Each semester, students must read a book of their choice and write a book review over the chosen book icon

Each semester, students must read a book of their choice and write a book review over the chosen book

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Book Review Assignment

Each semester, students must read a book of their choice and write a book review over the chosen book.

A book review includes the following components:

1. Works cited information for the book (see below for format)

  1. A personal introduction to the review (why you chose to read this book, what experiences you’ve had with this author/book/genre in the past, what other people told you about it, etc are all possible topics for an introduction

  2. A summary of the book

    1. What the book was about

    2. What the characters were like

    3. What the themes of the book were

    4. Why the author wrote the story

    5. INCLUDE THE ENDING!!! (Prove you completed the book I promise you won’t ruin it for me)

  3. What was good about the book

    1. MUST contain examples from the book

    2. MUST give examples

  4. What did you not like

    1. MUST give examples

  5. Recommendations—Would you recommend the book

    1. Who would like this book, who would not—be specific and explain why

    2. Can recommend “to everyone” or to “a general audience” but explain why.

Book Requirements

The most important part about choosing a book is that it is something that you think you will enjoy reading. So I’m very open to choices and feel free to try new things. The following rules do apply.

  1. The book must be at your reading level (no Dr. Seuss, etc)

  2. It must be a book that you haven’t read before

  3. Please clear your choice with your parents.

Be cautious about choosing books that have been made into movies. The temptation to watch or reference the film will be difficult to pass up. If you have no idea what to read, ask your friends for suggestions, ask the librarian, check the internet, I’ll happily offer suggestions (see below). You are welcome to switch books once or twice if you don’t like what you have chosen, but you will not receive extra time to do the assignment


The report must be typed either using essay format or with headings (like shown on the next page) with your name at the top followed by the works cited information followed by your review.

Remember when writing about books always use present tense. As in, “Bella is scared because of Edward’s behavior,” instead of “Bella was scared.”

On the other side of this sheet you will see a sample format.


Between two and three pages long. NO LONGER. Part of the skill you will be practicing is concisely summarizing. A 10 page summary will not give you a good grade because it is not an appropriate summary.


Students will receive extra credit for completing and turning in their book reports early. Two points for every week early and the week it’s due students will receive a point for every day early.

Reports will be due on Dec 4, May 10. I will accept no late book reviews.

Julie Brooks

English 1

Hour 2


Book Review

Bronte, Charlotte. Jane Eyre. Penguin Classics: Indianapolis, IN. 1830.


Jane Eyre has been made into many different films and soon Ellen Page will be playing the title role in a new version. Because I like love stories and horror stories and because I like reading the book before watching the film, I decided to read the book Jane Eyre. It is one of my mother’s favorite books and not it was my chance to see what it is all about.


After the death of her parents, Jane Eyre is sent to live with her aunt, Mrs. Reed. Jane is miserable with her and her aunt treats her very poorly. Her aunt sends Jane to Lowood school…

The story concludes with Jane finding Mr. Rochester deformed and blind from the fire. Jane nurses him and their realize that they are still in love. They marry and have children of their own.


Explain what you liked about the book (if anything) and give examples.

Explain what you didn’t like about the book (if anything) and give examples

Explain if you would recommend this book and to whom.


^ Suggested Authors

Suggested Novels


Below is a list of books and authors that students have read in the past. Therefore, it is a list for students from many different reading abilities. Some may be too mature and therefore inappropriate for some students and others are too easy for other students. This is just a list for reference. You are not limited to what you see below.

Terry Pratchett

Mary Higgins Clarke (mystery)

Nora Roberts

James Patterson Novels (thriller) John Grisham

Caroline Funke (fantasy)

Stephen King (horror)

Geraldine Brooks,

Gregory Maguire

Ellen Hopkins (Crank, non-fiction)

Neil Gaiman –fantasy, sci-fi ish

Walter Dean Myers (war)

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Katherine Patterson

Paulo Coelho

Dorothy Alison

Stephanie Meyer

Laurie Halse Anderson

David Sedaris

Jodi Piccoult (romance)

Nichlas Sparks (romance)

Sherman Alexi

Cris Crutcher

Anne Rice


Confessions of an Ugly Step-Sister



The Kite Runner

The Princess Bride

The Virgin Suicides


Nightmares and Dreamscapes

The Rag and Bone Shop

Johnny Get Your Gun

The Notebook

The Amulet of Smarkaland

The Hunt for Red October

The Life of Pi

The Alchemist

The Absolutely True Diary of A Part Time Indian


I was a Teenage Fairy

(too many to list)

Jane Austin Novels
Jane Eyre

Wuthering Heights
Count of Monte Cristo

Too many to list, ask teacher for suggestions

^ Short Stories
Me Talk Pretty One Day

George Saunders books

David Foster Wallace books

Look Me In The Eye: My Life with

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Go Ask Alice

Tuesdays With Morrie

Again too many to mention. Rock stars, Athletes, Coaches, Soldiers tend to have really interesting biographies which students enjoy. I’d recommend a biography to any student who does not enjoy reading

Graphic Novels
Ghost World



Book Review Assignment Eudora High School

Julie Brooks—Instructor 2009-2010 School Year

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