The Hougham family traces its ancestry back to the first Robert de Hougham, who was a Norman knight in the army of William the Conqueror in 1066. For his servic icon

The Hougham family traces its ancestry back to the first Robert de Hougham, who was a Norman knight in the army of William the Conqueror in 1066. For his servic

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The Hougham family traces its ancestry back to the first Robert de Hougham, who was a Norman knight in the army of William the Conqueror in 1066. For his service he was granted a manor near Canterbury, England, which is now the Village of Hougham. One of the early de Houghams served in the Crusades under Richard the Lion Hearted at the Battle of Acre, 1095. Since that time there have been eight generations of Robert de Houghams, who served the church in the Village of Hougham. (Robert Hougham material).

Marian Hurley Pratt: “Hougham is a place name, a mixture of Norman and Saxon. `Hough' is Norman and means `a dweller on, or by, a hill or bluff.' The suffix `ham' is Saxon and means `a home.' Hasted says `Houghams were a branch of Averanches.'” (volume 9, p452).

“The manor of Hougham adjoins Dover Castle and the high, chalky cliffs of Dover. The Chateau de Arques of Averanch, France, has a similar situation and meaning. The Book of Domesday suggests that Baldwin was probably the Ancestor of Hougham. This family also owned Weddington Manor at Ash, Nevilles Fleet, and Barton Court of Canterbury, all in County Kent, England. Beginning at Whitstable, in Anglo Saxon days before England was known as a kingdom, it is one of the four most ancient of Britain.”

“The Manor of Hougham was part of the defense lands of Dover Castle, and was sometimes called the Elms, and Southcourt, or Chilverton. This manor of 190 acres in Flete extended into Dover, Folkestone, Newsborough and the Cinque Ports. Gravesend was in Hougham's Estate; it got its name because when the plague or Black Death was so bad, the victims were carried there and thrown into the sea—buried in the sea mostly unrecorded.”

^ Rognwald, Earl of More

Son Hrollager born.

Son Thiabault born (son Brisco).

Hrollager (son of Rognwald)

Married Emina.

Son Rollo Thurstien.

Rollo Thurstien (son of Hrollager and Emina)

Married Gerlotte of More.

ca 965: son Ansfred the Dane born.

^ Ansfred the Dane (son of Rollo Thurstien and Gerlotte of More)

ca 965: born.

ca 996: son Ansfred Goz II born.

First Viscount of Hiemois.

Ansfred Goz II (son of Ansfred the Dane)

ca 996: born.

Son Goz born.

^ Goz (son of Ansfred Goz II)

Son Wymund born.

Wymund, Witmund, or Guitmund (son of Goz)

Son William de Averanch born.

Of Normandy, France (Reference: Ordericus Vitalis).

William de Averanch (son of Wymund)

Married Matilda Emma de Brion (m/1 William de Avenell, son Ralph Avenell, Baron of Okehampton married Matilda of Baldwin de Redvers, Earl of Devon).

Son Ruallon born.

Son Robert born (adopted by his Uncle Richard de Brion and inherited the Barony of Okehampton of his half brother Ralph Avenell).

Daughter born (nun at Elstow with whom she gave 4 ½ virgates of land in Eywell. Reference: Mon. Ang. ut Supra).

Ruallon (son of William de Averanch and Matilda Emma de Brion)

Married Matilda or Maud de Muneville (daughter of Nigel de Muneville, Lady of Folkestone, Kent. She carried the Lordship of Folkestone and the land at Flete to Averanches by marriage. Her grandfather, William de Arcis, had 190 acres of land in Wingham, Kent. About 1086 he willed Flete to Maud and to Ruallon de Averanch. Ref.: Planche, p257-259).

1131: Sheriff of Kent.

Son Robert born.

Son William born.

1147: died.

One of the eight knights of Dover Castle, Kent, England.

^ Ancestry of Matilda or Maud de Muneville:


Daughter Jocelin born.

Son Geoffrey or Godfrey born.

Daughter Beatrice born (Fitz Gozlin).

Son William born.

Son Hugh born.

Viscount of Arques (Arcis in French, Arques in English).

^ Geoffrey or Godfrey (son of Gozelin)

Married Beatrice.

Son Geoffrey de Bolbec born.

Viscount de Arcis of Paye de Caux, Normandy or Fitz Gozelin (some say son of Osborne).

Geoffrey de Bolbec (son of Geoffrey and Beatrice)

Daughter Beatrice de Bolbec born.

^ Beatrice de Bolbec (daughter of Geoffrey de Bolbec)

Of Newington.

Married William de Arcis or de Arques (Lord of Folkestone, Kent, was a monk in 1088; died 1090 in France, “Willielmus filius Goidfride” in Domesday).

Daughter Matilda de Arques born (inherited the Norman possessions. She married William the Chamberlain of de Tankerville).

Daughter Emma of Folkestone born.

Son Osborne born.

Son Hugh born.

Beatrice and William were first cousins. She gave to the Church at Lonlay a moiety of Tithes.

^ Emma of Folkestone (daughter of William de Arcis and Beatrice de Bolbec)

Married Nigel de Muneville.

Daughter Matilda or Maud de Muneville born.

Married Manasses or Robert, Count de Guisnes.

Daughter born.

1095: Founded the Priory of Folkestone.

^ Matilda or Maud de Muneville (daughter of Nigel de Muneville and Emma of Folkestone)

Married Ruallon de Averanch (Sheriff of Kent 1131; died 1147).

Son Robert born.

Son William born.

Lady of Folkestone, Kent.

She carried the Lordship of Folkestone and the land at Flete to Averanches, by marriage.

From Planche's “Corner of Kent,” p44, “Beginning with the property which was owned by Ruellinus, the Father of Robert de Hougham, there remains his messauge in the field which is to the South from the thornbushes...and all the land where the thorns are...and next to the mill...and the field called Cnolla, and the field to the North of Noga...and another called Noll...and the part North from the road which reaches the walls of Ratteburgh (now Richborough) and a field Staldingburgha, and North Hoga, and East pasture and field Stepatra, and East part of acre South of the houses, and a moiety in the marshes and Salt Pits, and the Forstal.”

^ Robert de Hougham I of Kent (son of Ruallon de Averanch and Matilda or Maud de Muneville)

Of Hougham Manor near Dover. Holder of Knights Fee in Kent. He took the surname of Hougham, the meaning being the same as Averanch, a home in a hilly place.

Robert de Hougham II (son of Robert de Hougham I and _______)

1225: Of Hope House.

Died 41st of Henry II (1256). Inquisitions in answer to John Hougham, “Robert Hougham is heir and is eight years old.” A reference to Alan Hougham living 1289 of Cinque Ports, Dover, by Rev. Statham in “Castle, Ports and Towns of Dover.” p355.

^ Robert de Hougham III (son of Robert de Hougham II and _______)

Born 1250; died 1272/1274. Closely watched by John de Offeham on heirship. Robert was paying 40 shillings rent Knight fee and of Rochester Castle as Constable. Of Manor of Waveringe, Constable of Rochester Castle, Lord of Hougham. Died 2nd of Edward I. Reference: Harlequin Society Publishers 1929, p250 and VLXXXI. Notes and Queries, Derring Roll, Hasted and Planche, p390-396.

Married Beatrice (died 1271 of Dollenham, Sussex. “Her estate to her husband.” In time of 13th century many documents, Abstracts of Harlequin Society Publishers, 1729, volume 81, p250, Knights of Edward I, at law with John de Hougham 20 December 1274).

Robert de Hougham IV (son of Robert de Hougham III and Beatrice)

24? years old in 1274.

no date: married Alice _______.

Son Robert de Hougham V born.

Son Richard born.

1273: Jurate of Ash.

1293: owned Weddington Manor, Ash, Kent, England.

ca 1303: died 21 Edward.

Robert was known as Lord of the Manor and his title as knight was “Sir.” Alice was known as “Lady Alicia.” (References: MSS.R.27 College of Arms, Patent Rolls 15 June 1293, Close Rolls 25 Aug 1295, Writs Parliamentary 24 Nov 1297/8, Deed 18 Apr 130?, Fine Rolls holding land at Waveringe, G. Bocton, Monchaney, Manor, at ½ Knights fee, Hugham Manor 1 fee, and lands at Caldecote, Chilton, Hope, and Dover, all in Kent, and leaving S. and H. Robert (Inquisition), Allex. de Balliol made Custos of Hugham Manor in minority of heir 28 Apr 1302.

Fine Rolls: dower to widow Alice 11 July 1301. Close Rolls: she makes fine in 12 marks to marry at will 20 May 1304. At time of her death she owned Hope House, near Combe (Fine Rolls, Subsidy Rolls, Hasted's and Planche). In suit with John de Hugham over lands 30 Dec 1286. Patent Rolls 15 June 1293.

Robert de Hougham V (son of Robert de Hougham IV and Alice)

Born 1293 (21st of Edward I).

ca 1338: died.

Reference: Inquisitions of lands, 18 July 1316, Close Rolls, 5 March 1316, Fine Rolls, Parliamentary Writs, 6 June 1317, Arch. Cant., volume 10, page 122 and 143. Paid Assessment Aid to the Black Prince, A.D. 20 of Edward II, 1346/47 (References: Arch. Canterbury, v10, p122-143, Hasted's, v9, p451, Planche, p390-396). Some of these historians differ on wife and grandchildren (see Surrey Arch. Coll. vIII and Ireland's, v3, Hasted's, v6, p400, v9, p331, Visitations of Kent 1619, Family Wills and Lawsuits).

No sons. Daughter Benedicta married John de Shelvinge, Sheriff of Kent, 16, 17, 18, 19 of Edward I. Daughter Matilda married Waretius de Valoins, Sheriff of Kent, 31-32 of Edward I. A knight in Parliament. (See Hasted and Planche for further descent of the above families).

^ Benedicta de Hougham (daughter of Robert de Hougham V and _______)

no date: married John de Shelvinge (son of Waretius).

no date: daughter Benedicta de Shelvinge born; m/1 John of Sandwich, he was buried at the Convent, Priory of Blackfriars; m/2 Edward Haute, son of Sir Henry Haute of Hautes Place, Petham. Children:

1. Nicholas Haute born 1351, Sheriff of Kent.

2. William Haute.

m/3 Sir Thomas Uvedale of Titsey, Surrey (she was his fourth wife). Child:

1. Alice.

After Sir Thomas Uvedale's death, she was in lawsuits with his children over property. Benetta was buried beside her first husband, during the reign of Edward III.

no date: daughter Matilda or Maud de Hougham born; married Waretius de Valoignes, Valoins home—the Manor of Swerdling (References: Arch. Canterbury, v10, p122-143; Hasted's v9, p451; Planche, p390-396). Children:

1. Matilda de Valoignes; married Sir Thomas Fogge.

2. Maud de Valoignes; married Thomas de Adelyn (References: Hasted's, v12, p247, Ireland's, v2, p136-37, v3, p9-10).

Richard de Hougham (son of Robert de Hougham IV and Alice)

Prior of Dover 1350. Living in 1277?.

no date: son Simonus born.

Simonus of Ash (son of Richard de Hougham)

Living in 1350.

no date: son Robert born.

^ Robert de Hougham (son of Simonus of Ash)

Died at Ash.

no date: son Robert born.

Robert de Hougham (son of Robert de Hougham)

Of Elmstone, which is about three miles from Ash.

no date: ?son William born.

no date: son John born.

^ John Hougham (son of Robert de Hougham

no date: married Joan _______ (buried in 1503 at St. Martin's, Canterbury, England).

no date: son William born.

1482: buried St. Martin's, Canterbury, England.

Lived Ash, Kent, England. Not listed in work of Marian Hurley Pratt (References: Visitations of Kent, Berry's Pedigrees, Parish Church of Ash, Wills). Other Hougham pedigree charts begin with John Hougham.

Authentic and main pedigree begins:

^ William Hougham (son of John and Joan (_______) Hougham)

no date: married Elizabetha _______, of Sandwich.

no date: son Solomon born.

William de Hougha' of Elmstone. Living 1463. Wife Elizabeth widow in 1473. Lived Ash, Kent, England. The College of Arms begins the pedigree with William, notwithstanding most of the foregoing is from Charters and Documents in their library, though the proof is limited. “A Forgotten Past” heads the pedigree with John, Vicar of St. Martins, his will 1482. Marian Hurley Pratt says this is an error.

Will of Elizabeth Hougham, 2 Aug 1473, widow of Canterbury. Marian Hurley Pratt: “This will beings in the usual way: `In Deity name Amen.' Her name Elizabeth, composed mentally and good memory, widow of St. Mary's, Canterbury, to the Brotherhood of St. Mary's and to the light of St. Katherine's. It is very short, not signed or sealed, not of much genealogical value, the surname spelled “Hicham” or “Hugyham.” We get from it that she outlived her husband.

^ Solomon Hougham (son of William and Elizabeth (_______) Hougham)

no date: married _______ _______.

no date: son Stephen born.

no date: son Thomas born.

no date: daughter Joan born.

no date: ?son William born (not proven).

no date: ?son John born (not proven).

From ^ A Forgotten Past, by F. H. Suckling, London: Geo. Bell and sons 1898: Solomon Hougham lies buried in Ash Church under the monument, on which is a carved mailed figure in armour with a tabard, on which is drawn argent on a chevron between three elephants heads erased, sable, as many mullets or. “This coat,” says Planche, “with different colours is found quartered with that of Brooke in the Herald's `Visitation of Kent,' A.D. 1619, and this figure.” Underneath is written, “Solomon Hougham.”

Marian Hurley Pratt: “Solomon Hougham...effigy is in St. Nicholas of Ash window of stained glass—a warrior in full armor of a knight kneeling on a cushion in prayer.”

^ Stephen Hougham (son of Solomon Hougham)

no date: married Bennetta Brooke (____-buried 9 June 1560, will probated 14 Oct 1560) daughter of John Brooke the elder. Reference: will of J. Brooke II, May 1582.

no date: son Michael born.

no date: daughter Elizabeth born.

no date: son Richard born.

20 Nov 1555/56: will dated.

1560: buried.

In his will Stephen gave to his son Michael and son-in-law Stephen Solly, his lease of Kete Marsh, and to his wife Bennett his lands at Elmstone and Flete, to _____ his home in Weddington, Ash...a messauge in Ickham, Bay (or Baa) House, also marsh, barns and lands in Richborro, rents from Nevil's Flete, and Swallow Brook in Ash, also land in Elmstone and Preston. Witnesses Thomas Harflete and Christopher Harflete.

^ Michael Hougham (son of Stephen and Benetta (Brooke) Hougham)

no date: married Edith Austen (erroneously called “Judith” and “Keith” by historians, of Adisham, England, will signed 5 Mar 1612 and proved 29 May 1613).

1569: son Michael born.

no date: daughter Elizabeth born (married Bateman).

no date: daughter Anne born (married Paramore).

4 June 1574: son Richard christened.

16 July 1575: daughter Bennett christened (married Thomas Contry, 1575).

22 June 1577: son Stephen born.

1583: died.

10 Dec 1583: will proved.

Buried in Ash Church. On the monument of Michael and his brother, Richard:

” They were men of both tall stature and comely

persons, besides were well esteemed among all

sorts of people, both for their virtuous lives

and also for their younger years, for their

good and thriftie government, not of themselves

onlie, but also they were a good stay in this

parish among their neighbours.

Michael died 1594. Richard died 1606.

Richard married the daughter of Edward Sanders,

by whom he had three sons, Michael, Edward and

Solomon, one daughter Anne, all yet living.”

Edith Huffam (widow) nee Austen, her will 5 Mar 1612: “In the name of God, Amen. The 5th day of March in the year of our Lord God 1612. Edith Hougham of the Parish of Norborne, in County of Kent my mind being of good and perfect memory do revoke all former wills by me made and do make my last will and testament in manner and form following. First I bequeath my soul to Almighty God being redeemed by the death and passion of my only Saviour Jesus Christ, and my body I commit to the earth from whence it was taken. I will to the poor of the parish of Ash 40 shillings and to the poor of the parish of Norborne 20 shillings. The following I give to my two daughters Bennett Contry and Anne Paramore __ pounds apiece and to Elizabeth Bateman my daughter £20. I give unto Michael Huffam the son of Richard Huffam my son all of my __ that is in Weddington, the Parish of Ash and a dozen of damask diapers __ and a tablecloth, and a hand bowl of the same. And all the set of my linens I give unto my three daughters to be equally divided between them except my wearing linene apparell I give to Elizabeth Bateman my daughter. I give unto Stephen my son all my plate, and after his decease to his son Stephen Huffam. I will unto Elizabeth Bateman my daughter, my house and land and stable and horses (a description follows) and after the decease of Elizabeth my daughter, I will the said home, barns, stable, lands, leases, unto my son Stephen Huffam and to his heirs forever. I will that Stephen Huffam shall pay unto Valentine Austen, my brother the sum of £54/3/4 in the year next after my decease, all the rest of my moveable goods and my debts paid, all legacies discharged, and my funeral expenses defrayed. I will and bequeath unto Stephen Huffam my son whom I make my executor. This is my last will and testament in witness whereof I have set my hand the day and year above written.” Read, sealed and published in the presence of Henhook Clayham, John Franks, Terry Hadlow. Signed Edith Huffam.

^ Michael Hougham (son of Michael and Edith (Austen) Hougham)

1569: born Ash, Kent, England.

11 Oct 1578: married Elizabeth Joade.

no date: m/2 Jane Brooke.

25 Jan 1595/96: son Brooke christened.

1596: died.

Michael Hougham of Ash, Will July 1596: “In the name of God, Amen. I, Michael Huffam of Ash next Sandwich, being sick of body but of perfect remembrance do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following this __ day of July 1596. First, I bequeath my soul to Almighty God and my body to be buried at the direction of my foemme(?). This is the last Will and Testament of me Michael Huffam made and ordained this day of year above said, concerning all my goods and lands wheresoever __. I will that my mother shall have £100 paid her by my executor in regard of certain debts I owe and her to be paid for within five months after my decease. Item. I give unto my wife nine of my best __ and five of my best __ also half of my best __ and also my best half of all my lands. Item. I give unto my wife the __ of to all my best bedsteads furnished, bedding, one feather bed and bolster with furnishings to be left unto my son when he shall accomplish his day of twenty and one years. Item. I likewise give her the use of one bedstead in the little chamber over the parlor buttereye until my son Brookes accomplish his age of 21 years and be left unto the house.

Item. I give unto William my servant £10 to be paid him at Michaelmas in lieu of his quarterly wages __ give unto __ and __ my Terb—m forty schillings to be paid in lieu of his quarterly wages at the time aforesaid. It I give unto (three unreadable names of persons) and make my Testator to each of them 20 shillings at the same time. Item. To all my married servants I do bequeath a mark apiece to be paid at the quarter and in lieu of their wages. Item. I do give unto the poore of Ashe Parish £6/18/4 to be distributed at the discretion of my executors within one whole year after my decease. Item. I do give unto my brothers Richard and Stephen all those (a description of land). I do give unto my three __ my sisters children, Bennett Contry, Michael Paramore, and Stephen Bateman, £5/13/4 apiece to be paid them within six months after my decease. Item. I do give unto my wife Jane £6/13/4 to be for a __ for her __. Item. I give unto Jane, my wife five __ of my best wheat in good __ and former acres of my barley as it shall __. Item. I will for the likewise thirty __ of __ to be laid in convenient place for the __ of her __. Item. To my brother Contry I will my best bay horse. Item. To my brother Paramore my best __. Item. To my brother Serles Hawkes one __ color bay bought of Peter Hawkes, and one color red roan. Item. I give unto Richard Huffam my brother my best bay mare. Item. I will unto Michael my nephew, son of my brother Richard Huffam £5/13/4, to be __ in plate by my __. Item. I do give unto Valentine Austen my cloake __. Item. My will is that Mother Binge during her natural life shall have the use of house and lands she now dwelleth in paying unto my executor 20 shillings a year for the same. Item. It is my will that William __ and __ Solley shall give the use and occupation of now in the tenure of Parrott from the decease of Parrott until my son Brooke is 21—paying unto my executor the yearly note accustomed to be paid by Parrott, being £5 a year. Item. I give unto John P__ __ the __ of timber which he lately bought of me above £26. All the rest of my goods and chattells I will unto my executors to be employed unto __ at __ after __ shall be mentioned __ my debts and legacies performed and paid the rest to be appraised by __ and to be employed to the best use of my son Brooke by the advice of my overseer to be delivered by __ unto within six months of his coming 21 of age.” (There is much more of the same of no genealogical value).

He ordains Serles Hawkes and Thomas Paramore as executors of his will and Valentine Austen as Overseer.

He ends with “I do give unto my brother Stephen Huffam all those lands which were recovered by law—which were given him by my Father, to him and his heirs for ever. He wills to his wife her dwelling in their house at Brooke St. Ash and much land—then admonishes his executors to keep an honest account and report on the profits every four years.

The last is unreadable and only one of the witnesses, that of Stephen Bateman, is discernable.

^ Brooke Hougham (son of Michael and Jane (Brooke) Hougham)

25 Jan 1595/96: christened Ash, Kent, England.

Marian Hurley Pratt: “Neither wife or son appear in family wills of Huffam or on Michael's tombstone and historians say Brooke died young. But, worth noting here, in my research I have on file: `Brooke Hougham - yeoman - maltster, of St. John's, Thanet, Kent witnessed marriage of John Benger and Alice Bell 15 Oct 1663 at St. Mary Bredin's, Canterbury.” Of special note because of errors of early historians publishing Michael as having married twice, giving him first the wife of his father's cousin and Janet Brook as second without any proof-see wills-disproof.”

^ Elizabeth Hougham (daughter of Michael and Edith (Austen) Hougham)

before 1583 (her father's will): married Stephen Bateman.

about 1598: son Stephen Bateman born.

no date: daughter Elizabeth Bateman born.

Living in 1612 (mentioned in her mother's will).

Of Weddington, Ash, Kent, England.

^ Anne Hougham (daughter of Michael and Edith (Austen) Hougham)

28 Jan 1564: christened Ash, Kent, England.

27 Jan 1582: married Thomas Paramore who m/2 Maria (Sampson) Garth, widow, of London.

no date: son Thomas Paramore born (married Anne Franklyn; died without issue).

no date: son Michael Paramore born (died age 8 or 9).

no date: son Henry Paramore born (married Marie Garth, daughter of Maria Garth, second wife of Thomas Paramore).

no date: daughter Jane Paramore born (married Henry Sanders).

no date: daughter Bennett Paramore born (married Thomas Foach).

Anne is mentioned in the wills of both her parents and her brother Michael.

Marian Hurley Pratt: “Thomas, the father, was Mayor of Canterbury in 1619. He was of Mountain in Thanet, resided at `Paramore Grange' at Ash. At St. Magdalene Church on a tablet the following: `Thanks Isle of Thanet for this Champion

of never dying name my chiefe glorie

His trophie hath made me companion

unto the proudest by his victorie.'

The Paramores were an ancient and wealthy family. Thomas inherited Shreeves Court from his brother Henry.”

^ Richard Hougham (son of Michael and Edith (Austen) Hougham)

4 June 1574: christened.

no date: married Elizabeth Sanders, daughter of Edward of Norborne. She m/2 2 Aug ____ to Thomas Hawke).

6 June 1596: son Michael christened.

25 May 1598: son Edward christened.

1 Jan 1599: son Solomon christened.

17 Jan 1601: daughter Anne christened.

7 Oct 1606: will written.

1606: died.

Oct 1606: will probated.

Yeoman. Buried in Ash Church. The following inscription is on a tablet with the arms of Hougham and Sanders:

“Richard Hougham, gent., late of Weddington in

this parish, and Elizabeth his wife, who was

daughter of Edward Sanders of Narborne, near

Sandwich, gent., Also their son Michael, and

daughter Anne. This monument was erected by

the will and testament of the aforesaid Anne

Hougham, who was baptised 17th January 1601,

and died June 9th 1661.

Richard Huffam of Ash, Will 7 Oct 1606, abbreviated by Marian Hurley Pratt: “In the name of God, Amen. The 7th day of October 1606, Richard Hougham of the Parish of Ash, next Sandwich, Kent, yeoman sick in body, but perfect in mind, thanks be to God. I do revoke all former wills by me made and hereby make this my last will and testament in form following. First, I bequeath my soul to Almighty God and my body to the earth from whence it came to be buried at the discretion of my executor. I bequeath and give to the poor people of this Parish of Ash. Item. I will and bequeath to Elizabeth my wife. Item. I give unto Anne my daughter—when she shall be 18 years of age. Item. I do give and bequeath unto my nieces, Bennett Contreye, Bennett Paramore, and Elizabeth Bateman and my grand-daughter Margaret Huffam. Item. I give unto my servants. I will and bequeath unto my son Michael when he shall accomplish his age of 21 years and in the meantime my will is that my executors John Stebbing, Gabriel Pordage, William Solley, Henry Huffam, and Lynne ____ the profit of all my lease lands, etc. I do give and forgive my tenant and servant all that he now owes me—my debts, legacies and funeral expenses discharged and paid. I do give and bequeath unto my two youngest sons Edward and Solomon when 21 years of age. I do make and ordain my Uncle Valentine Austen and my brother Thomas executors of this my last will and testament and my brother Stephen Overseer thereof.”

Here follows lengthy detailed descriptions of small pieces of land, and pastures, marshes and dwellings, etc. mostly in and around Ash, especially mentioning Weddington and Brookes St., names of renters and occupants, amongst them a George Rose, Henry Harflete, Robert ___, and again he mentions “Michael my son, Elizabeth, my wife, and my two youngest sons Edward and Solomon.” Michael is named eldest. He repeats the names of four witnesses of rents to be paid to his mother (Edith Austen Hougham) which were granted to her by his father. The will was probated October 1606 and signed by Richard Huffam.

George Slaughter mentions a Richard Huffam. George's grandson Henry Harflete Jr. married a Bennett Hougham, second wife.

^ Michael Hougham (son of Richard and Elizabeth (Sanders) Hougham)

6 June 1596: christened Weddington, Ash, Kent, England.

2 Nov 1615: married at Stodmarsh, Kent, England, Margaret Courthorpe, daughter of William Courthorpe of Stodmarsh, Esq., and Mildred, sister of Sir Thomas Herflete of Mallam, Knight. She was buried 8 July 1668 in Canterbury, England. She m/2 9 Aug 1645 to Sir John Fotherby, no issue.

27 Oct 1616: daughter Elizabeth christened.

12 Apr 1618: son William christened.

11 June 1619: daughter Margaret christened.

6 Dec 1620: daughter Elizabeth born.

22 Sept 1623: son Michael christened.

21 June 1629: daughter Mercy born (buried 1 Oct 1645).

11 Apr 1636: daughter Bennett christened.

4 Oct 1637: daughter Sybella christened.

22 Mar 1639: daughter Jane christened.

1644: will, Reg. A/505.

Gentleman of Bekesbourne. Baptisms from “register book of the parish of St. George the Martyr within the city of Canterburie 1538-1800). Goodstone (next Wingham) Holy Cross ph reg to 1880 by Kenneth Elphinstone, 1933.

^ Elizabeth Hougham (daughter of Michael and Margaret (Courthorpe) Hougham)

6 Dec 1620: christened St. George the Martyr, Canterbury, Kent, England (married by Canterbury License which give Elizabeth born 1617 or christened 27 Oct 1616, St. George the Martyr).

29 Apr 1639: married Christopher Franckes (born 1610-died before 1661). He was a saddler, his mother was a widow in 1639, in registers spelled Franckes, in wills Frankes.

no date: daughter Margaret Franckes born.

no date: daughter Ann Franckes born.

^ William Hougham (son of Michael and Margaret (Courthorpe) Hougham)

no date: born Weddington, Ash, Kent, England.

12 Apr 1618: christened Canterbury, Kent, England.

no date: married Ash, Kent, England, Susan Clark, or Susanna Clarke, daughter of John and niece of Sir James Clarke of Monsley.

?1638: daughter Jane born.

no date: son Osbert born (died after 1684, mentioned in several lawsuits).

11 Aug 1642: son Michael christened (died about 5 years).

27 July 1664: son John christened St. Martin Ludgate, London, England; died about 1693.

?no date: son Stephen born.

16 Mar 1659: son Charles born, of Warwick Lane, London, England; died before 1710.

no date: son Richard born, also of Barbados, d.s.p. before 1717.

31 May 1647: daughter Elizabeth christened, of London, England; married Dan Glow (British Museum, MSS 5.507).

?no date: daughter Mercy born.

no date: daughter Bennett born (married Thomas Contry, British Museum Mss.5.507).

no date: son William born, of London.

11 Apr 1653: daughter Margaret christened (married Mr. Lasher?).

2 July 1657: daughter Magdalen christened (of London).

17 Apr 1648: daughter Anne christened (married Pollard or Follard).

?no date: son Solomon born.

11 Jan 1662: son Francis christened.

no date: daughter Mary born, of Ludgate Hill, London, England, St. Martin's (if she is Marie she died 28 Feb 1718).

?no date: daughter Sybilla born.

7 Sept 1665: son Henry christened.

no date: daughter Susan born; died 28 Feb 1718, London.

1682: died.

William was a tobacconist of London. Marian Hurley Pratt: There are many versions of the above family. One source gives a Solomon, another two Michaels. In 1575 a Bennett Hougham married a Thomas Contry proven by wills and registers. It is possible to be another of same names 200 years later, but proof is needed. Of the daughter above, all but Mary were mentioned in will 1660 of Aunt Anne. Also the children of Anne Follard and Margaret were mentioned. Uncle Edward also mentioned the daughter of Ann (1670 - Frances Pollard, “my cousin”) and Margaret. It may be William's sister not his daughter who married Mr. Lasher, a granddaughter of Richard. References: Bridges Division, lawsuit 546/59 Robinson Hougham names Susan Hougham, widow, and 12 of her children, of St. Martin's, Ludgate Hill, London, England, grocer. British Museum MSS. 5, 507 names 15 of the children. Boys History and Collection says 6 sons and 6 daughters. In 1717 Francis the seventh son of William (this latter the executor of Aunt Anne's will) says in a sworn statement (J. R. Planche “Corner of Kent,” chapter 2), “At the end of Villare Cantanum, formerly belonging to N. J. Warburton, Somerset Herald, was pasted however a manuscript memorandum by Francis Hougham, only surviving son of the late William, stating that his Aunt Anne left his father executor and the estate to Francis' youngest brother Michael, and in case he died it was to go to the next youngest of the children of William,” “which I, Francis Hougham, only son left and I by my last will do give it to my son Gervase, but, I find that my father had mortgaged it for 99 years, that it is impossible that it can come to me, so I have made this memorandum of it that my son Gervase may have it not withstanding. I believe it is now (1717) 60 years since the date. It lies in the Parish of Ash. It is in the hands of M. Willis as tenant.” Note that Francis says he is seventh son and Michael way younger, so that proved eight sons.

These law suits were many during 1682-1686 and on down into 1800's and 1900's. In the Records Office, London, England, is a document Cy/181/109, 20 Apr 1682, which deals with Richard, Osbert, and Francis, sons of William who was executor for Anne and a mortgage to Robinson Humphrey and an answer from William Davis and wife to Osbert, Richard, Charles, and Francis Hougham. This supplies some of the names of William's sons and dates they were living, but not necessarily in order of birth.

From “Water's Genealogical Gleanings” in England, volume 2, p1056, “Richard Carey, a merchant residing in the Isle of Barbados, 1682, June 12. My friends Mr. Francis Wood and Mr. Osbert Hougham, both of St. Michael's in the Isles of Barbados, merchants and my wife all the rest of my goods whatsoever, which I die possessed of, both real and personal, let it be in England, New York, the Isle of Barbados or elsewhere, to be equally divided amongst them, share and share alike, making them jointly my executors, etc.”

“Mr. Streatfield says, `Francis Hougham was a citizen and painter, stainer of London and bore the ancient coat of the family.”

A document in Record Office, London, England, Bundle 151 No. 44 Hougham Hamilton 1680 “that Richard and Stephen Hougham were merchants of London to East Indies.” But they are not of the family of William and Susan.

One more reference to William Hougham of London, England, son of Michael Hougham and Margaret Courthorpe was named “oldest son” on the early Visitations of Kent.

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