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L’Shana Tova! From Kehillat Emet veShalom, Nahariya



Congregation Emet veShalom

affiliated with the israel movement for progressive judaism

Nahariya, Israel

L’Shana Tova! From Kehillat Emet veShalom, Nahariya

As we prepare for the Jewish year 5768, we at Kehillat Emet veShalom write to share with you our activities for the past and the High Holidays.

We speak Yiddish!!
Every Tuesday afternoon approximately 25 EVS members gather for one of our synagogue's popular activities: THE YIDDISH SPEAKERS' CLUB. Conceived, organized and led by Rabbi Israel Horowitz, the club offers a varied and interesting program of discussions, lectures, film screenings and singing in Yiddish. The language poses no problem for the participants most of whom imbibed it and its rich culture as children. The club clearly brings back special memories from the participant’s past and awakens reminiscences from childhood. This vibrant club is living proof of writer Isaac Bashevis Singer's dictum that "Yiddish has not said its last word."  We are pleased that by offering the Yiddish Club we are able to serve and enrich another segment of our congregation.

Veteran Nahariya Citizen and Journalist engages the Emet V’Shalom English speakers
 Recently Emet veShalom had the privilege of hosting one of Nahariya’s veteran citizens and well known writer Hadassah Bat Chaim, who spoke on “Early Days: Looking Back after 50 Years in Nahariya”.  Hadassah, who told us that she is 87 years old, came to Nahariya 57 years ago.  While she is known for the books she has published, she is especially loved for her regular column in the Jerusalem Post. Hadassah discussed the war during the summer of 2006 in the perspective of previous wars she has lived through in Nahariya.   By the end of the evening we had laughed and cried with Hadassah, but above all we had been inspired by this veteran who has lived through all but one of Israel’s wars and is still ready to take on the government if it does not perform according to standards that seemed to her minimal. She challenged us to follow in her steps. No-one who was there will forget her or the challenge with which she left us.

Social Action at Emet v’Shalom
Many participate in our annual campaigns to provide food packages for the holidays for those in need several times a year. For the High Holidays, food packages are prepared and delivered with the cooperation of a local charitable organization

 Youth over the Summer
Several of Emet veShalom's younger members participated in Noar Telem's (IMPJ youth movement) summer camp Havaya at Kfar Silver. In addition one of the older members of the youth group, Martin Sideman, took part in the youth leader’s training program and is now a certified Noar Telem Madrich.

Rabbi Horowitz teaches us about the Book of Jonah
On Saturday evening, September 1st, we observed the end of the summer season with a lecture by Rabbi Horowitz on “The Book of Jonah”. Rabbi Horowitz taught us the about the symbolism and many meanings found in “The Book of Jonah”.  This wonderful evening began with havdallah and concluded with refreshments that were enjoyed by all.

Other Activities at Emet veShalom
Although most of Emet veShalom's activity programs break for a vacation at the beginning of August, and restart after the High Holidays, the increasingly popular Folk Dancing Club carried on right through the summer months.
Emet veShalom also has continuing success with its Golden Agers Club, providing a space where local pensioners enjoy the morning hours socialising over a cup of coffee and various games.
About 80 Emet V’Shalom members joined with members from the Krayot's (Bay Area) Olim Organization and traveled to Haifa’s Reform Synagogue, Ohr Hadash, to observe Selichot together in an evening of prayer, song and dance. There were performances by Emet veShalom and the Olim organization’s choirs (both are conducted by Rabbi Israel Horovitz) and then by Emet veShalom's Folk Dancing Club.
There were speeches in praise of the inter-congregational cooperation from members of both congregations, and Rabbi Horovitz and Rabbi Edgar Nof, from Ohr Hadash, lead the congregations in songs of prayer and forgiveness.
Afterwards all shared a light meal together.

High Holiday Services
Rosh Hashana Services will be held at the municipal community center to accommodate the standing room only crowd that attends annually, as Emet V’Shalom is Nahariya’s only non-orthodox synagogue. As in the past, we will open up the sliding glass doors and arrange seats outside as many in the community will sit under the stars as they participate in the prayers.
There will be full services on both days of Rosh Hashanah with the blowing of the shofar during the morning services. Tashlich will be held on the Nahariya Sea Shore in the late afternoon, on the first day, and will be followed by an evening service led by members of our youth group.

On behalf of the leadership and members of Kehillat Emet v’Shalom, we would like to wish you a Happy, Healthy New Year. May you, your family and friends have a year of goodness and may Israel and the entire world find peace.

Rabbi Israel Horowitz        Sharon Mann

For Congregation Emet v’Shalom Nahariya Tel/Fax: 972-4-9927293

Email: Emet-veShalom@googlegroups.com


Become an overseas member of Emet veShalom and keep a piece of your heart in Israel. http://www.joinkby.com/emet_vshalom/index.html

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