A short-lived Federal League team in this city jokingly played in “The Junkyard”, a reference to its stadium still being under construction in the mid-1910s.  That team was the Terriers.  A team in this city was the subject of Gordon H. Fleming’s icon

A short-lived Federal League team in this city jokingly played in “The Junkyard”, a reference to its stadium still being under construction in the mid-1910s.  That team was the Terriers.  A team in this city was the subject of Gordon H. Fleming’s

COLT Round 3
Questions by Mike Bentley with contributions from Dave Letzler, Jerry Vinokurov and Jeremy Eaton


1. A short-lived Federal League team in this city jokingly played in “The Junkyard”, a reference to its stadium still being under construction in the mid-1910s.  That team was the Terriers.  A team in this city was the subject of Gordon H. Fleming’s The Dizziest Season and lost the 1941 pennant race to the Dodgers despite winning 97 games.  A different team in this city was once owned by Robert Lee Hedges, who convinced (*) Branch Rickey to come back to baseball and eventually manage the team.  In 1922, George Sisler had a .420 batting average with a team in this city.  This town was the home of the Gashouse Gang.  An AL team in this city moved to Baltimore after being bought by Bill Veeck in the 1950s, while the baseball team still in this city once featured Hall of Famer Bob Gibson on its roster.  For 10 points, name this city formerly home to the Browns, and to current players like Yadier Molina and Albert Pujols.
ANSWER: St. Louis, Missouri

2. He’s not a Terminator, but this character was injected with a Cyberdyne chip on an episode of Robot Chicken.  In his original series, he was sometimes joined by a would-be superhero incapable of flying named Corporal Capeman.  In a direct-to-video live adaptation, this character was briefly replaced by “Model #2” played by Elaine Hendrix, although in the end, this (*) French Stewart-played character gets with Hendrix’s character.  In an earlier film appearance, he was played by Matthew Broderick.  In the original series, this character, an enemy of Doctor Claw, almost always causes his superior, Chief Quimby, to get blown up.  The real work in the cases he solved was usually done by a dog named Brain and his niece, Penny.  For 10 points, name this clumsy animated character who can do things like extend his arms by yelling “Go Go” before his name.
ANSWER: Inspector Gadget

3. An extremely unpopular solo variant of this game is named for a guy named Nickolai.  The cold-open for the Malcolm in the Middle episode where Hal starts sleepwalking sees Malcolm secretly helping both of his parents at this game.  Namesake sprints between the challenger and champion were a feature of an ‘80s gameshow based on this board game hosted by Chuck Woolery.  A 2005 videogame based on this game included the popular French variant called (*) Duplicate.  Players of this game like Steve Williams, Matt Graham and Joel Sherman are chronicled in a book about it by NPR contributor Stefan Fatsis.  Tiles can be stacked in a three-dimensional variant of this game, while bad reporting in 2010 erronously stated that the rules of this game would be changed to allow proper names.  For 10 points, name this board game featuring elements like triple word scores.
ANSWER: Scrabble

4. The “square” protagonist of this film states that he doesn’t wan to be hip if it involves “screwing fuck with a bunch of killers and junkies”.  The protagonist’s love interest proclaims “this is about as exciting to me as saying let’s fuck” after being taken on a date to see the Swedish sex-education movie Language of Love in this film.  The protagonist uses a gun purchased illegally from (*) Easy Andy to kill a black man who is robbing a grocery store in one scene.  Another scene in this film has the protagonist thwarted in his attempt to assassinate presidential hopeful Charles Palantine, although the protagonist is successful in saving the young prostitute Iris from Sport, a pimp played by Harvey Keitel.  Protagonist Travis Bickle utters the famous line, “You talkin’ to me?” in, for 10 points, what Martin Scorsese film where Robert De Niro plays the titular cabbie?
ANSWER: Taxi Driver

5. Despite setting a franchise record for blocked shots in 1985, this team only went 39-43 and was eliminated by the 76ers in the first round. This team’s 1990-1991 season saw only 30 wins, but also featured a comeback season for Bernard King.  It was the first team in NBA history to offer a $100 million contract, doing so a year after it drafted the 7 foot 7 inch (*) Romanian Gheorghe Mureşan.  Despite going just 44-38 in the regular season, this team defeated the Supersonics to win the 1978 title behind the play of Elvin Hayes and Wes Unseld.  This team once had both Manute Bol and Mugsy Bogues on its roster.  More recently, this team was knocked out by Cleveland in both the 2007 and 2008 postseasons, and in 2010 it sent Caron Butler and two other players to Dallas.  For 10 points, identify this team that recently acquired Rashard Lewis for Gilbert Arenas and is currently home to 2010 number 1 draft pick John Wall.
ANSWER: Washington Wizards [accept either; also accept Baltimore/Washington Bullets]

6. This character’s namesake game was adapted in the early polygonal game, 3-Demon.  The first platformer featuring this character gives him magic boots and saw him carrying a fairy under his hat.  In his “Plus” game, his enemies turned invisible after he obtained power-ups like a glass of Coke.  In his third game, he could become twice his size and travel through gates after becoming Super.  His creator, Toru Iwatani, has recently developed (*) time-attack variations of this character’s game, and he was the subject of Google’s first interactive home-page banner.  In this character’s first game, the game gets harder after the stage with the 9th key and also features “fruit” like bells and cherries.  More recently, he’s appeared in two Championship Edition games for Xbox Live Arcade.  For 10 points, name this character who gained the power to eat enemies like Clyde and Blinky after consuming power pellets.
ANSWER: Pac-Man [or Pakkuman or Puck-Man]

7. Her breakout album contained a track that states, “Now I don’t mind company … every once in a while” but sees the artist longing for the titular Dr. Feelgood.  Her sister Carolyn found mild success with a cover of “Don’t Wait Too Long” and the original track, “Baby Baby Baby”.  An album that promises “[this artist] Now” contained a track where she sings, “it don’t take too much high IQ’s to see what you’re doing to me” titled (*) “Think”.  “You were the key to my peace of mind” according to another song she made famous.  Her signature song compares both “your kisses” and “my money” to being sweeter than honey and ends with the phrases “sock it to me” and “just a little bit” repeated multiple times.  That song by this artist of “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” also demands you to “find out [what the title concept] means to me”.  For 10 points, name this soul singer behind “Respect”.
ANSWER: Aretha (Louise) Franklin

8. “Sucker Bet” and “And They’re Off” are two episodes from this show that center on one character making a $100,000 bet on the Kentucky Derby.  Its second episode saw the patriarch paying to hire a plane to advertise a group led by his son.  Another first-season episode saw the protagonist’s children placed in the care of Aunt Tracy, while a long-running story arc in the second season saw the parents on this show getting face lifts.  Supporting characters on this show include the title character’s daughter (*) Sophie and his “happily unmarried” girlfriend and former Playboy model, Shannon Tweed.  Two characters from this show appeared in a commercial where the father is chastised for overemphasizing a certain property of Cherry Dr. Pepper.  Also featuring the title rock star’s son, Nick, for 10 points, name this A&E reality series centering on the domestic life of a certain KISS member.
ANSWER: Gene Simmons Family Jewels

9. One year after this man played a character named Warbonnet who was raised by the Sioux, he played a man named Ed Bannon who, although raised by Apaches, very much hates Indians like Toriano.  This actor once got with a nurse played by Julie Adams while playing a hard-ass army major sent to run the ROTC program at a Santa Barbara military academy.  Besides The Private War of Major Benjamin, he’d play a man who gets betrayed by (*) Chimene in a 1961 adaptation of El Cid.  One of his most famous roles sees him asked of his whereabouts by Dathan, played by Edward G. Robinson and cast Yul Brynner as his half-brother.  That Cecil B. DeMille epic starring this man also saw him called a “splendid, stubborn, adorable fool” by Nefertiri.  Also playing John the Baptist in The Greatest Story Ever Told, for 10 points, name this iconic star of The Ten Commandments and Ben Hur.
ANSWER: Charlton Heston

10. An early acoustic track by this band sees the singer admit, “today I couldn’t stay awake / Feels like I’m drowning in this firewater lake”.  On a song from their major label debut, the singer declares, “If we all believe in heaven, maybe we’ll make it through one more year down here.”  “Christmas break of ‘98 just flipped me upside down” according to the song“Rock Star Land” from their first album featuring vocalist Ryan Key, (*) One for the Kids.  The singer of one of their songs states, “I can feel you breathing / and it’s keeping me awake”, while a violin solo appears on their hit, “Only One”.  The title track of their breakout album describes a place “on the corner of Cherry Street / [where] we would walk on the beach in our barefeet”.  They also released 2006’s Lights and Sounds.  For 10 points, name this pop-punk band who found success with their album, Ocean Avenue.
ANSWER: Yellowcard

11. All of this hero’s traditional Silver Age enemies got their costumes tailored by Paul Gambi.  One of this hero’s enemies devotes some of the proceeds of his crimes to the McCulloch Orphanage in Scotland where that villain grew up.  Another of his enemies vowed revenge on him after the death of her lover, Roscoe Dillon; that woman was a (*) figure skater named Lisa Snart, better known as the Golden Glider.  Some of this hero’s traditional enemies were regrouped in the Iron Heights comic by Blacksmith, and that group originally included figures like Pied Piper and Captain Boomerang.  “Mightier and more dangerous” than this hero’s six traditional villains combined is a creature named Gorilla Grodd.  His enemies formed the original Rogues Gallery, and later people to become this super hero included Barry Allen and Wally West.  For 10 points, name this really fast superhero.
ANSWER: The Flash [or the Scarlet Speedster; prompt on “Jay Garrick”, “Barry Allen”, “Wally West” or “Bart Allen” unless the name has already been mentioned]

12. A radio broadcast in one of these works was inspired by Teddy Newton’s listening to Wayne Dyer as a child.  An early one of these sees an old man constantly switching seats as he plays chess against himself.  Another is primarily set on a power line and sees the majority of its characters end up (*) naked after picking on a larger character; that work is titled “For the Birds”.  A rare one of these that appeared on Sesame Street titled “Light & Heavy” sees two lamps pass balls back and forth; those two characters were originally in “Luxo Jr.”  A recent one of these works involved characters with a moon and a sun in their bellies and was titled Day & Night.  Others, such as “Jack-Jack Attack” and “Mater and the Ghostlight”, expand on longer works by the studio that creates them.  For 10 points, name these works that tend to appear before movies like A Bug’s Life and Toy Story.
ANSWER: Pixar Shorts [or Pixar Short Films]

13. Portland-based electronic group Starfucker covered this song on their 2009 album, Jupiter.  One remake of this song added the Japanese group Puffy AmiYumi on backing vocals and concluded an album named The Body Acoustic.  Earlier, the original artist of this song recorded a reggae-inspired remake of this song prepended with the words “Hey Now” for a 1994 greatest hits album.  The video for this song opens with the protagonist’s mother impatiently cracking (*) eggs and has the singer’s father prevent her from answering the phone.  That father, played by Captain Lou Albano, mouths the line, “What you gonna do with your life?”  Elsewhere in this song, the singer states, “some boys take a beautiful girl / and hide her away from the rest of the world”, and its chorus describes what happens “when the working day is done”.  For 10 points, name this Cyndi Lauper hit.
^ ANSWER: “Girls Just Want to Have Fun

14. One man playing this position scored a touchdown on a 0-yard return off a pick thrown by Corey Jenkins and was in both the same high school and college class as QB David Greene; that player was Georgia alum David Pollack.  Oklahoma State standouts at this position included future Redskins player Dexter Manley.   In the 2006 Gator Bowl, a player at this position had his leg (*) stomped by Marcus Vick; that player had previously won the Ted Hendricks Award.  An Ohio State player at this position is the son of Craig “Ironhead” Heyward and was the Steelers’ first round pick in 2011.  This position was played in college by players like Robert Quinn, J. J. Watt and Aldon Smith.  For 10 points, name this position played by current NFL players like Julius Peppers and Dwight Freeney.
ANSWER: Defensive End [prompt on just “End”]

15. In a 2004 independent film, Rip Torn brings a much younger Russian woman named Laura back to this city to live with him; that film was titled ^ Forty Shades of Blue.  Attractions in this city include Gus’s Fried World Famous Chicken.  One song titled for this city sees the singer equipped with a “full tank of gas and a ‘69 Tempest”; that song is about living on the “Wrong Side” of this city and was popularized by Trisha Yearwood.  Arguably its most influential popular music venue is the (*) Hi-Tone Cafe, and this city is where the supergroup the Million Dollar Quartet made their only recordings in Sun Studio.  Home to the Stax Museum, a sports franchise in this city replaced coach Sidney Lowe with Hubie Brown and made a bad trade to the Lakers giving away Pau Gasol.  Many music clubs are found along Beale Street in this city.  For 10 points, name this home of the NBA’s Grizzlies.
ANSWER: Memphis, Tennessee

16. A TV show based on these films saw the family’s daughter once get turned into a mermaid after using her father’s suntan lotion, as well as becoming the Mistress of the Universe after using the Neuron Nudger to pass a test.  The first film in this franchise was preceded by “Tummy Trouble”, a short featuring Roger Rabbit.  The TV show in this franchise also focused on the antics of the family’s son, nicknamed (*) “The Nick Meister”, and saw the patriarch gaining inspiration through a substance he calls Szlinskism.  The second film in this franchise sees a two year old named Adam parading Godzilla-like through Las Vegas.  Some characters in the original film end up riding on a bee and get into trouble when the lawn sprinklers get turned on.  For 10 points, name this film franchise whose original film witnessed Rick Moranis’s character accidentally reducing the size of his children.
ANSWER: Honey I Shrunk the Kids

17. The first of these albums opens with a song that produced a music video starring Kate Moss, “Delia’s Gone”.  The second of these albums saw the artist doing a rendition of “Rusty Cage” by Soundgarden as well as “Southern Accents”, appropriate since Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were backup musicians on the album.  The artist sits alone at a (*) holiday dinner in the award winning video for one single from the fourth of these albums, a cover of a song that states “the pain [is] the only thing that’s real”.  The first of these albums featured Rick Rubin recording the artist playing in his living room, and one of them included a popular cover of “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails.  The last of these albums was released posthumously in 2010 and was subtitled Ain’t No Grave.  For 10 points, name this series of six albums recorded during the final years of Johnny Cash’s life.
ANSWER: Johnny Cash’s American Albums [prompt on partial answer, accept equivalents like American Recordings; do not accept “America”, that refers to a different album not mentioned in these clues]

18. Jerry Riley was awarded just $7,200 for winning this event, and an unclear ruling on the definition of completing this competition resulted in Rick Swenson losing the 1978 iteration.  Joe Redington, Sr. is often considered the father of this event.  Traditions in this event include giving the last place finisher the Red Lantern and lighting the (*) Widow’s Lamp.  Carl Huntington won both this event and the related Fur Rendezvous World Championship.  Medical marijuana was used to assist Lance Mackey in a 2007 victory in this competition, and Mackey also employed the marathon approach of sleeping for short intervals while on the move.  John Baker took 8 days to win this in 2011.  For 10 points, name this event that occurs a few weeks after the Yukon Quest, and sees mushers race through Alaska.
ANSWER: The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

19. On one show aired by this network, tomboy lawyer Frankie worked at a prestigious law firm that recruits the sleazy divorce attorney Lou Frischetti.  Besides ^ The Great Defender, this network aired a show where the title character owns Park Avenue Donuts and is the father of Marly; that show was titled Luis.  The central character of another show on this network contacted the title group through Peter Watts, played by (*) Terry O’Quinn, and was a Seattle homicide detective who had the ability to literally go inside the mind of a killer.  Black and white shots were used to show the point of view of the title character who had no identity on this network’s show, John Doe.   Frank Black starred on this network’s program, Millennium.  It also had early success with a sketch comedy show starring the Wayans Brothers, In Living Color.  For 10 points, name this network whose other short-lived dramas included Firefly.
ANSWER: FOX [or Fox Broadcasting Company]

20. The first two regular enemies you encounter in Battletoads are the “psycho” type of these animals, which come in red and silver varieties.  A group of the “Koma” type of these animals stole the bracelet of the protagonist’s grandfather in the original Tomba! game.  An animal of this type betrayed James McCloud and Peppy Hare on the planet Venom before the events of (*) Star Fox 64.  Creatures of this type tell you how to execute moves and save your progress in Donkey Kong Country Returns.  A wizard who is also one of these animals transformed Drumstick into a frog and must be defeated at the end of Diddy Kong Racing.  These creatures can be defeated by using things like exploding eggs in a popular Rovio game that has seen expansions like Seasons and Rio.  For 10 points, name these types of animals whose fortresses you try to destroy in Angry Birds.

21. One QB with this surname returned to New Mexico State to teach chemical engineering following an NFL career that saw him lead the Broncos to their first ever winning season.  A more recent QB with this surname lost five games in a row in 2003, leading him to be replaced by Kurt Kittner.  A receiver with this surname received a $5,000 fine for revealing he was wearing a (*) “Why so serious?” t-shirt in a 2010 game against the Bengals.  Besides that Bills receiver, a QB with this last name broke his leg in the second game of the 1998 season, after which his replacement, Randall Cunningham, went 15-1 as a starter.  A UMiami receiver with this surname was the 3rd overall pick in 2003, caught many passes the next year from David Carr, and has the first name Andre.  For 10 points, give this surname shared by a Lions receiver who in a 2010 game against the Bears failed to completely secure the ball on the way to the ground.
ANSWER: Johnson


1. A recent Comics Curmudgeon entry noted that the one thing even this character is afraid of is Wham-O lawyers after he’s found with a trade-marked Frisbee disc.  For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this comic character created by Brad Anderson.  Other characters in this animal’s strip include his owners, Phil and Dottie Winslow.
ANSWER: Marmaduke
[10] This other dog from the funny pages was originally owned by Lyman, the roommate of Jon Arbuckle.
[10] Mark O’Hare, who for a few years created comics about Fergus and Mel in ^ Citizen Dog, is currently an animator on this Cartoon Network series.  Supporting characters on this show include a rock monster named Shnitzel fond of saying “radda radda” and a woolly mammoth named Gazpacho.
ANSWER: Chowder

2. This show began following a series of successful TV Movies like ^ The House on Sycamore Street and Twist of the Knife.  For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this show whose cast included police officer Steve Sloan, who opens BBQ Bob’s.  Sloan was played by Barry, the son of the actor who played this medical drama’s lead character.
ANSWER: Diagnosis: Murder
[10] This veteran TV actor played Dr. Mark Sloan on Diagnosis: Murder.  On an eponymous ‘60s show, he played a variety show writer named Rob Petrie whose wife Laura was played by Mary Tyler Moore.
ANSWER: Dick Van Dyke [or Richard Wayne Van Dyke]
[10] Meanwhile, this actor played Dr. Jack Stewart, who went off to form his own private practice at the end of Season 2 of Diagnosis Murder.  In the ‘80s, he played a college student who was the best friend of Buddy Lembeck before becoming a babysitter.
ANSWER: Scott (Vincent James) Baio

3. In one hit, this artist declares, “I’m not gonna sit here while you circle jerk and work it”.  For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this artist who in that same song declared, “I don’t need love, looking like diamonds”.  She also recorded “C U Next Tuesday”.
ANSWER: Ke$ha [or Kesha Rose Sebert]
[10] Ke$ha’s breakout hit was this one, where she describes waking up feeling like P Diddy.
^ ANSWER: “Tik Tok
[10] Featuring lots of digital staccato, the singer of this Ke$ha song from Cannibal admits, “When I first met you (panties [were] dropping)” but laments that “I just can’t date a dude with a vag”.
ANSWER: “Grow a Pear

4. Identify the following about an event sometimes dubbed Miracle at the Meadowlands II, for 10 points each.
[10] The play was originally given to a 2003 punt return by Brian Westbrook, although more recently it’s been vacated by a 2010 punt return against the Giants by this flashy Eagles receiver out of UC Berkeley.
ANSWER: DeSean Jackson
[10] Brian Westbrook took over kick return duties on the Eagles that year from this running back and return specialist, who was playing with the Giants at the time.  Second in all-purpose yards behind Jerry Rice, while with the Redskins in his rookie season, he played QB for a few snaps during the Body Bag Game.
ANSWER: Brian (Keith) Mitchell
[10] Another play sometimes dubbed the “Miracle at the Meadowlands II” saw this Jets first round pick from 2000 recover a J. P. Losman fumble for a touchdown.  This defensive end has the nickname, “Big Katt”.
ANSWER: (MeShaunda Pizarrur) “Shaun” Ellis

5. Identify the following about the career of Melissa Leo, for 10 points each.
[10] Leo earned an Oscar nomination for her turn in this film, where she played a single mom named Ray Eddy, who turns to smuggling illegal immigrants across the title place in order to support her family.
ANSWER: Frozen River
[10] Leo played Rachel in this other film about a US border.  Its plot centers around the death of the titular Mexican immigrant played by Julio Cedillo and the subsequent handling of the body by Tommy Lee Jones’ character.
ANSWER: The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
[10] Leo won an Oscar for playing the mother of Mark Wahlberg’s character Micky Ward in this 2010 David O. Russell boxing film.
ANSWER: The Fighter

6. As a result of one of these events, Commissioner Fay Vincent decided to suspend games for 10 days.  For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this type of event that significantly delayed Game 3 of the 1989 World Series between Oakland and San Francisco.
ANSWER: Earthquake [accept equivalents]
[10] This team once had a 1996 home game delayed a day by an earthquake despite fans chanting “let’s play ball” a few minutes after it ended.  Darren Bragg started that 1996 season with this team before being traded to Boston.
ANSWER: Seattle Mariners [accept either underlined answer]
[10] This man served as the manager of the “Foreign Dreams” team that played a match against a group of Japanese All-Stars following the 1995 Kobe earthquake.  He once injured himself trying to catch a home run hit by Dick Green while with the Angels in 1973 and was later part of the Saturday Night Massacre.
ANSWER: (Robert John) “Bobby” Valentine

7. Identify the following about some superficially related things, for 10 points each.
[10] Originally played by David Soul, in a film remake this TV character is almost killed when Willis detonates a bomb in his house.  That remake saw him played by Owen Wilson.
ANSWER: KenHutchHutchinson [accept any underlined answer]
[10] The title character of this film ends up falling for Sara, played by Eva Mendes.  It centers on Will Smith’s character giving romantic advice to a loser played by Kevin James.
[10] To continue this questionable theme, the Tipo is an example of a “hatch”back by this Italian car company.  Based in Turin, they’re known for cars like the 500 and own brands like Maserati and Alpha Romeo.
ANSWER: Fiat S.p.A.

8. This Richard Lester film purported to offer 36 “typical” hours in the central band’s life, including scenes where Victor Spinelli’s character worries he’ll be demoted to giving the news in Welsh.  For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this film whose other scenes include a battle over who’s taller by managers John Junkin and Norman Rossington.
^ ANSWER: A Hard Day’s Night
[10] A Hard Day’s Night, even though it’s not really a mockumentary, is sometimes included in lists alongside The is Spinal Tap, a film which contains a running joke where people in this profession keep dying through fates like a “bizarre gardening accident” and spontaneous combustion.
ANSWER: Drummer [or Percussionist]
[10] Bevery D’Angelo, who played Ellen in this film, was one of the many minor stars of the ‘80s to appear in Chris Folino’s mockumentary, Gamers: The Movie.  Clark accidentally kills Dinky by not untying the dog from the car in this comedy, where John Candy played a security guard named Russ Lasky.
ANSWER: National Lampoon’s Vacation

9. Their self-titled album included a song containing the lyric, “Saint Joe, they said your Dad is gay.”  For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this alt-rock group, whose biggest hit notes, “yeah, Mama, this surely is a dream”.
ANSWER: Marcy Playground
[10] Marcy Playground is best known for this aforementioned hit that asks, “Who’s that lounging in my chair / Who’s that casting devious stares / In my direction?”
^ ANSWER: “Sex and Candy
[10] Marcy Playground had a minor hit on the Modern Rock charts with a song titled for it being this day of the week.  The Dead Kennedys sang about a holocaust on this day, while the singer “can’t sleep in the wake of [this day]” on a Fall Out Boy single from Take This to Your Grave.
ANSWER: Saturday

10. Kim Greist’s character on this show was institutionalized after murdering her young son, and Peter MacNichol played a character who ultimately died after getting shot seven times by a gang member.  For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this ‘90s medical drama whose first two seasons centered on Jeffrey Geiger, played by Mandy Patinkin alongside Adam Arkin.
ANSWER: Chicago Hope
[10] Chicago Hope creator David E. Kelley’s many other shows include this one, where Christian Clemnson played Jerry Espenson alongside a lawyer played by William Shatner.
ANSWER: Boston Legal
[10] On Kelley’s most recent series, Harry’s Law, this actor plays a young attorney named Adam Branch.  He played Tom Jeter, a co-star of Simon Stiles and Harriet Hayes on another program.
ANSWER: Nate Corddry [or Nathan Corddry]

11. Identify the following about some post-apocalyptic videogames, for 10 points each.
[10] Numerous conflicts between the Brotherhood of Steel, Caesar’s Legion and the New California Republic break out in the latest entry in this series, subtitled ^ New Vegas.
ANSWER: Fallout
[10] This game begins with Monkey, played by Andy Serkis, escaping a ship that’s crash landing into a ruined version of New York City.  Puzzles usually involve teaming up with Trip.
ANSWER: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
[10] The title of this series refers to The Marked One, an amnesiac character who hangs around The Zone of Alienation.  Other title creatures escape from the Zone after Brain Scorcher is disabled in a sequel subtitled ^ Call of Pripyat.

12. Identify the following about the song “Cotton’s Dream”, for 10 points each.
[10] The song became a hit when it was used during some performances by this Romanian gymnast, who famously was awarded several perfect scores in the 1976 Olympics.
ANSWER:  Nadia (Elena) Comaneci
[10] The song also provides the theme music for this CBS soap opera.  Jill Foster Abbott was one of the only characters to survive a re-tooling of this show in the ‘80s, which is set in Genoa City, Wisconsin.
ANSWER: The Young and the Restless
[10] “Cotton’s Dream” first appeared on the soundtrack for the film ^ Bless the Beasts and Children, whose theme song was recorded by this group.  Sheryl Crow covered their version of “Solitaire” on a noted 1994 tribute album, while Bettie Serveet did a version of “For All We Know”.
ANSWER: The Carpenters

13. Answer some questions about the current World Cup holders, Spain, for 10 points each.
[10] Spain typically played with this man up front as the lone striker. He scored five goals in the tournament and played for Valencia before completing a high-profile transfer to Barcelona following the Cup.
ANSWER: David Villa (Sanchez)
[10] Spain were coached by this man, who won a metric assload of titles with Real Madrid from 1999 to 2003 and is also apparently minor royalty.
ANSWER: Vicente del Bosque Gonzalez, 1st Marquis of Del Bosque
[10] Andres Iniesta’s 116th minute goal against this nation gave Spain the victory. Players for this side in 2010 included Giovanni von Bronckhorst, Mark van Bommel, and Wesley Sneijder.
ANSWER: the Netherlands [or Holland or the Dutch]

14. Answer some questions about the song writing career of Carole King, for 10 points each.
[10] With her husband Gerry Goffin, King wrote this song for The Drifters in 1961.  It shares its name with a different song popularized by Grand Funk Railroad, where the addressee “sets my soul on fire” when “I hold her in my arms” and “my baby, she’s all right”.
^ ANSWER: “Some Kind of Wonderful
[10] King and Goffin would later produce a Little Eva song that described how to do this dance.  This dance involved swinging your hips and jumping up and back.
ANSWER: The Loco-Motion
[10] King’s massively successful 1971 solo album Tapestry contained this song, where she promises to “come running to see you again, / Winter, spring, summer or fall / All you have to do is call.”
^ ANSWER: “You’ve Got a Friend

15. In 2011, she will play Marilyn Monroe in My Week with Marilyn.  For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this actress who played Cindy, a woman who falls out of love with Dean in a 2010 film co-starring Ryan Gosling, a role that earned her an Oscar nomination.
ANSWER: Michelle (Ingrid) Williams
[10] Williams earned her first Oscar nomination for playing Alma Beers, the wife of Heath Ledger’s character in this 2005 Ang Lee film.  It also starred Jake Gyllenhaal.
ANSWER: Brokeback Mountain
[10] Williams had an early role as Ruby, the roommate of Christina Ricci’s character in the 2001 film adaptation of this Elizabeth Wurtzel autobiography.  The protagonist is diagnosed as depressed by a psychiatrist played by Anne Heche.
ANSWER: Prozac Nation

16. One of their works has Katie Couric repeating the phrase “very thin ice” when talking about global warming.  For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this group that also has released songs like “Pure Poppycock”, “Sanity Song” and “Rent: Too Damn High!”.
ANSWER: Auto-Tune the News [or The Gregory Brothers]
[10] The Auto-Tune the News group also put this guy’s YouTube video to song.  In it, he says things like “we got your fingerprints and all, you are so dumb” about a guy who’s “snatching your people” in Lincoln Park.  You can give his real name or the name he’s best known as online.
ANSWER: The Bed Intruder Guy [or Antoine Dodson]
[10] This historical figure says “lift up your hearts … out of the depths of sorrow and sacrifice, we’ll be born again” in a mildly popular auto-tune video.  He’s also known for speeches like “The Fourth Climacteric” and “Give Us the Tools”.
ANSWER: Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill

17. It concludes with a best-out-of-three series, which in 2008 was won by second seeded Tulsa.  For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this college basketball tournament, a less-prestigious alternative to the NIT.
ANSWER: College Basketball Invitational [or CBI]
[10] Joevan Canton, a member of this team, was the MVP of the 2011 tournament.  Currently coached by Dana Altman, in years past this team was known as the Tall Firs and the Kamikaze Kids.
ANSWER: University of Oregon Ducks [accept either underlined answer]
[10] The UTEP Miners, who retired this player’s Number 14 jersey, placed second in the 2009 CBI.  In the pros he put up an average of 34.0 points and 11.4 assists in the Kansas City-Omaha Kings’ first season before ending up on the Celtics in 1978.
ANSWER: Nate “Tiny” Archibald [or Nathaniel Archibald]

18. His international hosting resume includes presenting The Dark Side of Famous and You Can’t Fire Me, I’m Famous.  For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this first winner of ^ The Celebrity Apprentice.
ANSWER: Piers Morgan [or Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan or Piers Stefan O’Meara]
[10] In January 2011, Piers Morgan took over the time slot formerly occupied by this CNN dinosaur and his soft-ball call-in show.
ANSWER: (Lawrence Harvey) “Larry” King
[10] Piers Morgan formerly hosted this show, which briefly added Kelly Brook as a fourth judge in 2009.  Winners of this program have included Jai McDowall and Paul Potts.
ANSWER: Britain’s Got Talent [or BGT]

19. The emcee in this song has “no keys, push to start” and brags how “them bitches love me ‘cause I’m fucking with their best friends” even though his lover’s “not a lesbian, but she a freak though”.  For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this song by the artist of “Say Year” and “Roll Up” where the artist is also “reppin’ my town, when you see me know everything” is symbolized by two title entities.
^ ANSWER: “Black and Yellow
[10] In this earlier football-related track, Walter Payton starts things off by rapping, “They call me Sweetness / And I like to dance / Runnin’ the ball is like makin’ romance”.
ANSWER: “The Superbowl Shuffle
[10] This defensive back was one of the men to appear on the lesser-known “We’re the 49ers”.  After his playing career ended, he played an FBI agent in both The Rock and Armageddon.
ANSWER: Dwight Hicks

20. She played a robot on TV’s My Living Doll and had a turn as a werewolf in the film The Maltese Bippy.  For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this actress, who is mentioned in the title of a film co-starring John Leguizamo as Chi-Chi Rodrigueuz and Wesley Snipes as Noxeema Jackson.
ANSWER: Julie Newmar [or Julie Chalene Newmeyer]
[10] Julie Newmar is probably best remembered for playing this character on Batman.  Halle Berry played her in a much-panned feature film.
ANSWER: Catwoman [or Selina Kyle]
[10] Julie Newmar can briefly be seen in the background of this Fred Astaire musical from 1953, where movie star Astaire decides to do a Broadway show that is nearly wrecked by the pretensions of director Jeffrey Cordova.  Numbers include “Shine on Your Shoes” and “That’s Entertainment!”
ANSWER: The Band Wagon

21. This movie was Adam Kempenaar of the Filmspotting podcast’s favorite film of 2010, and it cast The Social Network’s Andrew Garfield as the male lead.  For 10 points each:
[10] Identify this film where Kathy H. serves as a carer for Ruth and Tommy, her childhood friends from Hailsham.
ANSWER: Never Let Me Go
[10] Never Let Me Go, like this film, was based on a novel by Kazuo Ishiguro.  Anthony Hopkins played a butler named Mr. Stevens in this film released in 1993.
ANSWER: The Remains of the Day
[10] Never Let Me Go was the follow-up to this 2002 film by director Mark Romanek.  Sy Parrish imagines himself as an uncle to Jake, the son of Connie Nielsen and Michael Vartan’s character in this drama.
ANSWER: One Hour Photo

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