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Chapter Meetings Held at: _____________________________________________________


Meeting time: _________________________________________

Worthy Matron

Worthy Patron

Associate Matron

Associate Patron




Associate Conductress











Chapter Meetings Held at: _____________________________________________________


Meeting time: ________________________________________

Chapter Meetings Held at: _____________________________________________________


Meeting time: ________________________________________

Typical Chapter Room


We are pleased to welcome you to our chapter as a new member of the Order of the Eastern Star!

You are now a member of the largest fraternal organization in the world for both men and women. Our members are comprised of men who are Master Masons and women with specific Masonic relationships. Eastern Star encircles the world with members in the United States, Canada, and 18 other countries. Subordinate Chapters are grouped together to form a jurisdiction—a Grand Chapter. The Grand Chapters are under the jurisdiction of the General Grand Chapter.

Though our teachings are based on the Bible, the Order of the Eastern Star is not a religion and is neither secret nor political. Our spiritual symbol is the “Star of Bethlehem”. Thus, the five-pointed Star is our accepted emblem. Your initiation was symbolic of the road of life. This guidebook may help you better understand the teachings, obligation, and lessons of our Order.

Eastern Star as a fraternal service organization strives to build a better, more fulfilling way of life. Many of our members dedicate themselves to supporting a variety of local and national charities. Millions of dollars are raised annually in support of humanitarian causes.

As you read and study Your New Member Guidebook, you may have a number of questions. You have been assigned a “Mentor” to assist you in discovering the world of Eastern Star. Your mentor will be contacting you to visit about your Initiation experience and welcome you.

It would be helpful to sit with your mentor at chapter meetings whenever possible.

Where do I start? What will be expected of me? What is the meeting all about?

Dues Card

Sign your dues card when it is received. Carry your dues card with you to chapter meetings and when visiting other chapters.

^ Your first chapter meeting

The Chapter may have a guest book to sign.

Your chapter may have a printed program and calendar. Ask for a copy. Check for special events on the Chapter calendar. The Chapter may hold social events, special project meetings, Honorings for Grand Officers, etc.

Your chapter has an Opening and Closing Ode (songs). These are often found in the chapter program or on a special handout.

If an officer needs assistance with the ritual memory work the assigned prompter will help.

Your mentor or other chapter members can help you better understand the meetings.

Please ask your mentor or Worthy Matron questions concerning appropriate attire at chapter meetings.

^ Entering or Leaving a Chapter Meeting while in Session:

Place your purse and/or other items down in the West.

Proceed to a position in front of the Associate Matron and Associate Patron and face the East.

Give the Salutation Sign. (Your Mentor will discuss and practice this with you). Wait on the presiding officer’s response.

If entering, take a seat on the sidelines.

If retiring, wait for the Warder to open the door of the chapter room.

Leaving due to illness or an emergency may be done without giving the Salutation Sign.

^ Respect for the Bible and Ritual Work

When the Bible is open on the Altar, no one should walk between the open Bible and the East, except during initiation and installation.

No pictures should be taken while the Bible is open.

It is not customary to applaud the ritualistic work.

^ Reverent Attitude

Ask your mentor or other member to demonstrate the Reverent Attitude, which is clasping your hands loosely at waist level.

This Reverent Attitude is assumed during all altar ceremonies, when the Conductress or Chaplain enters the Labyrinth (the pentagon shaped area formed by the Star Point chairs) and held until they leave this area.

The Attitude of Prayer is the Reverent Attitude with head bowed.

Bow your head as the Chaplain kneels.

At the end of the prayer join in the prayer response: “So may it ever be”.

^ Your Response to the Presiding Officer’s Gavel

Three raps calls the entire Chapter to stand at their seats.

Two raps calls up the Officers only.

One rap:

-calls the Chapter to order

-completes Opening and Closing of Chapter

-seats the Chapter when standing (exception:

after the Chapter is declared open remain standing for the Flag Presentation)

-completes each order of business

-affirms each declaration of the Presiding Officer

^ Flag Presentation and National Anthem

If your chapter presents the American flag:

-When the Marshal unfurls the flag place your right hand

over your heart.

-As the flag is being presented, do not follow the flag with your eyes or body. Drop salute when flag is grounded

(placed in it’s stand).

When directed to recite the Pledge, face the flag and place your right hand over your heart. This is held until after the singing of the ^ National Anthem.

If your chapter has the American Flag in the East:

-When directed by the Worthy Patron to pledge allegiance

to the flag, face the flag and place your right hand

over your heart. This is held until after the singing of

the ^ National Anthem.

The pledge to the Christian Flag

-When directed by the Worthy Patron to salute the

Christian Flag, face the flag and assume the Reverent

Attitude. This is held until after the singing of one

verse of ^ Onward Christian Soldiers.

Pledge to the Christian Flag

I pledge allegiance to the Christian Flag and to the Savior for whose Kingdom it stands. One brotherhood uniting all mankind in service and love.

Introductions and Grand Honors

When introduced Grand Honors are given to Worthy Grand Matron, Worthy Grand Patron, General Grand Chapter Elected Officers, General Grand Chapter Appointed Officers, General Grand Chapter Committee Members, Past Grand Matrons and Past Grand Patrons.

Those entitled to Grand Honors are introduced at the altar and then escorted to the east. Grand Honors are given with one motion, by crossing the arms over the breast, the left over the right, with hands open, and giving a slight bow.

Grand Officers of South Carolina receive a Grand Bow (arms to the side with slight bow at the waist). All other introductions receive a Hearty Welcome (applause).

^ Business Meeting

Any organization has a certain amount of business that must be transacted. The chapter will use Roberts Rules of Order as a guide for conducting business meetings.

Participation in the affairs of the chapter is encouraged. Ask questions or request clarification on any point of business.

If you wish to address the chapter, stand and wait until you are acknowledged and start your comments with, “Worthy Matron…” or the title of the presiding officer.

A motion can be made, by standing and being acknowledged by the Worthy Matron. Then begin with, “Worthy Matron, I move that….”

A vote is taken by raising the right hand. The Worthy Matron declares a passed or failed vote.

In some circumstances a secret ballot is used. You will be asked to vote by a written ballot.

^ Balloting on Petitions

Ask your mentor or any officer to explain the proper procedure for balloting.


At the close of each meeting the Worthy Matron addresses the Chapter with a farewell. Each member’s response is “Farewell” with a slight bow.


May the Lord watch between me and thee
while we are absent one from the other.

Visiting another Chapter you may be asked to:

Show your dues card.

Have a member vouch for you.

Meet with the Examining Committee—see

page 17 of the Ritual

^ Additional Information

After attending several meetings, you may wish to explore the following resources. The chapter secretary should make these items available to you.


Chapter By-laws

The Grand Chapter Constitution and By-laws (Black Book)

Roster of the Chapter Members

^ Common Abbreviations:

OES Order of the Eastern Star

WGM Worthy Grand Matron

WGP Worthy Grand Patron

PGM Past Grand Matron

PGP Past Grand Patron

WM Worthy Matron

WP Worthy Patron

PM Past Matron

PP Past Patron

PAGO Past Appointed Grand Officer

GGC…………….General Grand Chapter

DDGM…………..District Deputy Grand Matron

DGM…………….Deputy Grand Marshal

SGP/PGP………..Special/Personal Grand Page

^ Your Future

In order to get the most out of your membership, you will want to:

*Attend Meetings

*Enjoy social events

*Assist with projects

*Get to know your sisters & brothers

*Stay Involved


Your Mentor is:


Phone Number ____/____/_______


ADMONISH: To warn or advise a person, in order that he may be guided to improve.

ALLUDES: To refer to indirectly.

ANNALS: A written account of events; historical records.

BENEFICENT: Being kind, doing good, producing good results.

CABALISTIC: Many centuries before the Christian time, there was a Great Temple at a place called Caba or Kaaba. It was as important to those people as the Temple of Solomon was to the Jews. The philosophy or doctrine taught at the Temple of Caba was called the Cabala or Kabala. The word came from the word Kabal meaning to receive a doctrine from the elders. So in our Ritualistic ceremony cabalistic takes on a symbolic meaning, signifying that the new members are receiving from the elders (our WP and the Conductress) our scriptural teaching, our basic principles, and the truths for which we stand.

CONSTANCY: Firmness of mind or purpose; faithfulness in service and affection.

^ CULM: The jointed stem of grasses or grains, usually hollow.

DELINEATE: To depict in words; describe or portray

EDICT: An official public proclamation; a decree.

EFFULGENT: Shining forth brilliantly; diffusing intense light.

EXEMPLIFY: To show or instruct by example.

EXPULSION: Being eliminated or ejected.

FILIAL: Due from a son or daughter to a mother or father.

INVIOLATE: Kept sacred or unbroken.

LABYRINTH: An intricate maze of passages from which it is difficult to find one’s way, or reach the exit.

LYRE: A small stringed instrument of the harp family, used by the ancient Greeks to accompany singers and reciters.

PROMULGATE: To make known, or proclaim in public.

QUORUM: The number that must be present to constitute a valid meeting.


actuate ak΄ chû āt

admonish ad mon΄ ish

aged ā΄ jed

Ammon am΄ on

annals an΄ alz

bade bad

beneficent be nef΄ i sent

Boaz Bō΄ az

cabalistic kab a lis΄ tik

chaos kā΄ os

column kol΄ um

compasses kum΄ pa ses

culm kulm

degradation deg ra dā΄ shun

delineates dē lin΄ ē ats

demit dē mit΄

discipline dis΄ I plin

discretion dis kresh΄ un

edict ē΄dikt

effulgent e ful΄ jent

Elimeleck E lim΄ e leck

era ē΄ ra

fidelity fi del΄ I ti

filial fil΄ I al

heroic hē rō΄ ik

heroine her΄ ō in

inquirer in kwir΄ er

inquiry in kwīr΄ I or in΄ kwir I

Jephthah jef΄ tha

maintenance mān΄ te nans

minute mi nute΄ or mī nute΄

Mizpah Miz΄ pah

Naomi Nā ō΄ me or Na΄ o mi

Orpah Or΄ fa

promulgate prō mul΄ gāt

superfluous su per΄ flu us

timbrels tim΄ brels

Vashti Vash΄ ti


The Grand Chapter of South Carolina Order of the Eastern Star warmly welcomes you into an organization dedicated to making the world a better place. We hope that you will, with passion, embrace your new membership and your new worldwide family of Sisters and Brothers.

For more information log on to


South Carolina Grand Chapter

Vision Statement

The Grand Chapter of South Carolina will be recognized as a premier fraternal and social organization renowned for its charitable activities and positive involvement in our communities. We will strengthen our relationship with the Masonic Family and raise community awareness of our Order.

South Carolina Grand Chapter Membership Committee 02/06

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