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Moving Towards Green Foundries in South Africa

Metal Casting Technology Station

The Metal Casting Technology Station (MCTS) at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) is an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), and is managed through the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA). The MCTS is hosted in the Department of Metallurgy on the Doornfontein Campus. The staff of the station and the department is knowledgeable on the casting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals; sand technology; metallurgical testing and failure analysis; additive manufacturing and mechanical alloy of ultra-hard materials; and the station’s primary mandates are technology transfer and capacity building.

The station is hosting the third foundry industry colloquium on 27 and 28 October 2011. It is envisaged that international experts will attend and present at the colloquium. Technical forums will be hosted in partnership with the SAIF and the NFTN to stimulate industry discussion on required applied research and technology in South Africa. The colloquium focuses on research and practical application in the metal casting and foundry industry in South Africa – and provides a much needed platform for academia and industry to collaborate and share solutions with one another. This year the theme of the colloquium is topical to current developments in the industry, namely “Moving Towards Green Foundries in South Africa”.

^ Theme: Moving Towards Green Foundries in South Africa

The cost of energy; environmental impacts of the foundry production process; social impacts of waste disposal and the effects on population health have all driven regulatory control of affected environment by business operations. Legislation is slowly pressurizing business to reduce materials usage and waste and to find alternatives for recycling and optimized processes.

The 2011 MCTS Colloquium aims to discuss current and future practice in energy, waste and process optimization – as well as new ideas on how to move towards greener foundries in South Africa. The foundry industry will benefit by identifying opportunities for cost reduction via material saving, effective process control and benchmarking.

Dates and Venue

27 -28 October 2011

School of Tourism and Hospitality

Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus

University of Johannesburg

Who should attend?

  • Industry Leaders, Managers, Plant Personnel

  • Metallurgists

  • International Foundry Experts

  • Environmentalists

  • Agencies in support of the development of the foundry industry

  • Call for Abstracts

The 2011 MCTS Colloquium invite abstracts of 250 words on research and industry case studies from industry, agencies and academia for submission by 15 August 2011. The abstract is required to demonstrate alignment with the colloquium theme of “Moving towards green foundries”. Please submit your abstract to Hannelie Nel on hnel@uj.ac.za.

The colloquium will contribute to ECSA continuous professional development.

Programme Committee:

Hannelie Nel (Chair)

Farouk Varachia (MCTS Station Manager)

Didier Nyembwe (HOD UJ Metallurgy)

Dr Shepherd Bhero (Senior Lecturer UJ Metallurgy)

Dr Xiaowen Pan (Senior Lecturer UJ Metallurgy)

For further information on the colloquium, please contact Hannelie Nel on 082 924 6059 or Farouk Varachia on 082 788 4816.

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