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Section CC: William Mobley/Mary



FGS CC-133

[Data, 3/9/92 and 6/3/92, Jeanette Kornowa #][Addenda 5/16/93 Carl Mobley @]


133 William Mobley, [b. est. 1720s], d. by 3/2/1775 in Pitt Co., NC

m. [est. 1750s] Mary ___ [her name from 1770 deed]

[On 11/13/1755, Wm. Mobley, planter sold ___ acres of land in Tyrell Co. to John Stancill for 25 pounds current money on Tranter's Creek{amount of acres & description unreadable on copy}]

[he recd. land patent 12/16/1762. on NE side Great Marsh, Horsepen Branch & Sandy Run]

[he was on tax rolls, Pitt Co., 1764][Was in Duplin Co., NC. by 1764 #]

[he sold land on Goshen Swamp & NE Branch of Cape Fear River to Wm. Godwin of Edgecombe Co., 12/26/1767

^ 1331 John Mobley, b. ca 1742/5, NC, [d. 1832 @][was in Martin Co., NC in 1778]

m. ca 1780 Sarah [Ann Barfield @][or Hurst], b. ca 1758/60

1332 Middleton Mobley, [b. ca 1743/6], d. ca 1782(executed for treason)

[He was Adm. of estate of William]; [He was on tax rolls Pitt Co., 1764]

m. Rachel ___[lvg. 1827][prob. d. aft. 1842]

1333 Biggers(Bigars) Mobley, [est. b. 1740s], d. ca 1802, Pitt Co., NC

m. ___?

[In Pitt Co.: Biggers bought land in 1791 from Charles Waldron

Biggers sold land in 1772 to Samuel Wheatley{76 acres}

" " " " 1795 " William Hopkins]

{The above Biggers has been confused with Biggers /11412 who died in Sampson Co. 1802]

[At the 1781 Battle of Portevent's Mill, Biggers escaped to Wilmington and joined British under. Gen. Craig. After the Rev. War, he remained in new Sampson Co. @]

[Pitt Co., Deed Book N, p. 627; Biggers sold 225 acres of land in Pitt Co.]

^ 1334 Azariah Mobley[probably a son of William above][est. b. 1763]

m. ___ ?

[Book G, page 356, Pitt Co. NC records; 10/13/1783; Alex. Martin, Governor of NC granted to Azariah Mobley 300 acres of land in Pitt Co., on north side of Tarr River and north side of Briery Swamp.]

[Book V, p. 84; 1/3/1814, Azariah sold 100 acres of land]

[Cartaret Co., NC census index 1810, 1840, 1850 & 1860, Azariah, no family data]

^ 13341 Azariah, Jr., b. 1780{probably the one in 1840/1860 census}

[listed as Ezra in 1810 census, Cartaret Co.]

m. Margaret ____, b. c1780

1334X1 Stanley Mobley, b. c1823 NC

1334x2 Isiah Mobley, b. c1828 NC; he was a turpentine distiller; Co. H, 10th Regt, NC, Civil War

m. Hannah ___, b. 1830

1334x21 John Mobley, b. 1846 NC

^ 1334x22 Frederick Mobley, b. 1850 NC

m. Kittie ____

1334x221 Lumey (Lumanda) Mobley, b. 1875 NC

m. ____ Foster

1334x2211 Frederick Foster, b. 1900 NC

1334x2212 Gladys Foster, b. 1903 NC

1334x222 Maggie Mobley, b. 1878 NC

1880 Jones Co: Fredrick 23 NC, Kitty 29, Lumey 5, Magey 2

1900 Jones Co: Frederick 54 Feb 1846 NC, Kittie 53 Nov 1846

1910 Jones Co: James F 65 NC, Kittie 60, FOSTER, Lumanda? 33 (dau), Frederick 10 (Gson), Gladdis 7 (Gdau)

1920 Jones Co: Fred 73 NC, Kittie 72, Foster, Lunnie 44? (dau), Fred 20, Gladys 16

^ 1334x23 Redden Mobley, b. c1850 NC

1334x24 Henry H. Mobley, b. c1852 NC

1334x25 Mener--? Mobley (f), b. c1853 NC

1850 Carteret Co: Isaiah 22 NC, Hannah 20 NC, John 4, Fredrick 1/12

included Azariah, age 70, Margarette, 80, Stanley, 37, and Margaret Kinsey, 16. This Azariah probably was son of 1334]Isaiah probably was a grandson of Azariah]

1860 Carteret Co: Azarah 80 NC, Margaret 80 Stanly 45

Isaiah 45 NC, Hannah 35, John 14, Frederick 12 Redden 10, Henry 8, Mener-? 7 (f)

1880 Carteret Co: Hanner 52 Wid. NC, Henry H 22 NC

^ 1335 ?? Eleazer Mobley[probably a son of William above][est. b. 1740s],

d. bef. 1811[see Note below]

m. ___ ?

[1790 census, Newman Dist., Pitt Co., p. 148; Eleazer, 2m/16, 3m\16, 6f]

[1800 census, Pitt Co., NC, p. 226; Lazer, no family data, 90 slaves]

[NOTE: on same page as above; Thomas Mobley, no family data, 40 slaves]

[In Pitt Co.: Eleazer bought land in 1786 from Solomon Jolley

" " " " 1793 " William Keel

" " " " 1801 " James Dudley

" " " " 1805 " Thomas Mobley[131 ?]

" " " " 1805 " John James

" " " " 1813 " Stapleton Powell, Atty.

Eleazer sold land in 1787 to William Clements{300 acres}

" " " " 1794 to William Keel

" " " " 1815 " Abraham Congleton

" " " " 1814 " Wallace Manning

NOTE: Per Deed Book S(1811-1813) Pitt Co., Eleazer was decd. at the time of the 1811 sale for 40 pounds of 100 acres of land("formerly owned by Eleazer Mobley, father of Frederick and Middleton, grantors ") to Robert Lanier by Frederick and Middleton Mobley. It is unclear at present if there was another Eleazer who made the land deals in 1813, 1814 & 1815, or if these were by the adm. of his estate.

^ 13351 ? Frederick Mobley[est. b. 1760/70][per his will, he d. ca 1858]

m. Cinderella ___[d. bef. 1859]

[1810 census, Pitt Co., NC; Frederick, 1m\10, 2m16\26, 1m26\45, 2f16\26, 1f/45]

[1820/1830/1840 census indices, Pitt Co., NC: Frederick, no family data]

^ 133511 ? James Frederick Mobley, [b. aft. 1838, per will]

133512 ? Martha Wilkins Mobley, [b. aft. 1838, per will]

[In Pitt Co.:Frederick bought land in 1817 from James Barrow

" " " " 1827 " Rachael Mobley

" " " " 1840 " C. Perkins

" and Middleton Mobley, brothers, sold land in 1811 to Robert Lanier, formerly owned by Eleazer

[See NOTE above]

Frederick sold land in 1844 to H.A. Jordan]

[Will of Frederick Mobley, 5/15/1858, Pitt Co., NC; named wife Cinderella, son James Frederick Mobley, daughter Martha Wilkins Mobley]

[James F. & Martha were minors when will was written]

^ 13352 ? Middleton Mobley

m. [est. ca 1777] Dorcas Sims, [dau. of Ambrose Sims]

NOTE: See FGS CC-133225, where Susan Ann Harvill[est. b. 1815] was dau. of Mary {nee Sims} Harvill, said to be a sister of Dorcas.

[1810 census index, Pitt Co., NC; Middleton, no family data]

^ 1336 ? Thomas Mobley[probably a son of William above], est. b. 1740s]

[In Pitt Co.: Thomas bought land in 1794 from Simon Keel

" sold " " 1805 to Eleazer Mobley][1334 ??]

[1800 census, Pitt Co., NC; Thomas, no family data, 40 slaves]

1337 ? Frederick Mobley, [probably a son of William above], [est. b. 1740s, d. aft. 1768 land purchase]

^ 1338 ? Burrell Mobley[probably a son of William above], [est. b. 1740s;

[He was on tax rolls, Sampson Co., NC 1755]

1339 ? Alexander Mobley[est. b. 1740s] [probably a son of William above]


[NC Land Patents 1735-1764: Alexander Mobley, 26 Sep 1766 100 acres in Duplin on the E. side of the N.E. River (and) on both side of Cypress Creek above the bridge, joining Wm. Harp.]

[Duplin Co. Abstracts of Deeds, 1784-1813, Vol. I: 3A, p. 112: 12/10/1792: Charles Grimes, planter, to ALEXANDER MOBLEY and his brother MORDECAI MOBLEY, planter, all of Duplin Co., for 20## specie, 175 acres being part of a tract of 350 acres granted to Nichodemus Thompson 12/22/1768, beginning at a white oak on the river bank Thompson's land transferred by sd Thompson to Luke Bowzer and from him to Joseph Grimes who deeded to Charles Grimes #]

[Ibid,:A, p. 413: 4/16/1804: MORDECA (X) MOBLEY to Wm. Pickett, Sr. for 20# 87-1/2 acres beginning at a water oak on the river bank...Nichodemus Thompson's corner, to a dividing line across the land so as to include half of 175 acres transferred by Charles Grimes to ALEX MOBLEY and MORDECAI MOBLEY being part of a grant to sd Thompson for 350 acres #]

^ 133A ? Mordecai Mobley[est. b. 1740s][probably a son of William above]

m. Dorcas Taylor [dau. Adam Taylor]

133B ? Ebenezer Mobley[est. b. 1740s][probably a son of William above]

[Pitt Co., Land Records 1782-1801, Vol. II; Land purchase 12/18/1786 by Ebenezer


^ 133x? William T./Willie T. Mobley[est. b. ca 1800][unk. at present if grandson or other relative of one of the above]

[In Pitt Co.: Willie et ux bought land in 1841 from Est. of Robert Patton

Willie T. " " " 1841 " James Hatton et al

Willie T. Sold land in 1841 to Willie Nobles Tr.[mtg]

" " " " " " Archibald Parker Tr[mtg]

William T. sold land in 1843 to William Clark Tr.[mtg]


Copies of Pitt Co. land records show that Azariah, Biggers, Eleazer and Middleton Mobley were contemporaries; also Banajah, William T. and 2nd. Frederick were ~30 years later.

[NOTE: Land transactions after 1850 omitted;see originals in Hill file if needed]


[NC Land Patents 1735-1764: William Mobley 24 Apr 1762 - 95 acres in Duplin Co. on N. side of Goshen Swamp between John Collins and Samuel Ratcliff, joining the swamp. @]

[William Mobley 16 Dec 1769; 200 acres in Duplin Co. on the S. side of the N.E. Swamp at the lower end of the great marsh between Horsepen Branch and Sandy Run, joining Dennis Glisson. @][This land was sold 7/5/1787 by James J. Chambers to Michael Glisson @]

[Deed Book P, page 100; 10/24/1768; William Mobley of Pitt Co. sold to Benjamin Wilkinson 50 acres of land on south side of Coneto Creek for 33 pounds Proclamation money][Biggers Mobley was one of the witnesses to this deed]

[William d. without a will; his sons Middleton & Biggers applied for administration with Capt. Amos Atkinson as security, on 3/2/1775]

[Pitt Co. Deed Book C, p. 509; William Archdeacon to William Mobley, 15 pounds, 50 acres on West side of Coneto Creek; signed/witnessed, Aug. 1767]

{One William Mobley in Oct. 1768 sold 100 acres of land in Pitt County to Frederick and Middleton Mobley, brothers, of Pitt Co.][prob. Wm. [133]}

[Biggers, `son of the deceased' signed the Adm. bond for his estate; there was a second son mentioned but not named in the document]


NOTE: Chowan Co. formed 1670 as precinct of Albemarle

Bertie Co. formed 1722 from Chowan

Tyrrell Co. formed 1729 from Chowan, Bertie, Currituck & Pasquotank

Edgecombe Co. formed 1741 from Bertie

Halifax Co. formed 1758 from Edgecombe

Martin Co. formed 1774 from Halifax & Tyrrell


Will of Henry Williamson, dated 11/6/1830, Pitt Co., NC; Will Book 1. p. 34:

Bequeathed to wife Charlotte 7 (named) Negroes, 2 mares, (list of household goods); lent to her the plantation & improvements, to be sold after her death & proceeds to be divided 1/3 to Henry Williamson, Jr..., (bequests of money to) Allen Mobley[Ollen, 133A3], Betsy Mobley, Willie Mobley and several persons of other surnames.

NOTE: Willie Mobley may have been Willie T. above; Betsy unplaced.


Colonial Records, p. 223:"Proceedings of the Safety Committee in Pitt County"

Martinborough, 23 August, 1775

We the subscribers professing our allegiance to the King and acknowledging the constitutional executive power of Government, do solemnly profess and testify and declare that we do absolutely believe that neither the Parliament of Great britain nor any member or constitutional branch thereof have a right to impose taxes upon these colonies to regulate the internal policy thereof and that all attempts by fraud or force to establish and exercise such claims and powers are violations of the peace Security of the people and ought to be resisted to the utmost, and that the people of this province, singly and collectively are bopund by the acts and resolutions of the Continental and provincial Congresses, because in both they are freely represented by persons chosen by themselves and we do Solemnly and Sincerely promise and engage under the sanction of virtue, honor, and the sacred love of liberty and our country to maintain and support all and every the acts resolutions and Regulations of the said Continental and provincial Congresses to the utmost of our power and abilities. In testimony whereof we have hereto set our hands this 23rd day of August, 1775.

Signed by ^ Israel Mobley, Richard Rives and 43 others

NOTE: Israel Mobley now unplaced; Richard Rives was father of Nancy, wife of Benajah C. Mobley (see FGS CC-1338


Deed Book Entries for Pitt County: per Index & Abstract of Deeds Pitt County by Judith Ellison:

item 1: Deed Book C page 005 date 19Dec1763

David Smith TYR (Tyrell County) Grantor to John Mobley Grantee 125 Acres L15-former owner John Holland Pat 1760 Wit: Frances Hobson, John Smith, Middleton Mobley

item 2: Deed Book C page 018 date: 20Feb1764

Andrew Gofford Grantor to "Middlton" Mobley Grantee 100 acres L30 Former Owner Mickle (sic) King- Pat 1757- no witnesses listed

item 3: Deed Book C page 510 date: 20Jul (probably1767- the year is left blank but is next to 1767 dates)

William Archdeacon Grantor to William Mobley Grantee 50 acres L15 Wit: Edward Smith

item 4: Deed Book C page 519 date: 9Sep1766

Middleton Mobley Grantor to William Archdeacon Grantee 100 acres L50 Former Owner: Michael King Wit: Bigars Mobley

item 5: Deed Book D page 025

date 7 Jun 1768 William Archdeacon Grantor to John Wheatley TYR (Tyrell Co) Grantee 320 ac L10 adjacent Godfrey Stancill, Benhamin Wilkinson Wit: Middleton Mobley, Edward Smith, Thomas Wheatley

item 6: Deed Book D page 100 date: 24Oct1768

William Mobley Grantor to Benjamin Wilkinson Grantee 50 acres L33 adjoining Michael King Wit: Godfrey Stansell, Bray Crisp, Bigers Mobley

item 7: Deed Book E page 056 date: 3 Apr 1772 William Archdeacon & Bigars Mobley Grantors to Samuel Wheatly Grantee 76 acres L60 Wit: William Bryan, Thomas Wheatley

item 8: GRANT Book G (1779-1784) page 356 date: 13 Oct 1783

Azariah Mobley Grantee 300 Acres Chainbearer: Joseph Collins -mentioned: Joseph Gray, David Knox, Peter Jolly


FGS CC-1331 Data from Mrs Hazel Mobley Lee & Huxford's "Pioneers of

Wiregrass Georgia", via Davine Campbell, ltr. 7/19/89.

Data between [ ]from Vince Mobley's letter 4/8/89. Revised 8/21/89.

[Addenda 3/31/93 Carl Mobley @]

Skip Shepherd 555 Soniat Ave. Haraham, LA 70123 10/5/99



From "Wiregrass Georgia": (vol 2)

"John Mobley was born in NC about 1755, son of William Mobley. The latter moved from Duplin Co.NC to Burke Co.GA(at that time it was St. George's Parish; made into Burke Co. 1777). John's wife Sarah(maiden name unknown) was born about 1758/60; they were married about 1780 in Burke Co.[GA]

"John lived in Burke Co. until 1793 when he was cut into a new county[Screven]. Following creation of Montgomery County he moved there where he bought 300 acres of land from James Salter,Sept.27,1797. He was cut into Tattnall Co. out of Montgomery when Tattnall was made in 1801. His last few years were spent across the Altamaha River in Appling Co. where several of his children had by that time moved. He died there about 1832/33, and his wife d. soon after.

"John Mobley was a private in the Georgia Line, and received 287 1/2 acres of land in Washington Co.[GA] in 1784 for his service."


^ 1331 John Mobley, b. ca 1742/5, Duplin Co., NC, Rev. War, d. ca 1832, Appling Co., GA

m. ca 1780 Sarah Ann Barfield or Hurst, [b. ca 1758/60, d. aft. 1832/33 in Appling Co., GA, Lu. 8/89]

13311 Lucy Mobley, b. 1782, [Burke Co., GA] d. 1812/17 Milledgeville, GA

m. James Grace, b. 1770 Edgecomb Co., NC, d. 1842 Henry Co., AL [son Thomas Grace/Honor Willoughby Williams (wid Joshua Williams)]

^ 13312 Mary Ann Mobley, b. 1784, [Burke Co., GA], unmarried, father of George G. was Joshua Griffin who raised him [per T.R. Mobley]

13313 Lucretia Mobley, b. 1786, d. 12/8/1831, in GA nr. AL line on Chattahoochee R. [Oak Grove, GA]

m. 6/1/1806 Martin Harden, [in Tattnall Co. @]son of Mark Harden of Warren Co., GA

^ 13314 Ludd Mobley, b. 1789, Screven Co., GA, moved to Tattnall Co. w/parents, moved to Irwin Co. aft. marriage, d. there 1835 bur. Wilcox cem. Jacksonville, GA [He was on 1809 GA Tax Digest, Tattnall Co./Davine Campbell, 4/6/93]

m. 12/22/1812 Nancy Pridgen, Tattnall Co., b. 1795, d. ca 1860[dau. of Mark Pridgen/__]

^ 13315 William Mobley, b. 1790, [Burke Co.,GA.]

m. 10/21/1810 Susannah Edwards; moved to FL. bef. 1839[d. Ocala, FL

13316 Sarah Ann Mobley, b. 1791[Burke Co., GA @]

m. 8/26/1810 Jesse Byrd, [in Tattnall Co., GA @]

^ 13317 John Mobley, Jr., b. 1793 [Burke Co., LDS IGI data]

m. 4/21/1836 Penelope Lucretia Cooper Montgomery Co., GA, b. 6/14/1815 [dau George Cooper/Nancy Conner]

13318 Solomon Mobley, b. Apr 1793, Screven Co., GA, d. ca 1842/5, in Appling Co.["Wiregrass", p. 190, Vol.1] [Justice of the Inferior Court, Appling Co., 3/l5/1862-1868]

m. 6/1/1811 Elizabeth Byrd, b. 1798, GA, d. ca 1875

[dau. of Jesse Byrd, Sr.; her bro. Jesse Byrd m. Sarah Ann Mobley [13316]

^ 13319 Jesse Bird [or Byrd] Mobley, b. 10/18/1797 Montgomery Co., d. 1835, Appling Co., GA bur. Zora cem. Jeff Davis Co.

m. 9/5/1822 Nancy Burroughs, b. 1802, GA

1331A Cynthia Mobley, b. 1802

m. 8/14/1823 David Edenfield, Jr. [in Tattnall Co., GA @]


[1820 census, Tattnall Co., GA; John, 1m16\26, 1m/45, 1f\10, 1f16\26, 1f/45]

[1830 census, Appling Co., GA; John, 1m80\90, 1f80\90]


[Deed Book C -page 6, Pitt Co., NC; 12/19/1763, John purchased 125 acres from David Smith of Tyrell Co. for L15 former owner John Holland pat. 1760 witness: Francis Hobson, John Smith, Middleton Mobley]

[John sold 20 acres of land on S. side of Altamaha River in Tattnall Co. GA for $22.50 to James Grace on 12/4/1802][Lucretia was a witness]


Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia by Folks Huxford, Vol 3 pg 409 [under additions and corrections]

MOBLEY, JOHN (p205): The 1830 census of Appling County shows him and his wife living alone in that county (instead of Tattnall as stated); and they were each shown being between 80 and 90 years old. The 1755 date shown on page 205 was an approximation and should read "about 1745".

[John bought land in 1763 so this would push his age back to ca 1742 if legal age was 21]

[John{or John, Jr.} bought 143 3/4 acres of land in Tattnall Co. GA for $200 from Colson Adams on 1/27/1810]

[John sold land in Tattnall Co. GA for $200 to Daniel Brinson on 12/15/1812; John, Jr. & Martin Harden were witnesses to the sale to Brinson, recorded in 1838]

[William sold for $200 the remainder of his part of a 400 acre tract originally bought by him and John, Jr. to John, Sr. on 3/28/1822]

[John sold for $300 a tract of land in Tattnall Co. to John, Jr. on 3/28/1822]

[John sold a slave named Linder for $300 to William on 1/25/1825]

[John gave a slave named Kate to his granddaughter Amanda Mobley on 10/12/1827]

[John gave a slave named Simeon to his grandson Jesse Mobley on 9/10/1827]

[John gave a slave named Arter to his grandson Solomon, Jr.(infant) in 1827]

[John gave slaves Polly, Henry, Sarah, Sange and Abba to his son Bird on 4/19/1827; John Jr. was a witness]

[John gave a slave named Sam to his son William on 10/12/1827


FGS CC-13311 Data from Katie Bennett Koski 2620 Danforth Ln. Decatur, GA 30033 Sep 1996


13311 Lucy Mobley, b. 1782 Burke Co., GA, d. 1812/17 Milledgeville, GA

m. 1794 James Grace, b. 1770 Edgecomb Co., NC, d. 1842 Henry Co.., AL [son Thomas Grace/Honor Willoughby Williams (wid Joshua Williams)]

^ 133111 Civility Honor Grace, b. 11/23/1796, d. bef 1860 TX

m. Harmon H. Holliman, b. ca 1800 NC, lvd Polk Co., TX

133112 Mary Ann Grace, b. 12/2/1798, d. bef 2/10/1842

m. Henry Usher lvd Richmond Co., GA

133113 John W. Grace, b. 3/17/1800 GA, d. 1834 Henry Co., AL

m. 7/14/1831 Moleazer [Mary] Perryman, a Creek Indian princess who deeded 6000 acres by gift to her husband, being her share of the Creek Lands. She was moved to OK on the Trail of Tears

^ 1331131 Thaddeus Grace

1331132 Henry C. Grace

133114 James Henry Grace, b. 11/5/1801

m. (1) 9/2/1823 Martha Cawthon, b. 11/13/1808, d. 4/4/1843, dau. Rep Josiah Dabney Cawthon/Nancy Sylvester

m. (2) 12/26/1846 Mary Odom, b. 1822

1331141 H. B. Grace, b. 1824 AL, Schoolteacher

m. Elizabeth ____, b. 1830 GA

1331142 James H. Grace, b. 7/10/1830, d. 10/4/1904

m. Lucretia Satcher, b. 1/27/1828, d. 2/11/1904

1331143 Eleanor V. Grace, b. 1831

1331144 Josiah C. Grace, b. 9/1/1833

1331145 Sovility Grace, b. 1837

1331146 Mary Ann Grace, b. 1839

m. 8/23/1853 Archibald White

1331147 Thomas Grace, b. 1840

1331148 James J. Grace, b. 1847 [by wife #2]

1331149 John W. Grace, b. 1848

133115 Thomas Bell Grace, b. 12/2/1803, unm. Built log cabin where Newville, AL developed. First settler of that area of Henry Co., AL

^ 133116 Eliza Leacy Grace, b. 4/12/1803, d. 7/6/1843 of cancer Henry Co., AL

m. 12/19/1822 Bartlett Smith in Henry Co., AL, b. 1/23/1792, d. 12/16/1843 son of Skelton Smith/Diana Dandridge

133117 Martin Harden Grace, b. 12/20/1839

m. Susan Talbot Cawthon, wid John F. Koonce

^ 1331171 M. Byrd Grace, b. Henry Co., AL

m. 3/128/1869 Elmira J. Bennett [1st Cousin] in Clay Co., GA [dau James Bennett/Harriet M. Grace] Moved to TX

133118 Harriet M. Grace, b. 1807, d. 1/1/1886

m. 5/20/1830 James Bennet in Decatur, GA [now Seminole Co.] at home of her aunt, Lucretia Mobley Harden

^ 133119 Mobley Byrd Grace, b. 7/31/1812 GA, d. 7/12/1889 Coldspring, TX

m. (1) Achsah Stanley, b. 9/30/1823, d. 2/7/1855, dau Sands Stanley/Sarah Cawthon; b. Pvt Co. H, 5th Regt, Texas Inf, CSA; resided Henry Co., AL 1/26/1854, Polk Co., TX 1/4/1856, Henry Co., AL 4/21/1856, Polk Co., TX 8/11/1860.

m. (2) 4/21/1859 Indiana (India) Missouri Barden, b. 1837 Columbus GA. Taught school Coldspring, TX

^ 1331191 Eliza Lee Grace, b. 11/29/1840, d. 11/18/1860 Coldspring, TX

m. 2/22/1860 W. T. Maxey [or Maxcy], b. ca 1835 MS

1331192 Sarah Caldonia Grace, b. 9/16/1842, d. 11/25/1849

1331193 John William Grace, b. 4/1/1844, bur. Columbia, AL

m. (1) 7/8/1871 Eliza Narcissus Hogue in Coldspring

(2) 1904 Chaffa Gregory, in FL, dau Joshua

13311931 Virginia Blanche Grace, b. ca 1870, d. ca 1961 Waco, TX

m. 3/25/1894 Percy Hill Robinson, Coldspring

13311932 Ralph Wingate Grace, b. ca 1878, d. ca 1915 unm.

^ 13311933 Byrd Mobley Grace, b. ca 1882, d. ca 1929 Waco

m. Amy Yoakum, lvd Rockdale

133119331 John Yancy Grace

133119332 Byrd Elizabeth Grace

13311934 Sadye Hogue Grace, b. 12/30/1886 Coldspring, TX, d. 4/25/1973 Waco, TX

m. 8/17/1904 Robert Alexander Wilson

133119341 Robert Alexander Wilson, Jr., lawyer Amarillo, TX

^ 133119342 Grace Elizabeth Wilson

13311935 Erma Vera Grace, b. 4/ /1888

m. Fred McLarty

13311936 John William Grace, b. 1/ /1890, d. 4/17/1951, unm., bur. National Cemetery Biloxi, MS [1st Sgt. U.S.A.]

1331194 Harriett Bradford Grace, b. 12/23/1845, unm.

1331195 Thomas Stanley Grace, b. 12/23/1847, d. 1/13/1864

^ 1331196 Indiana Alexander Grace, 11/14/1851

1331197 Roxanna W. Grace, b. 4/6/1854

m. 8/15/1876 Sidney P. Watson, in Coldspring, TX

1331198 James Grace, b. 2/23/1865 of wife #2, d. 12/20/1913 Houston, TX

m. (1) Mrs. Mary M. Wilson, wid. of ____ Wilson

(2) Mrs. Della William H. Thomas (Beulah Zulime)

^ 1331199 Beulah Eoleatah Grace, b. 2/10/1867, d. 6/21/1948 Houston, TX

m. (1) Thomas Hines

(2) John Marshall Greer

133119A Robert Lee Grace, b. 6/3/1869, d. 8/15/1948 Houston

m. Edna Winkler

133119A1 Robert Sidney Grace, lvg CA 1996

133119A2 Edna Lee Grace, lvg Houston, TX

m. ____ Warren

133119A3 Byrd Mobley Grace, b. ca 1916, lvg Fairfield CA

133119B Thomas Barden Grace, b. 1/14/1874, d 1908 Houston, TX

m. (1) Zoe West

(2) Alma Anderson

133119C Zulime Virginia [Sissie] Grace, b. 8/9/1874, d. Saranec Lake, NY

m. Arthur Page Watson

13311A Mary Winifred Grace, b. 1818 of [Mary Winifred], kidnapped at age 4 in Savannah, GA, renamed Harriett Newell

m. 1837 Stephen Gray, in Girard, AL [now Phenix City, AL]

13311B Thaddeus Warsaw Grace, b. 2/3/1821 Columbia, AL, moved to Clairbourne Parish, La

m. 11/7/1843 Sarah Burnside Houston Co., GA

13311C Henry Bartlett Grace, b. 3/15/1823, moved to Appalachicola, FL in 1853 then to Cambellton. Founder of First Methodist Church of Graceville, FL; Capt. Jackson Co., FL Co. G, FL 6th Regt. CSA. Schoolteacher & Farmer. Town of Graceville named for Capt. Henry Grace & his son Dr. Marshall Grace.

m. 1847 Elizabeth Jane Penuel, dau George Penuel/Elizabeth Small of Jones Co.

^ 13311C1 George Marshall Grace, M.D., b. 1851 Henry Co., AL

m. 1878 Cenith Williams

13311C11 W. H. 'Willie' Grace, M.D.

13311C12 Jesse Grace

13311C13 Jeff Grace

13311C14 Quay Grace

13311C15 Mary Whittle Grace

13311C16 Ruth Logan Grace

13311C17 Sallie Brook Grace

13311C2 Jeff Grace, m. ____

13311C21 George Jefferson Grace, Holmes Co., FL,

m. Wilkie Bowen

columnist Graceville News, Univ. of FL 1912, first principal of Graceville High School, Vice Consul Azores WWI, Supt. Public schools Jackson Co., FL 1924-28, estab Insurance agency, still lvg 1994

^ 13311D Willoughby William Grace, Dr. b. 3/4/1825, d. 1903 Erath Co., TX

m. 11/27/1850 Mary Jane Murray Williams, d. 1871 Butler Co., AL [she m. (1) Sebastian Fritzman (2) Steven G. Williams, dau Jacob Murray & Miss Neves

13311E Mary Ann Grace, b. 1828, married and went to GA

13311F Augustus Grace, d. infant


FGS CC-133118 See FGS CC-1311 for source Obit in newspaper, "Eufaula Daily Times" (issue: 7 Jan 1886).

Katie Bennett 1/28/1999


133118 Harriet M. Grace, b. 1807, d. 1/1/1886 Henry Co., AL

m. 5/20/1830 Col. James Bennet in Decatur, GA [now Seminole Co.], b. 3/24/1800, thought to be son of Luke & Elizabeth Bennett of Beaufort Co., NC & Barbour & Pike Co., AL. James owned Bennett Landing & Kolomoki Landing on the Chattahoocee river, a mill & warehouse, partner in mercantile store in Franklin, AL; He m. (1) 11/6/1823 Elizabeth Chambers, d. 3/29/1825 Henry Co., AL, dau. Pious Chambers

^ 1331181 Lucretia H. Bennett, b. ca 1831

m. (1) 12/21/1853 James Grier

(2) 11/24/1875 Dr. R. S. Wimberley in Henry Co., AL, b. ca 1819 GA

13311811 James Grier Jr., b. 1859, d. 1938

m. 2/19/1881 E.A. Fowler [1st cousin] in Henry Co., AL, b. 12/5/1857, d. 4/14/1892, dau Dr. John Lindsay Fowler & Eliza Byrd Bennett

^ 133118111 Willie Grier, b. 3/25/1883, d. 7/25/1885

1331182 James W. Bennett, b. ca 1832, d. 1863 CSA

1331183 Martin Grace Bennett, b. ca 1834, svd CSA sold land in Clay Co., GA in 1873

1331184 L. B. Bennett, a son, b. ca 1835, d. between 1855-1860

[Katie advises this person did not exist]

^ 1331185 Eliza Byrd Bennett, b. ca 1836, d. 1902

m. 11/11/1856 Dr. John Linsay Fowler, b. 1823 Lynchburg, Cambell Co., VA, son Thomas B. Fowler/Agnes B. Patterson. Surgeon CSA, Capt. Cotton Planters Guard Fort Gaines, GA; Capt AL militia 1863-1865. Moved first to Randolph Co., GA then to Shorterville, AL. He & Eliza Byrd first lived in Abbeville, AL then Ft. Gaines

^ 13311851 E. A. Fowler

13311852 John B. Fowler, b. 1859

13311853 James Thomas Fowler, M.D., b. 6/17/1863 Shorterville, AL

m. 4/24/1888 Eliza Bunker Talbot, a cousin, of Lloyd, FL - dau Francis Moses Bunker/Susan C. ___

^ 13311854 Martin Lindsey Fowler, b. 11/22/1864 AL, d. 3/8/1951

13311855 David Goode Fowler, b. 5/10/1867 AL, d. 8/7/1925

13311856 Harriet Lucretia Fowler, b. 9/23/1872, d. 11/14/1951 Fort Gaines, Clay Co., GA

13311857 Adrianna Christine Fowler, 9/23/1872, d. 8/31/1957 unm. Lvd Fort Gaines

^ 13311858 Robert Lee Fowler, b. 8/21/1874, d. 11/17/1946

m. Allie Grier, b. 12/22/1876, d. 5/5/1924

133118581 Robert Fowler

m. Mary Hortense King, dau Erasmus Ripley King/Mayme Margaret Gay

133118582 Christine Fowler, b. 7/25/1901, d. 9/24/1984

133118583 James Lynne Fowler, b. 11/17/1906, d. 10/16/1982

13311859 John L. Fowler Jr., b. 11/2/1890, d. 4/12/1891

^ 1331185A Susie Bird Fowler, b. 8/15/1893?, d. 12/25/1893

1331186 Thomas Bennett, b. ca 1837, d. 2/17/1896

m. 5/20/1887 Eliza Caroline "Mittie" Chitty, b. 4/21/1852, d. 1/24/1924, dau Howell Edward Chitty/Rebecca Harvey

13311861 James Thomas Bennett, b. 6/7/1888 Henry Co., AL, d. 1/6/1966 Fort Gaines. Dist. sales mgr of Winchester-Simmons and then of Beck & Gregg, both hardware companies in Atlanta.

m. Helen Louise Ward, b. 12/25/1893 Benevolence, GA, d. 4/9/1969 Fort Gains, GA, dau. John Clark Ward/Helen Harden [also had unnamed son (3rd child) b. 12/28/1922, d. 12/30/1922]

^ 133118611 Helen Louise Bennett, b. 10/10/1916 Fort Gaines, GA; no issue. Teacher 32 years

m. 6/10/1941 Ralph Herbert King, b. 11/30/1915 Covington, GA

133118612 James Thomas Bennett Jr., b. 5/4/1920 Ft Gaines, GA, d. 2/18/2006, bur. New Park Cem.(admitted to the State Bar of Georgia in 1947 and The United States Supreme Court in 1953; Georgia House of Representatives 1965-1974)

m. 9/16/1941 Mayme Laleah Sheppard, b. 5/16/1921, dau. ____ Sheppard/Louise McAllister

Lawyer Valdosta, GA, Representative of Lowndes, Echols, Lanier, and Brooks Counties GA

^ 1331186121 James Thomas Bennett, III, b. 11/21/1942

Jim started the TV show & magazine "The Weekend Gardner" which ran 13 years on TNN, TLC, Family Channel and 250 local stations. He is now a Methodist minister in Warren Co., GA and a garden specialist speaker for "Southern Living Magazine", garden editor of "Home Mechanix Magazine" Currently pastor in Aiken, SC 1/99

m. Mattie ____, b. 12/23/1942

13311861211 Rebecca Bennett, b. 1/20/1964

m. ____ Parker

133118612111 Matthew Bennett Parker

133118612112 Micah Thomas Parker

13311861212 Jennifer Bennett

1331186122 Michael Sheppard Bennett, b. 7/24/1947, Lawyer with son Michael in Valdosta

m. Evelyn L. Hilton, b. 11/11/1948 Morgan, GA

13311861221 Michael Sheppard Jr., b. 9/1/1968

m. Molly ____, b. 9/29/1970

133118612211 Luke Bennett

13311861222 James Thomas Bennett, IV

1331186123 Charles Buchanan Bennett, b. 10/ /1960

m. Jonie ____, two boys, live St Simons Island, GA; Military career.

1331186124 Gregory McAllister Bennett, b. 1962

m. Belinda ____, div. remarried 10/3/1998

13311861241 Michael, by Belinda's first marriage

13311861242 Brittany Bennett, b. 1990

133118613 John Ward Bennett, b. 5/30/1924, d. 6/29/2006 Ft. Gaines, GA, bur. New Park cem; Mayor & City Judge of Ft. Gaines, GA

m. 5/19/1944 Betty Walker, b. 8/11/1924 Screven, Wayne Co., GA, d. 3/20/2008 Fort Gaines, Clay Co GA, dau. Archie Mansville Walker/Bessie Louise Dunn

  FT. GAINES, GA- ^ John Ward Bennett, a resident of Ft. Gaines, Georgia, died early Thursday morning, June 29, 2006, in the Ft. Gaines Nursing Home. He was 82.
  Funeral services were held Saturday, July 1, 2006, in the Ft. Gaines Baptist Church with Reverend Jeff Hines officiating. Graveside services, with military honors, followed in the New Park Cemetery in Ft. Gaines. Holman-Abbeville Mortuary was in charge of funeral arrangements.
  Memorial contributions may be made to the Ft. Gaines Baptist Church, P.O. Box 248, Ft. Gaines, Ga. 39851.
  Mr. Bennett was a lifelong resident of Ft. Gaines, son of the late James Thomas Bennett and Helen Louise Ward Bennett. He was a graduate of Ft. Gaines High School and attended the University of Georgia. Mr. Bennett served his country during World War II in the U. S. Army Air Corps as the lead radar technician for the 381st Bomb Group of the 8th Air Force.
   Mr. Bennett was retired as the owner and operator of Clay Finance Company and also owned and operated the Dairy Freeze both in Ft. Gaines. In earlier years, he was involved in ownership and management of various businesses including: Bennett-Davis Hardware in Ft. Gaines, Bennett Drive-In and the Archie Theater in Abbeville and the Goober Drive-In, near Dothan. Mr. Bennett served as Mayor and City Judge of Ft. Gaines and as a city councilman for many years. While serving as Mayor, he was instrumental in securing the Walter F. George Lock and Dam, a new Ft. Gaines Post Office and the Clay County-Ft. Gaines Hospital and Nursing Home. He was a co-founder and served on the Board of Directors of Southland Bank in Abbeville and also was a co-founder of the Abbeville Christian Academy. Mr. Bennett received a fifty-year pin from the Washington Masonic Lodge No. 19 in Cuthbert, Ga. He was also a Shriner in Albany, Ga.  He was a member of the Ft. Gaines Baptist Church. Mr. Bennett was preceded in death by a brother, James T. Bennett of Valdosta, Ga.
  Surviving relatives include his wife, Betty Walker Bennett, Ft. Gaines, Ga.; three daughters, Susan Lewis and her husband, Jim Lewis, Amory, Ms.; Bess Hartley, Ft. Gaines, Ga.; Katie Bennett, Clarkesville, Ga.; a sister, Louise King and her husband, Ralph King, Decatur, Ga.; two brothers, Robert Bennett and his wife, Hilda Bennett, Jacksonville, Fl.; Ben Bennett, Melbourne, Fl.; a sister-in-law, Mamie Bennett, Valdosta, Ga.; four grandchildren, Carolyn Hartley, Americus, Ga.; Lori Hartley, Macon, Ga.; Clayton Ward Bennett and Hunter B. Koski, both of Clarkesville, Ga.; several nieces and nephews.
  Serving as active pallbearers were Clayton Ward Bennett, Hunter B. Koski, Mike Bennett, Ben Bennett, Jr., Roy Neves, Buck Bennett, Greg Bennett, David Money and Billy Lindsey. Serving as honorary pallbearers were Bo Chambers and Billy Peters and Honorable Gerald Green.


^ FT. GAINES — Betty Walker Bennett, a resident of Ft. Gaines, Georgia, died early Thursday afternoon, March 20, 2008, at her home. She was 83.

Funeral services will be held at 11:00 A.M. (E.D.T.) Monday, March 24, 2008, in the Ft. Gaines Baptist Church with Reverend Jeff Hines officiating. Burial will follow in the New Park Cemetery in Ft. Gaines. Holman-Abbeville Mortuary is in charge of arrangements. The family will receive friends from 10:00 until 11:00 A.M. Monday in the church sanctuary. At other times, the family will be at the residence, 306 South Washington Street, Ft. Gaines, Georgia. Mrs. Bennett was born in Screven, Georgia, daughter of the late Archie Mansville Walker and Bessie Louise Dunn Walker. She attended Georgia State College for Women in Milledgeville, GA. In earlier years, Mrs. Bennett taught music at Clay County High School in Ft. Gaines. She was a member of the Ft. Gaines Baptist Church where she served as music director for many years. In her early years, Mrs. Bennett assisted in the management of the Archie Theater in Abbeville and the Walker Theater in Ft. Gaines. She was preceded in death by band, John Ward Bennett, a brother, Archie Walker who died in World War II an also a sister, Elizabeth Walker. Surviving relatives include three daughters, Susan Lewis and husband, Jim Lewis, Amory, MS; Bess Hartley, Ft. Gaines, GA; Katie Bennett, Clarksville, GA.; four grandchildren, Carolyn Hartley, Americus, GA; Lori Hartley, Macon, GA; Clayton Ward Bennett and Hunter B. Koski, both of Clarksville, GA.; two sistrs-in-law, Louise King and husband, Ralph King, Decatur, Ga.; Mamie Bennett,Valdosta, GA; two brothers-in-law, Robert Bennett and wife, Hilda Bennettsonville, FL; Ben Bennett, Melbourne, FL.; several nieces and nephews.

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