Some say the family was an armorial family and bore arms: \"Azure a Chevron between three lions rampant Or\". The motto means: \"Loyal and Trustworthy\" icon

Some say the family was an armorial family and bore arms: "Azure a Chevron between three lions rampant Or". The motto means: "Loyal and Trustworthy"


Some say the family was an armorial family and bore arms: "Azure a Chevron between three lions rampant Or". The motto means: "Loyal and Trustworthy".

The fighting man of the Middle Ages wore a metal suit of armor for protection. Since this suit of armor included a helmet that completely covered the head, a knight in full battle dress was unrecognizable. To

prevent friend from attacking friend during the heat of battle, it became necessary for each knight to somehow identify himself. Many knights accomplished this by painting colorful patterns on their battle shields. It is impossible to date with any precision the time when coats of arms were first used, but it is generally agreed that heraldry originated in western Europe in the 12th century.

The name, PRUETT, is spelled variously: Pruitt, Prewet, Prewitt, etc., all thought to be derived from the Anglo-Saxon word "Pryte", the meaning of which was: that of which is justly proud, self respect, etc. Bardsley's book gives the etymology of

Bardsley's book gives the etymology' of Pruett as coming from Anglo'Saxon "P rut", meaning: Haughty or arrogant. It is interesting to note I hat in both England and America, the name is pronounced the same (Pru-itt) no matter how it is spelled

Records of the family have been found in England as early as the 13th century. In England in 1202, Mathew Pet was listed in the "Pipe Rolls" (PH Reney, Diet of British Surnames, London. 1958. p 2S9) In U49, [( was found that William Pi-uwet and Adam, his son, did damage to the King's property in Winchester (Inquest Calendar, Vol 27) On Dee 12.1Z51(The Feast ofSt Gregory), the Earl of Derby released Reginald Pmet and his issue and their lands and holdings from "servitutem" and made them freemen (Vol I, p. 327, Charter Rolls. Henry III) In 1273, An drew and William Pruet were mentioned in the "Hundred Rolls ofCambridge" In 1275, Henry Pruel was pardoned a twelve shillmr fine for contempt (Close Rolls. Edward I, p. 17S&520) In 127S. Hugh Pmet of Somerset went suretv for 40 Pounds (Westminister Record ofOct 23,1278) Tn 1317. Thomas Pruwet of Devon was mentioned in "Dwelly's Name Indices" On May 18. 1322 (Tuesday after Bamahas). at a council held at Old Sarum, Christiana Prewet sold land reserving a rent for her son, Nicholas (Close Roll Cal.p 62)

In 1327, Richard Pruet and Thomas Pruwet, both of Somerset, were mentioned in Dwelly's Names. In the Somerset Plea Rolls for Easter Term 4, Henry VI (1422-1461), Richard Pruet and Alice, his wife, sued John Seyntclere, the elder, for land and rents in Cruk and Eastham. In Feb. 1538, John Prewett received a A.B. Degree from the University of Oxford; became a fellow at Exter College in 1539, with a A.M. at the Michaelmas Term 1543. In 1552, John Pruet married Tamsen Smith at Stockland Gaunts in Somer-set (Boyd's Master Index). In 1558, two with the spelling Prewett were mentioned in the "Bristol Wills". There was a Prewet family in Hampton, Middlesex in 1600. In 1619, Thomas Pruet, and John and William Privett were listed as leaving Salisbury for Virginia (Parker's Bristol to America, p. 89 & 93). Ambrose Prewett witnessed a Will in 1619. In 1624, Stephen Pruet gave up rental of church land in West Monkton of Somerset (Weavers Somerset, p. 403). John Pruit of Somerset sued John Green in 1627 (Somerset Society, Vol. 24, p. 53). In 1636, two Pruets were buried from Covent and Benet Wharf in London.

THOMAS PREWITT was born at Salisbury, Wiltshire, England in 1616. In 1636, Thomas Prewitt and seven others were transported to Charles River Co., Virginia (Patent Bk 1). Early Virginia Immigrants, by G.C. Greer, Clerk of the VA State Land Office, contains a list of some 25,000 persons who came to Virginia from 1623 to 1666, together with the patentee or person who brought them over. In this list is: Thomas Prewitt, 1636, by Joane Bennet, to Charles River Co.

On May 6, 1636, Joane Bennett, widow, received 450 acres in Charles River Co., VA., upon the new Poqueson River, east towards the bays, west into the woods, north upon the Pinye Swamp (River) and south upon Robert Thrasher. 50 acres due for transfer of 8 persons: Ann Winter, John Roote, Jon Marshall, Thomas Prewitt, Andrew Chant, Jon Morris and Pole Carplights (Patent Bk I, part I, p. 346).

At first, land could only be had by paying the passage of settlers to poor to pay their own; the man who paid the transportation costs got 50 acres of land for each person brought into Virginia. The transported person usually had to spend five years in working out the costs of his passage, but at the end of that time, he or she also received 50 acres of land.

On June 2, 1636, Thomas Privett was granted 50 acres of land in Charles River Co., VA, being a neck of ground at the New Poqueson, west upon William Clarke a creek, then east upon Thomas Harwood a creek. The said 50 acres of land being due unto him the said Thomas Privett for the transportation of one servent into this colony (Patent Bk I, p. 357).

This seems strange that an indentured servant would be transporting an indentured servant to do his work for him.

Much has been written about the indentured servants that came to the colonies. Like most immigrants, they were of all classes, but they were mostly young men with little or no material goods, believing that they could make a killing quickly in the new world and return home. There were some who, for political or religious beliefs, chose to come as indentured servants because, in doing so, they would not have to take an oath to support Church or King.

Charles River Co., VA was changed to York County. In 1646, Thomas Privet confessed he borrowed a canoe from John Wilson and lost it. Ordered to pay Wilson 2 bushels of corn for it 1st November next (York County Records, Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Vol. 25, p. 14).

In 1647, John Thomas has an attachment against Thomas Privett to secure debt of 600 Ibs tobacco (Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Vol. 25, p. 284).

On May 24, 1648, Thomas Pruitt confesses judgment to Robert Abrall for 1202 Ibs of tobacco to be paid the 10th of October next at the house of Pruitt. Three cows bound in security. Court for the County of York (York Order Bk 2, p. 87 & Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Vol. 25, p. 356). Cattle were very valuable to the early settlers. They were expensive to bring over by ship and scarce.

In 1648, Thomas Privett confessed judgment to Mr, William Hockaday, 1 1/2 bushel of corn and 56 Ibs

tobacco (York Order Bk 2, p. 383). On July 25, 1648, "Whereas Thomas Privett and his wife were presented to this court for committing fornication and therefore found guilty. Court ordered that they shall do a pennance in the Parish Church on the New Pawqueson and during the tyme of devine servis the next Sabbath Day. The church wardens ordered to see this done. Pruitt and his wife to appear at the next Court to abine further censure (York

Order Bk 2, p. 387; & Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Vol. 26, p. 9). This was undoubted persecution of the

Quakers. It appears that Thomas Prewitt and wife were Quakers and not married by the rules of the

established church.

The genesis of the Society of Friends may be found in the many Protestant sects which appeared during the Reformation in Europe. These sects, stressing the individual approach to religion, strict discipline. and the rejection of an authoritarian church. Many of the doctrines of the Society of Friends were taken

from those earlier sects, particularly those who believed in lay leadership, independent congregations, and

complete separation of Church and State.

On Dec. 6, 1648, Thomas Privitt binds himself to pay John Madison 600 Ibs of tobacco before 1st October next, a steer and heifer as security (York Order Bk 2, p. 436).

It is believed that Thomas Prewitt and his wife had:

(1) William Prewitt, b. 1651 York Co., VA; m. Mary; and died in Caroline Co., VA in 1748

(2) Henry Prewitt, b. 1654 York Co., VA; m. 1st: Ann Field ?; m. 2nd: Rebecca Dabbs in Henrico Co.,

VA in Aug. 1691; and died in Henrico Co., VA in 1722

(3) John Prewitt, b. ca 1660; resided Henrico Co., VA

(H) HENRY PREWITT was born in York Co., VA in 1654, and is thought to have been the son of Thomas Prewitt.

On April 25, 1679, Henry was listed with the heads of families in Henrico Co., VA, when he was taxed to support an army to defend against the Indians. In the same group of 40 neighbors was Col. William Byrd. Henry evidently owned land at that time, since he was taxed. He was not a large land owner by comparison to the Carter's, Byrd's, Randolph's or Washington's, who owned thousands of acres, but for Henry Prewitt to be a land owner at age 25, was of some importance (See William & Mary Quarterly, Oct. 1915; & History of Pittsylvania Co., p. 13).

It is believed that Henry married first: a Field, A researcher in the Field line believes an older sister of John Field (Ann Field) married Henry Prewitt. That Henry Prewitt was married first to a daughter of Thomas Field, Sr. is strongly suggested by Henry's location in 1679 near Edward Jones (who married Mary Field) and the joint patent with John Field in 1687. It was the custom to live on the land before recording a patent. In the case of Edward Jones, John Field and Henry Prewitt, it seems likely they settled on Thomas Field, Sr's land for which he had not yet recorded.

On Aug. 25, 1681, Hen. Prewett was summoned to testify, and having attended one day, was granted 40 pounds of tobacco against Hugh Jones. Court held in Varina Parish, Henrico Co., VA in the action between Hugh Jones and Edw. Jones (Henrico Bk 2, p. 384).

On Feb. 1, 1685, Hen Prewett and John Field witnessed the Will of Gilbert Jones of Henrico Co., VA (Bk I, p. 350).

On April 20, 1687, Henry Prewitt and John Fields were granted 440 acres of land in Varina Parish, Henrico Co., VA on the North side of the James River, beginning at Almond Creek (this area is now within the city limits of Richmond, VA) (Patent Bk 7, p. 569; & Crozier Vol. 4, p. 128). Often in the patents involving two people, we find they were brothers-in-law. Henry Prewitt was involved with the Fields and Jones families throughout the records of Henrico Co., Virginia. Mary Fields, sister of John Fields, married Edward Jones, and Henry Prewitt administered the estate of Edward Jones in 1695, Henry Prewitt sold his half of the above 440 acre patent to Mary (Field) Jones in 1697.

In 1688, Henry Pruitt patented 411 acres (Patent Bk 7, p. 637). On Oct. 1, 1690, at a Court held at Varina for the County ofHenrico first day of 7, 1690, Jury: Fra Reeves, Foreman; Jno Cannon, Tho, East, William Ballow, John Watson, Michi Turpin, Phil Turpin, Hen. Prewett, Thos Cardwell, John Field, Robert Easly and John Coates (Henrico Bk 2, p. 350).

The 1690 tithables list Henry Pruitt and John Pruitt in Henrico County. On Aug. 1, 1691, Hen Prewett, aged about 37 years (deposition) that some time before John Low went away, Hugh Jones demanded of Low that he put his gun in the loft of Edward Jones, as security for corn John Low had bought of Hugh Jones (Henrico Bk 5, p. 219).

On Aug. 3, 1691, Hen, Prewett being supported by John Field in the suit brought against him by the Hon. William Byrd, Esq., having attended one day, hath order granted against the said Field for 40 pounds of tobacco according to law (Henrico Bk 2, p. 364). Henry Prewitt's land on Almond Creek was about 20 miles up the James River from William Byrd's plantation "Westover". However, William Byrd also operated a trading post near Henry Prewitt's land.

Henry married second: Rebecca Dabbs in Henrico., VA in Aug. 1691. On Aug. 20, 1691, an account of licenses granted in this County since last account, etc. Henry Prewett marriage with Rebecca Dabbs (Henrico Bk 5, p. 253). According to depositions taken in Court that month, Henry was 37 years old.

Rebecca is believed to be a dau. of James Dabbs. James Dabbs and Edward Palmer were transported to Henrico Co., VA on Dec. 6, 1652 by John Greenhough. James Dabbs settled on Four Mile Creek, and was probably the father of Rebecca Dabbs and Joseph Dabbs.

Henry and Rebecca are believed to be the parents of:

(HI) Thomas Prewitt, Sr., b. ca 1693 Henrico Co., VA; m. Mary Ducray, widow of Nicholas Ducray; and died in Halifax Co., VA in 1759

(H2) Andrew Prewitt, b. ca 1695 Henrico Co., VA; m. Agnes; and died in Bedford Co., VA in 1763

(H3) Hugh Prewitt, b. ca 1697 Henrico Co., VA (was probably named for Hugh Jones, who wrote the

first history of VA); lived in Goochland and Lunenburg Co., VA

(H4) Richard Prewitt, b. ca 1698 Henrico Co., VA; m. Frances Murrell; lived in Goochland, Lunenburg

and Bedford Co., VA

(H5) Uriah Prewitt, b. ca 1699 Henrico Co., VA; lived in Goochland and Lunenburg Co., VA

(H6) Rebecca Prewitt, b. ca 1702 Henrico Co., VA; m. James McGehee in Henrico Co., VA on Dec. 9,


On Aug. 25, 1691, Hen. Prewett having attended two days as a witness, being summoned for Ed Jones in his suit against Fra Reeves, hath orders against the said Jones for 80 pounds of tobacco according to law. Court held Varina Parish (Henrico Bk 2, p. 383). On Sept. 1, 1691, Hen. Prewett aged about 37 years depozeth that crossing James River sometime since, he did see a black bull of Thomas Field's mark which belonged to Ed Jones floating upon the river against Mr, Reeves low ground (Henrico Bk 5, p. 229).

On April 17, 1693, Mr, Hen. Prewett on Grand Jury (Henrico Bk 5, p. 408). On April 1, 1694, Giles Webb conveyed land to Thomas Cardwell, both of Varina, 100 acres bounded by lines of Cardwell and Henry Pruit (Henrico Bk 5, p. 528).

On Feb. 1, 1695, Henry Prewitt having attended one day as a witness in behalf of Mr. Jno Pleasants in his suit against Nathaniel Cardwell, has an order for 40 pounds of tobacco against the said Pleasants according to law (Henrico Bk 3, p. 85). Also on Feb. 1, 1695, the estate ofBarth paid Hen. Prewett 15 shillings (Henrico Order Bk 5, p. 620).

In Feb. 1695, Hen. Prewett and three others made inventory of Edward Jones (Henrico Order Bk 5, p. 628). Inventory of Edward Jones listed Feb. 19, 1695 (henrico Order Bk 5, p. 630). On June 1, 1695, Henry Prewett being summoned as a witness in behalf of Allanson Clarke against Mr. Frances Reeves, has an order granted against said Clarke for 40 pounds of tobacco, he having attended one day (Henrico Bk 3, p. 59).

On April 1, 1697, Henry Prewett of Henrico sold 220 acres to Mary Jones. Land on the North side of James River, John Higledy, Edward Jones, part of the land patented by Henry in 1686, "and upon which I now live:, it being the southernmost end of the said tract next to Thomas Field's Creek. Witnessed by: Giles Webb and John Wilson; recorded April 17, 1697 (Henrico Bk 5, p. 701). Henry Prewett comes into Court and acknowledges conveyance of 220 acres of land to Mary Jones (Henrico Bk 3, p. 141).

On Dec. 1, 1699, Hen. Prewett was a Grand Juror (Henrico Bk 1697-1699, p. 153). Several people have thought that the Prewitt's of Virginia originated with the French Huguenot, Roger Pratt, and his wife Mary. When Roger and Mary Prouit or Pratt, settled at Manakin Virginia in 1699 (The Huguenot, 1926, Vol. 2, p. 15), the Prewitt's had been recorded in Henrico Co., VA records for over 20 years. John Prewitt donated to a fund to help "the poverty stricken settlement of French Huguenots at Manikin Town in 1700" (Virginia Historical Collections, No. 5, Huguenot Emigration to Virginia, p. 65).

On April 3, 1702, Henry Prewitt sold land (LDS Library, F Va pt 2 (pt 1) 7559, p. 278). June Court

1711, Henry Pruet, over aged person exempt from paying poll tax (Orders 1710-1714, p. 73; Reel 66, pt

I, Richmond).

Henry Prewitt died in Henrico Co., VA before June 1722. In the June Court, 1722, Rebecca Pruit,

widow of Henry Pruit, late of this County, dec'd, being summoned to adm. estate ofdec'd husband and

failing to do so, on motion ofTeston Woodson, a Quaker, it is granted him letters of adm. of estate of

Henry Pruit. William Kent, John Huckaby, John Lewis, William Womack or any three of these to

appraise the estate. John Woodson is also included (Minutes 1719-1722, p. 182; Reel 66, pt 2,


In 1739, the vestry proceeds to lay the parish levy; to the church wardens for Rebecca Pruett, 698

pounds tobacco (History of Henrico Parish and Old St. John's Church, Richmond, 1611-1904, by Moore,

p. 50).

Rebecca died in Henrico Co., VA in 1748. Henrico Parish for the year 1748, to Robert Morris for burying Rebecca Pruitt, 200 Pounds (History of Henrico Parish and Old St. John's Church, Richmond, 1611-1904, by Moore, p. 83).

(H4) RICHARD PREWITT (son of Henry Prewitt and Rebecca Dabbs) was born in Henrico Co., VA

about 1698. He married Frances Murrell, and had the following children:

(H41) David Prewitt I, b. ca 1726 Henrico Co., VA

(H42) Richard Prewitt, Jr.; m. Elizabeth; and died after 1793, probably Pittsylvania Co., VA

(H43) James Prewitt; m. Delphine; and died after 1792, probably King & Queen Co., VA

In the Goochland Co., VA Court, Feb. 1728, Richard Pruit was a plaintiff. He won his case and was awarded 20 shillings. In the Sept. 1729 Court, Richard Pruit was a plaintiff (Goochland Bk I, p. 32). In the Goochland Co., VA Court, May 1731, Richard Prewit of Henrico Co., VA was granted 795 pounds of tobacco for seven days as witness and coming and returning 25 miles to testify for Andrew Pruit in his suit vs Charles and Elizabeth Johnson (Goochland Bk 2, p. 116),

In the June 1735 Court, Richard Pruit was a witness for James Nowlin. The 1746 tithables for

Goochland Co., VA, Northern Parish, lists: Andrew Pruet and Richard Pruet, 2 tiths. The June 10, 1747

tithables Goochland Co., VA lists: Andrew Pruit and Richard Pruit, 2 tiths.

lii the Lunenburg Co., VANov. 1747 Court, Richard Prewit and John Lawson, Sr. to appear at next

court December 1747, to show cause why they did not appear as witness for Richard Booker at suit of

Gideon Smith, being duly summoned for that purpose (Lunenburg Order Bk I, p. 366).

The 1749 tithables for Goochland Co., VA, lists: Richard Pruit, I tith. On June 1, 1750, Richard

Prewitt of King & Queen Co., VA and Timothy Murrell of Amelia Co., VA were granted 465 acres in

Lunenburg Co., VA by patent. Land on both sides of Hall's & Springfield Creeks, adjoining Hall's line

for 50 shillings (Lunenburg Bk 3, p. 390; Patent Bk 30, p. 57; & Campbell Co., VA Chronicles, by R.H.

Early, p. 484).

On Dec. 31, 1750, Richard and Frances Prewit of King & Queen Co. and Tim Murrell of Amelia Co.

sold 65 acres in Lunenburg Co., VA to George Walton of Lunenburg Co. in consid. of 60 Pounds. Land

on both sides of Springfield Creek, with a mill, being part of 465 acres granted to Murrell & Prewit by

patent June 1, 1750. No names mentioned in land description, Mary, wife of Timothy Murrell,

examined, but Frances does not sign. Witnessed by: Richard Parryman, William Jones, Samuel White and

William Garrett. Possession given Dec. 31, 1750 (Lunenburg Bk 3, p. 309).

On April 1, 1751, Richard Prewit of King & Queen Co., VA bought 400 acres in Lunenburg Co., VA

from Timothy Murrell of Amelia Co., VA in consid. of 5 shillings. Land on both sides of Hall's Creek,

being part of 465 acres granted to Timothy Murrell and Richard Prewit by patent of June 1, 1750, Begin

at Hall's lower corner and his lines, patent lines, east by the dividing line between Murrell & Prewitt and

George Walton. Witnessed by: Richard Ellis, Thomas Taylor and Athanasius Thomas; Rec. April 2, 1751

(Lunenburg Bk 5, p. 159).

The 1752 tithables for Lunenburg Co., VA, by William Caldwell, p. 185, lists: Richard Pruiet, I tith,

and Mickel Pruiet, I tith. (Note: Michael Prewitt was a son of Richard's brother, Andrew Prewitt) In the

Halifax Co., VA Court, Dec. 1752, Richard Pruet was sued by Joseph Mays for 2 Pounds, 12 shillings

and 5 pence (Halifax Order Bk I, p. 51).

In 1753, Bedford Co., VA was formed from Halifax County. In the Bedford Co., VA Court, Aug.

1754, Michael Prewit, et al, petitions for a road from Thomas's Ferry on Staunton River to Randolph's

Rolling Road. Michael and Richard Prewitt and others to open and clear the road (Bedford Order Bk

IA, p. II). (Note: for ease in handling, Virginians packed tobacco in barrels called hogsheads. These

were rolled by slaves or pulled by oxen or horses over "rolling roads:" to plantation docks.)

It is possible that Richard Prewitt died by April 1757, for Frances Prewit sold land to George Walton

on April 2, 1757 (Lunenburg Bk 8, p. 309).

Revolutionary Archives, VA State Library, Public Service Claims for King & Queen Co., VA lists:

Francis Prewitt, List I, p. 5; and List 111, p. 10; and John Prewitt, Comm. Bk 111, p. 228.

The 1782-87 Virginia Tax Payers, King & Queen Co., VA lists: James Prewit, I poll; and Frances


On June 1, 1782, a list of the valuations of land in King & Queen Co., VA, returned by Peter Dudley

and William Courtney, Commissioners, list: Francis Pruitt.

(H41) DAVID PREWITT I (son of Richard Prewitt and Frances Murrell) was born in Henrico Co., VA

about 1726, He married, and had the following children:

(H411) David Prewitt II, b. ca 1746 VA; m. Jane Pan-on ca 1770; and died in Knox Co., KY before


(H412) Richard Prewitt, b. ca 1748 VA

(H413) William Prewitt, b. ca 1753 VA

(H414) John Prewitt, b. ca 1754 VA; m. Elizabeth Day; and died in Rockcastle Co., KY in 1829

(H415) Charles Prewitt, Sr„ b. ca 1757 VA; m. Betsy; and died in Roane Co., TN

(H416) Elijah Prewitt, b. ca 1758 VA; died in Madison Co., KY after 1813

(H417) Samuel Prewitt, b. 1760-65 VA

On Feb. 27, 1769, David Pruit enters 400 acres in Pittsylvania Co., VA, beginning on the first branch

above the Maple Branch.

The 1774 tithables for Pittsylvania Co., VA, by Hugh Jones, lists: William & David Prewit, 2 persons:

Richard Prewit, I person; and David Prewit, Jr., I person.

In 1776, Henry Co., VA was formed from Pittsylvania County. The 1778 Tax List for Henry Co., VA,

lists: David Prewitt, Sr.; David Prewitt, Jr.; Richard Prewitt; and Charles Prewitt.

The 1779 Tax List for Henry Co., VA lists: David Prewitt, Senr.; David Prewitt, Jr.; and Elijah Prewitt.

In 1780, David Prewitt, Sr. contributed money for the Revolutionary War.

(H412) RICHARD PREWITT (son of David Prewitt 1) was born in Virginia about 1748. He married,

and had the following children:

(H4121) Abraham Prueft, b. 1774 Pittsylvania Co., VA; m. Rebecca Branson in Pittsylvania Co., VA

on Feb. 1, 1793; and died in Parke Co., IN

(H4122) Samuel Pruett, b. Aug. 18, 1776 Henry Co., VA; m. Hannah Higgins in 1798; and died near

Camden, Ray Co., MO on Jan. 1, 1836

(H4123) Stephen Pruett, b. 1777 Henry Co., VA; m. Delia; resided Knox Co., KY

(H4124) John Pruett, b. 1781 Henry Co., VA; m. Mary ca 1805; and died in Orange Co., IN in 1860

(H4125) David Pruett, b. 1783 Henry Co., VA; m. 1st: Peggy Kizziah in Pulaski Co., KY on March 22,

1804; m. 2nd: Charlotte Daugherty in Lincoln Co., KY on May 12, 1809; and died in

Henderson Co., TX after 1860

(H4126) Thomas Pruett, b. ca 1785; died in Hamson Co., MO after 1846

(H4127) Esau Pruett, b, 1789; m. Elizabeth Brooks ca 1807; and died in Henry Co., MO in 1843

(H4128) Rachel Pruett, b. ca 1790; m. James Jones in Lincoln Co., KY on May 12, 1809; David Pruett,


The 1774 tithables for Pittsylvania Co., VA, by Hugh Jones, lists: Richard Prewit, I person. In 1776,

the area of Pittsylvania Co., VA where Richard Prewitt resided, was placed in the newly formed Henry

Co., Virginia.

The 1778 Tax List for Henry Co., VA lists: Richard Prewitt. The 1782-87 Virginia Tax Payers, Henry

Co., VA lists: Richard Prewit.

Richard Prewitt moved to Tennessee, and was recorded on the 1804 Tax List ofGrainger Co.,


Richard moved to Kentucky, and was recorded on the 1810 Census, Pulaski Co., KY, p. 1721 (146):

Richard Pruit I ml 0-16 I fe over 45

I m over 45

In Knox Co., KY in 1813, Richard Pruett was exempt from tax (Knox Order Bk I, p. 462). The 1820

Census, Pulaski Co., KY, p. 42, lists: Richard Pruit and Esau Pruit.


(31) JEMIMA LORTON THRUSH PRUETT (dau. of Stephen Pruett and Naomi Moore) was born in

Knox Co., KY on April 16, 1823. She married first: William Stephen Mains, Sr. in Parke Co., IN on Oct.

24, 1839. William was born at Mansfield, OH on March 16, 1821 to Peter Franklin Mains and Mary

Catherine Peters. The family left Mansfield, OH about 1825/26 with three other families and went into

Indiana. They renamed a town in Indiana, Mansfield, after the town they left in Ohio. The name changed

from New Dublin.

William and Jemima were the parents of thirteen children:

(311) Naoma Catherine "Oma" Mains, b. Aug. 10, 1840 Mansfield, IN

(312) Almeda Mains, b. Jan. 23, 1843 Mansfield, IN

(313) Andrew Jackson Mains, b. Aug. 10, 1845 Mansfield, IN

(314) Mary Jane Mains, b. April 20, 1848 Mansfield, IN; died before 1850*

(315) Daniel Mater Mains, b. Sept. II, 1849 Mansfield, IN

(316) Tilitha Margaret "Maggie" Mains, b. Nov. 27, 1851 Mansfield, IN

(317) Eliza Aley Mains, b. April 5, 1854 Mansfield, IN; died young*

(318) Laurette Evalene Mains, b. Feb. 14, 1856 Mansfield, IN

(319) William Stephen Mains II, b. March 13, 1858 Mansfield, IN

(31(10) AnnaMarie Mains, b. July 19, 1860 Mansfield, IN

(31(11) Sarah Mains, b. Feb. 5, 1864 Mansfield, IN; died in infancy 1864*

(31(12) Peter Franklin "Frank" Mains, b. April 9, 1866 Mansfield, IN

(31(13) Laura Emelia Mains, b. Oct. 7, 1872 IA; died young*

The 1850 Census, Parke Co., IN, Jackson Twp„ Dist. 137, no. 59, Aug. 9, 1850, lists:

William Mains 28 OH farmer

Jemiah 27 KY

Naoma 10 IN

Almeda 7 IN

Andrew J. 5 IN

Daniel 11/12 IN

They moved to Iowa in 1870. The 1870 Census, Guthrie Co., IA, Center Twp., P.O. Guthrie Center,

July 27, 1870, p. 3, no. 18, lists:

William Maines 49 OH laborer $3,000 $500

Jemima 47 KY

Daniel M. 20 IN

Eliza A. 18 IN

Laura E. 14 IN

WilliamS. 12 IN

AnnaM. 9 IN

Peter F. 4 IN

William was a real estate agent and Notary Public in Guthrie Co., Iowa. A few years prior to his death,

he was Minister of the United Brethren Church, William died in Guthrie Co., IA on March 17, 1872, and

was buried in Glendon Cem., Guthrie Center, Iowa.



Jemima ran a boarding house after William died. She married second: David Robert Roach (1825-

1884) in Guthrie Co., IA on Feb. 8, 1880.

David Robert Roach

Jemima died in Guthrie Co., IA on May 9, 1889, age 66 y 24 da, and was buried in Glendon Cem.,

Guthrie Center, Iowa.

On June 19, 1889, Franklin Mains petitions the Guthrie County Court to act as administrator ofJ.L.T.

Roach. Franklin Mains, F.M. Jordan and John F. Branson sign the bond. On July 1, 1889, a list of heirs

and Real Estate shows J.L.T. Roach died May 9, 1889, age 66, residence Monteith, IA; heirs: Naoma C.

Mullins, age 48, residence Monteith, IA; Andrew Mains, age 43, residence Monteith, IA; Lucy E. Moore

age 16, heir ofAlmeda Moore; Daniel M. Mains, age 39, residence Menio, IA; Tillitha M. McHargue,

age 37, residence Winfield, Cowley Co., KS; Albert Myers, age 12 and Elizabeth Myers, age 7, heirs of

Laura E. Myers, residence Monteith, IA; William S. Mains, age 31, residence Winfield, Cowley Co., KS;

Anna M. Myers, age 28, residence Stanton, Stanton Co., NE; and Franklin Mains, age 23, residence

Monteith, Iowa.



(35) ABRAHAM PRUETT (son of Stephen Pruett and Naomi Moore) was born in Parke Co., IN on

Sept. 12, 1833. "The first settlement in the present limits of the town ofGreenfield, was made in 1853.

Early in this year, a W. Symes, Daniel Raymond, Samuel McGowen and A. Pruett made their appearance

here, and becoming fascinated with the fertile valleys and weird scenery of the surrounding bluffs,

determined to make it their future home. Each of the above named gentlemen selected allocation, made

his claim, and having erected a small log-cabin on each, proceeded to pave the way for suceeding

adventurers in search of a home in the West" (History ofLaCrosse County (Wl), 1881). In 1857,

Abraham Pruett is listed in the Wisconsin land grant records as acquiring 40 acres in LaCrosse County.

Abraham married Eveline Bell at LaCrosse, Wl on May 26, 1859 (Vol. I, p. 48). Eveline was born in

Butler Co., PA on Feb. 22, 1838 to John Bell and Elizabeth Walters.

Abraham and Eveline had the following children:

(351) Preston L. Pruett, b. May 3, 1860; died on July 9, 1861; br. Mormon Coulee Cem.*

(352) Walter Burton Pruett, b, July 25, 1865; died on Oct. 21, 1886; br. Mormon Coulee Cem.*

(353) Jay W. Pruett, b. Aug. 29, 1867 LaCrosse Co., Wl; died on Oct. 30, 1882; br. Mormon Coulee


(354) Spencer Alonzo Pruett, b. Jan. 8, 1870 LaCrosse Co., Wl

(355) Emma Telitha Pruett, b. Aug. 18, 1872; m. a Bates on Feb. 2, 1889; and died in Montana on May


(356) Eddy B. Pruett, b. May 23, 1875 LaCrosse, Wl; died on Nov. 9, 1926*

(357) John Bell Pruett, b. Oct. 24, 1878; died at Minneapolis, MN in March 1922*

(358) Elizabeth Naomi Pruett, b. Oct. 3, 1881 LaCrosse, Wl

Although Greenfield, Shelby and the City ofLaCrosse were separate townships, they were later

brought together under one town government. The first record of the Town of Greenfield is 1856.

Abraham Pruett was listed in the Greenfield official record as Assessor in 1861. Abraham served a partial

term as Assessor of Greenfield with his sister Elsie's (Alice) husband, H.W. McNeil, who was chairman of

the "Supervisors of the Town of Greenfield". His term was a short one since Abraham enlisted in the

Wisconsin Infantry in the Fall of 1861. He enlisted Sept. 10, 1861 at LaCrosse, Wl in the 8th Wisconsin

Infantry, just two days before his 28th birthday.

Abraham was permanently disabled at the battle of Lake Chicot (AR), near Vicksburg, MS on June 6,

1864. He was discharged on Sept. 16, 1864. Abraham was a Methodist Minister after the war.

Abraham died at LaCrosse, Wl on Oct. 29, 1884, and Eveline died on Sept. 29, 1896. Both were

buried in Mormon Coulee Cem., LaCrosse Co., Wisconsin.

(354) SPENCER ALONZO PRUETT (son of Abraham Pruett and Eveline Bell) was born on the family

farm in LaCrosse Co., Wl on Jan. 8, 1870, and received his teaching certificate at age 20 from Guthrie

Co., IA in 1890. He married Bertha Adelaide Heyman at LaCrosse, Wl on Feb. 2, 1892. Bertha was

born in Wisconsin in 1869 to German parents.

Spencer and Bertha had four children:

(3541) Ethel Ford Pruett, b. Nov. 1, 1892

(3542) William Abraham "Bill" Pruett, b. July 27, 1894 LaCrosse, Wl

(3543) Burton Joseph Pruett, b, Jan. 28, 1896

(3544) Viola Evelyn Pruett, b. March 10, 1898 LaCrosse, Wl

Spencer was a Teacher. He was elected Assessor of the Town of Shelby, Wl in 1890. Spencer and his

family were listed in Shelby, Wl on the 1900 Census, LaCrosse County, 2005 Loomis Street.

Bertha died in 1932. Spencer died at Los Angeles, CA on Jan. 9, 1935.

(3541) ETHEL FORD PRUETT (dau. of Spencer Alonzo Pruett and Bertha Adelaide Heyman) was bonif

on Nov. 1, 1892. She married Alfred E. Walper at Los Angeles, CA on Dec. 17, 1913, and had four


(35411) Margaret Walper, b. Oct. 5, 1914*

(35412) Dorothy E. Walper, b. Feb. 6, 1916*

(35413) James Alfred Walper, b. Oct. 20, 1923*

(35414) John Francis Walper, b, Nov. 27, 1927*

Ethel died in Orange Co., CA on Jan. 4, 1973.

(3542) WILLIAM ABRAHAM "Bill" PRUETT (son of Spencer Alonzo Pruett and Bertha Adelaide

Heyman) was born at LaCrosse, Wl on July 27, 1894, and married Gala Seeley at Los Angeles, CA on

June 17, 1919. Gala was born at Casey, IA on Oct. 31, 1900 to Charles Seeley and Viola Spear.

Bill and Gala had two children:

(35421) Robert Spencer Pruett, b. May 16, 1920 Los Angeles, CA

(35422) Margie Jean Pruett, b. June 5, 1928 Los Angeles, CA; m. George Price Shellman at Covina,

CA on June 4, 1949*

In 1947, Bill traveled to Chicago, IL to meet with Arroyo ? Engine Company regarding a design for a

gasoline powered refrigerator that could be built in sections, then disassembled to ship overseas for the

war effort. At that time, he was the Chief Engineer for Weber Showcase in Los Angeles and was an

expert on refrigeration systems.

Bill died at Yucaipa, CA on May 2, 1984, and Gala died at Covina, CA on Oct. 10, 1994.

(35421) ROBERT SPENCER PRUETT (son of William Abraham Pruett and Gala Seeley) was born al

Los Angeles, CA on May 16, 1920, and married Mary Louise Tucker at Los Angeles, CA on May 2,

1945. Mary was born in 1920 to Robert Thomas Tucker and Mary Ada Tracey.

Robert and Mary were the parents of six children:

(3 54211) Kathleen Mary Pruett.b. 1947

(354212) William Thomas Pruett, b. 1949; died in 1950*

(354213) Mary Ann Pruett, b. Oct. 5, 1950 Los Angeles, CA

(354214) Patricia Jean Pruett, b. 1952

(354215) Susan Daria Pruett, b. 1955

(354216) Janet Louise Pruett.b. 1958

(354211) KATHLEEN MARY PRUETT (dau. of Robert Spencer Pruett and Mary Louise Tucker) was

born in 1947. She married Raymond Wilifred Seal (b. 1947), and had three children:

(3542111) Jason Christopher Seal, b. 1975*

(3542112) Laura Eileen Seal, b. 1978*

(3542113) Robert Seal, b. 1984*

(354213) MARY ANN PRUETT (dau. of Robert Spencer Pruett and Mary Louise Tucker) was born at

Los Angeles, CA on Oct. 5, 1950, and married first: Glen Philip Sherman at Arcadia, CA on Feb. 9,

1974. Glen was born in 1950 to Eugene Sherman and Genevieve McLaughlin.

Glen and Mary had two daughters:

(3542131) Melissa Came "Lissa" Sherman, b. March 9, 1977*

(3542132) Melinda Jean "Mindy" Sherman, b. July II, 1983*

Mary married second: Jeffrey Eugene "Jeff" Laun at Arcadia, CA on July 30, 1988. Jeff was born in

1957 to Wilfred Laun and Marcia Youens.

Jeff and Mary had a daughter:

(3542133) Amy Laun, b. Oct. 18, 1989*

They resided at Arcadia, California.

(354214) PATRICIA JEAN PRUETT (dau. of Robert Spencer Pruett and Mary Louise Tucker) was

born in 1952. She married JeffKuchenski (b. 1951), and had a daughter:

(3542141) Adrienne Kuchenski, b. 1982*

(354215) SUSAN DARLA PRUETT (dau. of Robert Spencer Pmett and Mary Louise Tucker) was born

in 1955. She married first: Peter Novo (b. 1951), and had a daughter:

(3542151) Shelly KristinNovo,b, 1974*

Susan married second: Rick John Miali (b. 1959).

(354216) JANET LOUISE PRUETT (dau. of Robert Spencer Pruett and Mary Louise Tucker) was born

in 1958. She married Gregory Paul Schneider (b. 1957), and had two sons:

(3542161) Gregory Paul Schneider, b. 1985*

(3542162) Matthew Thomas Schneider, b. 1988*

(3543) BURTON JOSEPH PRUETT (son of Spencer Alonzo Pruett and Bertha Adelaide Heyman)

born on Jan. 28, 1896. He married Sophie Sauers in June 1917, and had a daughter:

(35431) Evelyn Lucille Pruett, b. March 9, 1917*

(3544) VIOLA EVELYN PRUETT (dau. of Spencer Alonzo Pruett and Bertha Adelaide Heyman)

born at LaCrosse, Wl on March 10, 1898. She married Francis A. Walsh on March 17, 1919, and h

(35441) Jane Frances Walsh, b. Sept. 17, 1922; m. John Courtney*

Viola died at Newport Beach, CA on Feb. 14, 1965.

(358) ELIZABETH NAOMI PRUETT (dau. of Abraham Pruett and Eveline Bell) was born at LaCr

Wl on Oct. 3, 1881, and married first: a Miller. Elizabeth married second: Dewitt Clinton Penderga;

and had a son:

(3581) Glen C. Pendergast, b. May 3, 1900

They moved to Oregon. Dewitt died at Vancouver, WA on Jan. 16, 1953. Elizabeth died at

Vancouver, WA on Nov. 9, 1964, was cremated, and buried in the Spencer Pruett tomb, LaCross,


(3581) GLEN C, PENDERGAST (son of Dewitt Clinton Pendergast and Elizabeth Naomi Pruett) w

born on May 3, 1900. He married Agnes L. ? on Aug. 9, 1920, and had the following children:

(35811) Elizabeth L. Pendergast, b. Aug. 14, 1921*

(35812) Edith M. Pendergast, b. Aug. 1, 1922; died on June 21, 1980*

(35813) Richard G. Pendergast, b. Nov. II, 1923*

(35814) Dorothy Jean Pendergast, b. Jan. 7, 1927*

(35815) Lee Raymond Pendergast, b. Dec. 26, 1930*

(35816) James Thomas Pendergast, b. Sept. 6, 1934*

Glen died at Vancouver, WA on Jan. 16, 1953.

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