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风时有有时无,但很大。没多久Susan的伞就被吹成了喇叭伞。The wind was fitful, but very strong, and Susan’s umbrella soon blew inside out.

"Harmony generates vitality". This means that only with mutual interaction and enrichment can different civilizations rejuvenate and continue to grow.

"Harmony is most precious". This means that mutual help and friendly co-existence between states, nations and people should be our ultimate pursuit.

"It is a concept that parallels the economy, politics and culture, which are all independent and closely related to one another at the same time.

"It features democracy, the rule of law, equity, justice, sincerity, amity and vitality, as President Hu Jintao previously defined it."

填写选票 write a ballot

无记名投票 secrete ballot

记名投票 open ballot

电子表决系统 electronic voting system

不管他们是投赞成票、反对票还是弃权票。no matter they vote pro or con or choose to abstain

投反对票或弃权票cast a vote of opposition or abstention;vote con or choose to abstain

禁赌 ban gambling;prohibit gambling activities

制定标准把正常的娱乐活动和赌博区分开来 set up parameters to differentiate normal entertainment activities from gambling activities

威慑作用 deterrent effect:使该法更具威慑作用 enable the law to have more of a " deterrent effect,"

量刑 measurement of penalty

网上赌博和境外赌博 gambling on the Internet and or gambling outside the Chinese mainland

严禁卖淫嫖娼的决定Decision on Strictly Prohibiting Prostitution and Whorehouse Visiting

"The connotation of 'a harmonious society' means harmony in social relations, human relations, the social atmosphere and social causes," Jing explained.

(Not Currently Engaged in Education, Employment or Training or Not in Education, Employment or Training); boomerang baby/child/kid (还巢儿(陆谷孙)《英汉大第二版》) 啃老族群体NEET group 啃老族现象 the boomerang child phenomenon这个啃老族已经30岁了,但仍然依靠他的父母生活。This Neet is already 30 years old but still lives off his parents.

(房子内)生活区 utility area

?? sensory/apparent/felt air temperature


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“啃老族”指既没有上学也没有或接受职业技能培训但必须依靠父母养活的青年人。在英国中,“NEET”指啃老族的一员,“NEET group”指啃老族群体。“NEET”是“Not Currently Engaged in Education, Employment or Training ”或“Not in Education, Employment or Training”的缩略语。美国英语则称之为“boomerang child/kid”。 The boomerang child phenomenon has become a social problem on a nationwide scale.”(啃老族现象已成为全国性的社会问题。)

盾构机 Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) 土压平衡盾构隧道技术 EPB(Earth Pressure Balance TBM (Pressurized TBMs, EPB) 泥水加压平衡盾构机 (Slurry Shield TBM) TBM硬岩全断面隧道盾构机 TBM for hard rock

肠道病毒 enterovirus 71 (EV71)

手足口疾病 hand, foot and mouth disease: The outbreak of enterovirus 71, a type of hand, foot and mouth disease that children are susceptible to, is another headache for Beijing as it prepares for the Beijing Olympic Games in August.

Chen Zhu, the health minister, will head a team which will try to find effective measures to curtail the spread of the EV-71 diseases from extending to other areas.

International Autism Awareness Day April 2, 2008


March 22 International Pillow Fighting Day 国 际 枕 头 大 战 日People fight with pillows in the centre of Budapest during the second International Pillow Fighting Day March 22, 2008.

每年8月最后一个星期三,在西班牙巴伦西亚地区的布尼奥尔小镇都举行一年一度的民间传统节日番茄节——“番茄大战”(Tomatina - Tomato Fight)。“参战”和“观战”的人数达4万多人。

意大利的桔子大战 Ivrea Carnival and Orange Fight意大利伊夫雷亚镇每年都要举办一场“桔子大战”,用桔子互相投掷,以模仿中世纪意大利仇家之间的角斗。但该节日的具体渊源还不清楚,因为该小镇所处的意大利阿尔卑斯山脉并不生长桔子。

Maria Nafpliotou, the High Priestess of the Flame-lighting Ceremony in Ancient Olympia lights the Olympic flame at a rehearsal before the Lighting Ceremony for the Beijing Olympic Games in ancient Olympia, Greece March 22, 2008. The ceremony will be officially held at 11 o' clock a.m. on Monday local time.

Frank Hsieh (谢长廷)from the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and his running mate Su Tseng-chang(苏贞昌), are competing to be Taiwan's next leaders with Ma Ying-jeou(马英九), former KMT party chairman, and Vincent Siew (萧万长)

Make a pit stop


板凳队员 benchwarmer;substitute: 替补力量最强的球队 the team with the best bench 替补力量很强的球队 a team with a strong bench


三分 3-point : 三分连续八投不中 miss eight consecutive 3-point shots

三分线 the 3-point arc

扩大防守 extend the defense

防守相当出色 play pretty good defense

遣散费;裁员费 redundancy pay; AmE severance pay

虐妻者;虐妻狂 wife beater

虐子者;虐子狂 child beater

Red-hot/sizzling Rockets 热情高涨的火箭队


Rob-cat Doraem

动漫大使 "anime ambassador"


Japan's beloved cartoon robo-cat Doraemon took on a new role Wednesday as an "anime ambassador" in a bid to promote the nation's culture.

压哨三分 3-pointer at buzzer

两脚离和 double-declutch; AmE double-clutch [(汽车换档时)踏两次离和器踏板]: release and re-engage the clutch of a vehicle twice when changing gear ()

奥步 [ǎo bǒu] dirty tricks来自台湾,与台湾的选举密不可分,每一届的选举总会出现许多被称之为“奥步”的东西。这是闽南语中的一个词,意思是“不好的招数”、“烂招”、“贱招”

印数(一次印刷)print run

严禁疲劳驾车 fatigue driving/drowsy driving prohibited
上证指数(上海证券交易所指数) SSE (Shanghai Stock Exchange) Composite Index
电视电话会议 videophone conference
老赖(欠钱不还) deadbeat (They are New York's Cheapest: an elite collection of wealthy fraudsters and deadbeats who owe more than $1 million each in state income taxes.)
模拟炒股 simulation stock trading, mock stock trading (Online simulation stock trading games have become a big hit on college campuses.)

电子菜单 e-menu:


底薪 base pay (Base pay is the fixed compensation paid to an employee for performing specific job responsibilities. It is typically paid as a salary, hourly or piece rate.)
人才储备 talent pool (Preferential policies aside, investors nowadays are looking more and more at the overall environment of a city or region when deciding where to put money. Legal framework, access to market, labor costs, talent pool and transportation are among the most important index for gauging.)
双核家庭 dual-core family (This refers to a family where both husband and wife are only children or the single "core" of their respective families before they got married. The new family, of course, has two "cores" as neither of the couple knows how to behave not as a "core" in a family.)
恐韩症 Koreaphobia (Koreaphobia is an expectation of being beaten by Korea.)
头皮屑 dandruff
保健品 health supplements
2008国 际 旅 游 小 姐the Miss Tourism International 2008

对冲基金hedge fund

次级住房贷款 subprime home loans

次级住房贷款相关的证券 subprime-linked securities


雪灾snow disaster

暴雪snow storm

水立方Water Cube

京珠高速 Beijing-Zhuhai Highway

奥运年 Year of the Olympic Games; Year of the Olympics; the/an Olympic year

冻雨 freezing rain

冰冻灾害deep-freeze disaster

上下统一思想,统一认识 achieve unity in thinking from leaders to the common people

开发式扶贫 development-orientated poverty reduction/allievation

文化软实力 soft power of Chinese culture

保健品 health supplements
低端产品 low-end product
节能灯 efficient lightbulb

时尚性感诱人的年轻女士; 因社交广泛而成名的女孩 it girl: 1. An It girl is a charming, sexy young woman, or one who has just broken into mainstream cinema and attends parties all the time. The reign of an "It girl" is usually temporary; some of the rising it girls will either become a fully-fledged celebrity or her popularity will fade. The term "it boy", much less frequently used, is the male equivalent. 2. The writer William Donaldson observed that, having initially been coined in the 1920s, the term was applied in the 1990s to describe "a young woman of noticeable 'sex appeal' who occupied herself by shoe shopping and party-going" (Brewer's Rogues, Villains and Eccentrics, 2002). At around the same time the term posh tart was coined as a broad equivalent, though this tended to be reserved for those, such as Palmer-Tomkinson and Lady Victoria Hervey, daughter of the 6th Marquess of Bristol, who came from the "higher" echelons of society. 3. In the 2000's the phrase generally refers to a modified version of the Brewsters quote "an IT girl is a young woman of noticeable 'sex appeal' with rich parents who occupies herself by shoe and fashion shopping and party-going with accompanying media attention as they attend events at well known celebrity night spots, get arrested and spend time in rehab."

服务型政府 service-oriented government
动车组 MU (multiple unit); MUT (multi-unit train); CRH (China Railway High Speed) train; D-prefaced train sets (新牛津英英辞典); Train Set With Power Car: 动车组候车室 CRH train waiting room: bullet train (Bullet trains, with bullet-shaped locomotives, are designed based on aerodynamic theories, allowing the train to run at a high speed. China launched its first batch of homemade bullet trains on April 18, which can run at 200 kilometers per hour.)

社会新阶层 the emerging social strata

景观灯 landscape lights

同性恋 homosexual; gay (男); lesbian (女;拉拉)

异性恋 heterosexual; straight

双性恋 bisexual

播客 (音频) podcast(iPOD+broadCAST): 播主 podcaster

视频播客vidcast: (VIDeo podCAST) A video clip designed to be viewed in a portable device. Also called a "vcast" and "videocast," a vidcast is the video counterpart of a podcast and uses the same RSS syndication method for delivering material to users. See podcast and vlog.

Video bLOG) A Weblog (blog) that includes video clips to be downloaded and viewed immediately or transferred to a portable player. Also called a "vog," "vid-blog" and "movie blog," the vlog can be exclusively videos with text used only for captions, or text entries may be included. A venue for people who like to remix audio, video and graphics in some artistic expression, as well as novice and experienced videographers and movie makers, the material is distributed in popular video formats such as Windows Media, QuickTime and Flash. See blog, audioblog and vidcast.

Audioblog: A blog that includes audio clips in MP3, AAC or other audio format with brief text descriptions of their content. If the audioblog is made available in a syndication format such as RSS, it is a podcast.

潜规则 casting couch (in show biz) (be forced to have sex with influential figures to promote one’s career); default rule (Since most sculptures on public land do not allow body contact, so to speak, you can assume the default rule is "No". ); hidden rule; secrecy rule

公筷 serving chopsticks (from our own dictionary)

公勺 service spoon (from lunguageChinadaily a wrong expression); serving spoon

春运 (passenger ) transport during the Spring Festival

祝您在2008里有"鼠"不尽的快乐,"鼠"不尽的钞票!May the year 2008 bring you endless RATtling joy with your cash tills RATtling to no end!   ;May your joy and fortune come RAT-tling in with the year 2008.

暗恋某人 carry a torch for somebody old-fashioned to secretly love and admire someone
感伤恋歌 torch song: a very sad song about love: torch singer

抢险抗灾 emergency and disaster relief

抢险救援emergency rescue

防汛抢险emergency flood fighting

急救措施 emergency measures

救灾disaster relief

扶贫poverty relief

抗旱drought relief

门票 admission

月票 month-long pass

年票 yearlong/year-long pass

季票 season ticket

艳照门 nude picture scandal (Edison Chen said on Thursday that he would step away from the Hong Kong entertainment industry, in his first public appearance since a nude picture scandal broke in January. )
内衣外穿 underwear as outerwear (As a fashion statement, underwear as outerwear is hardly breaking news; it possesses, as Valerie Steele and Hollander have observed, a long history.)
夜店 night entertainment venue
赠票 complimentary ticket
去蒋化 De-Chiang Kai-shek
邻家女孩 the girl next door

亚洲最大的美国次贷证券持有者 largest holder of US subprime securities

美国次贷风险敞口 US subprime exposure


China's banking regulator has convened a task force to monitor US subprime exposure at Chinese banks as they prepare for larger-than-expected losses on those holdings, senior officials told the Financial Times yesterday.

主权财富基金 sovereign wealth funds


Thelaba porridge is not only a yummy traditional rite in China to mark the laba festival but also a delicacy good for health.


腊八粥,表达为“laba porridge”;“la”即“腊”,农历12月就是“腊月”,即“12th lunar month”。腊八就是腊月初八,这天要喝的腊八粥也称八宝粥,即“babao porridge(eight treasures)”。

腊八粥由多种食才熬制,但所用材料各地不同,主要成分包括糯米glutinous rice, 红小豆red beans, 薏米millets, 大米Chinese sorghum 莲子lotus seeds 枣dates 栗子chestnuts 核桃 walnut 杏仁almonds 花生peanuts 等。




仇富 affluent abhorring; affluent abhorrence

台湾入联台公投Taiwan's referendum on UN seat/membership

法理台独 de jure independence: Chen's push for the referendum is widely believed to be an attempt to move the island toward de jure independence.

价格干预政策 price-intervention measures

独立结构性投资The extent of damage in credit markets from recent turmoil was starkly underlined yesterday when the credit rating of one of the largest independent structured investment vehicles was slashed by 13 notches.

美国司法部监察长谴责FBI对秘密调查经费管理不善,从而导致该机构经常发生盗用公款和乱开发票的事件。The Justice Department's Inspector general faulted the FBI for poor handling of money used in undercover investigations, which it said made the agency vulnerable to theft and mishandled invoices.

电信资费 telecommunication cost/charges

手机用户 phone/mobile users

话费账单 phone bills

资费套餐 pricing package

单向收费 one-way charge system

接听免费 free incoming call

低腰露臀裤 hiphuggers

注射死刑 lethal injection: 使用注射死刑 use lethal injection

枪决死刑 gunshot execution

灰指甲 ringworms of the nails

手机铃声焦虑症 ringxiety


无毒不丈夫real men have to be ruthless

她这才生是他的人,死是他的鬼。Alive, her body belonged to him; dead, she was his ghost.

最差穿着榜 the worst-dressed list

辣妹Spice girl

蓝天blue sky: 实现2007年蓝天目标 attains "blue sky" goal for 2007 迎来2007年第246个蓝天 (of a place) see its 246th blue sky in 2007 给某城带来了期待已久的蓝天bring a city a much-awaited "blue-sky" day 期待最后一个蓝天 anticipate the last 'blue sky' day有291个蓝天日 have 291 "blue-sky" days

重度污染日 heavily-polluted day

GOV.cn Monday, December 31, 2007

Beijing, the host city of the 2008 Olympic Games, saw its 246th blue sky in 2007 Monday, narrowly fulfilling its annual target of 245 by just one day more.

A strong cold front dispersed a persistent fog Friday and brought the city a much-awaited "blue-sky" day since Sunday.

"We anticipated the last 'blue sky' day more than 10 days ago, but lingering fog and sandstorms frustrated us in the past week," said Du Shaozhong, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection. Du said he had been worried that the target would be missed.

The accomplishment means Beijing's air quality will have shown steady improvement for nine straight years. Last year, Beijing had 241 "blue sky" days.

As the Olympic Games near, Beijing has intensified its efforts to curb air pollution. The city planned to have 245 days with fairly good air quality in 2007, or two thirds of the total days.

Beijing had more "blue sky" days in January, September, October and November 2007 than in the corresponding months last year, according to statistics compiled by the environment watchdog.

Statistics also show that although the number of "blue-sky" days did not increase dramatically, there were also fewer extremely bad air days. Beijing recorded only three heavily-polluted days this year, in sharp contrast with last year's 13.

The capital launched a drive called "Defending the Blue Sky" in 1998, when it only had 100 days of fairly good air quality.

The Olympic host city aims to have 70 percent of the days in 2008 up to the standard. "That means there should be at least 11 more 'blue sky' days," Du said.

Beijing has been working to reduce pollution and improve the air quality to ensure a "Green Olympics."

For example, the municipal government cut public transport fares in an attempt to lure local residents out of their private cars, which could cut auto emissions. The city also converted 18,000 outdated coal-fired boilers and installed electrical heaters in 20,000 detached houses, replacing coal-heated devices.

Beijing is also considering traffic controls during the Olympics, in which drivers with even- and odd-numbered license plates, except taxis, buses and emergency vehicles, would only be able to drive on alternate days. Offenders would be fined.

During a test of this proposal conducted from Aug. 17-20, about 1.3 million cars were taken off the city roads each day and the amount of pollutants discharged was cut by 5,815.2 tons, according to a report by the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau.

Complaints of dust from construction sites down 30%

Beijing has seen a 30 percent decrease in residents' complaints about airborne debris around construction sites in the first 11 months of this year compared with a year earlier, the municipal environment authorities said Sunday.

The city fined 7,467 construction sites in 2007 for failing to control dust, involving a total of about 10 million yuan (1.3 million U.S. dollars), according to the municipal environmental watchdog. The city also fined more than 4,000 illegal outdoor barbeques and rubbish incineration facilities.

The city attained its goal of 245 "blue sky" days for 2007 on Sunday, when a cold front helped the city hit an annual air quality improvement target just two days before the year ends.

Statistics also show that although the number of "blue-sky" days did not increase dramatically, Beijing recorded only three heavily-polluted days this year, sharply down from last year's 13.

The Chinese capital launched a drive, "Defending the Blue Sky," in 1998, when it only had 100 days of fairly good air quality. The Olympic host city aims to make 70 percent of the days in 2008 meet the standard.

Editor: Yao Siyan

Source: Xinhua

我们希望能提高学童步行上学的安全性,并减少接送的车辆。We hope to increase the safety of children who walk to school and cut the number of cars doing the school run (开车接送).


UBS yesterday became the second big investment bank in a fortnight to be bailed out by a sovereign wealth fund when it announced a SFr19.4bn ($17.2bn) recapitalisation plan after revealing another $10bn of losses on subprime mortgage securities.

贺岁大片 New Year blockbuster

股票市场散户 individual stock investor
成人用品店 adult shop
成名歌曲 break-out song, break-out single
霸王条款 inequality / imparity clause
(歌手的)出道歌曲 first / debut single
五局三胜 best of five (A best-of-five playoff is a competition between two teams head-to-head which must win three games to win the series.)

假摔 dive; simulation (in football (soccer), hockey, etc. ) to fall deliberately when sb tackles you, so that the referee awards a foul:BrE (in football (soccer), hockey, etc. ) a deliberate fall that a player makes when sb tackles them, so that the referee awards a foul;simulation

打击低俗音像制品 crack down on vulgar video and audio products

手写板 writing pad

触屏(触摸屏幕) touch screen

触摸板 touch pad

手写屏幕 scratch pad:



英国《金融时报》马利德(Richard McGregor)北京报道

2007年12月19日 星期三















你的衣服起毛了。 Your coat is frayed.

粘扣 Velcro


浓缩的都是精品。 A little body often harbours a great soul.

孩子是父母的翻版。The kid is like a mirror image of his parent。Resemble; take after

暂住证 temporary residency permit

金猪年 golden pig year; the Year of Golden Pig

群殴 mass brawl

廉租房 low-rent housing

经济适用房 affordable housing

低收入家庭 lower-income household

个人所得税起征点 individual income tax cutoff point/threshold

不安全食品召回制度 recall system for unsafe products

民生 people's well-being; people's livelihood

企业社会责任 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

社会责任8000标准 social accountability 8000(SA8000)

SA8000 is an international standard for improving working conditions. Based on the principles of thirteen international human rights conventions, it is a tool to help apply these norms to practical work-life situations. Sufficiently specific to be used to audit companies and contractors alike in multiple industries and countries, SA8000 represents a major breakthrough: it was the first auditable social standard and creates a process that is truly independent (it is neither a government project, nor dominated by any single interest group).

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) (企业社会责任) is a concept that organizations, especially (but not only) corporations, have an obligation to consider the interests of customers, employees, shareholders, communities, and ecological considerations in all aspects of their operations. This obligation is seen to extend beyond their statutory obligation to comply with legislation.

CSR is closely linked with the principles of Sustainable Development, which argues that enterprises should make decisions based not only on financial factors such as profits or dividends, but also based on the immediate and long-term social and environmental consequences of their activities.

情侣表 his-and-hers watches; his and hers watches: 卡西欧情侣表 his and hers CASIO watches

燃油税 fuel tax: 征收燃油税impose a road fuel tax

对原油产品征税 introduce a tax on crude oil production

A senior Chinese official has reignited the long-running debate on the imposition of a road fuel tax, saying in a speech released yesterday the “the time was ripe now” for its introduction.

Zhu Zhigang, a vice-minister of finance, said the ministry also supported the introduction of a tax on crude oil production, starting at 5 per cent, to be raised later to 10 per cent. The ministry did not specify when the tax would take effect, saying “it should be imposed as soon as possible”.


The tax on crude oil production, in place of an existing levy based on volume, has been under discussion for some time and has already been factored into the valuations of listed Chinese oil companies, analysts said last night.

But the proposal for a new tax on petrol and diesel at the pump is much more controversial, and will struggle to find a necessary consensus to allow it to be implemented.

Any fuel tax would need the full support of Wen Jiabao, the premier, who has been widely criticised over the past two years for his refusal to push through tough and unpopular economic measures.

The central government formally decided about four years ago to impose a tax on fuel but has consistently delayed its application for fear of angering volatile consumers, such as taxi drivers, and poorer users of diesel, like farmers.

China's current inflationary spiral, even though it is almost entirely the result of higher food prices, is another reason for a further delay.

China's inflation hit an 11-year high of 6.9 per cent in November and the government wants to ensure it does not spread out of food into the broader economy.

But the countervailing arguments for the tax are equally strong, as Beijing is in the midst of a concerted push to force more efficient use of energy, something a tax rise would buttress.

The energy efficiency drive is also an environmental measure, another issue that the central government says should be at the heart of all policymaking.

“A fuel tax should promote energy saving. The longer you drive your car, then the higher the tax,” said Mr Zhu, according to a statement on the ministry's website.

China's pump prices are relatively low at present, because of the government's decision not to maintain parity with the recent surge in global prices.

整脊疗法 chiro·prac·tic / Ñ %kaIJrJU'pr&ktIk; NAmE Ñ -roU-/ noun[U] the medical profession which involves treating some diseases and physical problems by pressing and moving the bones in a person’s spine or joints; the work of a chiropractor

整脊师 chiro·prac·tor / Ñ 'kaIJrJUpr&ktJ(r); NAmE Ñ -roU-/ noun a person whose job involves treating some diseases and physical problems by pressing and moving the bones in a person’s spine or joints
—compare osteopath

chirp / Ñ tS3;p; NA

整骨师 osteo·path / Ñ 'QstiJp&T; NAmE Ñ 'A;s-/ noun a person whose job involves treating some diseases and physical problems by pressing and moving the bones and muscles

Some highlights of textmessages:

彩信服务 multimedia messaging service

彩信 multimedia message

彩铃 polyphonic ringtone

清仓大甩卖 slash prices for a clearance sale

双向收费机制 two-way charging scheme:
套餐packages : offer packages
手机用户 subscriber

远亲不如近邻 A near neighbour is better than a far-off relative.

远亲近邻不如对门 Neither a far-off relative nor a nearby neighbour are as good as one’s next door neighbour.

拉链 Zipper: 拉头clasp

拉链上的齿 teeth

最佳新人奖 award for the best new performer

交强险(机动车交通事故责任强制保险)Compulsory Traffic Accident Liability Insurance for Motor Vehicles

交通协管员 traffic police assistant

从厨房里传来的诱人的香味 a mouth-watering aroma coming from the kitchen

拉链 zip; zipper AmE: 给拉链上抹点肥皂会使它更好拉。A little soap on the zipper will make it run more easily. 我裙子上的拉链坏了。The zip on my skirt had broken.

拉上/拉开拉链do up/undo a zip;zip sth shut/open:你背后的拉链开了。Your zip's undone at the back.

对某事记忆力好/差 have a good/bad memory for sth: 特别不善于记名字 have a terrible memory for names

凭记忆作某事 do sth from memory: 凭记忆弹奏/演奏一首曲子 play a piece from memory

燃油税 fuel tax

以其人之道还治其人之身 give sb a dose/taste of their own medicine

正在服药治疗 be on medication (for one’s heart)

有药物效用 (of a vegetable/plant) have medicinal properties

刀子嘴, 豆腐心 be sharp-tongued but tender-hearted; be hard outside but soft inside

他外冷内热。He has a soft heart beneath that cold exterior.

对犯罪心慈手软 be soft on crime

以得分击败对手 outpoint sb

年度风云人物 man of the year: two-time man of the year: 命名某人为年度风云人物 name sb as man of the year

千年风云人物 man of the millennium; millennium man: 1000 years 1000 people 成吉思汗Genghis Khan

赢一大笔钱 win big money (a large amount of money)

汽车影院 drive-in theatre;

汽车穿梭餐厅 drive-through; drive-thru restaurant

汽车穿梭银行drive-through; drive-thru bank; drive-in bank

陪练者 sparring partner

排气量 displacement

排量 displacement

放心米 quality-assured rice/meat/vegetable/food

放心早餐 quality-assured breakfast

黑心棉 shoddy cotton

保险栓 safety catch; safety AmE

素质教育 character education; essential-qualities-oriented education

优质教育quality education; quality-oriented education

愤青 young cynic???

击打 throw a jab: 右手/左手击打 right/left jab

护齿 mouthguard; gumshield

牙龈 gums

出拳 throw a punch

组合拳 combination punch (in boxing):

打出一记组合拳 throw a combination punch; 打组合拳 throw combinations

方枘圆凿 a square peg in a round hole: someone who is in a job or situation that is not suitable for them (LDOCE 4th edition); a square peg (in a round hole)

(OALD 7th edition) BrE, informal) a person who does not feel happy or comfortable in a particular situation, or who is not suitable for it

校园名人(擅长体育的男生)Big Man on Campus: an important and popular male student at a college or university, especially someone who is good at sports


A square peg and a round hole

丹佛靴 Denver boot

开片(a term in ceramics)

男同性恋 gay as gay as lark

女同性恋 lesbian

Sex against nature

博客 blog


晒客 shaik

换客 huanke

威客 Witkey; Vek










闪客 flashguest; shanke






印客 inker


维客 wiki


诺贝尔获奖者 Nobel laureate

闷骚 men show: 漫/慢秀

校花 school babe; campus belle; school beauty

校草school hunk; school beau

截屏 catch/snatch/snap a screen???; screen capture

可下载词典 downloadable dictionary

居民价格指数 consumer price index (CPI)

吉尼系数 Gini coefficient

中国政府宣布,已将货币政策由“稳健”调整为“从紧”。这再度表明,政府担心目前两位数的经济增长会进一步加速。China has announced it has shifted its monetary policy stance from “prudent” to “tightening” in another sign that Beijing is concerned about the acceleration of an economy already growing at double-digit rates.

从紧的货币政策 Tight/tightening monetary policy

什(George W. Bush)昨日正式公布一项计划,将把某些次级住房贷款利率冻结五年。此举可能引发抵押贷款证券投资者和民主党人之间最终摊牌。抵押贷款证券投资者会发现自己的收益回报将下降,而民主党人表示,这项计划还不足以帮助那些陷入困境的住房业主。US President George W. Bush yesterday formally unveiled a plan to freeze interest rates on some subprime home loans for five years, setting up potential showdowns with mortgage security investors who could see their returns decline and Democrats who say the plan does not go far enough to help troubled homeowners.

China will raise the reserve requirement ratio by one percentage point for commercial banks in an effort to cool the booming economy, the central bank announced Saturday.

特殊奥运会 Special Olympics

残疾人奥运会 Para Olympics

伏案工作sedentary jobs

腰肌劳损 strain of lumbar muscles

上游/下游产品 upper reaches/lower reaches product; upstream/downstream product

上游/下游企业 upper reaches/lower reaches enterprise; upstream/downstream enterprise

上游/下游产业 upper reaches/lower reaches industry; upstream/downstream industry

非常乏味 as dull as ditchwater(4th Longman)BrE; as dull as dishwater (the 7th Oxford )AmE

倒刺 hangnail

老茧callus: 手上的老茧 the calluses on his hands

Go bankrupt: bankrupcy

短信 text message; short message: 发短信 send a text message (on a mobile phone);text message sb收短信 get/receive a text message;receive a short message 传播短信 转发短信 forward a test message黄色短信 blue/dirty text message

家丑不可外扬。Don’t wash your dirty linen/laundry (in public). AmE Don’t air your dirty laundry(in public).

奉子成婚 shotgun marriage/wedding: a wedding that has to take place immediately because the woman is going to have a baby

shotgun marriage: a marriage that is forced or necessitated because of pregnancy;

Shotgun wedding: an agreement or compromise made through necessity, as in Since neither side won a majority, the coalition government was obviously a shotgun wedding. This expression alludes to a marriage precipitated by a woman's pregnancy, causing her father to point a literal or figurative gun at the responsible man's head. Its figurative use dates from the mid-1900s.
防患于未然 prepare against possible trouble; take preventive measures

重色轻友 ditch your friends; dates before mates;gals before pals;hos before bros;重 色 轻 友 - preference for love rather than friend;Sexy appeal prevails over friendship. so not judging a book by it's cover but actually ditching your mates for the company of a beautiful person.
often a negative expression to condemn (perhaps less serious) somebody who chooses to leave friendship behind due to some sex-relevant attractiveness. For example, Boy A goes to help a beauty who asks for help when A and B are working or playing a game. Then Boy B could sigh: 'what a 重色轻友 A!'

死亡之组 group of death; toughest group: 2010年世界杯抽签结果揭晓,澳大利亚,中国,和亚洲冠军伊拉克分到了“死亡之组”,这表示,至少有一支球队将无法进入第三轮比赛。Australia, China and Asian champions Iraq were drawn together in a 'group of death' for the 2010 World Cup, meaning at least one will not get through third round qualifying.

高血压 hypertension

低血压 hypotension

脊柱按摩疗法 chiropractic: 脊柱按摩师 chiropractor

足疗 chiropody; AmE podiatry: 足疗师 chiropodist

足浴 foot bath; lavipeditum; pediluvium

修脚 pedicure: 修脚师 pedicurist

修甲 manicure: 修甲师 manicurist

饮水机 water dispenser

针灸 acupuncture and moxibustion

按摩 massage: 给某人~ give sb a massage‖接受~ have/receive a massage

按摩师 masseur; masseuse (F)

椎间盘 intervertebral disc

椎间盘突出 herniated disc; slipped disc: 他因椎间盘突出提前退休了。He retired early because of slipped disc.

脊椎 spine; vertebration; antisternum; spinal column

胸椎 thoracic vertebra; vertebra thoracalis

颈椎 cervical vertebra; vertebrae cervicales

做CT (scan): have a CT scan

盗版软件 pirate software

正版软件 authentic software; copyright software; licensed software

文字编辑 copy editer

广告文字撰稿人 copy writer

“五所”:the five rights:学有所教、劳有所得、病有所医、老有所养、住有所居 all our people enjoy their rights to education, employment, medical and old-age care, and housing. We must do our best to ensure that all our people enjoy their rights to education, employment, medical and old-age care, and housing, so as to build a harmonious society. 努力使全体人民学有所教、劳有所得、病有所医、老有所养、住有所居,推动建设和谐社会。

三只老虎在南非接受野化训练。Three tigers are re-wilding training in South Africa. Rewild South China Tiger rewilded South China Tiger

戒毒/戒酒中心 detoxification unit; drug rehab center

干货店 dry nuts store

一次性用品 disposable articles for daily use

男科医院 andrology hospital; men’s hospital

妇幼医院 women’s and children’s hospital

本科生 undergraduate (student)

本科毕业生 (college/university) graduate

无消费日 Buy Nothing Day (BND): To buy, or not to buy, that is the question.

理智消费 ethical consumerism

过度消费 wasteful consumption

助力车 moped; scooter

问责制 responsibility/accountability system; hold sb responsible/accountable

创意产业 creative industry: 文化创意产业 cultural and creative industry

The incident is a reflection of the current surging inflation, which has in the past been a

社会动荡的先兆harbinger of social upheaval

A 20 per cent discount on five-litre bottles of rapeseed oil at Carrefour had people lining up from 4am on Saturday. A stampede ensued four hours later when the doors were opened to the shopping mall where the French hypermarket is located.



踩踏事件 stampede: 踩塌事件随即发生。A stampede ensued.

红色旅游 red tourism (China will boost "red tourism," or visits to former revolutionary bases and landmark sites, through 2010 to promote the "national ethos" and "social-economic development" in those areas, according to a national program.)

红色旅游地 Red tourism sites

绿色旅游green tourism

黑色旅游dark tourism

蓝色旅游 blue tourism

留守儿童 leftover children (an awkward translation by 英语点津); left-behind children in rural China (An English book is entitled Left-behind Children in Rural China)

关注留守儿童(Left-behind Children in Rural China)英文版 内容简介

空巢老人 empty nester

跟唱歌咏会 singsong BrE; singalong AmE: 举办老歌跟唱歌咏会 have an old-fashioned singsong

"High Five!" and "It's Sexy Time!," favorite expressions of the hit comic character Borat, have topped a list of the top Hollywood phrases of the year.

当红喜剧人物“波拉特”(喜剧《波拉特》主角)常挂在嘴边的两句话High Five!(举手击掌)和 It's Sexy Time!(性感时间到!)被评为今年好莱坞的最热门表达。

The Global Language Monitor, a non-profit group that monitors word use, put those two expressions at the top of its annual list of Hollywood words and phrases for the impact they made on the English language.


In second place was a Hollywood star trend of giving babies unusual names like Suri, the name of the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and Shiloh Nouvel, the daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.


Global Language Monitor head Paul JJ Payack said the trend "opens an entire new world of possibilities to young parents for either inflicting or bestowing names upon their children."


Other words and phrases on the list include were "Pursuit" from Will Smith's film "The Pursuit of Happyness" and the phrase "Nazi Bullets," used by the grandfather in "Little Miss Sunshine" to explain his crankiness.

荣登好莱坞年度热门词汇排行榜的还包括由威尔·史密斯主演的电影《追求幸福》中的Pursuit一词(追求)和《阳光小美女》中的祖父解释自己古怪行为时所用的Nazi Bullets(纳粹子弹)一词。

One expression from the box office hit "The Queen," for which Helen Mirren won the best actress Oscar, made the list.


"Will someone please save these people from themselves!," Tony Blair said as he attempted to heal the rift between Queen Elizabeth and her subjects.


Actress Meryl Streep also made the list after declaring to an unfortunate associate in "The Devil Wears Prada": "The details of your incompetence do not interest me."


Last Year, "Brokeback" from "Brokeback Mountain" topped the annual survey.


好莱坞星光大道 Hollywood Walk of Fame

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin touches his star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California October 16, 2007. Martin is the 2,351st celebrity to be honored with a star on the Walk of Fame.

职业病occupational disease

职业环境occupational environment

职业教育occupational education

职业培训occupational training

末位淘汰制度 bottom elimination system; system of elimination through competition; elimination through the worst-selection; end-place wash out system: 实行~ adopt/implement/practise the bottom elimination system‖引入~ introduce the bottom elimination system

中央隔离带 central reservation; AmE median Such separations between opposing traffic are referred to as a median in American English and as a central reservation in British English.

泳道分隔线 lane line

单虚线 single broken line

单实线 single solid line

双实线 double solid lines: In general, single broken lines mean passing is allowed, single solid lines mean pass only to avoid a hazard, and double solid lines mean it is prohibited, as it often is in tunnels.

逼供 1. v force a confession or obtain a confession by force 2. n forced confessions

录取通知书 university enrollment certificate; matriculation certificate

道路交通标线 road traffic marking

引擎 engine: 一具/台 an engine

黑名单 blacklist: 公布~ publish blacklist (of)

策划和实施一系列精心策划的恐怖袭击 develop and execute a series of meticulously-planned terrorist attacks

不信任动议 motion of no confidence; motion of non confidence: 通过/否决~ pass/reject the motion of no confidence‖回应~ respond to a motion of no confidence‖

不信任票 vote of no confidence

信任动议 motion of confidence: 提出~ propose a motion of confidence

标王 the highest bid at auction

冠名权 the title sponsorship (for sth): 获得~ gain the title sponsorship (for sth)

外交关系diplomatic relations:断绝~ break off diplomatic relations (with)‖建立~ establish diplomatic relations (with) ‖~‖缓和两国的~ diplomatic relations between the two countries‖冷淡/良好的~ chilly/good diplomatic relations

内阁 cabinet: 参加~ go into the cabinet‖改组~ reshuffle/reorganize the cabinet‖解散~ break up/dismiss/dissolve the cabinet‖组建~ form/organize the cabinet‖~

玻璃钢 fiberglass; glass reinforced plastic???

车膜 automotive film: 贴~ install automotive films

一站式服务 One Stop Shop’ service: 提供~ supply a ‘One Stop Shop’ service (to sb) ‖~We pride ourselves on being able to supply a ‘One Stop Shop’ service to our Clients, meaning that instead of dealing with a number of unrelated companies, our Clients come to us for all aspects of their projects.

终身成就奖 lifetime achievement award: 获得~ win/receive lifetime achievement award‖颁发~ present lifetime achievement award‖~

票房:票房爆棚 smash box office records首日票房 opening day box office每日票房daily box office周末票房 weekend box office

票房毒药 box-office flop; box-office bomb/poison

票房保证 box office draw:

票房收入 box office receipts; box office takings

票房冠军 top-grossing movie/film

五个一工程 "Five One-Good-Work Project 五个一工程奖 Five-One Project Award

“两高”产业(高能耗高排放) high-energy-consuming and high-emission industries

“音准”的意思是乐器“不走调儿”。英语表达就是 to stay in tune/to be in tune。例如:

“走调儿”的第二个意思是“乐器的音不准”。英语中多用to go out of tune或 to be out of tune表示。例如:

《内地与香港关于建立更紧密经贸关系的安排》Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA): CEPA法律文本 CEPA legal text


【触底】 hit a floor; touch the bottom: 他补充称,油价可能在明年上半年~。Mr Blanch said, adding that oil prices were likely to hit a floor in the first half of next year.

【高血压】hypertension; high blood pressure: 根据国家卫生研究院( NIH )国家心,肺,血液研究所( NHLBI )规定 ,为成年人的高的血压定义是:收缩压140毫米汞柱或更高;舒张压90毫米汞柱或更高。According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), high blood pressure for adults is defined as: 140 mm Hg or greater systolic pressure and 90 mm Hg or greater diastolic pressure.

【急救】进行急救 (of a person) undergo emergency treatment‖学习~ learn first aid‖~设备 first-aid equipment‖‖

【节奏】找到~ find a rhythm

【紧缺】~专业 badly-needed majors

【就业】促进~ promote employment

【煤气中毒】 gas poisoning: 死于~ die from gas poisoning; die from carbon monoxide poisoning

【欺诈】 fraud: 涉嫌欺诈 清华大学公司治理与资本运作总裁研修班涉嫌广告欺诈 Be taken to a court suspected of fraud in advertising a training course on company management and capital operation for enterprise presidents

【前期高血压】 prehypertension: 根据NHLBI2003年更新的高血压的指导方针,增加了一个新的血压类型即~:收缩压在120-139毫米汞柱而舒张压在8 0- 89毫米汞柱。In an update of NHLBI guidelines for hypertension in 2003, a new blood pressure category was added called prehypertension: 120 mm Hg - 139 mm Hg systolic pressure and 80 mm Hg - 89 mm Hg diastolic pressure.

【乳沟】cleavage: 露~ show ones' cleavage

【生命探测仪】life signs detector

【生命体征】vital signs: 监测/检查~ monitor/check the vital signs‖~主要包括:体温,脉搏,呼吸和血压。The vital signs mainly include body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate and blood pressure.‖~的恢复 recovery of the vital signs‖航天员的各项~一切正常。All the vital signs of the taikonauts are normal.

【市场炒作】 marketing hype

【收缩压】 systolic pressure

【舒张压】diastolic pressure

【水上滑板】水上滑板 wakeboarding

【特侦组】 special investigation panel

【物权法】 Real Right Law

【血压】blood pressure: 新NHLBI现在确定的指导方针正常血压如下:收缩压少于120毫米汞柱和舒张压低于80毫米汞柱。The new NHLBI guidelines now define normal blood pressure as follows: less than 120 mm Hg systolic pressure and less than 80 mm Hg diastolic pressure.

【衣着】~暴露的女性 a provocatively dressed woman 低胸(low cup top)女郎

【招生】扩大~ expand the enrollment


+团队之星 +Teamgeist

1. He cannot carry even a simple tune.

1.疏导公众情绪 defuse (public) anger/discontent; to properly channel public sentiments

10.和实生物,同则不继(西周周太史史伯) Harmony generates and sameness stops/stifles vitality

11.和为贵 Harmony is most precious; Peace is to be cherished.

12.和也者,天下之达道也(《中庸》) Harmony is the Way to be. (The Doctrine of the Mean)

13.君子和而不同 Gentlemen seek harmony but not uniformity.

14.和则两利 Reconciliation benefits both; Peace benefits both.

15.和则生谐 Reconciliation leads to harmony.

16.天人合一 the unity of man/human and nature; Heaven-Man Oneness(书面); Heaven and man are one.(口译)

17.“和”是中国文化传统的基本精神, 也是中华民族不懈追求的理想境界。


19.和而不同 harmony in diversity/harmony without uniformity

2. None of them could sing in tune.

2.诚信缺失 lack of credibility





24.和谐凝聚力量,和谐成就伟业。 Harmony rallys strength and leads to great successes.

25.中国真诚愿意兼收并蓄、博采各种文明之长 China is eager to draw on/upon the strengths of other civilizations.

3. In time a violin goes out of tune, and sounds awful.

3. 发展为了人民、发展依靠人民、发展成果由人民共享

3D电视 3D television set


4. Pianos stay in tune much better than most stringed instruments.

4.和谐共赢 all-win harmony;harmony and all winners

5.实现社会公平与正义 ensure equity and justice


6.廉政文化建设 foster a culture of clean government

7.减少社会不平等现象 reduce social inequalities

72小时黄金救援期 golden 72 hour-period for rescue

8.和谐相处 live in harmony

9.和谐社会的内涵 the characteristics of a harmonious society

A harmonious country should be one of laws and stability, peace and prosperity. A harmonious world should be one of democracy, peace, justice and tolerance.

A popular term to describe the central government's drive to achieve an 8 percent growth rate of the gross domestic product (GDP) this year.

Analysts believe that the five state-owned companies in the telecom sector, namely China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Netcom and China Tietong, will be restructured into three groups, each able to provide both mobile and fixed-line services.

Ancheta被指控的罪名包括阴谋活动、试图向被保护的计算机发送代码、向政府计算机发送代码、访问受保护的计算机从事诈骗和洗钱活动等Ancheta faces a 17-count federal indictment that charges him with conspiracy, attempted transmission of code to a protected computer, transmission of code to a government computer, accessing a protected computer to commit fraud and money laundering.

At that time, Sharon fell into a coma and is now in a persistent vegetative state.

Aztecci Mexico (Official World Cup Ball 1986)

BMW族BMW people:在很多西方城市,地铁都叫做Metro。很多人出门上班时都是先乘坐公交车到达最近的地铁站,出了地铁以后再走一段才到达他们的目的地。这样的出行方式就叫做BMW(公车、地铁、步行),以此方式出行的人就叫做“BMW族”。

Brand image

CG0 83 Left to languish on the farms, elements of ‘rusticated’ youth had returned illegally to the cities, without the necessary residence permits (hukou).

China has maintained a nearly 10 percent GDP growth rate over the past three decades since reform and opening-up. The fast-growing economy is now at risk of an abrupt slowdown or downturn due to the global economic crisis.

Despite no major disease outbreaks so far in quake-hit regions, health and epidemic prevention efforts continue apace. Major challenges include poor living and public health conditions, largely destroyed disease monitoring and containment systems and limited access to some of.

development for the people, by the people and to the benefit of the people

euphemism: pavement princess

For example:

Harmony is a defining/core value of China's cultural tradition. It is an ideal that the Chinese nation has never ceased to pursue.

He dashed into the burning house with reckless abandon (=without caring about the danger) .

He was photographed by paparazzi peeing besides a road on the sidelines of an event recently.

Hiberdating means dating in the winter months, or the situation that someone ignores all their other friends when they are dating a boyfriend/girlfriend. The second meaning is more popular. The word hiberdating is a blending of the word “hibernating” and “dating”, which means a person is in a state of inactivity(hibernating) among friends when dating someone.



I haven't seen or heard from Jennifer since she started hiberdating Teddy four months ago.

in/into ... gear first/second/third etc gear high/low gear top/bottom gear British English reverse gear (=for driving backwards) change gear British English change/switch/shift gears American English (=change to a different gear) crunch/grind the gears (=change gear in a way that makes an unpleasant noise) in/into gear (=with a gear connecting the engine to the wheels) out of gear (=with the engine not connected to the wheels)

Its 8 percent economic growth is considered necessary to maintain social stability and provide jobs for tens of millions of new laborers swarming into the country's crowded job market every year.

Kunashiri Island, one of four islands known as

LCD电视 LCD television set

LED电视 LED television set

noun [countable] not in education, employment or training: a young person who has left full-time education and is not working or training: 'Not all Neet young people are unemployed – they may be taking a gap year or break from study, volunteering, be caring for family, or simply be between jobs or courses. Only around one percent of young people are Neet at 16, 17 and 18.'

OALD (7th edition) boomerang kid (also 'boomerang child) noun (informal) an adult child who returns home to live with his or her parents after being away for some time

Phelpsian ???

Questra (Official match ball of the FIFA World Cup 1994)

The EastSouthWestNorth blog talks about "human flesh search engines" as a phenomenon where an online community is mobilised to track down specific individuals or facts.

The ring is made of rhodium, one of the world’s most expensive metals, and encrusted with diamonds.

The tradition of building human towers originated in Valls, near the city of Tarragona, in the southern part of Catalonia at the end of the 18th century. Later it developed a following in other regions of Catalonia and even Majorca, and currently has become very popular in parts of Spain.

The wind blow my umbrella inside out.

To build a harmonious world, we should uphold democracy and equality to enhance cooperation and coordination; ensure amity/fertility and mutual trust to achieve common security; uphold justice and mutual benefit to advance common development; and stay open to facilitate dialogue among civilizations.

undo a common enemy

We Chinese hold that one should be as tolerant/encompassing as the vast ocean which admits hundreds of rivers and should draw upon other's strengths.

with reckless/wild abandon They drank and smoked with reckless abandon.

Write to be understood, speak to be heard and read to grow.

Yao also had 14 rebounds and five assists. Golden State surrounded Yao with defenders all night, but Ronny Turiaf and Andris Biedrins both fouled out trying to stop him.

挨骂网店 online anger-release store

爱情是个爱新鲜的家伙love is always inviting freshness; love is keen on novelty

按揭购房 buy a house on mortgage


暗箱操作 black case work—manipulation sub rosa; manipulation behind the scenes

奥运人家 Olympic homestays (The “Olympic homestays” program offers foreign visitors a chance to experience Beijing citizens’ real lives. “奥运人家”项目为外国游客提供机会,让他们充分体验地道的北京市民生活。)

白色收入 legitimate income(合法、合理的收入)

拜金女 material girl

颁奖嘉宾引导员 medal presenter escort


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