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Stefan Marinov: Magnetic Vortex Hyper-Ionization Device

At his death Dr. Stefan Marinov was Assistant Professor of Physics at Sofia University, a member of the Physical Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Science, and the editor of Deutsche Physik. One energy device he was developing was an over-unity magnetic motor. discloses the strange circumstances of Marinov’s death.

(The excerpt below, with editing, is from Vencislav Bujic’s report published January 14, 2002.)

Stefan Marinov was working on his magnetic vortex hyper-ionization device just one month before his sudden, unexpected death. There is high chance that his death was connected to the testing of this device, and that it was not a “suicide” as officially stated. Marinov was a good Christian and nobody expected him to commit suicide.

According to official news he presumably jumped off from the top of the four-level outside emergency staircase of the Bibliotheque in Graz, Austria. But nobody actually saw him jumping off. He was still alive, not even bleeding, when an ambulance and police arrived. Marinov died on the way to a hospital.

The police never notified anybody, including his son in Bulgaria. They sealed his apartment, not letting anybody inside, and also refused to release any letters found there, and refused to give any information.

Stefan Marinov was born in Bulgaria. When he got a passport, he moved to Washington. Secret agencies and their 'elite' bosses, who control sources of energy and are confusing people, wouldn't let Marinov alone when he went back to Europe, this time to Italy and Austria. These are the same people who prevented Tesla and many others from giving to all the people sources of free energy. His life was ended abruptly. He had big plans for the future and was making various future collaborations. Marinov had planned to attend the International Physics Conference in Koln, Germany, on 25th of August 1997. He even had made hotel reservations for the conference for him and his colleague Professor P.T. Pappas from Athens, Greece.

^ Bob Aldrich (Reporter): Vibrating Energy Source

Message 414 DATE/TIME: 05/24/93 01:47



Subject: (R) Bearden's Latest

Folder : A, "Public Mail"

Hi Jerry,

By lamentations I mean lamenting on how difficult it's been to get free energy made available to the people at large. How many people have tried to make it possible over the years? Must have been thousands. Who has succeeded?

Say, did you ever hear of a device that farmers were using possibly fifty years ago that worked on vibration? Apparently some very simple device that when set to vibrating, would put out ample free energy. Chicken farmers and such were building them and using them to power the ranch.

Until some one or two farms mysteriously blew up or burned to the ground, after some warnings. This was in the Midwest to my recollection. The fellow who told me did mention specifics but it was several years ago. He was very hard to pin down as he was always onto the latest thing and didn't want to talk about things in the past much.



^ Dennis Lee: Freon-Based Low-Temperature Phase-Change Engine

Dennis Lee during the mid-1980’s developed a freon-based low-temperature phase-change engine similar to Bob Stewart’s heat engine. The father of the Boeing 747 and other highly qualified people helped Dennis perfect his engine. A small plant was established in Seattle to produce and sell a commercial home-scale electrical generator. A Seattle area power company (the same one which became infamous for its failed WHOOPS nuclear power plants) campaigned to shut down the plant.

Dennis Lee was forced to move his company to Southern California to start over. He was subsequently imprisoned on a false charge for two years. His book “The Alternative" documents the falsity of the charge. The main point being a two-year imprisonment on a charge using an obscure law never used against anyone else in the state for either fine or imprisonment and during which a million dollar bond was demanded by the judge, similar to bail charges issued against murders and violent criminals, not inventors or even petty thieves.

^ Robert Stewart: Stewart Cycle Heat Engine

Bob Stewart spent $3,000,000 (mostly from farmers) developing patents on his “Stewart Cycle” engines for transportation vehicles and large-scale water lifters for canals during the late 1970’s. His efficient and pollution-free engines use ambient heat to expand a working fluid such as ammonia and move pistons through sealed cylinders. He claimed that his low-temperature phase-change engine is more efficient and powerful than Dennis Lee’s version.

Twice he built a factory, first in Coeur d-Alene, Idaho, and then in Deming, New Mexico, to make available for sale such valuable and beneficial technology. Both times, the factories were raided and shut down by the U.S. Government’s Securities and Exchange Commission.

Through the Las Vegas area grapevine, Stewart fortunately in time heard that a contract on his life was in effect and had to go into hiding for nearly a year.


Jim Powell (Reporter): Flywheel/Dual Hydraulic Cylinder

Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006

Subject: Great Information!


Hi Gary,

A friend just forwarded your 25-page e-article entitled History of 'New Energy' Invention Suppression Cases, and I enjoyed the reading. Amazing stuff!

There was one machine (for lack of a better term) I saw back in the mid-seventies that has haunted the back of my mind ever since, and I looked for a mention of it in your article. The article hints you have much more information and files elsewhere. Thought I would share with you what I recollect in case you already know about the contraption I witnessed.

During the mid-seventies I was a long-haul trucker and met an older man at a truck stop in Tennessee. Over cups of coffee we were talking about motors and diesel and mechanical things in general when he mentioned a buddy of his had invented a "perpetual motion machine" that he thought was pretty interesting.

I asked where it was and could I see it. He said the guy didn't live too far from where we were sitting but I would never be able to get my rig up the mountain. He offered to give me a ride. He was right. This buddy lived back in the hills and in Tennessee that can mean a mouthful. Good thing his truck was four wheel drive.

When we got there, his buddy was rather evasive about the whole thing which really puzzled the guy that brought me up there. So he kept asking and pushing for a demo and finally the inventor told us the day before some guys had visited and took a part or two and told him to not fix it or they would be back. I got the feeling that if it had been just me there, he wouldn't have told me anything or showed me anything but because his friend was with me it was different.

He took us out back where there were odds and ends on a workbench, and he quickly gave me a brief explanation of how the parts fit together and how it worked. I am sorry for your sake that I haven't remembered any names of the individuals so if you want to toss my email it is OK. Here is how the description went:

Flywheels by their character tend to develop power once they are in motion and can generate more power while spinning than they consume to keep spinning. Sounds interesting but I am no physics wizard.

So he had rigged a big flywheel between two double-acting hydraulic cylinders with the appropriate switches triggered by the rams to keep the two cylinders reciprocating as long as there was a steady supply of hydraulic oil pressure. The hydraulic oil pressure came from what looked like a modest-sized power-steering pump which was driven by the flywheel.

The flywheel was kept in motion by the moving cylinders, and the cylinders in turn were kept in motion by the switches and the fluid pump. The fluid pump was kept in motion by the flywheel. The switches and support for the flywheel (bearings) was taken during the confiscation by his unpleasant “visitors”.

To start the whole thing in motion he had a small electric motor to help start spinning the flywheel. Once it got up to a certain RPM the electric motor was disengaged and shutdown.

They both told me how he had been using it for various power needs around the farm from pumping water to cutting wood for over a year. When someone told him he should seek a patent for his machine, he followed that advice. Instead of getting a patent, he got the visit the day before I arrived.

I didn't feel like they were pulling my leg but again I know nothing of physics, and I was in my early twenties. There was no appeal to partner, contribute money or support or anything that would have made me suspicious. Wish I could have seen it working because it has kept me wondering the past 30 years.

Perhaps you have heard of these things and can comment on whether it was bunk or not. You may even have the scientific knowledge to instantly recognize its possibility or improbability. Anyway, after reading your article I thought I would pass this along for what it is worth.

Best Regards,

Jim Powell

This writer, Gary Vesperman, does not know of any similar device in the unconventional science literature. Perhaps one of my genius scientist friends can figure out this energy invention. Gosh, do the energy invention suppression bullies even track down energy inventors in remote hillbilly country, take away or damage their machines, and threaten them with death?

^ Christopher Bird/Walter (Reporter): Energy Suppression – An Invisible Galaxy of Inventions and both list 48 energy inventions – nearly all of which are suppressed or at least not being commercially made and sold.

IPMS: Micro-Channels and Filters

The I.N. Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science (IPMS) was established in Kiev, Ukraine in 1951. Between 1945 and 1955, the government of the Soviet Union created at least 72 self-contained, completely isolated scientific communities like the IPMS scattered all over the most desolate parts of the Soviet empire. Stalin systematically established more than 360 such enclaves as a matter of policy. He deliberately prevented the scientists and their families from co-mingling with the rest of Soviet society or corresponding with the West. This phenomenon of cultural isolation was typical of life in the U.S.S.R. after World War II.

Many of the key scientists who were forcibly expatriated by the Red Army under Stalin’s orders and relocated to work in the Institute had been captured by the Soviet armies during the occupation and annexation of Eastern Europe at the end of World War II. Only a handful of them succeeded in escaping to the West. Those who tried to escape were almost always captured and executed. In some cases, their families were sent to languish and die in the Gulags.

Many of the original team of scientists sequestered in L’vov, the entrance to the Institute, had been contemporaries, co-workers and close personal friends with many of the most prominent physicists and other scientists who emigrated to the United States before, during and after World War II.

During World War II in Europe, and afterwards in Stalin’s Soviet Union, the original Directors of the Institute experienced the horrors of developing technology for destructive military use. For more than 40 years, scientists at IPMS (and, no doubt, at some of the other Soviet institutes) elected to keep secret as many of their key discoveries as possible until a time when their genius could be constructively applied to solving the global materials, energy consumption and industrial manufacturing issues which are responsible for the current deplorable state of the environment.

Among the original group of scientists relocated to work in the Institute were some who were part of the German team which worked during World War II to develop fissionable nuclear materials, synthetic fuels and foods, and other technological advances for the Third Reich. Information regarding the advanced nature of some of the work they participated in has only recently been declassified and released to the public. Some of the formulas and technologies they developed were absolutely revolutionary and many have never been replicated in the post-war world.

Among recently declassified files is a set of documents which describes the development of infra-red, heat-seeking “smart bombs” which were so effective that a single bomb, dropped by a single Nazi bomber in a night attack in the North Atlantic in 1942, sank a British troop ship carrying more than 3,000 American troops. The bomb recognized and guided itself down the troop ship’s smoke stack in much the same way similar devices were observed to function during Operation Desert Storm, nearly 50 years later. The technology which made this device functional was so far advanced beyond anything available to the Allies at the time that the War Department kept the story classified for more than 50 years.

Many of the materials, processes, technologies and applications produced by the Institute are so unique that in some cases there are literally no words in the languages of the Western industrialized nations to describe them.

IPMS has produced a family of micro-channel and filter materials with uniformly controllable orifices as small as .5 micron from combinations of carbon-fiber, basalt, ceramic and strategic metals – including stainless steel, scandium and chromium. These materials demonstrate a consistency of orifices fully a factor of ten times smaller and more consistent than the smallest ever manufactured in the U.S.

These materials have been used in applications for heat exchangers, catalysts and separation of gases on a molecular level. A notable application involves the use of such materials to separate virtually 100% pure CO2 from hydrogen gas at the well-head from gas wells. Then 98% of the CO2 can be pumped back into the well for re-pressurization, with the pumps then being operated directly on virtually pure hydrogen fuel.

The scientists, academicians and others at the Institute who developed revolutionary new models of quantum mechanics, quantum physics and the manufacturing processes and techniques which resulted in these materials, refused as a matter of conscience to allow much of what they had developed to pass into the hands of the KGB and the Soviet military.

Joint ventures of the IPMS with more than a dozen private sector companies to develop these useful inventions have been repeatedly sabotaged by the U.S. Government’s Defense Intelligence Agency and others. (Source: David G. Yurth, The Anthropos Files: Tales of Quantum Physics from Another World – 2nd Edition, 2007)

Viktor Schauberger: Jet-Turbine

During the 1920’s Viktor Schauberger designed a novel hydroelectric generator for which he received Austrian Patent No. 117,749 Jet-Turbine on May 10, 1930. It seems that Schauberger actually used a small turbine of this design in a stream of water near the forest wardens' building during those years, but no reliable records are available. An English-language version of his patent is available at

Schauberger’s jet-turbine does not require the use of a dam. Instead, the water to power it is contained in a vertically oriented large-diameter cylinder, ten feet or more in height. Due to the force of gravity and the elastic modulus (fluid dynamics) of water, a very large amount of potential energy in the storage vessel is converted to kinetic energy as the water is released into the oscillator (impeller). A pump is used to pump the water exiting the turbine back to the storage vessel.

The jet-turbine was estimated to produce 9 times more power for a given water flow than with a conventionally designed water turbine. The design also did not force water through immense pressure and heat which destroy the structure of water.

The water-vortex (jet of water) is produced inside a ribbed copper-cone, by the conical-plus-ribbed shape and gravity, and the resulting water-jet is rolled into the copper-impeller, which turns the generator, producing energy in a silent, effective way. The conical impeller has two or more intertwining spiral grooves incorporated in its outer surface, into which the water emerging from the nozzle is entrained, in order to rotate the shaft of an electrical generator. This method does not require a great deal of water, like conventional water-dam methods, and is absolutely silent.

In practice, only a small fraction of the output energy is required to power the pump, thus making this device a true free energy system. Ideally, the storage vessel should be egg shaped, with the outlet to the oscillating valve possessing the configuration of a long hyperbolic parabola. This outlet configuration will induce a longitudinal vortical motion to the water prior to its flow through the oscillator, thus cooling and densifying the water. The return pipe from the turbine should enter the storage vessel tangentially, in order to assist in the formation of a vortical flow.

In 1986 a group of enthusiasts living around the township of Schladming, who were interested in the practical application of Viktor Schauberger's ideas and Walter Schauberger's mathematics, decided to replicate Schauberger’s jet-turbine in order to produce their own electricity. The “Schladming Group” comprised of R. Harbacher, H. Zefferer, H. Schrempf, A. Schwab, T. Promberger, M. Dainhofer, V. Knaus, and H. Mayer.

On the property of one of their members living on the Birnberg, they had carefully constructed the combination of egg and hyperbolic cone, which was sourced from a nearby brook. Water from the stream was fed into the upper part of the egg tangentially, thereby providing the initial impulse for the creation of a vortex. The electricity generator to be attached to the jet-turbine was being specially manufactured.

Austrian authorities then told the Schaldming Group to stop their work before experiments were completed, using the excuse that they did not want to see these devices popping up all over the countryside.

Successful or not, what this replication of Schauberger’s jet-turbine does show is that small groups of people working together cooperatively can provide their own sources of cheap power and can do much to re-establish their independence from centralized power and control over their lives. The problem that confronts us all, alas, is that it is the centralized electricity authorities who write the rules which ensure as far as possible that no one can escape the power grid. The greater the number of people who are willing to challenge this central control over their independence, the more difficult it will become for those to continue holding such power over us. (Sources: and

Canadian Scientist: Standalone Water-Based Electricity Generator

Jeane Manning authored The Coming Energy Revolution and also has co-authored Suppressed Inventions & Other Discoveries (an anthology put together by Jonathan Eisen). She has heard numerous stories of suppression during twenty-five years of investigating non-conventional energy inventions. Her website is New Energy Congress member Leslie R. Pastor’s review of Eisen’s anthology: “The book is breathtaking in its openness regarding actual suppression of ‘real-time’ inventors and innovators.”

One story she told Gary Vesperman is about a Canadian scientist. In October of 1999, Manning met him through a mutual friend. According to her notes, he had invented an energy device which was the size of a refrigerator when he ran his home on its electrical output. He wouldn’t reveal how it worked, except that it involved sound frequencies, copper plates, water, a transformer and a battery and could be built the size of a Walkman. (Vesperman: This device appears to be similar to the super-efficient water electrolysis devices developed by Daniel Dingel, Ken Rasmussen, and Stanley Meyer (see above). Notice that it offers the desirable feature of being scaleable from very small to at least big enough to run a house off the power grid. It also functions as a standalone generator, not as a less desirable over-unity power converter.)

His mistake had been in being confrontational. He called officials at Ontario’s hydro-electric utility and told them to take their meter off of his house. When they arrived and cut off his power, he went down into his basement. While the officials stood out in his yard, the lights inside his house went on again. He came outside and bragged, “I’ll put you out of business in six months!” Soon he was visited by men wearing Royal Canadian Mounted Police uniforms who gave him warnings and a document. He later showed the document to his son, a lawyer, who reinforced the message – keep your mouth shut. He dismantled his inventions.

He told Manning that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police basically told him to forget about his invention for thirty years. Twenty-six of those years had passed. He said the police kept an eye on his activities throughout the years. For instance, they interrogated him after an innocent business meeting in California which had nothing to do with the invention.

This German-Canadian scientist joined the many inventors who took their energy secrets to the grave. He was elderly, and Manning believes he died from natural causes.


Brazil: Ethanol Produced from Sugar Cane

Ethanol, produced from fermenting starch-based corn or sugar, is increasingly being blended with gasoline. Prices for ethanol in the United States recently hit an all-time high at over $3 a gallon. To impede competition from ethanol, the oil companies have arranged for the United States to impose a 100% (currently $0.54 per gallon) tariff on ethanol imports, which keeps prices for the alternative fuel artificially high. Brazil, which recently became energy self-sufficient in 2006, is the world's largest producer of sugar-based ethanol and would benefit greatly from a tariff reduction in the United States. Apparently it is cheaper and more energy efficient to produce ethanol from sugar cane than corn. Naturally, Brazilian rainforest preservation advocates likely would argue for running engines on water instead or some other more environmentally benign energy source.

Eric Fry and Kevin Kerr reported July 17, 2007 in ^ Rude Awakening ( that ethanol production now consumes one quarter of the entire American corn crop, boosting the prices of corn and numerous corn-based products such as pork. But ethanol production consumes about as much energy as it delivers...if not more. American corn-based ethanol production relies on large government subsidies as well as huge amounts of fertilizer and fuel. Ethanol also requires prodigious amounts of water from the rapidly shrinking Ogallala Aquifer.

To cash in on the new corn boom, many farmers are continuously planting corn instead of rotating corn with soybean plants. Rotation serves several ecological and agronomic purposes. It makes it more difficult for diseases, weeds and insect pests to persist. The right rotation also builds soil fertility. Soybeans are a natural partner to corn because they capture nitrogen from the atmosphere, leaving more in the soil for the next year's crop. By not using proper rotation practices, farmers will almost inevitably face the prospect of growing corn in nutrient-deficient clay as well as increasing the loss of biological diversity.

By the way, the tariff on imported oil is 0%. External versus internal cost accounting analysis, with its corollary – the thousand-year cost, indicates that it would be fairer and make more sense to encourage conservation and to raise money for protecting Middle East oil sources with a tariff on imported oil.

David Crockett Williams (Reporter): Non-Drug Industrial Hemp as Bio-Fuel

Non-drug industrial hemp is not hallucinogenic marijuana although both are varieties of the same species (Cannabis sativa). Hemp provides a surprising variety of products. More than any other plant on Earth, hemp holds the promise of a sustainable ecology and economy.

Hemp seed is the most complete single food source for human nutrition. Because one acre of hemp produces as much cellulose fiber pulp as 4.1 acres of trees, hemp is the perfect material to replace trees for pressed board, particle board and for concrete construction molds. Hemp made into paper is of higher quality and durability and also is less environmentally damaging to make than paper from wood pulp. For centuries hemp has been processed into high-quality fabrics, sails, ropes, diapers, etc.

Additionally, hemp grown for biomass could fuel a trillion-dollar per year energy industry, while improving air quality and distributing the wealth to rural areas and their surrounding communities, and away from centralized power monopolies. Remarkably, when considered on a planet-wide, climate-wide, soil-wide basis, hemp is at least four and possibly many more times richer in sustainable, renewable biomass/cellulose potential than its nearest rivals on the planet – cornstalks, sugarcane, kenaf trees, etc.

For a comprehensive reference read Robert A. Nelson’s thoroughly researched ^ Hemp Husbandry, available free online at The book that started the hemp revolution, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”, has sold more than 600,000 copies to date (to order see Also see and

Hemp as a bio-fuel poses a possibly insurmountable competitive threat to the fossil fuel companies. Since the days of the American revolution, the U.S. Government proactively encouraged growing of hemp. In order to reverse the U.S. Government’s policy and to suppress hemp production, certain large banks and fossil fuel companies eventually were able to fool and stampede the US Congress into legislating a national ban on marijuana (and hemp) in 1937.

The US is the only major industrial nation to prohibit the growing of non-drug industrial hemp.

In spite of increased production and utilization of hemp grown in other countries, and increasingly strident pleas by state legislatures, hemp-related businesses, etc to legalize non-drug industrial hemp, the Bush Administration through the US Food and Drug Administration, working on behalf of the energy cartels and their associated banks, still maintains with an iron grip a fraudulent suppression of hemp disguised as a “war on drugs”.

Ironically, the U.S. Government’s own Veterans Administration Medical Center in Pueblo, Colorado has conclusively demonstrated ( that a couple of weeks of painless alpha-theta brainwave tuning permanently stops all forms of chronic substance addiction including alcoholism.

David Crockett Williams has submitted June 26, 2006 the following analysis that suggests that discussion of the politics of non-drug industrial hemp suppression should be included as a subset of energy invention suppression politics discussion:

In addition to high-tech energy technologies and inventions that have been suppressed by various means against their developers, one of the most important suppression issues regards the hemp industry for production of bio-fuels to replace the need for fossil fuels.

The main reason why it is very important to include the suppression of the hemp bio-fuel industry in any comprehensive energy technologies suppression discussion is because learning the suppression history about hemp enables people to understand the nature and scope of the ability of industry and government collusion to suppress knowledge – just like the knowledge about the new energy technologies inventions has been suppressed since the time of Nikola Tesla over 100 years ago, by the same greedy industrial monopolists with the help of their bought and paid for politicians.

This is important because otherwise folks studying the data on new energy technologies always wonder how such important information could be kept from the public, "if it is real”. The history of hemp suppression explains this with irrefutable historical information now neatly compiled and annotated

by folks like Jack Herer and his friends. See and

Hemp was outlawed in 1937 in a fraud on the US Congress that is still not widely known. After an intentional and racist twenty-year campaign of yellow journalism slandering the "marihuana" becoming popular with blacks in the US after its introduction in the South by Pancho Villa's army's excursions into the US, marijuana was outlawed without telling the Congress it was in fact the hemp plant, the cannabis extract of its flowers being a main ingredient in most all patent medicines for decades before and after the turn of the 20th century.

The American hemp fuel industry was pioneered by Henry Ford who was against the oil monopolies and favored bio-fuels for automobiles. He even grew hemp showing how this was a superior alternative.

But in the early part of the 20th century most of the new industrial monopolists were interconnected by the emerging corrupt banking industry, those who put maximizing profits above all considerations including cost to consumers.

When the cotton gin analog for processing hemp by machine was finally invented in about 1917, this threatened many industries then emerging including the new paper industry begun about 1900 with the discovery of the process using sulfuric acid to bond the lignin in cellulose to enable paper to be made out of trees.

Newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst was so heavily leveraged into ownership of forests to produce paper for his newspapers that he would have been bankrupted by a strong hemp industry using the new hemp decordicator machine because it takes much less sulfuric acid to make paper from hemp cellulose, and hemp is renewable.

So Hearst orchestrated his yellow journalism for the banks and other emerging industries like the growing petroleum industry, chemicals industry, alcoholic beverage industry, the fiber industry, and the drug industry, perpetrating this fraud on the Congress by outlawing hemp as marijuana. Then began the systematic expunging of the truth about hemp from the historical record and from the educational system in the US, by using the spurious and fallacious "narcotics hysteria" fomented and ongoing since that time.

Before the publication of Jack Herer's book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” in about 1990 very few people knew about hemp, this suppression campaign being so successful. Since then many people have learned the truth by reading his book and others including Herer’s first editor – Chris Conrad. See

There has come to be a very strong network of activists by now who know the truth and are working at many well funded levels to correct this situation. They know that the energy industry uses of hemp are important but they do not know much about the new energy technologies or the documentation of their suppression.

So including hemp energy industry suppression in this compilation about suppressed energy technologies will link these two key issues, both of which are needing widespread implementation to address global climate change as per the testimony of experts such as Dr. Brian O'Leary, who has started numerous new energy groups, and Alden Bryant, the grandfather of the UN Climate Stabilization Treaty movement and Earth Regeneration Society. See and

This will afford the already established hemp issue activists the information they need to better open the minds of the American public and to also champion the end to suppression of new energy inventions, because they are fighting against a "drug war" prejudice. By their knowing and showing how the energy inventions are also being suppressed, the public could be awakened to the fact and the nature and scope of this industry-government collusion in suppressing any information that threatens the status quo of contemporary industry.

This will help them overcome the "drug war" as the smokescreen for the prohibition of hemp for all of its uses including energy and to replace the need to cut down so many trees and to re-green the planet to ameliorate climate change.

For an article explaining more about this double-edged sword to cut this Gordian Knot of suppression, the new energy technologies inventions plus a global scale emergency Hemp for Victory campaign, and why both are needed to remedy Earth's current climate crisis, see

David Crockett Williams, Global Emergency Alert Response 2000,

Williams recently emailed The Canadian’s article “Over 4.5 Billion people could die from Global Warming-related causes by 2012” in which explains that the global warming crisis is much more immediate and dire than commonly understood. Western Siberia’s 400 billion tons of methane in permafrost hydrate is gradually melting, releasing methane into the atmosphere. The released methane will speed the melting even more, initiating the rapid onset of runaway catastrophic global warming. Methane is more than 20 times as strong a greenhouse gas as carbon dioxide. Even a couple of billion tons of methane being emitted into the atmosphere each year would be catastrophic. For comparison, the atmosphere currently contains only about 3.5 billion tons of methane. 2012 is only five years away! A study by several thousand experts “Global Warming: The Final Verdict” in 2006/012207L.shtml dispels any doubts of a looming global catastrophe.

^ Dean Warwick: Ampliflaire Efficient Wood-Burning Stove

Dean Warwick’s patented Ampliflaire is a major break-through in heating technology and is the only heat exchange process capable of raising combustion cycle efficiency within fuel burning systems. Other systems of heat exchange by their very nature must lower combustion cycle efficiency.

Ampliflaire recovers the heat energy other systems lose. Wherever fuel is burned or heat energy is wasted, there is a unit to resolve the problem, and flue-pipe models, retro-fitted to conventional boilers, convert them into overall effective condensing systems with remarkable savings.

Ampliflaire open fires release the electrical energy in plants, absorbed from the sun during the growing cycle. Grown fuels are the most efficient converters of solar energy, and the burning of grown fuels in this way is the safe way to make available energy from a nuclear reaction.

As hydroxides (OH) of carbon (C), the potential energy in plants far outshines their current use. With the largest man-made forest in Europe, the United Kingdom Government already recognizes a commitment to grown fuel which can easily satisfy British needs. Examples are winter species grass for methane gas, bio-diesel, hydrogen from plants, liquids, and wood replenishing solids.

Ampliflaire reduces heating bills by approximately 90%, reduces pollution, increases property value, removes household dust, eradicates condensation, and efficiently circulates refreshed air.

The company’s brochure features numerous practical cases of individual or commercial clients who are now enjoying the benefits of Ampliflaire. From small cottages to large hotels, from churches to business premises, the company has an efficient and effective system available.

Dean Warwick keeled over dead October 7, 2006 in the middle of a Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) conference presentation in Blackpool, UK. Mr. Warwick was an alternative energy pioneer, former U.S. Government officer and intelligence insider who had promised to make some momentous announcements. The circumstances suggest a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) ‘hit’ using an Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) weapon. These ELF weapons can be set on a ‘delta wave’ and are able to shut a person’s nervous system down.

Much of this technology has been perfected on the 4th level of the CIA underground Dulce facility in the New Mexico desert. The fourth level of this underground base deals with technological aspects of human aura research, dream manipulation, hypnosis, telepathy and advanced mind control. The ELF weapons ‘suck’ the life out the victim’s body, and Warwick literally ’fell asleep’ on his feet. The suspected assassin was followed out of the auditorium by a quick-thinking woman who then observed him laughing as he proudly reported his murderous deed on his cell phone. (Sources:,, and

^ Idaho Inventor: Advanced Zero-Point Energy Device

During the FBI siege at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, where the FBI shot to death a mother and child during a standoff concerning alleged illegal firearms, an inventor happened to be living and working on an advanced zero-point energy device in northern Idaho.

As the story goes (told to Erik Masen by an investor who was on his way to visit "Inventor X," who had just made a breakthrough in free energy but also, like Howard Rory Johnson, had made the mistake of publicizing his breakthrough on a local TV station):

The day before the investor arrived, two U.S. Government agents broke into the home, thinking that both Inventor X and his wife were away. As it happened, however, X's wife was still home and very familiar with the use of her hefty handgun. She held the agents at bay inside the house, while debunking their story that they were cable TV repairmen checking out the lines.

Had it not been for the siege at Ruby Ridge that day, who knows what else might have happened there. (Excerpted with permission from Erik Masen’s article SUPPRESSION FROM HIGHER UP Inventors Beware! The Deadly Campaign Against Free-energy Devices, Electrifying Times, Vol. 8 No. 3 and also in masen suppression.html)

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