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Books relating to psychical research were occasionally reviewed in the Society’s earliest Proceedings, and this soon became a major item in the Journal, with several hundred titles reviewed over the years. An initial emphasis on hypnotism broadened to a wide range of topics and interests, with standpoints ranging from committed spiritualism at one extreme and deep scepticism at the other.

Around 1800 books are described here. The reviews vary in length and quantity of detail. Books that deal directly with psychical research issues are often critiqued in some detail, and the review can be read not just as an indication of its contents but as a contribution to the debate on the subject. Books that introduce topics to the general reader, often referring to the Society’s research, are also reviewed, but at shorter length.

Perronnet, Claude. LE MAGNETISME ANIMAL, reviewed by A.T. Myers, Journal 2, 1885, pp. 95-8. French experiments with hypnosis, with some evidence of clairvoyance. BR/CP/hypn/clairvoy/fran

Binet, Alfred & Féré, Ch. LE MAGNÉTISME ANIMAL, reviewed by Gurney, Edmund, Proceedings 4, 1886, pp. 540-55. Detailed overview of hypnotism as practised in France. BR/CP/hypn/fran

Tourettes, Gilles de la. L'HYPNOTISME ET LES ETATS ANALOGUES AU POINT DE VUE MÉDICO-LÉGAL, reviewed by O. Elton, Proceedings 4, 1886, pp. 555-61. Treatise urging the legal regulation of hypnotism in France. BR/CP/hypn/fran

Ochorowicz, J. DE LA SUGGESTION MENTALE, reviewed by Frank Podmore, Proceedings 4, 1886, pp. 562-8. Discussion of the evidence of thought-transference. BR/PSI-S/telepath

Moll, Albert. HYPNOTISM, reviewed by Max Dessoir, Proceedings 5, 1889, pp. 566-74. ‘…fully meets all requirements as a standard text-book in the literature of hypnotism.’ BR/CP/hypn


Baierlacher, ed. DIE SUGGESTIONSTHERAPIE UND IHRE TECHNIK, reviewed by Walter Leaf, Proceedings 6, 1890, pp. 225-8. ‘These two short treatises have substantially the same object; that of assisting medical men in the employment of hypnotism in ordinary practice.’ BR/CP/hypn/germ

James, William. THE PRINCIPLES OF PSYCHOLOGY, Proceedings 7, 1891, pp. 111-33. Frederic Myers adds his own more metaphysical reflections to the Harvard psychologist’s concern with ‘proved or provable fact’. BR/CP/psychol/usa

^ A. TROGLODYTE: RIDDLES OF THE SPHINX, reviewed by C.C. Massey, Proceedings 7, 1892, pp. 395-407. A study in the philosophy of evolution, with discussion of metaphysics and psychology. BR/CP/meta/psychol

Waite, Arthur Edward. THE OCCULT SCIENCES, Proceedings 7, 1892, pp. 408-9. Introduction to psychical research. BR/TI/introd

Moll, Albert. DER RAPPORT IN DER HYPNOSE: UNTERSUCHUNGEN UBER DER THIERISCHEN MAGNETISMUS, reviewed by Walter Leaf, Proceedings 9, 1893, pp. 211-14. 'Dr. Moll promised us in his well-known work on hypnotism a special study of the phenomena of rapport, and he has given us an exceedingly solid and valuable piece of work. He records an elaborate series of experiments, often most ingenious, carried out by himself with the aid of several friends…' BR/ CP/hypn

Schmidkunz, Hans. PSYCHOLGIE DER SUGGESTION, reviewed by Walter Leaf, Proceedings 9, 1893, pp. 214-6. Ideas about suggestion, which the reviewer admits to difficulty in understanding but which he implies may have value. BR/CP/hypn

Tamburini, Augusto. SPRITISMO E TELEPATIA reviewed by H. Babington Smith, Proceedings 9, 1893, pp. 225-30. Italian article on spiritualism and telepathy, including cases of telepathic dreams and impressions. BR/PSI-S/telepath/dream/ital

^ Hudson, Thomas Jay. THE LAW OF PSYCHIC PHENOMENA, review unattributed, Proceedings 9, 1893, pp. 230-34. Critical review of an introductory handbook to psychical research. BR/gen


Lang, Andrew. COMPARATIVE PSYCHICAL RESEACH, reviewed by H. Babington Smith, Proceedings 9, 1894, pp. 367-9. Lang's argument that folklore deserves more research by the Society is disputed by the reviewer. BR/MP/fair

Lang, Andrew. COCK LANE AND COMMON SENSE, reviewed by Walter Leaf, Proceedings 10, 1894, pp. 423-6. A historian sympathetic to psychical research describes a number of historical incidents, including the Cock Lane poltergeist, taking the view that proposed 'common sense' explanations fall well short of what is needed to account for the phenomena, even as they are recorded by sceptics themselves.

CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 6, 1894, pp. 302-4. BR/P/gen

Miscellaneous. RECENT BOOKS ON HYPNOTISM, reviewed by Chas Lloyd Tuckey, Proceedings 11, 1895, pp. 145-8. Short reviews of books on hypnotism by mainly continental authors, including Van Eeden and Schrenk-Notzing. BR/CP/hypn

Podmore, Frank. APPARITIONS AND THOUGHT-TRANSFERENCE: AN EXAMINATION OF THE EVIDENCE FOR TELEPATHY, reviewed by Wm Romaine Newbold, Proceedings 11, 1895, pp. 149-55. Cautious, detailed study of telepathy based on the Society's work in Phantasms of the Living, the Proceedings and other sources. Podmore states at the outset his conviction that 'communication is possible between mind and mind otherwise than through the known channels of sense,' but rests this claim on experimental rather than anecdotal evidence. BR/A/PSI-S/telepath

^ Leaf, Walter. A MODERN PRIESTESS OF ISIS, reviewed by Frank Podmore, Proceedings 11, 1895, pp. 155-62. Adds to the picture of duplicity painted by Richard Hodgson in his expose of Helena Blavatsky. BR/PM/theos

Garrett, Edmund. ISIS VERY MUCH UNVEILED, reviewed by Frank Podmore, Proceedings 11, 1895, pp. 155-62. Adds to the picture of duplicity painted by Richard Hodgson in his expose of Helena Blavatsky. BR/ PM/theos

Parish, Von Edmund. UBER DIE TRUGWARHNEHMUNG [HALLUCINATION AND ILLUSION], reviewed by Alice Johnson, Proceedings 11, 1895, pp. 162-71. Important contribution to the study of hallucinations, with reference to the Society's Census, a small German collection, and other cases. BR/A/halluc/germ

Ermacora, G.B. ed. REVISTA DI STUDI PSICHICHI: PERIODICO MENSILE, reviewed by Walter Leaf, Proceedings 11, 1895, pp. 171-2. First issue of a new Italian magazine about psychical research. BR/TI/ital

??Boirac. L’HYPOTHESE DU MAGNETISME ANIMAL, reviewed by Walter Leaf, Proceedings 11, 1895, pp. 599-600.

CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 7, 1895, pp. 221-8. BR/CP/hypn/fran

Aksakoff, A.M. PREDVESTNIKI SPIRITIZMA ZA POSLEDNIE 250 LYET [THE PRECURSORS OF SPIRITISM FOR THE LAST 250 YEARS], reviewed by Walter Leaf, Proceedings 12, 1897, pp. 319-30. A history of spiritism from the 'doyen' of continental spiritists. The review contains details of an extended poltergeist attack, of the violent type. BR/P

^ Jay, Thomas. A SCIENTIFIC DEMONSTRATION OF THE FUTURE LIFE, reviewed by Harlow Gale, Proceedings 12, 1897, pp. 330-35. Attempts to apply scientific principles to the 'powers, attributes, and destiny of the soul', as well as point out facts suggestive of survival of death. BR/GD

^ Parish, Edmund. ZUR KRITIK DES TELEPATHISCHEN BEWEIS MATERIELS, reviewed by Eleanor Sidgwick, Proceedings 13, 1898, pp. 589-601. Sidgwick offers a detailed reply to the author's 48-page pamphlet criticising the telepathic interpretation adopted in the Society's Census of Hallucinations. BR/A/scep/scep-r

^ Nevius, John L. DEMON POSSESSION AND ALLIED THEMES, reviewed by William R. Newbold, Proceedings 13, 1898, pp. 602-4. A missionary to China describes cases of demonic possession that he has collected. The review offers a few brief examples. BR/CP/possess/china/relig

Podmore, Frank. STUDIES IN PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, reviewed by Andrew Lang, Proceedings 13, 1898, pp. 604-9. Critical review of the psychical researcher's rejection of paranormality in many subjects investigated by the Society.

CORRESPONDENCE, Journal 8, 1898, pp. 181-3. Criticises Podmore's reliance on conjuring as an explanation of poltergeists.

CORRRESPONDENCE, Journal 9, 1899, pp. 11-12, 24-32.


Mason, Osgood. TELEPATHY AND THE SUBLIMINAL SELF, reviewed by James Hyslop, Proceedings 13, 1898, pp. 610-11. A medical doctor discusses psychical research, acknowledging the genuineness of telepathy and similar topics, but stopping short of survival. BR/gen/medic

Stead, W.T. ed. LETTERS FROM JULIA: OR LIGHT FROM THE BORDERLAND, reviewed by F.W.H. Myers, Proceedings 13, 1898, pp. 612-4. Automatic writings by a journalist, aapparently communications from a deceased friend and concerning the conditions of afterlife. Myers attests to the author’s sincerity but argues that evidence of the communicator’s genuineness is slight. BR/GD

^ Waldstein, Louis. THE SUBCONSCIOUS SELF AND ITS RELATION TO EDUCATION AND HEALTH, reviewed by Frank Podmore, Proceedings 13, 1898, pp. 614-6. Argues that 'our mental personality is represented by the sum of all the impressions which have been deposited during our lifetime…' Podmore finds the book difficult to read and the premise unconvincing. BR/CP

^ Lang, Andrew. THE BOOK OF DREAMS AND GHOSTS, reviewed by J.G. Smith, Proceedings 13, 1898, pp. 616-8. Entertainingly presented collection of apparitional episodes, which the reviewer suspects may be seen by some Society members as frivolous, but says should be also seen as impartial and comprehensive. BR/A

^ Lang, Andrew. THE MAKING OF RELIGION, reviewed by Frank Podmore, Proceedings 14, 1898, pp. 128-38. Lang compares anthropological reports of supernatural belief among 'primitives' with modern reports studied by psychical researchers, arguing that such beliefs can no longer be held to demonstrate the uncivilised nature of pre-modern societies. He also takes issue with the arguments of Parish and Podmore against the genuineness of poltergeists. Podmore takes the opportunity to reply.

CORRRESPONDENCE, Journal 9, 1899, pp. 11-12, 24-32. BR/P/scep-r/anthrop

Wetterstrand, Otto George. HYPNOTISM AND ITS APPLICATION TO PRACTICAL MEDICINE, reviewed by Tuckey Lloyd Chas, Proceedings 14, 1898, pp. 139-43. Well-received study by a Swedish 'pioneer'. BR/GP/hypn/swed

Unattributed. LA REVUE DE PSYCHOLOGIE, reviewed by Chas Lloyd Tuckey, Proceedings 14, 1898, pp. 139-43. Brief description of a paper in which a French practitioner of hypnotism gives figures of the number of treatments and cures over four years. BR/CP/hypn/heal

Bérillon, Edgar. L'YPNOTISME ET L'ORTHOPÉDIE MENTALE, reviewed by Chas Lloyd Tuckey, Proceedings 14, 1898, pp. 139-43. Conclusions of research on the therapeutic use of hypnotism with children. BR/CP/hypn

Binet, Alfred. L'ANNÉE PSYCHOLOGIQUE, reviewed by F.W.H. Myers, Proceedings 14, 1898, pp. 146-7. Praise for the French psychologist's editorship of the journal. BR/TI/fran

Evans, Henry Ridgely. HOURS WITH THE GHOSTS, reviewed by R. Hodgson, Proceedings 14, 1898, pp. 147-50. Sceptical approach to mediums and theosophy, dismissing the notion of spirits, but conceding the genuineness of telepathy. BR/MM/theos/scep/telepath

Patrick, G.T.W. SOME PECULIARITIES OF THE SECONDARY PERSONALITY, reviewed by F.W.H. Myers, Proceedings 14, 1899, pp. 382-6. Myers welcomes an American psychologist's interest in automatism, in an article partly stimulated by Richard Hodgson's papers on Leonora Piper. BR/CP/lp/usa

Sidis, Boris. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SUGGESTION: A RESEARCH INTO THE SUBCONSCIOUS NATURE OF MAN AND SOCIETY, reviewed by E.W. Taylor, Proceedings 14, 1899, pp. 386-8. Study of subconscious behaviour in individuals and social movements. With a foreword by William James. BR/CP

Müller, Rudolf. NATURWISSENSCHAFTLICHE SEELENFORSCHUNG, reviewed by Harlow Gale, Proceedings 14, 1899, pp. 389-92. …'seeks to sketch the foundations of a scientific method of the investigation of mind…' BR/CP/germ

Ermacora, G.B. LA TELEPATIA, reviewed by Harlow Gale, Proceedings 14, 1899, pp. 392-3. Italian articles on the experimental evidence for telepathy. BR/PSI-X/telepath/ital

Goodrich-Freer, A. ESSAYS IN PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, reviewed by Richard Hodgson, Proceedings 14, 1899, pp. 393-6. Popular overview of topical subjects (hauntings, crystal gazing, dowsing, hypnotism etc.) by the 'Miss X' of contributions to the Proceedings on personal experiences of telepathy. BR/gen/telepath

^ Dailey, Abraham H. MOLLIE FLANCHER: THE BROOKLYN ENIGMA, reviewed by Wm. Romaine Newbold, Proceedings 14, 1899, pp. 396-8. Chronicle of the hysteric patient who over a long illness appeared to be possessed by different personalities and had the power of clairvoyance. BR/ CP/multi/telepath

Goodrich-Freer, A., ed. ALLEGED HAUNTING OF B– HOUSEM INCLUDING A JOURNAL KEPT DURING THE TENANCY OF COLONEL LE MESURIER TAYLOR, reviewed by Frank Podmore, Proceedings 15, 1900, pp. 98-100. Describes haunting phenomena. Podmore criticises the evidence. BR/A/scep

Braid, James. NEURYPNOLOGY: OR THE RATIONALE OF NERVOUS SLEEP…, reviewed by J. Milne Bramwell, Proceedings 15, 1900, pp. 101-3. Work by an early pioneer of hypnotism, with a biographical introduction and bibliography. BR/CP/hypn

Creed, J.M. MY EXPERIENCE OF HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION AS A THERAPEUTIC AGENT, reviewed by Chas Lloyd Tuckey, Proceedings 15, 1900, pp. 103-5. Paper on hypnotism, chiefly of medical interest. BR/CP/hypn/medic

Goddard, Henry H. THE EFFECTS OF MIND ON BODY AS EVIDENCED BY FAITH CURES, reviewed by H. Gale, Proceedings 15, 1900, p. 105. Article surveying faith healing. BR/CP/heal

L'ANNÉE PSYCHOLOGIQUE, CINQUIÈME ANNÉE, reviewed by F.W.H. Myers, Proceedings 15, 1901, pp. 105-7. Regrets the lack of attention given to Hodgson's paper on Leonora Piper in the French psychological journal edited by Alfred Binet. BR/MM/lp/fran

Petrovo-Solovovo, M.M. THE SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION OF PHYSICAL PHENOMENA WITH MEDIUMS, reviewed by Walter Leaf, Proceedings 15, 1901, pp. 416-22. A survey of physical mediums, including new material on the Russian medium Sambor. The review contains a personal testimony. BR/PM/gen/russ

^ Flammarion, Camille. L'INCONNU ET LES PROBLÈMES PSYCHIQUES, reviewed by Frank Podmore, Proceedings 15, 1901, pp. 422-32. A French attempt to emulate the Census of Hallucinations brings 4,280 replies, of which 1,824 are affirmative. Several cases are quoted in the review. Podmore objects to the author's description of his approach as 'scientific'. BR/A/fran/surv

^ Tuckey, C. Lloyd. TREATMENT BY HYPNOTISM AND SUGGESTION: OR, PSYCHO-THERAPEUTICS, reviewed by G.F. Rogers, Proceedings 15, 1901, pp. 433-4. Urges the therapeutic use of hypnosis. BR/CP/hypn

Lowell, Percival. OCCULT JAPAN, OR: THE WAY OF THE GODS, AN ESOTERIC STUDY OF JAPANESE PERSONALITY AND POSSESSION, reviewed by Everard Fielding, Proceedings 15, 1901, pp. 434-7. 'Lively and entertaining' study of psychical phenomena encountered by the author in Japan. BR/TI/asia

Lehmann, Alfred. ABERGLAUBEN UND ZAUBEREI, reviewed by F.C.S. Schiller, Proceedings 15, 1901, pp. 437-41. Sceptical German treatise on superstition and magic. BR/TI/gen/scep

Gibier, Paul. PSYCHISM: ANALYSIS OF THINGS EXISTING, reviewed by Frank Podmore, Proceedings 15, 1901, pp. 441-3. A medical doctor describes sittings with mediums, including Slade. The review gives few details, however. BR/PM/slate/medic

Feilding, Alice. FAITH-HEALING AND CHRISTIAN SCIENCE, reviewed by G.F. Rogers, Proceedings 15, 1901, pp. 443-4. Attack on Christian Science. BR/CP/relig/scep/heal

Jastrow, Joseph. FACT AND FABLE IN PSYCHOLOGY, reviewed by F.N. Hales, Proceedings 17, 1901, pp. 252-63. Collected magazine articles by the American psychologist and sceptic. This extended review rebuts criticisms of psychical research and attacks on mediums. BR/TI/scep/scep-r/gen/usa

^ Binet, Alfred. LA SUGGESTIBILITÉ, reviewed by F. Van Eeden, Proceedings 17, 1901, pp. 263-4. The French psychologist describes his latest experiments on the effects of suggestion on 46 subjects. His implication that no 'superhuman or extrahuman agency' is ever present in the automatic writings of mediums is not justified by the facts, the reviewer argues. BR/CP/hypn/fran

^ Mason, R. Osgood. HYPNOTISM AND SUGGESTION IN THERAPEUTICS, EDUCATION AND REFORM, reviewed by E. Fielding, Proceedings 17, 1901, pp. 265-8. A doctor describes the success of his therapeutic use of hypnotism and attempts to provide a unifying theory. BR/CP/hypn/medic

Sage, M. MADAME PIPER ET LA SOCIÉTÉ ANGLO-AMÉRICAINE POUR LES RECHERCHES PSYCHIQUES, reviewed by M. de G. Verrall, Proceedings 17, 1901, pp. 268-9. Introduction to Leonora Piper for French readers. BR/MM/lp/fran/introd

Lang, Andrew. MAGIC AND RELIGION, reviewed by E.N. Bennett, Proceedings 17, 1901, pp. 269-72. An attack on the ideas concerning the origins of religion put forward in Frazer's Golden Bough, with a chapter on fire-walking. BR/relig/anthrop/scep/scep-r

Hutchinson, Horace G. DREAMS AND THEIR MEANINGS, reviewed by N.W. Thomas, Proceedings 17, 1901, pp. 272-3. Popular book on dreams that, according to the reviewer, would have benefited from previous study of the Society's work. BR/CP/dream

Cossmann, Paul Nicolaus. ELEMENTE DER EMPIRISCHE TELEOLOGIE, reviewed by F. Van Eeden, Proceedings 17, 1901, pp. 273-4. Study on teleology, lauded by the reviewer. BR/ CP/neth

Hubbekkm G.C. FACT AND FANCY IN SPIRITUALISM, THEOSOPHY AND PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, reviewed by N.W. Thomas, Proceedings 17, 1901, pp. 274-5. Popular introduction covering Blavatasky, Home, Piper and others. BR/PM/gen/lp/dh/theos

Podmore, Frank. MODERN SPIRITUALISM: A HISTORY AND A CRITICISM, reviewed by Alice Johnson, Proceedings 17, 1902, pp. 389-402. Major overview by one of the Society's most experienced researchers, covering historical cases of witchcraft, reports of poltergeists, animal magnetism, early records of clairvoyance and thought-transference, mesmerism and trance mediums in America, the Fox sisters, mediums in England, physical phenomena, Home and Crookes, and Leonora Piper. The tone is perceptively critical throughout and the conclusion is that there is no substantive evidence to justify the claim that consciousness survives death, although telepathy may be admitted in the case of Piper. Johnson points to Myers's argument that telepathy should be seen as reinforcing the case for survival, rather than as an alternative. BR/GD/scep/gen

^ James, William. THE VARIETIES OF RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE, reviewed by F.C.S. Schiller, Proceedings 17, 1902, pp. 403-10. Classic work by the Harvard psychologist and philosopher, describing religious experiences, with several instances of mystical visions. The review offers an extended commentary on aspects of interest to psychical research. BR/CP/relig/myst

Maeterlinck, Maurice. LE TEMPLE ENSEVELI, reviewed by J.G. Piddington, Proceedings 17, 1902, pp. 411-416. Argues that luck, and human fate generally, is governed by the subconscious rather than external forces. BR/CP/luck/fran

Coynart, J. M. Ch. De. UNE SORCIERE AU XVIII SIECLE, reviewed by J. G. Piddington, Proceedings 17, 1902, pp. 416-21. Biography of a self-confessed charlatan. BR/PM/conjur/fraud/fran

DEUXIEME CONGRES INTERNATIONAL DE L'HYPNOTISME EXPERIMENTAL ET THERAPEUTIQUE, reviewed by Chas. Lloyd Tuckey, Proceedings 17, 1902, pp. 422-3. Conference report. BR/CP/hypn

Ebbard, Richard J. WILL POWER, HOW TO ACQUIRE AND STRENGTHEN, reviewed by Chas. Lloyd Tuckey, Proceedings 17, 1902, pp. 423-4. Popularisation of Myers subliminal self ideas, arguing for the training of the subconscious to promote well-being. BR/CP

Leland, C.G. HAVE YOU A STRONG WILL? reviewed by Chas. Lloyd Tuckey, Proceedings 17, 1902, p. 424. Recommends exercises to cultivate memory. BR/CP/memor/adv

Moll, Albert. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE, MEDICINE, AND OCCULTISM, reviewed by Chas. Lloyd Tuckey, Proceedings 17, 1902, pp. 424-5. Attack on Christian Science. BR/CP/relig/heal/scep

Jung, C.G. ZUR PSYCHOLGIE UND PATHOLOGIE SOGENANNTER OCCULTER PHÄNOMENE, reviewed by N.W. Thomas, Proceedings 17, 1902, pp. 425-6. Brief description of two cases: hallucinatory attacks followed by amnesia, and trance 'communication'. The review regrets that indications of impersonation of dead people were not followed up. BR/MM/CP/jung/halluc/swiss

Spiller, Gustav. THE MIND OF MAN, reviewed by N.W. Thomas, Proceedings 17, 1902, pp. 426-7. Poorly received work on psychology. BR/CP

Bramwell, J. Milne. HYPNOTISM: ITS HISTORY, PRACTICE AND THEORY, reviewed by Walter Leaf, Proceedings 18, 1904, pp. 481-90. Well-received study by an experienced practitioner. BR/CP/hypn

Maxwell, J. LES PHÉNOMÈNES PSYCHIQUES: RECHERCHES, OBSERVATIONS, MÉTHODES, reviewed by Everard Feilding, Proceedings 18, 1904, pp. 490-501. Study of physical phenomena, mostly observed at séances with Eusapia Palladino. BR/PM/ep

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