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FISHER, Adrian.

Notes for the National Maze Exhibition. Year of the Maze Campaign, Harpenden, Herts., 1991, 4pp.

Mazes for Schools – Notes for Teachers. Year of the Maze Campaign, Harpenden, Herts., 1991, 4pp.

Year of the Maze Events Calendar. Year of the Maze Campaign, Harpenden, Herts., 1991, 2pp.

Christmas card, 1993, showing The Maze of the Planets. Signed 'Adrian'.

Your Land is His Canvas – Adrian Fisher, Maze Artist. Catalogue for exhibition at Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, 20 Jan - 9 Mar 1997. 20pp. Inscribed, signed and presented by the author.

The Millets Maize Maze 1997. 1p sheet showing the maze layout.

The Day the Dragons Hatched. Cornfield Maize Mazes across the Northern Hemisphere in 1998 by Adrian Fisher, Maze Artist. Adrian Fisher Maze Design, Portsmouth, 1998. Inscribed, signed and presented by the author.

The World's Great Pirate Maze Treasure Hunt. Cornfield Mazes in 1999 across the Northern and Southern Hemispheres by Adrian Fisher, Maze Artist. Adrian Fisher Maze Design, Portsmouth, 1999. Present from the author.

Mind-Bending Maze Puzzles. With contributions from Robert Abbott, Randoll Coate, Scott Kim, Ed Pegg, Steve Ryan, Gaby Wirminghaus. Lagoon, 1999, HB.

Maze Castles in the Sky Maize Mazes for the Millennium. Adrian Fisher Maze Design, Portsmouth, 2000. Present from the author.

Roundabout Puzzle. (Used in the World Puzzle Championships, 2000.) Postcard, apparently produced by Leeds Castle. Has faint picture of Fisher's maze at Leeds Castle on the reverse. Given out by Fisher at G4G5, 2002.

This is half of an A5 card - the other half is a certificate of participating in Amazing Mazes, a series of 25 mazes, puzzles and games celebrating Leeds Castle's Silver Jubilee in May-June 2001, present from Adrian Fisher.

Maize Mazes Profitable Farm Diversification. 8pp description/catalogue of his maize mazes. Adrian Fisher Mazes, 2001. Present from Fisher

Mirror Mazes and Hands-Free Action Adventures. 8pp description/catalogue of his mirror mazes. Adrian Fisher Mazes, 2001. Present from Fisher.

Paving Mazes a world of play at your feet. 8pp description/catalogue of his mirror mazes. Adrian Fisher Mazes, 2001. Present from Fisher.

Puzzle Palace 2003 Hampton Court Palace. 8pp booklet for a puzzle event, 22 Mar - 27 Apr 2003. Present from Fisher.

Sea Monster Maze in a cornfield 2003. 8pp booklet introduction to a maize maze and describing his 45 maize mazes of 2003, with a few puzzles. Present from Fisher.

Six Minute Mazes Adrian Fisher's range of mind-stretching challenges. 8pp description/catalogue of his smaller mazes. Adrian Fisher Mazes, 2001. Present from Fisher at G4G5, 2002, and IPP22, 2002.

Jungle Maze in a cornfield 2002. Adrian Fisher Mazes, 2001, 8pp leaflet. Present from Adrian Fisher.

Adrian Fisher's Celtic Knot Puzzles. Deck of 52 cards plus an instruction card and two cards of solutions. One side has a photo of one of his mazes. The other side has part of a Celtic knotwork maze on a colour. These assemble into closed Celtic knots on a single colour of background, using 3, 4, ..., 10 cards. In box. Adrian Fisher Mazes, 2002. Present from Adrian Fisher, 2002.

SEE ALSO: Byrkley Park?; Leeds Castle; Macon Cinema; National Trust; Staunton Country Park; Tulleys Farm;

Fisher, Adrian; Coate, Randoll & Burgess, Graham. A Celebration of Mazes. Minotaur Designs, Saint Alban's, 3rd ed., April 1984, 40pp + covers. Present from Adrian Fisher. 4th ed., with authors in the order: Coate, Fisher, Burgess; 1986, 80pp + covers. Present from Adrian Fisher.

Fisher, Adrian & Gerster, Georg. The Art of the Maze. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1990, HB. US ed. titled: Labyrinth – Solving the Riddle of the Maze; Harmony (Crown), 1990?, HB.

Fisher, Adrian & Kingham, Diana. Mazes. Shire Album 264, 1991.

Fisher, Adrian & Loxton, Howard. Secrets of the Maze. An Interactive Guide to the World's Most Amazing Mazes. T&H, 1997, ring bound in hard covers. Bought from Fisher at G4G3, 1998. Inscribed and signed by Fisher.

Fisher, Adrian & Saward, Jeff. The British Maze Guide. Minotaur Designs, St. Alban's, 1991.

Fisher, David. The War Magician. (Coward-McCann, 1983); Berkley, NY, 1983. [About Jasper Maskelyne and camouflage, etc.]

Fisher, John (1945- ).

Body Magic The most personal magic book of them all. Ill. by Derek Lucas. H&S, 1979, HB.

John Fisher's Magic Book. Muller, 1968, HB. [There is a reissue as: John Fisher's Magical Hoaxes, Knight, 1977.]

The Magic of Lewis Carroll. (Nelson, 1973; S&S, 1973); Penguin, (1975), 1981.

Never Give a Sucker an Even Break. A Guide, for the Interested Reader, to Knavery and Sharp Practice. Elm Tree/Hamish Hamilton, 1976, HB, DJ faded. Sphere, 1978.

Fisher, Lyle & Kennedy, Bill, eds. Brother Alfred Brousseau Problem Solving and Mathematics Competition: Introductory Division. Dale Seymour, 1984.

Fisher, Lyle & Medigovich, William, eds. Brother Alfred Brousseau Problem Solving and Mathematics Competition: Senior Division. Dale Seymour, 1984.

Fisher, Richard B. Brain Games. Fontana, 1981.

Fitting, Friedr. Panmagische Quadrate und magische Sternvielecke. K. F. Koehler, Leipzig, 1939. From estate of Tom O'Beirne.

Fixx, James F.

Games for the Superintelligent. Doubleday, 1972, HB. Muller, (1977), 1979.

More Games for the Superintelligent. (Doubleday, 1972); Muller, (1977), 1981.

Solve It! Doubleday, 1978, HB. Muller, 1979.

fjc2 – see: Craveiro de Carvalho, F. J.

Flegg, Graham; Hay, Cynthia & Moss, Barbara. See under Chuquet.

Fletcher, David. Shapes with Tangrams. Ill. by Alistair Hay. Geoffrey Chapman, London, 1970. (No tangrams enclosed.)

Fletcher, David & Ibbotson, Joseph. Geometry with a Tangram. W. & R. Holmes, Glasgow, 1965, with only four pieces remaining. Translated by Manfred Brommer as: Geometrie mit einem Legespiel; Ernst Klett Verlag, Stuttgart, 1965, with complete Tangram set.

Fletcher, Trevor J.; Servais, W. & Tahta, Dick. Teaching Aids and Logic. Reprint of five articles from ^ Mathematics Teaching, nos. 11-15 (Nov 1959 – Mar 1961). Signed by G. Matthews; from Tobias.

T. J. Fletcher: Puzzles in the classroom.

W. Servais: Logical models.

T. J. Fletcher: Simple machines which 'think'.

Dick Tahta: Logical machines.

T. J. Fletcher: Punched cards and conclusions.

Fletterman, Ronald L. (Finkenweg 4, D 3501 Niestetal 2, Germany). I Master the MAGIC's Mosaics. Published by the author, 8pp, 1987. Gift of the author.

Flick, Pauline.

Discovering Toys and Toy Museums. Shire Discovering Series [116], 1971.

Old Toys. Shire Album 147, 1985.

Flint, Jeremy. See: Peter Arnold.

"Florence" [= Florence, W. J.]. The Gentlemen's Hand-Book on Poker. Routledge, London, 1892, HB.

Fockele, Theodor & Regniet, Ewald. Domführer für Jungen und Madchen. Metropolitan-Kapitel, Paderborn, (1982), 6th ptg, 1999.

Folkerts, Menso. Die älteste mathematische Aufgabensammlung in lateinischer Sprache: Die Alkuin zugeschreiben Propositiones ad Acuendos Iuvenes. Überlieferung, Inhalt, Kritische Edition. (Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften. Mathematisch Naturwissenschaftliche Klasse. Denkschriften, 116 Band, 6 Abhandlung, pp. 15 80, 1977.) Printed separately by Springer Verlag, Wien, 1978. SEE ALSO: Alcuin.

Folkerts, Menso; Knobloch, Eberhard & Reich, Karin, organisers. Mass, Zahl und Gewicht. Mathematik als Schlüssel zu Weltverständis und Weltbeherrschung. Catalogue of an exhibition at Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel, 1989. VCH – Acta Humaniora, Weinheim, 1989. Present from Folkerts.

Fomenko, Anatoliĭ T. Mathematical Impressions. AMS, 1991, HB.

Фомин, Д. В. & Кириченко, А. Л. [Fomin, D. V. & Kirichenko, A. L.]. Задачи Ленинградских Математических Олимпиад (1990-1991) [Zadachi Leningradskikh Matematicheskikh Olimpiad] [Problems from the] Leningrad Mathematical Olympiads (1990-1991) [In Russian and English]. Санкт-Петербургский Городской Дворец Творчества Юных Аничков Лицей [Sankt-Peterburgskiĭ Gorodskoĭ Dvorets Tvorchestva YUnykh Anichkov Litseĭ] (Saint Petersburg City Hall Talented Youth ?? Lyceum), Saint Petersburg, 1992. Present from Roman Breslav.

Ford, Barbara E. The Master Revealed – A Journey with Tangrams. Tandora's Box Press, California, 1990.

Ford, Corey. Corey Ford's Guide to Thimking. Doubleday, Garden City, NY, 1961, HB. [Includes over 40 cartoons by various artists.]

Ford, Robert (1846-1905). Children's Rhymes Children's Games Children's Songs Children's Stories. A Book for Bairns and Big Folk. Alexander Gardner, Paisley, 2nd ed, nd [1904[1903] – BL], HB.

"Forrest, George." A pseud. of John George Wood (qv). See also: Anon: Every Boy's Book.

Forrester, Alfred Henry – see: "Alfred Crowquill" [pseud. of Alfred Henry Forrester, possibly with his brother Charles Forrester].

Forum Antiquarian Booksellers. Catalogue 100 The Children's World of Learning 1480 - 1880. Part 8 (of 10): Courtesy Books / Music, Dance, Theatre, Eloquence / Sports, Games & Pastimes. In association with an exhibition from Forum's collections, at Biblioteca Wittockiana, Brussels, Sep 2001 - Jan 2002. Forum Antiquarian Booksellers, 't Goy-Houten, Utrecht, 2001. From the dealer.

Forster, E. M., et al. Fairy Tales for Computers. The Eakins Press, NY, 1969. Contains the following short stories or essays.

Forster, E. M. The Machine Stops. From: The Eternal Moment and Other Stories, 1929.

Kafka, Franz. The Nature Theatre of Oklahoma. From: Amerika, translated by Edwin Muir, 1946.

Herzl, Theodor. Notes on a Dream. From: The Diaries of Theodor Herzl, ed. by Marvin Lowenthal, 1956.

Butler, Samuel. The Book of the Machine. From: Erewhon.

Valery, Paul. On Intelligence. From: Remarks on Intelligence and Politics of the Mind in: Collected Works of Paul Valery, ed. by Jackson Mathews, vol. 10, translated by Denise Folliot & Jackson Mathews, 1952.

Andersen, Hans Christian. The Nightingale. From: The Heritage Press edition of The Complete Andersen.

Foster, John, ed. Word Whirls and other shape poems. Ill. by Clare Hemstock. OUP, 1998.

Foster, R. F. Practical Poker. De la Rue, London, 1904, HB. Includes a history and a four page bibliography.

Foster, R. F., ed. The Official Rules of Card Games. Hoyle Up to Date. 29th ed., U. S. Playing Card Co., Cincinnati, 1926. [15th ed., ed. by Foster, was 1911.]

Foucault, Leon Baptiste (?) – see: Musée National des Techniques.

W. Foulsham & Co., London.

100 Harmless Scientific & Chemical Experiments for Boys. Foulsham, nd [inscription dated Xmas 1929 inside front cover], HB. [There is a 1958 ed.]

The Boy's Book of Carpentry and Electricity. Foulsham, London, nd [c1940s?], HB.

Foulsham's Games and Puzzles Book. Small magazine format. nd [c1930]. (Cover price: 2d.) Not in BMC. [The puzzles are a selection from Tom King's Best 100 Puzzles.]

Foulsham's New Fun Book. Foulsham, nd [1933 – BMC]. (Cover price: 6d.) See also Foulsham's New Party Book.

Foulsham's Bumper Fun Book. Foulsham, 1976. (This is identical to the previous except that Chap. II – Amusing Posers, pp. 16 27, has been replaced by a continuation of Chap. I.)

Foulsham's New Party Book. Foulsham, nd [BMC gives 1935, but this ptg looks like 1950s?]. (This has the same cover as the New Fun Book, except the price is 2/6, but the content is quite different.)

How to Calculate Quickly and Correctly. Foulsham, 1923, HB.

Party Games for Young and Old. Foulsham, nd [1930s?], HB.

Second 100 Things a Boy Can Make. Foulsham, nd [1940s?], HB.

Fourrey, Eduard.

Curiosities Géométriques. Vuibert & Nony, Paris, 1907, HB. 4th ed., Vuibert, 1938, from estate of Tom O'Beirne. The 4th ed. has no apparent changes except the Avant Propos has been shortened.

Récréations Arithmétiques. ((Vuibert &) Nony, Paris, 1899; 2nd ed., 1901); 3rd ed., 1904, HB; (1907; 7th ed., 1933); 8th ed., Vuibert, 1947.

Fowler, Geoff. Mathspax. Packet of 50 puzzle postcards, with letter and solution sheet. Hodge Hill School, Birmingham, 1985? [Now produced by G Pax, qv.]

Fowler, Mark.

Codes & Ciphers. Ill. by Radhi Parekh. Usborne Superpuzzles Advanced Level 2. 1994. Also in Sarah Dixon & Mark Fowler, qv.

The Crimebusters Investigate. Ill. by Ann Johns. Usborne Puzzle Adventures 25. 1997. Also in: M. Oliver, Sims & Fowler.

The Emerald Conspiracy. Ill. by Mark Burgess. Usborne Puzzle Adventures 18. 1993. Also in: Somper & Fowler; The Third Usborne Book of Puzzle Adventures.

The Invisible Spy. Usborne Puzzle Adventures 17. 1993. Also in: Somper & Fowler; The Third Usborne Book of Puzzle Adventures.

Logic Puzzles. Ill. by Radhi Parekh. Usborne Superpuzzles Advanced Level 3. Usborne, 1994. Also included in: Sarah Dixon & Mark Fowler, qv.

Fox, Christyan. Sainsbury's Top Secret Puzzle Book. Walker Books, London, 1995, 2nd ptg.

Fraenkel, Aviezri S. Selected Bibliography on Combinatorial Games and Some Related Material. [Titles vary slightly.]

171 items, 13 pp., Jul 1983.

205 items, 13 pp., May 1986.

229 items, 13 pp., Oct 1988.

270 items, 15 pp., Dec 1988.

330 items, 19 pp., Mar 1990. All the above are reports from his Department.

400 items, 28 pp., including 4 pp of text, Sep 1990. This version is Technical Report CS90 23, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel. [= Combinatorial Games, Proc. Symp. Appl. Math. 43 (1991) 191-226.]

Update 1 [to the last version], 430 items, 31 pp, Aug 1992. (Update 2 – ??)

In Nov 1994, Frankel announced that this has become a Dynamic Survey in the Electronic J. Combinatorics, available as: It is also available as TEX, DVI or PS (PostScript) file via FTP.

From mid 1995, this is available from his home page: .

633 items, 39 pp., late 1995. No specific date given, but it refers to a version of Sep 1995 and was received by email in PS form in Jan 1995.

All sent by Fraenkel.

Frampton, Roger, ed. IT's a Funny Thing. (1989?); Hale, 1990.

Franci, Raffaella & Toti Rigatelli, Laura. Introduzione all'algebra mercantile del Medioevo e del Rinascimento realizzata attraverso un'antologia degli scritti di Dionigi Gori (sec. XVI). Report from the Istituto di Matematica dell' Università di Siena, nd [1970s?]. Present from Franci, with some of her annotations.

Quattro Venti, Urbino, 1982. Present from Franci in 1999.

Francis, Darryl.

Puzzles and Teasers for Everyone. Ed. & Introduced by David Pritchard. Ill. by "Artie". Elliot, 1974; Paperfronts (Elliot), 1981. [US title: Puzzles for Geniuses I.]

Puzzles for Geniuses: II. Edited and introduced by David Pritchard, who gets the cover credit. P H, 1984.

Francis, George K.; Kauffman, Louis & Sandin, Dan. Air on the Dirac Strings. Videotape made at Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and at Chicago, 1992. American format, which my machine will play in B&W. About 1 min of rubbish. c22 min, silent, except for part of an interview at 19:00-19:40. Followed by about a minute of Sphere Eversion Archives, then about 10½ min of A Topological Picture Book by Francis. Present from Lou Kauffman.

Francis, P. H. A Study of Targets in Games. The Mitre Press, London, nd [c1950], HB.

Franke, Herbert W. Computergraphik Computerkunst. Bruckmann, Munich, 1971, HB.

Franken, K. Puzzlers for Young Detectives. (Originally: Krimischule für junge Privatdetektive, J. Pfeiffer, Munich, 1968.) Translated by Hannah Meyer. (Sterling, 1969); Piccolo, 1972.

Franklin, Eric. Kamut – The Art of Making Pictures in String. Academy of Recorded Crafts, Arts & Sciences, Croydon, Surrey, nd [Introduction dated 1945], HB.

Franklin, Philip. The Four Color Problem. IN: Jesse Douglas, et al.; Galois Lectures; Scripta Mathematica Library No. 5; Scripta Mathematica, NY, 1941, HB.

Franz, W. Zauberwürfel lösen einfacher und schneller. Published by the author, Münster, 1981.

Fraser, Antonia. A History of Toys. (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1966); Spring Books, 1972, HB.

Fraser, Phyllis [= Mrs Bennett A. Cerf] & Young, Edith. Puzzles Quizzes and Games. Bantam, 1947.

Frayn, Michael. Programme for his play: Copenhagen. Presented at the Cottesloe Theatre, May 1998.

Frederick, Don. Solve that Crazy, Mixed up Cube Puzzle. Frederick Enterprises, PO Box 1016, Oceano, California, 93445, USA. 63pp, 1981.

Frederick, Guy. 101 Best Magic Tricks. [UK cover omits 'Best'.] (Sterling, 1956); Ill. by Doug Anderson, Signet, 1979; (Oak Tree Press, London?, 1958, 1968); Ill. by Eileen Strange, Piccolo, (1972), 6th ptg, 1975.

Frederickson, Greg N.

Dissections: Plane & Fancy. CUP, 1997, HB. Inscribed, signed and presented by the author. Also a preliminary partial version, ©1994, 94pp, from the author with various annotations.

Hinged Dissections: Swinging & Twisting. CUP, 2002, HB. Inscribed, signed and presented by the author.

Freeborn, John & Raimes, Jane.

'Arithmeticke made easie' A look at the development of digital calculating machines. Science Museum Worksheet EP1, (1971), 1981, 8pp.

From Cannonballs to Slide Rules (Analogue Instruments for Mathematical Calculations). Science Museum Worksheet EP2, 1978, 8pp.

Freeling, Christian. Hexdame A new way to play a Classic Game. With additional problems & endgames by Leo Springer. The author, 1998. Inscribed and signed by the author - bought from him at Mind Sports Olympiad, 1998.

Freeman, Larry, ed. Yesterday's Games. Century House, Watkins Glen, NY, 1970, HB. Excerpts from "an 1880 text of parlour and playground pastimes", originally English. There was a US ed. by H. Chadwick and a version also appeared as Macy's Book of Sports and Pastimes. Illustrated. 1885. Freeman says the texts are taken from the two earlier versions. Several small late 19C/early 20C catalogues are included.

Freeman, Mae Blackler (1907- ) & Ira Maximillian (1905- ). Fun with Geometry. (Random House, 1946. Edmund Ward, London, 1958); Kaye & Ward, London, 1969, HB. [The 1969 ed has two more pages than the 1958 ed.]

French, Peter.

An Introduction to Calculating Machines for Schools. Macmillan, 1964. From Don Mansfield, via South Bank Library.

Curves. A House of Grant Book. McGraw Hill, 1969.

Introducing Polyhedra. House of Grant, Glasgow, 1963.

Introducing Sets. House of Grant, Glasgow, 1964.

Introducing Topology. (House of Grant Ltd., Glasgow, 1964); McGraw Hill, 1967.

Number Patterns. (House of Grant Ltd., Glasgow, 1963); McGraw Hill, 1967.

Fresco-Corbu, Roger. Vesta Boxes. Antique Pocket Guides, Lutterworth Press, Guildford, 1983.

Freudenthal, Hans. Mathematics Observed. Translated by Stephen Rudolfer & I. N. Baker. World University Library (Weidenfeld & Nicolson), 1967.

Freundlich, Erwin. The Foundations of Einstein's Theory of Gravitation. Translated by Henry L. Brose. Preface by Albert Einstein. CUP, 1920.

Frey, Alexander H., Jr. & Singmaster, David. Handbook of Cubik Math. Enslow Publishers, Box 777, Hillside, New Jersey, 07205, 194pp, 1982, HB & PB.

Frey, Skip. Complete Book of Dice Games. (Sphere, 1973); Hart Publishing, NY, 1975, HB (pasted in sticker states: UK distribution by Hale, 1977).

Freyer, Klaus; Gaebler, Rainer & Möckel, Werner. Gut gedacht ist halb gelöst. Aulis Verlag Deubner & Co., Köln, 1972, HB; 2nd ed., 1973, HB. (Apparently first published by Urania. I have not yet checked to see if there are any changes in the 2nd ed.) [Mixture of mathematical and physical recreations. There is a 1989 reprint.]]

Friedhoffer, Bob.

Magic and Perception The Art and Science of Fooling the Senses. Ill. by Linda Eisenberg. Franklin Watts (Grolier), NY, 1996.

Magic Tricks, Science Facts. Ill. by Richard Kaufman. Franklin Watts (Grolier), 1990, 11th ptg, HB.

More Magic Tricks, Science Facts. Ill. by Richard Kaufman. Franklin Watts (Grolier), 1990, 4th ptg.

Friedland, Aaron J. (1929- ). Puzzles in Math and Logic. Dover, 1970.

Friedlander, Michael W. At the Fringes of Science. Westview Press (Perseus Books), Boulder, Colorado, (1995), with new epilogue, 1998.

Friedman, Raymond. Problem Solving for Engineers and Scientists. A Creative Approach. Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1991.

Friedman, William F. – see: R. W. Clark.

Friedrichs, K. O. From Pythagoras to Einstein. Ill. by George H. Buehler. NML 16, (1965), 5th ptg.

Friend, John Newton (1881- ).

More Numbers: Fun & Facts. Scribner's, 1961, HB.

Numbers: Fun & Facts. Scribner's, 1954. (Also 1974.)

Words: Tricks and Traditions. Scribner's, 1957, HB.

[Frikell, Wiljalba (1818 (or 1816) - 1903)], ed. by William Henry Cremer Jr. [The books give no indication of the author of the following, but both BMC and NUC generally state it is George Arnold (1834-1865) or Wiljalba (?= Gustave – I thought Gustave might be a son of Wiljalba, but the son was named Adalbert) Frikell, sometimes with Frikell as UK editor of Arnold's US version – but several UK versions say they are translated and edited by W. H. Cremer Jr, and one even cites an earlier French book (though this may not exist!). The names of Frank Cahill, Henry Llewellyn Williams (1842- ) and Gustave Frikell (Jr.) are sometimes associated with versions of these as authors or coauthors. The back of the TP of Bellew's The Art of Amusing, Hotten, 1866?, says The Secret Out is a companion volume, just issued, by Hermann Frikell. The Preface of The Sociable says that most of the Parlor Theatricals are by Frank Cahill and George Arnold, so perhaps they weren't involved in the puzzle material?? – Toole Stott 640 opines that this reference led Harry Price to ascribe these works to these authors. Toole Stott 481 cites a 1910 letter from Harris B. Dick, of the publishers Dick & Fitzgerald. He says Magician's Own Book was assembled in the US – his father was an enthusiastic magician and 'may have had the book edited by H. L. Williams' and John Wyman, who is thanked in the book, was probably a friend involved. Dick adds that he thinks The Secret Out "was a reprint of an English book by W. H. Cremer" and describes The Boy's Own Conjuring Book as a reprint of Magician's Own Book "evidently gotten up and printed in London, but singularly enough it had printed in the book on the title-page – New York, Dick & Fitzgerald." C&B, under Cremer, say "It is believed that they were all written by H. L. Williams, a prolific hack writer of the period." C&B list them all under Williams, Henry Llewellyn ("W. Frikell"), and say to also see Cremer. To add to the confusion, the US and UK versions of the same title are often different! I will give the full title and authorship from the TP.]

The Book of 500 Curious Puzzles: Containing a Large Collection of Entertaining Paradoxes, Perplexing Deceptions in Numbers, and Amusing Tricks in Geometry. By the author of "The Sociable," "The Secret Out," "The Magician's Own Book," "Parlor Games," and "Parlor Theatricals," etc. Illustrated with a great Variety of Engravings. Dick & Fitzgerald, NY, 1859. Apparently compiled from The Sociable (qv) and Magician's Own Book. [Toole Stott 103 lists it as anonymous. NUC, under Frikell, says to see title. NUC, under Book, also has an 1882 ed, compiled by William B. Dick. Christopher 129.]

This book is clearly a compilation and a publisher's ad in the back explicitly says: "The above five books are compiled from the "Sociable" and "Magician's Own."", referring to: The Parlor Magician [Toole Stott 543, 544]; Book of Riddles and Five Hundred Home Amusements [Toole Stott 107, 951]; Book of Fireside Games [possibly Toole Stott 300]; Parlor Theatricals; The Book of 500 Curious Puzzles. However, [Toole Stott 951] is another version of The Book of Riddles and Five Hundred Home Amusements "by the author of "Fireside Games" [Toole Stott 300], "The Parlor Magic" [perhaps Toole Stott 543, 544], "Parlor Tricks with Cards" [Toole Stott 1056 lists this as by Frikell, "abridged from The Secret Out"; see also 547, 1142], ..."; Dick & Fitzgerald, 1986 [sic, but must mean 1886??].] The entire section Puzzles and Curious Paradoxes, pp. 3 36, is identical to the same section in The Sociable, pp. 285-318. Many of the later problems are identical to the Boy's Own Book and a woodcut, a poem and the introduction to a section are taken directly from Boy's Own Book. See also: Boy's Own Book; Boy's Own Conjuring Book; Illustrated Boy's Own Treasury; Indoor and Outdoor; Landells: Boy's Own Toy-Maker; The Secret Out; Hanky Panky; The Sociable.

Hanky Panky A Book of Conjuring Tricks By the Author of "The Secret Out." Edited by W. H. Cremer, Jun. Very Easy Tricks and Very Difficult Tricks, Diversions with Dice, Conjuring with Cards, Jugglery with and without Assistants, Gamblers' Deceptions Exposed, &c. A New Edition, With 250 Practical Illustrations. C&W, 1875, HB. [BMC and Toole Stott 193 have John Camden Hotten, 1872, while C&B give London, 1872. Toole Stott and C&B list the book under Cremer. NUC has C&W, 1872. C&W succeeded Hotten on his death in 1873. Toole Stott 1017 & Shortz have C&W, 1875. NUC says it is also attributed to Henry Llewellyn Williams, but the entry under Williams says 'supposed author'. C&B also list it under Williams.] This has a green cover with black pictures of a magician and six tricks,four in corner quadrants. The FP is coloured. There is an insert slip advertising "The Secret Out Series" and a similar ad on the back of the TP. The page numbering is obscure, apparently counting: the flyleaf, FP, tissue insert, TP, Contents each as two pages, then pp 13-328, followed by 36pp publisher's ads dated Oct 1876.

Hanky Panky A Book of Easy and Difficult Conjuring Tricks Edited by W. H. Cremer, Jun. A new edition with 250 practical illustrations. John Grant, Edinburgh, nd [Toole Stott 1016 gives 1874; NUC gives 1875?], HB. [Christopher 235, under Cremer, is Grant, c1890.] This has a yellow cover with black pictures showing a magician and four tricks in squares at the corners. The back of the TP is blank. Pagination as above, except there are only 2pp of publisher's ads for The "Secret Out" Series. Otherwise, the books are identical.

The Magician's Own Book, or The Whole Art of Conjuring. Being a Complete Hand-Book of Parlor Magic, and Containing over One Thousand Optical, Chemical, Mechanical, Magnetical, and Magical Experiments, Amusing Transmutations, Astonishing Sleights and Subtleties, Celebrated Card Deceptions, Ingenious Tricks with Numbers, Curious and Entertaining Puzzles, Together with All the Most Noted Tricks of Modern Performers. The Whole Illustrated with over 500 Wood Cuts, and Intended as a Source of Amusement for One Thousand and One Evenings. Dick & Fitzgerald, NY, 1857, HB. 12 + 362 pp. + 10 pp. publisher's ads. Present from Slocum. [Toole Stott 481 lists this as anonymous and entirely different from the UK ed. He cites a 1910 letter from Harris B. Dick which says H. L. Williams may have edited it, but both Dick's father and John Wyman may also have had a hand in it. Toole Stott 929, 930, 1378, 931 lists Dick & Fitzgerald, 1862, 1866, 1868, 1870, all apparently identical to the 1857. 929-930 are listed under Arnold and he there cites Cushing's Anonyms as saying the book is by Arnold and Cahill. Christopher 622-625 are all Dick & Fitzgerald; 622-623 are 1st ed., 624-625 are reprints of about the same time. NUC lists this as by George Arnold (1834-1865) and Frank Cahill, under both Arnold and Cahill. C&B list it under Cremer, attributed to Arnold & Cahill, but they give a date of 1851, which must be a transcription error. C&B also list it under Magician's, from New York, 1857, and under Williams, but as London, 1857.]

Christopher 242 cites the following article on this series.

Charles L. Rulfs. Origins of some conjuring works. Magicol 24 (May 1971) 3-5. He discusses the various books, saying that Cremer essentially pirated the Dick & Fitzgerald productions. He says The Magician's Own Book draws on Wyman's Handbook (1850), Endless Amusement, Parlour Magic (by W. Clarke? (1830s)), Brewster's Natural Magic.

Christopher 622 says Harold Adrian Smith [Dick and Fitzgerald Publishers; Books at Brown 34 (1987) 108-114] has studied this book and concludes that Williams was the author, assisted by Wyman. Actually Smith simply asserts: "The book was undoubedly [sic] written by H. L. Williams, a "hack writer" of the period, assisted by John Wyman in the technical details." He gives no explanation for his assertion, but it may be based on the C&B quote given above. He later says he doubts whether Cremer ever wrote anything.

See also: Boy's Own Conjuring Book.

The Magician's Own Book. By the Author of "The Secret Out," "The Modern Conjuror." &c. Edited by W. H. Cremer, Jun. Containing Ample Instructions for Recreations in Chemistry, Acoustics, Pneumatics, Legerdemain, Prestidigitation, Electricity (with and without apparatus). {In the middle of the page is an illustration of a wizard in white on red.} Performances with Cups and Balls, Eggs, Hats, Flowers, Coin, Books, Cards, Keys, Rings, Birds, Boxes, Bottles, Handkerchiefs, Glasses, Dice, Knives, &c., &c. With 200 Practical Illustrations. John Camden Hotten, nd [1871] (and John Grant, nd [1871]), with publisher's catalogue dated 1872), HB. i-ii are Very Important New Books; iii is a half-title; iv has the printer's colophon; v is blank; vi is the Frontispiece (comprising Figures 105 & 110 from the text); vii is the TP; viii is blank; ix-x are Preliminary; xi-xii are Contents, then the text is 13-326 + unpaginated publisher's catalogue "Very Important New Books. Special List for 1872" of 30pp. I have seen a copy with a pasted-in slip advertising "Messrs. Cremer's Illustrated Catalogue." [This is quite different than the US book of the same name.] (A dealer gives the Hotten date as 1872.)

The Magician's Own Book. By the Author of "The Secret Out," Etc. Edited by W. H. Cremer, Jun. Containing Ample Instructions for Recreations in Chemistry, Acoustics, Pneumatics, Legerdemain, Prestidigitation, Electricity (with and without apparatus). (In the middle of the page is an illustration of a wizard in white on red.) Performances with Cups and Balls, Eggs, Hats, Flowers, Coin, Books Cards, Keys, Rings, Birds, Boxes, Bottles, Handkerchiefs, Glasses, Dice, Knives, etc. etc. A New Edition, with 200 Practical Illustrations. (John Camden Hotten, nd [1871], and John Grant, nd [1871].) C&W, 1890 (with publisher's catalogue dated Apr 1893), HB. Starts on p. vii; pp. vii-xii + 13-326 + separately paginated publisher's catalogue of 32pp. [This is quite different than the US book of the same name.]

[The Hotten list of Very Important New Books is at the beginning on pp. i-ii. This lists Magician's Own Book as by the Author of "The Secret Out" and The Secret Out as by the Author of the "Magician's Own Book". But a further note says "Under the title of "Le Magicien des Salons" the first has long been a standard Magic Book with all French and German Professors of the Art." The Preliminary text on pp. ix-x is almost identical in all three forms – the Hotten has the address Piccadilly at the end and has the page number on p. x. The Preliminary says this is "an Entirely New Edition" and is by the same author as The Secret Out. It refers to Cremer's display of Toys of the World at the recent International Exhibition (possibly in 1862??) and to [Frank Bellew's] "The Art of Amusing" (of 1866 and published by Hotten in 1870) and Clara Bellew's "The Merry Circle" (c1860) 'just' or 'recently' issued. The Grant edition has a much simpler TP, with the text much reduced and no illustration, but says A New Edition With 200 Practical Illustrations. All versions have the same Contents pages, pp. xi-xii, except the Hotten has the page number on p. xii, and the actual text starts with p. 13. The Grant and C&W editions omit the first pages i-vi. My copies of the Hotten and C&W editions have almost identical blue covers, but with a slight change of the illustrations at the bottom.

Toole Stott 194 lists the 1871 Hotten ed. under Cremer. Christopher 239 lists it as "An entirely new edition" with 200 illustrations, 325 pp. + 30 pp. publisher's ads. Toole Stott 1015 is the John Grant, 1871. C&B, under Cremer, have London, 1871 with no indication of the New York ed. C&B also list it under Williams.]

SEE ALSO: Anon: Puzzles. Mathematical, Scientific and Dextrous.

The Secret Out; or, One Thousand Tricks with Cards, And Other Recreations. Illustrated with over three hundred engravings. And containing Clear and comprehensive explanations how to perform with ease, all the curious card deceptions, and slight of hand tricks extant. With an endless variety of entertaining experiments in drawing room or white magic, including the celebrated science of second sight. Together with a choice collection of intricate and puzzling questions, amusements in chance, natural magic, etc., etc., etc. By the Author of "The Sociable, or, One Thousand and One Home Amusements," "The Magician's Own Book," etc, etc. Dick & Fitzgerald, NY, 1859, HB. [Toole Stott 191, listing all versions under Cremer. C&B, under Frikell, have New York, 1859. H. A. Smith dates this as 1869.]

The Secret Out or, One Thousand Tricks in Drawing-room or White Magic, with an Endless Variety of Entertaining Experiments. By the author of "The Magician's Own Book." Translated and edited by W. H. Cremer, Junr. With three hundred illustrations. [Toole Stott lists all versions under Cremer.]

C&W (based on the John Camden Hotten, London, 1871?) (with ads from Sep 1886 at back and inscription dated 12 Oct 1887 on flyleaf), HB. [NUC; Toole Stott 192; C&B, under Cremer, have London & New York, 1871, and under Frikell, have London, 1870.]

C&W, nd [1871? – NUC lists several dates; Toole Stott 1013 is 1870; Christopher 242 is 1878?], HB.

John Grant, Edinburgh, nd [1872 – Toole Stott 1014, no ads], HB.

All these copies have identical green covers with five magic tricks on the cover.

[Toole Stott 192 discusses the authorship, saying that Wiljalba (or Gustave) Frikell is named on the TP of some editions, but that most of the tricks are taken from the US ed of The Magician's Own Book. In the US ed, The Author acknowledges his indebtedness to The Sociable and The Magician's Own Book 'and many other works of similar character and value', but claims 'that the greater portion of it [i.e. the book] is entirely original.' In the Preliminary to the UK ed he says he is indebted to '"Le Magicien des Salons," revised by references to Decremps, Servière, Leopold, Besson, Kircher, Hildebrandt, Ozanam, &c., &c.' though an 1874 ad by C&W indicates that it is translated from Le Magicien des Salons. (This may be Le Magicien de Société, Delarue, Paris, c1860, but see Rulfs, below.) The back of the TP of Bellew's The Art of Amusing, Hotten, 1866?, says The Secret Out is a companion volume, just issued, by Hermann Frikell. BM & Toole Stott say it is also attributed to Henry L. Williams. Toole Stott 481 cites a 1910 letter from Harris B. Dick, of the publishers Dick & Fitzgerald, who thinks their version of The Secret Out "was a reprint of an English book by W. H. Cremer" – but there seems to be no record of a UK ed before the US one. NUC says an 1871 ed. gives author as Gustave Frikell. Christopher 240-242 are two copies from Dick & Fitzgerald, c1859, and a C&W, 1878? He repeats most of the above comments from Toole Stott and 242 cites the Rulfs article mentioned under Magician's Own Book, above. Rulfs says The Secret Out is largely taken, illustrations and all, from Blismon de Douai's Manuel du Magicien (1849) and Richard & Delion's Magicien des salons ou le diable couleur de rose (1856 and earlier?). H. A. Smith [op. cit. under Magician's Own Book] says the first US ed is 1869 (this must be a misprint or misreading – though the date is a little hard to read in my copy, it is clearly 1859) and the UK eds are basically a condensed version with a few additions. He suggests the book is taken from DeLion. He doubts whether Cremer ever wrote anything. C&B, under Gustave Frikell, say it is a translation of Richard & Delion. C&B, under Herrman Frikell, list London, 1870. C&B, under Secret, list New York, nd. C&B also list it under Williams, as London, 1871.

[Toole Stott 1056 is [Frikell, Wiljalba]; Parlor Tricks with Cards, ...; By the Author of Book of Riddles and 500 Home Amusements, etc.; Dick & Fitzgerald, 1860?; which is described as "abridged from The Secret Out. Toole Stott 547 and 1142 are two versions of 1863, but without the description of the author and hence listed anonymously.]

The US and UK editions are fairly different. The US ed has 382 sections, of which 157 (41%) are used in the UK ed. The UK ed has 323 sections, so 51% of it is taken from the US ed. The US ed seems like a magic book, with chapters on Scientific amusements and Miscellaneous Tricks. The UK ed has much less magic and tricks, adding other general tricks and a lot more scientific tricks. The illustrations for the common sections are not quite identical – one was probably copied from the other. The amount taken from The Magician's Own Book and The Sociable is fairly small, perhaps 10% from each, in either edition.

The Sociable; or, One Thousand and One Home Amusements. Containing Acting Proverbs; Dramatic Charades; Acting Charades, or Drawing-room Pantomimes; Musical Burlesques; Tableaux Vivants; Parlor Games; Games of Action; Forfeits; Science in Sport, and Parlor Magic; and a Choice Collection of Curious Mental and Mechanical Puzzles; &c, &c. Illustrated with nearly three hundred engravings and diagrams, the whole being a fund of never-ending entertainment. By the author of "The Magician's Own Book." Dick & Fitzgerald, NY, 1858, 375pp + 8pp publisher's ads [Toole Stott 640 and C&B list this as anonymous]; G. G. Evans, Philadelphia, nd, but the back of the title gives ©1858 by Dick & Fitzgerald, NY, HB. Identical text and cover (except with less gilding), but the 8pp of ads for Dick & Fitzgerald (!) are different than in the other version and the book is a bit thinner, probably due to use of lighter paper. [Toole Stott 481 indicates this was compiled by Dick & Fitzgerald. The entire section Puzzles and Curious Paradoxes, pp. 285-318, is identical to the same section in Book of 500 Puzzles, pp. 3-36. Rulfs (mentioned above under Magician's Own Book) says this borrows from the same sources, with more taken from Endless Amusement and Parlour Magic. Toole Stott notes the Preface's reference to Cahill and Arnold and suggests that this led Harry Price to ascribe this and the related books to these authors. Christopher 947-949. C&B, under the title has New York, 1858.]

Fritsch, Vilma. Left and Right in Science and Life. [As: Links und rechts in Wissenschaft und Leben; Kohlhammer, Stuttgart, 1964.] (No translator named.) Barrie and Rockliff, London, 1968, HB.

Frohlichstein, Jack. Mathematical Fun, Games and Puzzles. Dover, 1962, with mostly white cover; with mostly blue cover and © renewed 1967.

Frost, A. H. The Mathematical Questions of the Senate-House Examination Papers, 1838 to 1849 inclusive, arranged in order according to subjects, by the Rev. A. H. Frost, M.A. of St. John's College, Cambridge. J. Hall, Cambridge, 1849, HB. Turner H5.21.

Fry, Samuel, Jr. & Hymes, Edward, Jr. How to Win at Five Suit Bridge. Foulsham, 1938. [Cover has authors in other order.]

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Fuller, R. Buckminster (1895-1983).

Dymaxion Projection Map, to be pressed out and assembled, with explanatory sheet.

Tee Shirt with the Dymaxion Projection Map and some text.

SEE ALSO: Krausse & Lichtenstein; Anthony Pugh; Donald W. Robertson.

"Fuller, Uriah". Pseud. of Martin Gardner, qv. Gill is unaware of Gardner's authorship.

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G Pax (42 Maney Hill Road, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B72 1JL). Sticka Pax. 3 sheets of 24 stickers each, each sheet in 6 colour forms. G Pax, Sutton Coldfield, nd [bought in 1993]. [See also: Fowler.]

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^ GARDNER, MARTIN (1914- ).

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Puzzle Exchanges and Their Solutions. 16th International Puzzle Collector's Party in Luxembourg August 17th & August 18th 1996. [IPP16]

SEE ALSO: Dalgety; Haubrich, De Smet & de Vreugd; IPP20 Committee;

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[The above two books contain the first 12 of the series of Exploring Mathematics on Your Own, originally published by Webster, St. Louis or McGraw-Hill and then by Murray. I have booklets 1 – 6, 8 – 18, Geometric Constructions.]

SEE ALSO: C. D. H. Cooper (No. 18); D. A. Johnson (Nos. 14 & 15); Johnson & Taylor (No. 13); M. S. Norton (Nos. 16, 17 & Geometric Constructions).

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Letter of 13 Mar 1979 from Hein to Miller, signed.

Page describing various objectives for the puzzle, apparently in Hein's hand with some colouring. Attached to 3 pages which look like photocopies from Hein's MS with colouring, describing manufacturing and marketing strategies.

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SEE ALSO: Findlay & Sawyer; Robert-Houdin.

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Special points of a triangle. Videotape of a lecture at G4G1, 1993, with Tyler Barrett doing the introduction, approx 46 min, with several questions, including a comment from me! After the end is a 3½ min excerpt from the dinner with about half of Ken Knowlton's presentation. Tyler Barrett, Berlekamp, Cutler, Gardner, Hess, Hordern, Knuth, Randi, Dana Richards, Rodgers, Shortz, Singmaster, Slocum, Stover can be recognized. Gift from Rodgers.

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bought at Het Illuseum, Gent, Belgium, in 2002.

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See also: Ozanam.

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Rubik's Cube Clinic poster. 1982.

Poster: "We Dare You". 1982.

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Alexander's Star Puzzle – solution booklet. 1982.

SEE ALSO Weisman.

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[There are 4th ed, 1984, and 5th ed, 1987, both Nauka.]

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A2 poster advertising the exhibition: L'Orient de Saladin L'Art des Ayyoubides Oct 2001 - Mar 2002 [featuring a three rabbits pattern in black on yellow]. Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris, 2001. Gift from Peter Rasmussen. One copy framed and hanging in library.

Agenda Automne 2001. Booklet giving their autumn program, with the same pattern on the outside covers. No pattern inside. Gift from Peter Rasmussen.

Small flyer for the above exhibition with the same pattern. Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris, 2001. Gift from Peter Rasmussen. 1/3 of an A4 sheet.

L'épopée de Saladin. Booklet to accompany the above exhibition, 12pp incl cover, produced by L'Express. The black on yellow logo is on the cover, but the ceramic piece is not shown anywhere. Present from Peter Rasmussen.

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IPP20 Committee. IPP 20 August 2000 Los Angeles Official Records of the 20th International Puzzle Party. Prepared by Jürg and Karin von Känel. With CD attached inside back cover.

SEE ALSO: Dalgety; Gillen & Gitt; Haubrich, De Smet & de Vreugd;

Irish Post Office. Stamps of ½ d and 2½ d commemorating Rowan Hamilton's discovery of quaternions, 1843-1943. Lightly cancelled. Present from Robin Wilson.

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The Sunday Telegraph Book of Nonograms No. 2. Pan, 1994. Present from Dalgety.

The Sunday Telegraph Book of Nonograms No. 3. Pan, 1994. Present from Dalgety.

The Sunday Telegraph Book of Nonograms No. 4. Pan, 1995. Present from Dalgety.

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J & B. See: Yoshigahara.

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Jackson, Paul.

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Jarrold & Sons Ltd. Norwich.

Postcard of the Three Rabbits pattern in the stained glass of Long Melford Church, Suffolk. Card No. CKLMC 6. First example sent by Christopher Sansbury, the Rector.

Postcard of the Pilgrim Rabbit, St. Mary's Church, Beverley, from c1325, apparently the inspiration for the White Rabbit in

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