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Işık University Catalogue 2009-2010





Table of Contents


Message of the Rector

A Brief History

The Campus

University Administration and Officers


The University Vision, Mission and Core Values

Standards and Goals

Academic Staff


Undergraduate Admission

Transfer Students

International Students

Special Students

Graduate Admission

Tuition and Fees


Academic Policies



Registrar’s Office

Computer Center

Online Services

Health Center

Food Services

Housing and Transportation

Extracurricular Activities

Alumni Association


Degree Programs

Curriculum Structure

Summer School

Double Major and Minor Programs


Faculty of Arts and Sciences 47

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences 105

Faculty of Engineering 145

Faculty of Fine Arts 186

Graduate School of Science and Engineering 247

Graduate School of Social Sciences 275

English as Foreign Language Program 303


Undergraduate Education

Summer School Regulations

Policy of Double Major Programs (DMP)

Policy of Minor Programs

Policy Regarding Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships

Guidelines for Graduate Education 332




Işık University was found in 1996. It was established by the Feyziye Mektepleri Vakfı (FMV), a foundation which has been providing non-profit primary and secondary education since 1885. FMV is one of the oldest educational foundations in Turkey, with roots that go back to the Ottoman Empire and the city of Salonica. The founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, received his primary education at one of the FMV primary schools.

Işık University is an English language medium institution. It provides education and does research in the fields of electronics, computer science, industrial and mechanical engineering; information technologies, physics and mathematics; and in the social science fields of humanities, psychology, economics, business, and international relations. In 2007 Işık University established the Faculty of Fine Arts. This opened studies and research in the fields of visual arts, graphics arts and graphic design, interior design, industrial product design, and fashion and textile design. Fine arts education at Işık is conducted in Turkish. Işık strives to provide an academically sound undergraduate education that includes a broad spectrum of ideas, ideals and knowledge. It wishes to endow students with the skills they need to adapt to the rapidly changing needs and demands of the world. Graduates of Işık University have already established their own corporations, or been hired by companies in Turkey and abroad to work in fields such as computer electronics, information technologies, human resources, and marketing.

Işık University aims to excel in selected fields of graduate education and research, and develop an academic environment and institutional infrastructure for its faculty and students that encourages both teaching and research. At Işık we appreciate the value of providing community services and an enhanced quality of life in and around our campus in Şile and Maslak, Istanbul. Our long-term goal is to create and sustain a quality university environment that promotes these values. To this end, we have drawn up our own standards of quality in education in 2005 and continuously improved thereafter, which can be found on our web-page.

Işık University also offers its students many amenities at its campuses in Şile, situated on the shores of the Black Sea, and Maslak, at the city center of Istanbul. Indoor and outdoor sports facilities, various student clubs-the activities of which span a wide spectrum, from dance and photography to creative and critical thinking in the various fields of science, engineering, and arts. Işık provides a highly motivating environment of fun, work, sports, cultural activities and self-development for students of all ages. Işık University provides a serene, serious environment to study in both campuses. Şile campus is only an hour’s drive from the heart of Istanbul, one of UNESCO’s world heritage cities, an invigorating cultural environment for both students and faculty is only a short commute away.

In this catalogue you will find many aspects of and details about the programs Işık University offers, and how to contact us if you would like to pursue a degree program-or any other endeavor with us. Our web page is located at , where you will discover more about academic and social life in our campus.

With all the best wishes,

Ekrem Ekinci, Ph. D.

Rector and

Professor of Chemical Engineering


Işık University was established on June 7, 1996 under the auspices of the Foundation of Feyziye Schools (FMV). The origins of the FMV travel back to the second most prominent city of the Ottoman Empire, Salonica, (now in northeastern Greece), where on December 14, 1885, a group of Turkish businessmen established a foundation to provide instruction in Turkish to elementary school children. The elementary school they established was called Feyz-i Sıbyan, and was one of several small, private schools in Salonica at the time offering a secular education to Turkish Children. One these schools, the Şemsi Efendi elementary school, was where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the hero of the Turkish War of Liberation (1919-1922) and founder of the Turkish Republic, received his primary education. When Şemsi Efendi elementary school suffered financial problems, FMV purchased it and invited Şemsi Efendi, who had owned the school and tutored young Mustafa Kemal, to join its teaching staff. Thus, FMV takes pride in being associated with the upbringing of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. In the aftermath of the Balkan Wars (1912 – 1913), FMV moved to Istanbul and eventually occupied the current location of their school in Nişantaş, Şişli, in Istanbul. In 1935 the Feyziye Schools commemorated their fiftieth anniversary, and on that occasion, and with the blessings of their most prominent former pupil, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, they adopted the name of “IŞIK1”.

On the occasion of its centennial anniversary, the FMV expanded its operations and added a brand new campus at Maslak, Sarıyer, in Istanbul. A decade later FMV decided to expand its operations into the tertiary education sector and established Işık University at this same campus.


Işık University is currently located at its own campus near the Black Sea town of Şile, northeast of Istanbul, approximately 60 km from Uskudar (Scutari). It is situated between the forest and the sea at Kumbaba, which is five kilometers from Şile. Şile is a small town noted for its gorgeous beaches, pristine forests, cottage textile industry, and is famous as a summer resort. Işık University has the advantages of both Şile and Istanbul: it is relatively removed from the hectic life-style of Istanbul, yet close enough for students and faculty to participate in any activity that this great, historic city of twelve million has to offer. Indeed, Istanbul hosts many archaeological and historical sights, and offers museums, art galleries, theaters, a symphony orchestra, opera and ballet company, several major soccer teams, basketball and volleyball clubs, excellent shopping malls, and congress halls where international gatherings and conventions are the rule rather than the exception. Many students at Işık University have the advantage of participating in all Istanbul has to offer at their leisure and preference instead of dealing with the chaos and congestion of Istanbul on a daily basis. Currently nearly half of the student body is provided with lodgings on campus, a number that will grow in the near future.

The Maslak building houses the Faculty of Fine Arts and the life-long learning activities as part of Işık’s various Graduate Schools. As the Maslak building is in the heart of one of Istanbul’s largest business districts, it will continue to draw cultural and artistic activities and to administer such activities as the executive MBA program.

Address of the Şile Campus is:

Meşrutiyet Köyü, Üniversite Sokak 2, Şile, 34980,

Istanbul, TURKEY

Tel: +90.216.712 14 60

Fax: +90.216.712 14 68




Prof. Dr. M. Hasan BODUROĞLU Chair

Gün Han BAŞİK Vice Chair

Altan GÖKÇEK Vice Chair

Prof. Dr. Mahmut BERKMAN Member

Prof. Dr. Ekrem EKİNCİ Member

Şaban ERDİKLER Member

M.  Abdullah Merih ERGİN Member

Erden MISIRLI Member, Rapporteur

Prof. Dr. Mustafa YURTKURAN Member


Prof. Dr. Ekrem EKİNCİ


Prof. Dr. Ekrem EKİNCİ Rector

Prof. Dr. Öktem VARDAR Provost

Prof. Dr. Yorgo İSTEFANOPULOS Dean of Faculty of Engineering

Prof. Dr. Mehmet KAYTAZ Dean of Faculty of Economics and
Administrative Sciences

Prof. Dr. Rahmi GÜVEN Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Prof. Dr. Süleyman Saim TEKCAN Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts

Prof. Dr. Hüsnü Ata ERBAY Director of Graduate School

of Science and Engineering

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin KARAASLAN Faculty of Economics and

Administrative Sciences

Prof. Dr. Hacer ANSAL Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Prof. Dr.Mustafa KARAMAN Faculty of Engineering


Prof. Dr. Ekrem EKİNCİ Rector

Prof. Dr. Öktem VARDAR Provost

Prof. Dr. Yorgo İSTEFANOPULOS Dean of Faculty of Engineering

Prof. Dr. Mehmet KAYTAZ Dean of Faculty of Economics and
Administrative Sciences

Prof. Dr. Rahmi GÜVEN Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Prof. Dr. Süleyman Saim TEKCAN Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts

Prof. Dr. Ahmet AKSEN Faculty of Engineering

Prof. Dr. Bülent ARAS Dean of Faculty of Economics and

Administrative Sciences

Prof. Dr. Esin İNAN Faculty of Arts and Sciences



Faculty of Arts and Sciences Prof. Dr. Rahmi GÜVEN

Faculty of Economics and
Administrative Sciences Prof. Dr. Mehmet KAYTAZ

Faculty of Engineering Prof. Dr. Yorgo ISTEFANOPULOS

Faculty of Fine Arts Prof. Dr. Süleyman Saim TEKCAN


Graduate School of Science and Engineering Prof. Dr. Hüsnü Ata ERBAY

Graduate School of Social Sciences Prof. Dr. Mehmet KAYTAZ


Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Humanities and Social Sciences Prof. Dr. Hacer ANSAL

Information Technologies Assist. Prof. Dr. Ziya PERDAHCI

Mathematics Prof. Dr. Saadet ERBAY

Physics Prof. Dr. Rahmi GÜVEN

Psychology Prof. Dr. Fatma Gülden GÜVENÇ

^ Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Economics Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin KARAASLAN

International Relations Assist.Prof. Dr. Salih BIÇAKCI

Management Prof. Dr. Toker DERELİ

Faculty of Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering Assoc.Prof. Dr. Ercan SOLAK

Electronics Engineering Prof. Dr. Ahmet AKSEN

Industrial Engineering Assoc.Prof. Seyhun ALTUNBAY

Mechanical Engineering Prof. Dr. Ahmet ARAN

^ English as Foreign Language Program Serdar TUĞCU




Deputy Secretary General Naciye ARSAL

Registrar and Student Affairs Department Berrin KOCAYURT
Computer Center Cemal KAPLAN (acting)

Finance Department Mehmet İLDEM

Health, Culture and Sports Department Asil Barış BAĞ (acting)

Library Hakan KAPUCU (acting)

Personnel Department Sema BAKKAL

Physical Facilities Department Murat KARAÇAY (acting)

Records and Communications Department Naciye ARSAL


The Rector, as chief officer of the University, presides over the Senate and the University Executive Council. The Rector reports to the Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees is appointed by the Board of the Feyziye Schools Foundation.

The Senate is the principal academic body, comprised of the vice rector, deans, directors of graduate schools and three representatives elected by the three faculties. The chief executive body of the University is the University Executive Council, which consists of deans and three professors elected by the University Senate. Vice rector attends these meetings without the power to vote.

Matters relating to teaching and examinations are dealt with by the Boards of Faculties and Graduate Schools. Each Faculty or Graduate School has its own Executive Council and Board.


Empowered by its long heritage in education, Işık University envisions itself as a socially-responsible, world-class university, raising young generations who enligthen the future.


Işık University's mission is to be an academically sound institution
providing a comprehensive undergraduate education that responds to
the needs of a changing world. It also offers selectively focused graduate
programs that lend support both to research and to undergraduate
education. Işık’s institutional structures uphold the commitment to
being research-active in particular subject areas and to encouraging
scholarship in all fields. Işık University is a growing institution with a commitment to self improvement and the culture of academic quality. Aiming at obtaining financial support from multiple sources of income Işık University is also aware of the significance of rendering community service and convinced of its mutual benefits.


  • A secular and modern identity

  • Respect for academic ethical values

  • A culture that values quality and performance

  • International norms

  • Student-centered education



Işık University stands for rigorous education and sound knowledge in engineering, the natural and social sciences, and fine arts. Language of instruction at Işık University is English, except for the Faculty of Fine Arts. It provides students the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities in sports, arts, and culture. Such activities help generate attitudes and behavior that will enable students to become thoughtful citizens. Işık University is the first Turkish university to be fully committed to a written guideline of quality in education. This guideline also defines its standards for faculty employment; and each department has strict criteria for its faculty members. Işık University demands that its faculty members produce publications in SCI, SSCI, AHCI journals, and that their books be submitted to rigorous peer reviews, in turn it rewards faculty members whose research passes this test. Işık University has a student to full and part time faculty member ratio of 18 to 1, and undergraduate classes are kept at 60 students or less per course or section. This is done because we at Işık believe small class sizes offer students the highest quality of instruction at all levels, and a greater opportunity for class participation.

Işık University considers scientific research as keystone of academic endeavor. Faculty members and graduate students are encouraged to design and execute their research projects, participate in international research teams, such as those that are promoted in the European Union, and continue their research contacts in the United States, where most faculty members earned their Ph. D. and other graduate degrees.

Undergraduate students are encouraged to take part in various student clubs, which are active in several fields of sports, arts, and culture. Student clubs are organized and managed by undergraduate students, where students are expected to learn how to establish, operate, and sustain partnerships, through their voluntary participation. There are indoor basketball and volleyball courts, open air basketball, volleyball, soccer, and tennis courts available to students every day for long hours throughout the year. In summer, beach volley and other sea-related sporting activities are also provided for.




Afyon, Zeynep. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1997 Boğaziçi University; MA: 2006 Marmara University

Akbulut, Selçuk. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 2000 Selçuk University

^ Akça, Mehmet Devrim. Asst.Prof. (FAS)

BS: 1997 Karadeniz Technical University; MS: 2000 Karadeniz Technical University; PhD: 2007 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)

Akdeniz, Halil. Prof.(FFA)

BA: 1965 Institute of Education Ankara Gazi Fine Arts Department; Berlin State Academy of Fine Arts; MA: 1982 Ege University; PhD: 1987 Bilkent University

^ Akkirpik, Feyza. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1993 Istanbul University

Aksen, Ahmet. Prof. (FE)

BS: 1981 Middle East Technical University; MS: 1985 Middle East Technical University; PhD: 1994 Ruhr University

Aksezer, Sezgin Çağlar. Asst.Prof. (FE)

BS: 1995 Yıldız Technical University; MS: 2000 Northeastern University;

PhD: 2003 Northeastern University

^ Aktosun, Ece Ceylan. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1989 Hacettepe University

Altunbay, Seyhun. Assoc. Prof. (FE)

BS: 1969 Middle East Technical University; MS: 1972 Middle East Technical University;

PhD: 1985 Istanbul Technical University

^ Anılanmert, Beril. Prof. (FFA)

BA: 1968 Istanbul State Academiy of Fine Arts; MA: 1974 Istanbul State Academiy of Fine Arts; PhD: 1976 Mimar Sinan University

Antczak, Stephen Chester. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1984 San Francico State University.

^ Anlı, Murat Osman. Asst.Prof. (FE)

BS: 1994 Istanbul Technical University; MS: 1997 Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute; PhD: 2003 Boston University

Ansal, K. Hacer. Prof. (FAS)

BS: 1972 Boğaziçi University; MS: 1978 Northwestern University; PhD: 1988 Sussex University

^ Aran, Ahmet. Prof (FE)

MS:1970 İstanbul Technical University; PhD: 1979 İstanbul Technical University;

Atan, Tankut. Asst. Prof. (FE)

BS: 1989 Boğaziçi University; MS: 1993 Iowa State University; PhD: 1997 Iowa State University.

^ Ateş, Hasan Fehmi. Asst.Prof. (FE)

BS: 1998 Bilkent University; MA: 2000 Princeton University; PhD: 2004 Princeton University

Avcı, İsmail. Prof. (FFA)

BA: 1963 Institute of Education Ankara Gazi Fine Arts Department; PhD: 1986 Marmara University

^ Ayaşlı, Nüket. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1974 Hacettepe University; MA: 1978 Hacettepe University

Belül, Eser. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 2002 Istanbul University

Benderli, Eren. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 2001 İstanbul University

^ Bıçakçı, A.Salih. Asst.Prof. (FEAS)

BA: 1994 Marmara University; MA: 1996 Marmara University; PhD: 2004 Tel Aviv University

Bıyıkoğlu, Türker. Asst.Prof. (FAS)

Diplom: 2000 Technical of Graz University; PhD: 2003 University of Vienna

^ Bilir, Handan. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1996 Middle East Technical University; MA: 2003 Marmara University

Boray, Tomris. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1995 Boğaziçi University

Boyns, Andy. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1988 University of Surrey

^ Bozdoğan, Seyit. Dr. (FFA)

BA: 1967 Mimar Sinan University; MA: 1973 Berlin State Academy Fundamentals of Art Education; PhD: 1983 Mimar Sinan University

Bozkır, Celile. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 2002 University of Dumlupınar; MA: 2006 University of Marmara

^ Celep, Ödül. Dr. (FEAS)

BA: 1998  Boğaziçi University; MA: 2003 Binghamton University(SUNY); PhD: 2006 Binghamton University (SUNY)

Cezzaroğlu, Seher. Instructor (EFL)

BS: 1996 Boston University MS: 2004 Illinois Institute of Technology.

^ Coşkun, Vedat. Asst.Prof. (FAS)

BS: 1984 Turkish Naval Academy; MS: 1990 Naval Post Graduate School; PhD: 1998 Yıldız Technical University

Çimen, Ebru Gürsu. Dr. (FE)

BS: 1992 Gazi University; MS: 1994 Istanbul University; PhD: 2000 Istanbul University

^ Davud, Berin. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 2004 Bilkent University MA: 2006 University of Exeter

Demir, Yasemin. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1999 Boğaziçi University

Demiralp, Seda. Asst.Prof . (FEAS)

BA: 2001  Boğaziçi University; MA: 2006 American University; PhD: 2008 American University

^ Demiray, Hilmi. Prof. (FAS)

BA: 1966 Istanbul Technical University; MA: 1967 Istanbul Technical University; PhD: 1971 Princeton University

Denker, Hulisi. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1986 Hacettepe University; MA: 1998 Doğu Akdeniz University

^ Densteadt, John. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1981 California State University; MA: 1990 Loyola Marymount University; MA: 1995 Boğaziçi University

Dereli, Toker. Prof. (FEAS)

BA: 1959 İstanbul University; MS: 1964 Cornell University; PhD: 1965 Istanbul University.


Çelik, Duygu. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 2001 Dumlupınar University

^ Ekin, Emine. Dr. (FE)

BS: 1995 Dokuz Eylül University; MS: 1999 İzmir Institute of Technology; PhD: 2006 Dokuz Eylül University

Ekinci, Ekrem. Prof. (FE)

BS: 1971 Robert College; MS: 1972 University of Newcastle upon Tyne; PhD: 1976 University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

^ Eray, Esma Asuman. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1989 Marmara University; MS: 1995 Aston University.

Erbay, Hüsnü Ata. Prof. (FAS)

BS: 1980 Istanbul Technical University; MS: 1982 Istanbul Technical University; PhD: 1988 Istanbul Technical University

^ Erbay, Saadet. Prof. (FAS)

BS: 1980 Istanbul Technical University; MS: 1982 Istanbul Technical University; PhD: 1988 Istanbul Technical University

Erçetin, Gül.Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1997 Ege University

Erdem, Basri. Prof. (FFA)

BA: 1985 Institute of Education Ankara Gazi Fine Arts Department; PhD: 1987 Marmara University

Erdemci, Ayşe Yasemin. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1982 Boğaziçi University; MS: 1995 Aston University

Erksan, Metin. Instructor (FFA)

BA: 1956 Istanbul University Faculty of Arts and Social Science Department

Eskil, Mustafa Taner. Asst.Prof. (FE)

BS: 1997 Boğaziçi University; MS: 2000 Boğaziçi University; PhD: 2004 Michigan State University

Falcıoğlu, Pınar. Dr. (FEAS)

BA: 1994 Dokuz Eylül University; MA: 1998 Marmara University; Ph.D.: 2007 Işık University

^ Ferman, Murat. Prof. (FEAS)

BA: 1983 Istanbul University; MsC: 1984 Istanbul University; PhD: 1987 Istanbul University; MSBA: 1986 Virginia Polytechnic and State University

Gezgin, Ahmet Öner. Prof. (FFA)

BA: 1970 State Academiy of Fine Arts; MA: 1977 Kassel University; PhD: 1988 Mimar Sinan University

^ Gökçe, Gündüz. Prof. (FFA)

BA : 1961 State Academiy of Fine Arts; PhD : 1969 Mimar Sinan University

Gölönü, Gündüz. Prof. (FFA)

BA: 1961 State Academy of Fine Arts; PhD: 1970 Mimar Sinan University

Gönensay, Emre. Prof. (FEAS)

BA: 1957 Robert College; MA: 1960 Columbia University; PhD: 1967 London School of Economics.

^ Gözlüklü, Gila Instructor (EFL)

BA: 2000 Boğaziçi University; MA: 2004 Boğaziçi University; MA: University of Sidney

Gül, Mısra Çağla. Dr. (FEAS)

BS: 1995 Boğaziçi University; MBA: 2005 Georgia State University; PhD: 2008 Boğaziçi University

^ Güneş, Yunus. Asst. Prof. (FFA)

BA: Institute of Istanbul Education; MA: 1988 Mimar Sinan University; PhD: 1988 Marmara University

Güray, Sina. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 2002 Ege University MA: London Metropolitan University

Gürkan, Hakan. Asst. Prof. (FE)

BS: 1994 Istanbul Technical University; MS: 1998 Istanbul Technical University; PhD: 2005 Istanbul Technical University

Güven, Rahmi. Prof. (FAS)

BS: 1970 Middle East Technical University; MS: 1973 Middle East Technical University; PhD: 1976 Middle East Technical University

Güvenç, Fatma Gülden. Prof.(FAS)

BS:1972 Hacettepe University; MA: 1981 Hacettepe University; PhD: 1989 Hacettepe University

Güz, Ümit. Asst.Prof. (FE)

BS: 1994 Istanbul University; MS: 1997 Istanbul University; PhD: 2002 Istanbul University

^ Hamilton, Gillian. Instructor (EFL)

B.Ed: 1994 Heriot-Watt University

Hasanoğlu, Elman. Prof. (FAS)

BS: 1971 Azerbaijan State University; MS: 1971 Azerbaijan State University; PhD: On Mathematics 1973 High Attestation Commission of Former USSR; Dr Sc: On Physics 1992 High Attestation Commission of Former USSR

Hicks, James C. Instructor (EFL)

B.Ed: 1973 Vancouver University.

^ Itır, Beğen. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 2004 Bilkent University; MA: 2006 Marmara University

İnan, Esin. Prof. (FAS)

BS: 1965 Istanbul Technical University; MS: 1966 Istanbul Technical University; PhD: 1970 Istanbul Technical University

İnanç, Özlem. Dr. (FEAS)

BS:1998 Hacettepe University; MA:2001 Hacettepe University; MS: 2003 Louisiana State University; PhD:2007 Louisiana State University

İslimyeli, Balkan Naci. Prof. (FFA)

BA: 1972 Marmara University; PhD: 1986 Marmara University

İstefanopulos, Yorgo. Prof. (FE)

BS: 1967 American Robert College; MS: 1969 Massachusetts Institute of Technology;

PhD: 1972 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

^ Karaaslan, Emin Mehmet. Prof. (FEAS)

BA: 1984 Boğaziçi University; MA: 1985 Boğaziçi University; PhD: 1991 Washington State University

Karakurt, İsmail. Assoc.Prof. (FAS)

BS: 1991 İstanbul Technical University; MS: 1996 Case Western Reserve University; PhD: 2000 Case Western Reserve University

^ Karaman, Mustafa. Prof. (FE)

BS: 1986 Middle East Technical University; MS: 1988 Bilkent University; PhD: 1992 Bilkent University

Karayaz, Gamze. Asst.Prof. (FEAS)

BA:1993 Dokuz Eylül University; ME: 2002 Old Dominion University; PhD: 2006 Old Dominion University.

Kaya, Onur. Asst.Prof. (FE)

BS: 1999 Bilkent University; MS: 2002 University of Maryland, ABD; PhD: 2005 University of Maryland

^ Kaytaz, Mehmet. Prof. (FEAS)

BA: 1972 Boğaziçi University; MA: 1974 University of Manchester; PhD: 1978 University of Nottingham

Kayankulak, Zeynep. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1997 Edith Cowan University; MBA: 2000  Edith Cowan University

^ Kayankulak, Zuhal. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 2002 Curtin University

Kesen, Yasemin. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 2007 Boğaziçi University

Kıyak, Nafiye Güneç. Prof. (FAS)

BS: 1976 Istanbul University; MS: 1982 Istanbul Technical University; PhD: 1988 Anadolu University

^ Kızıltan, Mübeccel. Asst.Prof. (FAS)

BA: 1973 Ankara University; MA: 1987 Boğaziçi University; PhD: 1991 Istanbul University

Koloğlugil, Serhat. Dr. (FEAS)

BA: 2003 Boğaziçi University; MA: 2005 University of California, Riverside; PhD: 2008 University of California, Riverside

^ Kuralı, Murat. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1975 Ankara University MA: 1981 Hacettepe University

Kuralı, Oya. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1986 Boğaziçi University

Lamaison, Jeremy. Instructor (EFL)

BS: 1979 University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology.

^ Markoç, Nihan. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1994 Boğaziçi University; MA: 1997 Boğaziçi University

Öner, Mustafa Mengüç. Asst.Prof. (FE)

BS: 1998 Boğaziçi University; MS: 2001 Karlsruhe University; PhD: 2004 Karlsruhe University

Özcan, F. Su. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1994 Eskişehir Anatolian University; RSA Dip: 1996 University of Cambridge, UCLES

Özdener, Berrak. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 2001 Istanbul University; MEd: 2005 Troy University                  

Öztürk, Ayşegül. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1999 Boğaziçi University; MA: 2004 Essex University.

Öztürk, Kaan. Dr. (FAS)

BS: 1996 Boğaziçi University; MS: 1999 Boğaziçi University; PhD: 2004 Rice University

Öztürk, Meral. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1998 Boğaziçi University; MA: 2001 Boğaziçi University

^ Pektaş, Hasip. Prof. (FFA)

BA: 1974 Institute of Education Ankara Gazi Fine Arts Department; PhD: 1995 Hacettepe University

Perdahçı, N.Ziya. Asst.Prof. (FAS)

BS: 1993 Boğaziçi University; MS: 1996 Boğaziçi University; PhD: 2002 Boğaziçi University

^ Pesen, Aydın. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1977 Istanbul University.

Pirie, Louise. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1993 Sheffield Hallam University

Polat Karakaya, Rabia. Asst.Prof. (FEAS)

BA: 1999 Boğaziçi University; PhD: 2004 De Montfort University

^ Rende, Sevinç. Asst.Prof.(FEAS)

BA:1994 Boğaziçi University; MA:1998 Eastern Michigan University;

PhD: 2006 University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Ryan, Dermot. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1994 Limerick School of Art and Design

^ Saraçoğlu, Aslı. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1998 Istanbul University.

Sarıca-Soykut, Yeşim Pınar. Dr (FEAS)

BS:2000 Işık University;MS:2002 Işık University; PhD: 2008 Işık University

Satak, Görkem. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1999, Istanbul University; MA: 2003, Long Island University

^ Savaş, Selçuk. Asst.Prof. (FE)

BS: 1993 Bilkent University; MS: 1995 University at Buffalo (SUNY); PhD: 2000 University at Buffalo (SUNY)

Sezer, Feride Evren. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 2001, Boğaziçi University; MA: 2005, Boğaziçi University

^ Shields, Mark. Dr. (FAS)

BA: 1971 University of Illinois, MA: 1980 Brown University, PhD: 1986 Brown University

Solak, Ercan. Assoc.Prof. (FE)

BA: 1994 Bilkent University; MS: 1996 Bilkent University; PhD: 2001 Bilkent University

^ Susanlı, Z. Bilgen. Dr. (FEAS)

BA: 2001 Boğaziçi University; MBA: 2003 Boğaziçi University; MA: 2005 Georgetown University; PhD: 2009 Georgetown University

Şakar, Asım. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1996 Hacettepe University; MA: 2003 Boğaziçi University.

Şarlak, Evangelia. Assoc.Prof. (FAS)

BA: 1986 Istanbul University; MA: 1996 Istanbul Technical University; PhD: 2001 Istanbul Technical University

Şenel, Tuba F. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1999 Marmara University; MA: 2006 Marmara University

Şen-Taşbaşı, Aslı. Dr. (FEAS)

BA: 1998 Istanbul University; MA: 2002 Yıldız Technical University; PhD: 2009 Marmara University

^ Tek, Boray. Asst.Prof. (FE)

BS: 2000 Başkent University; MS: 2002 METU; PhD: 2007 University of Westminster University

Tekcan, Süleyman Saim. Prof. (FFA)

BA: 1963 Institute of Education Ankara Gazi Fine Arts Department; MA: 1963 Mimar Sinan University; PhD: 1968 Mimar Sinan University

^ Thornton, Maura. Instructor (EFL)

BS: 1983 Warwick University; BA: 1989  Portsmouth University

Tiryakioğlu, Turan. Instructor (FEAS)

BA: 1971 Robert College; MA: 1974 Memphis State University

Tözün, Alev. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1997 Hacettepe University.

^ Tuğal, Sibel. Instructor (FFA)

BS : 1985 Istanbul Technical University Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Tuğcu, Serdar. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1978 Hacettepe University.

Tuncay-Çelikel, Aslı. Dr (FEAS)

BS:2001 Işık University;MS:2002 Işık University; PhD: 2009 Işık University

^ Turan Pir, Feraye. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1995 Hacettepe University; MA: 1998 Hacettepe University

Türköz, Meltem. Asst. Prof. (FAS)

BA: 1984 Sarah Lawrence College; MA: 1987 University of Houston; PhD: 2004 University of Pennsylvania.

Ulusoy, Sarah Esra. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 2004 Bilkent University; Teaching English Certificate: 2004 Hacettepe University; MSc: 2005 Edinburgh University

Uzun, Banu. Asst. Prof. (FAS)

BS: 1993 Istanbul Technical University; MS: 1995 Istanbul Technical University; PhD: 1999 Leeds University

^ Vardar, Öktem. Prof. (FE)

BS: 1971 Robert College; MS: 1972 University of California, Berkeley; PhD: 1975 University of California, Berkeley

Yıldız, Olcay Taner. Asst.Prof. (FE)

BS: 1997 Boğaziçi University; MS: 2000 Boğaziçi University; PhD: 2005 Boğaziçi University

^ Yüksel, S. Aydın. Asst.Prof. (FEAS)

BA: 1989 Boğaziçi University; MA: 1992 Boğaziçi University; Ph.D: 2000 Michigan State University

Yüksel, Hakan. Dr. (FEAS)

BS:1996 Istanbul University; CPIM:1197 Istanbul University; MA:2002 Istanbul University; PhD:2007 Işık University

^ Winfeld, Sandra Darlene. Instructor (EFL)

BA: 1992 University of Victoria.

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