arteries to ventricles during ventricular diastole, and consist of ►the aortic and pulmonary valves. FTP, give these types of valves named for their half-moon shaped cusps.

ANSWER: semilunar valves (prompt heart valves, accept Aortic Valve before leaflets)

Some obscure gods who fill this role include the African deity Funzi, the Etruscan god Sethlans, and the Slavic deity Svarog. One of these in Germanic legend marries the swan maiden Hervor before being captured by king Nidhad, but he kills Nidhad’s sons and seduces his daughter Bodvild. These types of deities are represented in Celtic myth by Creidhne, Luchta, and Goibnu, and the above Germanic figure is Volund or Wayland. FTP, these are what type of gods, also represented ►by Ilmarinen in the Kalevala, and most famously by Vulcan and Hephaestus, a deity who typically excels at building stuff.

ANSWER: smith gods (accept equivalents: blacksmiths, divine smiths, craft-gods, artificers, “gods who build stuff” before it’s mentioned, etc.)

The biography of this social scientist was written by his student and colleague Helen Swick Perry. He posited three modes of experience - the prototaxic, parataxic, and syntaxic - and suggested that people personify themselves in three ways: the “bad-me,” “good-me,” and “not-me.” He also theorized seven Developmental Epochs ranging from infancy to adulthood and his books include Schizophrenia as a Human Process. The founder of ►interpersonal psychiatry, FTP, name this American known to his friends as “crazy Harry.”

ANSWER: Herbert “Harry” Stack Sullivan (accept Crazy Harry before mentioned, but only if the speaker is his friend)

At one point, the title character of this novel recalls a fight with his parents ending in him smashing a piece of Venetian glass, but says that upon reconciling his mother did not scold him but rather kissed him. This work was abandoned in 1899, but discovered posthumously in the cork-lined bedroom of its author, and published in its unfinished state in 1952. It’s best known as the prototype for a later novel, which featured such ► characters as Odette de Crécy and Charles Swann. FTP, name this early work by Marcel Proust.

ANSWER: Jean Santeuil

The 16th century castle constructed here sits on the stone hill Beblowe and was converted to a residence by architect Edwin Luytens in 1903. Still reachable by the so-called Pilgrim’s Path, it was founded by Aidan, who journeyed here from Iona with king Oswald as his translator. Notoriously raided by Vikings in 793 CE, its most famous resident was Cuthbert, the saint whose body remains buried here, and it produced an illuminated manuscript likely compiled by Eadfrith known as its namesake gospels. FTP, name ►this island off the coast of Northumbria, the site of a major medieval monastery, which gives its name to a British folk rock band fronted by Alan Hull.

ANSWER: Lindisfarne (also accept Holy Island)

The “internal” version of this effect is also known as the Bridgman Effect, and applies at the point where orientation of an anisotropic crystal switches. Its originator, a watchmaker at Brege, falsely assumed that it invalidated the Joule-Lenz Law, but it was proven autonomous and later led to the prediction of ►the Thomson Effect. FTP, name this reverse of the Seebeck Effect which says that the junction of two dissimilar conductors will absorb or release heat when a current is passed through.

ANSWER: Peltier Effect

Act One of this opera features the aria Tristes apprets, pales flambeaux, after a prologue in which Venus teams with Minerva to defeat Mars. Later, a chorus of Celestial Pleasures led by Hebe is called upon by Jupiter to persuade one character, and his spurned lover Phoebe takes a chorus of Spartan warriors to stop him at the gates of the underworld. The princess Télaire only returns the affections of one title character, who is killed fighting against king Lynceus, while his ►immortal brother remains alive. FTP, name this Jean-Philippe Rameau opera which ends when the Dioscuri become the constellation Gemini.

ANSWER: Castor et Pollux (Castor and Pollux)

In the opening scene, one character exclaims “Leave the back-from-the-grave stuff to the faerie tales,” to which his opponent responds “show a little more respect for faerie tales” after pulling an arrow out of his chest, and then calls on his wyvern D’tok who comes crashing through the ceiling. After that, Goodwin and Sackheim discuss cloudstones in the wine cellar; other locations include the secret dungeon Iron Maiden where the Holy Win can be obtained. It’s revealed that the Gran Grimoire is really the city of Leá Monde and the main plot concerns the leader of ►the Crimson Blades, Guildenstern, and the Riskbreaker Ashley Riot. FTP, name this critically acclaimed PlayStation RPG released by Square in 2000.

ANSWER: Vagrant Story

In scene one, some characters argue about whether Leif Ericson or Christopher Columbus founded America and spot Agnes Cushing going out to get ice cream for her elderly mother. Dick McGann drunkenly cavorts with Mae Jones, whose mother often gossips with a woman she calls Mrs. F, Greta Fiorentino. The main character rejects the advances of her boss Harry Easter and her mother carries on an affair with the milkman Mr. Sankey which eventually gets her shot. That protagonist Rose Maurrant is smitten with her Jewish neighbor, the future law student Sam Kaplan. This work was turned into ►a musical opera by Kurt Weill in 1947 and was its author’s second major success after The Adding Machine. FTP, name this Pulitzer Prize winning drama by Elmer Rice.

ANSWER: Street Scene

This man opened his essay “The Keepers of the Herd of the Swine” with a humorous allusion to Gladstone and described the title concept as learning the rules of a mighty game in “A Liberal Education; and Where to Find It.” In another essay, he attacks the “administrative nihilism” of his major colleague, also a member of his dining group, the X-Club. Other works include his lecture “On a Piece of Chalk,” his biography of David Hume, and his major work Evidence as to Man’s Place in Nature. FTP, name this guy ►who coined the term agnostic as “Darwin’s bulldog,” and had some famous grandsons.

ANSWER: Thomas Henry Huxley

This event was reportedly sparked by the planting of a one-eyed stone statue along a river bank; it saw Zhang Shicheng found a dynasty and declare himself King Chengwang. Armies were led by the salt worker Feng Guozhen, the cloth merchant Xu Shouhui in the south, and more prominently Guo Zixing. It started when Liu Futong rallied an army after the arrest of Han Shantong and later expanded to force the royal court of the Koryo dynasty to flee south. It ended with the utter destruction of the capital Dadu, and its leader proclaimed himself the Hongwu emperor - that man, Chu yuan-Chang, then started ►the Ming Dynasty in 1369. FTP, name this rebellion against the Mongols of the Yuan Dynasty, named for some pretty headgear that was not yellow.

ANSWER: Red Turban Rebellion

These geological phenomena will produce a Bouma Sequence, a sequence of sediment beds labeled A through E created by one of these events. They may travel up to 70 miles per hour; when they go fast enough, they do not stop at the continental rise but keep moving forward along the abyssal plain, and they may then result in the formation of submarine canyons. FTP, what term describes these density-driven movements of ►water and sediment down the slope of a lake or ocean, a certain type of current?

ANSWER: turbidity currents (prompt on “density current” or “suspension current”)

The garage on the ground floor of this building accounts for the exact turning radius of the cars it was designed for. The pilotis are special stilts which raise this structure from the ground, allowing for efficient land use. It features a garden on the roof which can be reached by ramp, horizontal ribbon windows, spiral staircases, and a “free plan” design. It was built 25 years before its ►architect’s other masterpiece, the Notre Dame du Haut at Ronchamps. FTP, name this building outside of Poissy, designed by Le Corbusier as a villa.

ANSWER: Villa Savoye

This thinker discusses his political views in The Socialist Decision, and often described himself as “living on the boundary,” the title of his autobiography. He attempts an ontological analysis in ^ Love, Power, and Justice and his major early works include The Interpretation of History and The Protestant Era. He posits reality as the interplay of finite and infinite, and discusses the problem of anxiety resulting from mankind’s existential estrangement in his tome The Courage to Be. But he’s best known for a three-volume work in which he advocates symbols of faith and God as the ground ►of being, Systematic Theology. FTP, name this German theologian invited to teach at UTS by Reinhold Niebuhr.

ANSWER: Paul Tillich

At long last, to the immense joy of thousands, this work was translated into English by Walter May in 1995. The main character is born on his feet with an erection and a clot of black blood in his right hand. He meets Almambet, a friend who sucks the left breast of his mother. He is followed by his forty companions and flies into a rage to defeat his rival Kongurbai. The second and third parts of this work deal with that man’s son and grandson, Semetei and Seitek, who succeed him. FTP, name ►this hideously long oral tale, the national epic of Kyrgyzstan.

ANSWER: Manas (with over twice the content of the Mahabharata!)

One man in US history with this last name was an ethnologist who accompanied John Wesley Powell to New Mexico and became famous for living with the Zuni tribes. Another man with this surname was actually Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for two days but then declined the office for health reasons and Oliver Ellsworth took the job instead. A third man negotiated the Treaty of Wang Hya in 1844 as the first American commissioner to China and served as attorney general under Franklin Pierce. FTP, give the last names of Frank, William, ►and Caleb.

ANSWER: Cushing

One of these type of reactions in organic chemistry is named for Amadori and can involve the treatment of a glycosylamine with pyridine and acetic anhydride. The one named for Beckmann starts with an oxime, the one named for McLafferty is common in mass spectrometry, and the one named for Curtius starts with an acyl azide. Other examples include the Fries and the one that happens during the ►Wittig Reaction, which is a 1,2 version. FTP, name these reactions which merely result in structural isomers of the reactants.

ANSWER: rearrangements (accept isomerizations, isomerizing, etc. before FTP)

This painting contains two columns which bracket the scene, a plain one on the right and a statue of Janus on the left with wreaths hanging off of it; a putto rests on the ground near the Janus statute blowing bubbles. Painted for Cardinal Giulio Rospigliosi, the sky contains a massive cloud in the center on which a chariot and a team of horses are perched, driven by Aurora as she emerges from the zodiac with Apollo. The bottom center is occupied by four goddesses holding hands and facing outward in a circle. This painting inspired a massive 12-volume ►cycle of novels narrated by Nick Jenkins starting with A Question of Upbringing. FTP, name this painting by Nicolas Poussin or the cycle it inspired, by British writer Anthony Powell.

^ ANSWER: A Dance to the Music of Time

The end of this work discusses Marx and his “Thesis of Internal Colonization.” Part V is entitled “The Paradigm Shift in Mead and Durkheim” and is followed by some “Intermediate Reflections” on “System and Lifeworld.” The first of its two volumes puts forth the model of “deliberative democracy” and discusses “rationalization as reification;” that volume is subtitled “Reason and the Rationalization of Society.” Published some 20 years after ►The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere, FTP, name this 1981 book by Jurgen Habermas partly about the power of certain types of speech.

ANSWER: The Theory of Communicative Action


This work ends with a plea to “let bread be sacred for us, let wine be sacred, and also let water be sacred!” after previous chapters discussed the “Cosmogonical Principle” and “Celibacy and Monachism.” Its author issued a reply after being attacked in The Ego and Its Own, published three years after this work by Max Stirner. The two main parts of this work contrast the true or anthropological understanding with the false ►or theological approach. FTP, name this book translated into English by George Eliot, the most famous work by Ludwig Feuerbach.

ANSWER: ^ The Essence of Christianity

Cross-linking in these compounds can result in the formation of an allophane group. They are used in Numa and Vyrene as well as lightweight cores for aircraft wings, and common raw materials in their preparation include MDI and TDI. They are formed when those di-isocyanates react with diols, since their repeating units are synthesized by an alcohol group adding across a carbon-nitrogen double bond resulting in a carbonyl single bonded to an NH. FTP, name ►these polymers used in Lycra and other spandex fibers, as well as flexible and rigid foams.

ANSWER: polyurethanes

This novel starts with a drink at Wonder Bar; we learn that the main character works on Lamparilla Street and desires to get his daughter into the horse-riding Country Club and finishing school in Switzerland. He starts a relationship with his secretary Beatrice Severn after meeting Hawthorne and submitting a drawing of the inside of a vacuum cleaner which he passes off as a secret weapon. Made into a 1959 movie starring ►Alec Guinness, FTP, name this Graham Greene novel about James Wormold, a faux agent for the British secret service in Cuba.

ANSWER: Our Man in Havana

The months before this battle saw the Peace of Cherasco, which ended the War of Mantuan Succession, and the Treaty of Barwalde, an alliance by which the French agreed to subsidize the armies of the winner here. The Black Cuirassiers commanded by Pappenheim were defeated in this battle, which occurred after the siege of Magdeburg, which was instrumental in leading the elector Johann-Georg of Saxony to ally against the imperial forces ►of Tilly. FTP, name this 1631 battle of the Thirty Years War, a key victory for Gustavus Adolphus.

ANSWER: (First) Battle of Breitenfeld

This horse’s first major victory came at Champagne Stakes where he defeated his early rival For The Moment. The father of Vindication and A.P. Indy, he became the most famous horse for trainer Billy Turner and was most notably jockeyed by Jean Cruguet. Sired by Bold Reasoning by way of My Charmer, he twice defeated his later rival Affirmed, who won the ►Triple Crown one year after this horse did. FTP, name this Triple Crown winner in 1977, named after the rainy U.S. city occupied by his owners.

ANSWER: Seattle Slew

This play begins with a non-historical figure, the nurse Hannah Kennedy, having an argument with Sir Amias Paulet over breaking into private cabinets, where he finds jewels and a diadem studded with the fleur-de-lis. In a controversial scene at the end, the main character kneels and confesses to Sir Andrew Melville who has reportedly been consecrated by the Pope. The Earl of Leicester is given a letter as promised, but Mortimer becomes convinced that he must concoct a plot himself, which fails and he commits suicide. Made into an opera by Donizetti, the fate of the title character in this play is sealed when Davison hands over the death warrant to Lord Burleigh. FTP, name this ►play which premiered in 1800, written by Friedrich Schiller and based upon the tragic life of a certain queen of Scotland.

ANSWER: Maria Stuart or Mary Stuart

The artist includes a piece of a real mirror above a table in his work The Marble Console; other works include a picture of a sherry bottle entitled The Watch and several portraits of his companion Charlotte Herpin, known as “Josette.” His more cartoonish Man in the Café resides in Philadelphia; a portrait of him was done by Modigliani, but he’s more famous for himself painting another artist in a military tunic against a blue background holding a palette, ►his Homage to Picasso. FTP, name this short-lived Spanish cubist.

ANSWER: Juan Gris (or Jose Victoriano Gonzalez-Perez)

Tourist attractions in the vicinity of this desert include Rainbow Valley, in the James Range, and Poeppel Corner. It’s often crossed from the towns of Birdsville and Oodnadatta by way of access roads like the French Line, and its most characteristic feature is Big Red, a massive sand dune. Situated just to the north of Lake Eyre, it sits at the junction of Queensland, Northern Territory, and South Australia. FTP, give this desert ►named for an Australian dude, as is the Gibson Desert.

ANSWER: Simpson Desert

These were introduced in a 1978 article by John Collins and Barbara Hohn, which suggested that they be used with the in vitro packaging model described a year earlier by Hohn and Murray. Often employed in chromosome walking, they have the unique ability to pack genes with up to 45K base pairs, and derive their name from containing certain sequences of the lambda phage which possess sticky ends. FTP, name these artificially created cloning vectors, ►a type of plasmid.

ANSWER: cosmids

One man in this work talks about Dave, who was sent to Oak Ridge to work on the Manhattan Project, and now has to wear lead gloves all the time, an awful break for a piano player. Another character tells of a fight with his wife Miriam over “communication theory.” Krinkles joins the ex-Hungarian freedom fighter Sandor Rojas in one part of this work; the other features Callisto, who clutches a dying bird to his chest, lives with Aubade, and is obsessed with heat-death in his ►hermetically-sealed abode. Published in The Kenyon Review in 1960, FTP, name this short story by Thomas Pynchon about the general idea of disorder.

^ ANSWER: “Entropy

This event reportedly resulted from an order given by Isaac Haight in consultation with Colonel William Dame. Garland Hurt was charged with investigating it as was James Carleton, an inquiry which led to the indictment and execution of John Doyle Lee. Historians have disputed the role of Paiute Indians at this event, which was preceded by several meetings at ►Cedar City discussing the approach of the Fancher party. FTP, name this 1857 tragedy, a massacre of people passing through the Utah Territory.

ANSWER: Mountain Meadows Massacre

This economist’s lesser works include Abundance or Misery and Prolegomena for the World Economic Reconstruction. Eleven years before Paul Samuelson, he developed the Overlapping Generations model while producing two of his major works, In Quest of an Economic Discipline and Economy and Interest. He postulated that indifference curves “fan out” in order to solve his namesake paradox, which violates the independence axiom of expected utility by presenting people with two gambling decisions. He also has a namesake effect in physics, derived from experiments in the anomalies of a paraconical pendulum. FTP, name ►this French economist who won the Nobel in 1988.

ANSWER: Maurice Allais

The absence of these particles is posited by the Mermin-Wagner Theorem and Coleman’s Theorem in 1+1-dimensional quantum theories, since they would have infrared divergent correlation functions. Types of these particles include schizons, axions, familons, and majorons; they are often named for Yoichiro Nambu who studied them with their usual namesake. They appear in pseudo-variety when symmetry is not exact, and ►they are “eaten” by gauge bosons. FTP, name these typically massless bosons generated when a continuous symmetry is spontaneously broken.

ANSWER: Nambu-Goldstone bosons

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