Guwahati: Rabin Das, who had made tv serials for Guwahati dd, has directed a video comedy film Tumiye Hoba Koina Mor, which was released recently. The film was icon

Guwahati: Rabin Das, who had made tv serials for Guwahati dd, has directed a video comedy film Tumiye Hoba Koina Mor, which was released recently. The film was

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The shooting of video album Jakoi, produced under the banner of Sabnam Cine Productions of Rangia, is going on under the direction of Kamal Rizvi. The musical VCD is produced by Mukul Ali and the artistes include Akashdeep, Rupjyoti, Anurag, Jitu Deka, Mausumi Mahanta and others. The highlight of the VCD will be the scenic beauty of Madan Kamdev. The songs have been rendered by Kumar Bhabesh, Babita Sarma, Arup, Dwipen, Ramen and Promod. The VCD will be released soon.

^ Editing of Kadam Tole Krishna Nache completed:

Suman Haripriya, who earned accolades for her previous films Koina Mor Dhuniya and Kakadeutar Ghar Jowai, recently completed the editing of her latest film Kadam Tole Krishna Nache. The film, a Satriya musical extravaganza, is made with an appealing story based on Sanskrit art and culture. The story is written by Biju Probha and Ranjit Chakravarty. Suman has written the screenplay. It may be noted that more than a hundred artistes took part in the shooting at various locations. The film is likely to be off the beaten track with innovative direction, music and dances. Several exponents of Satriya dances have done the choreography. They are Jatin Goswami, Jagannath Mahanta, Ghana Bora, Govinda Saikia, Saradi Sasikia, Ramkrishna Talukdar and Jibonjyoti Dutta. Prabhat Sarma has scored the music with playback singing by Anupam Saikia, Tarali Sarma, Parinita Goswami and others. A good number of well-known artistes are in the cast that includes Nipom Goswami, Mahananda Sarma, Mridula Barua, Chetana Das, Ruma Devi, Tapan Bhagawati, Hiranya Das, Sohani Goswami, Aaimee Barua, Rupsikha Salio, Dinesh Das, DineshBisaya, Saurabh Hazarikaand child artistes Nikita, Gungun and Nupur. The film is being made under the banner of Sankardev Chalachitra Cooperative. Ranjit Chakravarty and Nirmal Deka are the cinematographers.

^ Shooting of churen Chorar Putek completed:

The shooting of churen Chorar Putek, an Assamese feature film produced by Pranjal Bharalee and Chabi Bharalee and directed by Chandra Mudoi, has been completed on May 22 within the scheduled time-frame of 36 days. The story, screenplay and dialogue have been written by director Mudoi of maghat Mamonir Biya and Ujanir Dujani Gabharu fame. The theme revolves round the ups and downs of an aspiring young magician. Incidentally, this is the first Assamese film to highlight the art of magic and the talented magicians of the State. The entertaining film is being made with an eye to cater to the various tastes of cinegoers irrespective of age. The editing, background music and dubbing are going to be done soon. The musical score is by Dr. Hitesh Barua. The songs have been written by Dr. Barua and Chandra Mudoi. The musical arrangement is done by Dony Hazarika. Jini Moholia and Bapa Ahmed are in charge in charge of the choreography. Dipak Roy and Manish Das are chief assistant directors. They are assisted by Haren Pujari and Pallav Mahanta. The artistes in Churen Chorar Putek include Jatin Bora, Prastti Parashar, Nishita Goswami, Chetana Das, Dinesh das, Dr. Rajen Jaiswal and child artistes Gargi, Maharshi and Emon Kashyap. The film is being made under the banner of Gargi Entertainment Co. Pvt. Ltd.

^ VCD film Samarpan:

DA Production's recently released VCD film is a well-made one on the current situation. The story and direction are by Ashim Baishya, who has successfully made the film with suitable performances by popular artistes like Ravi Sarma, Barasharani Bishaya, Nayan Nirban, Jayanta Das, Hiranya Deka. The musical score by Manas Hazarika has added appeal to the VCD. The VCD film has been produced by Debabrata Dutta.

^ Godfather in Assamese:

Guwahati: Chakradhar Deka, producer of the city-based Rajashree Theatre, informs that the Assamese adaptation of Godfather, penned by cine journalist Pabitra Kumar Deka, will be presented among other plays in its next session. The adaptation is based on the widely read novel written by Mario Puzo of Italy and the internationally acclaimed Hollywood film of the same name. The theme of Godfather is about notorious criminals who come from Sicily as refugees to America and gain power through the underworld. The Godfather is the supreme leader of these criminals. The story revolves round the Godfather's way of life. Incidentally, both the novel and the film of the same name earned immense popularity among readers as well as viewers. In the 1970s with action, thrills and dramatic events made a record and earned several Oscars, including the best Actor Marlon Brando who appeared in the title role. The play Godfather will be directed by Prabin Hazarika, the director of the award winning film Hastir Kanya and several TV serials. Champak Sarma, a reputed stage actor will play the role of Godfather. Producer Deka also informs that in view of the importance of settings for the play, well-known art director Nurudin Ahmed has been assigned for the purpose. The costumes have been designed by Borsha Bora, a reputed costume designer. The musical score is by Charu Gohain, Ratan Das and Kushal Das. The other three plays selected for presentation in the next session of Rajashree Theatre are Bomb Blast , written by Champak Sarma, Sare Asene Samiran by late Jiten Sarma and Nufula Phular Samadhi by Chakradhar Deka. The artistes of Rajshree Theatre include Pradip Nishith, Amar Muktab, Rameswar Hazarika, Parama Sarma, Deep Deuri, Mohan Saikia, Deep Barua, Kumud Ranjan Das, Kandarpa Pathk, Munin Deka, Thaneswar Kumar, Likuma Sarma, Minakshi dutta, Rekha Sarma, Binu Kalita, Kabita Saikia and child artiste Purabi Kalita.

^ Snehbandhan in dubbing phase:

Guwahati: The dubbing of Sahil Entertainment's Assamese feature film Snehbandhan is presently going on under the supervision of well-known sound recordist Jatin Sarma at Film Craft. The background music will be scored soon after the dubbing by the music director Nanda Benerji. Incidentally, it was the last feature film shoot by late cinematographer Mrinal Kanti Das. The late film song peened by late Dr. NirmalPrsbha Bordoloi also figures in the film which reads Roe pore sotalot,/ Jone sare jonakat, / Sunichilo sadhubor,/ Khelisilo ulahat. The other lyricist are Hemanta Dutta, Gagan Chandar Adhikary and Pratima Das. A Borgeet by Mahapurush Madhavdev is also included in the film. The songs are rendered by Khagen Mahanta, Zubeen Garag. Jitul Sonowal, Shanta Uzir, Namita Bhattacharya and Queen Hazarika. Snehabandhan is directed by Debjit Adhikary with his own story, screenplay and dialogue. The film is produced by Rosy Ahmed, Junu Das and Dharmendra Choudhury. The cast includes Mridula Barua, Kartik hazarika, Debajit Mazumdar, Madhusmita Saikia, Saurabh Hazarika, Sushanta Mazumder Barua, Chetana Das, Hiranya Deka, Kamal Rasid Ahmed, newcomer Krishna and child artiste Divienejyoti. Biju Phukan, Rajashree Phukan, and Hiranya Das are appearing as guest artistes. Choreography is by Asim Baishya, Srikar Prasad is the editor.

^ Video film Tora:

Guwahati: Tora, a VCD film produced by Nayan Nirban under the banner of BB Films in collaboration with Beli Entertainment, was released during Bihu. The film has been made with a well-kint romantic story along with Bihu-based music, which has made it attractive. The story, direction and Choreography of Tora is by well known choreographer Ashim Baishya. Dony Hazarika has provided the music befittingly. The two-hour VCD film has artistes like NayanNirban, Kapil Bora, Bhagawat Pratim, Guna Mahanta, Rajiv Kro, Angur, Padmarag, Urmimala, Ashim Apaarxam, Praysi Parasharand Ashim Baishya. Hiten Talukdar and KrishnaShah have done the photography, The direction, music, acting and camera work are praiseworthy.

Bodosa film on editing table:

Guwahati : Bodosa International's English-Bodo film 3 girls and the Golden Cocoon is on the editing table of Mahadev Sri, an FTII graduate. The film is produced and directed by well known director Jawndao Bodosa, who has also penned the story, screenplay and dialogue. Music director Sher Chowdhury is doing the background music. The highlights in the cast are two Hollywood actresses Natalie Roth Dubey and Brandee Tucker. They are supported by local Onjali Bodosa, Khampa Barnayari, Tikendra Nrazary, Malati Narzary, Pramila Rani Brahma, Meghananda Brahma, and Hira Brahma, among others. HJ Suman handles the camera.

^ Antaheen Jatra releasing today:

Guwahati : Gargi Entertainment's latest offering Antaheen Jatra, produced by Pranjal Bharalee and Chabi Bharalee, is releasing today in the city. With story by Jnanpith awardee Dr. Mamoni Raisom Goswami, the film has been directed by Munna Ahmed. Dulal Roy is the script writer. Dr. Hitesh Barua provides the music, with arranged by dony Hazarika. The cast includes Nipan Goswami, Bishnu Khargharia, Tapan Das, Prastuti Parashar, Jerifa Wahid, Shantichaya Roy, Atul Pachani, Taufique Rahman, Baharul Islam Antara Chowdhury, child-artiste Gargi and others. Suman Duwarah has done the cinematography.

^ New Video Album:

Guwahati : Mou Bon, a VCD film of modern Assamese songs produced under the banner of Tanz Creative Entertainment recently hit the stands. The VCD film has been directed and produced by singer Trisha Saikia with a view to rendering help and assistance to the orphans of SOS Village, Azara. The VCD contains varieties of songs, impressively rendered by Trisha Saikia, Saju and Kollol. The choreography is by Jini Moholiya and Uday Kashyap, Bhargav Kataki, Mridula Barua, Trisha Saikia, Rituparna Kataki, Sohani Goswami, Tanvi Srma, Saurabh Hazarika and Dhanjit. Incidentally, Tanz Creative Entertainment has taken up various welfare schemes to help the needy, to explore hidden talents in the musical field and to preserve the folk culture of Assam.

^ Digital film:

An Assamese film, Morome Morome Bichare is being made in digital mode with a view to projecting it in cinema halls with an LCD projector. The film has been directed by Jitu Ahmed under the banner of Chitralankar Multifarious. The story, screenplay and dialogue are by Nirupam Dutta. The music has been scored by Khrau Roy and Vinod Bharadwaz. The artistes include Barasharani Bishaya, Jayanta Das, Arup Bora and a host of newcomers.

^ Antaheen Jatra:

Gargi entertainment Co. (Pvt) Ltd's latest Assamese film Antaheen Jatra, a produced by Pranjal Bharalee and Chabi Bharalee, has been passed by the Censor on March 29. The film, directed by Munna Ahmed, is based on the widely read story by Jnanpith Award winner Mamoni Raisom Goswami. The film has been made in 35mm cinemascope. Dulal Roy has written the screenplay. The artistes include Tapan Das, Prastuti Parashar, Bishnu Khargharia, Jerifa Wahid, Baharul Islam, Nipon Goswami, Taufiq Rehman, child-artise Gargi and others. Music is by Dr Hitesh Barua.

^ New release:

Globe Art's presentation, an off-beat Assamese film, The Sixth Day of Creation, produced and directed by Deepa Bhattacharya, is releasing on April 1 at Urvashi theatre in the city. The film will be screened at the 11am show only. Oriental Films has taken the responsibility of the distribution. The story of the three-character film has been written by director Deepa Bhattacharya.

^ 3 Girls and the Golden Cocoon:

An English-Bodo film 3 Girls and the Golden Cocoon, directed by well known director Jwangdao Bodosa is presently on the editing table. The shooting which was extensively done at scenic spots of Manas National Park and Kokrajhar ended on March 9. Incidentally, temporary traditional thatched houses of the Bodos were built near Kokrajhar for the purpose by noted sculptor Karmal Gayari, the art director. The film is being edited by Mahadev Si in Kolkata. Meanwhile, music director Sher Chowdhury is busy recording the background music. The film is being made under the banner of Bodosa International. The three major characters in the film are played by Natalie Roth Dubey and Brandee Tucker of Los Angeles and Onjali Bodosa. Director Bodosa is satisfied after viewing the telecine copy of the film. The story revolves around Jennifer, an American fashion designer and Kelly, an Afro-American, who visit Assam as tourists and are highly attracted towards the precious Eri clothes of Assam and intend to take it to the world market with the local Bodo woman, Onjali. The screenplay and dialogue have been written by director Bodosa. The camera is handled by KG Suman. Subhashish Roy is the sound recordist. A good number of Bodo artistes are portraying roles in the film besides Brandee, Natalie and Onjali. They are Khampa Borgayari, Tikendra Narzary, Malati Narzary, Pramila Rani Brahma, Meghnad Brahma, Kalyani Brahma and Gabda Brahma. The 100-minute film will be premiered in a foreign country soon.

^ Telefilm Shooting Bibhrat:

Shooting Bibhrat is a telefilm being produced by the students of the Photography Institute of Assam, a pioneering institute of photography and cinematography. The story revolves around a rich man who wants to make a mega serial of 200 to 300 episodes by casting his own family members, but due to lack of knowledge about filmmaking, the director, cameraman and technicians refuse to work with him and the shooting ends. Basically, it is a comedy film. The story and script have been written by Amulya Manna. The telefilm has been directed and cinematographed by the students of the institute- Pragyan Duwara, Mallika Saikia, Dipak chetry, Mrigen Talukdar, Hariprasad Mallik, Rupam Singh, Palmolive Singh. Ajai Manna and Soroj Duwara are the directors of photography, while Paron Sarma is the make-up artiste. Major roles is the film have been played by Nilu Chakraborty, Krishna Das Nath, Amulya Shastry, Amarjeet and Pushpanjali Devi (Pinky). The telefilm will be telecast shortly on Doordarshan.

^ BB Films' video film Tora:

Lately, a few reputed directors and artistes are launching video films which deserve appreciation. This time, upcoming actor Nayan Nirban has launched a video film titled Tora under the banner of BB Films in collaboration with his own production house Beli entertainment. The VCD is based on Bihu. Meanwhile, Nayan Nirban has set up an editing unit in the name of Wings Maker.With a view to making Tora a quality presentation, team of professional artistes have been selected for the film. They are Kapil Bora, Bhagawat Pritam, Urmimala Barua, Guna Mahanta, Rajiv Kro, Ashim Baishya and Nayan Nirban. They are supported by Angur, Prayasi Parashar, Padmarag, Junu Barua, Ashim Gogoi and Barnali Nath. Music has been composed by Dony Hazarika. Singers of repute like Zubeen Garg, Anupam Saikia, Krishnamoni chutia, Kallol Barthakur, Tarali Sarma, Barnali Das and Subasana have been roped in. The camera work is by Krishna shah and Hiten Thakuria. The story, direction and choreography are by Ashim Baishya.

^ Kadam Tole..: in progress

The shooting of Kadam Tole Krishna Nache, directed by Suman Haripriya, is going on in full swing in various places of Assam. The shooting started from Feb 10 with the muhurat held at Sankardev Dham Barpeta Satra and Patbausi. Banamali Mishra, a distinguished member of the Dham switched on the camera. Film journalist Arunlochan Das broke the coconut. Ratnakar Kirtan, Gunamala etc penned by Sankardev were shot on the location by cameraman Nirmal Deka (Tito).Shooting was also done at famous Kirtan Ghar of Barpeta and at the convention of the Sri Sankar Sangha held at Fauripur, in the presence of thousands of devotees. The participants-artistes in this phase of shooting are- Runu Devi, Mahananda Sarma, Jayanta Bhagawati, Hiranya Das, Chetana Das, Aimee Barua etc, artistes from Kamalabari Satra and Satriya disciples of Jibonjyoti Dutta. The brother-sister duo of producer Ranajit Chakravarty and Suman Haripriya have been relentlessly making efforts to make the film an all-round success. Their objective is to make a social film with ingredients of Satriya culture. The story has been written in a modern perspective by Bijuprabha and Ranajit Chakravarty. Prabhat Sarma is in charge of music. The directors for dances are exponents like Jatin Goswami, Jagannath Mahanta, Ghana Bora, Govinda Saikia, Sharodi Saikia and Ramkrishna Talukdar. The playback singers are Zubeen Garg, Tarali Sarma, Anupam Saikia, Parinita Goswami and Swapnil Bora. The cast includes- Nipon Goswami, Mridula Barua, Ananda Mohan Bhagawati, Indra Bania, Purabi Sarma, Atul Pachani, Avatosh Bhuyan and Sohani Goswami. Tapan Das make a special appearance. The film has been produced under the banner of Haripriya Productions Pvt Ltd and Sankardev Film Producing Cooperative Society.

^ Video film launched:

The muhurat of a new video feature film, Smiritir Cheka was held recently at Geeta Mandir in the city. The full-length suspense-thriller film is being directed by Kuldip Bora, with his own story, script and dialogue. At the muhurat, Nipon Goswami garlanded the camera and broke the coconut. Cine-journalist Arun lochan Das switched on the camera. Prastuti Parashar, the popular actress of Assamese films appeared at the muhurat shot, taken by the film's cameraman Bedadyuti Bora. The regular shooting of the film will be done from March 15. the music is scored by Papu, with the lyrics written by Dipankar Talukdar and Diganta Kalita, with song rendition by Saju, Vidyasagar, Sikha Bora and Farida Hussain. The artistes so far selected are Nipon Goswami, Prastuti Parashar, Jayanta Das, Binoy Deka etc.

^ VCD with Bihu songs:

Rimjhim Barasha, a VCD film directed by singer Nayanmoni Goswami was released on March 3. The VCD contains seven appealing Bihu songs sung by popular singers like Zubeen Garg, Krishnamoni, Anupam Saikia, Vidyasagar and Barnali Kalita. The highlight of the VCD is the appearance of the popular hero of Assamese films -Jatin Bora. The other artistes are Rupjyoti Das, Atul Pachani, Rimpi Das, Ankita Saikia, Himadri Bora, Seema Sarma, Nayanmoni Goswami, Irani Mahanta and Tarulata. The VCD has been produced by Prashanta Raktim and Deben Narzary under the banner of Trinayan Production of Tezpur.

^ Video film: Rong Birong

Nayan Nirban, the upcoming film actor, has recently launched his directorial venture with a video film titled -Rong Birong. He has also written the story and script for the entertaining picture, enjoyable for all irrespective of age. The film has impressive choreography of a few melodious songs sung by popular singer like Zubeen Garg, Shanta Uzir, Udit Narayan and Arundhati. The cast includes Debajit Mazumdar, Akashitora, Urmimala, Ashim, Arpanam and child artiste Sultana. Arun Nath handles the camera. The video film has been produces by Farida Haque under the banner of NT Production.

^ Morome Morome Bichare:

A group of young entrepreneurs of Tinsukia proposes to make a full-length video film with a difference under the banner of Chitralankar Maultifarious. The proposed VCD will not be available in the market and would have to be screened at cinema houses only with the help of an LCD projector. The two-and-a-half-hour feature film will be shot with a digital camera. The mahurat of the film was held on Feb 13, the Saraswati Puja day at Multifarious Editing Studio at Tinsukia. At the mahurat, Mira Saikia lighted the lamp while Kishore Barua garlanded the camera. The coconut was broken by social worker Dipak Dutta while veteran artiste Tepu Gogoi switched on the camera. The clapstick was given by Hemanta Gohain, owner of City Channel. The mahurat shot was directed by Sanjay Khaitan. The film is being directed by Jitu Ahmed. Eight songs have already been recorded under the music-direction of Khrau Roy and Vinod Bharadwaz sung by Zubeen Garg, Barnali Kalita and others. Major roles will be played by Arup Bora, Barasharani Bishaya, Jayanta Das, Mira Saikia and Bikash Dutta, along with others.

^ Committee for State film fest:

An advisory committee was recently constituted in connection with holding a film festival and giving awards to the reputed film personalities in Assam under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister of Assam. The committee will decide the modalities for the proposed film scheduled to be held in April 2005. The decision of the Government of Assam is laudable as for the last several years the Assamese cinema lovers as well as artistes and technicians have been appealing to the Government to hold such a festival. The committee has cultural affairs minister Hemoprava Saikia as vice-chairman, and ministers Anjan Dutta, Pradyut Bordoloi, Ripun Bora, Himanta Biswa Sarma, cultural affairs commissioner and secretary MK Baroah, and cultural affairs director Pritam Saikia as members with Abdul Mazid, Nipon Goswami, Bibi Devi Barbarua and Bobbeta Sarma as the public representatives.

^ Zuman- VCD of modern songs:

Zuman, a video album featuring Assamese modern songs was recently released under the baner of FH Productions and Zuman Entertainment. The VCD has been produced by Rasul Haque Bahadur, the producer of the Assamese feature film Zuman-Suman. The entertaining musical VCD has been directed by Partha Tiwari and Tridib Lahan. The melodious songs have been rendered by Mausam Gogoi and Prerana Dutta under the music direction of Arup dutta. The artistes taking part in the VCD are Micheal, Panchali Gupta, Gayatri Mahanta, Papoo (Junior Salman Khan), Stuti, Diganta, Binoy, Tanvi, Satya, Binita, Mitali and Rasul Haque Bahadur. A special attraction of the album are the dances by Panchali Gupta.

^ Telefilm Aaghat:

The muhurat of Aaghat, a full length VCD film, produced under the banner of Daab Cine Vision of Rupnagar, Guwahati, produced by Dipak Sarma and directed by Palash Sarma, was held recently at Gopeswar Devalaya near Baihata-chariali. At the muhurat function, Ananda Mohan Bhagawati lighted the lamp and Samarendra Dey garlanded the camera. Badal Das broke the coconut, while Bipul Barua switched on the camera. The story and screenplay have been written by Palash Sarma, who had earlier directed a number of telefilms and serials. The selection of the artistes will be done soon.

^ Shooting in progress:

Kadam Tole Krishna Nache, an Assamese feature film made against the backdrop of Satriya dance, music, Bhaona, art and culture is being shot since February 9 under the direction of Suman Haripriya. The outdoor locations include Bardowa, the birthplace of Sri Sankardev, Barpeta, Dhubri, Gauripur, Patbausi and a Namghar temporarily built for the purpose at Chaygaon. The story has been written by Biju Prabha and Ranjit and scripted by director Suman. The music is by Prabhat Sarma with playback singing by Tarali Sarma, Zubin Garg, Anupam Saikia, Pranita Goswami and Swapnali Bora. A number of Satriya dance exponents are directing the dance sequences for the films. They are- Jatin Goswami, Ghana Bora, Gobinda Saikia, Shardi Saikia, Jiwanjyoti Dutta and Ramkrishna Talukdar. A special song has been composed by Oja Somnath Bora while Nirmal Deka is in charge of cinematography. A galaxy of well known artistes are in the cast and include Nipon Goswami, Mahananda Sarma, Indra Bania, Jayanta Bhagawati, Ananda Mohan Bhagawati, Mridula Barua, Runu Devi, Chetana Das, Purabi Sarma, Aimee Barua, Atul Pachani, Sohani Goswami and Tapan Das.

^ Jatin Bora to direct film:

Jatin Bora, the popular hero of Assamese films, is planning to direct a feature film under the banner of SGL Cine Enterprise- produced by Likhon Chamua. Bora started his career as an amateur stage artiste at Nagaon and appeared on screen at a tender age in the feature film Uttarkal, directed by Abdul Majid in 1990. Since then, there has been no looking back for him. After successful performances in films and TV serials, telefilms and VCDs, he established himself as the most popular actor for which he was offered roles in mobile theatres too. He has so far acted in 30 films in the span of fifteen years. The story, screenplay and dialogue of his first directorial venture, which is yet to be titled, have been written by Munin Barua. Zubin Garg will score the music for the film. Suman Duarah will handle the camera. The locations will be in various scenic spots of Upper and Lower Assam. Besides directing, Jatin Bora will appear in a major role. Bora hopes to make the film an entertaining one, acceptable to all classes of viewers.

^ New film Jiwan-Trishna:

Producer Manjumala Saikia of Nagaon presented the Assamese film Prem Geet in 2002, under the banner of Manjushree Production, is going to launch her second production soon, title Jiwan-Trishna to be directed by Arup Manna, who is also handling the camera for the film. The songs are being recorded under the music direction of Manas Hazarika at his own studio, Sangeet Lahar. Dilip Nath is assisting Hazarika in the music. Meanwhile, songs by Tarali Sarma and Zubeen Garg have already been recorded. The lyrics have been written by Robson Barua and Dilip Nath. The artistes so far selected are Ravi Sarma, Gayatri Mahanta, Bishnu Khargharia, Bhagawat Pritam and Jayashree.

^ VCD of popular songs:

Sapone Sapone, a VCD album, produced by producer-actor Kunja Bihari Das was recently released at a function held in the city under the presidentship of cine journalist Arulochan Das. The VCD album was released by Malaya Goswami. Pranjal Saikia and Jones Moholia attended as guests of honour. The album contains popular songs by singer couple Debajit Chowdhury and Aparna Dutta Chowdhury and Shanta Uzir. Shot in scenic locations of Barapani, Cherrapunji etc the songs have been beautifully choreographed by Ashim Baishya, Bapa Ahmed, Gautam Barua and Deepa- with popular artistes like Ravi Sarma, Jerifa Wahid, Akashdeep, Asha Bordoloi, Kanki Bordoloi, Aimee Barua, Kalyan Das, Dhrubajyoti Das, Maitreyee Goswami and Jeet. The well made album is likely to become popular among the viewers.

^ Biju Phukan's Nargis:

Biju Phukan is a name to be reckoned with in the sphere of acting in films, TV serials and mobile theatres of Assam since the 1970s. he has also successfully attempted directing films. He has directed a VCD film titled Nargis, released recently under the banner of Naina Production. The story and the screenplay have been jointly written by Biju Phukan and Taufique Rahman. A love story is depicted in the film against the backdrop of the social customs of Assamese Muslims. The artistes include Taufique Rahman, Madhurima Chowdhury, Pakija Begum, Jerifa Wahid, Kapil Bora, Bhargav Kataki, Debajit Mazumdar, Baharul Islam, Munna Ahmed, Mayuri Bharali, Tulika Hazarika, Meghali Narayan and child artiste Naina Narayan. The music has been provided by Bhupen Uzir and Ashimjyoti Barua while the background music is by Dony Hazarika. Suraj Duarah handles the camera. The VCD film Nargis has been produced by Sanjeeb Narayan while Angshuman Phukan, Rajashree Phukan and Meghali narayan are the executive producers.

^ VCD of popular Bihu songs:

A VCD, produced under the banner of New Arena Communications and directed by Sunayana Phukan was recently released. The VCD contains popular Bihu songs rendered by popular singers like Zubeen Garg, Anupam Saikia, Tarali Sarma, Biman Barua and Bhitali Das. The dances and roles have been performed and portrayed by a good number of popular artistes like Barasharani Bishaya, Akashdeep, Rupjyoti Das, Gayatri Mahanta and Nayan-Nilim. The Bihu dances directed by performed by Bihu troupes of Sarupathar-Tengahola and Thakurkuchi Kala Sangha of Chandrapur. On the whole, the VCD, produced by Mrigen Duarah and Rituraj Phukan, makes a difference. The joint chief production controllers of the VCD are Nikhil Duarah and Montu Gohain.

^ Jwngdao Bodosa's film:

It's really good news for cine lovers. National award winner Zwngdao Bodosa, who has carved a niche for himself as a successful film-maker, is launching a feature film in English and Bodo language title Three Girls and the Golden Cocoon. The film is set for shooting soon at Kaziranga National Park. Interestingly, an actress from Los Angeles is portraying a major role in the film. She is Natalie Roth Dube. The locations for the film are Kaziranga, Manas National Park and Kokrajhar. According to the producer-director Bodosa, the film is going to be shot with the latest modern camera, Aeriflex 535 (only three such cameras are available in India) in 355mm. The camera is going to be operated by Pijush Shah, a well known cameraman of Mumbai, who has a number of films to his credit, including Rajkumar Santoshi's China Gate and Ramgopal Verma's Mast. The film will be edited by Mahadev Shiye. Incidentally, both the cinematographer and editor were batchmates of Bodosa at the Pune-based Film and Television Institute of India. On the story and script penned by Bodosa, he says the purpose of making the film is mainly to create an overseas world market for Assam's famous golden cocoon muga and eri clothes. In the cast, Anjaali Bodosa, director Bodosa's wife and the actress of award-winning film Rape in the Virgin Forest, as well as a number of local artistes, will be seen. The film is expected to be completed by March this year and Bodosa is trying to make the film technically perfect using the latest modern equipment so that the film can be standard one for overseas audiences. The film will have music by Sher Chowdhury, the national award winning music director. There will be Bodo dialogues in the film which would be synchronized with English subtitles. Three Girls and the Golden Cocoon, the 100-minute film, is produced by Bodosa under the banner of Bodosa International.

^ Antaheen Jatra progressing fast:

Producers Pranjal bharali and Chabi Bharali, director Munna Ahmed along with the chief assistant director Anindya Kashyap and production controller Bhoben Bora recently completed the editing of Antaheen Jatra, the Assamese feature film based on a popular story by Mamoni Raisom Goswami. The editing was done by Shivaji Chowdhury, who has a number of Hindi and Assamese films to his credit, at Samudra Tulika Studio in Mumbai. The editing has been done in association with Arup Kakati and Sujit Bora of 'FX For You', who have also done the post-production special effects. Director Munna Ahmed seems to be happy with the results so far, both in terms of performance of artistes as well as technical aspects. The dubbing is presently going on at Jyoti Chitraban and composition of background music by Dr Hitesh Barua, in association with Dony Hazarika, is in progress. The recording and effects will be done in Mumbai and the print will be ready by next month. Antaheen Jatra is being made as a parallel cinema under the banner of Gargi Entertainment Company Pvt Ltd. The film has been made in 35 mm cinemascope. The artistes portraying different roles are Tapan Das, Prastuti Parashar, Bishnu Khargharia, Shantichaya Roy, Jerifa Wahid, Anup Hazarika, Jyoti Narayan Nath, Baharul Islam. A few important characters are portrayed by Nipon Goswami, Atul Pachani, Queen Hazarika, Taufique Rahman, Avatosh Bhuyan, Bishwajit Kakati and child artiste Gargi. Dulal Roy has written the screenplay in association with Mahammad Sadulla and assisted by Kulkamal roy. Suman Duara has done the camera work.

^ Devdas in VCD:

Devdas, a VCD film, based on sarat Chandra's immortal love story of the same name, has been made in Assamese under the banner of Swagata Film Creation. Incidentally, the Hindi film Devdas made on the story recently drew rich acclaim. A mobile theatre group of Assam has also earned reputation with the presentation of the drama Devdas, based on the classic by legendary Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. The VCD film is produced and directed by Trishanku Kashyap (Bitu). The script is by Swagata while the camera has been handled by Utpal Dihidar. The background music is by Bishnu Sarma. A good number of new faces will be seen in the VCD which include Jonali Devi, Dipankar Bora, Mahendra Gaur, Nikhil Kumar Barua, Kalpana Hazarika, Ruby Begum, Krishna, Ribha Saikia and Swagata among others.

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