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University of Houston Engineering Technology College of Technology

MECT4350: Principles of Mechatronics

Elective Course

W 6pm-10pm

COURSE CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Mechatronics is the multi-disciplinary approach to design of electro-mechanical systems. This is in an introductory elective course on this topic in which students learn about sensors, actuators, signal conditioning, control of mechanical systems and the integration of these components in the design of mechatronic systems. The lecture material covers the philosophy and the theoretical fundamentals of the various aspects. Because of how broad a topic mechatronics is, students will get most of their practical learning by working on a major project to be selected by them. This is supplemented by guided labs and exercises.

PREREQUISITES: ELET 2307, MECT 3358 or equivalents


Textbook: Introduction to Mechatronics and Measurement Systems, David G. Alciatore and Michael B. Histand, 3rd edition, McGraw-Hill

Additional Material:

(1) RadioShack Learning Lab (28-280).

(2) Lab book. Scientific Notebook Company style 1001-S.

(3) A blue (single color) 3 hole binder (1 in)

(4) Binder divider sheets (with at least 5 categories), such as Avery 23076.


By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Be able to describe the mechatronics approach to engineering of electro-mechanical systems. [ABET

  2. Understand basic electronics and instrumentation.

  3. Understand the basic physics of sensors and actuators used in mechanical systems.

  4. Have received hands-on experience in electro-mechanical devices, their instrumentation and their control.

  5. Keep good records of their work in a lab book.

  6. Manage their laboratory time well.

  7. Conceive, describe, and demonstrate a project at its various phases of completion.

  8. Have received hands-on experience in the interfacing of computers and other instruments for the measurement and control of electro-mechanical systems.


  • Exams:

    • Mid-Term (15%)

    • Final (20%)

  • Lab book

    • Maintained continuously

    • 10%

  • Assignments:

    • Due on next lecture

    • 10%

    • Note: includes quizzes, about once a month, graded as assignments

  • Guide labs

    • Due 1 week after lab is completed

    • 10%

  • Time management and class participation

    • 10%

  • Project (one, due about two weeks before end of semester)

    • 25%


This course covers program outcomes a, b, c, d, e, f, g, k, l and m.


  • Introduction to Mechantronics

  • Electric Circuits and Components

  • Analog Signals

  • Digital Signals

  • Sensors

  • Actuators

  • Interfacing and Instrumentation with LabVIEW

  • Microcontrollers

  • Systems Equations

  • Control

Successful completion of this course fulfills the communication, math & sciences, technical content curricular requirements for the degree plan in Mechanical Engineering Technology.

Prepared by Michel LeBlanc Spring 2010

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