Note: stories with enemas are marked with an “E” after the price, rectal temperatures with an “R”, mouth washing with an “S”, and women spanking women with f/F icon

Note: stories with enemas are marked with an “E” after the price, rectal temperatures with an “R”, mouth washing with an “S”, and women spanking women with f/F

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They were his little sister and his wife. And they both needed to be punished, pants down, panties down, bottoms turned red from the application of a leather strap ^ ALLEN TEACHES A LESSON $5.00

“It was the contemplation, the knowledge that inside that house I was once again going to be taught obedience and propriety and submission, and those lessons were going to be horrid and shameful, and curiously satisfying all at once SEB AND KAREN $7.00

Fran had forgotten to defrost the chops and would pay for it, bare bottomed, over Allen’s knee. Her friend Lynnie enjoyed the whole thing, until it was her turn THE DEFROSTING $4.00 When Jon comes home and finds his wife Karen standing in the corner, he knows she has committed some serious misdeed. After the explanation, he orders her upstairs to wait, her plaid skirt bunched around her waist, her pantihose and panties around her knees, and two pillows placed on the bed to place her bottom perfectly for the strapping to come MASKS $3.00

Karen had a number of persona she put on for their mutual pleasure, there was the happy homemaker, the eager slave, the naughty girl, and more. But there has to be a first time for each of them, tonight Jon would have to deal with the sullen slave NEW MASKS $5.00

When Uncle James takes Ellen into the study for a spanking, Suzy watches and tells us about it ELLEN AND ME $2.50

This time it is Suzy who must go over her uncle’s knees with her panties down for a good spanking. I wish I could tell you that Ellen felt sisterly distress at this, but the truth is she is gloating just as Suzy does when Ellen gets it SUZY AND ME $3.00

Lynn’s father had raised John and now he has died and it is John’s job to raise Lynn, even if she thinks she is already a grown woman. Her father couldn’t raise a hand to her, but he had no such problems spanking John when deserved, and John will use the same methods with Lynn. When she disobeys and runs away, he introduces her to the effectiveness of a good, bare bottom spanking THE LUCKY SEVEN $6.00

Jess takes his responsibilities as Alexia’s guardian seriously. When indicated, he takes her pants down and spanks good behavior, or at least discretion, into her. When she fights with her teacher, he feels she will benefit from having her panties warmed in front of the teacher. However, he also feels that the teacher could use a proper bare bottom spanking, when she reluctantly agrees, he delivers ALEXIA'S GUARDIAN $5.00

When Alexia and Jess run into Peg, an old flame of his, Alexia let’s her jealousy get the better of her tongue. Of course, Jess won’t stand for this and Alexia must pay for her indiscretion with a very sore bottom. She feels better when Peg commiserates with her and tells her of some of her own experiences with her panties down and her bottom up over Jess’s knees STILL GROWING UP $4.00

When Peg gets out of line, Alexia watches, with mixed emotions, as a grown up lady must drop her panties and stand bare bottomed in the corner until Jess summons her to go across his knee for her spanking PEG GETS IT, ALEXIA WATCHES $3.00

LISA'S NEW JOB is ideal; high salary, extensive travel, much responsibility and much opportunity. However, refusal to do what she is told results in Lisa having to stand in the corner displaying her freshly spanked bottom $5.00

Patty had a spanking coming for being late. When she lies to try to get out of it and exhibits an attitude when told to go to the corner and drop her panties and wait for her spanking, she only makes it worse ^ PATRICIA AND RYAN $4.00

Beth and Roger were friends, he was open about his passion for spanking, she wasn’t, not even with herself. When he passes through carrying a new spanking paddle, she finds herself opening up more and more to her hidden desires until, at last, she finds herself standing in the corner with her pants down, at her own request, awaiting her very first paddling THE PADDLE $4.00

Kerry Robbins learns what discipline is about at Oak Hall, good old-fashioned spankings with her panties lowered. KERRY ROBBINS OF OAK HALL $3.00

Setting off false alarms is dangerous, three girls at THE SCHOOL AT OAK HALL learn that it is also dangerous to their dignity and ability to sit $8.00

Marta knew what it was like to have her bare bottom spanked, Yvette was finding out for the first time. Both of them have to visit the headmaster's office and take their punishment. TALES FROM OAK HALL $500

One didn't sass the Director, not at Oak Hall, not if you wanted to be able to sit down comfortably at any time in the foreseeable future. When that future includes spankings from both your instructor and the Director, you are in serious trouble ELENA OF OAK HALL $7.00

Only part of her psyche was actually at Oak Hall, but the spankings were very, very real NEW GIRL AT OAK HALL $4.00

Mark Sutton was trainer to the stars, but Colene did not expect his methods. What was she doing following his instructions to drop her pants and bend over with her hands on the sofa while he lowered her panties to spank her? PERSONAL TRAINER $4.00

Cheating is a bad idea, especially if you get caught by a professor who believes in the effectiveness having a cheater lower her pants and panties and turn over his knee for a sound spanking ANGELA AND THE PROFESSOR $5.00

Becca needs help to get her to do her housekeeping, she gets it from Mark in the form of sound spankings on her bare bottom. When Lisa comes in from shopping, she gels to watch. But Becca finds out that Lisa has a shopping problem and has hit uponthe same solution, she also gets spanked by Mark. HIRED HELP $7.00

Melissa has been naughty, she is going to be spanked and she is going to be spanked in front of her friend Tami. Tami is horrified and embarrassed for her. Then she learns that she is next. WHAT I SAW AT MELISSA'S $3.00

It is bad enough to have to stand in front of everybody and lower your panties and pantyhose for a spanking, but it is even worse to have to ask for your spanking, politely and sincerely I'M NOT A LITTLE GIRL $5.00

Mark Sutton was trainer to the stars, but Colene did not expect his methods. What was she doing following his instructions to drop her pants and bend over with her hands on the sofa while he lowered her panties to spank her PERSONAL TRAINER $4.00

Ara wanted Garrett’s attention. Well, now she had it, and that of the entire room as he bent her over his knee, pulled up her skirt and down her panties, and spanked her soundly. And that was only the start ARA’S ROOM $7.00

Imagine a school for female executives where they learn management skills and discipline. Imagine Sandy mouthing off to an instructor and getting her bottom publically spanked. Imagine A NEW KIND OF ADULT ED COURSE $5.00

The real lowdown on Ms Hood and the spankings she receives in the woodshed from her father and, most importantly from Wolf LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD $8.00

Robin knew she would be spanked during the weekend with Seb probably in public, certainly bare, in fact, that is why she came. But

reality is so much more painful and embarrassing than anticipation A WEEKEND WITH SEB $9.00

You don’t sass the Director, not at Oak Hall, not if you wanted to be able to sit down comfortably at any time in the foreseeable future. When that future includes spankings from both your instructor and the Director, you are in serious trouble ELENA OF OAK HALL $7.00

Cheating is a bad idea, especially if you get caught by a professor who believes in the effectiveness having a cheater lower her pants and panties and turn over his knee for a sound spanking ANGELA AND THE PROFESSOR $5.00

The true tale of Cinderella. Two girls want to go to the masquerade, but one has been grounded. Cindy manages to sneak out with her friend's help, and the Earl's son sees to it that the girls get what they have coming. CINDY AND ELLEN $9.00

Marla thinks she can control her sessions across Seb Carter's knee, but the consummate disciplinarian knows just how to deal with her. A touch of his belt before a lesson with the paddle, all with her panties down. SEB AND MARLA $6.00

Usually Jess punishes Alexia's misdeeds, but when she violates diving safety rules, she has the new experience of having to drop her bathing suit so her diving instructor can spank her bare bottom ^ ROB $6. 00


Marie-Madeleine Louise de Morphy was beautiful, but spoiled. When she flaunted that beauty too openly, posing for a nude painting, her father took her out to the stable, ordered her out of her robe, made her lift her shift, and began the task of unspoiling her with a strap on her again exposed backside GIRL ON A COUCH $9.00

^ PROM NIGHT The two Carlson daughters and their cousin triple date for the prom. When they get home hours late they tripledate again. this time with their dad's hairbrush $7.00

Fiona was once again sitting on he bench in front of the principal's office like a student waiting for a paddling. But now she was a teacher, not a student. That made a deference, didn't it. Unfortunately the difference is that she could get her paddlings on the bare now, instead of on her panties BACK TO SCHOOL, $10.00

It must be a conspiracy, not only is Fiona getting paddled at school, but her father believes she can still benefit from going across his knees, having her panties lowered, and being spanked with his hand and belt TROUBLE AGAIN $9.00

School teachers should know better than to DWI, but when Fiona and her three friends are caught doing just that, they submit their bare bottoms to Joe's punishment, rather than be arrested TEACHERS IN TROUBLE $10.00

Kelly found it easier to fill out hours on her work-study time sheet than to actually do the work. Professor Jordan calls her to account and requires that she do the work she was paid for and that she go over his knee as punishment for lying STRICT ACCOUNTING $10.00

Ellen was spoiled and a dangerous driver until she was hailed before the Very Special Traffic Court for very special treatment, a long hard spanking over the policeman’s knee with panties down and the crowd cheering VERY SPECIAL TRAFFIC COURT $7.00

In the 50's, when a girl acted up, she had to expect to lie on the bed while her mother used a strap on her uncovered bottom to convince her of the errors of her ways. I wonder if it would have made her happier to know that her mother had to endure the same strap years earlier? LIKE DAUGHTER, LIKE MOTHER $7.00F/F

Professor Bradley was offered a position as dean of a women’s college. It paid great more money, the cost of living was low, but there’s always a catch. This one was that he was responsible for spanking the bare bottoms of any girls who misbehaved, and they were a very naughty bunch DEAN OF DISCIPLINE - 1 $9.00

Nine misbehaving coeds, nine pairs of panties to lower, nine deserving bare bottoms to spank, and it’s only the first week of the semester. Somebody’s got to do it DEAN OF DISCIPLINE - 2 $10.00

Our favorite deans taks some time off for sex and spanking talk with Connie, but then he must go back to work, more naughty coeds, more bare bottoms, more sound spanking. Thank God he has a sense of responsibility DEAN OF DISCIPLINE -3 $10.00

Our hero is becoming so skilled at his craft that one of the younger faculty members seeks him out to drop her panties and give her a well-deserved spanking DEAN OF DISCIPLINE - 4 $10.00

The same old, same old for our hero, more bare bottoms of naughty coeds to spank, more misbehaving girlfriend to discipline and reminisce with and some discussion the games mistress about caning techniques DEAN OF DISCIPLINE - 5 $10.00

“How did you know?” she asked me. “About what?” “About the belt. I’ve been dreading it and fantasizing about it for years, but I never told you about it.” DEAN OF DISCIPLINE - 6 $10.00

Ten beautiful coeds, two lovely faculty members, what a large number of skirts and dresses to raise, pants to drop, panties to pull down, and bottoms to be paddled or caned. But he is up to it DEAN OF DISCIPLINE - 7 $10.00

Faculty who must drop their panties for the paddle, students to go over his knee for bare bottom spankings, marital advice to give (‘spank her’), it’s a busy life, but a satisfying one DEAN OF DISCIPLINE - 8 $10.00

People don’t understand the rigors of academic life. Not only must Dean Emberly deal with a seemingly endless line of naughty coeds who must drop their panties and go over his knee for merited spankings, but the female faculty are also demanding of his services DEAN OF DISCIPLINE - 9 $10.00

In which the good dean engages in a discussion (with demonstration) with an English Lesbian, of the different spanking techniques of America and the UK, lowers the panties of various naughty undergraduates to facilitate good bare bottom spankings, and gets engaged DEAN OF DISCIPLINE - 10 $10.00

The dean and Connie find love and spanking in their present and marriage in their future. Which does nothing to lessen the plethora of misbehaving coeds lowering their panties and bending over the dean’s lap for lessons in work habits and deportment DEAN OF DISCIPLINE - 11 $10.00

Not only the coeds get spanked, but several of the more discerning adult women in the campus community. Of course they can enjoy their spankings (and spankers) in ways the coeds can’t. The dean gets engaged, a party is held, and coeds still mujst lower their panties for punishment DEAN OF DISCIPLINE - 12 $10.00

She knew the rules and she had broken one. She knew the punishment was either leaving the program, or lowering her pants and panties and going over his knee for a sound spanking. She chose wisely AUTHORITY $4.00

A union general, a spoiled southern belle tied bottom up over a barrel with her clothes trussed up (authentic civil war style - no underpants for women), a thick leather strap, and a newly freed slave anxious to avenge wrongs done her FREEDOM $8.00

If you are going to pirate software, it's best not offer a copy to the author of the program, and if you do, it's best not to have Presbyterian conscience. Or you may end up requesting a good spanking. RETRIBUTION $10.00

Fran has had a long, tough day at her real estate company, having to bawl out one employee and fire another. Is this why she picks a fight with her husband, even though she knows he will spank her if she goes too far? CONTROL $9.00

Maggie and Michael's romance continues. It was a spanking which originally brought them together, now a spanking leads to a break up, but still another spanking makes everything alright MAGGIE MISBEHAVES $10.00

Having been the beneficiary of learning experiences and loving experiences across the knee of her boss and now lover, Maggie and he decide that perhaps it would be better if he limited his spanking to her and she took over the task of spanking deserving secretaries RESPONSIBILITIES $10.00

Kelly found it easier to fill out hours on her work-study time sheet than to actually do the work. Professor Jordan calls her to account and requires that she do the work she was paid for and that she go over his knee as punishment for lying STRICT ACCOUNTING $10.00

The thought of a MOONLIGHT SWIM is exciting to Carrie who is visiting her cousins in Iowa. It is less exciting when she finds out that their father believes in barebottom spankings for misbehaving teenage daughters - and nieces $10.00


About a sassy college student and her older boyfriend. She gets caught carousing with his sister, Greta, (who lives with them) and both must lower their panties and get over Baron’s knee to get spanked and sent to the corner LUCIA OVER THE BARON'S KNEE $10.00

Julia met Geoffrey through an ad. He would give her the bare bottom spankings she hadn't had since she left her father. But he was not her father and he would take her to sexual heights as well THE RAZOR STRAP AND THE RED ROSE $10.00

To have your bottom publically bared and spanked in front of five strangers, Rosalyn couldn't imagine anything worse, and she couldn't imagine anything better PLEASURES OF AN AUDIENCE $10.00

It started as a reporter interviewing an exotic dancer, the dancer revealed she was submissive and the reporter responded she was dominant. It ended with a Lesbian love affair nourished with lots of spankings PLEASURES OF SUBMISSION $10.00

Running a boarding house full of women can be a problem. But it is much less of one if you turn up offenders and spank their bare bottoms. Roxanne finds that it is even kind of sexy fun BOARDING HOUSE BLUES $10.0F/F

Karen is surprised when she finds out that her boyfriend Stuart maintains office discipline through pants down spankings of his female staff. She is shocked, but intrigued when he tells her she will be subject to the same THE APPOINTMENT $10.00

Your basic historical romance: Boy meets serving girl, boy spanks girl's bare bottom with a strap, boy does it again, boy marries girl and they live spankingly ever after. You have to love it TAMING MAGGIE'S TEMPER $10.00

As the new discipline counselor at the Cassidy School for Girls, John Neville has some new ideas about disicipline, but the girls discover that they still include bare bottom paddlings, and much harder than his precessor PLOTS, SCHEMES, & PADDLINGS $10.00

As school secretary, Emily Gibbs has the responsibility of lifting the skirts and lowering the panties of girls to be paddled. When she is insubordinate, it is her own skirt she must raise and her own panties she must drop for a good paddling EMILY GIBBS, PADDLED AT LAST $10.00

"Bare your ass, Miss Ross, and do it now." A lawyers responsibilities are many and arduous. Spanking the bare bottom of a beautiful woman is only the first HIS WORST NIGHTMARE $10.00

When Molly starts a correspondence with a man she meets thought a spanking personal, she never thinks that he may be her own dissertation advisor. It is a painful discover MOLLY AND THE PROFESSOR $10.00

Chris liked Dana's cousin, and she was fascinated that he spanked her. When Chris and Dana mess up good, she too must lower have her panties lowered for a bare bottom spanking A LITTLE SPANKING ROMANCE $10.00

Rebecca wanted to be spanked. Could she mess things up enough in the office that her boss would spank her. Yes he would, hard, long, bare and often. Add a little sex and what could be better? TROUBLE AT THE OFFICE $10.00

Gayle was being her usual pain in the ass self on the bike trip with Hugh and her husband. Finally, Hugh treats her as he would his own wife and Gayle's husband learns the advantages of wife spanking THREE FOR THE ROAD $10.00

It is not a great idea for a young wife to be late to her first spanking party. She might miss some of the fun before she gets there and she definitely will be the center of attention when she arrives PEG'S PARTY $10.00f/f


Who says pure research isn’t valuable? Dr. Weber surveyed over 40,000 women about their spanking experiences between the ages of 17-21. Here she shares some of their more dramatic experiences with their panties down, over the knees of their mothers, fathers, and other authority figures DOCTOR OF SPANKING $10.00f/f

From the pages of the fantasy OTK Digest come five stories of girls who are “too old to be spanked”, who get their panties lowered and their bare bottoms spanked publically or in other ways which are particularly satisfying to those injured or offended by their misbehavior SPANKING SATISFACTION $10.00f/f

The first time Rich saw his girlfriend Daisy spanked it was pure accident, he came over while she was across her father’s knee with her panties down being soundly spanked. Then they discovered that her getting spanked turned him on and she began to give him detailed reports along with inviting him over to see her older sister also get it. Could it be long before he took responsibility for her punishment? DAISY’S BARE BOTTOM $10.00

Late teen and early 20's entertainers, away from home for the first time may need a responsible adult along to supervise their conduct. Shirley, still relatively young herself a retired teacher, fits the bill exactly as a surrogate friend, parent, and disciplinarian. When a young woman lets her fame get the better of her “aunt Shiley is there to lower her panties and spank deserving bottoms ON THE ROAD WITH AUNT SHIRLEY $10.00f/f

It’s five years since we looked in on Carol and Loretta. Carol has been married and divorced, Loretta is married, but both find themselves still subject to their parents’ discipline. Each finds she is not to old to lower her pants and panties on parental command and go over the back of the sofa or their father’s knee for hard, but much deserved spankings, sometimes in front of others CAROL & LORETTA RETURN HOME $10.00f/f,s

Surprisingly, some of the badly behaved ladies on Desperate Housewives grew up in homes where proper behavior was expected and lack thereof resulted in painful bare bottom sessions over the paternal knee. When three of the fathers are informed of their behavior, they more than willing to resume the practice. Of course grown women need even harder spankings DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES $10.00

In the 40 years since it opened, generations of girls have gone through Glen View High. Here the story is told of eight such girls who have had their bare bottoms spanked soundly GLEN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL $10.00

Not all the girls who attended Glen View High have gotten spanked, but good number of them have had to endure the embarrassment and pain of panties down spankings. Here are the stories of several more GLEN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL - PART 2 $10.00

Kim, Donna, Dolores, and Alice are four of the girls who have attended GVHS over the years and had the embarrassing and painful experience of having their panties lowered for sound spankings GLEN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL - 3 $10.00

Generations of Glen View High girls have had their skirts lifted and their panties dropped for good spankings, Here is the story of 6 more of them GLEN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL PT 4 $10.00

Once again we hear of the girls of Glen View and their spankings. We especially like the shrink who recommended Mindy's that her father take her pants down for a sound spanking GLEN VIEW HS - 5 $10.00

Most high school girls don’t get spanked, but here are the stories of several more girls who are among the minority, going over a parental knee in highschool and sometimes later GLEN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL - 7 $10.00

Time goes on, panties come down, and new generations of the girls and women of Glen View High School cry their way through sound, deserved spankings GLEN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL - 8 $10.00

Both top female athletes, two of GVHS’s best students and a graduate who is now in college show that naughty girls benefit from having their panties taken down and their bottoms reddened despite their other attributes GLEN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL - 9 $10.00

It’s panties down time as more naughty Glen View HS girls, and some allumnae, must spend some quality time over their fathers’ (and mothers’) knees learning that misbehavior must be paid for with a the pain and embarrassment of one or more sound spanking GLEN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL - 10 $10.00F/F

IThe present and past girls at Glen View High School are still getting in trouble, and a number of them are still paying for it in the traditional way, over their father’s (or mother’s or boyfriend’s) knees with their skirts raised and their panties lowered


This visit to our favorite high school finds GVHS graduate Kelley getting her bare bottom spanked in embarrassing situations well into her 20s; Monnie and her cousin, Sandy, experiencing their discipline stark naked; and basketball star Lauri learning sportsmanship from the back of a hairbrush. GLEN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL - 12 $10.00

Class of ‘78, class of 99, it didn’t matter, a certain number of the girls still have to endure some very painful minutes across parental laps with their bottoms exposed for the sound spankings which remind them to behave properly GLEN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL - 13 $10.0

Brenda learns that girls may graduate and go out in the world, but they never get too old for Daddy to turn them over his knee and take down their panties for a deserved spanking, In Lil’s case it is her boyfriend who takes over the task, to their mutual satisfaction GLEN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL - 14 $10.00

These tales from Glen View High concentrate on seniors and alumnae who learn to their pain and embarrassment that they are still not too old to benefit from having their bottoms bared and upturned over a parental or other knee for a childish, but oh-so-effective spanking GLEN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL-15 $10.00

Marcia gets her panties lowered for spankings from the house keeper, her mother, her father, her aunt, her brother, and her husband, and she is only one of the GVHS girls who knows first hand what a bare bottom spanking feels like, even when you think you are grown up GLEN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL-16 $10.00f/f

Glen View High School has always had it’s share of girls with parents who believe in old fashioned spankings, somehow Oct. 1964 to June 1965 the stars aligned perfectly and eight seldom punished girls joined or rejoined the ranks of the spanked GLEN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL SPECIAL - THE CLASS OF 1965 $10.00f/f

It seemed as if every girl in town was going over a knee for a good, and well-deserved, bare bottom spanking. And it seemed as if a benevolent deity was arranging it so that John could witness every one of these beautiful bottoms being warmed A SPANKING GOOD MONTH $10.00f/f

Imaginary readers send imaginary letters to an imaginary magazine describing the spankings which should be given to real celebrities. Madonna, Vanessa White, Robin Givens, and Suzanne Somers are only four of the eighteen deserving women nominated to have their dresses raised and their panties lowered for a good bottom warming MOST SPANKABLE CELEBRITIES - 1 $10.00

Come with us now to the world of fantasy and see 18 young female celebrities paying for their misdeeds. Ever thought how Britney Spears would benefit from a session over her father’s knees, ever picture Jennifer Lopez having to drop her pants for a session of paternal guidance, how about the Williams sisters learning from their father’s forehand? All this and many more deserving celebrities upended MOST SPANKABLE CELEBRITIES - 2 $10.00

Beauty queens look so regal, but they too have parents who turn them over their knees, they too have their panties lowered, and they too must cry their way through sound spankings when they deserve them CROWNED AND SPANKED $10.00

More beauty queens who learn that winning a pageant doesn’t exempt them from fatherly discipline of the old fashioned kind ^ CROWNED AND SPANKED...AGAIN $10.00

What with divorces, high pressure jobs, and the like, there often is no father available to provide necessary discipline. Fortunately there are public spirited citizens willing to undertake the onerous task of turning task of turning a naughty teenager over his knees, lifting their skirts, lowering their panties and spanking their bottoms THE MAN DOWNSTAIRS $10.00

Susan was 26 and a successful actress, but this didn’t mean that she didn’t have to go over her father’s knees with her panties down for a good spanking when deserved. She and her friend, Terah, exchange memories of their most embarrassing spankings. Susan getting bare bottomed spanked in front of male friends wins SUSAN’S SPANKING SAGA $10.00

Janet and Chrissy are having a good, if rowdy, time at a restaurant when Chnssy's minister father happens in and demonstrates his displeasure by taking each of them over his knee for a bare bottom spanking and then repeating the process twice more THREE'S COMPANY $10.00

Susan calls her older sister at college to find out what to do about the fact that her mother intends to spank her. She is not reassured when Theresa tells her that her mother has been spanking her bare bottom since she was 17 THE MEMORABLE TRIP $10.00f/f

Two beautiful 20 somethings, starting their own business and making a go of it. But their fathers were financial backers and each believed that the girls had, most definitely not outgrown the need for trips across paternal laps with their panties lowered for a sound spanking AGAINST THE ODDS $10.00

Young Hollywood stars on the internet, discussing the bare bottom spankings they used to get, and often still do! THE HOLLYWOOD SPANKING CHAT ROOM $10.00

Stars, starlets, and invitees, they meet in cyberspace to discuss their spankings and their dreams of spankings THE HOLLYWOOD SPANKING CHAT ROOM - 2 $10.00

She was a great pop star, but first her father and now her husband knew that, for her own good, she had to be made to drop her panties for a good spanking now and then SHERRI $10.00

Shannon, Kristen, and several of their cheerleader friends have an illicit party. Caught by their parents, each is spanked. There is some variation in spanking methods, but all spankings are bare and hard SHANNON AND KRISTEN - THE PARTY $5.00

The party seems to have gotten the parents into a spanking mood, and the girls benefit from the results. Shannon, however, is not about to admit that her behavior has gotten her a babysitter with spanking privileges ^ SHANNON AND KRISTEN - THE BABYSITTER $9.00

When the cheerleaders got into serious trouble, a number of parents remembered the virtues of over-the-knee, pants down spankings. For several of the girls, fathers and later husbands carried on the tradition. Now, at their 10th high school reunion, they update each other on their spankings SHANNON AND KRISTEN REUNION $10.00

Shannon had not told Kristen when she misbehaves, she gets a spanking from her father, just like Kristen gets from her mother, and Danielle from her dad and... BARING SHANNON’S SECRET $10.00

Shannon and Kristen, our favorite naughty teenagers are growing up and going to college. Of course this doesn't prevent them and their friends from having their panties lowered and being turned over the knees of assorted fathers for well-deserved spankings SHANNON & KRISTEN: THE COLLEGE YEARS $10.00

Betty Anderson, Laura Petrie, Laverne and Shirley, Mindy, Marcia Brady, Mary Stone, Mary Ann, Ann Marie, Barbra Cooper; read about the spankings which made them the nice girls they were TELEVISION’S SITCOM DARLING $10.00

We finally got it! A tv network of our own. Spanking game shows, bare bottom spankings on Who’s The Boss, General Hospital, and more, spanking news, it’s all on THE SPANKING NETWORK $10.00

Young women describing their most memorable spankings for a nationwide audience. Judge Stone spanking Christine. Just a couple of features on everybody’s favorite television source for spanking material THE SPANKING NETWORK-2 $10.00

“Everybody’s favorite spanking channel is back with episodes featuring naughty daughters on “Eight is Enough” and is an old fashioned, over the knee, panties down spanking General Hospital” having their panties down for sound spankings THE SPANKING NETWORK - 3 $10.00

Fantasy spanking scenes from Daktari, Married With Children, and Bay Watch, along with another episode of The Spanking Game, all on the schedule for tonight on our favorite channel SPANKING NETWORK - 4 $10.00

Always wanted to see Maude's daughter spanked with her panties down? How about those girls from Grease? Surely somebody should have turned them over the knee, bared their bottoms, and taught them how to behave. This and more on THE SPANKING NETWORK - 5 $10.00

Mallory and Jennifer of Family Ties, Moesha, and Keesha of General Hospital all have their panties lowered for bare bottom spankings on THE SPANKING NETWORK - 6 $10.00

Once again we tune into our very own channel and see our favorite heroines get bare bottoms spankings in Wings, Sprung, and Saved by The bell THE SPANKING NETWORK - 7 $10.00

Topanga from Boy Meets World must lower her panties and go over her father’s knees, Daisy from Dukes of Hazard gets a bare bottom spanking from Uncle Jess, and Elizabeth and Sarah of General Hospital find their grand mother believes in old fashioned spankings THE SPANKING NETWORK - 8 $10.00

Tonight on The Spanking Network, we have Helen of Wings playing a practical joke which causes Joe to spank her bare bottom, the daily movie, Sprung, which features a young law student receiving otk justice from her father, and Jessie of Saved by the Bell spending some quality time with her pants down and her bottom reddening over her father’s lap THE SPANKING NETWORK - 9 $10.00

Mandy from Moonlighting, Carly from ^ General Hospital, two southern Belles interviewed on Looking at America, and an unthinking teenage girl all have their experiences with being spanked bare bottom at what they consider an advanced age, and all have their stories told on THE SPANKING NETWORK - 10 $10.00

Nell from Ally McBeal must strip for a spanking from John, on ^ Nash Bridges, Nash takes three naughty young ladies across his knee for sound spankings, and the captain from Mod Squad, lowers Julie’s jeans and panties for a much needed spanking THE SPANKING NETWORK - 11 $10.00

SFirst three beautiful young women tell the audience about their embarrassing bare bottom spankings, the loser gets a pants down spanking on

national tv, then ‘Sunset Beach’, where sisters Meg and Sara learn embarrassing lessons from Daddy. Then it’s Hollywood Showcase, telling the story of how the punishment given to one high school senior becomes contagious in ‘Mischief’ THE SPANKING NETWORK 12 $10.00

Our prime time schedule begins with ‘Dawson’s Creek’, where four young ladies undergo some serious discipline. Then ‘Charmed’ telling the story of Phoebe’s humiliating spanking with the door wide open. And the day comes to an end with the waitresses of ‘It’s A Living’ paying the price for some mischief THE SPANKING NETWORK 13 $10.00F/F

Everybody’s favorite channel features a showing of Pleasantville with Jennifer’s bare bottom hairbrush spankings from her new mom left in, then two of the more deserving girls on ^ General Hospital have their panties lowered for some old fashioned discipline, finally Amy is judged by her mother and sentenced to spend some very uncomfortable time over her lap while Hilda the paddle burns her exposed backside THE SPANKING NETWORK - 14 $10.00f/f,s

Felicity’s father visits to give her a deserved spanking, while her roommates remember their own learning experiences, while on ^ ER John Carter learns how to control Susan Lewis’ sarcasm with his strong right arm, and two young ladies make the mistake of trying to scam Rockford. He turns them over his knee, lowers their panties and spanks THE SPANKING NETWORK - 15 $10.00

There are many reasons why girls and young women may have to go across a knee with their skirts up and their panties down for a deserved bare bottom spanking. Various of them are explored by our favorite tv channel, which has somehow escaped FCC scrutiny THE SPANKING NETWORK - 16 $10.00

House discovers that a senior doctor and the Dean of Medicine both respond well to a panties down session over his knee and the women of West Wing discuss their spanking experiences with one another, a remarkable number of them have learned good lessons over parental knees THE SPANKING NETWORK - 17 10.00

Where but on our favorite network could the viewer watch beautiful, but naughty, young ladies have their panties downed so that they can receive sound, but deserved, bare bottom spankings. Today’s schedule includes General Hospital, network news, Karen Cisco, and Keeping Up Appearances THE SPANKING NETWORK - 18 10.00

Not only are the participants most spankable young ladies, but each must tell of her recent experiences with her panties down over a parental lap ^ A T-S-N SPECIAL EVENT: NORTH AMERICA’S MOST SPANKABLE YOUNG WOMAN PAGEANT $10.00

Return with us now to The Spanking Network for a game in which beautiful models get spankings either over their clothes or bare bottom as the audience watches. And listen as they tell of their younger times when they endured over the knee spankings with their skirts raised and pants and panties lowered from their fathers, mothers, teachers, or others, often in front of relatives or class mates SPANK OR NO SPANK $10.00

With the success of The Spanking Network, the only channel devoted to the spanking scenes which should have been in various television shows, comes the OTK Movie Network featuring the panties down spankings of naughty young ladies which should have appeared in popular movies. The first installment relates the spankings of the heroines of Big Mama’s House, Getting Played and 3 others OTK MOVIE NETWORK $10.00

The gang of girls at Melrose Place are certainly as in need of spankings as any group. Read about bare bottom punishment catching up with Amanda, Jane, Sydney, and Allison MANAGING MELROSE $10.00

Models may be beautiful, but they have families too, and the families may know that the best treatment for erring daughters CENTERFOLD STORIES $10.00

Sheila was 17 when her parents decided that spanking, over the knee and with her panties down, was the best form of punishment. Now she is 35 and knows she is still can get it, in public if necessary IT LOOKS LIKE SHEILA NEEDS A SPANKING $10.00

If you are going to make a retirement career out of traveling about the country, giving young women much deserved spankings, probably it’s a good idea to start with your daughter JACK CHASEN’S TRAVELS - 1 $10.00

When Jack Chasen visits his older daughter, 25 year old Cheryl, he finds her giving a wild party, not for the first time. It is not for the first time either that he turns her over his knee for a good spanking. Then he finds out the bad stuff JACK CHASEN’S TRAVELS - 2 $10.00

Jack Chasen takes his parental expertise on the road where he shows the father of Jennifer and Brittany that teenage girls are not too old to have their panties taken down for a good spanking. He leaves two girls better disciplined and better behaved with their father ready to carry on the good work JACK CHASEN'S TRAVELS - 3 $10.00

It was no fun for Betty, at the age of 20, to get her bare bottom spanked by her father, but she knew it could happen. It was a new experience for Veronica, except for once as a teenager, and she didn’t like it any better than did Betty BETTY AND VERONICA (THE UNPUBLISHED STORIES) - 1 $10.00

Nancy got it bare from her mother and her father, Luanne had to drop her pants for spankings by her aunt and uncle, Blondie spanked Cookie’s bare bottom, Laurie gets it from her mother and teacher, and the Betty and Veronica figure out a way to get Cheryl, who got them in trouble in the first place, a bare bottom trip across her father’s knee BETTY AND VERONICA (THE UNPUBLISHED STORIES) - 2 $10.00

The high school girls thought it would be fun to fake a video and embarrass the football team. When they are caught, their bare bottom spankings are taped, they find out how embarrassing videos can be. AMERICA'S MOST EMBARRASSING HOME VIDEOS $10.00

Alyce is 34 and has children of her own who she spanks. She discovers, however that she is still eligible for a pants down spanking over her father's knees. Laurie is 24 and knows full well that she is still subject to the same THE BENNETT SISTERS $9.00

Janet and Chrissy are having a good, if rowdy, time at a restaurant when Chrissy's minister father happens in and demonstrates his displeasure by taking each of them over his knee for a bare bottom spanking and then repeating the process twice more THREE'S COMPANY $10.00

18 is a hell of an age for your mother to take up spanking as a form of punishment, and on the bare too. But Leslie learns that she is not the only girl to get punished this way and that it could be worse, her friend Tricia gets it from her uncle LESLIE AND THE PADDLE $10.00

Anna, Robin, Carla, and Simone. All your favorite soap opera characters get their panties lowered for good spankings in GENERAL HOSPITAL -2 $10..00

Meredith was 19 and never been spanked, but her mother had been and knew its virtues. When her grandfather comes for a long visit, Meredith also learns the pains and gains of having her panties lowered and going over his lap for sound spankings MEREDITH’S GRANDFATHER $10.00

Naughty girls, teenagers and grownups in need of being turned over a masculine knee, having their pants taken down, and getting a good spanking, in an unused room at the pool club. Who says there is no God? BEVERLY HILLS POOL CLUB $10.00

Women now have responsible positions, in the media, in business, in education, certainly these modern women aren’t faced with the indignity of crying their way through bare bottom spankings. Surely WOMEN IN CONTROL? $10.00

20 year old Patti and her friends are facing the prospect of lowering their panties for a good sound spanking from her uncle. It probably won’t be any better than the time they got it from Mona’s father PATTI’S DILEMMA $10.00

Betty Anderson, Laura Petrie, Laverne and Shirley, Mindy, Marcia Brady, Mary Stone, Mary Ann, Ann Marie, Barbra Cooper; read about the spankings which made them the nice girls they were TELEVISION’S SITCOM DARLINGS $10.00

Martha thinks that being bare bottom spanked by her mother is the worse thing that can happen to an 18 year old girl, until she and Natalie have their panties taken down by Natalie’s Uncle Rob PAINFUL LESSONS FOR MARTHA $10.00

When you work for your father, it is probably best not to disagree with his methods. If you disagree, it is probably best not to bet that you can do better, if you bet, it is definitely best not to risk the first panties down, over the knee spanking of your 23 years. HIGH PRESSURE SALES $10.00

Justice is informal in small towns and sometimes a shrewish wife or a misbehaving daughter can face a pants down spanking rather than a term in jail. A teenage girl's dream, to appear on a nationally televised dance show. However, this was the 50's and naughty girls have their panties taken down for deserved spankings. And not only by their fathers and mothers BACKSTAGE AT USA DANCE PARTY $10.00

It was every teenager’s dream to be on USA Dance Party, but the lucky girls were still forced to submit to having their panties downed and being bent over the knees of their parents or the hosts of the show for sound, well deserved spankings BACKSTAGE AT USA DANCE PARTY - 2 $10.00

Theresa and Susan were going to spend part of their vacation with cousin Jessica. That would be fun, but Aunt Janet and her ideas of proper discipline, enforced with various instruments on naked bottoms or wholly naked girls, that was another matter TWO WEEKS WITH AUNT JANET $10.00f/f

Very peculiar, for an entire year Shannon and Kristen manage to earn only one spanking each, but fear not, their friends keep up the average, three high school girls getting more panties down spankings in that year than any other year in their life SHANNON & KRISTEN - TAKING A BACK SEAT $10.00

Of course being publically spanked or being spanked by your father, then by the police chief is no joke SMALL TOWN JUSTICE $9.00

Nancy," her father said, "it is a terrible thing for an 18 year old to be spanked with her pants down in front of a room full of people. But, you deserve this and I am going to give you a good, hard spanking" SMALL TOWN JUSTICE - 2 $10.00

In which Cheryl gets spanked by her mother, her father, and the instructor of her dance group. He also spanks Antoinette and Terri. Of course, all spankings are hard and given on the bare bottom CHERYL AND ANTOINETTE: GETTING TANNED IN FLORIDA $10.00

Cheryl thinks that she has graduated both from high school and from having her father take down her underpants and spank her bottom, she finds she is right only about the first. She does feel a bit better when she finds another college girl with similar experiences CHERYL IN COLLEGE $10.0

Cheryl is getting spanked again and this time her older sister, who should know better, comes to her defense and ends up standing with her, pants down facing the corner waiting for their father to give them their spankings THE FURTHER EDUCATION OF CHERYL $10.00

Cheryl, 24, learns that the school superintendent believes in the value of correcting Cheryl's mistakes by taking down her panties and spanking her bottom. Cheryl's friend Alicia finds that Cheryl's dad will make her drop her drawers for a spanking just like her own dad does CHERYL'S DISCIPLINE CONTINUE $10.00

Cheryl is 38, you would think she is too old for spanking, but she has found a man who believes, like her father, that naughty girls are never too old to go over a male knee and have their panties taken down for well-deserved punishment

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