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Sem b. Tech. Iii semester (Civil)

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3rd SEM

B. Tech. III Semester (Civil)


L T P/D Total Max. Marks: 150

3 2 - 5 Theory: 100

Sessional: 50

Duration: 3 hrs.


Analysis of stresses and strains:

Analysis of simple states of stresses and strains, elastic constraints, bending stresses, theory of simple bending, flexure formula, combined stresses in beams, shear stresses, Mohr's circle, Principle stresses and strains, torsion in shafts and closed thin walled sections, stresses and strains in cylindrical shells and spheres under internal pressure.

Theory of Columns:

Slenderness ratio, end connections, short columns, Euler's critical buckling loads, eccentrically loaded short columns, cylinder columns subjected to axial and eccentric loading.


Bending moment and shear force in determinate beams and frames:

Definitions and sign conventions, axial force, shear force and bending moment diagrams.

Three hinged arches:

horizontal thrust, shear force and bending moment diagrams.


Deflections in beams:

Introduction, slope and deflections in beams by differential equations, moment area method and conjugate beam method, unit load method, principle of virtual work, Maxwell's Law of Reciprocal Deflections, Williot’s Mohr diagram


Analysis of statically determinate trusses:

Introduction, various types, stability, analysis of plane trusses by method of joints and method of sections, analysis of space trusses using tension coefficient method.

Note for Paper-setter: EIGHT questions are to set selecting at least TWO questions from each unit, covering entire syllabus. Students will be required to attempt FIVE questions selecting at least ONE question from each unit.


  1. Strength of Materials Part-I, S.Timoshenko, Affiliated East-West Press, New . Delhi

  2. Mechanics of Solids, Prasad, V. S. Gakgotia Pub., New Delhi.

  3. Elementary Structural Analysis, Jain, A. K., Nem Chand & Bros, Roorkee.

  4. Elementary Structural Analysis, Wibur & Nooris, McGraw Hill Book Co., Newyork.

  5. Structural Analysis, Bhavikatti S.S.,Vikas Pub.House, N.Delhi.

B. Tech. III Semester (Civil)



L T P/D Total Max. Marks: 150

4 - 2 6 Theory: 100 marks

Sessional: 50 marks

Duration: 3 hrs.



Masonry Construction:

Introduction, various terms used, stone masonry-Dressing of stones, Classifications of stone masonry, safe permissible loads, Brick masonry-bonds in brick work, laying brick work, structural brick work-cavity and hollow walls, reinforced brick work, Defects in brick masonry, composite stone and brick masonry, glass block masonry.

^ Cavity and Partition Walls:

Advantages, position of cavity, types of non-bearing partitions, constructional details and precautions, construction of masonry cavity wall.


Functions, types of shallow foundations, sub-surface investigations, geophysical methods, general feature of shallow foundation, foundations in water logged areas, design of masonry wall foundation, introduction to deep foundations i.e. pile and pier foundations.


Damp-Proofing and Water-Proofing:

Defects and causes of dampness, prevention of dampness, materials used, damp-proofing treatment in buildings, water proofing treatment of roofs including pitched roofs.

Roofs and Floors:

Types of roofs, various terms used, roof trusses-king post truss, queen post truss etc.

Floor structures, ground, basement and upper floors, various types of floorings.

^ Doors and Windows:

Locations, sizes, types of doors and windows, fixures and fastners for doors and windows.

Acoustics, Sound Insulation and Fire Protection:

Classification, measurement and transmission of sound, sound absorber, classification of absorbers, sound insulation of buildings, wall construction and accoustical design of auditorium, fire-resisting properties of materials, fire resistant construction and fire protection requirements for buildings.




Classification, requirements of good structural stone, quarrying, blasting and sorting out of stones, dressing, sawing and polishing, prevention and seasoning of stone.

^ Brick and Tiles:

Classification of bricks, constituents of good brick earth, harmful ingredients, manufacturing of bricks, testing of bricks.

Tiles: Terra-cotta, manufacturing of tiles and terra-cotta, types of terra-cotta, uses of terra-cotta.

Limes, Cement and Mortars:

Classification of lime, manufacturing, artificial hydraulic lime, pozzolona, testing of lime, storage of lime, cements composition, types of cement, manufacturing of ordinary Portland cement, testing of cement, special types of cement, storage of cement.

Mortars: Definition, proportions of lime and cement mortars, mortars for masonry and plastering.



Classification of timber, structure of timber, seasoning of timber, defects in timber, fire proofing of timber, plywood, fiberboard, masonite and its manufacturing, important Indian timbers.

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals:

Definitions, manufacturing of cast iron, manufacturing of steel from pig iron, types of steel, marketable form of steel, manufacturing of aluminium and zinc.

^ Paints and Varnishes:

Basic constituents of paints, types of paints, painting of wood, constituents of varnishes, characteristics and types of varnishes.


Definition, classification of plastics, composition and raw materials, manufacturing, characteristics and uses, polymerization, classification, special varieties.

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