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Compiled by Tracy Hancock with assistance from Alice Gedge

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wife and son Edward; wits: Robert JONES, Joseph BELFIELD, John MORTON. (Edward Barrow married Anne (Stone) METCALFE, widow of Richard METCALFE, ca. 1700. MRC, p. 11.) (Wills of Richmond Co., VA, 1699-1800, by Robert K. Headley, Jr., Gen. Pub. Co., Inc., 1983, p. 50.) [His inventory 22 Mar 1721/22.]

And another version

I, Edward BARROW of Richmond, being sick and weak.

--To my son Edward BARROW the land and plantation whereon I now live, only reserving to my wife Ann, the use of the said land and plantation during her natural life.

I empower my executors to sell all that tract of land at the Mines, to raise money to pay what money I owe.

--To my daughter Ann BARROW about 300 acres of land lying at the Deep run, commonly called the Land at the Marsh in King George County.

--To my son Edwd. 2 Negroes, Jack and George, and 1 Mulatto boy named Will.

--To my daughter Anne 1 Negro named Will, and 1 Mulatto girl named Sarah.

--To my daughter Margaret 1 Negor woman named Hannah and 1 Mulatto boy named Eman:ll.

--To my wife Anne the rest of my Negroes, during her natural life, and after her death, them and their increase to be equally divided between my said son Edwd. And my daughter[s] Anne and Margaret.

--To my son Edward all my estate in England, and my gray horse called Robbin.

--To my daughter Anne a cask of rum qt 48 gallons that stands in the shed.

--To my wife and children Edward, Anne, and Margaret BARROW the rest of my estate to be equally divided between them.

--To my friends Capt. George ESKRIDGE and Majr. Nicho. SMITH..desiring them to be trustees to my estate. Executors my wife and my son Edward. Signed Edw:d BARROW. Wit: Robert JONES, Jos: BELFIELD, John MORTON.

At Mar 7, 1721 Court, this will was proved by the oaths of witnesses Joseph BELFIELD and John MORTON and AR.

Page 201. BARROW’S inventory. Per Court order of Mar 7, 1721, we appraised such of the estate of Edwd. BARROW, deceased as was presented to our view. Includes Negro man GEORGE, 50 lbs of pewter, 90 lbs of ditto, books, a set of surveyor’s instruments, 1 sword, 1 wig, a pair of holsters, 5 old casks in the Store, Tobacco house & warehouse, 2 barrels of tar, 1 small boat, 1 Negro man, woman, and boy, 1 white woman servant, 194 penny weight of silver, 1 Negro woman and child. Signed Mar 22, 1721. Hen: BRUCE, Edward EIDSON, John MORTON. Recorded Apr 4, 1722.

(p. 200 of the original will book) (Richmond Co., Virginia, Will Book No. 4, 1717-1725, Published by TLC Genealogy, Miami Beach, FL, 1999, pp. 55-56.)

[Edward Barrow, Sr. was the son of Thomas Barrow and Mary Blow of Surry Co., Va]

[Edward Barrow, Jr. m. Elizabeth Minor d/o Nicholas Minor and Jemima Pope, ch:

^ Margaret Barrow b. 1723 m. Wharton Ransdell II of Cedar Run, Prince William Co., VA.

Elizabeth Barrowb. 1725 m. William Lightfoot

John Barrow m. Margaret Ball d/o Samuel Henry Ball and Anne Catherine Tayloe.]

[Is this Edward Jr’s will in England?:

Will of Edward Barrow of Wanstead , Essex Date 26 January 1741 Catalogue reference PROB 11/715 Dept Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury Series Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers Piece Name of Register: Trenley Quire Numbers: 1 - 48 Image contains 1 will of many for the catalogue reference]

[Edward Barrow was the second husband of Ann Stone, widow of Richard Metcalfe.]

[Descendants of JOHN BARROW : Edward3 Barrow, Sr. (THOMAS2, JOHN1)1,2 was born Abt. 1670 in Richmond, VA, and died 1721 in Richmond, VA. He married ANN STONE3 Abt. 1698 in Virgina, daughter of JOHN STONE and SARAH. She was born 1672 in Rappahannock, VA, and died Aft. 1728 in Richmond, VA. Children of Edward Barrow and Ann Stone are:

1) Edward4 Barrow, Jr., b. Abt. 1698, Richmond County, VA; d. 1733, Richmond County, VA. He married Elizabeth Minor Abt. 1723, daughter of Nicholas Minor And Margaret Pope. [My note: Ann Stone was still married to Richard Metcalfe at the time he was born, so his mother is someone else.]

2) Margaret Barrow.

3) Anne Barrow.


[9 May 1712. Edward FAGAN [Regan]of Richmond Co. 150 A. adj. George GREEN, Francis THORNTON, Thomas HOWS, Wm. COMBS, in Richmond Co., Maxfield BROWN, Wrnt. 15 Mar. Last. Surv. by Capt. Edward BARROW. (VA N. N. Patent Book 4:67) (NN Patents, Gray)]

[1 May 1716 Richmond Co, VA John CHAMP of Sittingbourne, Richmond County, VA to Edward BARROW of Southfarnum, Richmond. 50 acres north side Rappa about a mile below CHARLES "his Cliff" ... to the line of William GRIFFIN... part of tract of 200 acres granted to Capt. John WEIR patent dated 26 Jun 1663, sold by James ORCHARD and Mary his wife to James HARRISON who sold to James BRECHIN, Clerk, who sold to sd. CHAMP. s/John CHAMP. Wit: Tho: HENMAN, Samll. GODWIN. 2 May 1716 ack. by CHAMP. Conside 40 pds. DB7:120-123]

[Edward Barrow, Jr. had issue: “Elizabeth Barrow (1725 - 1795)
b. 1725 ,,VA
d. 1795 ,Jefferson Co., KY

Father: Edward Barrow
Mother: Elizabeth Minor
spouse: William Lightfoot (1720 - 1805)]

[Northern Neck (VA) Land Grants, Richmond Co. (FHL film 29,509)
      2-159: 15 May 1695, Grant to
Richard Duncan, of 150 acres corner to the lands of William Baltrop, Francis Grege.
      5-81: 27 July 1715, Grant to
Robert Duncan ... "whereas Robert Duncan of Stafford County upon his suggestion of a certain quantity of land belonging to me (Catherine Lady Fairfax) in Richmond County which is not yet granted did on the twenty-sixth day of April 1715 obtain a warrt. from my office for laying out the same and having now returned a survey thereof under the hand of Capt. Edward BARROW, Surveyr.," in consideration of the composition to me paid and the annual rent hereafter received ... 258 acres of land ... in Hannover parish in the County of Richmond bounded upon Rappahannock river and some low grounds surveyd. for the Honble. Robert Carter Esqr. ... beginning at two red oaks standing by Summerduck run, thence over sd. run south 45 degrees west 4 poles to a red oak saplin, thence south 10 degrees east 31 poles to a red oak, thence south 42 degrees west 78 poles to a stake near a white oak stump, thence south 8 degrees east 278 poles to a stake by a white oak, thence south 42 degrees west 72 poles to two white oak saplins, thence south 16 degrees west 58 poles to a live oak on Rappahannock river side, thence north 86 degrees east 64 poles to a Spanish oak on Rappahanock river corner to Col? Carters land, thence along his line north 22 degrees east 20 poles to a red oak, north 87 degrees east 86 poles, thence north 60 degrees east 94 poles to a white oak by the lower side of Summerduck run, thence north 45 degrees west 52 poles to a red oak, thence north 7 degrees east 17-1/2 poles, thence north 35? degrees east 52 poles to a white oak, thence north 13 degrees east 44 poles to a white oak, thence north 76 degrees west 76 poles to two red oak saplins, thence north 40 poles to a red oak, thence north 50 degrees west 16 poles to a white oak in the low grounds by Summerduck run, thence north 4 degrees west 70 poles to a red oak on a steep point by an elbow of Summerduck run, thence up the sd. run its several courses to the beginning .... Given at my office in Westmorland County within my sd. proprietary ....]

[From: Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1694 - 1742, by Gray, p. 120
4-112: Telief Alverson of Richmond Co. 150 A. adj. Ffrancis & Richard Valendingham, George Glascock, Reedy Sw. Br. of totoskey in said Co., Phillip Harris, land of Barber, Glascock, & Luggitt. Wrnt. 27 Feb last. Surv. by
Edward Barrow, Gent. 26 Aug. 1712.]

[1703, December 30 - Benjamin Berryman Justice in Westmoreland Court. Issued cert. for 150 acres of land to Edward Barrow, Gent.

1717/18, March 5 - Capt. Benj. Berryman of Westmoreland Co. granted 663 acres near a place called the Marsh (Marsh Run). Surveyed by Capt. ^ Edwd. Barrow. (This land was willed to Benjamin’s son, Maximillian Berryman and is near Warrenton & Bealton, Fauquier Co.) Northern Neck Land Grants]

[7 September, 1715, Edward Barrow, Nicho A. Smith, John Tayloe and James Ingo, were ordered to take the depositions of John Mews and William Carter, which they did, and on Oct. 5, 1715, presented them in Court. In the deposition of John Muse, Sr., he stated that he was then Eighty-two years of age. (Miscellaneous Records and Depositions, p. 93, Richmond Co., Va.). ]

[Once the site of a Virginia Spa resort in the early 1800's, Private Hills Country Club has had a long and colorful place in Virginia History. The land was originally granted to Colonel Edward Barrow in 1717, by The Right Honorable Katherine Lady Fairfax, as 300 acres "upon both sides of a run called North Run and a field where the Indian Towne formerly stood." Later Captain Hancock Lee built a lodge near the Spring and subsequently, his son and a business partner bought additional land totaling 3000 acres. In the mid 1830's, with its long history of acclaim for the waters, two large hotels and a number of cottages were built to accommodate nearly a thousand guests. The spa was solace to many renown guests, including Presidents Madison and Monroe who owned cottages, in addition to Chief Justice John Marshall, President Martin Van Buren, and Mrs. Henry Clay who all visited The Springs.]

[“Edward1 Mozingo, born say 1641, was a "Negro man" whose apprenticeship to Colonel John Walker was completed on 5 October 1672 [McIlwaine, Minutes of the Council, 316]. He was a tenant on Andrew Boyer's land in Old Rappahannock County in March 1680/1. In 1683 the Old Rappahannock County court granted him judgment against Rees Evans for three barrels of Indian corn and ordered him and his wife Margaret to post security for their good behavior towards Colonel John Stone [D&W 6:134-5; Orders 1683-6, 30, 166-7]. Edward‘s 30 July 1711 Richmond County will was proved 7 May 1712. He left two guns to his son Edward and divided his land and property among his wife Margaret and sons Edward and John who he also named as executors. Edward BARROW was a witness to the will and returned an inventory of the estate” [Wills & Inventories 1709-17, 75-6, 87].

[1703, May 4 - Will of William Seward Probated - Dated March 16, 1702/3. Daughter, Mary Bruton.

Daughter, Elizabeth Holt. Wife, Ann - for life, plantation I live on, on Banford's Creek, to White Marsh, to Wm. Harrison's, to my Grandson Wm. Seward's line. At her death, to son. Son, William Seward, if he has no heirs to Son, Benjamin Seward. Son, James Seward, land from White Marsh Swamp to Robert BARHAM'S woods. If he has no heirs, to Son, Joseph Seward. Rest of my estate to wife and her 5 children-in-law in consideration of her dowery- Wm. Seward, James Seward, Joseph Seward, Benjamin Seward and Ann Seward. Witnesses: Edward Barrow, Eliza. Barrow, Wm. Gray.

Note: Wm. Seward's first wife was a sister of Robert Caufield who's Will, probated in January 1691/2 makes bequests to niece Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Holt and niece Mary, wife of James Bruton - Book 1687/94, p. 240. His second wife was Widow of Christopher Clinch who died in 1679, mentioning wife, Ann, daughter, Elizabeth Clinch and an unborn child. His Will appointed William Seward and William Hancock as Overseers. Book 2, p. 210. Mrs. (Clinch) Seward died in 1714 mentioning in her Will children Christopher Clinch, William, James, Joseph, Benjamin and Ann Seward. Book 1709/15, p. 126. Wm. Seward was a Quaker. Order Book 1671/90, p. 597.]

[Thomas1 Gowen (Michael1), born say 1660, was living in Westmoreland County between 1693 and 1702 when he was involved in several minor court cases, both as defendant and plaintiff, for debts. In 1703 he provided security of 2,000 pounds of tobacco for Chapman Dark that he would return to the county after travelling to Maryland to get testimony that he was a free man. On 1 March 1704/5 the court ordered him to pay Edward Barrow 1,200 pounds of tobacco which Thomas lost to him in a horse race [Orders 1690-98, 90, 244a, 250a; 1698-1705, 33, 39a, 56a, 109, 174, 190a, 190, 238a, 254a]. He was called Thomas Goin of Westmoreland County on 8 June 1707 when he was granted 653 acres in Stafford County below the falls of the Potomac River. This land was adjoining Robert Alexander's land according to a 29 May 1739 Prince William County deed [Gray, Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 39, 125]. In an 8 May 1767 land dispute a seventy-year-old deponent, Charles Griffith, related a conversation which he had with Major Robert Alexander forty-three years previously in 1724. Major Robert Alexander, who owned land adjoining the Gowens, supposedly said of them,]

[Edward Barrow, Jr.: “Edward BARROW, NFP, will; 19 Oct 1732, 4 Jun 1733. son John; daus. Margaret and Elizabeth; est. in Virginia and England to be eq. div. among chil; ex: fr. Nicholas MINOR Sr. and Nicholas MINOR Jr.; wits: Humprhey POPE Jr, William BERTRAND, Susannah BERTRAND. [Edward BARROW, the son of Edward and Anne (STONE)

BARROW, mar. Elizabeth MINOR. MRC, p. 11.]

[“7 May 1664 Deed: George Blow and wife Margritt to Rowland Hudson & William Hancock, consideration and acreage not noted, “on the east or southeast side of a branch of the Blackwater swamp beginning right att the joining of Joh. Benoms marked trees & bound southerly or west southerly on the maine swamp where the bridge is belong to Mr. Tho. Warrens carte path & northerdly or northeast on the side of the swamp called the bay tree swamp…” Signed: George Blow, Margritt (x) Blow. Witness: Jane (x) Halle [?] George Carter. Acknowledged by George and Margritt Blow on 1 November 1664. [Surry County Deed Book 1, p246]

This parcel is the part of the 1663 patent that lay east of Green Swamp – about 150a. according to later deeds for this land. After these two deeds, George Blow still owns about half the patent. The parcel sold to Rowland Hudson and William Hancock appears from subsequent deeds to have been 150 acres. Hudson bought Hancock’s share, then died and his only child Judah inherited. Judah and her husband, William Lyles, sold the land to John Smith, who then sold it in 1680 to Thomas Barrow. When George Blow Jr. married Thomas Barrow’s widow in 1684, he thus regained control over a part of the 1663 patent that had been out of the family for two decades.

17 May 1680 Deed: John Smith and wife Mary Smith of Lawnes Creek Parish to Thomas Barrow, 150a on Green Swamp, formerly belonging to William & Judah Lyles.. bordering land of Francis Mason and land of John Bynam. Witness: Nich. Smith, Wm. Seward [Surry County Deed Book 2, p259]

This land, as mentioned above, was the same parcel that George Blow Sr. had sold in 1664 to Rowland Hudson and William Hancock. On 27 April 1667 Hancock sold his share to Hudson. On 27 Feb 1679/80 William Lyle and his wife Judah (the only heir of Rowland Hudson) sold this land to John Smith, describing it as the land Hancock & Hudson had bought from George and Margaret Blow. Now three months later, John Smith is selling the land to the future wife of George Blow Jr. When Thomas Barrow dies in 1684 and George Blow Jr. gains control of this land, it will be back in the family after a twenty-year interval. This is Thomas Barrow’s first appearance in Surry, and he will appear on the tithables for 1680-1684.

3 Mar 1684/5 Geo. Blow granted administration on the estate of Tho. Barrow decd, with Wm. Newsum and Samll. Thompson his securities. Appraisers of the estate appointed by the court. [Surry County Orders 1671-1691, p476] Eliz. wife to Geo. Blow appeareing in cort & making oath to the inventory of the estate of Tho. Barrow, it is admitted to record. [Surry County Orders 1671-1691, p477]

This is quick work on George’s part. Thomas Barrow was still alive only four months earlier, on 4 November 1684, when he and Elizabeth both acknowledged a sale of land in court [Ibid., p462] The next record for him is the one above, by which time George Blow has already married the widow. She must have been older than George Blow if she had a ten year old son.

The land that Thomas Barrow had owned was part of George Blow Sr.’s 1663 patent. George Blow Sr. had sold part of it to Rowland Hudson and William Hancock. Hancock sold out to Hudson, and Hudson’s only child Judah married William Lyle. William and Judah Lyle sold the land to John Smith, who then sold it to Thomas Barrow in 1680.

The earliest reference in Surry to anyone named Barrow is that land purchase of 150a. by Thomas Barrow on 17 May 1680 from John and Mary Smith [see above]. Thomas Barrow then appears as a single tithable in Lawnes Creek parish for 1680, 1681, 1682, 1683, and 1684. At the time of his death he had two young sons, Edward (born c1675) and Thomas Jr. (born c1679) who later appear in the tithables lists.

^ 6 Jul 1686 Two Suits Dismissed: Hen. Norton vs. Geo. Blow, and Geo Blow vs. Hen. Norton. [Surry County Orders 1671-1691, p524]

Henry Norton was the person to whom Thomas Barrow had sold his land just prior to his death. George Blow is suing as the administrator of Thomas Barrow [see later record]. He will assign his case to William Edwards, who will eventually obtain a judgment against Henry Norton.]

1721. 1721-1724. Testamentary. Estate of Sussex CAMMOCK. Brief abstract of title, and letter from Gilbert METCALFE, of Rappahannock Creek Virginia. (Essex Record Office. Round Family of Birch, Colcehster and District, Ref: D/DRb/F13 in England) (Combs family website)

^ Sussex CAMMOCK of Saffron Walden and Boreham was the s/o Thomas and Frances RICH Cammock of Maldon, Essex, and father of Warwick CAMMOCK of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia. His daughter, Susan CAMMOCK, married, as her second husband, Gilbert MEDCALF of Richmond County, Virginia, the latter the son of Richard and Elizabeth FAUNLEROY Medcalf and grandson of Gilbert MEDCALF of London. Saffron Walden, an incorporated market town and parish, locally in the hundred of Uttlesford, county of Essex, 27 miles west northwest of Chelmsford, and 42 miles north northeast of London. Source?

26 Sept 1721. Richard TIDWELL, late of the County of Westmoreland but now of the County of Stafford, sold 150 acres near the branches of Nominy, which was part of 500 acres patented by William BEASLEY and Edward HAWLEY, a moiety of which was assigned to Richard TYDWELL, father of Richard. The purchaser was the same William METCALF of Northumberland Co. (The Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 18, pp. 175-179) (Westmoreland Co. Deeds & Wills 7, p. 332)

[See Nov 1719 where William Metcalfe purchased land in Northumberland Co. from Richard Tidwell.]

2 Aug 1721-6 Mar 1727/28. John METCALFE, son of Richard METCALFE, deceased, named as a judge in legal proceedings. (American Legal Records, Vol. 10, Criminal Proceedings in Colonial Virginia, Fines, Examination of Criminals, Trials of Slaves, etc. from March 1710/11 to 1754, Richmond County, VA, by Peter Charles Hoffer and William B. Scott, Pub. for The American Historical Assn., Washington, D.C. by the University of Georgia Press, 1984.)

7 Feb 1722/23. METCALF Fined. John METCALFE Surveyor of the Road from CHAMPS Rolling house to a bridge known by the name of BARROWS Bridge being Summoned to [answer] the presentment of the grandjury against him for not Clearing the said Road or Repairing his part of the said Bridge According to Law he this Day Appearing But offerig Nothing Materiall in Barr It is therefore Ordered that he be Finded Fifteen Shilling to Our Sovereign Lord the King. (American Legal Records, Vol. 10, Criminal Proceedings in Colonial Virginia, Fines, Examination of Criminals, Trials of Slaves, etc. from March 1710/11 to 1754, Richmond County, VA, by Peter Charles Hoffer and William B. Scott, Pub. for The American Historical Assn., Washington, D.C. by the University of Georgia Press, 1984, p. 49.)

13 Feb 1722/23. Will of John OPIE of St. Stephen’s Parish, Northumberland Co., VA, dated 13 Feb 1722/23; proved 20 Mar 1722/23; executor Griffin FANTLEROY, Samuel BONUM, & David STRAUGHAN, wit: John CRALLE, Jr., Wm. METCALF, George RAGE. (give source)

[Anne Metcalfe was the daughter of Richard Metcalfe and his first wife Elizabeth Fauntleroy. Anne married John Opie in March 1713 in Richmond Co., VA. She is said to have had no children by John Opie. Anne died in 1724. I believe that the Wm. Metcalf, above, is her uncle William Metcalf.][Per the book, Northumberland County Bookshelf, by W. Preston Haynie, Heritage Books, Inc., Capt. John Opie had in his estate inventory a small parcel of books and one small old looking glass.][Researchers give John Opie’s first wife as Ellen Hale (m. 1710, by whom he had a son Lindsay Opie, b. 1712.]

26 Sept 1721. William MEDCALF of Northumberland County bought more land from Richard TIDWELL, land in Westmoreland County, but is now of Stafford which was part of 500 a. patented by Wm BEASLEY and Edward HAWLEY, assigned to Martin COLE and then to Richard TIDWELL. (Westmoreland Co., VA Order Book 1705-1721, p. 384.)

[ See this entry: 22 Mar 1665/6. ^ WM. BASELY & EDWARD HAELLY [Hawley], 1000 acs. W'moreland Co., between Rappa. & Potomack Rivers, upon branches of NOMENY, 22 Mar. 1665/6, pg. 475, (580). Beg. At land surveyed for Thomas DIOS [Dias], in lline of Mr. Jno. WHETSTONE [Whitson], running S. W. &c. Trans. of 20 pers: James TURNER, Robt. COLE, Jno. YATES, Henry BIGGS, Wm. WMS. [Williams], Robt. DENT, Mary WMS. [Williams], Susan HUNT, ANN TOFT, Jno. BROWNE, Nicho. BROWNE, Rose PLEVIN, Robt. DAY, Morgan THOMAS, Robt. COLTON, Noah EDROP, Wm. BOCK, Robt. JOHNSON, Mary JACOB, Tho. ECALFE (Metcalfe?), Cicely POOLE, Eliz. WOODWARD. (Cavaliers & Pioneers, Virginia Patent Book No. 5.)

[Some of the names of those transported seem like familier Maryland names.][This Thomas Metcalfe was somehow related to John Metcalfe of Accomac, since he is listed also with Ann Toft. Jane Metcalfe, wife of Gilbert Metcalfe was also listed with Anne Toft in transporting to Virginia in the same ship. Records of other Metcalfes are also found with Richard Browne and Nicholas Browne.][Also see John Brown with Jose. Calfe]

[This may be the same Thomas Metcalfe transported by Henry Normansell. This location is the closest to John Metcalfe I who m. Diana Gwatkins. WILLIAM MEDCALF MAY BE SON OF THOMAS?]

20 June 1665. William MEDCALFE aged thirty six yeares or thereabouts maketh Oath yt: Rich: THOMPSON did show yor: Depont. This wth: in written paper & posted it up & further sayeth yt: if hee went not to ye Cort: yt: hee would send it to ye Cort: to bee posted there & further sayeth not. Juratur Curia. (signed) Wm. MECALFE [born about 1630]. (Northumberland Court Orders, p.416...)[On 8 Sept 1662 Richard Thompson was an orphan and chose Mr. Thomas Willoughby as his guardian.]

[Another description: 21 July 1716. John Pyecraft, planter deed to John Gorum [Goreham], carpenter, both of Westmoreland Co., 60 acres in the forest of Nominy…near dwelling houses of Peter Smith and John Pyecraft…adjoing Thomas Walker and James Smith…part of 150 a purchased by Nathaniel Pyecraft (father of John Pyecraft) from William and Susannah Webb on 25 Aug 1692, part of the western half of a 500 a tract to Edward Witherington and William Webb of 1679…originally patented to William Baisely and Edward Hawley in 1665. Witness: Sampson Damovel [Darnell?], Hugh (x) Dunnahaw, Richard (x) Hamack (Westmoreland Co Deeds & Wills 5, p. 574.)

[Richard Tidwell may have been granted 50,212 acres of land in Frederick Co., VA, part of Carter’s Grant in 1740. He died in 1739 or 1740 and left it to his son William Tidwell. Neighbors in Frederick Co. were Helm, John Rout & Samuel Earle {Jr} and was located near present day Strasburg, VA]

[Samuel Earle Sr gave land to Wm. Rust Sr and wife 27 Sept 1693 in Northumberland Co. Wm. Rust is said to have married Matilda Earle after his wife Anne Metcalfe died, but I have found no record. Wm. Rust lived in Cople Parish and had brothers Henry and John; had sons William Jr. {who married Margaret Bonum before 1690, daughter of Samuel Bonum},Samuel, John & George Rust and died 29 Nov 1699. His Northumberland Co. will is missing.]

[Martin Cole Atty and his wife Alice lived in Northumberland Co., VA in the mid-1600’s. He is said to have married 2nd Mary Earle, born about 1642, daughter of (Sir) John Earle and Mary _____ widow of Symonds/Symons. ]

[Thomas Kedby had land on the South side of G W [Great Wiccomico] river adjacent to Martin COLE. 1 July 1654. 14.92. Thomas Kedby gives heifer to Peter Presley, now eldest son of Wm. Presley. 15 May 1658. 14.143. Source: Virginia Colonial Abstracts by Beverly Fleet, Vol. 1, Gen. Pub. Co., Inc., 1988, p. 558][This may have been on Scotts Creek.][Also: [Mr. Daniel Neale June 1661 … abutting Sly upon land of Thomas Kedby Wly Upon creek of Wicocomoco Riv & 100 acs Sly upon land of sd Kedby sold to John Johnson, Ely upon land John Hawley granted to Garrett & assigned CPv1 (Northumberland Co., VA records.] [Thomas Kedby witnessed the will of William Metcalfe in Northumberland Co., VA in 1655.]

[Thomas Gerrard, 300 acs. Northumberland Co., 24 Oct. 1655, p. 11, (17). 200 acs. abutting Sly. upon land of Tho. Kedby, Wly. upon a aeek issuing out of great WICOCOMOCOE Riv. &c. 100 acs. Sly. upon land sd. Kedby sold to JOHN JOHNSON, Wly. upon land sd. Garrat bought of Thomas Watts, Ely. upon land of Mr. JAMES HAWLY. 200 acs. granted unto Thomas Watts, Junr., 1 Apr. 1650 & assigned to sd. Gerrard & 100 acs. for trans. of 2 pers: Mary Wesson, Xpr. Peirce. Cavaliers & Pioneers, Virginia Patent Book No. 4.]

13 Feb 1722/23. Will of John OPIE of St. Stephen’s Parish, Northumberland Co., VA, dated 13 Feb 1722/23; proved 20 Mar 1722/23. Wife Anne OPIE, and my two sons Lindsey and Thomas OPIE—all my negroes, to be divided equally between them.

--Son Thomas OPIE—plantation I purchased of Philip ROGERS in “Mataponie”, to him and the heirs lawfully begotten of his body, and if none to my daughter Susannah OPIE and the heirs lawfully begotten of her body, and if none to the next heir at law.

--Daughter Susannah OPIE—all my money in England, to purchase yound negroes for my daughter.

--Wife, all my boats and sloop.

--To David STRAUGHAN, five pounds. [m. Ruth widow of Henry Bogges I]

Rest of my personal estate to be divided equally between my wife Anne OPIE, sons Lindsey OPIE and Thomas OPIE, and my daughter Susannah OPIE, provided my wife wants no dower. Wife Anne OPIE, executrix until my son Lindsey OPIE shall attain the full age of eighteen years, and then he is to be joint executor, at which time he is to take his own estate into his hands. Friends Griffin FANTLEROY, Samuel BONUM, and David STRAUGHAN, trustees. Witnesses: John CRALLE, Junr, William METCALF, and George RAGE. (Northumberland County, Virginia, Wills and Administrations, 1713-1749, Compiled and Published by James F. Lewis and J. Motley Booker, M.D., no date or publisher mentioned, pp. 44-45.)

[Is this a younger David Straughan? Capt. George Mason had a friend David Strahan who is mentioned in Stafford Co. court 11 Mar 1690/91 to keep a ferry over the Occoquan River.]

[Anne Metcalfe, daughter of Richard Metcalfe & Elizabeth Fauntleroy. She married John Opie in March 1713 in Richmond Co., VA. Anne died in 1724. I believe that the Wm. Metcalf, above, is her uncle William Metcalf, who is mentioned in 1709 in documents presented to the Richmond Co. court by Gilbert Metcalfe, son of Richard Metcalfe.]

14 May 1722. Nathaniel PHILLIPS to Samuel MAGET. 200 acres (a patent granted Nathaniel Phillips on 13 Nov 1713). Wit: Nicholas MAGET, Robert JUDKINS and Matthew METCALF. Rec. 16 May 1722. (Surry County Deeds, Wills,etc. 1715-1730, by William Lindsay Hopkins, 1991, GEN-N-DEX publishing services, Richmond, VA, p. 116)

[Nicholas Maget married Faith Judkins, daughter of Robert Judkins. Nicholas Maget was a godfather of William Judkins, son of William and Sarah Judkins, christened 4 Dec 1748 and to John Judkins, same parents christened 30 Nov 1746. Per Register of Albemarle Parish, Surry and Sussex Cos. 1739-1778, by Richards and Leonard, Pub. Colonial Dames, 1958]

[The Magets may have come to Surry Co., VA from Middleborough, Zeeland, Holland.]

[The County of Flanders was a historical region in the Low Countries. It consisted not only of the two actual Belgian provinces of East-Flanders and West-Flanders but also the present-day French département of the Nord (French Flanders), in parts of which there is still a Flemish-speaking minority, and the southern part of the Dutch province of Zeeland known as Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (Sealandic Flanders). ]

[Note there was a Thomas Metcalfe of Flanders: Proved 17 July 1751. Will of Thomas Metcalfe of St. George, Bloomsbury Square in the County of Middlesex, England, now in St. Omer, in Flanders {now Northern France}. Requests to be buried in the Church in Watton near this city… See Metcalfes of England file]

4 July 1722. Westmoreland Co. Mr. John STEELE, land grant dated 4 July 1722; recorded 16 Nov 1722. 371 acres in Parish of Washington on Pope’s Creek; adj. Joseph CHAMBERS, Mr. Lawrence POPE, Gilbert METCALF, Ambrose BAXTER’S old plantation (formerly Wm. KIMBALL’S (?), Capt. BALL, Mr. ffrans ST. ___, David ROSSIER. Surv. Thomas NEWTON. (Abstracts of Virginia’s Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, 1697-1784, Vol. IV, Compiled by Peggy Shomo Joyner, p. 133.)

[Lawrence Pope was the son of Humphrey Pope. He was the 2nd husband of Jemima Waddy d/o Thomas Waddy.]

1722. To all…I John BROWN of County of Northumberland do by these presents… for a consideration …seventy pounds…received of John CRUMP

of the County aforesaid…sold parcel of land in King George Co. on both sides of Marsh Run and both sides of Brown’s run, 178 acres being part of a tract of 427 acres granted to me John BROWN and William ALLEN…part of land formerly surveyed for William ALLEN. Signed John BROWN. Wit: William (x) MATKEBE, Henry (x) CALFE. Recorded 2 Nov 1722, Deed of Same to John CRUMP and Peter LOHEN by virture of a Power of Attorney from Mary the wife of John BROWN, relinquished her right of dower. 28 Oct 1722. Signed Mary Brown. Wit: Willm (x) LUNSFORD, Eliza. (x) LUNSFORD. 2 Nov 1722 Power of Attorney recorded. (King George Co., Deed Book 1, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, p. 17.)

[John Crump knew Cuthbert Harrison: “The relationship of this John Wigginton I to John II (#11001) is proven by the following deed located in the Prince William County Miscellaneous Papers, VSL 2 June 1959

JOHN WIGGINTON'S DEED TO GEORGE MASON, PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY Dated 12 May 1753 and recorded 29 May 1753 in Prince William County, VA. Deed Book "N", page 134 (said book is now missing). John Wigginton of the Parish of Ditingen, Prince William County, Planter and Elizabeth his wife, to George Mason of the same place, Planter - 50 acres on Cedar Run, Prince William County adjoining the lands of Thompson and Mrs. Ann Mason, same being part of 740 acres granted to John Hogain [Hogan] by deed from the Proprietors of the Northern Neck of Virginia 24 September 1710 and by him conveyed to Mathew Thompson, deceased, father of the said William Thompson, deceased, by indenture 7 July 1712 and the said Mathew Thompson, deceased, late the father of the said William Thompson, deceased by his last will and Testament dated 22 August 1712 devised the same to his daughter Mary Mason the then wife of Colonel George Mason and her heirs, which said Mary died without leaving any issue so that the tract of land descended to the said William Thompson as heir at law to the said Mary Mason in and by the said deed and will remaining of record in the County of Stafford... and the said land was conveyed by the said William Thompson and Mildred, his wife, by deed to John Wigginton, deceased, father to the said John Wigginton, now in possession which said land was willed to him by the last will and Testament of his father. signed John X Wigginton Elizabeth X Wigginton Witnesses: Cuthbert Harrison John Crump Joshua Davis ********************************* on Sept. 8, 2006]

[John Crump m. in about 1715 Hannah Travers, b. about 1690. John CRUMP’s will is dated 23 Jun 1746 in Hamilton Parish, Prince William County, Virginia.]

28 Mar 1723. King George Co. Henry CHALFEE [Calfee], no warrant, surveyed 28 Mar 1723; 696 acres on Brown’s Run, Rappahannock Falls Road, bras. Of Summerduck Run; adj. his own, Col. CARTER. Surv. Drawn by Col. Wm. BALL, Surveyor by help of Coppedges field notes. (Abstracts of Virginia’s Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, 1697-1784, Vol. IV, Compiled by Peggy Shomo Joyner, p. 122.)

[Henry Calfee may or may not be a Metcalfe. This may have been Hanover Parish, but verify.][The Calfees lived on Summerduck Run in Fauquier Co., which had previously been part of Prince William Co. This area is in southwestern Fauquier Co.]

1 May 1723. The claim of Joseph BRAGG for taking up a runaway servant named Michael WILLIAMSON belonging to William MERCALFE of Northumberland Co. was this day sworn in to court by the said Joseph BRAGG and ordered to be certified. (Court Records of Richmond Co., VA, Vol. 9, p. 99, ^ GET AUTHOR, ETC.)

[Solomon Redman, 26 Mar 1734, Richmond Co., VA, Planter, Lunenburg Parish, Rich. Co. to Charles Bragg 80 acres on Rapp. Creek, sold by Mark Thornton to Redman, now in poss. of John Jones. Wife Mary.] [Joseph Bragg may have married Susannah Dozier, daughter of Leonard Dozier II.]

[26 Mar 1734, Richmond Co., VA. Solomon Redman, Planter of Lundenburg parish, to Charles Bragg, Planter, same, 1,500 lbs tobacco, for 80 acres on branches of Rappahannock Creek, land formerly belonging to Luke Thornton & given to his grandson Mark Thornton, and sold by Mark to Redman, now in the actual possession of John Jones (with lifetime rights to Ann Mountjoy and her daughter, Sarah Jones, wife of John Jones.) Reliquishment of dower by Mary Redman, wife of Solomon, admitted to Record.]

[There was a Solomon Redman Metcalf in the 1800’s. How was he related?]

3 Sept 1723. Spotsylvania Co. 177 acres and 46 perches of land in St. George Parish, “at or near mines.” Ann BARROW, widow of Edward BARROW, late of the Co. of Richmond, Gentl., decd., and Edward BARROW, son and heir of the sd. Edward BARROW, to Hon. Alexander SPOTSWOOD of Germanna, Spts. Co., Esqr. 35, 177 acres and 46 perches of land. Wit: Jno. METCALFE. (Virginia County Records, Spotsylvania Co., 1721-1800, Vol. 1, edited by William Amstrong Crozier.)

19 Nov’r 1723. Ann METCALFE Daug’r to Wm & Ann born. (Virginia Colonial Abstracts by Beverley Fleet, Volume 1, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1988. p.437)

[Ann Metcalfe was the daughter of William Keene & Elizabeth Rogers (m. 2nd Thomas Banks) and granddaughter of Thomas Keene II & Mary Thorley.]

20 Nov 1723. Mack MACK MILLION, Servant of Wm. METCALF, having runn away from his said Master’s Service three months and Four Days and his said Master haveing been the expence of one hundred and Twenty pounds of Tobbo in getting him to which he hath made oath, ordered that he serve his said Master until his Indented time is expired according to law. OB 1719-29, 124. Indexed as McMillion. (Records of Indentured Servants and of Certificates for Land, Northumberland Co., Virginia, 1650-1795, Compiled by W. Preston Haynie, Heritage Books, Inc. 1996, p. 256)

15 Jan 1724. Will of Ann OPIE. States that Ann GENN should have her suit of black poplin. (Need source information.)

[19 Aug 1719 Opie Lindsey and John Lewis witnessed the inventory of the estate of James Genn. Ann Genn was administrator. James Genn and his wife Ann Genn were servants of Thomas Mathew, Genn lived next to John Cralle and his wife Ann Mathew Cralle on land that had been owned by Thomas Mathew. See entry for 17 May 1704. Wm. Metcalf probably a neighbor also. Descendants of James Genn (Jr.?) lived in Prince William County, per land grants (5 Aug 1747 near Cedar Run tract Rogues Road, Quantico Road, Thomas Stamps) next to John Calfee, son of Henry Calfee.]

24 Sept 1724. Will of Thomas BARECRAFT, of St. Stephens Parish, Northumberland Co., VA. Will dated 24 Sept 1724, proved 15 Dec 1725.

  • Son John BARECRAFT, tract of land whereon he now lives, my negro woman, my best feather bed and furniture, four cows, on great kettle, one great chest, two pewter basons, and one gray mare;

  • Son Thomas BARECRAFT, plantation whereon I now live;

  • Son Simon Peter BARECRAFT, my plantation in “Cone.”;

  • Daughter Jane HARDIN, two ewes and six hundred pounds of tobacco, to be paid by my three sons;

  • Daughter Martha HAYNIE, two ewes;

  • Daughter Winefred GILL, two ewes.

  • Daughter [Elizabeth?] PEW, two ewes. Rest of my estate to be divided equally between my sons Thomas BARECRAFT, and Simon Peter BARECRAFT.

Son John BARECRAFT, executor. Wit: Gilbert HARROLD, John GILLIS [Gill], and David STRAUGHAN. Page 330a of the original record. (Northumberland County, VA Wills and Administrations 1713-1749, Compiled and Published by James F. Lewis and J. Motley Booker, M.D., 1967, p. 39)

[Is this Thomas Barecraft the son of Thomas Barecroft who m. Mary, widow of Henry Metcalfe? Or is this Thomas Barecroft, Sr. who married Mary____ Metcalfe? Is Elizabeth Pew the wife of George Pew or is the later George Pew found with William Metcalfe, her son?]

[Is this the will of Thomas Barecroft who married Mary, the widow of Henry Medcalfe (1)? Or is this his son or relative? Mary must have died earlier as she is not listed in his will. I have been unable to locate her will. Or she and Thomas died in England (see VA 1600s file.) I believe that Winnefred Gill must have been her daughter by Wm. Metcalfe as there is a unknown Metcalf Gill, probably Winnefred’s son.)[Is Winneford Metcalf listed in Henrico Co. the same Winefred Gill?]

24 Sept 1724. Henry CALFE obtained a land grant in King George Co., VA in Hanover Parish, 696 acres. (obtain source.)

14 Feb’y 1725/6. Betty METCALFE Daug’r to Wm. & Ann born. (Virginia Colonial Abstracts by Beverley Fleet, Volume 1, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1988. p.437)

8 Mar 1725. (Richmond County) Capt. Moor FANTLEROY & Gilbert METCALF no wart., surved 8 Mar 1725; 4039 a. Survd. By Wm. MOSELEY 5 Feb. 1672 & confirmed by the Generall Court on Moor & Mary FANTLEROY 25 April 1685 & I began surv. At Capt. BEALES landing; on Monokin run, Mangorite great pattent, Rappa Crk, ca 2 or 3 chains below the Shipyard; adj. Col. TALOE [Tayloe], Capt. Thomas BEALE. Surv. James THOMAS. Files in Oversize box. (Abstracts of Virginia’s Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, 1710-1780, Vol IV, by Peggy Shomo Joyner, 1986, Portsmouth, VA, p. 137)

[MANGORITE (or Mangorike) was a farm in Richmond County "in the vicinity of present Downing Bridge spanning the Rappahannock and present-day Little Carter Creek. . . . It consisted of 1,800 acres belonging to Colonel Moore Fauntleroy in the seventeenth century." Robert Carter bequeathed it to Landon Carter. (Miller, Place-Names . . ., p. 93.; and Greene, , 5.)

[The most distinguished resident of Naylors, however, was Moore Fauntleroy who came to the Northern Neck about 1650 during the Cavalier migration from England. At first, he lived in Lancaster County (as did Edward Eidson), which was formed from Northumberland County in 1751. In fact, the first court in Lancaster County was held in his home in 1652. Elizabeth Combs Pierce in the Northern Neck Historical Magazine in December 1951 wrote "Before the first courthouse was built, Court was held in the home of the justices and the first recorded session was held in the home of Col. Moore Fauntleroy on January 1st."

In April 1651, Fauntleroy purchased from the Rappahannock Indians a tract of land that extended from the Rappahannock River to the Potomac and from Rappahannock Creek (now Cat Point Creek) to Marattico Creek (now Morattico), virtually all of the present-day Richmond County. The agreement was signed by Accopatough, king of the Rappahannock Indians. He, Fauntleroy, settled on this property and eventually built a mansion on the bluff above the river where the present Naylors Beach is. After Fauntleroy settled at Naylors, a wharf was established, and from 1682-1778, Southin's Ferry ran between Naylors Point (then called Cat Point) and a place called Hobbes Hole Daingerfield Landing. Moore Fauntleroy's son, William, later sold some land to William Tayloe whose son John lived in what was known as "Old House" which had been built in 1683. John Taylor, who succeeded his father on County Court in 1710, occasionally held Court sessions there. He built Mount Airy between 1748 and 1758.]

[At 2.4 m. on US 36o is a junction with State 204; R. here 4.7 m. to County 636 and L. to NAYLOR'S HOLE, 6.8 m., now a wharf and a few houses but once a shipping point for the ancestral seat of the Fauntleroy family. Colonel Moore Fauntleroy settled here in 1651. During a later period, Naylor's Hole was the home of Elizabeth Fauntleroy, George Washington's mysterious 'Lowland Beauty,' who turned Washington down on account of the smallpox scars on his f ace. In 1752, Washington wrote her father, Colonel William Fauntleroy: 'I purpose . . . to wait on Miss Betsy, in hopes of a revocation of the former cruel sentence and see if I can meet with any alteration in my favor.' US 360 crosses the Rappahannock River on the Downing Bridge, erected in 1927 to TAPPAHANNOCK, 6.4 m. (427 POP.) (see Tour 6a), at a junction with US 17, and US 360 westward (see Tour 20a).]

10 Apr 1725. King George County land grant. Owen GREENIN for whom surveyed, assignee of William STROTHER, warrantee, no warrant, date from survey 10 Apr. 1725; recorded 21 Oct. 1725; 467 acres on branches of Summerduck Run, ye County Rd. and ye Marsh Rd.; adj. Mr. Charles CARTER, Henry CALFEE. Surv. John SAVAGE. (Abstracts of Virginia’s Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, 1697-1784, Vol. IV, Compiled by Peggy Shomo Joyner, p. 124.)

[Note that Augustine Washington, father of George Washington, obtained land from the estate of William Strother per his will dated 11 April 1743: “I give to my son George Washington and his heirs the land I now live on which I purchased of the Executors of Mr. Wm. Strother deceased.” This is the Ferry Farm property at Fredericksburg, VA. Who purchased or inherited William Strother’s land near Henry Calfee?]

10 May 1725. King George County land grant. John EDY of Northumberland; no warrant, date from survey 10 May 1725; recorded 10 Jun 1725; 279 ¾ acres on Brown’s Branch; adj. Jno BROWN, Henry CALFEE, John CRUMP. Surv. John SAVAGE. (Abstracts of Virginia’s Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, 1697-1784, Vol. IV, Compiled by Peggy Shomo Joyner, p. 123.)

[Calfee may or may not be related to the Metcalfes.] [Henry Calfee’s daughter married a Harrell. Deed Book E, page 471:WILLIAM HARLE & Gerrard Tramel of Pr. William Co. 547 A. in said Co. adj. Col. Mason dec'd, Messrs Watt & Harrison on Brs. Of Accotink Run. Surv. by John Warner. 17 July 1742. Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, compiled by Gertrude Grey, Volume I, page 144. ]

JOHN HARL/HARLE; Fairfax; 24 Feb. 1746, 24 (?) June 1751; 131 a. near mouth of Secolin Br. on Goose Crk; adj. Abram Lindsay, Jacob Binks, Col. Carter, Mad. Mason (formerly Capt. Asbery's), Mr. Russ. Surv. Guy Broadwater. June 1752 " Eliza. the Widow of JOHN HARLE came & desired the benefit of this land, But if Any in behalf of the Son shd. Claim, then must submit." Abstracts of Virginia Northern Neck Warrants and Surveys 1653-1781, Volume I by Peggy Shomo Joyner.

Ruben Paget and Elizabeth to JACOB HARRIL 100 acres on a branch of Flint Run, patented by Fairfax September 19, 1749. Corner of John Calfee. Teste: John Sellers, William Hurst, James McKay. [JACOB HARRIL of Augusta County, Virginia, 1751. Land Deeds Recorded in Augusta County, Virginia, Deed Book 3, page 101, Chalkley Volume III, page 294.]

31 May 1725. King George Co. John HUDNALL, no warrant, date from survey, 31 May 1725-22 Oct 1725; 253 acres on branches of Brown’s run, ye Main Road; adj. his own, Henry CALFEE, Owen GREENIN. Surv. John SAVAGE. (Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, 1697-1784, Vol. IV, by Peggy Shomo Joyner, p.124.)

[Henry Calfee may or may not be a Metcalfe]

25 Oct 1725. Will of Wm. KEENE of Northumberland Co., VA dated 25 Oct 1725; proved 16 Feb 1725/26. Mentions:

  • Sister Eliza LEE and her heirs—all that part of land I had of her in Lancaster County

  • SISTER Ann METCALF and her heirs—the remaining part of my land in Lancaster County, it being that part I had of her.

  • Daughter Elizabeth KEENE—ten negroes: Tom, Lansdell, Moll, Merear, Sary, Dick, Letty, Isaac, Judy & Nelly. My daughter to remaine in the hands of William BALL, Jr. and twelve months after probate of my will, her estate to be delived to said BALL.

  • Son Newton KEENE—two hundred and fifty acres of land in Cherry Point known as “Cods”, eight negroes: Billicom, Winny, Will, Joyce, Cate, Sam, Harry, & Tony. Two good feather beds with bolsters, pillows, pillow cases, two pair sheets, blankets, and ruggs, all my plate except six spoons marked TB and ten sheep. During my son'’ minority, his estate to remain in the hands of my wife Elizabeth KEENE and Capt. Thomas NEWTON, and if they die before my son comes of age, I leave my son and his estate in the hands of MY BROTHER THOMAS MARTIN and one who the said Newton shall appoint.

  • Wife Elizabeth KEENE—four negroes: Billy, George, Samson, and Jenney, to her and her heirs, the plantation whereon I now live containing two hundred and forty acres during her natural life, and at her decease to my son Newton KEENE and his heirs. Also wife to have five negroes: Fillis, Joan, Nanne, Little Jeny, and Violet, during her natural life, and at her decease to my son and his heirs.

  • Mulatto Charles to be free at the age of twenty-four years.

  • Slave Tom to be free at the age of thirty one years and to be transported to Maryland

  • Wife—all rest of my estate , and she paying my debts. My estate is not to be appraised.

Witnesses: John CRALLE, Samuel BONUM, John CRALLE, Jr., and Parrish GARNER. (Wills of Northumberland Co., VA pp. 36-37—get rest of info)

[Will of earlier William Keene: 19 Nov 1701. Motion of Mrs. Anne Keene Widdow of Mr. William Keene dec’d, Com. Of Adm. James Ginn, Henry Dawson, Henry Bogasse, Richard Fflynt and John Lawrence any 4 to App. The Estate. Source: Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Series 2, Vol. 1, Northumberland Co., VA, 1678-1713, by Lindsay O. Duvall, 1979, by the Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr., Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC, p. 86]]

[Sister Eliza Lee was married to Thomas Lee b. 1679 at Dividing Creek (Cobb’s Hall), Northumberland Co. and was the son of Col. Charles Lee and Elizabeth Medstand, he died 16 Jun 1733 Northumberland Co, VA . Thomas Lee m. Elizabeth Keene. Sister Anne Metcalfe was married 1st to William Metcalfe and second to William Taite. Also note about Charles Lee: 17 Oct 1701. Motion of Mrs. Eliza. Less Exor of Capt. Charles Lee, dec’d by John Turberville, a Probate to her of the will no proved by witnesses, but appears to the Court to be his will.Source: Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Series 2, Vol. 1, Northumberland Co., VA, 1678-1713, by Lindsay O. Duvall, 1979, by the Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr., Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC, p. 86]]

[15 Sept 1703 to John Carnegie, 2400 acres for transporting 48 persons...William Keene...John Parsons... The Rev. John Carnegie was married to Elizabeth Ball. He died by 1711. Elizabeth Ball was the d/o Joseph Ball and was a half sister to Mary Ball Washington.]

2 Dec 1725. Elizabeth METCALFE married to Samuel BAILEY. (The Register of North Farnum Parish 1663-1814 by George Harrison Sanford King, 1966) and (Marriages of Richmond Co., VA, 1668-1853, Compiled and Published by George Harrison Sanford King, Fredericksburg, VA, 1964, p. 6.)

[Was this Samuel Bailey the grandson mentioned in the will of Wm. Pierce?: 20 Feb 1701 - 7 April 1702. Bequests to Pierce and Stanley GOWER [sons of Francis GOWER and his wife who was a daughter of Col. William PIERCE], to grandson Samuel BAILEY, grandson William PIERCE, daughters Elizabeth BRIDGES, Margaret GRAHAM, Mary ROWSEY, mentioned son John deceased and to wife Sarah one negro and her thirds of the estate. (Westmoreland Wills, p. 31) (Underwood, Fothergill). ]

[This requires further research since Elizabeth Metcalfe married William Bridges next.]

[5 June 1695. Richmond Co, VA, Edward Mozingo, Col. John Stone, Samuel Bayley hid tithables.

24 Feb 1701/02. Westmoreland County, Virginia. Will of [Col.] William PEIRCE. Named: Peirce and Stanly GOWER, grandson Samuel BAYLEY who received “all my land on the south side of Pantico runn next adjoyning unto Ned MESSINGO and George BRUCE,” grandson William PEIRCE (son of John PEIRCE deceased), wife [Sarah], [three] daughters Elizabeth BRIDGES, Margaret GRAHAM, and Mary ROWSEY, and loving friend Thomas MARSON and Rachel his wife. Probated 25 March 1702 (Deeds & Wills 3:50-5 1).

^ 1718-Marmaduke BECKWITH buys at least 11 acres from Samuel Bayley in the land area of Pantico Run (the Mill House and surrounds referenced in the 1723 Beckwith-Mozingo indenture in the Feb 27 1734/35 reference below.)

3 Apr 1723. Richmond County. Land indenture between Marmaduke BECKWITH and Edward MOZINGO. Marmaduke BECKWITH fronts the money for 50 acres for Edward MOZINGO in a conveyance from Samuel BAYLEY. BECKWITH reserves 2 acres for his Mill, bounding Pantico and Tailo [Tayloe’s] Runs. Edward MOZINGO’S land noted as one-half that conveyed by Samuel BAYLEY to BECKWITH in the 1718 conveyance. (Richmond Co. DB 8, pp. 187-191)

15 Dec 1756. Richmond Co., VA. Whereas the within named Sir Marmaduke BECKWITH at the special Instance and request of his son in Law Joseph MORTON of the County of James City hath lent the said Joseph Morton£500 Stg. for which sd sum the sd Sir Marmaduke Beckwith hath drawn Bills of Exchange payable to me the subscriber one of the securities of sd Morton on Lawrence Butler of London, Gent. (Richmond County Records, Deed Book 11 (1750-1757) p. 437 )

15 Dec 1756. MORTON'S discharge to BECKWITH:
I do hereby certify that I have accepted of the loan of£500 Stg for 4 years clear of Interest with£500 before paid me by Sr M: BECKWITH Bart. in full satisfaction for the fortune I was to have had with his Daughter and do hereby give him a full & absolute discharge for the same .... Jas. Morton, John Champe, John
Stretch [Strachey], Richd Taliaferro(Richmond County Records, Deed Book 11 (1750-1757) p. 124. )

18 May 1758. We agree the said Joseph MORTON hath Since departed this life Sometime in the year one thousand Seven hundred and Fifty nine having first made his last will and Testament in these words I Joseph MORTON of the County of James City Gent do make this my last will as followeth I give to my Daughter Frances MORTON all the Negroes now in my possession which lately became so by the death of Mrs BELFEILD my first wifes Mother being in number about Twenty two or three with their Increase to her and her heirs forever upon this Condition nevertheless that She Suffer my Excors hereafter named to have the use and profits of the said Slaves and their Increase until the twentieth day of Decemr in the year one thousand Seven hundred and Sixty for the Benefit of my Estate when it is my will that they be delivered up to her cloath'd and that She pretend no right to the said Slaves unless under this my will nor make any demand for their use or profits whilst I have been possessed of them but give my Excors a full and ample acquittance and discharge against any Such Claim and in case of refusing or failing so to do when of age and thereto required I give the said Slaves & their Increase to my son William Jordina MORTON and his heirs forever and to my said Daughter Frances one Shilling only I give to my four Daughters Molly BECKWITH MORTON, Betty McCARTY MORTON, Lucy BUTLER MORTON & Margaret Sydenham MORTON & their heirs forever all that Tract of Land at the Mountains in Orange County (two acres Excepted to be Equally divided amongst them as Conveniently as may be by my Exrs hereafter named or by Such Other person or persons as they Shall appoint & if any of my said Daughters Should die leaving no lawfull Issue living at her death then that the Survivors of them and their heirs Shall have the part of the said Daughter so dying equally to be divided amongst them I give to my son William Jordon MORTON one acre of the land above Excepted in Orange County to him and his heirs forever I give to my youngest Son not yet christened the Other acre of the said Land above excepted in Orange County to him and his heirs forever I give to my said four Daughters Molly, Betty Lucy & Margaret and my said two Sons and their heirs forever all the Slaves and their Increase Settled by my Marriage Contract on my Wife for her life equally to be devided amongst them as my Excors Shall think Just & Equitable I give to my young Son not yet christened and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten the Tract of Land I bought of Doctor John DIXON [DICKSON] containing about one thousand & Sixteen acres-in the County of James City and in default of Such Heirs to my Son William Jordon Morton and the heirs of his Body lawfully begotten and in default of Such Issue to my Daughter Molly Beckwith MORTON and the heirs of her body lawfully begotten forever I give to my Son William Jorden MORTON and to his heirs lawfully begotten of his Body forever all the Residue and Remainder of my Estate of what kind Soever after the payment of my Just Debts and in default of Such Issue to my young Son not yet christened and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten and in Default of Such Issue I give the Land to my Daughter Betty McCarty MORTON and the heirs of her body lawfully begotten forever the Negroes and personal Estate in case neither of my Sons Shall leave Issue of their Bodies living at their deaths I give in equal portions among all my Surviving Children by my present wife and their Legal Representatives my wife having joined with me in a conveiance to Mr Benjm WALLER of the Lands and Slaves Settled on her to Certain Trusts therein mentioned in Consideration of the said Conviance besides the provision therein made for her I give her the use of the house I now live in the Kitchen Smoke house Quarter and Garden during her widowhood and I direct that my Excors annually lay in provisions very Sufficient for my Daughters if She thinks proper to keep them with her which I am desirous She Should as long as She remains my widow and no longer Should She Marry I desire my said Daughters may be dispersed among Such of my Friends as will take them and I hope I have Such as will not Suffer them to be under any Father in Law as it is so much against my inclination as to my Sons at five years old at furtherest I would have them put under a carefull Master be the Expence what it will and kept close to Study till a Judgment can be formed of their Capacities & what ever they Shall be found fit for let them be bound to but I desire that neither of them be made a Parson tho I revere a good Clergyman as often as I meet one let my sons I say be Kept close to Some Study Business or Trade rather than be Suffered to run at large a Doctor of Phisick is a very usefull person and a prospers profession for any one that has an Estate in Negrois My further is that to enable my Excors to Settle my affairs pay my Just debts and educate my Sons they may have and I do hereby give them and the Survivors of them full power and Authority to receive the profits of my Estate and to Sell any part thereof either Lands Negroes or personal Estate notwithstanding any thing in this my Will to the Contrary as they Shall Judge most convenient for the purposes afd and the Interest of the Estate I do hereby appoint Colo Presley Thornton Capt William BROCKENBROUGH, Jonathan BECKWITH,Esqr, Mr Lawrence BUTLER & Mr Samuel APPERSON Executors of this my last will and Testament and Guardian to my Children earnestly entreating them to take on them the Charge In Testimony that this my last Will I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this Eighteenth Day of May one thousand Seven hundred and Fifty Eight. Jos. MORTON (Seal). (Virginia State Library, Reel 25, King George County, Order Book 1751-1765.)

[William Brockenbrough is son to Mary Metcalf Spicer Brockenbrough Fishpool and grandson of Richard Metcalfe.]

23 Dec 1725. Will of Samuel BARBER, dtd 23 Dec 1725, proved 2 Feb 1726. Gives to wife, for her life, his land on Totuskey Creek. Gives land where his grandfather Samuel BARBER lived to son Samuel. Mentions “my three sisters”, “my two sons”, wife, Mr. Gilbert METCALFE and Mrs. Sarah METCALFE, executors. (Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol 29, 1921, p. 359)

4 Jan 1725/26. Will of Roger GILBERT, dated 4 Jan 1725/26, proved 16 Mar 1725. To son, Thomas GILBERT, my land and Plantation where I live. To son, William GILBERT and daughter Mary GILBERT, rest of plantation. Friend, Nich. MAGET, Exer. Wit: Matthew METCALF, Thos. HOWELL, Robt. JUDKINS. Book 7, p. 632. (Wills and Administrations of Surry County, VA, 1671-1750, by Eliza Timberlake Davis, Virginia Book Co., Berryville, VA, 1955, p. 56)

1726. Justices of the Peace of Richmond Co., VA covering the parishes of Sittenbourne and North Farnham: Cha. BARBAR, Tho. GRIFFIN, John TAYLOE, Wm. FANTLEROY, Wm. DOWNMAN, Cha. GRYMES, Joseph BELFIELD, Rob’t TOMLIN, Jno. METCALFE, Sam’l PEACHY, Newman BROKENBURGH [Brockenbrough]. (English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records, compiled by Louis des Cognets, Jr., Gen. Pub. Co., Baltimore, 1981, p 39.)

[This John Metcalf is the oldest son of Richard Metcalfe and his first wife Elizabeth Fauntleroy. John Metcalf died in 1728. He mentioned no children or wife in his will.]

2 Apr 1726. Robert CARTER Diary.

Ap [ri]l 2d 1726. rainey a Season At Night Shut up my kiln of Bricks Mr GRYMES came at Nigh [t] wth the governor's Letters I was very Ailing all day a Sunday my Son Robert came home brought me Letters from Eliot LOMAX an Accot of 3 Negros dead at Pewmond's End

4 mr GRIMES major FITZHUGH Mr CARLY wen [t]

away he paid me 10£ Cash toward his quit Rents

Lawrence on Settling Accots paid me 11/10

I paid for John TULLY 20 shillings Sterl

I gave to Major FITZHUGH for John WARNER

a pistol [e] Captain BELFIELD came here I paid him

5 Major ESKRIDG came here he promises to Settl [e]

an Accot with me & to pay me off in a little

time talks of a heavy hogshead Tobo to pay my quit Rents &c

6 a Cold day W [ind] W blew hard I went to the Hills

the Mill Buckles Wolf house Changlins India [n Town]

ordered Pursell hands from 4 Quarters to

finish GREGORYS Corn field came home

after Sun Sett was terribly afflicted wth [word omitted] &c

7 a Cold morning W [ind] W I was somewhat Easie [r]

slept well went to Denis CROWDER Blough poin [t]

11 hogsheads at [Thomas] West 8 at CROWDER 4 at DENIS

8 GREGORY came home last [night] came from Coles

Point 26th ultimo was forced into St Marys

lay there [word omitted] daies brought home 3 tubs butter

Meeks Weight no Old iron

239 lb. 104 bushels Salt a hogshead Beans a hogshead Peas 8 --

flitches Bacon Cask cider 57 hogsheads Tobbo.

the same day sent GREGORY away aboard of Keiling

with aforesaid Tobo & 9 hogsheads more Friday night my

boat fetched mr Staf over a Saturday he Taught here

10th Easter day mr BELL preachd an excellent Serm [on]

the greatest number of Communicants that

ever I saw my kiln fired the day before

11 very warn went to the Kiln met Gil MET

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