Jacob Shoenfelt, the first child and son of William and Margaret [Anna Maria] (Gessinger) Shaneyfelt; and Jacob\

Jacob Shoenfelt, the first child and son of William and Margaret [Anna Maria] (Gessinger) Shaneyfelt; and Jacob's wife Elizabeth L. Baker

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Born: 01 November 1820 - Pennsylvania

Died: 10 April 1906 - Keagy Cemetery, Woodbury, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

m. 25 February 1847 - Bedford County, Pennsylvania


Born: 1828

Died: 1911 - Keagy Cemetery, Woodbury, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Father: Jacob Baker Shoenfelt II Mother: Elizabeth Marks

Father-in-law: Abraham Keagy, Sr. Mother-in-law: Barbara (?)

Grandfather: Jacob Shoenfelt Grandmother: Elizabeth L. Baker

Jacob Marks (?)

G-Grandfather: William Shanefelt G-Grandmother: Margaret Gessinger

Peter Baker Christine Lekron

GG-Grandfather: H. Johan Schoenfeldt GG-Grandmother: Elizabeth Poet

Children - All born in Bedford County, Pennsylvania:

1. Emmeline Shoenfelt Farm Cemetery on Hill SW of Loysburg, Bedford Co. b. 1847 d. 1921

m. Jacob S. Biddle Son of Susan (Snowberger) Biddle “ ” “ ” “. b. 1844 d. GAR 1919

1) Annie Biddle

2) Hattie Biddle

3) Emory Biddle

4) John Biddle

5) Roy Biddle

6) Warrn Biddle

7) Homer S. Biddle, m. Mary Hamilton b. 10 Nov 1882

Homer S. Biddle, district manager of the Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company, at Altoona, was born at Loysburg, Bedford County, Pa., November 10, 1882, that town being the birthplace of his father, Jacob S. Biddle. The father spent most of his life at Loysburg, where he was a farmer and prominent in the affairs of the county, which he represented in the State Legislature. He is deceased, and his wife, who was Emma (Shoenfelt) Biddle, of Bedford County, died in 1928. They were the parents of six other children: Annie, Hattie, Emory, John, Roy, and Warren. Homer S. Biddle attended the public schools of Loysburg and Betts Academy, Stamford, Connecticut, after which he studied at Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut, from which he graduated in 1906. For two years thereafter, he engaged in business for himself as a public accountant and auditor and then became associated with the Philip-Carey Company, roofing and insulating concern, as traveling salesman in this section of the state. In 1927, Mr. Biddle formed a connection with the Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company, of Philadelphia, for which he became district manager at Altoona in 1927. This office of the company serves the counties of Blair, Bedford, Huntingdon, Mifflin, Fulton, and parts of Cambria and Centre.He was united in marriage to Mary Hamilton, of Altoona.

2. Louisa Shoenfelt b. 04 Dec 1850 d. 28 Dec 1936

m. Isaac Bayer m. 01 Dec 1868 (Separate History)

3. John K. Shoenfelt b. 13 Jan 1852

m. Virginia Hicks (Separate History)

4. George E. Shoenfelt 1920 & 1930 Montgomery Co. Ohio widow b. 00 Oct 1853

m. Susan (?) m. 1883 b. 00 Jun 1863

1) Stella Shoenfelt b. 00 Sep 1883

2) Jay Edward Shoenfelt b. 00 Oct 1888

m. Della Margaret Myers b. 1891

1. Elizabeth Mary Shoenfelt, m. (?) Lehman b. 31 Mar 1912 d. 29 Jan 1951

2. Anson Shoenfelt b. 1916

3. Samuel Shoenfelt b. 1917

4. Russell Shoenfelt b. 1919

5. George Shoenfelt b. 1920

3) Ira Earl Shoenfelt WWI b. 12 Sep 1891 d. 1907

Hit By Bullet From Unknown Source While Dropping Beans. Ira Shoenfelt, 15 year-old son of George Shoenfelt, who resides about 1½ miles from Bellwood, was dropping beans with his father in a field on Wed. afternoon, when he was shot in the back with a rifle bullet. It was found that the bullet has penetrated the muscles of the back opposite the lungs, but whether or not it had penetrated the lung could not be ascertained. The boy's lower limbs were paralyzed, but whether this was the result of the bullet wound or whether it was on account of the great nervous shock is a question that will take a little time to answer. The bullet is thought to have been from a 32 caliber rifle fired by someone who was shooting crows. The shooting is considered purely accidental. The country in that neighborhood is quite hilly. There was no one in sight in the vicinity & the bullet is supposed to have traveled such a distance that the gunner could not possibly have had any idea of the mischief it was likely to do.

4) Della (Celia) Shoenfelt b. 1905

5. Sarah Shoenfelt b. 1856

6. Albert Shoenfelt b. 1858

7. David Kargarise Shoenfelt 1920 Mahoning; 1930 Seneca Co. Ohio b. 00 May 1861 Mahoning Co., Ohio

m. Evalyn [Evaline] Anick [Amick] m. 03 Mar 1887 b. 00 Feb 1868 m. Bedford Co. Pa.

In 1930 they have grandsons Benford R. [Beauford] 16y b. 1914 and Orville W. 12y b. 1918 with them.

1) John A. Shoenfelt 1930 Richland Co. Ohio b. 00 Dec 1887

m. (?) Snouffer

1. Beauford R. Shoenfelt Never Married b. 23 Nov 1913 d. 13 Mar 1993 Ohio

2. Orville W. Shoenfelt b. 1918

2) Ethel Shoenfelt b. 00 Jun 1891

3) Florence Shoenfelt b. 00 Jan 1893

4) Guy Shoenfelt 1920 Mahoning; 1930 Summit Co. Ohio b. 18 Oct 1896 d. 00 Mar 1969 Ohio

m. Fay Hiner b. 1898

1. Jean Shoenfelt b. 1924

5) Mabel Shoenfelt b. 1903

6) Jacob James Shoenfelt d. Lorain Co. OH m. 31 Aug 1929 b. 28 Oct 1906 d. 29 Jan 1988 Ohio

m. Harriet Jessie Wright m. Cuychoga, Ohio b. 11 Dec 1911 d. 29 Jul 1989 Ohio

1. Donald Lloyd Shoenfelt b. 07 Nov 1931

m. 09 Aug 1952 m.1st Lillian Marie Slusarczyk, (of John & Mary) b. 20 Jan 1932

m. 21 Jun 1975 m.2nd Mary Ann Krokos, (of Stanley John & Mary Agnes)

Ft. Belvoir, Arlington, VA. 1) Stuart Jay Shoenfelt b. 24 Mar 1954

Ft. Belvoir, Arlington, VA 2) Warren Scott Shoenfelt b. 30 Jun 1955

Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio 3) Shelly Lu Shoenfelt b. 17 Jun 1957

4) Mickie Mae Shoenfelt b. 24 Jul 1960

Fairview Park,Cuyahoga, Ohio 5) Dale Stanley Shoenfelt b. 17 Jan 1977

2. Jacqueline Shoenfelt b. 25 Sep 1937

m. Michael Daniel Scuro m. 12 Dec 1959 b. 18 Jun 1937

1.) Daniel Scuro b. 0 7 Dec 1961

2) Bonnie Lynn Scuro b. 26 Nov 1963

7) Grace Shoenfelt 1920 Mahoning Co. Ohio b. 1910

8. Mary E. Shoenfelt Buried Keagy Cemetery, Woodbury, Bedford Co. b. 00 May 1864

9. Ira K. Shoenfelt b. 00 Sep 1868 Clinton Co., Pa.

m. Bertha Miller b. 00 Dec 1877

1) Sara K. Shoenfelt b. 00 Feb 1900

2) Ira Miller Shoenfelt b. 1901

m. Anna B. (?) b. 1905

1. Monamae Shoenfelt b. 1925

2. Marion Justus Shoenfelt b. 1928

m. Nell Harden b. 12 Mar 1929 d. 13 Apr 2003 TX

1) Henry Elvin Shoenfelt II m. 20 Mar 1976 b. 02 Oct 1948 Dallas, Tx

m. Vicki Sue Gamble

1. Adam Wesley Shoenfelt b. 30 Sep 1978

2. Sarah Elizabeth Shoenfelt b. 17 Sep 1984

2) Catherine Ruth Shoenfelt b. 09 Dec 1954

3) Joseph M. Shoenfelt b. 1904

10. Joseph Shoenfelt, Jr. b. 1871

Joseph Marks and Nancy (Keagy) Shoenfelt were both born in Blair County. Nancy was the daughter of Abraham Keagy, Sr. 1785-1866. History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Co. (Children and grandchildren of Abraham and Barbara Keagy are: 1) Jacob Keagy, b. 1810, wife Margaret and children David, George, and Susan; 2) John Keagy, b. 1811, wife Polly and children Samuel, Nancy, Christian, Catherine, Mary, Susanna and Eliza; 3) Abram Keagy, b. 1813, wife Mary Baker and children John, Susan, Andrew, Elias and Irvin Baker Keagy, b. 10 Aug 1867 d. 5 May 1956, m. 31 Dec 1890 to Nannie Bayer, b. 22 Aug 1869 d. 30 Oct 1927, daughter of Daniel Shank Bayer and Katherine (Burger) Bayer; 4) Christian Keagy, b. 1815, wife Christianna and children Martha, Daniel and Charles; 5) Susan Keagy; 6) Mary Keagy; 7) Nancy (this history); 8) Elizabeth.) On 18 October 1850 - Bedford County, Middle Woodberry, page 231, we find Joseph and Nancy and their two baby girls. Nancy must have been from a very large and prominent family because families of Keagy's live all around them with occupations listed as farmers, merchants and manufacturers with real estate valued at $3,500., $7,000., and $12,000. Joseph is listed as a merchant in 1850; a farmer on 13 July 1870, with real estate valued at $17,500; a miller on 14 June 1880, page 24, Blair County, Taylor; and a grocer in 1900, page 9, also showing that Joseph and Nancy had been married for 53 years, had ten children born to them and all children still living.

Joseph owned and operated his farm land. When he went into business it was as a miller, and during the larger part of his life he operated the old style water mills with dam, in different parts of Blair and Bedford Counties. 20th Century History of Altoona & Blair County Pennsylvania, by Jesse C. Sell, 1911, page 612. From the grantee and grantor deed indexes of Bedford County, Pa., Office of Register and Recorder we find:

Joseph Shenefelt to John Longnecker

Deed Book AE, p. 352 2 pages

John Metz to Joseph Shenefelt

Deed Book AJ, p. 514 2 pages

Joseph Shenefelt to Henry Gyer

Deed Book AN, p. 247 3 pages

Thomas Watson to Joseph Shenefelt

Deed Book AQ, p. 363 2 pages

David Ditz to Joseph Shenefelt

Deed Book AQ, p. 365 2 pages

Mary Brower to Joseph Shenefelt

Deed Book AS, p. -42 1 page

Joseph Shenefelt to Daniel Price

Deed Book AS, p. 255 2 pages

Joseph Shenefelt to Joseph Snowder

Deed Book AV, p. 476 2 pages

Joseph Shenefelt to Levi A. Biddle

Deed Book AX, p. 450 3 pages

Joseph Shenefelt to John Shane

Deed Book AX, p. 578 3 pages

Joseph Shenefelt to Church of God

Deed Book AZ, p. -26 3 pages

Emmeline Shoenfelt married Jacob, son of Andrew 1801-1875 & Susan Snowberger Biddle. He was a soldier in the rebellion, in Co. I, 194th Reg. Pa.

Vol., & in Co. M, 22nd Pa. Cav.; was a farmer until 1881, when he engaged in the creamery business, starting the first creamery in Bedford Co. The Heritage Collection, History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Counties, 1884, p.304.

Susan Shoenfelt (widow of George) and children, Ira and Della and granddaughter Elizabeth are on the 1920 Blair County, Pa. census p.3 ed.83. Her oldest son Jay and Margaret are in Blair County, Altoona, 1920 census, ed.65 p.20.

Albert Shoenfelt was a Justice of the County, Woodberry Twp., Bedford County, Pennsylvania in 1883. The Heritage Collection - History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Counties, 1884, p.226.

David and family plus his son Guy and his family are on the 1920 Mahoning County, Ohio census p.21 ed.131. Gay (Hiner), wife of Guy was a sister to William F. Hiner. 1920 Census shows Ira and family in Clinton County, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. Bertha Miller Shoenfelt has a brother, Oliver Miller.


Born: 4 December 1850 - Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Died: 28 December 1936

Married: 1 December 1868

Both are buried in the Bayer Cemetery, a farm cemetery South of Loysburg


Born: 5 April 1846 - Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Died: 9 September 1916

Father: Joseph Marks Shoenfelt Mother: Nancy Keagy

Father-in-law: Joseph Bayer Mother-in-law: Nancy Ann Shank

Grandfather: Jacob Baker Shoenfelt II Grandmother: Elizabeth Marks

George Michael Bayer Susanna Keagy

Daniel Shank Mary Hoffman

G-Grandfather: Jacob Shoenfelt G-Grandmother: Elizabeth L. Baker

Jacob Marks (?)

Mathias Hoffman Mary Hoover

GG-Grandfather: William Shanefelt GG-Grandmother: Margaret Gessinger

Peter Baker Christine Lekron

John Hoover (?)

GGG-Grandfather: H. Johan Schoenfeldt GGG-Grandmother: Elizabeth Poet


1. Joseph Shoenfelt Bayer Bayer Cemetery m. 17 Mar 1897 b. 17 Nov 1870 d. 08 Nov 1935

m. Emma Gring Schnebly Bayer Cemetery b. 04 Aug 1872 d. 02 Jul 1958

2. Nannie Bayer Bur. Martinsburg, Pa. m. 16 Feb 1898 b. 29 Jun 1875 d. 1959

m. John H. Latshaw of Curryville Bur. Martinsburg, Pa. b. 24 Sep 1874 d. 1951

3. George Bayer Bayer Cemetery b. 22 Jan 1879 d. 29 May 1879

4. Lloyd Bayer Bayer Cemetery b. 11 Jan 1882 d. 25 Feb 1887

5. Mabel Louella Bayer m. 05 Sep 1915 b. 28 Apr 1888

m. Dr. James Andred Scheafer/Shaffer of Camden, New Jersey b. 06 Aug 1872

Isaac Bayer, the youngest son of Joseph and Nancy Ann (Shank) Bayer, Sr. was a successful farmer, purchasing the original homestead where he had been born. Isaac and Louisa were an astonishingly beautiful couple. Photographs show them both to have light colored eyes and dark hair. The history of the Bayer family is similar and coincidental to the Shanafelt family.

Joseph Bayer was one of the early settlers in Morrisons Cove. He was born 01 Feb 1806, Washington County, Maryland and died 19 Mar 1881, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. His wife, Nancy Ann Shank was born 22 Mar 1813 and died 23 May 1894. Joseph's father, George Michael Bayer, was born in Swabach, Germany. Leaving his father's home on 24 Feb 1796, George Michael Bayer arrived in Baltimore, Maryland on 17 August 1796. In Washington County, Maryland on 1 March 1803, George Bayer married Susanna Keage (Keagy), who was born in Conestoga Twp., Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The following children were born to George and Susanna in Washington County, Maryland: Daniel, George M., John, Susanna C. and Joseph. The Bayers moved to Morrisons Cove, going through Snake Spring Valley in a deep snow. On 15 Feb 1843, they purchased a farm from Jacob Shelly. (Their grandson, Joseph Bayer later owned the farm). It was this farm in South Woodbury Twp. that their children Mary and Isaac Bayer were born Joseph Bayer, Sr. farmed his entire lifetime.

Isaac Bayer married Miss Louise Shoenfelt, who was still living in 1933. Mrs. Louise (Shoenfelt)



Bayer, was an intelligent woman with whom it was a pleasure to converse. She had a mother's pride in the successes of her children and was greatly interested in her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Upon retirement, Isaac and Louise moved into the comfortable home of their son, Joseph S. Bayer. Isaac was a most capable business men who owned and operated the Bayer farm, helped his son in the management of a large general store in Loysburg, and was a County Commissioner of Bedford County. He regularly found in his place as a teacher of a large class in the Methodist Church School every Sunday morning. After the death of her husband, Louisa continued to make her home with her children. Isaac, Louisa and two sons are buried in the Bayer Family Plot, Morrisons Cove along with Isaac's sister Susan Catherine (Bayer) and husband William A. Moore. Matthias & Mary (Hoover) Hoffman of "Necessity" and Their Descendants, compiled by Jacob A. Hoffman, printed by Hagerstown Bookbinding and Printing Co., Inc.. pp. 103-107. Historical Sketches of Morrisons Cove, by Rev. C. W. Karns, Mirror Press, 1933, pp. 151-154.


Born: 13 January 1852 - Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Died: 1933 - "Father" buried at Carson Valley Cemetery, Blair County, Pennsylvania

Married: 1880


Born: August 1854

Died: 1944 - "Mother" buried at Carson Valley Cemetery, Blair County, Pennsylvania

Father: Joseph Marks Shoenfelt Mother: Nancy Keagy

Grandfather: Jacob Baker Shoenfelt II Grandmother: Elizabeth Marks

G-Grandfather: Jacob Shoenfelt G-Grandmother: Elizabeth L. Baker

Jacob Marks (?)

GG-Grandfather: William Shanefelt GG-Grandmother: Margaret Gessinger

Peter Baker Christine Lekron

GGG-Grandfather: H. Johan Schoenfeldt GGG-Grandmother: Elizabeth Poet

Children - All born Blair County, Pennsylvania:

1. Nancy (Nannie) G. Shoenfelt b. 00 Feb 1881

m.1st H. T. Boland

m.2nd Mr. Lowry

1) Joseph Boland b. 08 Jun 1904 d. 17 Aug 1918

Joseph Boland, son of Henry, deceased, and Nan Boland, died Saturday afternoon at 12:30 o'clock at the Altoona hospital of a complication of diseases, aged 14 years, 2 months & 9 days. Born June 8, 1904. The body was taken to the home of the grandparents, J. K. Shoenfelt, of Duncansville. Funeral Tuesday morning at St. Patrick's Church, Newry, buried at Carson Valley cemetery. Altoona Tribune, Monday morning, August 19, 1918.

2. Carrie M. Shoenfelt Carson Valley Cemetery b. 25 Apr 1882 d. 00 Dec 1963

3. Raymond A. Shoenfelt Carson Valley Cemetery b. 00 Dec 1883 d. 1951

4. Lloyd J. Shoenfelt Carson Valley Cemetery b. 00 Jan 1885 d. 1933

5. Edith B. Shoenfelt, m. W. V. Webb b. 00 Jan 1887

6. Emily M. Shoenfelt, m. (?) Kyle b. 00 Nov 1888

7. Nellie C. Shoenfelt, m. (?) Hughes b. 00 Oct 1890

8. Charles Edgar Shoenfelt Carson Valley Cemetery b. 14 Mar 1892 d. 1954

m. Mildred M. Duggan m. Lake Co. Indiana m. 24 Nov 1920 b. 25 Mar 1894 d. 02 Mar 1988

1) Helen Marie Shoenfelt b. 1922

2) John Thomas Shoenfelt b. 22 Aug 1925 d. 00 Jul 1986

3) Edith May Shoenfelt

John K. Shoenfelt, Justice of the Peace and a leading citizen of Duncansville, Pennsylvania, was proprietor and manager of one of the largest industries of the place, the Shoenfelt Marble and Granite Company, which manufactures and deals in monuments and headstones and does all kinds of cemetery work. Mr. Shoenfelt was born in Woodbury, Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

". . . The paternal great-grandfather of John K. Shoenfelt was Jacob Shoenfelt, a native of Germany, who came to what is now Blair County, Pennsylvania, in 1730, and settled near what is now Roaring Springs. He reared a family, and of his sons, Jacob Shoenfelt, father of Joseph M., continued to live in the same vicinity, where he owned farm land. When Joseph M. Shoenfelt went into business it was a miller, and during the larger part of his life he operated the old style water mills with dam, in different parts of Blair and Bedford Counties." 20th Century History of Altoona & Blair County Pennsylvania, Jesse C. Sell, 1911, p. 612.

My research finds that the great-grandfather of John K. was in fact Jacob Shoenfelt, but it was his great-great-great grandfather, Johann who was a native of Germany. To say that they came to "what is now Blair County, Pennsylvania in 1730 is a misstatement. William was born in 1736 in Germantown, Pa. and as evidenced by my research on the area, the northern, Blair County portions, of the Cove was almost unexplored until 1754.

"John K. Shoenfelt attended school in South Woodbury Twp., in Bedford county, and also the Bedford County Normal School, then situated at Bedford, and was graduated from that institution in 1872. For eight consecutive years afterward he taught school, being located in Bedford, Blair and Huntingdon Counties, Pennsylvania, and was an interested and successful teacher. In 1882, he came to Duncansville Building and Loan Association, of which he has been president for sixteen consecutive years, and for four years was treasurer of this very prosperous business enterprise. Since 1890 he has been identified with his granite and marble business, one that has been continuously successful, one reason perhaps being found in the motto of the firm: 'Courteous treatment and careful attention to orders'. In politics he is a Republican and for several years he was president of the borough school board. For over a quarter of a century he has served in the office of justice of the peace. Mr. Shoenfelt was married to Miss Jennie Hicks, of Wiliamsburg, Pennsylvania and they have had eight children, namely: Nannie G., who is the widow of H. T. Boland, of Portage, Pennsylvania; Carrie, who resides at Youngstown, Ohio; Raymond A. and Lloyd J., both of who reside at home; Edith, who is the wife of W. V. Webb of Duncansville; and Emily, Nellie and Charles E., all of whom reside with their parents. Mr. Shoenfelt is one of the representative men of this section of Blair County." Ibid.

A recollection is told by a woman who as a little girl was a student of John's: ". . . John Shoenfelt, the teacher, was having trouble with one of the boys. Eventually the mush tried teacher declared he was going to bleed the boy to let the bad blood out. Dragging the reluctant culprit up on the platform, the teacher bared the boy's arm. It was a tense moment. The little girls cried, while the big boys and girls watched the proceedings with breath taking attention. Using his pocket handkerchief as a tourniquet, Mr. Shoenfelt in business like manner bandaged the arm. Making a great flourish with his pocket knife, he raised his hand to make the incision. At this critical juncture, the boys courage broke. Begging for mercy, he promised to be good. That was all, of course, the teacher wanted. Very solemnly he released the frightened youngster on promise of future good conduct." Recollections of By-Gone Days in the Cove, by Ella M. Snowberger, 1934, Vol. IV, p.56.

Research shows John & Jennie in Greenfield Twp., Blair County on 8 June 1880; John's brother George is with them. In 1900, page 10, ed. 73, you find John and Jennie who have been married for 20 years and had 8 children, all living. In 1910 you find John, Jennie, and children except Carrie; Nannie Boland and grandson Joseph Boland are with them. .

1920 Census shows John, Jennie, Mary Boland, Ray, Lloyd & Charles in Blair County, Duncanville, Pa.

Charles Edgar Shoenfelt served in the United States Army during World War I as a Corporal in Co. I, 4th Reg. of Infantry, 3rd Division; enlisting on 20 Jul 1917, honorably discharged on 26 Oct 1919; born at Duncansville, Pa. His wife, Mildred is the daughter of Thomas & Mary Duggan. Soldiers of Blair County, p.401.


Born: 23 March 1826 - Pennsylvania and Died: 20 May 1902 - Albright, Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania

Married: 02 April 1850 - Blair County, Pennsylvania


Born: 20 March 1832 and Died: 12 June 1903

Father: Jacob Baker Shoenfelt II Mother: Elizabeth Marks

Grandfather: Jacob Shoenfelt Grandmother: Elizabeth L. Baker

Jacob Marks (?)

G-Grandfather: William Shanefelt G-Grandmother: Margaret Gessinger

Peter Baker Christine Lekron

GG-Grandfather: H. Johan Schoenfeldt GG-Grandmother: Elizabeth Poet


1. Susan Shoenfelt b. 1852

2. Sarah Shoenfelt b. 1854 d. 00 May 1870

3. Elizabeth Shoenfelt b. 1858

4. Margaret Shoenfelt b. 1861

5. Florrinda Shoenfelt b. 1865

6. Barbara Ellen Shoenfelt m. Roaring Springs, Blair Co., Pa b. 09 Oct 1869 d. 27 Feb 1956

m. Harvey Smith m. 27 Feb 1890 b. 09 Nov 1866 d. 03 Jan 1952

1) Mary Margaret Smith m. 25 Feb 1925 b. 23 Dec 1900 d. 18 Sep 1987

m. Robert Keyes McClellan b. 20 Sep 1901 d. 24 Mar 1982

1. Ralph Clair McClellan, 2. Robert Harry McClellan, and 3. Marvin Gene McClellan

7. Cora Dell Shoenfelt b. 1872

Jacob Shoenfelt, III was the second of six sons born to Jacob, Jr. and Elizabeth. As evidenced by the above, Jacob and Margaret were blessed with seven daughters. This couple must have married around 1850 because we find them on 15 August 1850, in Huston, Blair County, Pennsylvania living in the dwelling next to his father. Jacob, III is listed as Jacob M., a farmer, age 24 and Margaret is listed as Peggy, age 18. Peggy is a nickname of Margaret. Name Your Baby, by Lareina Rule, p.73. On 13 June 1860, page 505, we find Jacob and Margaret and their first three daughters in Taylor, Blair County. Daughter Sarah is six years old at that time; in May, 1870, Sarah dies of typhoid fever (1870 Mortality Schedule, Pennsylvania). On 17 June 1870, page 12, Jacob and family are still farming in Taylor. On this census, Allen Shoenfelt, age 11 is shown with Jacob's family. Allen is Jacob’s nephew, being the son of George who is Jacob's brother. Allen was probably helping his uncle with "manly" chores that day but more likely keeping his uncle company in his house full of women. Page 4, 1 June 1880, Jacob and Margaret just have the three youngest daughters at home in Woodberry, Blair County; and in 1900, page 2, ed. 5, all children have left home and Jacob, 74 years old and wife Margaret, 68 years old are at home in Bloomfield, Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

Barbara Shoenfelt became the second wife of Harvey Smith who was the son of George & Mary Smith. His first spouse died July 1888.

(The burial record of Jacob Marks Shoenfelt was taken from Early Shanafelt Family, Laural (Shanafelt) Powell, 1994, p.212.


Born: 1 October 1828 - Blair County, Pennsylvania

Died: 26 September 1894 - Blair County, Pennsylvania

Buried: Hollidaysburg Presbyterian Cemetery

Married: 13 November 1853 - Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Blair County, Pennsylvania


Born: 25 August 1828 and Died: 2 November 1890

Buried: Hollidaysburg Presbyterian Cemetery

Father: Jacob Baker Shoenfelt II Mother: Elizabeth Marks

Grandfather: Jacob Shoenfelt Grandmother: Elizabeth L. Baker

Jacob Marks (?)

G-Grandfather: William Shanefelt G-Grandmother: Margaret Gessinger

Peter Baker Christine Lekron

GG-Grandfather: H. Johan Schoenfeldt GG-Grandmother: Elizabeth Poet


1. Jane Shinafelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 1854

2. Alice Shinafelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 1855

m. Richard Wyman b. 1860

1) Blanche Lenkie Wyman

2) Norma Meiker Wyman

3) Lyle Wyman

4) Leslie Wyman

3. Abigail Shinafelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 1858

4. William J. Shinafelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 00 Apr 1860 d. 1922*

m. Emma J. Kephart b. 1863 d. 1918*

1) James B. Shinafelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 00 Jun 1884 d. 03 Jun 1947*

m. Elsie L. Knepp b. 1881 d. 18 Oct 1960*

1. Charles Shinafelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 1906 d. 28 Jan 1971

2. Edgar Shinafelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 17 Apr 1907 d. 28 May 1983 NY

m. Esther (?) b. 19 Dec 1905 d. 00 May 1983 NY

3. Annabelle Shinafelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 1907

m. Glenn Mattern

1) Betty Mattern b. 1929

4. Thelma Shinafelt b. 1914

5. Merrill Shinafelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 13 Feb 1915 d. 27 Feb 1972*

6. Alvin Shinafelt b. 1917

7. Chester Shinafelt b. 1921

8. Lucille Shinafelt b. 1924

2) Viola B. Shinafelt, m. Harry E. Blake Blair Co., Pa. b. 00 Nov 1885

3) William H. Shinafelt Blair County, Pa. b. 1901 d. 24 Jul 1959

m. Melda K. (?) b. 1905

1. Lola Jane Shinafelt

5. Mollie Shinafelt b. 1863

6. Agnes Shinafelt b. 1866

William Shinafelt, wife Mary, children, Jane, Alice, Abigail and 3 month old William Jr. can be found 1 August 1860, page 155, Blair County, Frankstown, Pennsylvania; in 1880 the family is in Allegheny, Blair Co. Other than William's marriage to Mary Ann Roan and their burial locations, I have no other information on William Sr. It is my assumption that he is the son of Jacob & Elizabeth (Marks) Shoenfelt.

William J. Shinafelt, Jr. can be found on page 5, ed. 78, 1900, Hollidaysburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania. With William is his wife Emma J. (Kephart), and their children James B. and Viola B. Also with them is Aunt Susan Shinafelt, 75 (should be 65) years. William is a grocer. He and Emma have been married 17 years, rent their home and have had two children who are living. William J., wife Emma J., daughter Viola B. and nine year old son William H. (III) are on 1910 Blair Co. census. William Jr.'s son James has his own household in 1910 which consists of his wife Elsie, Charles, Edgar and Alma. Sixty year old William J. and twenty year old son William H. are with brother/son-in-law Harry E. Blake in 1920, Blair County, Hollisdayburg, Pennsylvania. Merrill, son of James B. served in the Army Air Force WW II.

James and William H. and their families are in Blair Co. in 1930 .

The key to linking William Sr. as a son of Jacob II was through William Jr. and wife Emma plus Aunt Susan Shinafelt. *Indicates that they are buried at Carson Valley Cemetery, Blair County, Pennsylvania.


Born: 23 March 1828 - Salem Luthern, Antis Twp., Blair County, Pennsylvania

Died: 29 April 1897-Buried: Antis Cemetery

Wife: MARY ANN DONER [Domer]

Born: 24 April 1829 - Died: 16 Mar 1893

Father: Jacob Baker Shoenfelt II Mother: Elizabeth Marks

Grandfather: Jacob Shoenfelt Grandmother: Elizabeth L. Baker

Jacob Marks (?)

G-Grandfather: William Shanefelt G-Grandmother: Margaret Gessinger

Peter Baker Christine Lekron

GG-Grandfather: H. Johan Schoenfeldt GG-Grandmother: Elizabeth Poet


1. George E. Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 23 Oct 1853 d. 21 Jan 1938

m. Eliza Jane Shiffler b. 00 Feb 1855

1) Franklin Augustus Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 17 Feb 1876 d. 05 May 1902

In 1900, Frank A. Shoenfelt, 24 years, born Feb 1876, Altona, Pa., is a private at Rosales Military & Navel Forces, Philippina Island.

2) Effie 'Viola' Shoenfelt, m. (?) McDermitt Blair Co., Pa. b. 1877

1. Frank McDermitt Blair Co., Pa. b. 1899

3) E. Irwin Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 1878 d. 1927*

m. Emma A. (?) b. 1885

1. Bernadine A. Shoenfelt b. 1913

17 year old Bernadine is an inmate in 1930, Middletown, Delaware Co. Pa.

4) Henry L. Shoenfelt, m. Melzie Martin Blair Co., Pa. b. 00 Mar 1880

Melzie, daughter of George Rufus Martin; granddaughter of Charles Constantine Martin; had siblings: Helen m. (?) Gamber, Merle, Clay m. Grace Steel, Bess m. (?) Showers, Jesse, Miles, Selby and Evingon. [Cree Marshall cree@mediaone.net was the great granddaughter of Charles Constantine Martin. Her grandfather was Jacob Paul Aaron Martin and his son Carl L. Martin was her father. She was born and raised in Roaring Spring, PA.

1. Inez B. Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 1907

5) Mary E. Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 07 Oct 1881 d. 16 Jan 1964 PA

m. Horace Emanuel Butler m. 16 Jan 1905 b. 02 Aug 1881 d. 19 Oct 1914

1. Teresa Butler b. 1907

m. William Donald Flickinger b. 1903 d. 1988

1) William D. Flickinger, Jr. b. 1932 d. 1977

m. Mary Lou Ayers

2) Glenn B. Flickinger, m.1st Florence Geertson; m.2nd Anna Galbraith

2. Fred Hiley Butler b. 16 Oct 1908 d. 1986

m. Dorothy Anna Barefoot b. 1913 d. 1969

1) Dorothy Louise Butler, m. Edward Replogle

2) Susan Charmai;n Butler

6) G. Edwin Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 00 Apr 1888 d. 1936*

m. Maude C. (?) b. 23 Dec 1889 d. 00 Jan 1978*

1. Reily E. Shoenfelt b. 1926 d. 1926*

7) Willard Earl Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 00 Apr 1890

m. Jeanie [Jennie] Delozier She is head of house in 1930 Blair Co. b. 1893

1. Mary Shoenfelt m. 29 Jul 1929 b. 1913

m. Paul B. Camerer b. 02 Feb 1910 d. 17 Oct 1967

1) Larry Camerer (had four children)

2. Nellie Shoenfelt, m. (?) Rhodes b. 1914

3. Willard Blair Shoenfelt b. 14 Sep 1915 d. 23 Jun 1973

m. Clara (Merrits ) Weyant

1) Roger Weyant

2) Robert Weyant

3) Susan Weyant, m. (?) Leberfinger

4) Catherine Weyant, m. (?) Berry

4. Frederick T. Shoenfelt b. 28 Sep 1917 d. 29 Sep 2002

m. Verna I. Glass m. 11 Apr 1936 b. 12 Feb 1917 d. 19 Aug 1999

Verna I. Shoenfelt, 82, Morrisons Cove Home, Martinsburg, formerly of McKee, East Freedom RD, died Thursday afternoon, 19 Aug 1999, at Nason Hospital, Roaring Spring. She was born 12 Feb 1917, at East Freedom RD, the daughter of George and Annie (Dodson) Glass. She married Fred T. Shoenfelt in Cumberland, MD. Mrs. Shoenfelt enjoyed quilting, platting rugs and flowers. Surviving are her husband of Morrisons Cove Home; four daughters: Sonja Burket of Martinsburg RD, Betty L. May of New Freedom and Jennifer Yingling and Nanette Meck, both of Roaring Spring; two sons: Fred T. of Blue Knob and Frank L. of Martinsburg; two sisters: Betty Nale and Nellie Snyder, both of Claysburg; a brother, Thomas of Claysburg; 19 grandchildren; and 17 great-grandchildren. Mrs. Shoenfelt was preceded in death by a son, nf W, December 2, 1993. There will be no public viewing. Arrangements by J. Gary Thompson Funeral Home, Roaring Spring. SHOENFELT -Scripture services for Verna I. Shoenfelt of Morrisons Cove Home, Martinsburg, formerly of McKee, East Freedom RD, will be held at 10 a.m. Monday at St. Thomas More Catholic Church, Roaring Spring, with Monsignor William E. Shultz officiating. Inurnment will be made in Riverview Cemetery, Leamersville, at the convenience of the family There will be no public viewing. Arrangements by J. Gary Thompson Funeral Home, Roaring Spring. Altoona Mirror, August 22, 1999,

1) Sonja Shoenfelt, m. (?) Burket

2) Betty L. Shoenfelt, m. (?) May

3) Jennifer Shoenfelt, m. (?) Yingling

4) Nanette Shoenfelt, m. (?) Meck

5) Fred T. Shoenfelt

6) Frank L. Shoenfelt

7) Joseph W. Shoenfelt d. 02 Dec 1993

5. Robert F. Shoenfelt b. 21 Aug 1920 d. 00 Jun 1992 PA

6. Donald Shoenfelt b. 04 Jul 1922 d. 18 Nov 1990

7. Lois Shoenfelt b. 16 Jul 1924 d. 04 Jul 2000

m. Grover C. Clarr. Jr. m. 27 Jun 1949 Winchester, VA.

1) Sandy Clarr, m. (?) Mellott

2) Amy Clarr, m. (?) Bigler

3) Connie Clarr, m. (?) Smith

4) Grover C. Clarr, III

5) Richard E. Clarr

6) Michael A. Clarr

8. John “Jack” Howard Shoenfelt b. 1929 d. 26 Apr 2002PA

2. Samuel Judson Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 23 Dec 1854 d. 11 Oct 1902 PA

m. Susan Snyder Blair Co., Pa. b. 04 Sep 1858 d. 27 Aug 1945

Susan was the daughter of Elizabeth (England) & William Harrison Snyder. Susan & Samuel are buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Blair Co., Pa.

1) Jesse Shoenfelt, m. Claude Hostler Blair Co., Pa. b. 13 Mar 1884

2) William D. Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 20 May 1885

m. Margaret Mary Kissinger b. 1886

1. Jeanette C. Shoenfelt b. 1914

2. Robert Leroy Shoenfelt d. Holy Cross Cemetery-Summit Co. OH b. 04 Jan 1915 d. 19 Sep 1989

m. Mary Regina McCormick m. 11 May 1940 b. 08 Jul 1918 d. 13 Sep 2004

3. Frank S. Shoenfelt, Lillian Artz b. 1917

Lillian was the daughter of Levi “Jake” & Mary (Helsor) Artz; granddaughter of Harry & Elvina Susanna (Faust) Artz.

1) Brenda Shoenfelt, m. Paul (?)

2) Dennis Shoenfelt, m. Cathy (?)

3) Kathleen Shoenfelt, m. Bob (?)

4. Martha L. Shoenfelt b. 1919

3) Roy Charles Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. m. 23 Feb 1909 b. 24 Nov 1886 d. 26 Nov 1980

m. Agnes Harris Grove b. 27 Apr 1886 d. 28 Sep 1962

Agnes was the daughter of Joseph & Nancy Jane (Harris) Grove. Roy & Agnes are buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Blair County, Pa.

1. Thomas Blair Shoenfelt d. Montgomery Co. Tx. b. 22 Jun 1909 d. 00 May 1981

2. Charles Arthur Shoenfelt b. 12 Oct 1910 d. 10 Jun 1992 CA

m. Mariah R. Nearhoff, daugher of Sanford and Mariah Nearhoff

1) June E. Shoenfelt b. 1930

3. Dorothy Shoenfelt b. 1913

4. Emma Ruth Shoenfelt b. 14 Jan 1914 d. 30 Sep 1971

m. Miles B. Coleman

1) Sandra Coleman

m. (?) Wardell

2) James H. Coleman

3) Thomas R. Coleman

5. Ralph Grove Shoenfelt b. 1915 d. 14 Mar 1916 4m

4) George Edgar Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 10 Jul 1889 d. 04 Sep 1947

m. Etta M. Carter b. 14 Dec 1887 d. 00 Jun 1974 Pa.

Died 28 Apr 1947 Viola B. Kinsel wife of Harry C. Kinsel, died at home at 4.40 this morning. Born at Pine Grove Mills 26 Feb 1881, a daughter of James L. & Amanda (Hart) Carter. Surviving are husband, and children: Clyde, Aldeada & Verna Abrahims, 2 step children, Naomi Gharett & James C. Kinsel; 9 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren and siblings Bessie Reighard of Reading, Etta Shoenfelt Minnie Kerber, Paul and Ulysses F. Carter, & Maud Sutter. Mrs. Kinsel was a member of the 28th St. Church of the Brethren.. Friends are being received at the home after 7 this evening.

1. Edgar W. Shoenfelt b. 14 Oct 1910 d. 00 Sep 1983 Pa.

2. Charles L. Shoenfelt b. 1914

3. Louise E. Shoenfelt b. 1920

5) Blair Shoenfelt b. 21 Apr 1894 d. 05 Sep 1896

6) Mary Ruth Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa.. b.4 Jun 1898 d. 03 Aug 1978

m. Paul G. Snyder Buried: Greenwood b. 1893 d. 1944

3. Clarissa/Clarinda V. Shoenfelt, m. Alfred M. Hudson Blair Co., Pa. b. 1856

4. William D. Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 17 Sep 1858

Never married. 1920 - Lodger in Sacramento, Ca.; 1930 - Lodger in Los Angeles, Ca.

5. Sarah 'Sallie' E. Shoenfelt b. 13 Sep 1859

6. Daniel Lloyd Shoenfelt Buried: Antis Cemetery b. 03 Nov 1862 d. 17 Jul 1901

7. Charles Shoenfelt b. 00 Dec 1873

m. Elenore (?) b. 1878

On 20 July 1860, page 192, we find Andrew and Mary Ann in Hollidaysburg, Blair County; Andrew is a miller; the three oldest children are in school and William and Sallie are small children at home. Andrew and Mary Ann baptize Sarah, Samuel and William 9 Feb 1861, Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hollidaysburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania. 20 July 1870, page 6, Andrew and Mary Ann are in Antes, Blair County; Andrew is a miller; the six oldest children are in school. And, 20 June 1880, page 5, we find Andrew and Mary Ann in Altoona City, 7th Ward, Blair County. Andrew is a laborer, George and Samuel are Millers, William works in a tin shop and Daniel is a clerk in a store. Charles, 7 years old, is at home. Andrew's daughters have probably married. On the 1880 census, Andrew shows that his father (Jacob) was born in Maryland. The birth-years of Andrew and Mary are unclear because of the inconsistency in the listing of their ages for '60, '70, and '80. The birth year for Andrew is recorded as 23 March 1828 in Early Shanafelt Family, Laural (Shanafelt) Powell, 1994, p.212. If this is correct, William, previous section either would not be son of Jacob or his birth date is incorrect.

Franklin Augustus Shoenfelt died at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George E. Shoenfelt, May 19, aged 26 years, 3 months and 2 days. He enlisted in Altoona in Company D, 12th infantry, U.S. regular infantry, 10 Dec 1898, for the Philippine service. He was in continuous service and was a brave and valiant soldier, and participated in the following engagements in the Philippines: Skirmish before Paramage, 10 Jun 1899; before Parae, 10 Aug 1899; at capture of Angeles, 16 Aug 16, 1899; night attack on Angeles, 16 Oct 16, 1899; battle and capture of Bambam, 11 Nov 1899; advance on Capos, Murcia, Tarlac, El Bend, Gerona and Panique. He was transferred from Company D, 12th U.S. infantry to the 63rd company, cart artillery, September 24, 1901, at headquarters department of Luzon at Manila, and was honorably discharged at Albatros Island, California, December 9, 1901 by reason of expiration of three years service and arrived home December 28, 1901, and has since resided in Altoona. He was a member of the Reformed Church at East Sharpsburg, afterward of Christ Church, Altoona. His parents, two sisters & three brothers survive him. Buried: Grandview Cemetery, Roaring Springs. The Story ofa Cove Family, by Cowan, Bedford, Pennsylvania, page 154.

1920 Census shows George E. and Jane, daughter, Mary Butler and her children Teresa and Fred, and grandson, Frank McDermitt in Blair County, Roaring Springs, Pennsylvania ed.113, p.5. Willard E. and family may be found in 1920, Blair County, Roaring Springs, Pennsylvania ed.113, p.6. Susan (Snyder), widow of Samuel is a housekeeper for Phillip Haas in 1920, ed.46, p.6, Altoona, Blair Co. and George Edgar and family are also in Altoona, Blair County, p.40, ed.57.

Susan (Snyder’s) siblings were Theodore David, Mollie and Catherine (m. Walter Isenberger) Snyder. Recollections of By-Gone Days in the Cove, Ella M. Snowberger, 1934, Vol. VII, pp.16-17.

*Indicates that they were buried at Carson Valley Cemetery, Blair County, Pennsylvania. Ralph Grove Shoenfelt, son of Roy and Agnes Shoenfelt is buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Blair County, Pennsylvania.


Born: 24 July 1830 - Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Died: 15 December 1917 - St. John Reform Cemetery, E. Sharpsburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania

Married: 22 October 1852


Born: 20 August 1831 - Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Died: 1 November 1916 - St. John Reform Cemetery, E. Sharpsburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania

Father: Jacob Baker Shoenfelt II Mother: Elizabeth Marks

Father-in-law: Adam Burkett, Jr. Mother-in-law: Katherine Metzger

Grandfather: Jacob Shoenfelt, Sr. Grandmother: Elizabeth L. Baker

Jacob Marks (?)

Adam Burkett Maria Puderbaugh

John Metzger, Jr. Christine Hoover

G-Grandfather: William Shanefelt G-Grandmother: Margaret Gessinger

Peter Baker Christine Lekron

Jacob Puderbaugh (?)

John Metzger (?)

Jacob Hoover Anna (?)

GG-Grandfather: H. Johan Schoenfeldt GG-Grandmother: Elizabeth Poet

George Puderbaugh


1. Mary Ellen Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 18 Aug 1853 d. 02 Oct 1943

m. Thomas Mitchell Myers b. 1849 d. 1923

(They had three children. Mary and Thomas are buried at Dry Hill Cemetery, Woodbury, Bedford Co., Pa.)

2. Horace Greely Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 08 May 1856 d. 08 Sep 1931

m. Maryetta Biddle m. 00 Sep 1885

1) Charles Earl Shoenfelt WWI Blair Co., Pa. b. 17 Feb 1887 d. 00 Aug 1969

m. Ruth Camerer

1. Ivan C. Shoenfelt m. 05 Oct 1940 b. 30 Apr 1909 d. 22 Nov 1968

m. Eleanor Sauers

2. Helen Shoenfelt, m. (?) Nycum b. 1913

2) Harvey E. Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 00 Mar 1889 d. c.a. 1963

m. Edna (?) m. 30 Oct 1916 b. 08 May 1892 d. 00 Apr 1989

1. Mabel E. Shoenfelt (single) b. 1918 d. 1933

2. Doris Shoenfelt, m. Wilbur Miller b. 1927

3) Samuel E. Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. w/ parents 1930 b. 00 Oct 1890

4) Elvin Jay Shoenfelt, Blair Co., Pa. b. 00 May 1895

m. Buleau Brown b. 1900

1. Virginia Shoenfelt b. 1920

2. Paul A. Shoenfelt b. 06 Apr 1925 d. 12 May 2000

m.1st Nelda J. Albright m. 17 Sep 1948 d. 22 Aug 1982

m.2nd Nancy Edward m. 27 Aug 1984

5) Oscar W. Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 00 Jun 1898 d. 1959

m. Arlene Helsel

1. Melvin Eugene Shoenfelt b. 19 Sep 1935 d. 11 Apr 2000

m. Paule R. Reede m. 09 Mar 1956

3. Ethan Allen B. Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 26 Sep 1856 d. 17 Dec 1938

m. Flora Collins Blair Co., Pa. b. 00 Nov 1869

1) Collins Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 00 Jul 1890

m. Bertha (?) b. 1896

1. Ray Shoenfelt b. 27 Apr 1918 d. 01 Aug 1989

2. Theresa L. Shoenfelt b. 1919

2) Alfred Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 00 Mar 1892

[Other Granddaughter of Allen & Flora - Francis L. Shoenfelt b. 1910, Genevie L. Shoenfelt, m. Robert Roscoe Replogle, b. 1925]

4. Jacob Blair Shoenfelt 1930 - Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Ca. Blair Co., Pa. b. 14 Feb 1859 d. 22 Nov 1935

m. Anna E. Isenberg Pennsylvania m. 00 May 1883 b. 1862

(Anna was daughter of J. Miller Isenberg)

1) Harriet Pearl Shoenfelt Pennsylvania b. 24 May 1882 d. 15 May 1951 CA

m.1st Dr. C. A. Thompson

m.2nd Harry Frank b. 1884

2) Cecil E. Shoenfelt Michigan b. 1884

3) Doris Edna Shoenfelt, m. (?) Roberts Wyoming b. 10 May 1896 d. 16 Aug 1984 CA

5. George Burkett Shoenfelt b, Blair Co., Pa. d. Muskogee, Okla. b. 20 Apr 1860 d. 31 Aug 1941

m.1st Myrtle Palmer m. 07 Jul 1906

m.2nd Jessie Jordon b. Carroll, Neb. d. Tulsa, Okla. b. 28 Dec 1882 d. 14 Mar 1943

(Jessie was daughter of William Brice and Mary Rachel (Morris) Jordon)

1) LaVere Schoenfelt, m. (?) Anderson

6. Adam Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 25 Dec 1862 d. 05 Nov 1922

m.1st Belle Fink Divorced

m.2nd Lucy Artel b. 1868

1) B. Howard Anth (Step-son) b. 1904

7. Sarah 'Sallie' Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. m. 17 Sep 1882 b. 26 Nov 1863 d. 28 Jul 1942

m. Jacob Calvin Snowberger b. 13 Jan 1861

(Sarah and Jacob had two children. He was the son of John B. and Mary G. (Grabill) Snowberger)

1) Missouri Anna Snowberger, m. (?) Lewis b. 23 Sep 1885 d. 03 Feb 1950 CA

8. James Washington Shoenfelt b. c.a. 1865 d. Infancy

9. Daniel Shoenfelt 1900 Franklin, Seneca Co., New York b. Blair Co., Pa. b. 01 May 1866

m. Annie M. Klotz [Kelse] b. Waterloo, NY b. 05 Feb 1866 d. 09 Jan 1935

1) Hazel Shoenfelt b. 00 Jun 1896 New York

2) Shoenfelt

3) Alta C. Shoenfelt b. 1903 New York

4) George Frank Shoenfelt b. 16 Mar 1904 d. 31 Jan 1972

m. Evelyn M. Hook Buried Blair Memorial Park m. 09 Apr 1939 b. 28 Oct 1911 d. 24 Jan 1977

5) Ralph K. Shoenfelt Married twice b. 01 Aug 1906 d. 14 Mar 1970 PA

6) Anna W. Shoenfelt b. 1909

10. Charley Shoenfelt b. c.a. 1869 d. 2 years old

11. Edward B. Shoenfelt Blair Co., Pa. b. 07 Feb 1875 d. 16 Mar 1945

m. Ida Wrinkler b. 00 Mar 1875

1) Carlyle Shoenfelt b. 1901

In 1920 Ida, listed as a widow, is with her sister Margaret (Wrinkler) Wyrick; Carlyle is also with them.

George M. Shoenfelt was born in Blair County, and has always resided there. On 13 June 1860, page 51, and 17 June 1870, page 12, George and family are in Taylor, Blair County. On 15 June 1880, page 30, they live in the dwelling next to George's father, Jacob, Jr. Page 13, ed. 91, George - 69 years old, and Christina - 68 years old are still in Taylor. 1900 Taylor Twp., Blair County, shows Adam married for seven years, boarding with William Snowberger and shows Edward and wife Ida with sister Sarah and Jacob Snowberger. Sharing with you a story told about George living in the Cove:

". . . In spite of the superior speed offered by the railway train, many of those old-timers preferred to keep their money in their pockets and 'hoof' it. However, it was not always for reasons of economy that those sturdy old timers traveled afoot, doing feats in the natural course of their daily lives. . . It was the pioneering blood in their veins which urged them to seek an outlet in prodigious activity. Thus without thought of press agent notoriety, they walked mile and mile because that was their accustomed mode of locomotion. . . If their course was impeded by snow, flood or what we would consider insurmountable difficulty, it meant nothing to them. Heavy cow hide boots, propelled by unflagging man power, were equal to anything. . . . Mr. Matthew Sell recalls an instance of one of those long distance marathons on shank's mare, which in these days of universal motor travel, seem almost incredible. Mr. Sell was a little boy at the time. He lived with his parents, Elder and Mrs. James A. Sell, at Leamersville. It was a bitterly cold winter night. Roaring blasts swept the deep snow into billowing drifts and beat against the windows seeking a cranny through which it could sift it into the warm sitting room. Elder Sell was not at home. Mrs. Sell and her three little boys were loathe to leave the warm fire to go to bed although it was 11 o'clock. Their neighbors had long since retired. Suddenly a knock at the door startled the calm of the little family. Summoning her courage, Mrs. Sell opened the door a crack. She was confronted by a man so covered with snow that he looked like a perambulating snow man. The traveler assured Mrs. Sell that he meant no harm. He said his name was SHOENFELT and that he was walking to his home on Plum Creek from Hollidaysburg. Seeing a light in the window, he made bold to ask for something to eat as the great exertion required to wade through the drifts had made him hungry, in fact, he felt hollow inside. Mrs. Sell cut a round from a loaf of bread which was still warm from the oven and spreading it generously with butter and applebutter, gave it to the man, who soon thereafter resumed his strenuous journey. The Sell's were much concerned as to whether he had reached home safe. Not until forty some years later did they learn the sequel. Mr. Matthew Sell and his mother were asked to accompany a friend to visit a sick man in Plum Creek. A stranger to the Sell's, they went to call merely to accommodate the friend. Shown into the sick room, they found the patient to be a man well up in his eighties. Sensing something familiar about the old patriarch's aspect, Mr. Sell asked whether they had not met somewhere before. During the course of the conversation, it transpired that the old man in bed was the man who had stopped at the Sell home for a piece of bread on that bitter long-ago night when he walked from Hollidaysburg to Plum Creek, plowing through deep snow all the way. The man was George Shoenfelt, who died in 1917." Recollections of By-Gone Days in the Cove by Ella M. Snowberger, 1934, Vol. II, p.87.

George M. Shoenfelt remained hale and hearty well into his eighties. In early manhood he taught school and later made farming his main interest. He served many years on the township school board. In his eighties he served as the president of the school board and took much interest in its deliberations and his sound advice was followed by his fellow members. 20th Century History of Altoona & Blair County Pennsylvania, by Jesse C. Sell, p.822.

Their children: Horace and family on 1920 Census, Blair County, Pennsylvania, ed.116, p.7. Flora (Collins), wife of Ethan Allen Shoenfelt was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Collins. Flora and Ethan Allen were married by Rev. Metzler at Williamsburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania on 24 Oct 1889. Most of the information on George Burkett Shoenfelt was taken from D.A.R. Library, presented by Janis Miller, 18 April 1973, #58697. His wife Jessie was the daughter of William Brice and Mary Rachel (Morris) Jordon and granddaughter of William H. and Sarah (Bartlett) Jordon and Joseph Robert and Elizabeth Ann (Kline) Morris. Sallie and Jacob Snowberger were married at St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sharpsburg, Pa. 20th Century History of Altoona & Blair County Pennsylvania, Jesse C. Sell, p.822.

A history on Jacob Blair Shoenfelt, son of George Marks and Christianna (Burkett) Shoenfelt:

"Col. J. Blair Shoenfelt, a prominent and successful business man of Muskogee, Oklahoma, where he is extensively interested in the production of oil, is a scion of an old and representative family of Blair County, Pennsylvania. Colonel Shoenfelt, as he is familiarly known to his many friends, is a summer resident of Blair County, occupying his estate, which is situated near Roaring Spring. He was born at East Sharpsburg, Blair County, 14 Feb 1859, son of George M. and Christiana (Burkett) Shoenfelt.

". . . J. Blair Shoenfelt was reared on the home farm in Taylor Twp. and was afforded excellent educational attendance at Brethren's Normal School at Huntingdon, Pa. and at the University of Indiana, where he was graduated in 1880. He had studied law and was admitted to the bar of Indiana, in March of that year, and shortly afterward went to South Dakota, finding what promised to be a good opening in a professional way, at Estelline, in Hamlin County. Nov 1880, he was elected the first county judge of Hamlin County and served on the bench for several years. After South Dakota became a state, he was elected the 1st circuit judge of the 3rd Judicial circuit of South Dakota and served in that position for 2 years. He continued in the practice of law at Estelline until 1890, when he moved to Douglass, Wyoming. He was elected prosecuting attorney and served through several terms in Converse County. While a resident of Wyoming, he was honored by President McKinley who appointed him Indian agent.

"Col. Shoenfelt entered upon the duties of agent for the five civilized Indian tribes of Indian territory, on 30 June 1899, and served with efficiency until 30 June 1905, when he resigned. When he took charge of the office, two clerks only were employed and as an indication of the activity and business enterprise of the new agent, it may be mentioned that when he retired, the departments he had organized required eighty stenographers and about 150 bookkeepers, clerks and other minor officials. The business transacted was vast in extent and volume and never had the Indian affairs of that section been in such complete order. For a number of years he has been prominently identified with the oil industry in Oklahoma and also in valuable mines in Mexico. His business interests are varied and important particularly along these lines. He is a director and member of the advisory board of the Mid-Continent Life Insurance Company, headquarters at Muskogee, Oklahoma, and he is a director and president of the Alter Placer Gold Mining Company, headquarters at Hermisillo, Mexico.

"For a number of years Col. Shoenfelt has been interested in military matters. He was colonel of the first regiment of the Wyoming National Guard, recruited for the Spanish-American War and by order of the adjutant-general went to and was drilled in preparation for active service and was ordered to the front just before the termination of the war. He continued to serve as colonel of this regiment as long as he remained as resident of Wyoming and is affectionately remembered by his old comrades.

"Colonel Shoenfelt married in May, 1883, to Anna E. Isenberg, who was born at Alexander, Pennsylvania and is a daughter of J. Miller Isenberg, of Johnstown, P. Col. and Mrs. Shoenfelt have three children: Pearl, wife of Dr. C. A. Thompson of Muskogee, Cecil E., a general superintendent of the Blair Oil Refining Company located at Muskogee, a very successful young business man, and Doris E.. During the winter months the family reside at Muskogee, taking a prominent part in the pleasant social life of the place, but when summer comes, the old farm in Taylor Twp. offers a welcome and attractions that only one's native place can give. February, March and April of 1910, Col. Shoenfelt and family enjoyed an extended West Indian cruise.

"In politics, Col. Shoenfelt is a Republican. He is prominently identified with Masonry and belongs to the minor branches as well as the Commander at Muskogee and also is connected with the Elks at this point.

“Col. Shoenfelt has had an interesting career and has done his full share in bringing about the development of sections of the Union which, in his youth, were considered entirely uncivilized. He went into the far West with the training of a collegian, the courage of a brave man and the enterprise which overcomes difficulties. Called upon to assume judicial duties before he had enjoyed any measure of legal experience, he made no mistakes and when he retired from one official position it was but to assume the duties of a still more important one." 20th Century History of Altoona & Blair County Pia, by Jesse C. Sell, p.822-823.

Fifty year old Jacob Blair, wife Anna, daughter Doris and twenty-four year old son Cecil Earl can be found in Muskogee County, Okla. in 1910.


U. S. Indian Agent for the Five Civilized Tribes Indian Territory, six years. Muskogee, I. T. Notable Men of Indian Territory, p 54.

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