External examiner for five masters and doctoral theses in three disciplines icon

External examiner for five masters and doctoral theses in three disciplines



  • Thirty-nine academic publications.

  • Thirty-six years lecturing experience at three universities.

  • External examiner for five masters and doctoral theses in three disciplines.

  • Peer reviewer for two scholarly journals.

  • Council member of a national political science association.

  • Convenor of a national political science conference.


1.1 NAME Keith Adrian GOTTSCHALK


36 Markham Rd

Claremont 7708

South Africa

Political Studies Department

University of the Western Cape

Private Bag X17

Bellville 7535

South Africa

email: kgottschalk@uwc.ac.za

mobile: +27 82 202 3304

office: +27 21 959 3228

1.3 BIRTH: 14 March 1946



B.A. Honours in Comparative African Government and Law.

Thesis: "Apartheid v. Economics - the Dynamics of Inequality", 126pp.

University of Cape Town (UCT),1970.

B.A. majoring in Comparative African Government and Law; and History.

(UCT) 1969.


Higher Education Leadership & Management Programme (HELM) for HoDs & HoS (2006).

Kewl NextGen on-line teaching software (2005).

Front page & Kewl (2002).

web authoring (2000).

Windows (1996).

E-mail (1995).

Word Perfect Beginners' Course (1992); all above at UWC.

Computer Introduction Courses (1983); this and below at UCT.

Teaching Methods Unit courses for lecturers (1981).



Peer reviewer for African Journal of Political Science.

The editor remarked of my report: “Thanks so much for this tremendous effort. This is awesome…I have never received this kind of comprehensive and exhaustive report from any of our assessors since 2004.” (2008).

Peer reviewer for Acta Academica (2006, 2007).

National Research Foundation. Reviewer (2002 – 2004).

Centre for Science Development, Human Sciences Research Council, referee on dissertation and other research proposals (1997 – 1999).

Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Mayibuye Centre for History and Culture in South Africa, UWC (1993-1999).


M.A., University of Cape Town . English Department, Creative Writing Centre (2006).

POL 104j, UCT Political Studies Department (2005.).

M.A. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Political Studies. (2005).

M.A. Flinders University (Australia), Political Science Department (2005).

M.A. University of Cape Town, Historical Studies Department (2004).

Ph.D. Flinders University (Australia), Political Science Department (2004).

B.A. Honours. University of Durban-Westville, Political Science Department (1994).

B.A. Honours. Rhodes University, International Studies Unit, Honours (1980s).

POL 300s & Honours. University of Cape Town, Political Studies Department. (1980s)


USIA Exchange Fellow: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, January 1996.

Mellon University Fellowship, UWC, 1989.

Harry Oppenheimer Institute for African Studies, UCT, Research Grant, 1977.



Council member, South African Association of Political Studies (2005 - 2008)

Council member, Astronomical Society of Southern Africa (2005-2006)

Chair, Cape Centre, (2005 -2006)

Deputy Chair, Cape Centre (2004 -2005)


African Association of Political Science

Astronomical Association of Southern Africa

South African Association of Political Studies

listed in:

Foreign Affairs Register 1998, the Foundation for Global Dialogue



2006 -

Senior Lecturer. EMS Appointments Committee states “The candidate has a strong publications record and the committee was of the view that he has an outstanding reputation in the political arena / media and is widely consulted.” (EAC 05/10 special p.6, minutes 3 October 2005)

January 2004 - December 2006

Head of Department. It was virtually unprecedented for an academic who is neither a professor nor an associate professor to be appointed as HOD.

August 1984 – December 2005

Lecturer, University of the Western Cape, Political Studies Department.

January 1983 - December 1983

Junior Research Fellow, UCT Political Studies Department.

February 1978 - December 1982

Junior Lecturer (Leave Replacement), UCT Comparative African Government and Law Sub-Department.

September 1976 - October 1977

Temporary Lecturer (Leave Replacement), UNISA Development Administration and African Politics Department. Developed African Politics II curriculum; assisted supervisors of Honours and Masters students.

May 1972 - June 1976

Demonstrator [Tutor], UCT Comparative African Government and Law Sub-Department. Tutorials and essay marking for all undergraduate courses.


Student Assistant, UCT Jagger Library, Archives & Manuscripts Division. Processed and accessioned inter alia Alice Green and Thornton-White Collections.


Currrently, my lecturing at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) is:

POL 102 part 1. Introduction to South African Politics.

POL 211 Selected Themes in South African Politics.

POL 213 Introduction to Comparative Areas Studies.

POL 322 Comparative Politics: African Union.

POL 708, & POL 803 Comparative Politics: Case Studies. selection from Algeria, Egypt, Namibia, Israel, Palestine.

EAT 121 (co-taught, one lecture on) Environmental politics & power .

EAT 211 (co-taught, one lecture on) Environmental reforms since democracy .

NASSP, M.Sc. (co-taught, two lectures on) Space Policy, Space & Society.

1984 - UWC: I introduced numerous topics to Political Science 100, 200, 300 and Honours, as relevant to the year concerned. These included concepts of the police state in POL 100; Namibia, Algeria and the Palestine-Israeli conflict in POL 200; Gramsci.

I also pioneered Science & Technology Policy studies in POL 300, and Space Policy in Honours. This was the first course at any African University on Space Policy.

1990 - I introduced the 1st formal tutor training workshops for the Department's tripled number of tutors. These continued to be improved by working with Narend Bajnath of the Academic Development Centre. (ADC)

During the 1980s I introduced tapes and political memorabilia from the rival political parties into lectures. From the late 1980s I worked with the Computer-Based Education of ADC to start computer-administered tests and on-line interactive tutorials. From 1991 it took immense labour to slowly convert these from the Plato to the Socrates software system. I used videotapes to stimulate POL 121 lectures. At my insistence, the Library purchased its first political wall maps and globe.

In 1996 I pioneered Political Studies as the first of the humanities or social science departments to make word-processing skills compulsory for all students and all written assignments. This involved fund-raising from the USA to hire computer student assistants, and to keep the EMS & Goldfields Computer labs open during evenings and on Saturdays. I negotiated the twinning of students from the POL 121 and POL 213 classes by two e-mail list serves with Sociology classes at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, and with African History classes at the Curtis University of Technology in Perth, Australia.

1998. 1st Consultative Meeting of UWC Committee on Resource-Based Learning, Prof. Shirley Walters.

Positive reviews of my pioneering of Resource-based learning:

South African Institute for Distance Education. (SAIDE). 1997. Research Report. A overview of distance education and resource-based learning initiatives at the University of the Western Cape. Braamfontein. p.36:

"In one particularly innovative course, students from an undergraduate class at UWC were linked up via e-mail to students studying on another continent."

1977-83 UCT. Comparative African Government & Law I (a second year course): I revised the curricula to include the topics of liberal-revisionist debates, theories of imperialism & underdevelopment, role of Bantustans in political economy, population relocation & the pass system.

Comparative African Government & Law II (a third year course): I researched and developed a new North Africa option, Algeria & Egypt in the colonial & post-colonial epochs.

Comparative African Government & Law Honours: the South African state.

Lectured at second-year level theories of imperialism & underdevelopment; debate between liberal & revisionist schools; colonialism & resistance in Lusophone Africa.

Taught honours seminars on theories of the state.

1975-76 University of South Africa (UNISA):

African Politics II: methodology, modernization theories, comparative case studies of African states and ideologies.

African Development Administration I course, revision of extant teaching texts.

Taught at third-year level Algeria & Egypt; Namibia; and South African state strategies of domination over the region.


Four M.A. and M.Admin. theses, and ten B.A. Honours and B.Admin Honours mini-theses. Currently co-supervising one MA thesis.


These include:

Environmental Awareness & Training (EAT). 2006 -

I present a lecture to EAT 111 on power, politics, and environment under coplonialism & apartheid; in EAT 211 on democratic reforms in environmentalism since 1994.

Lexia Programme. 1998 -

This is a short;-stay programme for US students during their semester abroad. It offers a US-style inter-disciplinary course on “South African civilization” drawing on political studies, history, and anthropology-sociology.

UWC English Department, Humanities Module 8a: Representations of Africa. Modern Representations of the Congo. 2004.

Peninsula Technikon (today called Cape Peninsula University of Technology). Political Science

1,2, and 3 to Journalism Department. c. 2003, 2001.

UWC Sociology Honours seminar. 1982.

UCT Architecture Development Issues option. 1981-82.

University of the Witwatersrand, Sociology undergraduates, feminism & sexism. 1976.


A representative cross-section of these include, all at UCT:

Science Students' Council (1982)

Creative Writing Workshop (1982)

Centre for African Studies Colloquium (1982)

Education Department students (1981)

Law Students' Council (1980)

Urban & Regional Planning MA students (1978)


I presented scores of lectures through the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s to a variety of political, student, community and cultural organizations. Details available if required. Since 1998, I met visiting US multi-disciplinary parties of academics from the Council for International Educational Exchange, for International Faculty Development Seminars.

Jimmy Ellis, faculty leader of the IFDC, wrote:

"You indeed stole hearts & minds with your unique style and personal warmth and sincerity, and also with your poetry".

Michael Stohl, dean of International Programs, Perdue University, emailed:

"your lectures were the height of the academic program and I have recommended to CIEE that they give you even more time on the program."


My current research interests include the dynamics of current South African politics; the African Union; and space policy in South Africa, focusing on satellite applications.




Co-edited with Prof. C. Saunders. Africa Seminar Collected Papers. Vol.2/1981. University of Cape Town. Centre for African Studies, 1981. 234pp.

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Introduction: Problems of Research, African Politics II, Study Guide III. UNISA Department of Development Administration and African Politics, 1977, 86pp.

Co-author with HUGO, P. Alternative African Policy Directions in Southern Africa, African Development Administration I, Study Guide III. UNISA Department of Development Administration and African Politics, 1977.

I am the sole author for the chapter "The Black Response" and edited and revised the remaining chapters. 73pp.


I have written numerous features for the commercial media, community and student publications. I am asked for over thirty sound-bites per year by international, national, and local TV and radio journalists. A representative cross-section of my media writing includes:

Guest editorial in Noseweek, issue 102,April 2008. p.7

“Rasool’s voice of Muslim moderation”. South African Jewish Report. 24 September – 1 October 2004. p.10

"YuAR. Pod maskoi borby s narkodeltsami". [Under the Disguise of the Struggle against Narco-dealers] Aziya i Afrika Segodnya [Asia and Africa Today], no 11 (544), 2002, pp.45-48.

“A Nuclear Race in South Asia? Political Fireworks: India & Pakistan.” Global Dialogue, 3,2 (July): 11-12. 1998.

Interview on SATV, Patricia de Lille test case, 8 May 1998.

Interview on Radio 786, 100.4 fm 07h35 5 May 1998 on Hamas Shaikh Yassin's visit to SA.

guest poet on "Wordsongs", Fine Music Radio, 101,3mc 13h00 Sunday 7 April 1996.


panellist on science & technology education, "All Things Considered" SAFM Sunday 17 Dec 1995.

panellist on science & technology policy, Radio 786, Sunday 26 November 1995.

Science & Technology Education Conference report, Mayibuye, 4,8, (October 1993):37-38.

"Armscor in a democratic South Africa", Mayibuye, 4,3 (April 1993):39.

Panellist on Spectrum show on Radio BOP, topic CODESA. 18 May 1992.

Occasional contributor to Sash during 1980s.

Editor, Civil Rights League Newsletter, 1985

"Placing science under the microscope", SPEAKING OUT column, South, 20-24 February 1993:6

"The costs [of PR] will far outweigh the advantages", South, 21-27 November 1991.

"Towards a new South African constitution", UWC News, October 1989.

“A Foretaste of 1989", South, 20 December 1988-10 January 1989.

"Wat kan ons van die Parliament verwag?", Rapport Ekstra, 31 May 1987.

"Democracy demands a Strong Opposition - in and out of Parliament", Sunday Tribune, 4 January 1987.

"Solitary Confinement and my Fight to Cling to Sanity", Sunday Tribune, date not recorded.

"What's New? We've Had it for 20 Years", Sunday Tribune, 28 July 1985.

"The Case against God", Sunday Tribune, 16 December 1984.

"The Savimbi Factor", Sunday Tribune, 1 April 1984.

"Apartheid: the Enemy of Detente", Sunday Tribune, 15 January 1984.

"Shades of Namibia", Sunday Tribune, 6 November 1983.

"We Should all Vote 'No' on this Giant Regressive Step", Sunday Tribune, 28 August 1983.

"On the First Rung of the Escalation Ladder", Sunday Tribune, 29 May 1983.

"Too Many Laws, too little Justice", Varsity, 16 August 1972.

"Trial by Ordeal: State v. Mandela Family", Varsity, 28 July 1971.

"Z: Right-Wing Vigilantism", Varsity, 7 April 1971.

"On the Future of South Africa", Radical 70, 1970: 3-23.

"Is Zionism Racialist?", Radical, 1970: 28-37.

"The Secret History of South Africa", "The Conquest" and

"The Struggle", 3 parts, Varsity, 26 August, 2 & 16 September 1970.

"Leopold Sadar Senghor", Varsity, 20 May 1970.

"The War against Universities: Apartheid v. Academic Freedom" &

"The War against Students: NUSAS - Moderate but Still Attacked",

Varsity, 16 April 1969.

"Christian National Education in the Vorster Era", Radical, 1968: 5-10.

"One Year since they Banned Ian Robertson", Varsity, 10 May 1967.

"Rocket Race Spreads to Africa and Asia", Rand Daily Mail, 25 November 1964.


Joy of Flying & other poems on Astronomy, spaceflight, love & politics, Cape Town, South African Museum Summer School, 1997.

Emergency Poems. Bellville, Mayibuye Centre, 1992, ISBN 0 620 16932 X, 131pp.

Favourable reviews, Evelyn Holzhausen in UWC Perspectives, 1,2 (1992): 34-35; Steve Kromberg in Review/Books Supplement to the Weekly Mail, 29 January - 4 February 1993: 6; Peter Strauss in South African Literary Review 2, (November-December 1992): 17-18; Frank Wilderson in New Coin, 29,1 (1993):71-73.; see also HORN, P. “Travelling Theory in Trouble”, Pretexts, 10, 1. (2001): “their tight control & their strategy of irony” (134) “The way in which Keith Gottschalk or Mzakhe could resort to these indigenous poetics shows their continued existence & meaning for large portions of the population.” (135)

In addition to my poetry collections, I have published over 150 poems (with 54 reprints) in Agenda, Akzente (GFR), ASSA Cape Centre Monthly Newsletter, Assent, The Bloody Horse, Breakthru^ (UK), [UWC] Bulletin, Cape Times, Contrast, Geneve-Afrique (Fr), Graffier, Imago, Isivivane (GDR), Journal of African Marxism (UK), The Minnesota Review USA), New Coin, New Contrast, Ophir, PACSA Newsletter, The Planetary Report (USA), Pulse, Radical, Realities, Saamstaan, Sash, Sjambok, Staffrider, Transition (Uganda), Tri-Quarterly (USA), Umgqala, Upfront, Upstream, UWC News, Varsity, and WECTU Newsletter.

My poems have been anthologised in: Arnold (GDR, 1983); Chapman (1986); Coetzee & Willemse (1989); Finn & Gray (1992); Horn (FRG, 1980); Malan (1993) Oliphant (1992); Oliphant & Vladislavic (1988); Parenzee (2000); Reid Skinner (1989); Saunders (1983); Schmit (GDR, 1984); Stinus (Denmark, 1988); and Van Wyk, Coenradie & Constandaras (1989).

I have also given over 140 public performances of my poems. The poem “first night” is also displayed on a ceramic tile on the “Writer’s Floor” of the Memorial Hall, District Six Museum.

Critical discussion of two of my poems are in HORN, P. Reading my Writing. 1994. Essays on Literary Politics in South Africa. Amsterdam & Atlanta, Rodop. pp.61-62, 73.

See also Horn’s “Introduction. Keith Gottschalk’s contribution to the culture of the people: The ‘wit’ of popular poetry and the ‘conceit’ of the ‘learned’ poet” in Emergency Poems, pp.1-11.

Satirical writings include "2073: A Black Odyssey", Varsity, 16 May 1973; "Now Blues can Vote", South, 16-21 July 1987.

I gave the Cape Town planetarium's first multi-media poetry show, Monday 3 February



Vice-President, U.W.C. Convocation 2008-2011.

Convenor and organizer of Biennial Conference of the South African Association of Political Studies, 5 – 8 September 2006, UWC.

Conference chair of 2005 English Academy conference in association with SAWA / AUETSA / SAVAL / SAACLALS 10-13 July 2005, UCT.

Head of Department, January 2004 – December 2006.

Acting Head of Department, September 2002, September 1988.

Senate, representing non-professors 1999-2001.

UWC - 1st Consultative Meeting of UMILL

  • Resource-Based Education 1999

EMS Task Group "What a normal teaching load should be" - 1998

UWC Web Policy Sub-Committee, 1996

Computer-Supported Education Users' Advisory Committee 1996 -1998

UWC Web Committee, 1996

UWC Working Group on White paper on Science & Technology Policy, 1996.

UWC Financial Task Group, Broad Transformation Forum, 1995.

Executive, UWC Academic Staff Association, 1995-1997; 1999-2000.

Senate Safety, Health & Environmental Committee, 1998 – c.2000.

Senate Publishing Committee, 1997 – 1998.

Senate Library Committee, 1988 – 1992; 2000- 2006.

I also serve on the usual departmental and faculty committees, and as sometime chair of the EMS Faculty Library Committee.

Board of Control, Institute for Social Development, 1995-1996.

Committee member, Centre for Research in Africa, UWC, 1984; Chair, 1985.

Convenor, Africa Seminar of C.A.S., UCT, 1978-82. I organized and chaired 57 seminars, and continued to serve on the Africa Seminar Sub-Committee until 1985.

Member, Board of Centre for African Studies from its inauguration, UCT, 1977-1984.

Member, Ad Hoc Temporary Staff Committee on conditions of service, UCT, 1981.

Comparative African Government and Law 1. Course Convenor, UCT, 1979.


Chair, Astronomical Centre of Southern Africa (Cape Centre) 2005-2006, and member of ASSA National Council.

Deputy Chair ASSA (Cape Centre) 2004-2005.

Committee member, ASSA (Cape Centre) 2003-2004.

Vice-Chair, South African Writers’ Association, & Chair of its Western Cape Provincial branch, 2003-2005.

ANC Claremont BEC, editor newsletter, 1995-96.

African National Congress (ANC) Science & Technology Policy Group, Western Cape, chair, 1993-96.

Western Cape Action Group (WESTAG), ad hoc Writers task group, 1995.

National Arts Coalition, Western Cape executive committee. 1994.

Committee member, Western Cape, Congress of South African Writers,1987-91;

committee member National Executive Committee 1988-89;

Western Cape Secretary, 1990-91.

Chair of Civil Rights League, 1984-88.

Vice-Chair, C.R.L., 1983.

National Union of South African Students (NUSAS) Honorary Vice-President, 1984, 1985.

Voice of America (VOA) Listeners' Club, 1962-63

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