Eighth Grade English Policies & Requirements 2010-2011 icon

Eighth Grade English Policies & Requirements 2010-2011

Eighth Grade English Policies & Requirements 2010-2011

Instructor: Fehmeen Picetti

E-mail: fpicetti@llesd.org (preferred mode of communication)

School phone number: 650-854-3962 ext. 121

Weekly Agenda/Blog: http://fpicetti.edublogs.org/

English Course Objective: English class will offer a challenging program intended to prepare students for the rigors of high school. High expectations are designed for each student to reach his/her academic potential. Individual assistance is available outside of class hours. The scope of material covered in this course is designed to meet the California State Eighth Grade English Standards. A strong focus will be on developing a deeper understanding and interpretation of various works of literature. Students will reflect on how understanding literature enriches their lives and helps them make decisions based on analysis and reason. Students will demonstrate their understanding of literature through written analysis, formal assessments, and projects. The writing assignments will demonstrate that students have a clear understanding of grammatical and mechanical conventions. Writing assignments will vary in purpose; however, response to literature will be emphasized. All students will improve their vocabulary; this will be evident in both their verbal and written communication. Class participation is necessary in both large and small group discussions. Participation will demonstrate and enhance a student’s understanding of ideas and concepts.

Literature: The scope of the literature covered will include short stories, poetry, plays, and novels. It is essential for students to complete the required reading at home.

^ Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

The Call of the Wild by Jack London

Various excerpts from Holt Literature & Language Arts textbook

I have purchased the four required novels in advance, so please complete the appropriate form and include your payment. Please let me know if this creates a financial burden, and I will assist with the procurement of the materials.

^ Behavior Policy: Respect and responsibility are the foundation for a safe, enriching learning environment which is the right of all students and teachers. Nothing less will be tolerated. Students are expected to follow all school (LE Handbook) and classroom rules at all times.

^ Weekly Agenda: Class work, homework, due dates, and links to assignments/lessons will be posted on my classroom blog (http://fpicetti.edublogs.org/). This is a paperless system, so hard copies will not be distributed.

Evaluation: Grades will be based on a variety of assessments including essays, quizzes, final exams, projects, presentations, homework and class work. Progress reports will be sent home on a regular basis. Mid-quarter progress reports and end of the quarter final grade reports must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned. The following scale will be used to calculate grades:


94-100% =A 87-89% = B+ 77-79% = C+ 67-69% = D+ 0-59% = F

90-93% = A- 84-86% = B 74-76% = C 64-66% = D

80-83% = B- 70-73% = C- 60-63% = D-

Attendance Policy: It is the student’s responsibility to make up missing work. Work that was assigned before an absence is due the day the student returns to class. Students are expected to make-up tests outside of class time on the day they return or meet with me outside of class time to schedule their make-up. All make-up work must be completed within one week of absence.

Late work: Late work is unacceptable; however, I understand that family emergencies may unfortunately arise. With this in mind, every student will be given two late passes per quarter. Each pass will allow for a one-day extension on the assignment without penalty. After this point, the grade will drop by 25% and will only be accepted within one week of the due date.

Independent Study: Throughout the year, students will have the opportunity to complete optional assignments to enhance their understanding of the material and earn additional points towards their grade. The blog/weekly agenda will highlight these opportunities and their due dates. Students will earn independent study credit only if WORK IS TURNED IN ON TIME (no late passes accepted), FULLY COMPLETED WITH ALL DIRECTIONS FOLLOWED, AND REPRESENTS AT LEAST A PROFICIENT LEVEL OF QUALITY.

Office Hours: I am available outside of class time to meet with students from 7:30-8:00 AM, lunch, and after school until 3:30 PM (except for Wednesdays) unless otherwise noted. If parents would like to meet with me outside of class time, please email me to schedule an appointment. The student must be present at the meeting.

Please review these policies and requirements with your son/daughter, sign below, and have your child return it to class by Friday, August 27th. This document will also be available on my blog for further review.

Teacher Signature: ___________________________________________________

Student Signature: ___________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________________________________

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