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Compiled by Tracy Hancock with assistance from Alice Gedge

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METCALFE. Acknowledged in Richmond County Court the 5th day of November 1718 by John BRANHAM, William WOODBRIDGE, & Gilbert METCALFE and ordered to be recorded. Test. M. BECKWITH, Cl. Cur. (Richmond Co., VA Deed Book 7, pp. 327-328.)

12 Nov 1718. A list of tobacco paid from the estate of Mr. Tho: FITZHUGH dec’d:

To Gilbert METCALFE 0245

To Gilbert METCALFE 0065

(Virginia Colonial Abstracts by Beverley Fleet, Volume 1, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1988. p. 320)

8 Dec 1718. Last will & testmament of Rachell CUSTIS. Dated 8 Dec 1718; Proved 3 Mary 1720. To son Edward, son Henry, son Joseph, son Revell, daughter Rachell CUSTIS, daughter Jane CUSTIS, daughter Ann CUSTIS, daughter Francis STRINGER, daughter Elizabeth SHIELD, daughter Sarah WATSON. To grandson John STRINGER, grandson Willam Sacker SHIELD, grandson William CUSTIS, granddaughter Ann WATSON. Son Edward CUSTIS and Thomas STRINGER executors. Witnesses: John METCALFE, Charles SCARBURGH and Charles SCARBURGH, Jr. (Wills, Deeds and Administrations Book VI, 1715-1729, Page 255, as per Wills and Administrations of Accomack County, VA 1663-1800, Compiled and Edited by Strafford Nottingham, date??,p. 63.)

[A relation?: The will of John Smithier, of Arlington, in the parish

of Buybury and county of Gloucester, dated February 16, 1618, proved October 31, 1626, mentions his cousins, Henry Custis, alias Cliffe; "my son-in-law Edward Custis, alias Cliffe; and his son John Custis," as also William Custis, Nicholas Custis, etc. (New England Hist. and Gen. Register, 195, 201.)

[This is probably the John Metcalf who is listed in the 1704 rent roll of Accomac Co., VA along with Isaac and Samuel. Or this may be John, son of Isaac.]

[“Edward Revell of Accomack, Gentleman, with the consent of Frances my wife, to our loving daughter Rachell, the now wife of Henry Custis of the aforesaid County, Gentleman, our son in law- Deed of Gift. 975 acres, being one halfe of 1950 acres situate at a place called the Great Neck in the said County bounded according to patent granted to me the said Edward Revell bearing date the 23 March 1671/2 or by a patent bearing date the 29 September 1671, for and during their natural lives, and after the death of both of them to their heirs male and female for want of heirs male. 15 June 1683 recorded 16 Aug 1683. Source: Accomack County Book VI Page 346. Henry Custis developed this property and built Ravenswood there. The property remained in Custis hands for over 200 years. From Ghotes and Revel Family Website.“]

1719. Anthony METCALF imported himself into this Colony directly from the Kingdom of Great Britain sometime in the year 1719. Sworn on 30 Nov 1752. (Some Importations from Order Books, Brunswick Co, VA., B4, p. 357)

[Papers of the Monckton-Arundell Family, Viscounts Galway of Serlby Hall, Nottinghamshire, early 13th Century – 1958. Catalogue Ref. Ga 9201-Ga2I.

Creator(s): Monckton family, Viscounts Galway; Monckton-Arundell family, Viscounts Galway; Arundell, Monckton-, family, Viscounts Galway. [Access Conditions] The 20th Century material within the Galway Collection is currently closed. The remainder of the Collection is accessible to all registered readers.

Papers of the Monckton-Arundell Family, Viscounts Galway of Serlby Hall, Nottinghamshire, early 13th Century – 1943. Deeds and Settlements relating mainly to Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire - ref. Ga 9201-11,846.

^ Deeds relating to Yorkshire (West Riding) including Knaresborough.=

FILE - Final concord between Leon Robinson, John Warcoppe, Samuel Hulme and Thomas Lowcocke, plaintiffs, and John Morland and Elizabeth his wife, Thomas Metcalfe and Anne his wife, Anthony Metcalfe, John Metcalfe, and George Holden and Mary his wife, deforcs. of messuages and lands, for £40. Location: Knaresborough, Yorkshire. - ref. Ga 9864 - date: Hilary Term 1693. A2a Archives.]

24 Feb 1719. Thomas SORRELL by virtue of a power from Richard TYDWELL duely proved acknowledged a Deed of Land together with Livery of Seizin from Richard TYDWELL to William MEDCALFE and also by virtue of one other power from Sabra, wife of the said Richard the said SORRELL relinquished her right of dower and thirds in and to the said lands and premises which at the Instance of the said MEDCALFE are ordered to be recorded. (Virginia County Court Records, Order Book, Westmoreland County, VA, 1718-1721, by Family of Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press, 2003, p. 384.)

[Published From page 35, John Tidwell of Virginia, Mrs. McCall and appeared The Citizen, a Fayetteville, GA newspaper:

“John Tidwell, the founder of this Virginia family, came to America with his two brothers, Richard and Robert Tidwell, from England. Tradition says the Tidwell family were among the Huguenots who fled from France to England and remained there many years.

The name of Tidwell is found in County Devon, England, and is spelled Tidswell, Tidwell, Todwell, Tydswell, and Tyddeswell. As to religion, this family adhered for many generations to the Church of England and the old Virginia records show that they were of the Episcopal Church. It was no doubt the desire of the younger sons to have new homes and the love of adventure, and not religious freedom, that they came to America.

Early Virginia records show that the three brothers and their sons were men of honor and trust, holding high office in social and religious affairs of the Colony, but show no record of any member of the family holding public office in the Colony.”

Mrs. McCall states that the three brothers all settled on the Potomac River in Westmoreland County, Va., about 1683 and, in 1705, the town of Yeocomico was established on the lands of Richard Tidwell. She references the Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol. 10, page 77, and says that John Tidwell lived his life as a quiet planter, owning many acres of land, and was a wealthy and influential man. He resided on the Potomac River and belonged to the Church of England. His name and the names of his two sons, Robert and John, were on the Parish Register of the Yeocomico Church. The records also show that they were strong adherents of the King of England.

However, by 1790 the name of Tidwell was extinct in Virginia and the name does not appear in the 1783 census.

Mrs. McCall does not give any information as to the final disposition of John Tidwell, founder of this Tidwell line in America, so we have no idea (from her book) as to when he died or where he may be buried. Also unknown is the name of this John Tidwell’s wife. From church records, we have only the names of his two sons, Robert, who married Hannah Carr, and John. Mrs. McCall leaves the possibility open that there may have been other children.

The next generation concerns only the son, John, and does not go into the family of Robert and Hannah Carr Tidwell.

Young John was born in Virginia on the Potomac River and lived on a plantation near his father. His name appears in Virginia records as having land and being a member of the Church of England.

In 1772, having received a grant of land in Craven County, S.C. from King George (dated Nov. 19, 1772), young John moved to that colony with his family, following the tide of immigration of hundreds of others. With John were his wife (name unknown), his children and his slaves, and all their household goods. They settled on the waters of Wateree Creek, “ ... virgin forests abounded everywhere, a frontier settlement typical of the time and section ... his name does not appear as a Revolutionary Soldier, so he probably died before this time.” Again, we do not know the death date for this John Tidwell.

Other descendants of the three Tidwell brothers of Virginia also came to South Carolina, as Mrs. McCall’s research indicates. A Richard Tidwell of Virginia obtained a grant of land in Craven County in 1764 and deeded it to his son, Francis Tidwell, in 1775; a Robert Tidwell obtained a grant in Craven County in 1769; and a Pressley Tidwell came at the same time as our John in 1772.

The next generation concerns a son of John Tidwell, William Tidwell, born in 1765 on the Potomac River, who moved with his parents to Craven County in 1772. This William lived in Craven County until he volunteered as a Revolutionary Soldier.

The record of William’s life and tragic death, along with the sudden death of his wife, were related to Mrs. McCall by William’s great-grandson, Reuben William Tidwell, and we’ll take up there next week.

The Citizen, P.O. Drawer 1719, Fayetteville, GA 30214; e-mail or on July 16, 2007.]

[“…The three town-sites first selected on the Virginia shore of the Potomac were: "in Northumberland County, Chicacony," now Coan Wharf; "in Westmoreland, at Nomenie, on land of Mr. Hardricke," near Booths; and "in Stafford County, at Please Point, at the mouth of Acquia on the north side." These towns never developed. Kinsale by act of the Burgesses, was founded in 1705, on the land of Richard Tidwell. It is nearly a hundred years older than Richmond, and nearly a hundred years older than the Capital of the Nation. At its ancient wharves ships have tied up for more than two centuries. In Colonial days it traded direct with Glasgow and the West Indies…”]

1 Apr 1719. CAVERNER’S [Taveners?] Inventory. Per Court order of 2 Apr 1719, being first sworn before Jo:n TAYLOE, Gent. A Richmond Justice of the Peace, have appraised all the goods and chattels of Thomas CAVERNER, deceased, as was presented to our view by Stephen WELLS, the administrator. Includes old lumber, an old spinning wheel, 1 small boar and 2 small shoats, 6 lbs of old iron. Total: L5.12.4. Signed: Gilbert METCALFE, William SMITH, William SMITH [sic]. Recorded 6 May 1719. (Richmond Co., Virginia, Will Book No. 4, 1717-1725. Published by TLC Genealogy, Miami Beach, FL, 1999, p. 29.)

7 Oct 1719. Know All Men by these presents that I Mary SPICER, the Wife of John SPICER of County of Sittenbourn in County of Richmond, Gentlemen, by these p:sents do appoint my Trusty Friends, Mr. Robert JONES & Daniel GAINES or either of them my true & lawfull Attorney or Attorneys for me and in my name to acknowledge unto William FANTLEROY of Parish and County aforesd:, Gentlemen, all my Right and Title of Dower and Thirds at ye Common Law in a certain parcell of land scituate in the Parish and County aforesd: by my sd: Husband sold and conveyed unto sd William FANTLEROY and whatsoever my Attorneys or either of them shall lawfully doe or cause to be done in the p:misses by vertue hereof I shall and hereby do ratify and confirm for as firm and valid as if I were p:sonally p:sent at the deeding thereof; In Witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and Seal the 7th day of October: Anno Dom: 1719. Signed Mary SPICER. Wit: Jno:METCALFE, John MORTON, Jr. Att a Court helf for Richmond County the 7th day of October 1719 This Power of Attorney from Mary SPICER to Robert JONES and Daniell GAINES was proved in open Court by the oaths of John METCALFE and John MORTON, Junr., witnesses thereto, and admitted to Record. Test. M. BECKWITH, Cl Cur. (Richmond County, VA Deeds 1714-1720 by Sam and Ruth Sparacio, p. 109; pp. 437-441 in the original deed book)

[John Spicer was 2nd husband of Mary Metcalfe, daughter of Richard Metcalfe & Anne Stone. Her first husband was Wm. Brokenbrough. The John Metcalfe mentioned is her brother who later died in 1728]

Nov 1719. William MEDCALFE of St. Stephens Parish Parish bought 200 a from Richard TIDWELL of Cople Parish Westmoreland Co. at point where Yeocomoco divides into 2 branches part of 400 acres granted Richard NELMES 20 Nov 1652 and sold to Richard TIDWELL and Robert JEFFERIES divided between them. (Westmoreland Co., VA. Order Book 1705-1721, p. 384.)

[This land was described 10 Jan 1716/17: John Pyecroft deed to James Coleman, 100s adjoining the land of Peter Smith, Thomas Walker, and Richard TIDWELL, and of Wm. Harper and John Goreham. (Westmoreland Co. Deeds & Wills 6, p. 134.)]

On the last day of November 1719, William MEDCALFE of St. Stephens Parish, Northumberland County, bought 200 a from Richard TIDWELL of Cople Parish Westmoreland Co. at point where Yeocomoco divides into 2 branches part of 400 acres granted Richard NELMES 20 Nov 1652 and sold to Richard TIDWELL and Robert JEFFERIES and afterward divided between them. Sabra his wife appointed Thomas SORRELL to relinquish her dower. (The Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 18, pp. 175-179)

(Westmoreland Co. , Order Book 1705-21, p. 384; Westmoreland Co. Deeds & Wills 6, pp. 585-89.) [This is the land may be referred to as on Poor Jacks Creek.]

[1 July 1718. John POORE, Farnham Par; will dated 1 Jul 1718; proved 6 Aug 1718. Godson Dinisead CARROLL and his sister Frances ____; Sarah WISDELL [Tidwell-daughter of Richard Tidwell], John Blu__er, Executor Richard WISDELL [Tidwell]; wit. Gilbert METCALFE, Wm PHILLIPS, Jr.; Wills of Richmond Co., VA, by Robert K. Headley, Jr. 1983, Gen. Publishing Co., p. 40 (p. 44 of original record) [His inventory 3 Sept. 1718.]

[Since Gilbert Metcalfe was witness of this will and William Metcalfe purchased the land from Richard Tidwell (acting on the behalf of his daughter Sarah in the will of John Poore) I believe that William Metcalfe may be a son of Gilbert I and brother to Richard. Other court documents found possibly support this assumption.]

See also the following land grant records from Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, 1710-1780, Vol. III, compiled by Peggy Shomo Joyner, all records from Stafford Co which later became Prince William Co.:

  1. Leonard Helms of Spots. Co; 15 Oct 1725, 20 Sept 1726, 673 a. on Lucky Run, a branch of Cedar Run; adj. Richard Tedwell, Thos. Whitledge, Philemon Watters.

  2. Mr. John Ralls, 17 Jun 1746; 26 Feb 1746/47; 1,900 acres on Chappawamsick & Goose Runs & Beaverdam; adj. John Hall, Cuthbad (Cuthbert) Harrison, Thos. Botts, Breedwell, Capt. Willoughby Newton, John Maddin, Floyd, Leond. Helms (now Overall’s), Tedwell [Tidwell], Robt. Ashby, John Miles. Survey James Genn.

  3. John Maden, 31 Oct 1728; 576 acres on Goos Run; adj. Richd Tedwell, John & Danll Orea, John Collet, Capt. Triplet& John Maden’s house drawn on plat. Surv. Thomas Barber.

  4. Richard Tedwell, 8 Dec 1722; 19 Feb 1722/23; 272 a. on Goose & Cedar Runs; adj. John & Danll Orea(s). Voted 1741 Stafford Co.

  5. Richard Tedwell, 11 feb 1724/25; 4 June 1725; 570 acres on Lucky Run of Occoquan; adj. his own land, John & Daniel Orea, Capt. Thomas Harrison.

  6. Richard Tedwell, 19 Apr 1729; 553 acres on Goose Run; adj. his own land, John Madin, Capt. Helms.

[Richard Nelms patented 400 acres in two places north of the Northumberland Co. border with Westmoreland County on 25 Nov 1662 and renewed it on 29 Jan 1663 per Eaton’s Historical Atlas of Westmoreland Co, page 73; map is shown. On page 57 shows that Samuel Bonum may have come from Kinsale, Ireland for which the town is named. Richard Nelms patented the land where Kinsale was located in 1662. He sold it to Richard Tidwell and Robert Jefferies on 18 Mar 1663.][Richard Nelms’ daughter Lucretia Nelms b. 16 Feb 1704, per some researchers was the wife of John Bearcroft/Barecroft and Mary ___ mother of Henry Metcalfe.]

[ Poor Jack Creek is a small estuary of Currioman Bay. Chatham Plantation, the site of the first courthouse built for Westmoreland County by Walter Brodhurst, is bounded by Poor Jack Creek and Currioman Creek to the NW. The name first occurs in Brodhurst’s patent description of 18 Oct., 1650: “beginning at a point on the W. Side of Poore Jacke Creek, a point on the mouth of the Conawoman Creek, which divides same from land of William Hardigg etc. To an Indian cleerfield.”

^ In 1761 Robert Carter III leased William Dunbar 61 ½ a. Of METCALFE plantation “near poor Jacks Oldfield” for twenty one years. (Cavalier and Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, Abstracted by Nell Marion Nugent, Vol. 1, Dietz Press, Virginia State Library, Richmond, 1979, p. 199.) (Westmoreland County Virginia, 1653-1983, Edited by Walter Biscoe Norris, Jr. Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors, Montross, VA, 1983 pp. 79-80)]

Is John Metcalfe of Prince William County related to the William Metcalfe in Westmoreland Co. who bought land from Richard Tidwell? As can be seen in the Northern Neck Land Grant records, Richard Tidwell moved up to Stafford which later became part of Prince William County. John Metcalfe of Prince William had associations with many of the same individuals as did Richard Tidwell. There are no records showing John Metcalfe of PW Co. directly with Richard Tidwell of Westmoreland or directly with William Metcalfe of Westmoreland Co. However here are some interesting associations:

  1. John Metcalfe and Charles Cornwell witnessed a receipt from Philemon Waters to Edward Askins on 19 May 1731 in Prince William Co. Philemon Waters was a neighbor of Tidwell and Nelms in #1 above.

  2. John Metcalfe along with John Maden and John Whitledge witnessed the will of John Holmes on 2 Feb 1732/3 in Prince William Co. Note John Maden is found in #2,#2, & #6 above. Is John Holms really John Helms as in #6 above? Is Leonard Helms in #1 related to John Helms?

  3. John Metcalfe witnessed a deed from Dan. Orear to John Orear on 18 Sept 1734 in Prince William Co. on land on Goose Run. See Dan. Orear and John Orear in #3, #4, #5, and Goose Run in #2.

  4. John Metcalfe witnessed the will of Daniel Orear on 4 Oct 1736 in Prince William Co. Daniel Orea was a neighbor of Richard Tidwell in 1724, #5 above.

  5. John Metcalfe leased land from William Spiller on 27 Nov 1738 in Prince William Co. and it was witnessed by Philemon Waters who is also found in 1725 as a neighbor of Richard Tidwell in #1.

More on Richard Tidwell:

  • John Pyecroft deed to James Coleman, 10 Jan 1716/17, 100 acres adjoining land of Peter Smith, Thomas Walker and RICHARD TIDWELL and of Wm. Harper and John Goreham (Westmoreland County Deeds & Wills 6 p. 134. Is this Peter Smith from Maryland????

  • Richard Tidwell is mentioned in the will of Thomas Walker of Westmoreland Co., VA, dated 26 Jan 1715/16 ; proved 30 May 1716. Thomas Walker leaves to his son Thomas 30 acres that he purchased from Richard Tidwell. He leaves son Edmund land next to Peter Smith. Thomas Walker has wife Mary, other children George, Samuel, Margery, Anne, Alice, Mary, Rachel,Benjamin; grandchildren John Wright, Thomas Wright, James Walker. Wife Mary Walker executrix. Wit. Samll. Damonvel, John Froud, George Bruce. Could the son Thomas Walker Jr. later be of Maryland?

1719. Archdale COMBS sold to Thomas DICKENSON a tract being a part of the land "whereon my father, John COMBS, did dwell." “The DICKENSONS lived near Index, and Dickenson's Corner [Westmoreland Co, VA] is almost in sight of Index. The tract in question lay on a fork, or better, a gut, of Jett's Creek, apparently the one that runs into the creek near where the old road crosses the creek. It is therefore very near the "divide," and old Westmoreland County.” (Combs Family Web site

[Thomas Dickenson was the husband of Elizabeth Metcalfe d/o Richard Metcalf and Ann Stone. He died in 1714. They had son Metcalfe Dickenson. She married by 1727 Marmaduke Beckwith.]

1 Mar 1720. Recorded. The estate of Mr. Tho. FITZHUGH, dec’d. A list of tobacco paid in 1718. To Gilbert METCALFE, 0245; To Gilbert METCALFE, 0065. (Virginia Colonial Abstracts, by Beverly Fleet, Vol. 1, Gen. Pub. Co., Inc., 1988, p. 320.)

19 April 1720. Will of Wm. BROCKENBROUGH 19 April, 1720-1723. Mother Mary DALTON; brother Newman BROCKENBROUGH. (ABSTRACTS FROM COURT RECORDS (Will Book No. 5.), RICHMOND COUNTY, VIRGINIA.)

23 May 1720. Will of Elizabeth BANKS, of St. Stephens Parish, Northumberland Co., VA; Will dated 23 May 1720, proved 20 July 1720.

Son John KEENE all my land in “Mattaponie” and half the stock of cattle and hogs to me belonging which are on said land, and negroes Violet and Harry, to him and his heirs. The above with what I have already given him to be his childs part of my estate. If after my death he should try and recover any other part of my estate, the land and negroes given to him to go to my grandson William KEENE and his heirs.

Daughter Hannah BUSHROD negroes Hager, Hannah, Patrick, and Tony, to her and her heirs. Also the best of my wearing apparel as linen, silk, and wollen.

Grandson Giles SAMFORD nego woman Rachel, to be delivered to him when he shall attain the age of twenty one years.

To Samuel SAMFORD [Sanford], Senr., and each of his three eldest sons, one shilling apiece.

Grandson John and Samuel SAMFORD, one piece of Garlic Holland to each of them.

Granddaughter Elizabeth LEE [m. Thomas Lee, s/o Charles Lee and Elizabeth Metstand] the thirty pounds I lent her husband, together with my negro woman Bess and her son called Billey, one feather bed and furniture vizt: bed, bolster, rugg, blankets, one pair of sheets, two pillows, one suit curtains and vallens, and bedstead.

Granddaughter Elizabeth SAMFORD [Sanford], negro girl Dido, to be delivered to her at the age of eighteen years or day of marriage, which shall happen first.

Grandchildren John and Elizabeth WOODBRIDGE, each a gold ring, John to have the one with the motto “Lett love abide till Death Divide.”

What I have bequeathed to my son in law Samuel SAMFORD and his children (my grandchildren), shall be their full share of my estate.

Grandson William KEENE, tract of land which I bought of my son in law John BUSHROD, to him and his heirs, and he is to have all the residue of my estate real and personal either in Great Brittain or Virginia or elsewhere.

My mulatto man John SPENCE to be free imediately after my decease.

Grandson William KEENE, executor. Wit: Henry BOGGES, Mathew GRIFFIN, and Thos. SORRELL. Page 127 of the original record. (Northumberland County, VA Wills and Administrations 1713-1749, Compiled and Published by James F. Lewis and J. Motley Booker, M.D., 1967, pp. 23-24)

[Per William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. 8, No. 1. (Jul., 1899), pp. 42-4745: On “Cypress Farm” at the head of Garner’s creek, near the site of the early Keene residence, two heavy slabs are to be seen, one of them partly overgrown by a large persimmon tree. One of them has this inscription:

^ Here lyeth the body of William Keene, the eldest Son of Thomas and Mary Keene

Born in Kent in Maryland the 10th day of march anno Dom. 1642, Who marryed

Eliza, the Daughter of John Rogers Gent. and Ellin his Wife of Northumberland Co.

in Virginia by Whome he had two Sons and four daughters And dyed ye 8 day of Feb.

^ 1684 in ye two and Fortieth year of his Age.

The other tomb, lying near by the above, shows lettering remarkably clear and distinct, as follows:

HERE LYETH THE BODY OF THOMAS BANKS GENT. THE ONLY SON OF THOMAS BANKS GENT AND DORATHY (sic!) HIS WIFE WAS BORN AT WOODSTOCK WILTSHIRE ON ST. GILEIS DAY. ANNO DOM, 1642 AND SERVED Seven Yeares an Apprentice to Mr. Wallistone Mercht in Southampton. And after came into Verginia, where he married three Wives, the last of which he tooke to Wife Eliza (1) the Relict of William Keene, dec’d, daughter of John Rogers Gent, and Ellin his Wife of Northumberland County in Verginia, Was marryed the 8 day of december 1687 and dyed the 20 of September. Anno Dom.1697 In the 56 Year of his age as also these two Versers. As I in Sorrow for thee have been distrest. If god Permit me Lye by the to rest.

(1) Mrs. Elizabeth Banks, after enduring two widowhoods, died in 1722 (will probated March 15, 1722). Her sons by Wm. Keene were William and John. Her daughter Hannah married Col. John Bushrod, of Bushfield, in Westmoreland, Elizabeth married ----- Lee. Another daughter married Samuel Samford, and the fourth daughter married John Woodbridge. Her father, Major John Rogers, was an early settler in Northumberland, and long served as one of the justices. A small creek tributary to hull’s creek is still known by the name of Rogers, the plantation and home of the early justice having been on its banks. It seems very probably that Elizabeth Keene was the wife of Charles Lee, youngest son of the immigrant Richard Lee.]

[Edmund Chisman m. Lydia, daughter of “Elizabeth Bushrod, wife of Thomas Bushrod; Richard Bushrod, brother of Thomas Bushrod b. 1626 m. Aphia ____ & had Thomas, John, Aphia & Dorothy. Lydia m. Dr. Henry Whiting]

[16 Feb 1709/10. Capt. George Eskridge with consent of Eliza. Bushrod Wid. And Relict of Richd. Bushrod decd. admitted guardian to her infant son Richd. Bushrod. Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Series 2, Vol. 1, Northumberland Co., VA, 1678-1713 by Lindsay O. Duvall, 1979, by the Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr., Southern Historical Press, Easley, S.C., p. 122.]

  1. William MEDCALFE Westmoreland Co. 3:384

Henry ^ METCALF 9:139

John METCALF Accomack 12:307, 12:325

John METCALFE Accomack 12:255, 57:18.

John METCALF Richmond, North Farnham 39:3

Gilbert METCALFE 10:165

(Virginia A Reconstructed Census, 1998 TLC Gen., book number:page)

15 Aug 1720. Will of Reuben COLBURT, dated 15 Aug 1720, proved 15 Feb 1720/21. Henry METCALF should have estate until Richard HEADEN is 17 years old. Wit. James Lamkin and George Headen. (get source!)

[Is Henry Calfe the same as Henry Metcalfe? See Northumberland record of 2 Nov 1722 where Henry Calfe witnessed a deed. Henry Metcalfe was married to Priscilla Shippy.]

[This is probably Richard HAYDEN, who may have later married Elizabeth TURNER, daughter of Pheobe Shippey and John Turner. See John Turner’s will of 6 Dec 1741. Pheobe Shippey is the sister-in-law to Henry Metcalfe, sister of his wife Priscilla Shippey Metcalfe. George Hayden/Headen is probably brother to Richard. George Hayden is found in the tithables in Loudoun Co. later.]

2 Nov 1720. John BRANHAM and Anne, his wife, of Richmond Co., for natural love and affection, convey an estate of inheritance of the said Anne to Benjamin RUST and Eleanor his wife. (Richmond Co. Deeds, Vol. 7, p. 547; Vol. 6, p. 22.) (Rust of Virginia, pp. 49-50.)

[Establishes first marriage of Benjamin Rust to Eleanor Branham. His second wife was Sarah Metcalfe, daughter of Richard Metcalfe.]

7 Dec 1720. DAILEY’S Inventory. Per Court order of Dec 7, 1720, being first sworn before Jo:n TAYLOE, Gent. A Richmond Justice of the Peace, have appraised the estate of John DAYLE, deceased, as was presented to our view by Thos: PHILLIPS and Mary, his wife, administrators. Includes 2 mares, 1 suit of men’s clothes, 923 lbs of stemmed tobacco, 790 lbs of leaf tobacco, 1230 lbs of ditto, 7 old sheep. Signed: Gilbert METCALFE, William SMITH, William SMITH. Recorded 1 Feb 1720. (Richmond Co., Virginia, Will Book No. 4, 1717-1725. Published by TLC Genealogy, Miami Beach, FL, 1999, p. 45.)

14 Dec 1720.  Sabastian CROPPER, dated 14 Dec 1720, proved 7 Mar 1720/21.  To son Bowman CROPPER land adj. the land of Edmund BAYLY dec.  To son Sebastian land adj. his bro. Bowman.  Wife Rachell.  Daug. Ester (under 16), sons under 21.  Should wife marry friend Henry SATCHELL & bro. in law Samuel SIMSON to take my two sons under their care.  Wife Exec.  Witt:  John METCALF, Samuel SIMSON, Edmund Bowman CROPPER, Michael WARD. (Wills and Administrations of Accomack County, Virginia, 1663-1800, by Stratton Nottingham, Polyantos Cottonport, 1973, p. 50.)

1721. King George County was formed from Richmond County. Maj. John Dinwiddie was its first sheriff, but he returned to Glasgow, Scotland in 1724, but his wife Simpha Rosa Mason Dinwiddie did not accompany him. After Dinwiddie’s death in 1726, his widow m. Jeremiah Bonaugh, Jr.

3 Jan 1721. THORNTON’S Inventory. An inventory of the estate of Mark THORNTON, deceased, appraised by us by virtue of a Court order obtained in Richmond Court by Mary THORNTON, relict and widow of the said Mark THORNTON, dated 3 Jan 1721, being first sworn by Mr. John METCALFE, one of the Justices of Richmond, includes 1477 lbs of net tobacco, 4 sheep, 1 small horse, 6 cows, 1 Negro woman, 1 white woman servant, a fiddle, a pair of pistols and holsters, 84 lbs of pot iron, 60 bottles, carpenter’s tools. Total: L72.3.7. Signed: John YEATMAN, Joseph BRAGG, Leonard DOZIER. Recorded 7 Mar 1721. (Richmond Co., Virginia, Will Book No. 4, 1717-1725. Published by TLC Genealogy, Miami Beach, FL, 1999, p. 55.)

28 Mar 1721.  Capt. John WASHBURN, dated 28 Mar 1721, proved 6 June 1721.  To wife Susanna 400 a. where I now live for life then to grandson Washburne JOHNSON, son of my dau. Dorithy JOHNSON.  Grandchildren Richard, Temperance & Bridgett JOHNSON, children of my dau. Dorithy JOHNSON.  Wife. Exec.  Friend Richard RODGERS to assist her.  Witt:  John METCALFE, Daniel WILLIS, Dorrythea PARKER, Henry WILLIS. (Wills and Administrations of Accomack County, Virginia, 1663-1800, by Stratton Nottingham, Polyantos Cottonport, 1973, p. 52)

4 Apr 1721.   Thomas COPES, dated 16 Dec., proved 4 Apr 1721. Named:   Son Thomas.  Elijah SIMPSON.  Samuel SIMPSON.  Son Giles COPES.  Son in law Abraham HOOTON.  Dau. Elizabeth HOOTON. Samuel HOOTON, brother of Abraham, his wife Sarah...Samuel's father John HOOTEN.  Ester HOOTEN.  Dau. Mary deceased.  Clothes to Sarah SIMPSON and Esther CROPPER.  Wife, Henry CUSTIS & Samuel SIMSON Exrs.  William TAZEWELL to be my attorney in VA and Maryland.  Witt:  John METCALF, Henry CUSTIS, Edmund Bowman CROPPER, Giles COPES, Pattrick CLARK.  (Wills and Administrations of Accomack County, Virginia, 1663-1800, by Stratton Nottingham, Polyantos Cottonport, 1973, p. 51)

p. 68.  Court Order 1717-1719.
2 May 1721.  Admin. Estate of Charles LEATHERBURY with will annexed to his bro. John LEATHERBURY.  John BAGWELL & John METCALFE security.  (Charles Leatherbury's will is also in this book) (Wills and Administrations of Accomack County, Virginia, 1663-1800, by Stratton Nottingham, Polyantos Cottonport, 1973, p. 68.)

7 May 1721. Will of Edward BARROW. Son Edward; daughter Anne, daughter Margaret. Estate in England to son Edward; friends Capt. George ESKRIDGE and Major Nicholas SMITH (executors?). Witnesses: Robert JONES, Joseph BELLFIELD, John MORTON. (Abstracts From Records of Richmond Co., VA, Will Book 3, William & Mary Quarterly, Vol. 17-3.)

Another version

Proved 7 Mar 1721. Will of Edward BARROW. Son Edward all land and plantation where I live, also est. In England; wife Anne; daughter Anne 300 acres at the deep run commonly called the “The Land at the Marsh” in King George Co.; daughter Margaret; fr. Capt. George ESKRIDGE and Maj. Nicholas SMITH; ex:

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