Exam for Course on Program Evaluation – Excellence Program (Draft #1) icon

Exam for Course on Program Evaluation – Excellence Program (Draft #1)

Exam for Course on Program Evaluation – Excellence Program (Draft #1)

You have been asked to select a program to evaluate; you may use any program with which you are familiar. [If you do not have a program to evaluate, consult the instructor to discuss the options.] For the program you wish to evaluate, please complete five questions regarding program evaluation, as discussed below. You can complete the exam at any time but must turn it in no later than 14:00 on Friday, January 16, 2009. The exam must be in English. You are not allowed to write more than approximately 3 pages to answer questions, as there is 1000 words maximum per question. One question has a 500-word limit. Any answer that is too long will receive a failing grade.

1. Conduct a SWOT (strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) evaluation of the program.

2. Identify and describe a formal program evaluation you would like to accomplish for the program (needs assessment, management evaluation, outcome evaluation, etc.).

3. Identify performance measures for the program and specific methods for collecting quantitative and/or qualitative data to assess the performance measures.

4. Imagine that you have conducted the evaluation, gathered data on your performance measures and have results (the results can be any results you wish, but related to your data collection procedures of problem #3, above). To whom should you communicate your results? How would you communicate your results? Be sure to develop a communication plan to achieve your intent, as described above in your program evaluation in question #2 and using the performance measures you adopted in question #3.

5. Write a brief (less than 500 words) summary of the results of your evaluation indicating (a) the topic of the evaluation, (b) the data and performance measures you used, and (c) the conclusion of the evaluation.

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