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Proficiency Gold (for the revised cpe exam) book + audio + teacher's book...
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This book is about Gabriel, Azrael, and limbo...
This book is the fourth edition of Our Caswell Relatives...
This is the first book in 2000 years history which established the identity of the man dragon...
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Applied & Industrial Physics / Physics

Engineering Design Reliability Applications For The Aerospace Automotive And Ship Industries

Efstratios Nikolaidis, Dan M. GhIOCEL AND Suren Code : 9781420051322

Pub Price : 74.99 UK.PIn the current, increasingly aggressive business enviroment, crucial

Decisions about product design often involve significant uncertainty. Highlighting the competitive advantage available

From using risk-based reliability design, Engineering Design Reliability For the Aerospace, Automotive, and Ship Industries

Provides an overview of how to apply probabilistic approaches and

Reliability methods to practical engineering problems using real-life engineering applications, A one-sep resource, the book demonstrates the latest technology, how others have used it to

Increase their competitiveness and how you can it to do the


^ Quantum Computer Science AnIntroduction

N David Mermin Code : 9780521876582

Pub Price : 45 US$

^ Spectral Methods Evolution To Complex Geometries And Applications To Fluid Dynamics

C Canuto, M Y Hussaini, A. Quarteroni, T A Zang Code : 9783540307273

Pub Price : 79.95 EUSpectral Method, particularly in their multidomian version,have become firmly establishment as a mainstream tool for scientific and engineering computation.While retaining the tight interrogation between the theoretical and particle aspect of spectral methods.This book provides an extensive overview of the essential algorithms and theoretical aspects of spectral methods for complex geometries.Modren strategies for contracting spectral approximately in complex in complex domains such as spectral elements mortar elements and discontinuous as well as patching collection are introduced analyzed and demonstrated by mean of numerous numerical examples.

^ An Introduction To Composite Materials

D Hull Code : 9780521735483

Pub Price : 295 Indian.Rs

^ Complex Dynamics Advanced System Dynamics In Complex Variables

Vladimir G.Ivancevic,Tijana T.Ivanacevic Code : 9781402064111

Pub Price : 149.95 EU

Turbulent Particle Laden Gas Flows Springer Series In Atomic Optical And Plasma Physics 41

Aleksei Y.Varaksin Code : 9783540680536

Pub Price : 119.95 EUResults are given of experimental and theoretical studies of

“ gas-solid particles” turbulent two-phase flows. Special

emphasis is placed on studies of the behavior of particles

suspended in a turbulent gas flow and their feedback effect

on the characteristics of flow of the carrier phases.

^ Nonlinear Waves And Solitons On Contours And Closed Surfaces

Andrei Ludu Code : 9783540728726

Pub Price : 89.95 EUThe first part of the book introduces the mathematical concepts required for treating the manifolds considerd.Emphasis on the relevant notions from topology and differential geometry.An introduction to the theory of motion of curves and surfaces as part of the emerging field of contour dynamics ids given.The second and third part discuss the modeling of various physical solitons on compact systems such as filaments loops and drops made of almost incompressible materials thereby intersecting with a large numbers of physical disciplines from hydrodynamics to compact object astrophysics.

^ The Physics Of Polymers Concepts For Understanding Their Structures And Behavior

Gert Strobl Code : 9783540252788

Pub Price : 34.95 EUAfter more than ten year since the first printing the time had come for a revision and expansion of the book,s contents.In addition to numerous

minor modifications this third edition includes some major change.l a

newly written chapter deals with conjugated polymers.The physical basis

of the characteristic electro optic response is explained and the spectacular electrical conduction properties of conjugated polymers created by doping are discussed.ll polyelectrolyte solutions with their special properties caused by coulomb forces are newly treated in different chapters of the book dealing with ordering phenomena viscous effects and the superswelling of gels.lll since the basic understanding of met crystallization has greatly changed during the last decade the corresponding chapter was rewritten.It presents the new findings and interprets the discovered laws.

^ Phase Transitions Of Simple Systems Springer Series In Atomic Optical And Plasma Physics 42

Boris M.Smirnov,R.Stephen Berry Code : 9783540715139

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