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^ Number Three, January 1982

Front Cover – Main Street, Corinth, Kentucky – Grant County

Robert C. Shannon, 1645 Seminole Boulevard,

Largo, Florida 33540

Church of the Ascension – Frankfort, Kentucky

Mildred H. Riedel 131

Abstracts from Early Paris, Kentucky, Newspapers

Mrs. Ora W. Clough 137

Roster of Confederate Soldiers Who Went from Mercer County,


Rebecca W. Conover 143


Adams – of Botetourt County, and Montgomery County, Virginia;

Garrard County, Kentucky

A researcher 145

Delaney Marriages – Union County, Kentucky

Madileen Small 149

Curtis Marriages – Mason County, Kentucky

Dorothy Colwell 152


The Crawford – Gilbert – Wilkey Family

Faye Wilkey Brown 153

Solomon Saylor Family

Nancy Farmer Creech 155

Harden – Harding

Talbott R. Allen 157


Mrs. George R. Webster 158

The Family of Cornelius Vaughan 159 Henry Crutcher 160

Mrs. Barbara B. Lindauer……………………………………………….159, 160


Vaughan Family Bible

Mrs. Barbara B. Lindauer 161

Wells Family Bible Records

Blythe Collins 163

Lillard Family Bible Records; Sampson Family Bible

Mrs. Anita Moore………………………………………………………..…165, 166

Bible of Rev. David Barrow

Mrs. Hazel M. Boyd 167

Collins Bible

Mrs. James O. Franklin 169


Lazarus Bach Cemetery, Breathitt County, Kentucky

Mrs. J. Everett Bach 170

Stivers Family Cemetery; Deatherage Family Cemetery, Jefferson


George F. Lentz, Jr. 174

Drake Cemetery, Scott County Kentucky

Mrs. Marie DeFrees 175

Boaz Cemetery, Bath County, Kentucky

Mrs. Clifford P. Wonn 175

Old Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Mrs. Linda R. Ashley 175


David Ringo 154 Sidney S. King, Jr. 168

Mrs. W. Baker 191

Queries: (8167 through 8259)……………….………………151-52, 162, 176

News Items and Books 189

^ Number Four, April 1982

Front Cover: Wooldridge Monuments, Maplewood Cemetery,

Mayfield, Kentucky

Asher L. Young 195

St. John’s Evangelical (Lutheran) Church

Mrs. Wm. F. Knable 196

Some Kentuckians Found in 1852 Census of California

A. Maxim Coppage 202

Kentucky Soldiers – buried in “Soldiers Rest” Cemetery, Vicksburg, Mississippi

Mrs. Charles Deevers 203


Brides’ Index – Scott County, Kentucky – Marriage Book “A,”


Susan Eades 204

Abstracts of Will Book “C” – Gallatin County, Kentucky

Gertrude E. Hewson 210

Bourbon County, Kentucky – Guardian Settlement Book “A”

Mrs. Elizabeth T. Clough 216

Mercer County, Kentucky – Random Marriages, Licenses, and

Preachers’ Returns

Rebecca W. Conover 222


Rev. Francis Clark – Mercer County, Kentucky

Mrs. Hugh Brown Gregory 229

Richard Callaway – Children

Mary J. Carter and Eleanor Harris 232

Samuel Rouse – Revolutionary War Pensioner

Mrs. R. M. Rouse 233


Bright Family Bible

Mrs. Paul Chase 235

The Toliver Shanks Family Records of Shelby County, Kentucky

Blythe Collings 237

Brown – Coats Family Bible Records

Joy S. Hendrickson 238

Mill – Hanks Bible Records

Alice M. Bell 240


Renfro Valley Cemetery, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Andrew K. Houk, Sr. 241

Coffey – Hiatt Cemetery, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Andrew K. Houk, Sr. 242

McClary Cemetery, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Andrew K. Houk, Sr. 243

Correction: Poynter, not Paynter (Q# 8094, Volume 17,

Number 2, Page 115)

Vernon Eaton 245

Queries: (8259 through 8330)………………….........203, 234, 239-40, 244

News Items and Books……………………………………...…….221, 249, 254


Number One, July 1982

Front Cover: Octagon Hall – near Franklin, Simpson County,


Asher L Young, 7401 Harness Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37221

Church of the Ascension – Frankfort, Kentucky

Mildred H. Riedel 3


Kendall Marriages in Bourbon County, Kentucky

Mrs. Robert Colwell 9

Heirs of James McKee. Thomas Boone Heirs – of Bourbon County, Kentucky

Mrs. Ora W. Clough 9

Brides’ Index to Bourbon County, Kentucky – Consents, Bonds, Marriages

Mrs. W. H. Whitley (Courtesy of Mrs. Robert Gaitskill) 10

Heirs of Charles Jones of Bourbon County, Kentucky

Mrs. Clifford Coyle 16

Brides’ Index – Scott County, Kentucky – Marriage Book “A”


Susan Eades 18

Will Book “C” – Gallatin County, Kentucky (abstract)

Gertrude E. Hewson 24


Fullenwider – Hardin

by a researcher 29

Searching for Moses Crawford

Dr. Allen W. Scholl 32


The England and Higgins Bible (Bath County, Kentucky)

Thela England (Mrs. Dale) 37

Cottongim Bible Records (Clay County, Kentucky)

Mrs. Ralph Cottongim 39

Judkins, Manning, Sherwood Bible (Todd County, Kentucky)

Margaret T. Pace (Mrs. Rufus) 41


Richards Cemetery, Rowan County, Kentucky

Lloyd Dean 17

Upper Marsh Creek Cemetery – Pine Knot, McCreary County,


Sgt. Ron Rader and Miss Sara Stephens 43

Jack Dolen Cemetery, McCreary County, Kentucky

Sgt. Ron Rader and Cart Stephens 45

Boyd Cemetery, Whitley County, Kentucky

Mrs. J. A. Bondurant 46

Partin Cemetery, Whitley County, Kentucky

Mrs. J. A. Bondurant 47

Riggle Cemetery, Pendleton County, Kentucky

Mrs. Robert Colwell 47

The Meador Cemetery, Breckinridge County, Kentucky

Robert C. Flood 48

Queries: (8331 through 8406) 49

News Items and Books 60

^ Number Two, October 1982

Front Cover: An Outdoor Baptism in Rockcastle County,

Kentucky (C. I. Ogg)

Robert C. Shannon, 1645 Seminole Boulevard, Largo,

Florida 33540

St. John’s Evangelical (Lutheran) Church

Mrs. Wm. F. Knable 67

Kentucky Circuit Court Judges, 1802-1851

Perry A. Brantley 73


Brides’ Index to Bourbon County, Kentucky – Consents, Bonds,

and Marriages

Mrs. W. H. Whitley (Courtesy of Mrs. Robert Gaitskill) 75

Brides’ Index – Scott County, Kentucky – Marriage Book “A”


Susan Eades 80

Abstracts from Early Paris, Kentucky, Newspapers

Mrs. Ora W. Clough 86

Random Marriage Licenses and Preachers’ Returns 1842-1888 of

Mercer County, Kentucky

Rebecca W. Conover 89


Searching for Moses Crawford

Dr. Allen W. Scholl 95


The Family of Benjamin and Elizabeth Clark Hardin

Margaret Lawson McClurkin 88

The Robert Guthrie Family Bible Record

Jean Wolph Hicks 101

Garrison – Goostree Family Bible

Ray H. Garrison 102


Oak Ridge Baptist Graveyard, Lewis County, Kentucky

Dr. William M. Talley 104

Black Oak Cemetery, Lewis County, Kentucky

Evelyn Jackson 106

Price Cemetery, Hancock County, Kentucky

Mrs. Donald A. Vaughn 107

Threlkel Cemetery, Butler County, Kentucky

Mrs. Wm. E. Satari 108

Queries: (8407 through 8515) 110

News Items and Books………………………..….79, 100, 103, 109, 126

^ Number Three, January 1983

Front Cover – Main Street, Berea, Madison County, Kentucky

Robert C. Shannon, 1645 Seminole Boulevard, Largo, Florida 33540

Church of the Ascension – Frankfort, Kentucky

Mildred H. Riedel 131


Brides’ Index to Bourbon County, Kentucky – Consents, Bonds, Marriages

Mrs. W. H. Whitley, Courtesy of Mrs. Robert Gaitskill 137

Brides’ Index – Scott County, Kentucky – Marriage Book “A”


Susan Eades 145

Random Marriage Licenses and Preachers’ Returns, 1842-1888

Rebecca W. Conover 150

Will Book “C” – Gallatin County, Kentucky

Gertrude E. Hewson 156

Humphrey Frier Heirs (page 155); Ramy (page 161)

Margaret S. Hartman……………………………………………………..155, 161


Christopher Young Shelton 1838-1887

(Muhlenberg County, Kentucky)

Naomi Ward Kasubjak 162


by a researcher 148

“A Cousin of Your Grandfather” (Doyle – Miller)

(Allen, Logan Counties)

Vivan Yarbrough 165
Malle Beckett Coyle (genealogist)

Irene Gaines 166


Bible of John Washington Gaton Hawkins

Geneva S. Pettit 166

Bible of Edward Smyth and Hannah Crabtree Smyth

Geneva Smith Pettit 167

Thomas Family Bible (England; Campbell County, Kentucky; Ohio)

Dr. William M Talley 168

The Watts / Hummel Notebook (Jefferson, Shelby, Lincoln Counties)

Col. Robert C. Jobson 169


Gunns Chapel Cemetery, Garrard County, Kentucky

Mrs. Harold C., Barbara, and Mrs. Kenneth Warren 171

Clarkson Cemetery – Big Springs, Meade County, Kentucky

Lynn Bolin 175

John Portwood Cemetery

Shirley Cobb, Jr. 176

Queries: (8515 through 8594) 177

News Items and Books 189

Number Four, April 1983

Front Cover – Grinding Corn for Meal

Robert C. Shannon, 1645 Seminole Boulevard, Largo, Florida 33540

St. John’s Evangelical (Lutheran) Church

Mrs. Wm. F. Knable 195


Naturalization Records from Todd County, Kentucky

Mrs. Joe Neale Fox 201

Brides’ Index to Bourbon County, Kentucky – Consents, Bonds,

and Marriages

Mrs. W. H. Whitley (Courtesy of Mrs. R. Gaitskill) 202

Carr Marriages; Shuttlesworth Marriages – Union County,


Madileen Small 210


Copy of Letter of Paul C. Wilson, Jr. to Dale Van Every

by a researcher 215

John S. Wilson (1843-1912) of Tennessee and Kentucky

Mary Greathouse 216

Another Bicentennial – The Baptist Exodus from Virginia,

Through North Carolina, to Kentucky

Stratton Owen Hammon 220

Thomas Hayden – Mary “Polly” Willett

Bro. Leo Willett 227


Owings – Wilson Bible (Nicholas County, Kentucky)

Connie Graves 229

John H. Crouch Family Bible (Bourbon County, Kentucky)

Donald Armstrong 230

Campbell Bible Record (Franklin County, Kentucky)

Edythe Maxey Clark 231

Ayres Family Bible (Franklin County, Kentucky)

Mrs. Eugene E. Clark 232


Brown Cemetery, Russell County, Kentucky

Michael Watson 214

Best Cemetery, Mason County, Kentucky

Mrs. Robert Colwell 219

Curtis Cemetery, Mason County, Kentucky

Mrs. Robert Colwell 232

Shaver Graveyard, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

Mrs. Lawrence L. Lant 233


by Mrs. Ruth D. Upton (McIlvoy, not McElroy) 250

by Mrs. Eleanor Harris (Richard Callaway – dates) 255

Queries: (8595 through 8670) 239

Library Donations 251

News Items and Books 253


Number One, July 1983

Front Cover – Making Shingles in Kentucky (C. I. Ogg, photographer)

Robert C. Shannon, 1645 Seminole Boulevard, Largo, Florida 33540

Church of the Ascension – Frankfort, Kentucky

Mildred H. Riedel 3

Registration for Insurance by Robert G. Humlong, June 15, 1917 7

Registration September 12, 1918, by Robert Graham Humlong 8

Registered by Clarence Galbraith, September 12, 1918

Leslie N. Humlong 10


Dempsey Lassiter – Clark County, Kentucky

Ruth Coward Cunningham 11

Brides’ Index to Bourbon County, Kentucky – Consents, Bonds,

and Marriages

Mrs. W. H. Whitley (courtesy of Mrs. Robert Gaitskill) 12

Sale of Vacant Lands South of Green River 20

New Acquisitions – Micrographic Department

Joan Brookes-Smith 21

William Harper

Margaret S. Hartman 36


Our Logan County Doyles

Vivian Yarbrough 22

Ramsey – Ramsay Records

Carolyn Williams 29


The Henry M. Cornelius Bible Records

Charley M. Cornelius 32

Bible of Benjamin Prigmore 33

Bible of Duke Young Prigmore

June R. Welch 34

The Lapsley Bible 35

The Vaughan Bible

Brad Lapsley 37


Gray Cemetery, Whitley County, Kentucky

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Smith 38

Carrithers – Dale Graveyard, Spencer County, Kentucky

Frances Dale Cottongim 39

Menifee County, Kentucky, Cemetery 40

Morgan County, Kentucky, Cemetery 43

Bath County, Kentucky, Cemetery

Stuart Seely Sprague 44

Hardin Family Cemetery, Breckinridge County, Kentucky

Elrod B. West and D. Lynn Bolin 47

Funeral Notices: (Hawkins, Lyle, Oldham, Yates) 6

Queries: (8671 through 8756) 48

News Items and Books 61

^ Number Two, October 1983

Front Cover – Outdoor Court at Irvine, in Estill County, Kentucky

Robert C. Shannon, 1645 Seminole Boulevard, Largo,

Florida 33540

St. John’s Evangelical (Lutheran) Church

Mrs. Wm. F. Knable 67


Brides’ Index to Bourbon County, Kentucky – Consents, Bonds,

and Marriages

Mrs. W. H. Whitley (Courtesy of Mrs. Robert Gaitskill) 73

Fleming County, Kentucky, Delinquent Tax Lists

Dr. William M. Talley 82

Daviess County, Kentucky, Vital Statistics, 1852-1862

M. J. Edgeworth 90

Jehue Morton’s Heir

Margaret Hartman 97


The Cornelius Family

George B. Loeffler 91


The Reuben B. Smith Family Records

R. Blythe Collings 98

The Thomas Milton Smith Family Records

Blythe Collings 99

Peed Data

Rear Admiral M. D. Matthews USN (Ret) 99

Joshua Hazelrigg Bible Record

John R. C. Sanderson 100


Micajah Bennett Cemetery, Meade County, Kentucky

Mrs. Lorna Pipes Althouse 104

Stonelick Cemetery, Mason County, Kentucky

Mrs. Lula Reed Boss 105

Washington Baptist Cemetery, Mason County, Kentucky

Mrs. Lula Reed Boss 106

May’s Lick Cemetery, Mason County, Kentucky

Mrs. Lula Reed Boss 107

Correction: Landers, not Sanders 81

Micrographics Department

Joan Brookes-Smith 108

Library Donations 109

Queries: (8756 through 8840)………………………………...103-4, 107, 111

News Items and Books……………………………….……………...89, 108, 124

Number Three, January 1984

Front Cover – Henderson County Courthouse, Henderson, Kentucky

From the files of the Kentucky Historical Society


Daviess County, Kentucky, Death Records, 1875-1876

M. J. Edgeworth 131

Records from the Stray (Animal) Book of Gallatin

County, Kentucky

Gertrude E. Hewson…………………………………………………..…..132, 157

Brides’ Index to Bourbon County, Kentucky – Consents,

Bonds, and Marriages

Mrs. W. H. Whitley (courtesy of Mrs. Robert Gaitskill) 133

Fleming County, Kentucky, Delinquent Tax Lists (1828)

Dr. William M. Talley 150

Heirs of Nancy Peck – Pendleton County, Kentucky

Margaret S. Hartman 162


The Rolph Family of Fleming County, Kentucky

Daniel N. Rolph 154

Winders vs. Hughes – Livingston County, Kentucky

Mrs. Mary Singleton 156

White Family Data (Orange County, Virginia, Wills)

Mrs. C. D. Gaines 158


Family Bible of Henry H. Hill (Pendleton County, Kentucky)

Claire Pratt Quotrup 163

Records from the Bible of Lewis Allen – of Woodford County,


Emma Jean Roberts 165


Plummer’s Mills Graveyard, Fleming County, Kentucky

Dr. William M. Talley 166

Fitch’s Chapel Methodist Graveyard, Fleming County, Kentucky

Dr. William M. Talley 168

Foxport Graveyard, Lewis County, Kentucky

Dr. William M. Talley 170

Benham Family Cemetery, Meade County, Kentucky

Mrs. Rita A. Thompson 172

Queries: (8841 through 8903)………………………………………..…153, 173

Library Donations 183

News Items and Books 190

^ Number Four, April 1984

Cover: Second Courthouse of Greenup County (1816-1939),

center, ca. 1920s.

KHS Photo Archives. (see “Courthouses of Greenup County,”

page 197)

An Invitation from your Kentucky Ancestors 195

Bowman Bible Record

courtesy of Col. and Mrs. George C. Chadwick 196

The Courthouses of Greenup County

courtesy of Ms. Dorothy K,. Griffith 197

Old Salt River Primitive Baptist Church, Anderson County

courtesy of Mrs. James O. Franklin 198

Older Lovelaceville Cemetery, Ballard County

courtesy of the Ballard County Extension Homemakers

Association 202

Pensioner Elisha Witt of Estill County 203

Johnson County Marriages, 1852-1855

courtesy of Charles C. Wells 205

The Family of Godhart Smick, “Hatter in Danville”

courtesy of Mrs. Alexander (Marge) Harris 213

The Knight Family in the Court Records of Jessamine County 215

Early Officials of Henderson, Clay, and Butler Counties 223

Random Funeral Notices, Fayette County, 1854-1899

courtesy of Mrs. William A. Freeman 226

Kentuckians in Hancock County, Tennessee, 1850

courtesy of William P Grohse 230

Robertson County, Kentucky, Deaths, 1874 231

Two Kentuckians Married in New Orleans, 1847

courtesy of H. C. McDonald 235

Book Notes 236

Queries 241

Donations to the Library 249


Number One, Summer 1984

The Courthouses of Wayne County

contributed by Garnet Walker and Mrs. Elizabeth Duncan 2

Mountain Island Baptist Church, Scott and Owen Counties,


contributed by Stratton Owen Hammon 4

Federal Nonpopulation Census Schedules for Kentucky

Harlan County, Kentucky, 1860, Mortality Schedule 14

Kentucky Transactions in Hanover County, Virginia,

Deed Book, 1783-92

courtesy of Mrs. Rosalie E. Davis 16

Shackleford vs. Shackleford, Casey County, 1813 18

Monument to Franklin County’s Black Civil War Soldiers

contributed by Charles H. Bogart 19

Old Chalybeate Springs Church Cemetery, Webster County

contributed by Robert H. Sigler 21

“No Will” of William Walden, Pulaski County, 1814 25

Geological Survey Map of Magoffin County, Kentucky, 1890, with “Residents” 26

Book Notes 29

Library Donations 34

Queries 36

^ Kentucky Ancestors, Volume 19, Surname Index 47

Talmadge Marriages: an annotation

contributed by James L. Pyles 64

Number Two, Autumn 1984

The Myalls—English Emigrants to Kentucky

contributed by James Myall Berry 66

Out of “The County of Casey…,” 1820 69

Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Todd County, from 1822

contributed by Dorothy W. Brooks 70

Centenarian James Patrick of Floyd County

contributed by Edward J. Henderson 78

Bourbon County Minute Book, 1794-1796

contributed by Mrs. Ora W. Clough 81

McCracken County Slave Owners and Slaves Owned,

1850 U. S. Census: Schedule 2 85

Deed of Emancipation, Harlan County, 1855

contributed by Holly Fee, Harlan Genealogical Society 90

From Virginia to Kentucky—The Family of John and Mary Watkins

contributed by John H. Stutesman 91

Cemetery “Gravehouses”: A Wayne County Gravehouse

contributed by Asher L. Young 94

Four Pioneer Family Cemeteries in Lincoln County

contributed by Allan R. Leach 95

Book Notes 98


John Vickers Family Record

Some First Marshall County Taxpayers, 1843

Russell County’s First “Lawless” Brides

Hayden Ellis, Blacksmith’s Apprentice

Letcher County’s First Judge and Courthouse

Donations to the Library 109

Amendments and Annotations 111

Queries: Query Submission Form 112

Announcements 128

^ Number Three, Winter 1985

On Common Ground in Daviess County

contributed by Sharon Metts Fleischer 130

Kentucky Core—Family Branches ALLEN through WYATT

contributed by Anne Wright Hall 132

The 1890 Special Census of Union Veterans and Widows

“Special Schedule, Surviving Union Veterans . . . Clinton County,

1890” 142

The Centennial of Aunt Betsy M’Kay of Spencer County

contributed by Mrs. H. W. McNamara 149

The County of Josh Bell

with contributions by Anthony E. Gilbert, Bell County

Historical Society 151

The Family Record of Weston W. Cox of Morgan County

contributed by Joe Nickell 152

Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church, Mercer County, 1851-1864

contributed by Evelyn P. Sanders and Rebecca W. Conover 154

Book Notes 160


Simpson County Births–Deaths–Marriages, January–March 1853

1850 Laurel Countians who Married in Clay County

Alvin Cooper Family Group, Wayne County

Tumey Family Cemetery, Washington County

Carolina Natives Residing in Ohio County in 1850

Announcements 148

Amendment 153

KHS Members: RSVP 175

Queries 176

Library Donations 191

^ Number Four, Spring 1985

Local Officials of Bracken and Pulaski Counties, 1797-1812 194

“Inspectors of the Several Warehouses Throughout the

State,” 1792 196

Kentucky Ancestors Album—The Hackney Family of Woodford


contributed by Doris (Bain) Nave Manley 197

Family Record of John W. and Nancy Calloway Johnson of Harlan County

contributed by William Edings Whaley 199

Of Lewis County—“The Main Line of our Thomas Family”

contributed by Hazel (H. H.) Thomas 201

The Heirs of Samuel Crawford, Sr., of Ohio County

contributed by Louise Angle Kishi 202

Book Notes………………………………………………….…………….…204, 255


“Greensburg Public Square” (c. 1870-1900)

Fix Farm and Bain Cemeteries, Trimble County

Some Non-Farming Inhabitants of Ohio County, 1850

Russell County “Births in December”—1852, 1853, 1854

“First Morgan County Courthouse,” 1827

Campbell and Boone County Subscribers to ^ The Christians’

Guide (1819)

Announcement 200

Library Donations………………………………………………...……….219, 252

Queries 222

Kentucky Ancestors, Volume 20, Surname Index 235

Annotation 255

Microfilm Available From Kentucky Historical Society 256


Number One, Summer 1985

Old Salem School, Butler County

contributed by J. L. Thomas and Arthur C. Austin 2

James H. and Rachel Gist Turner of Montgomery County

contributed by Elisabeth Bedford Bower Butler 4

Offered for Sale—Kentucky Tracts (1824) 13

McCormack Christian Church, Lincoln County

contributed by Allan R. Leach 16

Pike County Births, 1855 22

Western Kentuckians “Gone West” (1910)

contributed by Don Simmons 15

On Bottinger’s Creek, Jefferson County (1792) 27

Book Notes 28


Nathaniel J. Judd, 5th Kentucky Cavalry Volunteers

Cope Cemetery, Breathitt County

Barry/Berry Brides of Barren County

Runyon/Runyan Grooms of Pike County

Queries 35

^ Number Two, Autumn 1985

Abstracts of Random Deeds for Boyle County Lands, 1790-1810 66

Contributors to the White Mills Church, Hardin County, 1861 75

Kentucky Ancestors Album: Martha Tabb and Samuel W. C. T.


contributed by William O. Hubbard 77

First Tax List of Cumberland County, 1799 78

Horses “Taken Up” 83

Craddock–Jones Cemetery, Hart County

contributed by Garland K. Childress 84

Kentuckians in Ontario

contributed by William M. Talley 86

Family Record of Col. Ambrose and Jane Fletcher Arthur,

Knox County

contributed by Susan Arthur 87

Notices of the Funerals of Kentucky Ancestors

Funeral Notice of Baker S. Graham, Shelby County

contributed by Jane Gill Lawrence 89

Powers of Attorney Recorded in Warren County,

April 1797-April 1798

contributed by Joyce Martin Murray 90

Pension Declarations of Jacob Stephens and Widow Rachel,

Rockcastle County

contributed by A. Maxim Coppage 92

Letters at the Gazette Office, Lexington, 1790 122

Book Notes………………………………………………………………..…..94, 126


Owners of 10 or More Slaves, Nelson County, 1810

Wayne County Toll-Gatehouse and Family

Foreign-Born Lewis Countians, 1870

Queries 100

Library Donations 123

Family Histories of Young Kentuckians 128

^ Number Three, Winter 1986

Bible Record of L. L. LaRue, Larue County

contributed by Gary D. Gardner 130

Unrecorded Marriages, 1861 and 1862, and Miscellaneous Records, Owen County

contributed by Patricia Green Woolcott 131

“Pensioners on the Roll . . . 1883,” Graves and Fulton Counties 135

Gosney Families of Campbell County

contributed by Wm. R. (Rus) Stevens 136

Kentucky Confederates Buried in Arkansas and Mississippi

contributed by Raymond W. Watkins 138

The Blair Cemetery, Russell County

contributed by Jim Garner 141

Family Record of John W. Campbell of Nicholas County and the

Michel Bently McLean Family of Bath County

contributed by Carolyn B. Anderson 143

Abstracts of Random Deeds for Boyle County Lands, 1808-1841 146

Original Purchasers of Scottsville (Allen County) Town Lots, 1816

compiled by the Allen County Historical Society 151

“Webb is the Name”—in Letcher County, 1900

contributed by Ralph Dawson 152

Wilkerson-Veluzat Family Record, Adair and Metcalfe Counties

contributed by Dorothy J. Asa and Ruth Sandusky Beall 154

Judges of the Police Courts in Kentucky Towns, 1846-1850 156

Book Notes…………………………………………….…………………….158, 191

Queries 164

Recent Kentucky Historical Society Microfilm 157

Library Donations 194

Kentucky Historical Society Photo Archives 196

“In Memory Of…William D. Nicholas,” (1892) 140 “A Plan of The Town of Perryville (1815)” 148 ^ The History of Harrodsburg and “The Great Settlement Area” of

Kentucky 1774-1900 150 Some Page (Bible) Corrections 153
Madison County: 200 Years In Retrospect 195

“Log Mountain…Bell County, Kentucky, ca. 1894” 196

Number Four, Spring 1986

Obituaries Contained within the Annual Minutes of the Booneville Association of Baptist Churches, 1883-1904, for the Kentucky

Counties of Owsley, Clay, Jackson, and Lee

contributed by Dennis L. Brewer 198

Record of the Edwin N. and Eliza Watkins Coleman Family, Logan

and Todd Counties, Kentucky

contributed by Celeste Coleman Steger 203

First Tax List of Lawrence County, Kentucky, 1822 206

The Alves Family of Henderson, Kentucky

contributed by Susan Alves Jahnke 210

Three Family Cemeteries in Bracken County, Kentucky

contributed by Wilma G. Bonar 212

Record of the Richard Edwin Rucker Family,

Green-Taylor-Hart Counties, Kentucky

contributed by Inez Line Warf 215

California Pioneer T. M. Brown—“Native of Kentucky”

contributed by Kay Stodghill Vertrees and Howard C. Stodghill 268

Queries 218

Book Notes 241

Volume 21, Surname Index 249

“Rare Books” Available on Kentucky Historical Society Microfilm 217

“Kentucky Tracts” Reviewed 267

He Also Served 267


Number One, Summer 1986

“For the Kentucky Bureau of Immigration”:

Views of the Colonies in Laurel County, circa 1885 2

Record of the Benjamin and Jamima Lynn Kimmel Family,

McCracken and Ballard Counties

contributed by Dorcas M. Hobbs 5

The “Old Dave Fee” Cemetery, Harlan County

contributed by Holly Fee 6

The 1890 Special Census of Surviving (Union) Veterans and

Widows of Veterans, for Martin County 8

The Family Record of Evan Fain, Jessamine County

contributed by Richard L. Moberly 14

Families of Kentucky Natives Enumerated on the 1850 Utah Census

contributed by Darla T. Love 17

The Livingston Family Cemetery, Meade County

contributed by Lorna P. Althouse 22

Brides’ Index to Railey’s “Marriages of Woodford County,


contributed by Susan C. Eades and Wade Eades 23

Book Notes 28

Library Donations 36

Queries 40

The Louisville Genealogical Society 13

“John W. and Lucy Hughes,” Louisville 13

“A Union Public Barbecue,” Lewis County 21

Some Counties’ Records on Kentucky Historical Society Microfilm 27

“Migrations from St. Francis/St. Pius Church,

White Sulphur, Kentucky” 31

“J. W. Slayden . . . in the gold fields of Alaska” 33

Owsley County Marriage Register Reconstructed 40

^ Number Two, Autumn 1986

The Washington County Courthouse—

Seventeen Decades of Service in Springfield 74

The Ledger of the Blythe General Store, Shelby County:

Accountings, 1861-1864

contributed by R. Blythe Collings 75

Eight Allen County Family Cemeteries: Watts-Pearson-Motley-Moore/Stone-Brite-Watkins-Bright-Brunson

contributed by Martha Werst Jackson 79

Records of the Moss-Edwards Families,

Jessamine and Garrard Counties

contributed by James E. Boulware 82

“All of this Place . . . ,” Covington, Kenton County 84

“A Town by the Name of Washington”: The Petitioners of 1786

contributed by Jean Calvert 85

My First Tax List of Caldwell County, 1809 86

Wiles, Glover, and Nichols Family Cemeteries, Hancock County

contributed by Henry Bruner 92

“In Actual Service of his Country on Lake Erie . . . ”

William McGinnis of Greenup County

contributed by Homer E. Baker 95

“And Take Unto Themselves the Surname of ’Isbell’ ”

Floyd County, 1825

contributed by Charles C. Wells 103

Brides’ Index to Railey’s “Marriages of Woodford County,


(continuation from volume 22, number 1 [Summer 1986],

pp. 23-27)

contributed by Susan C. Eades and Wade Eades 104

Images of the Gist-Turners and “Blythewood,” Montgomery County

contributed by Elizabeth Bower Butler 144

Micrographics 106

Book Notes 107

Queries 118

^ Number Three, Winter 1987

Family Record from the Bible of Simon Peter Morgan

contributed by Pamela Howlett Leach and Ruth Sandusky Beall 146

The Sidebottom and Houchens Families of Owen County

contributed by Mariam Sidebottom Houchens and

John M. Houchens 154

Lee County, Kentucky, Marriage Book I, 1870-1877

contributed by Ruth Eager Moran 156

The Births of the Children of Proctor and Mary Ann Woodard

Ballard of Nelson County

contributed by Roger Futrell 163

The Pioneer Thomas Cemetery, Warren County

contributed by Nell Thomas Compton 164

Family Record of James M. McCullough of Montgomery County

contributed by Arthur E. McCullough 168

Sugar Hill School, Graves County, 1886

contributed by Helen Brewer 170

Burials in the Frankfort Cemetery Marked by Obelisks

contributed by Charles H. Bennett and Theresa A. Sexton 172

Micrographics 169

Book Notes 180

Queries 191

^ Number Four, Spring 1987

Arnold’s Company of Kentucky Volunteers, 1794

contributed by Thelma M. Murphy 222

Family Record entered in “James W. Hill His Book,”

Crittenden County

contributed by Madileen Small and Esther Crabtree 225

Isbell Family Cemetery, Todd County

contributed by Joanne C. Moore 226

Four “Abandoned” Family Graveyards in Madison County

contributed by James Durell and Dewey Mullins 227

Families of Kentucky Natives Enumerated on the 1850 Utah


continued from Volume 22, Number 1 [Summer 1986], pp. 17-21

contributed by Darla T. Love 229

Record from the Leggett Family Bible

contributed by Elizabeth T. Clough and Mary Lou Osborne 236

The Paris Family Cemetery, Grayson County

contributed by Douglas W. Paris 237

Kentucky Ancestors Album—“The Marshall Family of Grant


contributed by Robert C. Shannon 238

Students of the Louisville Female High School, June 1866 239

Book Notes 241

Queries 248

Volume 22, Surname Index 279


Number One, Summer 1987

“Riches for the Craig Heirs . . . in Pike and Letcher Counties”

contributed by Willetta DeLong Tucker Klaren 2

Kentuckians Killed and Wounded at the Battle of Buena Vista, 1847

contributed by Marvin D. Snoddy 5

Mercer Countians Listed on (Unmicrofilmed) page 94 of the 1820


contributed by Arlene Brachman 11

The Stodghill Farm Cemetery, Spencer County

contributed by Kay Stodghill Vertrees and Howard C. Stodghill 12

Larue County “Farm House Map,” 1899, with Listing of Residents, Churches, Schools, Post Offices, etc. 16

Trigg County—“Birth and Death Record Book for 1896, Drs. Blane”

and “List of Deaths Reported by Dr. L. Lindsay for 1896”

contributed by Trigg County Clerk Virginia Alexander 26

Book Notes 30

Queries 41

^ Number Two, Autumn 1987

Family Records in the Bibles of John Jesse and Giles Hawkins,

Woodford County

contributed by J. W. Singer 78

Family Bible Records of Mary Frances Grant Martin—From

Kentucky to Texas

contributed by Judy Hanner Upchurch 84

Bible Record of Reuben and Mary Johnson Collings,

Spencer County

contributed by R. Blythe Collings and Cecil Day 86

Family Record in the Bible of Caleb M. Hall, Hopkins County

contributed by Dorothy Williams Potter 87

Bible Record of the Womack Family, Greenup County

contributed by Kathleen Thompson Turner 89

Family Record from the Bible of Francis M. Caldwell,

Livingston and Caldwell Counties, Kentucky

contributed by Ruth Hill Patmor and Madileen Small 91

Family Record from the Bible of John H. and

Hannah F. Colvin Smith, Campbell County

contributed by Mae Smith Casson and Ronald Brennan 93

Bible Record of the Family of Richard Ratcliff, Jr., Pike County

contributed by Elizabeth C. Textor 95

Family Record from the Bible of John Franklin Stark,

Nelson County

contributed by Gladys M. Gerding 97

Record from the Family Bible of George W. and

Avalener Bowlin Freeman, Madison County

contributed by Donald F. Moore and Marjorie W. Moore 99

Record from the Bible of the Brosee Family—Maysville

contributed by Mrs. Robert R. Hartman, Jr. 101

Family Records from the Bibles of William S. Edwards of Green

County and Samuel C. Lafferty and J. J. C. Davis of Hart County

contributed by John Paul Grady 103

Book Notes 109

Queries 120

^ Number Three, Winter 1988

Charter Members of the German Pioneer Societies of

Covington and Newport, Kentucky, 1877

contributed by Michael R. Averdick 158

The “Papers of Emily Todd Helm”—

Going Back to the Original Source

contributed by Terry L. Todd 174

Family Record from the Bible of William Wheeler, Sr.,

and Salley Shrewsbury Wheeler, Garrard County

contributed by Robert McAlear and Rose Turner 176

Free Black Residents of Logan County, Kentucky, 1850

contributed by Norman R. Peters 178


Joshua Cates and Eustatia Harrison, Roger Filley and Abiah

Hale, Andrew Reid and Nancy Musgrove, Henry Blair and Mary

Pace, Daniel Threlkeld and Nancy Ransdell, Elizabeth Cholson

and Thomas Morgan, Charles Russell and Jane Mattingly, Daniel

Wilcoxson and Sarah Faulconer, James L. Boggs, Sr., and

Elizabeth Clement, William Fields and Mary Miller Wright,

Adam Jolly, Sr., and Mary Graham, William Bryant and Rebecca

Wilcoxson, Charles Gatliff and Christina McGuire, John H.

Awbrey and Michie Roby Irvin, Ambrose Bush and Lucy Cholson,

William Connor and Susanna Rice, Jane Gilbreath and Levi

Conover, Jarrett Menefee, James Brenton and Mary Woodfield,

John Combs, Sr., and Nancy Harding, Isaac Burkhart and

Manerva Smith, Nourbourne Cooke and Judith Markham,

Robert Childres and Nancy Pryor, Deverix Pulley and Mary

Williams, Philemon Thomas and Mary Craig, Hendrick Banta III

and Antjin Demaree, Drury Bridges and Charity Cohoon, James

Dillon and Mary Salmon, George Stockton and Rachel Dorsey,

Moses Bryan, Jr., and Martha Cox, Ezra Hamon and Hannah

Farra, Isaac Shelby and Susannah Hart, Ezekiel Hopkins and

Sarah Hazzard, Daniel Brumley and Elizabaeth Oliver, John

Goode and Jane Hawkins, Elizabeth Carson and Samuel Veitch,

William Beard and Eleanor Lyons, James Atwood and Mary Allen,

Robert Kirkham and Jane Boyd, Michael Paul and Ann Parker,

James Davis, Wiley Holland and Bathsheba Skinner, Samuel

Hieronymus and Sarah White, John Shryock and Frances

Troutman, Richard Calloway and Elizabeth Jones Hoy, Daniel

Thatcher and Rosannah Baker, Margaret and James Hawkins 168

Book Notes 198

Queries 205

^ Number Four, Spring 1988

Deaths of Native Kentuckians Reported in Charleston, Illinois

courtesy of The Coles County, Illinois, Genealogical Society 238

Kentucky Lady in a Texas Town

contributed by Dora Caple DeVaun 238

Some Kentuckians in the Early Deeds of Georgia 239

“On A Tomb in Liverpool, England” 240

Record of the George W. Patrick Family—From Shelby County,

Kentucky, to Indiana, Kansas, and Beyond

contributed by Phillip O. Patrick 241

‘Kentucky Confederate Officers in Pennsylvania Penitentiary”

contributed by Milton D. Thompson 243

“Native of Kentucky” Interred in California

contributed by Joy Burkholder 245

“Record of (Anderson Family) Births, Marriages, Deaths”—

Virginia, Kentucky, and Missouri

courtesy of The Platte County, Missouri, Historical and

Genealogical Society 246


continued from Volume 23, Number 3 (Spring 1988)

James and Eliza J. Goff, Peter McDonald and Catherine Wise,

William Rogers and Ann Johnson, John and Frances Cates, Hugh

Wilson and Christiana Stagner, James Girdler, Jr., and Lenny

Miles, John Moran and Agnes Miller, Gerard Alexander and

Elizabeth Henry, Moses Cummins Jr. and Elizabeth Garrett,

George List and Maria Williamson, Malachi Cooper and Anna

Wilkinson, George W. Seward and Amanda Laing, James Peart

and Elizabeth Johnson, James and Nancy Norton, John R.

Thomson and Martha Caldwell, George Poage and Ann Allen,

William Morse and Gooley Attaway, George Levengood and

Margaret Fryman, Joseph Horseman and Hannah Whaley,

Robert Spradlin and Levisa Fitzpatrick, Conrad Phillips and

Barbara Weaver, Daniel McCoy and Agnes Kemper, David

Barrow and Elizabeth Cook, Lucas Vanarsdale and Jannetje

Cosine, James Matheny I and Diana Beasely, Richard Wade

and Judith Hancock, Albert Terhune and Nancy Carter, John

Hall and Jane McGuffey, Meredith Collins and Polly Holloway,

Margaret Powell and William Bristow, Presley O. Martin and

Elizabeth O’Daniel, William G. Pickett and Ann E. Glenn,

Gordon Griffin and Katherine Kisinger, Dr. John Francis Bell

and Catherine Bococke, Charles McKinney and Marianne

Chastain, Enoch Smith and Frances Wren, John C. Greenup

and Jennie Cecil, John Carpenter and Matilda Southerland,

Roger Clements and Hannah Hathaway, Richard Deadman and Catherine Gatewood, Dennis L. Tungate and Sally Scott, Moses

M. Risk and Frances Crosby, Col. John Hardin and Jane Davis,

John C. Gaddis and Emma J. Robson, Edward Boyd and Mary

Lawson, Alexander Ross and Polly Schooler, James A. Henderson

and Jane Miller, Robert A. Harbord and Martha S. Duncan, John

Cundiff and Sarah Young, William Clark and Leah Johnson,

Richard Rowland and Ruth Tucker, Valentine Whalen and

Barbara Penner 248

Queries 267

Book Notes 295

Volume 24, Surname Index 301


Number One, Summer 1988

Edward Burgess of Scott County—His Family and the

Burgess Family Bible Record

contributed by Michael Burgess 2

Kentucky Ancestors Album—

The Early Clan of Whitley County

The Wiggs Family of Graefenburg

contributed by Marcella F. Mountjoy 7

Four Hale Family Cemeteries in Hancock County

contributed by Jerry Long 8

Henry Smock of Washington County, and His Widow,

Margaret Van Brunt Smock, Marion County

contributed by Katherine D. Peterson 11

Marriages of Rockcastle County, 1852 and 1853 13


(continued from Volume 23, Number 4)

John Armstrong and Mary Richardson, Josephus Cummins and Cynthiane Townsend, Samuel Auxier and Sarah Brown, Charles Stuteville and Mary Brunk, Louis Keller and Louisa Reinhold,

Henry Wiggington and Ann Vallandigham, Samuel Demaree and

Leah Demarest, Christian Huffhines and Anna Williard, Waller

Webb and Hannah Young, Robert Wheeler and Sally Gentry,

Archilles Anderson, Alexander Kenner and Arie Cook, Alexander

and Mary Montgomery, Nancy Belcher and Enos Bingham, Noah

Turk and Ann Carter, Jacob Van Meter and Letitia Stroud, James

and Margaret Cox, William Linson and ??? Tomlinson, Thomas

Crow and Nancy Donnally, Richard Burks and Jane Smith, Rachel Thomas and William Covington, John Wilson and Sarah Kelly,

Henry Hawkins and Mary Walters, Daniel Doolin and Mary

Bridges, William Connett and Sarah Carrell, Isham Jeffries and

Jane Parker, Joseph Thompson and Elizabeth Hedges, Elizabeth

Syms and James DeJarnette, John Edds and Elizabeth Lynch,

Thomas Hicks and Elizabeth Morral, Henry Bell and Susannah

Atkins, John Shelton and Naoma Dunlap, Samuel Brooks and

Jane Spivey, Claibourne Jones and Elizabeth Giles, Osias Welch

and Elizabeth Rowland, Richard Mattingly and Eleanor Hinton,

John Belcher and Mary Rowe, William Linthicum and Mary

Inyard, William Bickers and Sally Leathers, Samuel Sodowsky,

Valentine Husk and Elizabeth Hacker, Lewis Thornbury and

America Hunter, Abraham Bledsoe and Dorcas Ramey, Elizabeth McKinney and John Akin, Elizabeth Chastain and William Jones, Thomas Wilson and Nancy Dunn, Edmond Cotton and Sarah

Dorsey, Daniel King and Hannah Guthrie, Dr. Henry Clay and

Rachel Povall, Daniel Upton and Mary Black, George Boswell

and Judith Fauntleroy, Alexander and Nancy Wilson, William

Bramwell and Catherine McDonald, Alexander Van Winkle and

Phoebe Coy, Abraham LeForgee and Joannah Talmage, Aaron

Acton and Elizabeth Littrell, Edward Payne and Ann Conyers,

John Barton and Mary Moore, Nicholas Talbott and Aria Kennedy, William Chenoweth and Mary Van Meter Henton, Mary Evans and

Martin Downey 19

Book Notes 44

Queries 50

^ Number Two, Autumn 1988

“The Seaton Family,” To 1886, “By John Seaton, Greenup”

contributed by Mary Isabel Seaton Holt 82

“Daniel Boone Once Lived in Greenup County” by John Seaton 86

Kentucky Captives on “Returns of Rebel Prisoners in

Fort Chambly,” 1779 and 1780

contributed by Joan H. Clifford 87

Church Book, 1836-1851, Church of Christ of Antioch,

Calloway-Graves County

contribute by Mary Lalla Turner 89

Christian County Lands To “Be Sold . . . To Satisfy The Tax Due

Thereon,” For the Year 1809 94

Kentucky-Born Residents of Hancock County, Tennessee,

1870 and 1910

contributed by William Grohse 96

The Edwin C. and Elizabeth Suitor Finnell Family Record,

Franklin and Scott Counties

contributed by Joe Nickell 100

Book Notes 102

Queries 132


(continued from Volume 24, Number 1)

John W. Leitch and Jane Thomas, Charles Montgomery and

Hannah Tygart, John Kennady and ??? Huber, Henry Kalfus

and Ann Fisher, Richard Wade and Judith Hancock, Charles

Yelton, Sr., and Amelia Ellis, Jacob Coffman and Eary Fowler,

William Rippetoe and Ruth Antle, Griffen Kelly and Sarah Sutton, Cuthbert Head and Martha Gristy?, Thomas Sharp and Jean

Maxwell, Lightwell Toliver and Nancy Privitt, Peter Mathews and Margaret Coffman, John Hammon and Mildred Morgan, Morgan

Day and Lucinda Jones, George and Elizabeth Eaton, Tilman

Kemper and Dinah Hitt, Joseph McKee and Lucinda Bartlett,

Hardy Pitman and Elizabeth Harvey, Lewis Turner and Theodosia

Payne, John Roby and Mary Ann Roby, John McMannis, Jr.,

and Nancy Gassaway, Moses Adams and Mary Garland, Lloyd

Maho(r)ney and Hannah Erwin, George Guy and Angeline Tinsley,

J. R. Skinner and Margaret Sheets, Allen Owens and Mary

Kilbourn, Samuel S. Williams and Catherine Stephens,

Washington Lively and Louisiana Kerr, Nathan Adkins and

Amanda J. Adkins, Mary Mays and William Le Compte,

Henry Ritter and Sarah Bragg, Shelby Johnson and Agnes

McClendon, Adam Carpenter and Catherine Frye, John

Mercer and Lucretia Johnston, George Hikes, Sr. and Barbara

Ohlweiler, Aaron Dicken and Mariah Dean, Anderson Hammett

and Mary Nichols, Robert Hardin and Elenor Sherrill, Henry

Burgess and Elizabeth Mauzy, Christopher Jackson and Magdalen

Boggess, William Gregory, Sr., and Nancy Ham, Ezekiel Rogers

and Rebecca Williamson, John Gilmour and Jane Bronaugh,

Jesse Hammon and Martha Paget, Martha Poague and James

Hanna, Andrew Rice and Mary Need, Aaron Phillips and Mary

Metcalf, Emeriah Edwards and Sarah Northcutt, Adam Garman

and Eve Allen, Benjamin Pile, Jr., and Rhoda Weathers, Henry

and Peggy Browning, James Haney and Levina Stacy, Richard C. Emberton and Rebecca Matheny 107

^ Number Three,

Record of the Family of Benjamin Hixon, Sr.,

Fleming-Mason County

contributed by Gerald S. Griffith 154

Record of the Amanda Jamison and Levi Jennings Family,

Shelby County

contributed by William Jennings 157

Abstracts from Bourbon County Master Commissioner’s

Deed Book “A,” Part I, 1810-1826

contributed by Elizabeth Clough and Sarah Clough 160

Record of the Mary Tewmey and John T. Bigger Family,


contributed by Thomas Bigger 167

The Family Records of Samuel Duncan and John Duncan

of Nelson County

contributed by Robert P. Moore 169

Queries 195

Book Notes 220


(continued from Volume 24, Number 2)

Patience Allen and Eli Martin, Talbot Sharp and Mary Weaver,

Isaac Sparks and Annis McGuire, Joseph Coriell and Jemima

Voshel, Isaac Galligar and Christina Sells, Francis Berry and

Phebe Coons, Joshua Yeates and Nancy Boilston, John Carpenter

and Susan Shryock, Adam Owens and Julia Fleener, Solomon

Norman and Mahala Brooks, John Kenton and Catharine Russell, Edward Hail and Amelia Garrett, Johann Dreyer and Margarithe Hartendorf, Basil Teagarden and Ann Todd, Joseph and ???

Watson, Joseph Goode and Nancy Combs, William Ferguson and

Nancy Smith, Edmond Simpson and Sallie Marksberry, John Lowe

and Mary Gilliland, Lunsford Yandell and Susan Wendel, Sarah

Rice and William Triby, William Todd and Elizabeth Todd, Daniel

Yager and Susanna Berry, Unity Hix and William Thomasson,

Charles Bagby and Mason Anderson, Solomon Hoggins and

Miltrue Tucker, John Foster and Polly Gosney, Hugh Henry and

Rachel Anderson, Mark Howard and Rachel Webb, Thomas

Woodward and Rachel Starr, Peter Simmons and Sarah Miles,

John and Elizabeth Friggs, Jacob Maybrier and Mary Cook,

William Sublett and Ruth Ford, Reuben and Marcey Kemp,

William Maxey and Nancy Williams, George Summers and Jane

Smith, Thomas Lewis and Hannah Hopkins, Jesse Hodges and

Rebecca Fisher, Archibald Mitchell and Elizabeth Ramsey,

Elizabeth Daughterty and William Sayers, Edward Evans and

Elizabeth Howard, Amor Batterton and Nancy Guthrie, Walter

Mobley and Elizabeth Burton, Robert Rankin and Janet

Stevenson, John Bryant and Mary Owsley, William and Lydia

Campbell, Ephraim Heath and Sally Titmarsh, Alexander

Breckenridge and Magdalen Gamble, John and ??? Ray,

Michael Crose and Mary Ross 175

^ Number Four, Spring 1989

Record of the Family of Aaron and Jenny Railey Darnell,

Woodford County

contributed by Matthew C. Darnell and Betty Trumbo Williams 226

Abstracts from Bourbon County Master Commissioner’s

Deed Book “A,” Part II, 1827-1841

contributed by Elizabeth Clough and Sarah Clough 229

Kentucky Ancestors Album—

The Families of Caleb Stevens and Julia Drury

contributed by Robert L. Klausmeier, Jr. 237

Records in the Family Bible of Sallie Saffell and Lewis Debell

Collins, Mason and Fleming Counties

contributed by James Berry 238

Peter Harrison Mathews of Hopkins County—Philadelphia to

Liverpool, Kentucky to Missouri

contributed by Virginia Everding 240

McCormack, Sugarloaf, and Baughman’s Station Cemeteries

of Lincoln County

contributed by Allan R. Leach 242

Book Notes 246

Queries 251


(continued from Volume 24, Number 3)

Samuel Harris and Susan Mayhew, Thomas Poe and Sophia

Fronk, William Perdue and Polly Frost, Franklin Haselwood and

Lucinda Brown, George Cleveland and Parthena Walker, William Kincheloe and Molly White, James Lockett and Elizabeth

Watkins, John and Sarah James, James and Eleanor Boyd,

Joseph Hubbard and Elizabeth Holland, Henry Putman and

Elizabeth Kenton, William Jewell and Margaret Pantier, Joseph

Farrar and Jane Ford, William Nelson and Mary Doyle, John Ellis

and Sarah Parrish, Robert E. Ware and Frances Daniel, James

Perkins and Judith Whitlow, Benjamin Combs and Sarah

Richardson, Joshua Wilson and Rosey Ritter, John Miller and

Ann McClintock, Edward Elliott and Hannah Cornwell, Israel

Matherly and Sarah Cheney, John Hester and Mary Elizabeth Bennington, William Champ and Hannah Daugherty, and George

Stovall Smith and Frances Sandifer 271

Volume 24, Surname Index 282


Number One, Summer 1989

Members of the Beaver Creek Baptist Church, Harrison County,


contributed by Edith Pope Westerman 2

Three Kirkham Brothers and Their Families of Early Kentucky

contributed by Steve Kirkham 8

An Index of Bible Family Records Presented in the Kentucky

Historical Society’s Kentucky Ancestors and Register 14

Quarter Sessions Court for Mercer County, 1793-1805:

Abstracts of Deed Book 4 QS, Part I: Pages 1-204 23

Book Notes 29

Queries 35


(continued from Vol. 24, No. 4)

Richard Foley and Margaret Wilson, Nancy Theresa McCormack

and Charles Frederick Taake, Hedgeman Triplett and Nancy

Popham, George Michael Bruner and Anna Barbara Templemann,

Moses Wickliffe and Nancy Young, William Potter Read and

Mary Ann Netherland, William Von (Van) Ransclear Boatright and

Sallie Wadkins Gates, Nicholas Crist and Ruth Briscoe, Jarrott

Wright and Elizabeth Griffin, Frederick Moss and Fanny Penick,

William Fields and Mary Miller Wright, Benjamin Allen, Jr., and

Keziah Clawson, Dudley Shipp and Polly Ellis, Ester McGuire and

George Tincher, Mary Boone and Absalom Bobo Gant, James

Turner and Anna Debell, Alexander Gorham and Saffrah (Sophia) Champ(e), Thomas Smith, Jr., and Mary “Polly” Eversole, Enoch

Clark and Sarah McCoy, Sarah Shipley Mitchell and John

Thompson, Peter Ruby II and Jane Brook, William Metcalf and

Hester Braselton, Thomas Sanders and Sarah “Sallie” Dark,

Rev. Henry Winfred and Sarah Thomas, Joel A. Watkins and

Patsy Baker, and Vincent Cusenbary and Mary Davis. 63

^ Number Two, Autumn 1989

Records from the Family Bibles of Robert A. and William A.

Campbell, Shelby County

contributed by Frances Jones Bridges and Ralph A. Bridges 74

Kentucky Ancestors Album—The Family of Harbin Ford Hawkins

and Elizabeth J. Clift Hawkins

contributed by William L. and Ruby B. Hawkins 77

Pupils, Board, & Instructors of the Caldwell Institute for Young

Ladies, Danville, Kentucky, 1860-61

contributed by Richard C. Brown 78

Record from the Family Bible of Thomas Dodson and Polly Morrow Dodson—Wayne County, Kentucky, to Boone County, Indiana

contributed by Donald and Marilyn Wall 83

Quarter Sessions Court for Mercer County, 1793-1805

Abstracts of Deed Book 4 QS, Part II: Pages 205-577 85

Family Record from the Bible of Thomas Kephart, Henry County

contributed by Martha H. Browne 93

An Index of Cemetery Records Presented in the Kentucky

Historical Society’s Kentucky Ancestors and Register 95

Record from the Family Bible of Ellen Hawkins Walthall Summers, Franklin County

contributed by Bette P. West and Anita S. Hanna 104

Book Notes 106

Queries 111


(continued from Vol. 25, No. 1)

Drury Willis and Elizabeth Phelps, William Berry and Rebecca

McCleary, William Miller and Mary Ann Morrow, Sanders Russell

and Mary Polly Combs, Francis Frank Robinson and Lucinda

Anderson, Robert Brannock and Elizabeth Myers, John Stiff and Barsheba Stone, Moses Wilkerson and Aletha Anderson, Jessie

and Matilda Barker, John Carney and Mary J. Tyler, Ephraim

Jones and Easter Rosa Litton, John Lamson and Rebeccah Carter, Stephen Jett, Jr., and Rachel Mylar/Miller, Nathaniel Hart and

Sarah Simpson. 135

^ Number Three, Winter 1990

Family Records from the Webb, Kincheloe-Webb, Abbott-Webb,

and Ellis Webb Bibles

contributed by Maurice Webb 142

Kentucky Ancestors in Pioneer Days—The Taking of Ruddle’s

Station, 1780, by John Zinn

contributed by Roseann R. Hogan 153

Abstracts of 1820 Instruments and Indentures Recorded in

Trigg County, Deed Book “A”

contributed by Virginia Alexander 157

Members of the Sandy Creek Baptist Church, Butler County,

1805 to 1853

contributed by Kenneth A. Shelton 166

Kentucky Ancestors Album—Bible Record of Granville M. and

Eliza P. Morris, Warren and Simpson Counties

contributed by Mary June Henry Foulk 172

Book Notes 174

Queries 182


(continued from Vol. 25, No. 2)

John and Elizabeth Netherton, Joseph Todd and Katherine

Ferguson, John Frederick Flege and Sarah Proctor Woodyard,

Anderson A. Powers and Sarah Stockton, Elijah Churchman and Elizabeth Paul, John E. Wilson and Harriott Brooks, Mathias and Elizabeth Warren, Christopher Wilson and Lucy Johnson, Richard

Orrn Powell and Martha Ellen Payne, Lucy Shipp Garnett and

William Garnett, Enoch Vice and Elizabeth Tucker, Samuel C.

Bean and Harriet A. Bakes, Isaac L. Hynes and Martha F. Stith,

and William Hays and Frances Ann Cheatwood. 176

^ Number Four, Spring 1990

Records from the Family Bibles of William Henry Harrison and

Lula Harrison Paxton

contributed by Albert G. McKey 206

Kentucky Ancestors in Pioneer Days—

George Holeman in the “Savage Wilderness,” 1776-87

contributed by John Hale Stutesman 210

The Family of Fleming Smith and Prudence Bland Smith

contributed by Merritt L. Page 212

The Thomas Kephart Family Revisited—

Kephart Cemetery, Henry County

contributed by Robert C. Jobson 213

Correcting the Record—Fenwick Burials in Union County

contributed by Montague L. Powell 213

Some Residents of Virginia and Other “Persons Chargeable With

Tax” in Kentucky Counties, 1794-95

courtesy of Marian G. Hammers 214

Wilson Family Cemetery, Crittenden County

contributed by Brenda Joyce Jerome 218

“The Golden Wedding” of Three Read Brothers—

Allen County, 1889

courtesy of W. P. Oliver 219


(continued from Vol. 25, No.3)

Luke W. Watkins and Nancy Hopkins, Edward Tyler and Nancy

Langley, James and ??? Ed(e)rington, Thomas Howard and Nancy Hughes/Hues, Pennina L. Crisp and Joseph C. Mathias/Matthews, Dorcas Wilmot and William Stewart, Margaret ??? and John

Wilson, Finley Gibson and Jane Gatliff, Betty ??? and Abraham

Field III, John Gabby and Mary Smithers, Joshua Abney and

Sarah Ann Griggs, Robert Bailey and Alicy Hendrickson, Lewis

Sandlin and Sarah (Blankenship), Thomas L. Gray and Mary

Bonifant, George Haley and Lavicia J. Callahan. 222

Book Notes 228

Queries 232

^ Kentucky Ancestors, Volume 25, Surname Index 252


Number One, Summer 1990

Some Kentucky Confederates Buried in Other States

contributed by Raymond W. Watkins 2

Record from the Family Bible of Samuel Long, Sr., Fayette County

contributed by Harold R. Irving 7

Book Notes 9


(continued from Vol. 25, No. 4)

Samuel M. Hampton and Martha Carr, Phineas Runyon and

Charity Coates, Thomas White, Jr., and Elizabeth Payne, Beal

and Elizabeth Kelley, Paul Mitchem and Susannah Meeks, Robert Ashcraft and Catherine Cook, Rev. Jacob Rohrer, Jr., and Mary

Hoover, Zilpha A. and Thomas Prowse, Sr., Esom Vice and Mary

“Polly” Osborne, George Corn, Jr., and Rhoda Jane Williams, and

William Kennedy and Nancy Brooks. 13

Queries 18

Cumulative Index Number Three: Court, Vital, Military, Church,

School, and Land Record Compilations Presented in the Kentucky Historical Society’s ^ Kentucky Ancestors and The Register 44


Thomas Hallowell Iles—from Kentucky to Iowa and Colorado

contributed by Barbara Bovee 64

Number Two, Autumn 1990

Some Kentucky Confederates Buried in Other States (continuation)

contributed by Raymond W. Watkins 66

Record from the Bible of Margaret Reid Thomas, Trigg County

contributed by Lucille Thomas Sumner and Virginia Alexander 71

Two Pate Family Cemeteries in Hancock County

contributed by Jerry Long 73

Kentucky Ancestors in Pioneer Days—Abraham Thomas: “This Small Legacy of Experience”

contributed by Elizabeth T. Clough 75

“Three Read Brothers of Allen County”—An Addendum

contributed by Frances W. Colyer 78


(continued from Vol. 26, No. 1)

Zachariah Haddock and Cloey Albritton, Thomas Hardwick

and Rachel Sullivan(t), Isaac Baker and Permelia Barkwell,

William Butler and Martha Farley, George Barnes and Agnes

Bunch, Robert Marshall, Sr., Robert Marshall, Jr., and

Mary Ann Simpson, Speed Smith Barclay and Hannah Ann

Todd, John Edgar and Elizabeth Cummins, Richard Morton, Sr.,

and Margaret Downs (H(o)uston), Chesley Wooldridge and

Elizabeth Johnson, Tyre Glenn and Nancy Cloak, Jame Swart

and Jane Rogers, George Timmons and Rose Ashby, Robert

Abell and Margaret Mills, James C. Prock and Lucy Ann

DeHart, Benjamin W. Elston and Elizabeth Long……………………79, 126

Book Notes 85

“The Bowmer Family of Cloverport, Kentucky,” 1903

contributed by John S. Minary and Sidney W. Harl 88

Baker-Moore-McIntire Cemetery, Washington County

contributed by Mrs. Milton Keene 89

An Index of the Principals Whose Estate Records Appear

in Mercer County Will Books 1-7 (1786-1824) 90

Estate Records of Mercer County, Kentucky, 1823-1826:

Will Book 8—“Akin” to “Knox” 95

Queries 105


Dr. John Bartlett Saunders and Abraham Thomas 128

Number Three, Winter 1991

Members of the Cane Run Baptist Church, Fayette County,


submitted by Christine W. Mallory 130

Family Record from the Bible of Western Rowland and

Susan Blair Tingle of Nelson County

submitted by Ruth Rowland Green 137

A Carpenter Family Cemetery in Boone County

submitted by Charles (Sam) Robinson 139

For the Union—Benjamin McGuire and Sons, Owsley County

submitted by Ruth Eager Moran and Ruth S. Lovric 143

Family Record from the Bible of John Warren Jones and

Lena Lane Jones of Mt. Sterling

submitted by Bettie C. McCaleb 145

Gleanings from Issues of the Hopkinsville Gazette

in 1836 and 1837 146

Black Marriages Before 1866

Recorded in Washington County, 1866-1869

submitted by Linda Anderson 149


(continued from Vol. 26, No. 2)

Drury Holt and Elizabeth (Rogers?), Thomas Hicks and Elizabeth

Morral, John Coop and Susanna Monk, Edward and Mary (???)

Riley, Robert Church, Sr., and Margaret Campbell, Robert Hayes

Bolton and Hannah Matilda Lang, Stephen (Septer) P. Cammack

and Mary Rudy, William and Frances (???) Pearson 154

Book Notes 158

Queries 161

Estate Records of Mercer County, Kentucky, 1823-1826:

Will Book 8—“Laws” to “Wilson” (continued from Vol. 26, No. 2) 181


Evette Dumas Nix—Lewis Calvert—Philemon Thomas 192

^ Number Four, Spring 1991

An Index of Kentuckians and Kentucky Families “Featured” in

The Register and Kentucky Ancestors

In Family Histories, Genealogies, and Official Records 194

In Biographies, Autobiographies, and Topical Articles 207


In Memorials, Funeral Notices, and Obituaries 227

In “Featured” Journals, Diaries, and Recollections 233

In “Featured” Correspondence 236

In “Others Otherwise Featured”

(non-Kentuckians and others not indexed elsewhere) 239

Book Notes 241

Queries 244


Number One, Summer 1991


Richard David Morton, Olinthus Ellis, Elizabeth “Jennie” Calvert,

Robert H. Lindsay, James Bernard Weimar, John Andrew Salyers, Benjamin Franklin Thomson, Clayton Francis Becker, Samuel

Howard Doyal, Thomas Jones, Jr., William Adams Smick, Addison

Reese, John Phillip Negley, George Hector Burton, Elijah and

Susannah Brockman Rogers 2

“Robt. Lindsay” to “Friend Gus,” 1863

courtesy of Gregory Walden 3

Bible Record of the Wyatt Sandidge Family, Lincoln County

courtesy of Jo A. Gatrell Ernst and Samuel O. Hedden 6

Henry Sloan Curry Family Record

courtesy of James C. Curry 7

Blount Family Monument, Nicholas County

courtesy of Carolyn Blount Anderson 8

Holiday Family Burial Ground, Owen County

courtesy of Linda Holliday Mueller 9

Book Notes 10


(continued from Vol. 26, No. 3)

Charles Hansford and Margaret Minor, George Washington

Padgitt and Martha R. Carter, Adam Fisher and Elizabeth Garr,

Rebecca (???) and John Webster Gilbert, Robert Wilson and Nancy

Scott, George Washington Bell, Sr., and Rachel Gowdy, Robert Eliot Cleaveland and Elizabeth Cloyd, William Age and Mary Ann

Demunbrun, Forrestor Timisticle Meers and Sarah Jane Wright,

David B. Morris and Martha (Patsy) Downey, John Doyle and

Christina Davis, James Fields and Catherine Mulberry, John

Owings McKee and Martha Parks, Peter Helms and Leah Shoults,

George Clark and Sarah Lee, Jefferson Williams and Nancy

Campbell, James Salyers and Rebecca Roles, Joshua Wayland

and Ann Ward, George Frederick Spears and Christeenah Hardin, Jonathan Hills and Lucy Lincoln, William Harrell and Minerva

Woods, Jacob Bale and Sophia Snook, John Thomas and Elizabeth

Hays, Lemuel Barritt and Sarah Tittle, Andrew Russell and Jane

Varnell, Martin Gillaspy and Lidia McGuire, Henry Kilbourn

and Charity Pointer (p.9) 13

Births of Belcher Children

courtesy of John Marshall Prewitt 25

^ Kentucky Ancestors, Volume 26, Surname Index 26

Queries 40

Number Two, Autumn 1991

Record from the Family Bible of William F. Bullock and

Mary Pearce

Record from the Family Bible of Edmund P. Bullock and

Penelope Lowry

courtesy of Betty Bullock Barnett 78

First Taxpayers of Menifee County, Kentucky, 1870 82

“Delinquent List of Military Fines for 1823,”

Livingston County, Kentucky

courtesy of Brenda Joyce Jerome 89

Dunaway Family Cemetery, Grant County, Kentucky

courtesy of R. Denise Foster Korzenborn 90


James Rudd Jeffries, James William Martin, Lucy Jane Kemper

(Cox), Eugene S. Durrett and Harry M. Durrett, Alfred Wallace

Fletcher, William James Campbell, Alfred Gilbert and Sarah

Gilbert Morgan, Eliza Gatewood and Samuel Alexander Duvall,

Hugh Thompson Duvall and children, John B. and “Milley” Gilbert

Truitt, Samuel Gilbert, Mary A. Kenton (Wilson) 91

Record in the Bible of Eliza Gatewood Duvall

courtesy of Susan Duvall Kerr 95

Naturalizations Recorded in Bourbon County, 1868-1905

courtesy of Patty M. Biddle and Frances M. Gaitskill 97

Book Notes 104


(continued from Vol. 27, No. 1)

Peter McArthur and Mary Michie (Tompkins), James Gillock and

Celia Hunt, William and Catherine Lee, George Gordon and Mary McLean, Neri Swetnam and Mildred Cross, John Scott Campbell

and Cynthia Overstreet, Thomas Jones, Jr., and Mary “Polly”

Wood, Louis Shubert and Millie Coffee, William Rash and Elizabeth Warren, Jacob Yeazle, Sr., David Heffington and Dorothy Low(e),

David McMurtry and Margaret “Polly Headington 107

On the Line of John McMurtry

courtesy of Jane McMurtry Allen 114

Queries 115

^ Number Three, Winter 1992

Family Record from the Bible of Sarah Beale Campbell Morgan

courtesy of Marsha Graham Van Ham and Valerie Francis Curtis 142

Naturalizations Recorded in Bourbon County, “L” – “W”

(continued from Vol. 27, No. 2) 144


John J. Owen, Cornelius Coop, John Scrogin, Samuel Musgrave,

Sr., and Family, Smith B. Noel, Thomas Jefferson Rodgers and

Amanda Wylie, William Bridges and Alfred C. Thomas, Permelia

Nickell Hawkins and Family, Jacob Coffman 150

Trustees of Kentucky Seminaries and Academies in the

Acts of the General Assembly, 1792-1816 155


(continued from Vol. 27, No. 2)

Joseph Henry Smith and Matilda Ann Humphrey, John Pugh, Jr.,

and Mary Donovan, George Medcalf, Sr., and Nancy ???, Henry Bingaman, Jr., and Polly ???, “William Bartlett Brown and Harriet

Lowry Allen, Daniel S. Caplinger and Frances Powell, George Moore

and Elizabeth McClintock Moore, Basil Corn and Hannah Bohon,

William Buck Forsee I and Mary Ann Smith, Amos Pettit and Milly Glenn/Glinn 159

^ Kentucky Ancestors Album

James Parrish Ellis and Jane Berryman Ellis

courtesy of Ellis O. Moore 165

Gravestones of Frances C. and Aquilla Talbott in Bourbon County

courtesy of Ell Ritchey Flynn 166

Kentucky Ancestors in Pioneer Days

courtesy of Glen Haney and Brenda Joyce Jerome 167

Elgin – Singleton – Stewart Gravestones in Jessamine County

courtesy of Jack Nelson 169

Book Notes 174

Queries 179

Number Four, Spring 1992

Bolin Family Cemetery, Russell County

courtesy of Marion Lee Adams 206

“In the Burlington Post-Office…1876,” Boone County

courtesy of William Conrad 208


(continued from Vol. 27, No. 3)

Ledstone Smallwood Cooksey and Elinor ???, John Fowler and

Lucinda Ussery (Usury) Gasper Rowland (Casper Roland) and

Mary Hunsaker, John Smith and Mary Storrs Russell, John

Downey and Rebecca J. McDonald, Joseph L. Inskoe, Jr., and

???, George Shortridge, Jr., and Eliza Margaret Muir, James

Ram(m)age and Lucy ???, James James and Mildred ???, Samuel

Bowdry and Elizabeth ??? (Lewis?) 209

Crenshaw Family Bible Record

courtesy of Mary L. Fuqua McAskill and Janice Plain 214


John Longley Richards, William and Elizabeth Swisgood Simpson,

Robert and Lucinda Ladd Simpson, James and Catherine

Bellesfelt Brenton, Luther Pleasant James, Lafayette Thompson,

Samuel Perrin Bowdry, Emmacetta Cassandra Bowdry and Spruce McCoy Baird, and John Fowler and family 216

Faulkner Family Cemetery, Powell County

courtesy of Dale E. Barnes 220

^ Kentucky Ancestors in Pioneer Days

courtesy of George C. Chadwick 223

Johnson, McCue, Ward, Wilson, Arterburn, Poland, Brown, and

Cross Gravestones, Monroe County

courtesy of Charles R. Arterburn 224

Book Notes 220

Queries 225

^ Kentucky Ancestors, Volume 27, Surname Index 255


Number One, Summer 1992

“Mother . . . wants you to come to Ky. this spring . . . ” A letter from

Thomas Bereman, Jr., Warwick, Mercer County, 1832

courtesy of Ronald E. Bereman II and Robert K. Bereman 2

Tithables of Lincoln County, Kentucky, 1783 4


William Sidney Willis and Eliza Vivion Willis, Charles Henry Spratt,

John William Wright, M. D., Thomas Jefferson Fitzgerald and Nancy Means (Mears), and Edward D’Arcy Fitzgerald, William Augustus

and Lorana Campbell Thomas, and James H. Thomas, Otho

McCrackin, Perry W. Wheat, John Valentine Lindsey, Sebert and

Sarah Nichols Pearman, Lucinda M. Gray Hyde, Henry Harrison

Garner and Eliza Jane Johnson, George Thomas Downey and Alice Turner Downey and family, and Stephen Neal 17

Edds – Bunch Family Bible Record

courtesy of John M. Bell and Catherine L. Chambers 24

Jefferson Seminary Revisited 27

Book Notes 28


(continued from Vol. 27, No. 4)

Arabia Joseph Brown and Elizabeth Dooley, Richard Parker and

Grissel Nalle, John Jones and Elizabeth Lucas, Dale Carter Stuart

and Barbara Caroline Booth, Isaac Sevier and Agnes Davenport Crutchfield, Peter Leadingham, Sr., and Sally Hamilton, Thacker

Smith Vivion and Sabrina “Sibby” Jones, Richard Nelson Allcock

and Sarah (White) Murphy, McKinzie Willis and Mary Polly

Logsdon, Celestine Logan Black and Hiram Hawkins Brelsford,

Thomas W. Walden and Sarah Kinslaer, Thomas Bereman and

Nancy Emmerson, Daisy Dean Spurlock and Levi Ross. 32

Queries 40

^ Number Two, Autumn 1992

Record from the Bible of Henry and Leucretia Phillips Benningfield

courtesy of Donna Carothers Tracht and Teresa Phillips Spurling 66

First Presbyterian Church, Harrodsburg, Officers and Members

courtesy of Mary Mitchell Wooldridge Gravely 69

Record from the Bible of Meredith O. and Margaret Noe Parrish

courtesy of Bettie Tuttle and Eliza B. Gay 79


(continued from Vol. 28, No. 1)

Elijah Granville Ballard and Mary Powers, Eli Cothran and Caziah Meredith, Cornelius Hoagland and Mary Tuttle, Robert Davenport

and Elizabeth Katherine Wise, William E. and ??? Groover, William Butler Cobb and Mary Frances Walker, William Simpson and

Elizabeth (Betsy) Swisegood, William Henry Russell and Elizabeth

Ann (Analiza) Tosh, Jesse Stamper and Nancy Sebastian, Benjamin

Field and Mildred Slaughter, William and Nancy ??? Adams 80

“Dear Sisters”: A List of Women Prominent in the Women’s Christian Temperance Union of Kentucky, 1887-1888

courtesy of Dr. Thomas H. Appleton, Jr. 86

Book Notes 89


William, John, and George M. Mills, William Polston, John Brookin Richardson, H. Elkanah Scott and Syntha E. Horsey Scott, Joseph

Henry Smith and Family, Matthew Carter 95

Record from the Bible of Thacker Smith Vivion

courtesy of Bettie Tuttle 99

Queries 100

^ Kentucky Ancestors Album—1912 Football Squad, du Pont Manual Training High School, Louisville

courtesy of William E. Johnstone, Jr. 128

Number Three, Winter 1993

Some Kentuckians Who Signed Oaths of Allegiance, 1862-66

courtesy of Craig R. Scott 130


George Washington Larue, Joseph Shackelford and Amanda

Catherine Smitha Shackelford, Samuel Ross, Samuel Hocker

Jones, William Barker, William Bryant and Family, and Benjamin

Clark Pearson 138

Kentucky Ancestors in Pioneer Days—George Loveless and Family

courtesy of William B. Loveless 142


(continued from Vol. 28, No. 2)

John Sanders and Sarah Gorham, John L. Bridges and Anna P.

Adair, John Jones and Elizabeth Elrod, Jacob Larue and Mary

Frost, John Durham and Martha Bugg, Fenelon Randolph Wilson

and Elizabeth Trabue, and Samuel Pearman and Mary Bacorn 145

Local Officials of Kentucky Commissioned by Governors Isaac

Shelby and James Garrard, 1792-97 150

Book Notes 160

Queries 164

^ Number Four, Spring 1993

Family Record from the Bible of Joseph R. Perkins and

Mary P. (Gray) Perkins

courtesy of Robert Perkins French 190

Scates Gravestones, Christian County

courtesy of Nada Fuqua 192

“List of Persons in Wayne County, Liable under the Military Laws, to

be Enrolled in the Militia of . . . Kentucky,” 1863 (Parts one and two)

courtesy of R. Denise Korzenborn and C. Denney Foster 193

Inspectors at Kentucky Warehouses Appointed . . . 1792-97 199


(continued from Vol. 28, No. 3)

Archibald Rutherford and Elizabeth Akers, Josiah Williams and

Mary L. Tweedle, Joseph Greenwood and Martha Jones 201

Book Notes 203


Ratliff Baird and Sarah (Sally) Hardin, John A. Mann, William Berry Dixon, Sr., and William Randolph Dixon, Jr. 206

Queries 208

^ Kentucky Ancestors, Volume 28, Surname Index 237

On the Line of—The Fearns of Hunters Bottom, Kentucky

courtesy of Larry Douglas Smith 251


Number One, 1993-1994

Family Record from the Bible of Mary E. Lobb and

Thomas A. Bowling

courtesy of C. Clayton Rock, Bessie Bowling Hazlewood,

Mildred Bowling Routt, and Carrie Bowling Rock 2

Local Officials of Kentucky Commissioned by Governor James

Garrard, 1798-1800 4

“Declaration of Marriage of Negroes and Mulattoes”:

Mason County Records, 1866-1898

courtesy of Linda Anderson 14

Thompson – Atherton – Duvall Bible Records—Family Records

from the Bibles of John Thompson and Mary Atherton Duvall

courtesy of Susan Kerr and Ann G. Frederick Miller 16

Book Notes 19

“List . . . of Persons in Wayne County, Liable under the Military

Laws, to be Enrolled in the Militia of . . . Kentucky,” 1863

(part three)

courtesy of R. Denise Korzenborn and C. Denney Foster 24


George Felix Ingram, Ancil Daniel Powell, Benjamin Gray Perkins

and Family, Joseph Hubbard and Family, and John Alfred Loy 29

Queries 32


(continued from Vol. 28, No. 4)

Samuel Rowlett and Anna King, Henry Rhoads (Jr.) and Elizabeth Stoner, Margaret Harned and Alexander Keith, John Armstrong

and Mary “Polly” Swain, John Henry “Jack” Byassee and Catherine

Elvira Winfrey, and John B. Powell and Nancy Daniel 56

^ Number Two, 1993-1994

The Library of the Kentucky Historical Society—

Kentucky’s Centralized Source for Genealogy 62

Family Record from the Bible of Charles Houchin and

Mary Sale Houchin

courtesy of Marna L. Clemons and Frederick F. Hoffman 63

Local Officials of Kentucky Commissioned by

Governor James Garrard, 1801-1804 64

Family Record from the Bible of Alfred Sutherland and

Sarah A. Hafley

courtesy of Peggy Galloway 67

Kentucky Ancestors in the Acts Approved by the

Kentucky General Assembly, 1792-1796 68

Family Record from the Bible of Thomas Dawson and

Martha M. Downard

courtesy of Elizabeth F. Jackson 75

Some Enterprising Kentuckians at Mid-(19th) Century

in Trimble County and Rockcastle County 76



Elizabeth Harris, Nathaniel Harned and Mary Hartley 78

Book Notes 84

Bell County Vital Statistics – Births Recorded for 1878 88

Family Record from the Bible of Eveline Reese and Brooks V. Savage

courtesy of Douglas P. Hobson 97

Queries 98

^ Number Three, 1993-1994

Family Record from the Bible of Margaret McCawley Kerrick

courtesy of Virginia Kerrick Morey 122

Local Officials of Kentucky Commissioned by

Governor Christopher Greenup, 1804-1808 124

Family Record from the Bible of Charles W. Wright and

Harriet Bowles Wright

courtesy of Teresa Phillips Spurling 129

Kentucky Ancestors in the Acts Approved by the

Kentucky General Assembly, 1797-1799 130

Family Record from the Bible of Victoria Baynham Richards

courtesy of Mary R. Sprouse, James E. Richards,

Virginia Alexander 135

Some Enterprising Kentuckians at Mid-(19th) Century

in Calloway County and Boyle County 137


Henry Munday Marrs, Jesse Glascock and Eliza Jane Faubian 140

Book Notes 142


George W. Bell 147

Queries 159

The Library of the Kentucky Historical Society—

Kentucky’s Centralized Source for Genealogy

Collections 139

Services and Fees 180


“Richard Higgins—From Ireland to Bardstown, Kentucky” 123

Update—Descendants of the Bowman’s Station Settlers 139

1994 Creech–Dean Reunion 153

Pike County Historical Society Dissolved 172

Bracken County Historical Society 175

Pendleton County Historical and Genealogical Society 178

^ Number Four, 1993-1994

Family Bible Record of Elizabeth Ann Miller and

William Henry Harrison Shields

courtesy of Emma L. Goodley-Benton 182

Index to the “Registers of Signatures of Depositors in Branches

of the Freedman’s Savings and Trust Company, 1865-1874,”

Lexington, Kentucky, Branch—March 21, 1870-July 3, 1874

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