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Wilfrid Francis Tempest (594) of Ackworth Grange co. York, esq: born at "The Mount" in Ackworth, 22 October 1846, baptized in the Chapel of the S. Heart, Ackworth Grange. Godparents, Rev.


Thomas Peter Tempest and Miss Anna Maria Tempest (Inf. his mother). Entered Stonyhurst College 17 September 1860 (Stonyhurst List, p.55).

On the death of his brother Francis Roger Tempest in 1865 without issue, he succeeded under the will of his aunt and godmother, Anna Maria Tempest to the Ackworth Grange estate of about 387 acres, with the house, chapel etc.

He married 1st at St Joseph's Cath. Church, Avon Dasset, co. Warwick, 21 April 1869, Agnes Mary Perry, and secondly at St Anne's Cathedral Leeds, 30 July 1888, Florence Helen O'Rouke (Inf. himself). He is a J.P. for the W.R. Yorks from 1871 and chair­man of the bench of Magistrates at Pontefract from 1913. He is a Land Valuer and Agent for several estates.

Wilfrid Francis Tempest (594) married 1stly Agnes Mary (593) 4th daughter and coheir of Thomas Aloysius Perry of Bitham House, co. Warwick, by his wife Helen, only daughter of William Knight of Houghton co. Lanc. Born at Bitham House 27 July 1848 (Inf. her sister Lady Mostyn 1893). She died at Ackworth Grange 19 November 1885 and is buried there (Inf. her husband). Wilfrid Francis Tempest (594) and Agnes Mary (593) had issue -

  1. Francis Roger Tempest (616) born at Ackworth Grange, 14 October 1869, died there 19 October and buried there 22 October 1869.

  2. Wilfrid Joseph Tempest (617), born at Ackworth Grange 2 July 1874, died there of Typhoid fever 19 October 1880 and buried there October 22.

  3. AElred Joseph Tempest (618), born at Ackworth Grange 31 March 1877. Godparents, Rev. W.B.


Scruton and Miss Mary L.F. Tempest. Entered Stonyhurst Coll: 21 September 1885, went to Canada &c.

Wed at Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, 22 August 1905, was farming at Austin, Manitoba, April 1909 and October 1912. Returned to England on Outbreak of the war and joined the Canadian Force 1914. In Officers Training Corps October 1916. Gazetted 2nd Lieutenant . . . K.O.Y.L.I. January 1917.

AElred Joseph Tempest (618) married Frances May (619) 4th daughter of William M. Cuthbert of Winnipeg Manitoba by his wife Margaret.

AElred Joeeph (618) and Frances Mary (619) had issue  

  1. Charles Francis Tempest (636), born 28 February 1912, at Austin (Inf. his mother).

  2. Roger Henry Tempest (637) born 19 December 1908, at Austin (Inf. his mother).

  3. Cecily Mary (638), born 21 July 1906, at Austin (Inf. her father).

d. Aidan Joseph Tempest (620), born at Ackworth Grange, 25 December 1879. Godparents, Sir George Clifford Baronet and Miss Pauline Perry. Entered Stonyhurst College 15 Sept­ember 1888. Locomotive Superintendent of the Sudan Railway at Shendy 1909. Managing Director of Snercold's Engineering works October 1912 - January 1917. Wed at Catholic Church, Kew Gardens, 4 February 1913, to Mary Blanche Donovan of Kew and has a son Charles Desmond Tempest born 17 September 1914 (Inf. self and father).


  1. Norbert Joseph Tempest (621), born at Ack­worth Grange, 8 June 1882. Godparents, Henry Arthur Joseph Tempest and Lady Clifford (of Flaxbourne). Entered Stonyhurst College 14 September 1889. Living ummarried 1909 and January 1917 at Los Angeles, California (Inf. his father 1917).

  2. Arthur Joseph Tempest (622), born at Ackworth Grange 19 October 1885. Godparents, Arthur Moore and his sister Agnes Mary Tempest. En­tered St Mary's College Chesterfield, 15 Nov­ember 1895. Joined the S.J.,living at St. Mary's Hall, Stonyhurst 1909, at Beaumont 1912. [Note in transcript: Here a pencil note in the pedigree is indecipherable]

  3. Agnes Mary (623), born at Ackworth Grange 10 January 1869. Godparents, John Hercy of Crutchfield and Mrs Perry of Bitham. Wed at the Cath: Church, Warwick Street, London, 20 April 1901, Edward Radcliff younger son of Arthur Radcliffe of Hur­dleston co. Meath, and has issue a son and a daughter. Living January 1917 (Inf: Self and father).

  1. Maud Mary (624) born at Ackworth Grange, 2 July 1873, died at Algiers 15 October 1873. Godparents, Aiden Tempest and Lady Mostyn (Inf: her father).

  1. Maud Mary (625), born at Ackworth Grange, 8 June 1875. Godparents, Aidan Tempest and Lady Mostyn. Living ummarried in London January 1917 (Inf. her father).

  1. Ethel Mary (626), born at Ackworth Grange, 30 March 1881. Godparents, General Francis Hercy and Miss Mary Ethel Tempest. Entered the Carmelite order, clothed at Lanhern Con-


vent, 16 May 1916 (Inf. her father).

Wilfred Francis Tempest (594) married 2dly Florence Helen (595), daughter of Vincent Lesassier O'Rouke of Rathgar, co. Dublin, by his wife Amelia Williams. Born 13 July 1864. Living October 1916 (Inf. her husband). Wilfred Francis (594) and Florence Helen (595) had issue  

a. Wilfrid Norman Tempest (627), born at Ack­worth Grange 8 June, 1889. Godparents, Sir Charles H. Tempest Bt and Mrs George Draffyn. Entered Stonyhurst College 30 September 1900. Joined Natal mounted police etc. Gazetted 2 Lieutenant K.O.Y.L.I. (old 105th) 22 May 1912; Lieutenant, September '14; Captain October 15 and Major August '16; wounded May '15 and killed while leading his men (he in command of his Battallion), in the battle of the Somme near . . . 25 September 1916; buried there. He was in the Reserve Battallion K.O.Y.L.I. from October 1908 (Inf. his father & Press).

b. Wulstan Joseph Tempest (628), born at Ackworth Grange 22 January 1891. Godparents, Mr Frank Clifford and Auguster, Mrs Gurner. Entered Stonyhurst College 30 September 1900. Bought land at Perdin, in Saskatchewan, W. Canada, in 1911. Returned to England when War broke out, 2 Lieutenant K.O.Y.L.I., 30 November 1914, joined R.F.C. Lieutenant 24 February 16, shot down a Zeppelin near Potter's Bar 23 September 1916. D.S.O. 13 October 1916 (Inf. his father & Press). M.C. 18 October 1917. Flight Comm: 22 August '17.


c. Edmund Roger Tempest (629), born at Ackworth Grange, 30 October 1894. Entered the Ora­tory College at Edgbaston, 26 September 1907. Went with his brother Wulstan to Canada on the farm Perdin, Saskatchewan, October 1912. Returned to England when War broke out. 2nd Lieutenant 11th K.O.Y.L.I. 3 November '14, joined R.F.C., 30 November, Lieutenant 1 April 1916, shot down several enemy aeroplanes in France (Inf. his father) Flight Commander 22 August '17. Killed near Bagdad flying 17 December 1921. O.S.P.

d. Francis Basil Tempest (630), born at Ack­worth Grange, 5 July 1900. Educated at the Convent School Carshalton 1907 and entered Beaumont College October 1913 (Inf. his father). R.F.C. duo [?] 1918, at Bath

e. Audrey Claire (631), born at Ackworth Grange 15 September 1892. Godparents, Col­onel Eustace Hercy and Fanny Mrs Wood. Wed at Cath. Church Spanish Place, London, 14 April 1915, John Charteris Symonds, M.D., Cap: A.S.C. 1916 (Inf. her father). Divorced 1921.

f. Monica Helen (632), born at Ackworth Grange, 24 April 1897. Wed 8 October 1919, Eric Ham­ilton E. Douglas s.b. 16 August 1920 Sholto Eric Wilfrid.

6. Wulstan Francis Tempest (596), born at "The Mount" Ackworth co. York, 21 October 1848, baptized at the chapel of the S. Heart; Ackworth Grange. Godparents, Sir Charles Clifford, Bart, and Miss Emma Hercy (Inf. his mother). Entered Stonyhurst College 12 September 1864 (Stonyhurst List, p.55).


He went out to the Fiji Islands with his brother Alphonsus, and there had a sunstroke which affected his health and his brain. He died unmarried at the Burgess Hill Asylum 27 May 1894 and is buried there (Inf. his mother). O.S.P.

7. AElred Aloysius Francis Tempest (597), born at The Mount Ackworth, co. York,. 21 September 1850, baptized in the chapel of the S. Heart, Ackworth Grange. Godparents, William Walmesley of Westwood, co. Lanc., and Miss Catherine Coulthurst (Inf. his mother). Entered Stonyhurst College 12 September 1864 (Stonyhurst List, p.54). Became a Jesuit. First vows 27 October 1870, ordained 25 September 1881, last or solemn vows 2 February 1887, living at Stonyhurst January 1917 (Inf. himself). Died at St Mary's Hall, Stonyhurst, 4 a.m., 21 May 1920.

8. Aidan Walter Francis Tempest (598), born at Nether Hall near Doncaster, 4 November 1852, baptized at St Peter's Cath. Church Doncaster. Godparents, Honll Thomas Stonor and Miss Catherine Hercy (Inf. his mother). Entered Stonyhurst College 12 September 1864 (Stonyhurst List, p.54).

Wed at St Cuthbert's Cath. church Withington, co. Lanc., 29 April 1891. He was Civil Engineer for some years employed by the Manchester Sheffield and Lancashire Railway Cos (Inf. by himself 1912). Is living at No. 7 Derwent Sqr Stoneycroft, nr Liverpool January 1917.

Aidan Walter Francis Tempest (598) married Mary Ellen (599), eldest daughter of John O'Neill a merchant (of the firm of Qute and O'Neill of Man­chester) and of Rose Villa Withington, by his wife Kezie, daughter of James Barker of Todmorden, co. York. Born 25 November 1863. Alive January 1917.


Aidan Walter Francis Tempest (598) and Mary Ellen (599) had issue:

a. Oswald Aidan Tempest (633), born at 17, Rodney St, Liverpool, 17 January 1892, bapt­ized at St Philip Neri, Liverpool, Godparents, John O'Neill and Mary, Mrs Anderton. Entered Stonyhurst College 15 September 1904. A chartered accountant, passing his examination January 1913, worked with a firm of Chartered Accountants in Liverpool from 1911. Joined Army Service Corps, 4 May 1916, with 20 Field Butchery in France, March 1917, 2 Lieutenant 2 W.Y. Reg. 1917, killed in France 31/3/18.

  1. Hugh Piers Tempest (634), born in Percy St, Liverpool, 13 May 1893, baptized next day at St Philip Neri Ch: Liverpool. Godparents, Piers Francis Tempest and Kezie Mrs O'Neill. Entered Stonyhurst College 15 September 1904. Articled to firm of Chartered Accountants in Liverpool 1912. Joined R. Flying Corps 13 December 1915. Pilots certificate 1916 and had bad accident '16. Living March 1917.

Wed at St Cecilias, Tuebrook, Liverpool, 9 June 1923, Elsa May, daughter of Robert Jessop Wood of Cornwall. A daughter Valerie Fran­ces, born at Liverpool, 10 August 1925.

  1. Frida Mary (635), born at 3 Percy St, Liver­pool, 9 December 1900, bapt. at St Philip Neri ch: Liverpool. Godparents, Alphonsus J.F. Tempest and Kezie O'Neill. Entered the Convent of the S. Heart at Leamington as pupil in 1911 (Inf. her father). [There is an undecipherable note on the transcript at this point.] Married at Liverpool, 21 June 1927, Dr Cedric Baxter.


9. Mary Louisa Francis (600), born at Nether Hall near Doncaster, 24 January 1855, baptized at St Peter's Cath: church Doncaster, 26 January. Godparents, Charles Henry Tempest and Miss Monica Coulthurst (Inf. her mother). Educated at the Priory of Princethorpe.

Wed as 2nd wife, at St Peter's Cath: church Leamington, 28 April 1880, to Wilfrid Francis An­derton of Haighton, co. Lancaster; esquire, and has living 2 sons and two daughters. Alive January '17. Died 27 June 1927.

viij. Thomas Peter Tempest (584), born 11 March 1808, baptized next day by Fr Charles Lefebvre, the chap­lain at Bro'ton Hall. Godparents, Peter Myddleton of Stockeld and the Countess of Shrewsbury (Bro'ton Chap. Reg.). Educated at Stonyhurst College, entered 11 September 1815 (Stonyhurst List, p.54). He went to Paris in September 1826, intending to take Orders and proposing to give £1000 to the building of a new chapel at Stonyhurst, £500 for a scholarship there for Broughton boys and £800 towards building a Catholic church at Skipton. He was at Oscott in 1829 (Letters Box xiv, No. 28).

Ordained deacon there, Lent, 1830, and priest 21 December 1833, by bishop Walsh (Inf. Dr Godwin, D.D., Oscott College 1909).

He made his will at Oscott, 1 June 1831, and the same year he bought 6670 square yards of land in Grantham from Sir John Thorold for which he paid £600, and built the church of St Mary and priest's house thereon, his brother Charles giving £100 &c. towards the cost (Box xiv, No. 28). The foundation stone of the church was laid by Joseph Francis Tempest 1 May 1832 (Inf. Mrs Joseph Francis Tempest 1890).


Early in 1843, he was in Rome intending to go with Bishop Wilson on the Australian Mission, but gave this up hoping to take the Skipton Mission, bishop Briggs giving him faculties having been 2 1/2 years on the Birmingham Mission. He left Skipton, as his brother Charles declined to build him a house there. In 1844 he took up the mission at Grantham. The 2 July 1852, nominated Canon of Nottingham, and installed August 25. Died at Grantham, 19 October 1861, and was buried there (M.I. &c.).

  1. Elizabeth (585), born 24 December 1792, baptized next day by Fr F. Crathorne the chaplain at Bro'ton Hall. Godparents Charles Tempest senior and Maria Blundell of Ince Blundell. Died 7 June 1802 buried June 9 in the Tempest choir in Broughton parish church (Chapel and Par: Reg:).

  2. Anna Maria (586), born 18 July 1797, baptized 20 July by Fr Thomas Kay, S.J., Chaplain at Bro'ton Hall. God­parents, Simon Scrope of Denby and Miss Margaret Blund­ell of Liverpool (Ince Blundell) (Bro'ton Chap: Reg). Entered as a pupil at St Mary's Convent (The Bar) York, in 1810, and at New Hall Convent 19 May 1813 and left 4 July 1814, owing to an outbreak of scarlet fever (Con­vent List, Inf. Prioress of New Hall 1892 and Letters, Box xv, No. 41). Went to French Benedictine nuns at Heath Old Hall, leaving them in September and going abroad with her parents October 1816 (Bills and Passport, Box xiv, No. 28), travelling till 1818 to Rome, Flor­ence, Naples, etc. and much admired (Letters & Inf. Jemima Mrs Tempest 1880).

Her mother left her by will, 7 June 1843, her estate of Ackworth Grange, which Miss Tempest by her will, 20 December 1849, bequeathed to her nephew Francis Roger Tempest, the eldest son of her brother Joseph, and in


failure of his heirs to her godson Wilfrid Francis Tem­pest, 4th son of her brother Joseph Francis Tempest. The will was proved 30 September 1854 (P.C.C.).

She added some buildings to Ackworth Grange and built the Lodge there (Inf. W.F. Tempest). A miniature of her painted in Rome was at Ackworth Grange 1912 and a profile in wax at Bro'ton Hall 1917 (E.B.T.).

She died at Ackworth Grange 8 August 1854 and was buried in the chapel there August 16 (Ackworth Chapel Reg:).

xi. Frances Barbara (587), born 8 March 1800, baptized same day by Fr L. Rault, chaplain at Bro'ton Hall. Godparents, Humphrey Trafford of Trafford and Barbara Staveley (Bro'ton Chap. Reg.). She was educated at the Convents of the Augustinians in the Fosse St Victor, and Sacred Heart in Paris, going from the Benedictine nuns at Heath Old Hall in September 1816 and going to Paris with her parents in October of that year (Letters, Box xiv, Nos 6 & 28).

In 1821, she went to the Convent of the Blue Nuns of the Order of Perpetual Adoration at Cannington and became a Postulant 16 February 1832, clothed by Dom: Bede Poulding, 8 December 1832, and Professed 10 December 1833 taking the names of "Teresa Gertrude" in Religion. She moved with the Community from Cannington to Great Heywood in the parish of Colwick co. Staff. 1835 and her large dowry enabled the nuns to purchase Mount Pavilion there, and helped to build St Benedict's Priory on the site (Inf. Prioress of St Benedict's Priory 1909, and Letters, Box xiv, No. 21).

In 1833, she gave £200 towards the building of a Catholic school at Burnley (Inf. Rev. T. Smith 1911) and £500 towards the building of St Stephen's Catholic church in Skipton (Box xiv, No. 21). She was beloved for her piety and culture in her convent where she died of

Francis Barbara Tempest (567)


pleurisy 18 January 1853, and where she was buried (Inf. Prioress of St Benedict's 1909).

  1. Catherine (588), born 6 October 1802, baptized 11 October by Fr: L. Rault, the Chaplain at Bro'ton Hall. Godparents, Charles Townley of Townley and Mrs Isabella Widdrington (Bro'ton Hall Chap: Reg:). She entered St Mary's convent (The Bar) York as pupil 1815 (Convent Lists).

Married in the Catholic Chapel Broughton Hall and af­terwards at Gargrave parish church (as the law then re­quired) 25 March 1825, John Nicholas Coulthurst of Gargrave House esq. (Bro'ton Chapel Reg: & Gargrave Par: Reg:). Marriage settlements dated 25 July 1825 (Copy at Bro'ton Hall). She died at Gargrave House 6 March 1836, buried at Gargrave. There is a memorial brass to her in the Catholic chapel at Ackworth Grange (Par: Reg: & M.I.). She had issue 4 sons and 2 daughters (See Burke's Landed Gentry, sub Coulthurst of Gargrave).

xiii. Monica Clare (589), born 24 June 1806, baptized next day by Charles Lefebore, the chaplain, at Broughton Hall. Godparents, James Webb Weston of Sutton Place, co. Surrey, and Mrs. Catherine Witham of London (daughter of Henry Witham of Cliffe). Proxies, Cornelius Boardman and Jane Green (Bro'ton Chapel Reg:). She entered St Mary's Convent, York, as a pupil in 1815 and went to New Hall Convent 14 September 1818, leaving there 1822 (Bills and Informa: Prioress of New Hall 1892). She built and founded the Convent of St Monica, Skipton 1861 for the sisters of Mercy, who gave it up in 1866, the Faithful Companions of Jesus succeeding (Inf. Rev. Mother, Letters &c., Box III, No. 14).

In 1848, she gave the carved stone altar and Reredos &c. to the Jesuits church in Farm Street, London, and in 1854-5 she and her brother Charles built and founded the church


of the Sacred Heart, Blackpool, she also gave largely to Catholic churches and schools (Box III, No. 14, Papers of date &c.).

Her will, dated 18 August 1858, with codicil, 8 October 1860, left all to her brother Sir Charles Rob­ert Tempest, Baronet, with whom she had lived. He proved the will at Wakefield at over £25,000 and under £30,000 27 March 1861 (Box III, No. 14).

She died of consumption at Bro'ton Hall, 26 November 1860, and was buried in the Tempest vault at St Stephen's church Skipton (Par: Reg:). £620 was given, by her direction after her death, for Masses to various missions (Box III, No. 14).

XLIII. HENRY TEMPEST (578), of Heaton, co. Lancaster, Esquire, He was at Broughton Hall, 18 October 1795, and baptized October 20, by Fr Thomas Kay, S.J., domestic chaplain to the Tempests at Bro'ton Hall. Godparents, Charles Robert Blundell of Ince Blundell and Catherine Mrs Blundell of Crosby (Bro’ton Chap. Reg:). Educated at Stonyhurst College, where he entered 17 September 1806 (Stonyhurst List, p.54). He was home in 1816, and devoted to hunting.

In March 1817, he went to Norfolk to learn to farm (Box xiv, No. 14 (4)).

He was married in the private Chapel at Trafford Hall and in Eccles parish church near Manchester 6 July 1829 (Gents: Maga: &c.). He then went to reside at Croston Hall near Maudsley, co. Lancaster, lent to him by his father-in-law Sir Thomas (then Mr) Trafford. Here he was master of the "United Pack" of Harriers for several years. In 1842, he removed to Newland Park near Wakefield, which he rented from Sir Charles Dodsworth Baronet (Inf. Jemima, Mrs Tempest).

At this date, his mother made over to him her estates at Heaton and Rumworth, which had been settled on him, he paying to her an annuity for life (Inf. Sir Charles H. Tempest 1892).


He was a J.P. for Lancs. He successfully bred shorthorn cattle (Inf. A.C.T.).

His will, dated 15 June 1857, was proved at Wakefield, 23 April 1860 (W.P.C.). He died at Newland Park 19 March 1860, and was buried in the Tempest vault under St Stephen's Catho­lic church Skipton (Par: Reg:). A portrait of him by W. Collins 1850 is at Bro'ton Hall 1917 (E.B.T.).

Henry Tempest (578) married Jemima (579), 2nd daughter of Sir Thomas de Trafford of Trafford Baronet (created Baronet 1841, and added the "de" before his surname 1841), by his wife Laura Anne, 3rd daughter and coheir of Francis Colman of Hildersdown co. Devon Esquire. Born 30 January 1807 (Trafford Ped.).

Married at Eccles church (and in the Trafford Hall Chapel, 6 July 1829) (Gents: Maga: &c.). Post nuptial settlements dated 3 July 1830 (Inf. T. Heelis Sol: to Lady Beaumont 1909).

After her husband's death in 1860, she went to Broomlands Hall, near Nantwich, co. Chester, and in 1870, to Uplands Hall near Preston, co. Lancaster, where she died Saturday 17 January 1883 and was buried in the Tempest vault under St Stephen's church Skipton, 21 January. There is a brass to her memory in the Lady Chapel there.

Her will, dated 26 February 1879, in which she left vari­ous legacies was proved by her son Major Arthur Cecil Tempest of Coleby Hall 3 March 1883 (E.B.T. &c.).

Henry Tempest (578) and Jemima (579) had issue -

  1. Charles Stephen Tempest (601), born at Croston Hall, 7 August 1831, baptized next day. Godparents, Charles Robert Tempest and Miss Caroline Trafford. Died 19 August 1831. Buried at Maudesley (Inf. his mother and Maudesley Par: Reg:).

  2. Sir Charles Henry Tempest (603) of Heaton, co. Lancaster, Baronet, born at Croston Hall co. Lancaster


15 January 1834, baptized next day. Godparents, Charles Townley Esquire and Elizabeth Mrs Tempest (Note by his father and Reg. Maudesley Cath: Ch:). Entered Stonyhurst College, 31 March 1845 (Stonyhurst List, p.54).

He succeeded to his father's estates of about 2096 acres in Heaton and Rumworth in 1860. He married firstly at the Catholic church of the Assumption Warwick St. London, 21 May 1862. He was a J.P. & D.L. for Lancashire. He rented Husband's Bosworth Hall, co. Leicester, from 1862 to 1865, then 29 Albemarle Street, London, and later 15 Upper Grosvenor St till 1875, when he took Ashby Lodge, Ashby St Ledger's, co. Northampton, which he left 1883.

In May 1884, he leased Broughton Hall, from his brother's trustees for 10 years, and remained there till his death 1894. He was created Baronet "of Heaton", 30 July 1866. He married his second wife at the church of the Assumption, Warwick St London, 11 June 1874, which marriage was annulled on his petition in 1874, Lady Tem­pest having eloped with Henry Hungerford of Dingley Hall Esquire.

Sir Charles Henry Tempest, by his will of 18 June 1891, bequeathed the whole of the estates he inherited from his father to his only daughter Mary Ethel Tempest.

He died at Broughton Hall at 7a.m., 1 August 1894, and was buried in the Tempest vault of St. Stephen's church Skipton August 3 (Press notices, letters & E.B.T. &c.). O.S.PM.

Sir Charles Henry Tempest (603), married 1stly Cecilia Elizabeth Tichborne (604), 4th daughter of John Washington Hibbert of Bilton Grange, esquire, by his wife Julia Mary Magdalen, daughter of Sir Henry Tichborne Baronet, and widow of Colonel the Honourable Charles Talbot.

She died from the effect of burns at Husbands Bosworth Hall, 3 January 1865. She was buried at Rugby Catholic


Church but her body was removed in October 1894 to the Tempest vault under St Stephen's church Skipton (Press notices. E.B.T. &c.). Sir Charles Henry Tempest (603) and Cecilia Elizabeth (604) had issue  

1. Henry Arthur Joseph Tempest (614), born in Lon­don, 31 March 1863. Godparents, Captain Arthur Cecil Tempest Hussars and Lady Annette de Trafford. Educated at Oscott, Beaumont and Lord Petre's Colleges. Joined the 3rd Battallion Yorks Reg. (Militia) 15 June 1882, retired as Lieutenant February 1888.

Married at the church of the Assumption, Warwick St, London, 16 November 1885, Mary Boleyn, eldest daughter of Captain (later Sir) Charles George Knowles R.N. (Bart.) by his first wife (divorced 1876), Elizabeth daughter of John Chapman of Cleveland Gardens, London. Mrs Tempest gave birth during her husband's absence in England, at Tangiers, 3 August 1890, to a daughter Dorothy Ethel Mary, who died there, January 1891.

Henry A.J. Tempest died at Folkestone 16 April 1891 of apoplexy, and was buried in the Tempest vault under St Stephens ch: Skipton. His widow married in July 1892 the Duque de Frias (Inf. his father, Letters Box xvj, Bdle 15, Press notices &c.). O.S.P

2. Mary Ethel (615), born at Husband's Bosworth Hall, 9 October 1864. Godparents, Laura, Mrs Selby and Edgar Hibbert Esquire. Married at St Mary's Cath. Church Chelsea, 7 November 1893, to Miles 10th Baron Beaumont (he died 16 September 1895). She bought back Carlton Towers in 1894 and has issue, Mona Josephine Tempest Stapleton born 1 August 1894, for whom the Barony of Beaumont was again


brought out of abeyance in June 1896, and Ivy May Stapleton. Alive January 1917 (Inf. her father, Burke's Peerage &c.).

Sir Charles Henry Tempest (603) married 2ndly Harriette (602) only daughter of Captain Rowland Hill Gordon, late 42 Highlanders, by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of D.D. Manson (divorced and remarried Colonel A.H. Vincent). Sir Charles's marriage was disolved on his petition 1878 (Press notices Tempest v. Tempest and Hungerford). She died in London 3 February 1891 having re-married William King of New York. She left no issue (Press notices).

  1. Stephen Francis Tempest (605) born at Croston Hall, 3 December 1835, baptized next day. Godparents, Thomas William Trafford and Miss Anna Maria Tempest (Note by his father and Maudesley Cath. ch: Reg.). Entered at Stonyhurst 21 September 1846 (Stonyhurst List, p.54). He died of consumption at Newland Park 8 February 1853.

  2. Arthur Cecil Tempest (606), see below XLIV.

  3. Piers Gilliot Tempest (608), born at Croston Hall, 21 September 1839, baptized same day. Godparents, Miss Frances Blundell (of Crosby) and Joseph Francis Tempest. Died 4 June 1840, buried at Maudesley (Note by his father and Par: Reg:).

vj. Norbert Paulinus Tempest (609) born at Newlands Park 8 October 1845, died there 10 October 1849, buried in the chapel at Ackworth Grange (Note by his father and Chap: Reg:).

  1. Jemima (610), born at Trafford Park, 27 April 1830, baptized 2 days after, died there 30 April 1830. God­parents, Thomas Joseph Trafford (grandfather) and Miss Monica Clare Tempest (note by her father).

  2. Laura Anne (611) born at Croston Hall, 12 September 1832, baptized next day. Godparents, Humphrey Trafford


of Trafford and Miss Laura Anne Trafford (Note by her father and Parish Reg. of Maudesley).

Wed at the Jesuits church Wakefield 18 February 1857 Walter Selby of Biddleston co. Northumb. Esq. (he died 2 September 1868). By him she had Walter Charles Selby born 12 July 1858 (died 1900 leaving issue), Thomas Cyril Selby born 24 November 1859, died s.p., Eveline Mary, born 26 September 1861 (married, no issue), Edith Mary born 4 June 1864 (a nun), Miriel Mary, born 1 July 1865 and Reginald Arthur Selby born 17 June 1867 (O.S.P).

She died at Monks Houses 21 October 1868, buried at Alwinton (Inf. her son).

  1. Jemima Monica Mildred (612), born at Croston Hall, 5 December 1841, baptized there same day. Godparents, Charles Cecil Trafford and Miss Hariett de Trafford (Note by her father and Reg. of Maudesley Cath: Chap.). Edu­cated at the Convent of S. Heart, Roehampton, October 1854 to May 1860 (Inf. from Convent).

She wed at the British Embassy, Paris and at the Madelaine church 15 October 1867, Le Gendre Nicholas Starkie of Huntroyde, co. Lancaster, Esquire (he died 13 April 1899). By him she had Edmund Arthur Le Gendre Starkie born 10 February 1871, Henry Randle Starkie, born 27 May 1873, died 16 June 1878, and Piers Cecil Le Gendre Starkie, born 14 September 1882.

She died of pneumonia at Ribbleton Hall near Preston (her residence) at 11.30 a.m., 6 June 1907, buried in the Tempest vault in St Stephen's church Skipton (Self, & Burke's Landed Gentry & Press).

  1. Mildred Walburgha (613), born at Newland Park, 6 Febru­ary 1849, baptized there (Inf. her mother). Educated at Princethorpe Priory.

Wed as 1st wife at the Catholic church Nantwich, co. Chester, 10 May 1870, Wilfrid Francis Anderton of Haigh 


ton, co. Lancaster, and had by him Inglebert Wilfrid Tem­pest Anderton, born 19 April 1871, Edeltrudes Hilde, born 20 March 1872, died 23 April 1878, Evan Gerard Anderton, born 29 May 1873, died 23 September 1873, Evan Gerard Anderton, born 22 May 1874, and Mildred Mary, born 3 June 1875.

Mrs Anderton died at Haighton 10 October 1876 and buried at Fernyhalgh Cath: church. Mr Anderton married secondly her cousin Mary Louisa Frances Tem­pest (Inf. W.F. Anderton etc.). He died 15 February 1926.

XLIV. ARTHUR CECIL TEMPEST (606) of Broughton-in-Craven, and Coleby co. Lincoln, Esquire, born at Croston Hall, co. Lanc­aster, 2 June 1837, baptized there next day. Godparents, Charles Robert Tempest (of Bro'ton) and Miss Monica Clare Tempest. He was a small and delicate infant (Note by his father and mother, and Maudesley Cath: Ch: Reg.). En­tered Stoneyhurst College, 3 November 1848 (Stonyhurst List p.54). Left August 1856, gazetted Cornet in the xith Regi­ment Light Dragoons, 3 March, 1857, Lieutenant, 16 March 1858, Captain 30 August 1859, and Major in Our Land Forces 5 July 187.[?], acting Brevet Major in his Regiment the xi P.A.O. Hussars (late Light Dragoons). Retired 8 September 1874 (Commissions Box III No. 13, and Gazettes of date).

He was well known on the Turf as a Gentleman Rider from 1858 to 1873, winning the Sefton Handicap on Bryan O'Linn at the Liverpool Autumn meeting 1864. He was "placed" four times in the Grand National, riding the sensational "second" on "Hall Court" in 1865, he won the Grand National Hunt at Bristol on "Pickles" in 1873, besides winning many other races in Ireland, Warwick &c. (Racing Calendars, Sporting Press, Bailey's Maga: June 1892 etc.).

He married at St Peter's Catholic church Scarborough 28 April 1873 (Par: Reg:).

Arthur Cecil Tempest (606)


After his marriage he rented Sysonby Lodge, Melton Mowbray, for the winter and then took Flore House, near Weedon from 1874 to 1877, going in June 1878 to Coleby Hall, in which year he restored part of the east wing, then a ruin, thoroughly restored the stables, and put modern sanitation into the house. In 1883, he made the new Entrance in the east wing and repaired the bedrooms over the drawing room. In 1892, he built the new servants hall, scullery and rooms over the kitchen. In 1893, he placed a new roof with gables to the east wing, rebuilding the front walls and adding bay window to the drawing room and enlarging the front hall on the South. In 1905, the smoking room and corridor was added.

He was field Master of the Blankney Hounds from 1881, becoming master 1885 till 1895. Is a J.P. for Kesteven 1881, County Councillor for the Navenby Division 1889-1895. On the death of his brother Sir Charles Henry Tempest, the Trust created, by the will of his uncle, Sir Charles Robert Tempest, in 1863, came to an end, and Arthur Cecil Tempest became sole owner of the Broughton and Coleby estates 1 August 1894. He is a J.P. and D.L. for W.R. Yorks 1896.

He went to reside at Bro'ton Hall April 1895, spending the winters at Coleby till 1914. He found the house and gardens at Bro'ton Hall in bad condition after the 30 years they had been let, and had to repaint and re-carpet etc. the whole house. In 1895, he altered and improved the laundry; made the 4 west loose boxes, and put up the ornamental iron gates in the Garden wall and Pinetum. In 1896-7, he enlarged the garden bothey, made 2 south loose boxes, and refloored the stables. He opened out the old lamp room and made the pres­ent Ante Room there and panelled the billiard room with oak. In 1897-8 he made the plate safe and lavatories and in the summer of 1899, he replanted the Italian Garden which the had been destroyed during Sir C.H. Tempest's tenancy, and made the 4 east loose boxes. In 1900, he made the Tennis


court, levelling it from cowpasture, and enlarged the Toll Bar Cottage &c. In 1901, he had the chapel decorated and a new altar put up. In the winter of 1901-2 he pulled down the wall at the top of the front stairs, inserted steel gir­ders and wooden pillars, and floored the servants hall with wood. In 1903, he added the decorations round the Alcoves in the large drawing room. In 1905, the east window in the Red drawing room was opened out by his wife. In 1906, he built the new porch to the Chapel. In 1907, he placed the armorial window on the stair case. In 1907-8, he opened out the underground passage from the kitchen yard to the conservatory, made the area and set balustrades above and in 1909 made a new stone doorway near the conservatory.

He planted largely, both in clumps and singly. The lime avenue to the West Lodge was set in 1895, Miss Tempest's clump in Cowpasture, and Mrs Tempest's clump in front of the Hall next year. He renewed nearly all the farm buildings on the estate and added machinery to the joiners shop etc. In 1897 he bought Mickleber farm for £2670 and in 1907 two closes in Coleby for £520.

He sold the Rowston estate in 1912 for £18,200 and bought the Low Ground farm in Elslack for £3588. Living 11 February 1917.

Died in the Bow Bedroom Broughton Hall at 2.15a.m. 21 June 1920, buried St Stephen's Skipton June 24.

Arthur Cecil Tempest (606) married Eleanor Blanche (607), 2nd daughter of Edward Horner Reynard of Sunderlandwick, E.R. Yorks, Esquire, by his wife Elizabeth daughter and coheir of Thomas Mason of Copt Hewick Hall, co. York, esquire. Born at Sunderlandwick 11 February 1853, baptized at Great Drif­field church 19 May 1853. Godparents, George Horner Reynard of Waite hill park, co. Durham, Esquire (uncle), Elean­or, Mrs Hamilton (maternal aunt) and Mary Anne, Mrs Robert


Reynard (aunt) (Inf. her mother and Par. Reg.).

Received into the Catholic church by Dr Gilbert Talbot at the church of the Assumption, Warwick Street, London, June 1873, and confirmed by Cardinal Manning in his private chapel 20 June 1873.

She has written various Genealogical articles in the Lanc: and Chesh: Hist. Soc. and Yorks Archaeological Journals, the Genealogist, Bradford Hist. Soc., Notes on the Linc. Visita: of 1634 &c.

She carved the oak mantel pieces in the dining and ante rooms and library at Coleby Hall. She collected many books, and tho' blind of one eye from 1895, collected and wrote these pedigrees. Died at Hobgreen 10.40p.m. January 26, 1928. Buried St Stephens January 29.

Arthur Cecil Tempest (606) and Eleanor Blanche (607) had issue -

  1. Roger Stephen Tempest (639), see below XLV.

  2. Blanche Cecil (640), born at Flore House, co. Northampton, at 4.p.m., 14 October 1874, baptized there October 18 by the Very Rev. Canon Oleron. Godparents, Sir Charles Henry Tempest Baronet and Elizabeth Drinkall. Entered the S. Heart Convent, Roehampton, as pupil May 1886, left July 1892. Living the comfort of her parents February 1917.

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