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Atomic, molecular, and optical physics

Physics 585 Spring 2011

Atomic, molecular, and optical physics

Instructor: Oksana Ostroverkhova,

Textbook: Physics of Atoms and Molecules (2nd Ed.), B. H. Bransden and C. J. Joachain

References: 1. Molecular Quantum Mechanics, P. Atkins and R. Friedman

2. Quantum Chemistry, I. Levine

3. Nonlinear Optics, Y. R. Shen

4. Principles of Lasers, O. Svelto

5. Lasers, A. Siegman

Office hours: Weniger 413, Tu 1 – 2 PM, Fri 3 – 4 PM

Course outline:

One-electron atoms and their interaction with

external fields. (Chapters 3-6) week 1-2

Two-electron atoms. (Chapter 7) week 3

Multi-electron atoms and their interaction with

external fields. Applications. (Chapters 8-9,16) week 3-5

Molecules. Molecular spectroscopy . (Chapters 10-11) week 6-8

Lasers. Laser spectroscopy . (Chapter 15) week 9-10


Homework will be handed out every week. Solutions should be turned in the beginning of the lecture on the due date, unless specified otherwise. Late homework will not be accepted, since the homework solutions will be available immediately after the due time.


In order to help you check your understanding of the material and provide feedback for me, worksheets will be handed out at (almost) every lecture for in-class work. Filled out worksheets will be collected, graded, and returned at the next lecture.


Everyone will be expected to write a ~10-page paper reviewing a particular topic relevant to modern research in AMO. List of suggested topics to choose from is provided, but you can choose any AMO-related topic (including that closely related to your research). Please let me know the topic of your paper by week 4. The paper should be organized as follows: abstract, introduction, theoretical background, materials and experiments, results, discussion, conclusions, references. The paper should present a self-contained overview of the topic of your choice (background material, exciting experiments or calculations, status of the field as of now, and potential applications) at an advanced upper-level undergraduate/graduate student level. The paper will be due on Wednesday, June 1.


We will have one in-class midterm (tentative date May 11) and a final exam (Monday, June 6 at 12 PM). One of the questions at the final exam will be related to your paper, on the individual basis.

Grading Policy:

Homework (total) 20%

Worksheets (total) 10%

Paper 20%

Midterm 20%

Final 30%

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