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Mountain Research and Development: Call for Papers

Mountain Research and Development: Call for Papers


Central Asian Mountain Societies in Transition”

Mountain societies in Central Asia have experienced systemic economic, political and environmental changes and have demonstrated varying degrees of resilience and capacities to transition. Because of these changes, Central Asian mountain societies—including the Altai, Tien Shan, Alai, Pamir, Hindu Kush, Karakorum, and western Himalayas—face exacerbated and, in some cases, unique development challenges as well as accentuated and unique opportunities.

MRD, in collaboration with University of Central Asia’s Mountain Societies Research Centre, is seeking articles that contribute to an understanding of systems and practices most relevant to Central Asian mountain societies in transition. Two types of articles are sought: 1) analyses of how social, economic, and environmental systems function and have changed in mountain societies in Central Asia; and 2) validated experience of development interventions or practice-oriented research that analyze approaches and means of adapting to or coping with change. Papers are especially welcome that address systems and practices unique to or prominent in Central Asian mountain societies as compared to other mountain societies or as compared to non-mountain societies in Central Asia. Possible topics of papers include:

  • Sustainable land management approaches and technologies in mountain areas

  • Agro-pastoralism in mountain areas

  • Adaptation to climatic and other environmental change in mountain areas

Please submit abstracts by 31 March 2011 to guest editor Chad Dear, Coordinator, Mountain Societies Research Centre, University of Central Asia, Abstracts should include a problem statement, research question(s), methods, results, and, if applicable, policy recommendations. Please also include authors’ current affiliation, and a list of the authors’ three most recent publications.

The deadline for submission of full papers is 30 September 2011. Authors should indicate whether they are submitting to the “MountainResearch” or “MountainDevelopment” section of the journal. Guidelines for authors are available at: The expected publication date for this special issue is August 2012. For more information on the journal see:

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