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EE5106/MCH5209/ME 5402: Advanced Robotics Term 2, 2002/2003

Course Outline:



1. Position and Orientation Transformations and Robot Kinematics of Position

Homogeneous transformations; Rotation matrices; Three and four parameter representations for orientation; Mathematical Singularities; Robot kinematic modeling; Forward kinematics; Inverse kinematics problem: closed-form and numerical solutions; Concept of decoupling


^ 2. Rigid Body Motion , Robot Kinematics of Velocity, and Robot Statics

Translational and rotational velocities; Velocity transformations; Jacobian transformations; Derivatives of homegeneous transformation matrices; Forward kinematics; Inverse kinematics of velocity; Static force/torque transformations; Recursive equations of motion and static force/torque relationships


^ 3. Robot Trajectory Planning & Kinematic Robot Control

Point -to-point vs Continuous motion. Polynomials. Linear functions with parabolic blends. Via points. Cartesian paths. Kinematic control.


^ 4. Robot Dynamics

Euler-Lagrange equations; Lagrangian approach to robot dynamics;

Actuator dynamics; Properties of the robot dynamic model: inertial coefficients,

centrifugal and coriolis coefficients, and gravity terms.

Newton-Euler formulation of robot dynamics; Computational considerations.


^ 5. Robot Positional Control

Independent joint control: based on PD and PID compensators, based on

feedforward control; State-space modelling and analysis; Lyapunov stability

analysis; Multivariable PD control; Computed-Torque control;

Implementaion and robustness issues; Cartesian based control schemes;

Robust control methods; Adaptive control methods.


^ 6. Robot Compliance and Force Control

Compliance and stiffness; Force control in a single DOF system; Impedance

control; Hybrid force and position control; Stability issues and other

problems; Simultaneous force / position; control of constrained robots.


7. Lab

Industrial Robots Demonstrations.





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Other research publications (cited and/or distribited during appropriate lecture times)


· Quizzes (open book)

· Final examination (open book)

Class Website:


Dr Marcelo H Ang Jr (Topics 1 to 3)

Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering

Office: E1-07-14, Tel: 6874-2555, e-mail:

Dr. Sam Ge Shuzi (Topics 4 to 7)

Department of Electrical Engineering

Office: E4-05-31, Tel: 6874-6821, e-mail: elegesz@nus.edusg

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