Note: stories with enemas are marked with an “E” after the price, rectal temperatures with an “R”, mouth washing with an “S”, and women spanking women with f/F icon

Note: stories with enemas are marked with an “E” after the price, rectal temperatures with an “R”, mouth washing with an “S”, and women spanking women with f/F

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Betty had managed to get her boyfriend to spank her, they both found it exciting. But now she was taking off her panties and lifting her skirt so he could spank her in front of Daniel, her cousin. It is not clear that there has ever been three so turned on people DEAR COUSIN BETTY $7.00

“The art of spanking is really all about anticipation. Wayne had mustered his courage and formulated a plan as Andrea had tried to keep her hand out of her crotch. Would Wayne keep true to his word, the girl wondered. Would Andrea even remember her threat, Wayne mused. If she was bad enough would Wayne take down her pants and spank her bare bottom?” OFF EARLY $9.00

They were friends, he was gay, she wasn’t. But a friend will help a friend, even if it means whipping her bare ass until she’s ready to come WHAT MONICA NEEDS $6.00

He had once spanked Cathy and enjoyed it, but now he was going to get a chance to paddle Kim — pants down, the whole works and he found Kim was a not-so LITTLE SISTER $8.00

Miss Pace believed in spanking to discipline her assistants, especially the young, pretty ones. Besides the punishment spankings, there were also erotic ones. Melissa loved them both KEEPING PACE $5.00f/f

Every couple of weeks, Erin needed to be punished. Her friend Claire was happy to oblige, but knew that she was going to have to find something extra to enhance the effect ERIN’S PLAN $4.00f/f

Book stores are full of interesting volumes, and, occasionally, you will find a woman who shares your interest in having her panties lowered for a good spanking READING IS FUNDAMENTAL $8.00

"Payback time," Tina said, lifting my long skirt. She draped the cotton bottom up around my waist and ran the brush slowly across my tight panty-hosed ass. THE USUAL SATURDAY NIGHT $5.00f/f

Cathy and Greg were buddies who occasionally had sex. Now they were moving into new territory, talking about spanking, very exciting territory CATHY'S SPANKING $8.00

Juaniata surrendered to the stately black mistress. She would be stripped, spanked, whipped, touched, it was out of her control and it fulfilled her deepest fantasies EVERY STEP OF THE WAY $8.00f/f


Annette looked up at me again and frowned. "It hurts when you get spanked, doesn't it?" "Yeah, that's the general idea. I spank hard." "But it turns you on? It even turns you on to think about it, doesn't it?" ANNETTE $9.00

The play was set in a bygone time when men were men and daughters and wives were spanked. She couldn’t put herself into the role, until he turned her over his knees and showed her what a good, bare-bottomed spanking from a loving, but stern husband was like FOUR POSTER $6.00

Robert was shocked when he learned his lover had a nanny, more shocked when he learned the nanny spanked her (and took her temperature rectally), and even more shocked, but very pleased, when he was asked to help out by spanking her bare bottom BETHANY AND HER NANNY $10.00f/f,r

Bethany gets into a fight with her friend, Brooke. When Nanny finds out, Bethany’s consequences include a punishment enema, a hairbrush spanking, and having her pubic hair shaved off, Brooke gets it worse. BETHANY AND BROOKE $10.00f/f,e

Richard was surprised the first time his wife told him to take the strap and give her grown sister a good licking, but he adjusted. Now it is his wife’s turn to strip down and lay over the bed, presenting her unprotected backside for the sting of the strap HER SISTER EILEEN $10.00

“Miranda has agreed,” he said to me. “To increase by one the ranks of wives who are spanked by their husbands. From today you have permission to spank Miranda whenever her behavior displeases you. She has signed a document stating this. Isn’t that right, Miranda?” “Yes, sir.” she said. MIRANDA $10.00

When Miranda catches one of her maids stealing liquor, she consults the girl’s father who recommends a good licking. Liking this idea, Miranda has the girl tied to the diving board, then has her assistant raise and lower the girl’s clothing and give her a sound spanking with fresh switches POOL PARTY $9.00f/f

“Marcia patted Linda’s hand and smiled shyly as though she was pleased to find another woman who was spanked by her husband. Linda wondered if, secretly, Marcia was as excited by a spanking as she was; Linda hoped it was Marcia’s secret vice” A PRESENT FOR HIS BIRTHDAY $9.00

Phyllis was a year younger than her new stepdaughter, but she was sure that she needed discipline in the form of a good spanking. She was shocked, but pleased, when her husband put her in charge of panty lowering and bottom blistering of her new daughter. Of course she had to face the same penalties herself PHYLLIS $10.00f/f

Yvette is 34 years old and a dentist. Still she wants a man who will take care of her and punish her in the traditional French manner when she deserves it with a martinet on her bare bottom YVETTE $8.00

Kathy believes in spanking for naughty females. She spanked her daughter bare bottomed and didn’t care who saw it. When she screws up, she admits she needs some over the knee treatment too. Her neighbor is happy to oblige MEGAN’S MOTHER $9.00F/F

When he met her in the park, she was dressed like a naughty little girl due a spanking. But her boyfriend wouldn’t really do that. Now he met her at a party and she was looking for a man willing to give her bare bottom a sound spanking . She found him CASSIOPIA JONES $10.00

Barbara wasn’t the perfect client, but she did want her baby back, and with a couple of sound, over the knee, panties down spankings, her lawyer was able to help her GUARDIAN ANGEL $9.00

When Heather tells of how her former husband thought she needed a spanking, Madalyn agrees. Somehow Heather ends up naked over Madalyn’s knees HEATHER - 1: MADALYN’S HOUSE $10.00 F/F

Heather continues as Madalyn’s naughty little girl, now she may need her temperature taken rectally and an enema as well as a good hairbrush spanking HEATHER - 2: BECOMING SARAH JANE $10.00 F/F

Daddy had always believed in spanking, but when he married Mommy the spankings got worse and soap and enemas might be added. He still believed in spanking if you were 24, but fortunately, he still believed in spanking for misbehaving wives IT’S MOMMY’S TURN TO CRY $10.00

You are sitting watching a video when your neighbor arrives at the door leading a woman on a leash. He asks you to spank her bare bottom JESSICA 1: AMBER $10.00

Our hero finds out Amber is really Jessica, and Jessica is sometimes Tiffany, a sassy teenager who needs to be spanked, but not as hard as Amber JESSICA 2: TIFFANY $10.00

Marion is a perfect 50's wife, she really is embarrassed when her girdle is removed and her bare bottom spanked like a little girl. And, of course, she would never dream of oral sex with her husband, unless, of course the alternative was another spanking JESSICA 3: MARION $10.00

When Ginger was growing up, her father spanked her bare bottom in front of the family. When she married, her husband spanked her, and now she was going to have to take a bare bottomed spanking in front of a group of friends GINGER $10.00

Crissy had blackmailed Roy into taking spankings like she got at home, pants down, bare bottom, and hard. Now she wanted him to give instead of receive THREE PRESENTS $10.00

He tied her up. Stripped her bare. Paddled her unmercifully. She threatened to call the police, begged for mercy, and loved every bit of it. SABRINA $10.00

"Open your eyes and look at me," I ordered. As she did so, I gave her another order. "Take down your panties," I said. "Take them down to your knees." AIMEE $10.00

Fiona had been stealing from work for some time, when her new boss catches her, she tries to distract him by lifting her skirt and asking for a spanking. She gets much more than she asked for FIONA $10.00

When Paul walks in on his wife and another man, she begs him to punish her rather than divorce her. Paul follows her father's example and straps her bare behind - hard IRENE $9.00

Pamela had been rude and now her husband was going to punish her with a long hand spanking followed by the hairbrush on the bare. It was worse because she was going to get it at work instead of at home. She didn't think it was fair, but it was going to happen PAMELA $8.00

Angela had dumped Roger. Now she realized that she loved him and wanted him back. Roger loved her too, but this time there would be conditions, she would have to accept a sound spanking now and another whenever she deserved it ANGELA $9.00

When Jack walks in on his wife, Judith, spanking 17 year old Hope, her daughter from a previous marriage, a bare bottom spanking, he objects. Eventually Judith convinces him that it is behavior, not age which makes you to old to be spanked. Unfortunately for her, this results in her going over Jack's knees for some well-deserved punishment JUDITH $9.00f/f

It started when Suzanne was a teenager and watched her friend's father take down her jeans and panties, and spank her soundly on the bare bottom. Since then, Suzanne had wanted to be spanked. Now she had a lover who was understanding enough to give her what she wanted CHRYSALIS


Karen had taught her husband to give her what she wanted and needed, erotic and punishment spankings. Tonight she was in for a punishment spanking and having a hard time remembering she needed it KAREN $8.00

A young professor rents an apartment with a rich widow who has four daughters and some old fashioned ideas about discipline. The professor learns about her methods first hand when the eldest of the daughters insults him ^ MRS. CALLENDER’S DAUGHTER $10.00f/f

“You are about to get a good sound spanking,” he told her. “It’s something you have needed for a long, long time. It’s something you are not going to forget for a long, long time. I intend to check up on you. I’ll have no hesitation about tanning your bottom again and again until you learn how to treat a customer. And, remember, keep those panties at your knees.” VIOLET $9.00

Sarah Jane hated it when she had to drop her pants and panties and bend over to receive her father’s razor strop, even when after she entered college, but now she pleaded for the professor to spank her as an alternative to suspending her. She hoped he might not be as severe, but she found he was even more determined to teach her a lesson on her bare bottom INTERLUDES IN A PROFESSOR’S STUDY $10.00

When he was 12, he got to watch as his 17 year old babysitter had to let her panties down and go over her mother’s knee for a sound spanking. Now he was 42 and it would be his lap that Suzy Q would go over, and his hands which would take down her panties so he could spank her MISS SUSY Q. $10.00f/f

Bored with her love life and in search of adventure, a single female takes a friend's advice and visits the Kenneth Harding Caféé where she discovers that a spanking can be a very erotic experience MIDNIGHT AT THE KENNETH HARDING CAFÉÉ $10.00


A nice Fall day in the dorm, six freshman coeds sit around and discuss the spankings they have gotten. One of the girls has no story to tell of being spanked either by her parents or a boyfriend. Her dorm mates advance her education. DORMITORY TALES $10.00

Once a group of college girls get to talking about spanking, can it be long before they start experimenting? Jane's boyfriend spanks her and she generously shares his abilities with Linda. MORE DORMITORY TALES $10.00

It is painful and embarrassing for a couple of teenage girls to have to go to the principals office and have to go over his knee for a bare bottom spanking followed by a paddling. Of course if the teenagers are really grown women, it may be exciting too PLAYING SCHOOL $8.00

When a wife wants a spanking, but her husband can't bring himself to do it, what's a girl to do? Barb, with her husband's approval, answers a newspaper ad. She gets just what she asks for JUST FOR HER $10.00

Computer bulletin boards are entertaining. Also, if you are a father trying to raise a teenage daughter singlehandedly, they can provide valuable information and support with regard to discipline. It is not an easy thing to decide to turn a daughter in her mid-teens over your knee, bare her bottom, and spank her, but it is easier with experienced advice COMPU-SPANK $10.00

Susan did not anticipate enjoying her and Mike's WEEKEND IN THE WOODS and that was before she found out she would be switched and spanked $7.00


Mary liked most of her spankings, they were so sexy. But she wasn't going to like this one, she had acted stupidly and this spanking was going to be long, hard, and pure punishment MARY GETS PADDLED $3.00

John told Dianne that he would spank her if she kept being late for dates and other misbehavior. She was indignant, she was frightened, she was excited DIANNE GETS WHAT SHE WANTS AND NEEDS $8.00


Sandy attempts some Italian, and inadvertently propositions a store owner, the owner’s wife will only be satisfied by publically paddling Sandy’s bare bottom NORTHEND ADVENTURE $4.00

Jane and Marie-Claire were secretary and boss, best friends, and currently fighting. Andrew’s solution involves each raising her skirt, dropping her panties, and a paddle JANE $4.00

He caught the maid stealing. Her punishment would be the martinet on her bare bottom in front of all the guests. When asked to aid, he couldn’t refuse, could he? MARIE-FRANCE $5.00

“It was as if she knew that she deserved this, knew that she needed it, almost that she had been trained to lie there and take what she needed” AN UNPLEASANT NECESSITY $5.00

They had had ten years of spanking and ten years of love. Today it was Sandy getting her bare bottom blistered, first by Tommy then, under his direction, by herself. Then came the love. TOMMY AND SANDY - A SPANKING LOVE STORY $4.00

What is wrong with this picture? He was going to strap her until she asked him to eat her pussy, then he was going to do it. Not a thing CLASH $6.00

Sandy had earned punishment. First she would have to stand naked in front of him and masturbate, then he would give her 50 hard strokes with the paddle, then..CHINATOWN $4.00

I want to take down your pants and let them gather around your ankles. Then I want to tug your panties down to just below your knees and turn you around to inspect your bare naked bottom A BOSTON WALK $3.00

She was to take off all her clothes and lock herself over a sawhorse. Did she trust him enough for the ultimate spanking and erotic experience? SANDY’S BIRTHDAY SURPRISE $8.00


Customs didn’t really care about the crops and paddles in her luggage, nor about the sexy underwear, but she hadn’t mentioned the dried fruit. Now she was going to have to strip naked, for a body search and a spanking to get out of trouble INCIDENT AT CUSTOMS $5.00

I give a little laugh. "Spanked as a child...," I repeat. "I guess you could say that. I was spanked at least once a week from my earliest memories until I left home." BEGINNINGS $4.00

She was being a brat and she would receive her reward. A sound, panties down spanking with the hairbrush, followed a session with the hated fraternity paddle BEANTOWN BRAT $5.00


Jeremy’s daughter needed reforming, it was time to go back to the tried and true methods of the strop and the the switch delivered with dress and petticoats raised and drawers lowered. But first it was necessary to spank his wife for trying to shield the girl A VICTORIAN TALE $10.00

When Janice treats his friends like dirt, Richard decides it’s time she learned about spanking. When she swears at him, he adds some soap to her punishment ^ BACKWOODS JUSTICE $5.00s

I want you to understand what’s going to happen now, Catherine. I’m going to turn you over my knee and spank your bare bottom like a naughty little girl. When my hand starts to hurt, I’m going to paddle you until I’m sure you won’t be sitting down to eat dinner. Then, I’m going to bend you over my desk and give you a taste of my belt” WAKE UP CALL $9.00

Cathy couldn't afford another ticket, it would mean her license. But could she bend over the deputy's knees and let him take down her panties for the alternate education program? ^ SPEED TRAP $8.00

Colleen didn't believe their teenage daughter should be spanked. She remembered only too well her own experiences with the embarrassment of lifting her nightie, bending over her mother's knees in front of her brothers, sisters, and whoever else was around, and asking for her punishment. But as she waited for the overdue duaghter, she also thought of the good it had done her A LESSON SHE NEVER FORGOT $7.00f/f

Desperate situations call for desperate measures. Smoking is dangerous, expensive, and disgusting, surely curing it is worth a few painful, embarrassing spankings SMOKING CLINIC - 1 $5.00

One little cigarette and Jolene was in trouble again. This time Erik makes a house (well, office) call and she feels his strap on her bare bottom which has been helpfully stuffed with an oversized rubber “cigarette” which will remain in place until after work to remind her of her sin SMOKING CLINIC PART 4 $7.00

Jana was a good student, but she had trouble following instructions, until Professor Dawson gave her the instructions to bend over, lift her skirts, and take a good spanking ^ DAWSON $9.00


In “She Should Have Phoned” an assistant in a spanking publishing company learns, for the first time in her life, just what it means to have to drop her pants and go over a knee for a sound spanking. In “Hands”, a cheating girlfriend is visited by a mysterious stranger who takes her away to the woods, spanks her bare bottom, and returns her, a better woman STEVE’S TWOFER $5.00

With the men away fighting, it was the responsibility of the new preacher to help the mothers by spanking the bottoms of deserving daughters THEY ALSO SERVE $4.00

His hands were the first thing she noticed and the last. In between, she was to feel those hands giving her the first spanking of her life HANDS $3.00

She had never been spanked, and she resisted the idea. But the spanking had come, and it was embarrassing and painful, nobody likes to have her panties lowered, be turned over a knee, and be spanked, but she had to admit that she was PRETTY IN PINK $3.00


Like many another young woman, 23 year old Erica finds the outside world difficult and returns, for a week, to the comfort of her family. She is not really surprised to find herself once again subject to family discipline, sound bare bottom spankings from either parent as required CAMBELL FAMILY SPANKING - 1 $10.00f/f

“How long has it been Erica since you were over my knee for a spanking?” the man asked as he stared at his naughty daughter.“It’s been a while sir,” “Well maybe we need to get back to basics then young lady,” the man said as he reached for the paddle in the chair.CAMBELL FAMILY SPANKING -2 $10.00

Erica must pay her sister some sexual blackmail to keep from being reported for smoking. Then, caught in a lie, Erica must remove her panties and wait in the corner fo have her mouth washed out with soap and then it’s over her mother’s knees for a very thorough spanking.CAMBELL FAMILY SPANKING - 3 $10.00f/f,s

Erica discovers that it is her mother with whom she has been chatting, on the internet, about spankings for grown daughters, decides to live at home knowing it will mean many future spankings from both parents, and must don her old punishment outfit for a maternal spanking CAMBELL FAMILY SPANKING - 4 $10.00f/f

Heather dropped out of highschool to join a band. Now, at 23, she was back at home and back at school studying for her GED. When she cuts a class, her mother turns her over her knee and spanks her bare bottom in front of the principal, and she still has her father and his belt to face, naked and bending over holding her knees GED IS AN EDUCATION $10.00

Lynn knew better, but the insult of her grandparents just jumped out. She would regret it, her mother makes her strip naked, take the paddle to her grandparents and ask them to spank her. They do so with enthusiasm AN OLDER HAND $6.00

Sharon Smithfeld is not only thinking about the hare-bottomed session in store for her, but her whole history of discipline at her stepmother's hand -- and paddle! ^ IT'S THE THOUGHTS THAT COUNT $10.00f/f

All of the Bachman girls enjoyed Easter when they and their parents got together, just them. However, the festivities did not excuse the girls from discipline, even daughters who have moved out find out they are still eligible to have their panties downed for a very sound, very deserved spanking from mom and dad THE HOMECOMING $10.00f/f

Molly's spanking from her mother was to be an especially good one, not only had she earned it by misbehaving, but her mother wanted to show her sister-in-law that she knew how to properly spank a bare teenage bottom MOM'S OLD-FASHIONED LESSON $9.00f/f

Connie Stanley knew what the traffic ticket would mean, a long painful session with her father, one or both of her straps, and a very bare bottom turned up for punishment STANLEY FAMILY SCRAPBOOK - 1 $10.00

When Kristy breaks curfew for the second time, she is sentenced to two spankings, but her sister is also late and also will have to drop her drawers for a session with the strap STANLEY FAMILY SCRAPBOOK - 2 $10.00

Pamela went into the Pink Lady looking for an older woman who would love her and spank her. Barbara turned out to be perfect in both categories THE HAWK AND THE DOVE -1 $10.00f/f

This time Barbara had Pamela strip naked not just for a hand spanking but for a serious punishment spanking with the hairbrush and the strap. Pammy knew it was deserved THE HAWK AND THE DOVE - 2 $10.00f/f

Tracy, living on her own and still spanked by her parents, Christina over her mother’s knees in front of her little sister and her sister’s friends, Melanie, paddled in front of her brother in law- part of ^ LIFE IN A SMALL TOWN $10.00f/f

It doesn’t get much worse for Amanda and Heather. To have to strip naked for spankings from their mother as well as one from the girls’ mother in front of the girls they were babysitting for

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