Format for abstracts (15PT, Left Aligned) icon

Format for abstracts (15PT, Left Aligned)

Up to 4 pages of the manuscript should be written on white sheets of paper of the A4 format...
Full text of the paper must be prepared both in Turkish and English not longer than 6 pages each...
Information Center of Science & Technology (cbst), Biological Abstracts, cab abstracts...
This format was developed at the Zonta District # 11 Conference held [Date] at [Location]...
I am posting this very rough draft because the task of getting it edited and into print format...
Viniti abstracts Journal (РЖ), Elsevier biobase, geobase, asci...
Note: The assignments listed below are aligned with the Georgia Dept of Education’s standards...
Abstracts must be single spaced in Times or Times New Roman with a 10 point font in a Word...
Abstracts titles of abstracts submitted...
No Child Left Behind Act of 2001...
Unit 10 By the time I got outside, the bus had already left ....
What traces / what heritage have the Romans left in Britain ?...

Format for abstracts (15PT, Left Aligned)

Yasuhisa Asano, Techawaree Ueatrongchit, and Motoki Matsuda (13PT)

Biotechnology Research Center and Department of Biotechnology,

Toyama Prefectural University, 5180 Kurokawa, Imizu, 939-0398 JAPAN (12PT)


The one-page abstract should be typed in 10.5 point, Times New Roman, normal font, single space and printed out by laser printer within a 16 x 24 cm area on an size with bond paper with top, left and right margins of 2.5 cm and with a bottom margin of 3.0 cm.


Highlight the major findings of the study. Summarize the most important findings.


Briefly describe any major conclusions drawn. If possible, relate this to the purpose of the study.


  1. S. Tachibana, M. Suzuki, and Y. Asano, Anal. Biochem, 359 (1), 72-78 (2006).

  2. Y. Asano. S. Tachibana, T. Fujii, and S. Yamazaki, JP 4093374.

  3. M. Matsuda, and Y. Asano, Anal. Biochem., 406 (1), 19-23 (2010).

  4. T. Ueatrongchit, and Y. Asano, submitted.

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