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Idea that is stated in a topic sentence...
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To make the students understand the structure of the sentence as a basic unit of communication...
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Literacy Warm-Up and Creative Writing Games


Sentence Changer

Take a sentence/paragraph from a book text.

Change it to make it your own.


Word by Word

In pair or small groups build up a story. Take turns adding the next word. The story grows one word at a time. This can then be demonstrated in front of the class.


Sentence by Sentence

As above but the story grows one sentence at a time.


The Odd Word

In pairs. One person builds a story one sentence at a time. In between each sentence the partner offers an odd word (one they don’t think will fit into the story. This word then has to be made to fit into the next sentence.


A Helpful Word

As above but the partner gives a word that they think will make it easier to continue the story.


Tell Me More

A character building game (in pairs). First choose a name for your character. The first person talks about the character, the second person probes for more information. Each query should start with; ‘^ Tell me more about…(e.g. the night he first found the skip)’


Short Story Mountain

Tell a story in five sentences using sentence starters from the story mountain. Once there was… One day… Unfortunately… Luckily, Eventually…Can be played in groups of five and performed to the class.


I Can See

A game to bring a setting to life. First chose and imagine the setting. Take turns to add details, always starting with; ‘I can see…. Prompt extended answers (paragraphs). Prompt to include; time of day, time of year, weather, what you can see and hear (and something that is out of place).


Poetic Phrases

List five abstract nouns. List five nouns. Pair them up.


All in the Detail

Use a photo as a stimulus. Name five details in the image. Use each of these words to build interesting sentences (use shared writing).

The brittle branch reaches out like jagged lightening

Tired trees tremble

Silent Snow slyly shivers




Alphabet Race

Think of one word (on a topic) for each letter of the alphabet.


Sentence Builder

Give the class a boring or short sentence and the class have to extend it and make it interesting.


Sentence Editor

Similar to above. Give the class a sentence that is very wordy, and get them to make it more concise.


Metaphor Builder

Give the class a starter i.e. ‘The Moon is…’

The moon is like a fingernail.

The moon is a fingernail.

The fingernail moon (style used by Dylan Thomas).


Word Association

Give a starter word e.g. bonfire.

Get the children to list as many word as they can associated with the key word.

Now get the children to imagine and remember a bonfire themselves. Now let them have a second attempt at making a list.


Prefix Repeater

Give a starter word. Children think of words to extend it using the same prefix; i.e. unblinking, unthinking…


Name It

Encourage children to name the noun; not ‘the magazine’, but, ‘the Woman’s Weekly’. Give them a simple sentence and get them to name it.

e.g The book sat on the wooden floor (in the style of Alan Benett).

*Always prompt the children to put their good ideas into their Magpie Books!

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