This booklet is intended to assist students and parents with charting a student’s four-year progress through the coursework required for graduation at Granite B icon

This booklet is intended to assist students and parents with charting a student’s four-year progress through the coursework required for graduation at Granite B

This booklet is intended to help students entering Grade 9 or 10 in 2008/9 to learn as much as...
Prior to selecting your courses, carefully read the introductory section of this booklet...
European and International Exchange...
In grammar will be to help students to organize their study of grammar and to assist them in...
The Theory of Knowledge is a required course for all ib diploma students which begins in the...
The English language exam is used to test your proficiency in English, to assist in placement...
States with or Considering High School Graduation Requirements for All Students...
Graduation under 10+2+3 pattern with 50% marks in the aggregate...
Irrespective of the year of first registration...
Semester: Spring Intended Students: Bachelor of Economics...
Parents and students of the 2012 graduating class...
Links to Resources for Teachers, Librarians, Parents and Students...

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Dear Student and Parents:

This booklet is intended to assist students and parents with charting a student’s four-year progress through the coursework required for graduation at Granite Bay High School. There are a number of questions that should be discussed and answered between the student and parents prior to using this booklet.

Question # 1: What is your primary educational goal at the conclusion of your senior year?

  1. Meet minimum college admission requirements

  2. Gain and enhance career-technical skills and experiences while meeting minimum college admission requirements

  3. Be competitive for admission to an elite university.

Question # 2: What area of study do you want to emphasize, if any? Does your student have natural abilities or a passion for a particular field?

Question # 3: Is there a career your student is interested in pursuing?

There are three major segments to the booklet which can guide you in developing an appropriate four-year plan.

Section 1 provides a general overview of guidance services, important references and definitions. This portion of the Guide provides both the requirements for high school graduation and college admission. There are sample tables illustrating possible student schedules. There is a worksheet to use in filling out your student’s four-year high school program.

Section 2 is dedicated to course descriptions listed by each department. It is important to note that some of the elective courses listed in the Guide are not offered every year. Required courses are always offered, but only those elective courses that generate appropriate sign-ups and have adequate staffing are actually taught in any given school year. Please pay particular attention to the pre-requisites that many of the courses require.

Section 3 describes special programs offered by various agencies not limited to GBHS and the Roseville Joint Union High School District. Placer County’s 49’er Regional Occupation Program and Sierra Community College information can be found in this section.

Our goal is to provide the best information we can so that parents and students can develop an academic and career preparation plan that best meets our students’ post-secondary goals. Your assistance and involvement is critical to your student’s success.

This 2010-2011 Planning Guide is available on the school web site at:


Section 1: General Information 1

College Admission Requirements 2

List of Courses Meeting UC Requirements 6

Four-Year Educational Paths 7

Section 2: Department Course Description 11

CTE (Business, FACS, ITE) 11

English 17

English Electives 18

Health 20

Mathematics 21

PE 24

PE Electives 24

Science 25

Social Science 29

Visual Arts 33

Performing Arts (Drama, Choir, Dance, Instrumental Music) 35

World Language 40

Section 3: Special Programs 42

Elective Pathways 43

49er regional ROP 47



Counselors at Granite Bay High School are assigned according to students’ last names. The alphabetical assignments are as follows:

A - Ek …………………………………… Tiffani Gieck

El - K …………………………………… Carey Bussey

L - Ri ……………………………………… Paul Stordahl

Ro - Z …………………………………… Walt Wild

Special Services ………………………Janice Lucas

Student Support Counselor …… Marlon Morgan


Granite Bay High School is on 4 x 4 Block schedule that has students taking up to four courses over an 18-week period. Students meet in four classes for 86-minute periods each school day with the exception of special schedule days such as rallies, collaboration days and assemblies. In December of every year, students complete their fall courses and begin up to four new courses for the spring term in January. All freshmen and sophomores are required to be enrolled in four courses each term. Juniors are permitted one off-campus per year while seniors are permitted one off-campus each term pending being on target to complete A -G requirements and scoring at the basic level on the CST’s.


I. Satisfactory citizenship and attendance

II. 260 credits including the following required subjects:

(Five credits earned for successful completion of each course every 9-week grading period.)

English 40 credits (grades 9, 10, 11, 12)

Math 20 credits – Includes successful completion of Algebra I (or higher) and one additional math class beyond Algebra 1 (Geometry or higher).

^ Social Science 30 credits to include:

World Studies - 10 credits (grade 10)

(or AP European History)

U. S. History - 10 credits (grade 11)

Government/Economics - 10 credits (grade 12)

Science 20 credits (must be UC/CSU approved) to include:

Biological Science - 10 credits and

Physical Science - 10 credits

Physical Education 20 credits (grades 9 & 10)

Health and Safety 10 credits

Fine Arts or World Language 10 credits

Electives 110 credits

III. Pass the California High School Exit Exam


A student’s transcript will list three different grade point averages (GPA’s): Academic GPA (9-12), Academic GPA (10-12), and Total GPA (9-12). Each is calculated differently:

  • Unweighted Academic GPA – All courses taken in the respective years (i.e. 9-12 GPA, 10-12 GPA) are used in the calculation with the exception of PE courses. No courses are weighted.

  • Weighted Academic GPA – All courses taken in the respective years are calculated with the exception of PE courses; Honors, AP and IB courses receive an extra weighted point if the grade earned is ‘C’ or better. Colleges do not accept any grade lower than a ‘C’ in Honors, AP, or IB courses.

  • Total Unweighted GPA – All courses taken in all grades are used in the calculation. No courses are weighted.

  • Total Weighted GPA – All courses taken in all grades are calculated; Honors, AP, and IB courses receive an extra weighted point if the grade earned is ‘C’ or better.

  • ^ UC/CSU GPA – All “A” – “G” courses, including weighted, beginning in 10th grade.


A – G Subject Areas

California State University

(CSU Sacramento, Chico, etc.)


University of California

UC Davis, Berkeley, etc.)

a) History / Social Science

2 Years

2 Years

b) English

4 Years

4 Years

c) Mathematics

3 years (through Algebra 2/Int. 3)

3 years (through Algebra 2/Int. 3)

(4 years recommended)

d) Lab Science

2 Years

2 years (3 recommended)

e) World Language

2 Years

2 Years (3 recommended)

f) Visual and Performing Arts

1 Year

1 Year

g) Elective Courses

1 Year

1 Year

All grades must be a ‘C’ or better to meet college admission standards. Also, generally speaking, the more math, science and world language, the better. Complete 15 units of college prep courses with a grade of ‘C’ or better.

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