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Compiled by Tracy Hancock with assistance from Alice Gedge

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[Is this Richard Medcalfe also another son of Henry Metcalfe, dec’d? Were his brothers Paul, William, Henry, and Phillip? He was probably 14 years old at this point so was probably born before 1694.]

[Job TILLERY, Farn.Par., will; 8 Jan 1733, 4 Feb 1733/34. sis. Elizabeth TILLERY; John HAMMOND (son of Martin HAMMOND); no ex; wits: Rebecca HUDSON; Gabriel ALLOWAY [Salway]. Job TILLERY, inv; 16 Feb, 1733/34. (Selected Wills, 1699-1800 - Richmond County, VA, by Robert K. Headley, JR., )][Does this mean that Richard Metcalfe is somehow related to the Metcalfes of Maryland who were related by marriage to the Hammonds?]

[ CHARLES2 DOBYNS (DANIELI) (from ¶22) was born in Essex Co. Va. before 1703 and died intestate in Richmond Co. Va. on 16 Nov 1760. (fn 131) About 1723 he married SARAH NASH, who died on 26 Sept 1768. (fn 132) She was the daughter of THOMAS NASH, who drew his will in Richmond Co. Va. on 7 Aug 1732, proved 4 June 1733, leaving bequests to son THOMAS NASH, to CHARLES DOBYNS, to grandson THOMAS NASH, to grandson WILLIAM DOBYNS, to daughter SARAH DOBYNS and to daughter ANN BARBER. Witnesses were GABRIEL ALLOWAY and JOHN HAMMOND, brother-in-law of CHARLES2 DOBYNS. (fn 133)]

[1741/2 Jan 23 - Richmond Co, Va - Will Bk 5:498 - Probated 3 Mar 1745/6

Will of Gabriel Alloway written: To wife Elizabeth the plantation where I now live; son Gabriel land below the plantation; Grandson: William Hammond all land up to the swamp; Grandsons: Absalom and John Hammond; son Alexander THE BRANDY STILL; Executors: sons, Alexander and Gabriel. Wit: Archibald Mitchell, Wm. Lawson. (Note: Gabriel Alloway married Elizabeth Hinds by 1695; had children: John, born 1695/6; Judith, born 1703; Alexander, born 1706; Gabriel, born 1713)]. Written by June Bork from the Morris Family on Ancestry Message Board.]

[ Is Gabriel Alloway related to these men? Know all men by these presents That I Richard Salwey of the Citty of Worcester Gentl., Brother and Executor of the last will & Testament of Anthony Salwey late of Ann Arundell County in the Province of Maryland Deceased, Who Lately Dyed in England, Have made Assigned Ordeyned Authorized Appointed and Deputed and in my place and stead by these presents have put & Constituted my Trusty and welbe Loved friend Edward Perrin of the Citty of Bristoll merchant my True and Lawfull Attorney for me & in my name and stead, and to and for my onely proper use and behoofe To Aske Demand, sue for, Leavye, Recover, and Receive of John Sollers, and of all & every other p’son and p’sons whome it shall or may Concerne, Inhabiting Resideing or abyding in Maryland, All such Tobaccoes, goods, Wares Merchandise, wrytings, Bills, Debts, dues & Demands whatsoever, which were due oweing or belonging to my said late Brother Anthony Salway Deceased, and now due & belonging unto me whether the same be by Bill Bond Booke Account, or by any other wayes or meanes howsoever, or for any matter or cause whatsoever, And also to Demand Enter into and take Possession of all such Lands, Plantations, Servants, and Cattle, as did belong unto my said Late Brotehr at the tyme of his Death in Maryland, And the same to Lett sett and Dispose of for my best Advantage, As my said Attorney shall thinke fitt, And to Call the sayd John Sollers or any others to Accompt & Reckoning Concerning the premises, Giveing and by these presents Granting to my said Attorney my full power and Authority in the premisses for me & in my name & stead To Sue Arest, Attach, Implead Condemne & Imprison the said John Sollers or any other of the said p’sons so Indebted unto mee, or which doe or shall Deteyne from me any Lands Plantations Goods Servants, or Cattle, And any of his or their Goods or Chattellls, and him & them and his & their Goods and Chattlells out of prison againe to deliver or cause to be Delivered, And also to Compound & make Composition with him or any of them Concerning the premises, and after the receipt thereof or Composition made, Accquittances or other Lawfull Dishcarges for the same so Received or Compounded for, for me and in my name & stead to make Seale & Deliver as my Act & Deed Attorney also or Attorneys one or more under him to make & substitute and the same againe at his pleasure to Revoke, And Generally to doe Execute performe fulfill and finish all and whatsoever else shalbe Needfull or necessary to be done in or about the premisses in as Large and Ample manner & forme, To all Intents and purposes whatsoever as I my selfe may or might doe if I were there p’sonally present or the doer thereof, Ratifyeing Confirming and Allowing all and whatsoever my said Attorney shall doe or cause to be done in or about the premisses, To be as good and Effectuall in the Law as if I had done the same in myne owne p’son.  Wittnesse my hand & seal in Bristoll the sixth day of September in the four & Twentieth yeare of the Raigne of our sovraigne Lord Charles the second King of England &c.  Anno Domini - 1672.        Richard Salwey  sealed (Maryland Provincial Proceedings of 1673, p. 114-5).]


9 NOV 1708. WILL OF GILBERT METCALFE OF LONDON was presented to the Richmond County Court.

[Description Will of Gilbert Metcalfe, Merchant being bound out upon a Voyage to the Island of Jamaica of Saint Mary Whitechapel, Middlesex Date 10 October 1695 Catalogue reference PROB 11/427 Dept Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury Series Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers Piece Name of Register: Irby Quire Numbers: 125 – 165.]

[Will of Gilbert Metcalfe, Merchant of London Date 22 March 1683 Catalogue reference PROB 11/372 Dept Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury Series Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers Piece Name of Register: Drax Quire Numbers: 1 - 51 Image contains 1 will of many for the catalogue reference.]

26 Jan 1709/10. Will of John WHITE, Surry Co., VA dated 26 Jan 1709/10, proved 2 May 1710. Witnessed by Matthew METCALF, mentions James MORING, Christopher MORING (cousin). (Surry County records—locate source document) [Is this really the March 1727?]

[See also will of John White, Surry Co., VA dated 14 March 1727/8 witnessed by Matthew Metcalf]

[Per will of Christopher Mooring, Sr. of Southwark Parish, Surry Co., VA dated 27 Dec 1751, proved 20 Mar 1753, he had sons: Christopher Mooring, Jr., John, and William. Daughters: Mary Morris, Jane Collier, and Lucy Collier. Son in law Edward Bayley, grandsons John Mooring, son of son John. Mentions land in England.]

20 Apl 1709. Wm. MEDCALF to take inv of est of Peter COUTANCEAU [CANT] at Cherry Point. 17.216-221. (Virginia Colonial Abstracts by Beverley Fleet, Volume 1, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1988. p.576.) [Northumbria Collectanea, 1645-1720]

15 Feb 1709/10. Elizabeth ARLEGE [Aldridge] chose Capt. Ffrancis KENNER guardian. Ffrancis KENNER and William MEDCALFE bond for it. (Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Series 2, Vol. 1., Northumberland Co., VA, 1678-1713 by Lindsay O. Duvall, Copyright 1979 by the Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr., Southern Historical Press, P.O. Box 738, Easley, SC, p.123.)

And on same day

Jno. BAILY orphan chose William MEDCALFE guardian. William MEDCALFE and Capt. Francis KENNER bond for it. (Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Series 2, Vol. 1., Northumberland Co., VA, 1678-1713 by Lindsay O. Duvall, Copyright 1979 by the Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr., Southern Historical Press, P.O. Box 738, Easley, SC, p.123.)

[Houson Francis Kenner: Father: Francis KENNER b: BETWEEN 18 DEC 1680 AND 1681 in St. Stephens, Northumberland Co., VA . Mother: Hannah 'Anna' HOWSON b: 27 DEC 1677 in Wicomico Par., Northumberland Co., VA. Marriage 1 Margaret ESKRIDGE b: BETWEEN 1712 AND 1715 in Westmoreland Co., VA. Married: 1732 in Westmoreland Co., VA 1.

Notes for HOWSON FRANCIS KENNER: From William W. Grier: In June of 1728 (16 years old), Howson chose John Cralle as his guardian. John Cralle was the 4th husband of Howson's first cousin, Hannah Kenner. He was listed as a voter in Prince

William County, Virginia in 1741. It is thought that he settled in that section in 1735. This is part of the Rappahannock watershed that became Fauquier County, Virginia in 1759. He was commissioned Justice of the Peace for Prince William County on November 4, 1742. He was a vestryman of Dettingen Parish in Prince William County on November 27, 1749, along with his cousin Richard Kenner.^ HIS HOME FELL INTO FAUQUIER COUNTY IN 1759. 1 CHRISTENING: ST. STEPHENS, NORTHUMBERLAND CO., VA 1 Note:

From 'The Kenner Family' by Laura Davis Worley. Howson was a vestryman of Dettinger Parish, Prince William County, November 27, 1749. Howson's will, dated April 9, 1778, made Joseph Blackwell, his wife Margaret, and daughter Susannah as the

executors. Howson's wife Margaret Eskridge, was a daughter of Col. Eskridge of Sandy Point, Westmoreland County, Virginia. Col. Eskridge's will, probated in 1735, mentions Howson Kenner and wife Margaret. (See the notes of George Eskridge) 1 Note:

Howson's will is dated 9 Apr 1778, Faquier Co., VA pp 358-631. will (Fauquier Co 9Apr1778/28Sep1778). Proved 28 Sep 1778, will book 1 Faquier Co., VA. CURRY DESCENDANTS by Judge Noble K. Littell pp21 ref#426. CURRY DESCENDANTS by Judge Noble K. Littell pp24 ref#852. Virginia Gelealogies by Rev Horace Edwin

Hayden p83 ref24. 1 Note: He married Margaret Eskridge in Westmoreland, VA, 1732.

Margaret was born in Westmoreland, VA 1715. Margaret was the daughter of Colonel George Eskridge and Rebecca Bonum. Margaret died 08 OCT 1801 in Fauquier, Va, at 86 years of age. Some researchers give her maiden name as Morgan instead of Eskridge.

Margaret Eskridge Kenner was a patriot in the Revolutionary War for helping the soldiers. This and prior generations of Kenners lived in the Northern Neck of VA. He died near Somerville at the age of 56. 1 Note: I read this in a book 'The Compendium of American Genealogy'...Howson Kenner was a midshipman in American Revolution. His father was Francis Kenner. Francis was born in 1677; died in 1728 1 Note: Howson Kenner was a Justice in 1742 and a vestryman of Dettingen Parish in 1749 in Prince William county VA. The willof Howson Kenner was written 9 apr 1778 and proved 28 SPE 1778 in Fauquier county VA. To eldest son, Francis Kenner all money in hands of my son-in-law William Seaton, but 40 pounds, the balance of the money said Seaton owes me (210 pounds for the 250 acres of land (250 acres) which I sold to him. To daughter Betty Seaton, 20 pounds; to daughter Rebecca Clifton, 10 pounds, no more; to daughter, Mary Seaton, 10 pounds, no more; to son, George Turbervill Kenner, a tract of land and slaves; to granson Rodham Kenner (son of George) a tract of land; to daughter, Peggy and husband, Stephen Pritchard, a slave and 20 pounds; to granson, Howson Kenner, son of Francis, 20 pounds; to son Rodham tract of land I now live on and 20 pounds cur; Grandson George Seaton 10 pounds, no more; to daughter, Catey Markahm and her daughter Mary Ann, slaves and livestock; Grson, Samuel Eskridge aliaas Kenner, son of daughter Susannah, 2 slaves and 100 pounds scash with which to educate him. Exrs Mr Joseph Blackwell and daugher Susannah Wit: Original Young, William Pope. 1

^ Note: Howson Kenner's grave is in a woods 1/2 mile north and 300

yards west of Somerville, Fauquier Co, VA, off State Route 616. The epitaph reads: This Drery Vault Stranger Contains the Bod of Capt Howson Kenner Who Descinded To the Dust In A Good Old Age for He Saw from His Loins the third Genrat. He depated hence 24 may 1778 age 66. This stone from a sece of his goodness is humbly dedicated to his memory by his youngst son Rodham Kenner.' The grave is on land he purchased from

Willlam Hackney, 28 mar-1763. Only a few stones and bricks remain from the house which stood a few hundred feet from the grave. Only the one grave is now in evidence. His grave was dedicated to him by his son Rodham and it says: 'This dreary vault, stranger, contains the body of Catain Howson Kenner who descended to the dust on a good old age, for he saw from his lions the third generation. He departed hence 24th of May 1778 age 64. This stone form a sense of his goodness is humbly dedicated to his memory by his youngest son, Rodham Kenner.' (THE KENNER FAMILY HISTORY: compiled by Lois Colleen Hindman Kenner) 1 Note:His religion was Church of England. OCCUPATION: Planter. MILITARY: Captian of VA militia. 1 Note: Howson Kenner's will is as follows: IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN. I Howson Kenner being in sound memory and good health do at this time Ordain and Make this my last will and testament in manner and form followimg. Item, I give unto my Elder son Francis Kenner and his heirs forever all the money in my son in law's hands William Seaton but forty pounds the ballance of Money the said William Seaton ows me is two hundred and ten pounds for that Tract of Land where John Bials, and John Harrel now live which I sold to the said William Seaton for Two hundred and fifty pounds and no more of my Estate. I give to

the above Francis but the above sum, of Two hundred and ten pounds. Item. I give unto my daughter Betty Seaton Twenty pounds and no more. Item. unto my daughter Rebecca Clifton Ten pounds and nomore. Item. I give unto my daughter Mary Seaton Ten pounds and no more. Item. I give unto my sone George Turberville Kenner the negroe man James he has now in possession and no more. Item. I give to my grandson Rodham

Kenner, son of my son George Tur[bervil]le That Tract or parcel of Land where young Moses Cumings now lives. Being the reversion of Two hundred Acres that I bought of John Latimore and son, the said Land I give to the said Rodham and his heirs forever. Item. I give unto my daughter Peggy and her husband Stephen Pritchard a negroe women Lucy and her son Jacob, as also I give to ny daughter Peggy my old house whench Letty

after the decease of my wife also I give to my daughter Peggy Ten pounds, the above legacies before given to my Daughter Peggy and her husband I give unto them and their heirs and assigns forever. Item. I give unto my grandson Howson Son of my son Francis twenty pounds and no more. Item. I give unto my son Rodham and his heors forever all Tract of Land I live on and where he now lives to him the said Rodham and his heirs and

assigns forever. Item. I give also to my son Rodham the two long tables and the great glass and the Dozen Large leather shairs that is in my hall and Twenty pounds cash and no more. Item. I give to my some George Turberville Kenner two cows and calves and no more. Item. I give to my grandson George Seaton son of my daughter Betty Seaton Two Cows and Calves and His choice of my young mares, and one good bed and furniture and my wearing apparel, also I give to said grandson George Seaton Twenty pounds Cash and no more. Item. I give unto my daughter Catey Markham and her daughter Mary Ann two negroe men Jonathan and Abraham and to her and Daughter Mary Ann to them and their

heirs forever. Item. I give her my said daughter three Cows and Calves, six head of sheep, and two good beds and furniture, as is also I give to the said Catey Markham two young mares of the youngest kend also I give to her my said Daughter Catey six grown hogs, and one sow and pigs and no more of my Estate. Item. I give to my Grandson Samuel Eskridge Alias Kenner son of my daughter Susannah two negroe Vix. Cate and her Increase forever, also a negroe boy Fortune, to him the said Samuel and his heirs forever. Also I give to the said Samuel one hundred pounds cash to be applied to Educate him, but in case the said Samuel should die before he comes of age of Eighteen then in that case I give the Estate before given to my grandson Samuel to the disposal of my said Daughter Susannah. Item. I give to the said Samuel two cows and calves and the youngest of my mare colts. Itam. I give to my Daughter three negroe men, Isaac, Anthony, and Moses, and all my cash and the rest of my Estate not before mentioned as alsp it is my will that all my Estate be kept together for three years to raise cash to pay of my debts that my wife of iving and my Daughter Susannah have the whole mamagement of my Estate paying off and receiving. It is also my Will that my wife have the whole of my Estate during the natural life. Ten in three years he dedeases, then my Daughter Susannah pay off every Legasy and Debts before given by me, it is also my will that my wife ans Daughter Susannah pay all my just debts and Legacies. It is also my will that my

Daughter Susannah have the whole of my Estate bith real and personal for three years after the longest liver of my wife or self in order to enable her to pay off all my just Debts and Legasies and then at the end of the three years to be dividedand every person to have his or her part or parts as is before directed, by my said will. I also desire that no appraisment be of Estate but be Divided as I have before directed I desire that my Grandson Samuel Eskridge son of my Daughter Susannah be kept at school for Ten years, and kept there after the best manner as the hundred pounds before given will keep him, and the over plush of my Estate if any will keep him after paying of my just Debts and Legacies. I do hereby Disaunl and, make void all wills and wil heretofore made by me, and do declare this to be the Last Will and Testament noe to stand in full

force and Power and Virtue, here unto made by me I do appoint my good friend Mr. Joseph Blackwell as Executure with my wife and Daughter Susannah. I desire that my hereby will be strictly to the true and Intent meaning of it be abided and kept to In Witness whereby I do hereby fix my hand and seal this ninth day April 1778. [Signed] Howson Kenner 1 Note: CODICIL: I so impower my good friend Mr. Blackwell to make such deeds to my son in law William Seaton of the Lands sold to him by me wherenow John Bail's and John Harril now lives when he pays off the money that he and I agree for the said Land and the said deed by the said Joseph Blackwell be as official as if I had given and acknowledged myself As witness my hand the day and date above many places interlined as above and with the other side. The above codicil I desire to be as affectial as any part of my will. Original Young. William Pope. At a court held for Fauquier County the 28 day of Septenber, 1778 this will was proved by the oaths of Original Young and William

Pope Witness thereto and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of MArgaret Kennner and Susannah Kenner Executrix's therein named who made oath and executed and acknowledged bond as the Law directs Certificate is granted them for abstaining a probate thereof in due form. Signed Brooks. on Sept. 8, 2006. ]

[Worsham questions:

William Worsham I, in his own words If he could speak to us today, William Worsham I might describe his life as follows.

“I arrived in the Colony of Virginia by 1640 when Seth Ward sold me 200 acres at the old Indian Town, near Swift Creek, in what was then Henrico County. George Worsham, who may have been my brother, got a neighboring 200 acres 15 February 1652/3.

^ My wife, Elizabeth, and I lived at “Jordans” on Bailey Creek in what was then Charles City County and is today Prince George. We were the parents of five children.

I was a county commissioner of Charles City County from April to August 1657, and George was justice of the peace for Henrico in 1656.

After my death, probably in the late 1650s, Elizabeth married Francis Epes, the second of his name in the Colony, who was by then the father of the third Francis Epes. He became father to my children. Charles and Mary were still minors 20 August 1678 when Epes gave the court an accounting of some livestock that belonged to them.

Elizabeth’s wills of 1678 remembered children of both marriages.”


It has been suggested that William’s wife was Elizabeth Littleberry since she gave one of her sons by a 2nd marriage that peculiar name. Yet there is no evidence.

Elizabeth’s 2nd husband was the son of Francis Epes who was in the colony by 1625. A patent issued to the elder Epes 26 Aug. 1635, stated that the land granted to him was for the “personal adventure” of himself and for the transportation of his sons John Epes, Francis Epes, Thomas Epes, and 30 others.

Elizabeth’s will Elizabeth left a will in Henrico County in 1678 remembering daughter Elizabeth Kennon and her daughter Mary Kennon, daughter Mary Epes, son John Worsham, and her husband Epes’ children, whom she did not name (will dated 28 Aug. 1678 and proved 1 Oct. 1678 ). She amended the will 23 Sept. 1678 to confirm gifts to children by her 1st husband, William Worsham, including John and Charles, and to divide the rest of her estate among children she had by her late husband Francis Epes, namely William Epes, Littlebury Epes, and Mary Epes. She appointed executors son-in-law Richard Kennon and stepson Francis Epes.

Descendants of William Worsham I Information about the children of William Worsham I, their descendants, and allied families previously found at is now available as Southside Virginia Genealogies. Learn more Names found in this topic include the following. John Worsham (-1729), Phoebe (—) Worsham, Gilbert Elam, Edward Stratton II, Abraham Womack, Francis Patram, Isham Epes, Francis Epes Jr., George Robertson, Philip Jones, James Hill, George Archer, Capt. John Worsham, Mary Wynne, … LOCATE SOURCE]

[Was John Bailey, son of Samuel Bailey and Elizabeth Metcalfe? Was this William the uncle of Elizabeth Metcalfe Bailey?]

[Richard Kenner(1) m. Elizabeth Rodham. Their children were:

^ Rodham

Richard (2)

Francis (found with Wm. Metcalfe)


Matthew (had son Francis)

Elizabeth b. 18 Dec 1681 m. Des Butts/DeButts

Frances m. Spelman/Spilman/Spearman

Hannah m. Thomas Cralle

From Wm. & Mary Quarterly]

17 Feb 1709/10 Edward FIELDING and Winfred his wife Bill in Chancery vs. John CONWAY and Chris CONWAY, Exors of Dennis CONWAY. –Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Series 2, Vol. 1, Northumberland Co., VA, 1678-1713 by Lindsay O. Duvall, 1979, p. 124.

[This shows that John CONWAY, one of the witnesses that proved the will of Philip METCALFE, son of Henry, was in association with Edward FIELDING –his brother in law—and also implies that Paul METCALFE, who was a servant of Fielding, was probably a brother to Philip and another son of Henry METCALFE. However, based on the two William METCALFE entries above, can a minor prove a will? Or is this a different William METCALFE?][17 Oct 1700 a different Edward FIELDING dec’d was indebted to John TIMLETT. His wife Hanna FIELDING was Adm’x.]


Witnesses to the said Will and Adm’con with the Will annexed is granted to Benja’ BOGGESS Guard. Of the said William on behalfe of the s’d W’m the said Benja’ giving Caucon for his due Adm’con on the s’d Estate. Charles ASHTON, Richard HEWS, Thomas MILLER & Teig[u] [Teague] ALLEN are appointed sometime before the next Court being first sworne by the next Justice to meet and Appraise the Estate of Phillip METCALFE dec’ed and Ordered that the Benj’ BOGGESSE adm with the Will annexed for the said dec’ed Exhibit an Inventory thereof to the next Court. Judgement is granted Thomas BEARCROFT ag’t Phill’ METCALFs Estate for One thousand pounds of Tobacco and Casq’ due for funerall Expenses by an Acco’t in court produced and allowed and Ordered that Benja’ BOGGESSE Guard. Of William METCALFE Legatee of the said William and Adm’r of the said Phillip pay the sum’e unto the said Thomas BARECROFT al’s Exo. (Northumberland County, Virginia, Court Order Book, Part 1, 1699-1713, Transcribed and edited by Charles & Virginia Hamrick, Iberian Publishing Co, Athens, GA, p. 82)

[Phillip Metcalfe was brother to Wm. Metcalfe][John Keene b. 1671 of St. Stephens Parish, Northumberland, m. Elizabeth Oliver, daughter of Ignatius Oliver and Eleanor unknown. John and Elizabeth Keene had daughters Eleanor m. Edward Wyatt; Elizabeth m. Edgecombe Suggett, Jr.]

[On 20 Dec 1711, John Trussell III sold to Thomas Barecroft land he inherited from his brother Robert Trussell, formerly granted to Col. John Trussell. Then on the same day, Thomas Barecroft sold 100 acres to John Trussell of St. Stephen’s parish. John Trussell m. Jane Unknown. Jane married John Harding after Trussell’s death. John Trussell III was the son of John Trussell II and Elizabeth Chinn. Was Thomas Barecroft married to Robert Trussell’s widow? See Adventures of Purse and Person. ]

[Richard Hews, appears to be the same Richard Hews who married Mary Ball Washington’s mother Mary. Richard Hews was a vestryman of St. Stephens Parish and died in Northumberland Co., VA in 1713. Mary ____ m. 1) Johnson (had son John Johnson d. 1720 who left Mary Ball all his land in Stafford which his stepfather Richard Hews had given him) 2) Joseph Ball (father of Mary Ball and grandfather of George Washington) 3) Richard Hews will dated 17 Feb 1713/14 .

[Northumberland Co., Va church records show a John BARCRAFT, son to Thomas b. 10 Feb 1671. Another record from the same source shows a Martha Berecroft, daughter of Thomas b. 8 Aug 1701.] [Bearcroft?]

[Same? London: St. Dunstan in the East - Parish Registers, 1692-1766  Burials   Burials    Book 3 County: London Country: England 20 Feb 1705 Mary Bearcroft. London: St. Dunstan in the East - Parish Registers, 1692-1766  Burials   Burials    Book 3 County: London Country: England 19 Apr 1706 Thomas Bearcroft]

16 Mar 1709/10. Probate of the Last Will of Mrs. Hannah NEALE to Capt. Christ. NEALE, Mr. Daniel NEALE, Mr. Richard NEALE, and Mr. Rodham NEALE Exors., proved by Capt. Francis KENNER and William MEDCALFE. (Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Series 2, Vol. 1., Northumberland Co., VA, 1678-1713 by Lindsay O. Duvall, Copyright 1979 by the Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr., Southern Historical Press, P.O. Box 738, Easley, SC, p.125.)

[Note that Philip Shapleigh, probable uncle of Priscilla Shippey Metcalfe had daughter Judith Shapleigh married to Richard Neale. Priscilla Shippey m. Henry Metcalfe of Northumberland Co.]

2 June 1709. James PETERSON and James MENDHAM came into Court and made Oath that in their presence they saw Jane METCALFE, William METCALFE, Jane TALBOTT, Samll. REMINGTON and Mary REMINGTON signe seale and deliver a Power of Attorney (in Court produced) which admitted to Record.

A Deed of Lease and a Deed of Release from Jane METCALFE, William METCALFE, Jane TALBOTT, Samll. REMINGTON and Mary REMINGTON to Gilbert METCALFE was this day proved in Court by the Oaths of James PETERSON and James MENDHAM, tow of the witnesses thereto, and att the motion of said Gilbert they are admitted to Record. (Richmond County Order Book No., 5, 1708-1711, Sparacio? p. 71.)

[Ambrose Talbott descendants may have lived in Holcombe Rogus, In Devon, England. His will has not yet been found.]

[London: St. Dionis Backchurch - Parish Register (City of London), for Maryages, Christenynges, and Buryalles  Book 25   The Reiester booke of Saynte De'nis Bark: church parishe ffor Maryages Christenynges And Buryalles begynnynge in the yeare of or Lord God 1538 And is debyded into thre partes that ys ffyrst maryages Seconde Christenynges And the thyrde buryalles And begynnynge in the yeare before sayde & in Octobre.    Marriages in the Church, After the Rebuilding Thereof, as Follow:-- County: London Country: England 13 May 1703 Samuel Remington, of this parish, Bachr, and Mary Metcalfe, of Christ Church, London, spr (Inquisitiones Post Mortem for the City of London, Wills and Administrations 1561-1577)]

4 June 1709. I doe acknowledge to have received of Mr. Willam METCALFE one hhd. Of tobacco for which this note doe oblige me to pay L10 Sterling at the safe arrivall of the ship Adventure belonging to BIDDEFORD in her safe port of discharge in Great Britain, but in case the ship should happen to be taken by the enemy or come to any other disaster, this obligation to be void. Signed: Edward COLLINS. Wit: Francis KENNER, Matthew KENNER, Henry LINTON. (Essex County, Virginia, Deeds and Wills, No. 13, 1707-1711, Abstracted and Compiled by John Frederick Dorman, Washington, D.C., 1963, p. 61.)

[Richard Kenner(1) m. Elizabeth Rodham. Their children were:


Richard (2)

Francis (found with Wm. Metcalfe)


Matthew (had son Francis)

Elizabeth b. 18 Dec 1681 m. Des Butts/DeButts

Frances m. Spelman/Spilman/Spearman

Hannah m. Thomas Cralle

From Wm. & Mary Quarterly]

[Francis Kenner and Matthew Kenner were sons of Richard Kenner.]

[Information on John Hudnall who m. Sarah Calfee: Research done by Mrs. Carolyn Jett in Northumberland Co., Va 1983:
Third generation - John Hudnall III was born 10 Apr. 1679, as recorded in St. Stephens Parish Register. By 1699, he is listed as a tithable in Lancaster Co. Although no record could be found of a purchase of land there by either him or his father. It appears that he also maintained a plantation in Northumberland Co., as in 1706 he petitioned the court for permission to reroute the road which ran through his plantation. Then, in 1713, he brought suit against Neale Dohoty, charging that Dohoty cut down some timbers on Hudnall property. The birth of one child to John Hudnall 3rd is recorded in St. Stephens Parish Register. However, other records indicate that he had at least five other children by his first wife, whose name is unknown at this time. The Lancaster County list of tithables in Christ Church Parish shows John Hudnall from 1699-1720. By 1723, he was again a resident of Northumber- land County, and purchased 50 acres of land of William McDade. By 1728, John Hudnall had received 412 acres of land in Stafford County on the brances of Cedar Run. It seems probable that he settled there for a time with his family.
But by 1740, he was again in Northumberland Co., where he agreed to build a house for
Matthew Kenner in return for the use of Kenner's land for eight years. In 1744 Hudnall and widow Judith Whay, made a prenuptial contract which would prevent Judith from claiming dower rights to any land owned by John Hudnall in Prince William County.
After their marriage, three daughters were born to John and Judith Whay. In 1754, John Hudnall 3rd died, leaving his widow Judith, their three young daughters, and two sons and a daughter by his former marriage, Joseph, William and Frances Champion. Although he did not state specifically in his will what he left to Joseph and daughter Frances, it seems probable that he left them his land in Prince William County. Son William remained in Northumberland Co., although he owned land in Fauquier County. on Sept. 28, 2006.]

6 July 1709. Mary METCALFE and Elizabeth METCALFE this day came into Court and prayed that Capt. George ESKRIDGE might be admitted their Guardian, which is accordinglly allowed.

George ESKRIDGE, George PAINE, James INGO and John GOWER assume in Court in penal sum of five hundred pounds Sterl. That said ESKRIDGE will be answerable for what Estate of Mary METCALFE and Elizabeth METCALFE shall come to his hands or possession.

Upon Petition of Capt. George ESKRIDGE, who is admitted Guardian to Mary and Elizabeth METCALFE, Judgement is granted him for their filial parts of their Father’s Estate as appears by an Inventory upon Record. Capt. Edward BARROW, who intermarryed with Ann METCALFE, the Administratrix of Richard METCALFE, deced, being in Court and not gain saying the same, therefore it is ordered that the same be paid out of deced’s Estate by said BARROW als exo. (Virginia County Court Records, Richmond County, VA Orders, 1708-1709, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press, 1997, p. 73.)

4 Aug 1709. In an action of Trespass between Edward BARROW, Gent., Plt. and Gilbert METCALFE, Deft., wherin Plt. declares thus. ..... (Virginia County Court Records, Richmond County, VA Orders, 1708-1709, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press, 1997, p. 87.)

21 Aug 1710. William JENNINGS, St. Giles in the Fields, Middlesex, late of Swartha in the parish of Kildwicke, County of York, Gent. Will 21 August 1710; proved 29 Aug 1711. Wife Elizabeth to have for life (if she so long keep my wife) all reall Estate at Swartha Morgaged and Unmortgaged. “And also all the Estate both reall and personall which of right appertains and belongs to me on any wise lying in the Coll. Of Virginia as Heir at Lawe to Colonell Pieter [Peter] JENNINGS Yeares ago Deceased which I empowered my Cousin Edmond JENNINGS Gent son of Sir Edmond JENNINGS Knight of Ripon, Deceased by Letter of Attorney to receive for me which I am informed he hath.” Wife during her life to provide Meat, Drink, lodging and washing for my Daughters Jane JENNINGS and Agnes JENNINGS till 21, wife to put said Daughters out to trades she thinks agreeable to their severall inclinations, and if Daughters be dissatisfied at 21 wife to provide further allowance, etc., and at decease of wife then to them all reall estate, but if they die without issue to my brother Edmond JENNINGS. Executrix: Wife Elizabeth, she to pay to my poor sister Mary JENNINGS 20s a year of 5 pounds as Mary proves and let Brother Edmond JENNINGS all apparel and a pair of mourning gloves. Witnesses: John GREEN, Fran: ROOK, and Tho: METCALFE. (Virginia Gleanings in England, by Lothrop Withington, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD, 1980, p. 298.)

[PETER JENINGS (Jennings), the first Attorney General, was born in 1631,

and died in 1671. He is spoken of as one who “faithfully served” King Charles I.

In March, 1662, he, as “attorney for the King’s most excellent majesty,” presented for high misdemeanors Capt. Giles Brent and Col. Gerar[d] Fowke for imprisoning Wahanganocke, king of Potomac Indians.

In 1663, he was a member of the House of Burgesses for Goucester county. In June, 1666,

Capt. Jenings was made one of the commissioners to treat with the Maryland authorities

about a ceasation of tobacco. He married Catherine, daughter of Sir Thomas Lunsford,

and in 1668 addressed the following, letter to the court of York county: Honrd Gentlemen: I am necessitated to intercede in the behalfe of Doctor Haddon*[Hatten], in case of his non appearance at your court, and doubt not of a candid interpretacon of my desires since the occasion wch causes his absence proceeds from that wch Law itself dispenses with necessity. In fine, my daughter's sickness hath occasioned his stay, nor dare I suffer his absence from her. I shall leave it to you to judge, since you are all fathers, whether on such an occasion as this, where the life or death of the child in probability depends, that latitude may not be allowed wch is another case may be judged intolerable. I shall, therefore, humbly beseech you that the Drs absence may not prejudice him in his affayres, but that all businesse depending may be suspended

till the next court, wch will be a determinacon wch I hope will be accounted both just and

reasonable beside the obligacon you will putt upon.

Yor most humble servt, PETER JENNINGS.

March the 6th, 1668.

Direction - ffor my most Honrd ffriend, Major Daniell Parke & the rest of the justices for

Yorke County. (CHARLES CITY COUNTY; Wm. and Mary Qrtly.; Vol. 10, No. 1. on May 14, 2006.) Note that John Lord who sold Gilbert Metcalfe a tract of land in Westmoreland Co., VA was arrested with Giles Brent and Gerard Fowke.]

[Edward Wiatt was the administrator of the estate of John Clarke. The names included in this administration include: John West, William Brocas, George Ludlow, and Capt. Richard Townsed, who came to Virginia as a medical apprentice to Dr. John Pott. He is mentioned in the will of John Clarke b. 1614 d. 1645. From Virginia Land Books (Cavaliers and Pioneers?), In 1652, Mr. Wiatt represented Hannah Clarke, probably the widow of John Clarke, as the executrix of Sir Dudley Wyatt in his will of 1650. Three hundred acres were devised to her on Queen's Creek near Middle Plantation. The same year, 1650, she deeded the same land to Dr. Jeremiah Harrison, Gent., of the same place. In 1654, Mrs. Frances Harrison, widow, patented 1000 acres in Westmoreland County, Virginia, about the same time that John Harrison patented 1000 acres in Westmoreland County, which he left, failing heirs, to his sister Mrs. Frances Harrison. Failing her heirs, he willed to Giles Brent of "Peace" in Westmoreland County, Virginia.


1695-1701, by Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press, 1991, p.7.)

[Thomas Metcalfe may have been a merchant to Virginia in the leather trade with Gawin Corbin and the Jennings family of Annapolis. Further research is necessary. A Thomas Metcalfe is found in Williamsburg in 1739 as an executor of the estate of Samuel Wilkinson.][Related to Elizabeth Strachey/Stacey wife of Thomas Metcalfe?: Will of John Stacey, Leather Seller of Saint Lawrence Jewry , City of London 03 April 1753,PROB 11/801]

[Possibly related:  Edward Vernon Esq with The Reverend Thomas Hodges Covenant for the production of title deeds - ref.  DTO/Box 2/32  - date: 7th June 1844

FILE - Edward Vernon Esq to The Reverand Thomas Hodges Conveyance of two fields or closes of land in Church Hulme in the County of Chester - ref.  DTO/Box 2/33  - date: 7th June 1844. A2a Archives, TOLER COLLECTION,Catalogue Ref. DTO]

[London Catalogue Ref. ACC/0235; Pickering, Dorothy, fl 1753, Counterpart of lease for 21 years from 24 June 1753 - ref. ACC/0235/001 - date: 1753 Mar [Access Conditions] UNFIT FOR CONSULTATION

hit[from Scope and Content] 2. Lydia Vernon, widow, Edward Vernon, son, and Edward Vernon, brother, of James Vernon of Norfolk Street, St. Clement Danes, esq., deceased. A2a Archives]

[Messrs Johnson & Co of Birmingham, solicitors. Ref. MS 3449. Johnson and Co, Birmingham, solicitors.

ref. MS 3449/Acc 1939-023.

FILE - Attested copy of abstract of indenture between Henry Vernon, esq., the Rt. Hon. William Conolly, esq., the Rt. Hon. Lady Ann, his wife, daughter of the Rt. Hon. Thomas, Earl of Strafford, deceased, by the Rt. Hon. Ann, Countess of Strafford, his wife, James Vernon, merchant, the said Ann, Countess Dowager of Strafford, the Rt. Hon. Lady Lucy Wentworth and Lady Henrietta Wentworth, two other daughters of the said Ann, Countess Dowager of Strafford, the Rt. Hon. William, Earl of Strafford, Sir Walter Wagstaff Bagott, bart., the Rt. Hon. Allen. Lord Bathurst, and George Venables Vernon of Sudbury, co. Derby, esq., being a settlement previous to the marriage of the said Henry Vernon and the said Lady Henrietta Wentworth, of a messuage and appurtenances in Smethwick, co. Staff. and Harborne. Indenture dated 17 December, 1743. Copy dated 23 April, 1747. - ref. MS 3449/Acc 1939-023/565416 - date: 17 December 1743

FILE - Indenture between Theodore William Inge of Thorpe Constantine, co. Staff., esq., Henry Vernon of Hilton, co. Staff., esq., Charles Bill of the parish of St. Andrew, Holborn London, and Thomas Lloyd of the Inner Temple, London, gent., being a release to create a tenant for, and lead the uses of a recovery of the moiety of a messuage and appurtenances in Smethwick, co. Staff. - ref. MS 3449/Acc 1939-023/565417 - date: 24 December 1743

^ FILE - Lease for six months from Henry Vernon of Hilton, co. Staff., esq., to Richard Jukes of Edgbaston Edgbaston, yeoman, and Joseph Turton of Wolverhampton, co. Staff., ironmonger, of a messuage and lands in Harborne. - ref. MS 3449/Acc 1939-023/565418 - date: 23 January 1746/7

FILE - Release from Henry Vernon of Hilton, co. Staff., esq., with the consent of William Conolly of Strelton Stretton. co. Staff., esq., and James Vernon of London, merchant, to Richard Jules of Edgebaston Edgbaston, yeoman, and Joseph Turton of Wolverhampton, co. Staff., ironmonger, of a messuage and lands in Harborne, to hold for trusts recited. - ref. MS 3449/Acc 1939-023/565420 - date: 24 January 1746/7. A2a Archives.]

[Capt. Peter Jenings mentioned in Va Patent Book, 4, “650 acs. ___ below Puscattaway. ___ Oct. 1660. Mutilated document. Cavaliers and Pioneers.]

[Sir Edmund Jenings, Kt., M.P., of Ripon, son of Jonathan (2) and Elizabeth, was bapt. At Farnham on 30 Nov 1626, age 38 in 1665, and d. 1695. He m. Margaret Barkham, dau. of Edward Barkham of Tottenham, High Cross, Mddx, and South Acre, Norfolk, Bart. She was a descendant of Edward I of England. Sir Edmund was High Sheriff of Yorkshire, 1675, and M.P. for Ripon, 1658-61, 1673-79, and 1685-95. Sir Edmund and Margaret had:

  1. Jonathan, age 10 in 1665, d. unm.

  2. William, age 7 in 1695, may have died unm.

  3. Edmund, age 6 in 1665-[see more about him below] m. Frances, dau. of Henry and Alice (Eltonhead) Corbin. Children: a. Edmund (3); b. Frances m. Charles Grymes of Mortico, Richmond Co., VA; c. Priscilla m. William Hill; d. Elizabeth m. as his 2nd wife Col. Robert Porteus who removed to England in 1720. He is an ancestor of the Queen Mother. Son Edmund (3) was of age by 1721, and came to Maryland after 1723; d. 1756 in Bath, Eng., m. in July 1728 Ariana Vanderheyden, widow of James Frisby and of Thomas Bordley. He went to England in 1740 where he remained until his death. Edmund and Ariana Jenings had issue: Ariana m. John Randolph; and Edmund (4).

  4. Peter, age 1 in 1665, d. unm.

  5. Anne d. 10 May 1691’

  6. Elizabeth m. Sir Roger Beckwith. They were the parents of Sir. Marmaduke Beckwith of Richmond Co., VA. [Marmaduke Beckwith m. widow of Thomas Dickenson/Dickinson/Dickson. She had son Metcalfe Dickenson. Elizabeth Metcalfe, daughter of Richard Metcalfe m. Thomas Dickinson. This needs to be researched and sorted out.]??????

  7. Mary, d. in inf.

(British Roots of Maryland Families, by Robert W. Barnes, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1999, pp. 266-267.)]

[Thomas Dickenson died 1714/15 in Richmond Co., VA, leaving a young widow, Elizabeth, and a son, Metcalfe.  His widow Elizabeth married Sir Marmaduke Beckwith after February 1716.].

[25 Nov 1743. Metcalf Dickinson received 249 ac. on north side of Cedar Cr. beginning a little below upper beaver pond. (Patents 21, page 616) ]

[This Metcalf was son of Thomas (wife Elizabeth) who died 1714/15 in Richmond County]

[2 June 1748. Thomas Dickenson, son of Metcalfe and Winifred Dickenson born in Richmond Co., North Farnham Parish.]. [Tarpley Dickenson was also a son of Metcalfe and Winifred Dickenson]     

[10 Jan 1787. Warren County, North Carolina Jan. 10, 1787 We being chosen by John Fann of Warren Co. N.C. and Jean Dickerson, relict of Tarpley Dickerson dec'd. of Charlotte to divide 6 negros between John Fann and the orphans of Tarpley Dickerson, with Jean Dickerson, guardian to the orphans have divided the 6 negros, the estate of Metcalf Dickerson dec'd., agreeable to his will.  (Charlotte County Will Book 1765-1791, page 405)]

[Will of Metcalfe Dickonson of Holborn, Middlesex, England dated 25 Feb 1795. Was he a son of Thomas and Winifred Dickenson? Did he move to England as a Tory?]

[Will of Austin Brockenbrough, Feb 20, 1717, Richmond Co., VA lists brother William, brother Newman, wife Mary and son William; brother-in-law Thomas Dickenson, dec'd., sister Elizabeth Dickenson and her son Metcalfe.]

[Austin Brockenbrough married Mary Metcalfe in August 1714.]

[Marmaduke Beckwith, son of Sir Roger Beckwith and Elizabeth Jennings of Gloucester, England was an immigrant to Virginia before 1665 who settled in Richmond County. Marmaduke married Maudlin Creed . Their children were Elizabeth, Jonathan and Grace. Their daughter, Grace Beckwith, married William Lucas .                       
       An amusing 1765 legal dispute between Marmaduke Beckwith, Clerk of Richmond County, and Thomas Jones, Clerk of Northumberland County has been published in the William and Mary Quarterly, Series 1, Vol. 23, pages 259-260. ( A copy is in the manuscript
As I Have Been Told.) This is credited to the immigrant Beckwith, but the dates are too late. Perhaps the son Jonathan named a son for the grandfather.]

[“Hon. Edmund Jennings, of ‘Ripon Hall,’ York Co., VA, b. 1659, in England; d. June 2, 1727, in Virginia; the son of Sir Edmund and Margaret (Burkham) Jennings of Ripon, York Co., England, and grandson of Sir Jonathan Jennings, of Ripon, and Sir Edward Burkham, Lord Mayor of London, 1621-1622. He came to Virginia at an early age, and took an active part in affairs of both Church and State; was a liberal supporter of the Established Church; served as Attorney General, 1680-92; of the King’s Council 1701-27; Secretary of State, 1704-6; Acting Governor from June, 1706, to Aug, 1710; again Secretary of State, 1720-1722; and later he would have again become Acting Gov’ernor, but was set aside on account of feeble health. He m. Frances Corbin, b. 1651, dau. Of Hon. Henry and Alice (Eltonhead) Corbin, of ‘Buckingham House,’ Middlesex Co., VA.” Source Colonial Families of the Southern States of America, p. 301. He was an enemy of Robert Carter.]

[Henry Corbin of ‘Buckingham House’ first of Lancaster Co, VA in 1654 which later became Middlesex Co., VA. Influential member of the King’s Council in 1663; Burgess from Lancaster Co in 1657, 1659, 1660. His will was dated 25 July 1675 and left estates in Virginia and England. He m. 25 July 1656 to Alice Eltonhead Burnham, daughter of Richard and Ann (Sutton) Eltonhead, of Lancaster, Eng. And widow of Rowland Burnham. After Henry Corbin’s death she remarried to Capt. Henry Criyke. Children of Henry Corbin and Alice Eltonhead:

  1. Lettice b. 1657 m.Richard Lee [Lee was brother in law toThomas Youell; Youell married Elizabeth Lee, Richard’s sister; Thomas Youell received land grants with William Metcalfe in 1640]

  2. Alice b. 1659/60 m. Philip Lightfoot

  3. Winifred b. 1662 m. Leroy Griffin

  4. Anne b. 1663/64 m. William Tayloe

  5. Henry b. 1667, died young

  6. Thomas b. ___ d. 1736 England [found with Micajah Perry, merchant in 1707]

  7. Gawin 7. Gawin Corbin, Col. b. 1669, Middlesex Co., VA, d. 1 Jan 1744, Lanesville, King & Queen Co., VA, m. (3) aft 1715, Martha Bassett b. 28 Dec 1694, Eltham, New Kent Co., VA, d. 12 Jun 1738, King & Queen Co., VA, (Col. William and Joanna (Burwell) Bassett). Gawin was a Burgess in 1700, 1702, 1718, and probably in 1736; also a member of the King’s Council, and it’s President. His will is dated 1 Nov 1739 and probated 12 Mar 1744. [17 May 1736 Thomas Ship of St. Ann Parish, Essex Co. sold to him 150 acres which had belonged to 1st Robert Tomlin 2nd John Meadow 3rd Josiah Ship 4th Thomas Ship his eldest son.]

  8. Frances b. 1671 m. Edmund Jennings (see above)

[House of Lords: Journal Office: Main Papers 1700-1718. FILE - Main Papers 2401 - Papers relating to the Navy, convoys, etc. (Part I) - ref. HL/PO/JO/10/6/119 - date: 19 Nov 1707) 8 December 1707 -- Signed deposition of Micaiah Perry, John Hyde, Richard Perry and Thomas Corbin. A2A Archives Online.]

[House of Lords: Private Bill Office: Original Acts - ref. HL/PO/PB/1. Private Acts, 5 George I., c. 21 - ref. HL/PO/PB/1/1718/5G1n53 - date: 1718. An Act to enable the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury, or Lord High Treasurer for the time being, to compound with Jasper Cullum for the Debts he stands engaged for to the Crown on account of Richard Lee, Thomas Corbin, Heneage Robinson and John Fox, for the Duties on Tobacco. A2A Archives Online.]

[From Wickipedia: Sir Heneage Finch, 3rd Earl of Winchilsea (1628–1689) of Eastwell, Kent, was the 3rd Earl of Winchilsea. Finch was the nephew of Heneage Finch, 1st Earl of Nottingham. He married at least twice and was the father of at least 16 children. His first wife was Ann, the daughter of Sir Thomas Kingsmill, 1st Earl, and Lord Lieutenant of Kent. His second wife was Mary Seymour the daughter of William Seymour, 2nd Earl of Hertford, Duke of Somerset. She died in her bed, apparently from an excess of child rearing. William Finch was his first son and heir by Ann and born before 1654, he was titled the Lord Maidstone, and later died in battle at sea. The second child of this family was a daughter Frances (wed Thomas Thynne, First Viscount Weymouth), and in 1657 the third was a son named Heneage, born January 11, 1657 Before October 1660 when the Heneage family went to Turkey, a third son Thomas was born (1658). "His contemporaries called him "amorous," and in Turkey he was reputed to have "had many women" and "built little houses for them." " On his return from Turkey in June 1668, King Charles II remarked to Finch, "My Lord, you have not only built a town, but peopled it too". Lord Finch was appointed by his friend George Monck, 1st Duke of Albemarle a Governor of Dover Castle, and Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports in the July of 1660, also Lord Lieutenant of Kent and afterwards ambassador to the Ottoman Empire and served in this capacity from between 1660–69. Samuel Pepys first referred to him as the Lord Winchilsea. (Note the difference in spelling from the modern place name, Winchelsea.),_3rd_Earl_of_Winchilsea]


King Charles II had landed at Kent on his way to London to secure the throne on the 25th of May, 1660. The King arrived in Dover with 20 ships and frigates, the Lord General and his life guard was accompanied by the Earl of Winchelsea to the cheer of the crowding locals gathered upon the beach to witness a salute fired from the guns of Dover Castle.

7 Sept 1709. In a suit in Chancery between Ann METCALFE, one of ye Daughters of Richard METCALFE, deced., Complt. And Edward BARROW & Anne his wife..GET COPY OF PAGE 92! (Virginia County Court Records, Richmond County, VA Orders, 1708-1709, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press, 1997, p. 91.)

8 Sept 1709. In an action of Trespass between Edward BARROW, Gent., Plt. and Gilbert METCALFE, Defendt. Plt. moved that Deft. Might give special Bail; Whereupon William FAUNTLEROY and Austin BROCKENBROUGH, Gent., came into Court and assum’d to pay all costs and damages according to Law in case Deft. were cast in this Cause, at Deft’s mocon a speciall Imparlance is granted him till next Court. (Virginia County Court Records, Richmond County, VA Orders, 1708-1709, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press, 1997, p. 96.)

8 Sept 1709. In an accon of Detinue between Edward BARROW, Gent., Plt and Gilbert METCALFE, Deft., wherein Plt. declares thus: Richmond ss. To the Worspll. The Court. Gilbert METCALFE of Pish. Of Farnham in County of Richmond was summoned to answer Edward BARROW of the afresaid Pish., Gent., of a Plea that he render to him certaine Negroes herein after mentioned, which from him he unjustly detains; And thereupon Edward BARROW by George ESKRIDGE his Attorney sayes that; Whereas on the seventh day of July in the Eighth year of the Reign of her Majesty, Queene Anne, that now is, he was possessed of one Negro man named DICK of the value of fifty pounds Sterling, another Negro man named SAM of value of fifty pounds Sterling, one Negro man named CUSHIN of the value of fifty pounds Sterling, of another Negro man named JOHN of the value of forty pounds Sterling, another Negro man named BILLYof the value of forty pounds Sterling, a Negro woman BESS of the value of forty pounds Sterling; another Negro woman JENNY of the value of forty pounds Sterling, another Negro woman MESSINAof the value of forty pounds Sterling, another Negro woman CICELY of the value of forty pounds Sterling; another Negro woman named NANNY of the value of forty pounds Sterling; another Negro woman named PEGGY of the value of forty pounds Sterling; a Negro boy named JACK of the value of tenn pounds Sterling; as of his propr goods and chattles, and Edward BARROW so being possessed, on the 23 day of July aforesaid the aforesaid Negroes afterwards (vizt) on the same 23 day of July into the possession of Gilbert METCALFE by finding did come. Notwithstanding, that Gilbert METCALFE knowing the Negroes to be the proper Negroes of Edward BARROW and to him of right to belong & appertain, craftily & fraudulently intending Edward BARROW in that behalf to deceive and defraud the Negroes or any of them to Edward BARROW (though often thereunto required) hath not as yet delivered but the same to him to deliver hath denyed and as yett doth deny and unjustly detain. Whereupon Edward BARROW saith that he is damnified and damage hat sustained to the value of five hundred pounds Sterling, and thereupon brings his action and craves Judgment with costs, &c., G. ESKRIDGE p Plt. Deft. Being called and not appearing nor any security returned for him, on mocon of Plt’s Attorney, Judgement is granted him agt. William THORNTON, Gent., Sheriff of this County, for the said sum and costs unless Defendant appears at next Court and answers the action. (Virginia County Court Records, Richmond County, VA Orders, 1708-1709, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press, 1997, p. 99)

7 Mar 1710/11. The suit in Chancery between Ann METCALFE, one of the daughters of Richard METCALFE, deced., Complt. And Edward BARROW and Ann his Wife, Respondts., is continued till next Court.

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